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Ccmf, friend, and fit wlHi me;
We two are company ,
Who. In our calm retreat.
Need nothing from the street.
Nor opera, nor play, nor tiam e.
Nor club, nor dinmr, to enhance
The pleasure that it Is to be
Kach In the other's company.
You give me everything, while I
I rive you nothing, and I Kltfh
UecAUse what do you pay?
1 love you and no other pav
You ak for your alluring cheer?
1 that enough? It is bo easy, dear,
To love you that It feems to me
1 jrlve von nothing for your company.
William J. Lampton, In the Header.
When Natalie Hall married Clarke
Dexter the people who prophesied that
she would not be happy were bo
ery much In the minority that no one
paid heed to them.
"Dexter's opinion of himself will
have to be whittled down several
Inches before he'll make any woman's
life what it ought to be," one man had
But every one knew that the
rpeaker would gladly have stood in
Dexter's shoes, so he did not count.
Nevertheless, not many months had
passed before a vague uncertainty be
gan to grow in the heart of Natalie
Dexter, which, had the minority known
it, would have caused them to exclaim
complacently, "I told you so!"
As to Dexter, while still very much
In love with his wife, he frankly ad
mitted to himself that a woman of
more penetration, in other words, one
more keenly alive to the rare intellect
ual qualities of Clarke Dexter, at
torney at law, might have proved a
more congenial companion.
It was a warm day in early summer.
After a hard five hours in court Dex
ter ascended the steps of the pretty
suburban villa which he called home
somewhat before hi3 usual time. With
the jangle of the day still on his
nerves he dropped Into a low chair on
the piazza.
Presently his own name reached him
as throuch a haze. Dexter opened his
eyes lazily, realizing that for a mo
ment he had been blessedly uncon
scious. "Iiut surely, dear, you and Clarke
are very happy?"
The repeated question, coming
through an open window where the
air softly stirred some light draperies,
pricked him into complete wakeful
cess. An aunt of his wife, who had
been to her as a mother, was visiting
them. Dexter recognized her voice.
He found himself listening intently
for the reply. It came gradually.
"If you mean do we get on. Aunt
Grace, I suppose we do, as well as
rinetenths of the people we know,
"But, my dear, that is different from
the married life I had hoped for you."
"It is different from the married life
I had hoped for myself."
Dexter sat up, too annoyed to realize
that he was listening to a conversa
tion not meant for his ears.
"Tho fact is" Natalie Dexter
"What, dear?"
"It seems abominable to say, but
you are the only mother I have ever
known. There Would be a greater
chance of happiness for Clarke and
me If if something occurred to disil
lusionize him a little with his own at
tainments." Had Clarke Dexter walked against
a stone wall on a clear day he would
not have bo surprised as he was by
these words In his wife's voice.
"But, my dear, Clarke has surely
lome right to feel complacent with his
attainments. Not .vet 30, and fast
Found himself listening Intensely for
the reply,
climbing to tho top of the tree In his
Dexter blessed Miss Hall In his
"Don't I know that. Auntie? In the
hours thst I hare sat and thought It
all out I hate come to this opinion
that H hi Hf lon everything-, even
his wife, has come to Clarke too
easily. It must hare been so at school
aad college. His grafp of a thing Is
l lmmeJiaU and absolute that It
His Eyes Opened
makes him Intolerant with what he
considers the stupidity of others, es
pecially with mine."
"Yours?" Miss Hall's voice bristled
with Indignation.
"Yes, mine. The one fact which
Clarke does not seem to have master
ed is that a woman's mind may be
as keen as a man's and yet remain
"Yesterday," she went on, "he stood
and watched me when I took up this
(i V Mil
"The Improvement," he said slowly,
"is the result of an unprofessional
embroidery. It puzzled and almost ir
ritated him that I could be interested
in what was to him so trjvial. When
he turned away the very angle of his
shoulders said as plainly as words
that the mind which Vould find absorp
tion in a bundle of colored silks and
a piece of fine linen must be a small
A slow red mounted painfully to the
clean-shaven face of the man on the
"Do you know what it brought to my
mind, Aunt Grace?''
"No, dear." Miss Hall's volco was
dull with distress.
"One of your days 'at home' In
Washington. When most of the peo
ple had gone Judge Doane dropped in
for his usual cup of tea. I was finishing
a tea-cloth for your birthday and he
came and stood beside me. Presently
he said 'I wonder if a woman's hands
ever look so charming as when they
are occupied with needlework.' And
when you told him that I had arranged
the orchids on a table and copied them
with my needle he exclaimed, 'Why,
child, you are an artist! That Is lit
eral needle painting.'"
Clarke Dexter's eyes, which a few
hours before had scintillated with the
Joy of laying skilfully concealed traps
for the feet of an unwary witness,
stared before him In blank amaze
ment. Judge Doanel Only that morning
he had held In reserve a decision of
the great justice and played it as his
trump card. And this man had found
time to admire his wife's hands and be
interested In her dalnv work.
When she spoke again her tone was
so hurt that Dexter felt something
clutch at his heart.
"I don't think Clarke would believe
that I could originate anything--cven
a design for fancy work and the
worst of it is that I am fast descend
ing to the level of his opinion."
The unhappiness In her voice had
been like a stream restrained at first,
but gaining such force from the tribu
taries of thought that the weak bar
riers of caution were swept away.
Her next words revealed Its true
depth and current appallingly to the
man who had taken her young life In
to his keeping. He could have knelt
in contrition and kissed the hem of her
pretty gown.
"I shall not offer this cloth to the
church after all," she said firmly. "I
have stlched so many bitter disillu
sions with life Into It, that It would
be sacrilege. There are places I can
not bear to look at, for every thread
was a protest against God."
"What was that?" Miss HU looked
up at a sound on the piazza.
Natalie Dexter went to the window
and drew aside the curtain. Someone
was disappearing around the corner of
the house, but her vialon was too
blurred to distinguish who it was.
It was almost a year later. Win
ter seemtd to have stepped back and
taken the reluctant earth in a last
Before a blazing leg fire In tho li
brary Dexter and his wife sat. Indulg
ing in one of their many witty dis
cussions, which' were as tho striking
of flint and steel.
More than once he had risen and
paced the floor, with hands thrust deep
into his pockets, when his wife's keen
wit and woman's Instinct met and baf
fled him.
"Come,' he said, .holding out one
hand to her, "I don't admit that I'm
beaten by any means, but I know one
thing I'm ravenous. Let's go and
see if we can't find something cold in
the larder."
Natalie Dexter rose and laid her
hands on her husband's shoulders.
The eye3 which looked into his were
so caressing that he went toward her,
but she held him back.
"Clarke," she said slowly, "there's
something I want to ask you . . . ,
You have grown so immensely In the
past year, there is not a trace of the
the you will forgive me, dear!
little touch of intolerance of egotism
Dexter took the glowing face be
tween his hands and paused to kiss
the halting lips.
"The improvement," he said slowly,
"Is the result of an unprofessional
opinion." M. Louise Cummins, in Bos
ton Globe.
His Literary as Well as Legal Work
Paid Him Handsomely.
The fact that the late Thomas B.
Reed left an estate of $431,000, after
all Indebtedness had been discharged,
was a matter of surprise to people
generally, writes William E. Curtis
in the Chicago Record-Herald. Mr.
Reed always pretended to be very
poor, but some of his intimate friends
were convinced long ago that his pov
erty was an affectation, because they
knew of large fees received by him
from time to time for legal services
and literary work. He never wrote
a line or made a speech for nothing.
Each of the many articles which
from time to time appeared in the
magazines from his pen brought him
$500, and I know of one instance at
least In which he received $100 from
a New York newspaper for an Inter
view he prepared with himself upon
a current topic. . His lectures brought
him $500 a night, and occasionally In
large cities like New York and Boston
he received $1,000. The year be
fore he left Congress he delivered
five lectures in one week, for which
he received a check for $2,500.
He estimated his legal services at
a very high value, and unless his
clients made a bargain with him In
advance they were sure to be sur
prised when they received their bills.
There is a story that, while in Lon
don some years ago, he charged John
V. and C. B. Farwell of Chicago $3,000
for giving some information to their
English solicitor about the laws of
the United States bearing on the sale
of their Texas lands, and I know
where he made a life enemy of one
of his closest friends by sending him
a bill for advice given on a legal
question ia what was supposed to be
a friendly conversation.
I look to find TVrfoction; and the mock
lnjr Mars ditrlosf
A soiled prot cn the lily and a canker in
the roh-f.
A lovely woman nm-ned with self-conscious
I look for Wisdom; and I see a preach
er, fresh from school.
Lay off the way to heaven with a com
T.:t5s and a rule;
A doctor that's a charlatan a teacher
that's a fool.
I look for Virtue; men are files, who lose
their fouls for honey;
The women fee their drapgted wings, and
lauph and think it's funny.
And scorn their falkn sisters and wed a
man for money!
I look for Inspiration; from what cess-
pools poets pump It!
Why, even Kipling tootles on a penny
pewter trumpet,
And Homer sang the Trolan war a
struggle for a t-trumpet!
I look for Honor; stay awhile what hon
est men are these?
A politician out for plums, a lawyer out
for fees
Go to! I'll ret a lantern and join Dio
genes! I look for Gods; I find poor things that
make the anpels weep
Jehovah killing t'anaanites and eating
slaughtered sheep.
And Jove debauching women and Bud
dha sound asleep!
Perfection. Wisdom, Virtue, Inspiration,
Honor puff!-
They all go up In smoke they're made
of very fruglle stuff
And vet I'll find them If I keep on look
ing long enouKh!
Edwin Meade Itobinson In Indianapolis
Three Kinds of Poor.
One of the patriarchs among the
Baptists of this country was Rev. A.
K. Bell. He was a leader of the earlier
generation of its clergymen, believing
that charity was only half done un
less a smile or a jest went with It
He was a great worker among the poor
and upon one occasion at a public
gathering was unexpectedly called
upon to speak on The Foor In Large
Cities. Dr. Bell arose solemnly and be
gan: "Ladies and gentlemen, there
are three kinds of poor. There are the
Lord's poor, the devil's poor and the
poor devils. This will conclude my ad
dress." And the old clergyman sat
down without another word.
The Proper Thing.
"I hope you do not consider It
wrong for a young lady to wear fine
clothes and jewels," said Miss Gid
dings. "Certainly not," replied the parson.
"If the heart Is full of vain and
ridiculous things, there can be no ob
jection to advertising the fact"
Chinese Sailors.
Over 1,500 British vessels plying la
eastern waters are manned by Chines
How a Great Man Is Regarded by His
Home Folks.
The Hon. M. E. Ingallg of Cincinnati,
the president of tho Big Four railroad,
who will deliver an address In Port
land on "Old Home Day," is a Maine
man, and whenerer he comes to his
natrre state always spends a good por
tion of his time at Harrison, where he
began the practice of law. He tells
the following very good anecdote on
"One evening when I was at Harri
son on a vacation I had gone to the
village store and joined the circle of
loafers that had gathered to talk over
the public and private events of the
nation, state, town and village. One
old fellow, whom I formerly knew
well, when there came a lull In the
conversation, leaned over and said
that he wanted to ask me a question:
- I want to know,' said he, 'if It is
true that you get a salary of $10,000
a year?'
"I admitted that I did make as much
as that in twelve months.
"'Well,' said he, 'it is remarkable
what cheek and brass will do!" New
York Tribune
The Question Answered.
Estill Springs, Tenn., Aug. 24th.
Many questions are being asked of
Mr. C. D. Holt of this place In regard
to his wonderful recovery. For over
two years he has been down with his
back. He was so very bad that he
could not even lace his shoes, and
from this condition he suddenly ap
peared well and strong as ever.
It Is no wonder therefore that his
friends are asking him "How did you
tlo It?"
He tells them all: "Dodd's Kidney
nils did it," and adds "This remedy
Is a genuine good medicine and one
that I can heartily recommend to
"Everyone around here knows how
rery bad I was. I was so weak In
my back that I couldn't do anything
that needed stooping or bending over,
and three boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Pills made me as you see, as well as
ever I was."
"They certainly had a wonderful
effect on my case."
Vesuvius Causes Alarm.
Rome cable: Vesuvius is again
causing Intense alarm in the surround
ing region, the eruptions of the vol
cano being very heavy, followed by
shocks of earthquake.
The Summer Bath.
Nothing Is more refreshing or In
vigorating In summer than a daily
bath. Use soft, tepid water and good
soap. Ivory Soap is Ideal for the
bath; It Is pure, lathers quickly and
leaves the skin soft and white. The
bath should be taken early In the
morning or just before retiring at
It will be time enoucl. to Indict oth
ers when we have finished the inven
tory of our own faults.
Ask Your Dealer for Allen's Foot-Ease.
A powder to shake into your shoes. It rests
the feet. Cures Swollen, Sore, Hot, Callous,
Aching, Sweating feet and Ingrowing Nails.
Allen's Foot-Ease makes new or tight
Shoes easy. Sold by all Druggists and
shoe stores, 25c. Sample mailed FREE.
Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Hoy, N. Y.
It never Rets you anything to ad
dress a stranger as brother.
Dfo CaMwelfs
t0. Permanently cure
uisoraers, Malaria in
Ask your druggist, but if
Style of Preaching That Did Not
Reach Congregation.
A northerner visited a friend who
had an estate In the south, and em
ployed a large number of negroes, who
were treated with great kindness, but
who could not keep their hands from
picking and stealing.
The visitor attended their Sunday
service, after which the negro preach
er asked him how he liked the cermon.
The reply was complimentary, and
Sambo grinned. Then came the re
mark: "I think you should preach to your
people on the sinfulness of theft
stealing fowls, ducks and eggs."
Sambo's face became gloomy, and
he rejoined:
"Well, sah, the truff ob do matter Is
I hab tried dat style; but somehow
or oder It alius seemed to trow a kind
o' coolness ober de meetln'." Stray
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars KewaM for try ease
of Catarrh that cannot te cured ty Hall's Cattarli
Cure. F. J. CHEN EVA Co.. Itojhi., Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.J.Cbenev pt
the last IS years, and belle re tlm perfectly honorable
In all bnslness transactions and financially able to
carry out any obligations made ly their Arm.
West & Thvax, Wbolaale Drupirlsts, Toledo, O.
Waldijio, Kinnak A Mabvik, Wholesale Drug
ruts, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free, 1'rlcA 76c per
bottle. Fold by all Druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
A Temple to Friendship.
"A Temple of Friendship," said Laura,
"I'll build In this garden th thought
la divine!"
Her temple was built, and ah now only
An Image of Friendship to place on the
She flew to a sculptor, who set down be
fore her
A Friendship, the fairest his art could
But o cold and so dull, that the youth
ful adorer
Saw plainly this was not the Idol she
"Oh, never," she cried, "could I think of
An Image whose looks are to joyless
and dim;
But yon little pod, upon roses reclining,
We'll make, if you please, sir, a Friend
ship of him."
So the bargain was struck; with the lit
tle god laden.
She Joyfully flew to her shrine In the
"Farewell," said the sculptor, "you're
not the flrst maiden
Who came but for Friendship and took
away Love."
Thomas Moore.
Leprosy In Hawaii.
The Hawaiian government employs
agents who travel all over the Islands
looking for Indications of leprosy In re
mote places. Banishment is so dread
ed that frequently the family of a leper
will keep him secreted for a year or
two before discovery is made. A per
son who is supposed to have the dis
ease is sent to the receiving station
in Honolulu, where he is examined by
Ave medical experts. If "a leper" be
the verdict, money, position, Influence,
race or color can not change the de
cree which sends the patient to Mol
okal. It seems stranpre that the man with
a bad temper Isn't any more amiable
when he loses It.
He only employs his passion who
can make no use of his reason. Ci
Uso Red Cross liall Blue. It makes clothes
clean and sweet as when new. All grocers.
Women stand a pood deal when the
men in n crowded street car refuse
to give up their seats.
(A Laxative)
Dyspepsia, Indigestion Constipation, Biliousness, Sleeplessness,
short all ailments arising from Stomach troubles. .
cents and $1.00 bottles It's
he hasn' it we will send a sample bottle FREE; also our interesting book, "The S tor
PEPSIN SYRUP COMPANY, Monticello. 111.. U. S. A.
C ai. Pa., Ancit 8. 190.1. " I receive d yotr sample of poan's Kidney PHls and s'nea bare tslra
V - . ,l I !! I Mlf i.f nil v u v 11. lit lilt V m u. ..... ,,..,,....! I.. a W hin I l.,.ki. I d.j
tt-ui 1 ci uld ol bfixl my !. eumitt to i u K up a M
fe-t-bad two t.H-tr hut did not nn relief. 1 w ymr
and I am able to an a very uxm ay wor. iA.au a
1atiio, tJalues, Hos l'-u.
The great fame of
Poan's Kidney rills Is
won by the wondrous
power of the free trial to
demonstrate surjrl lug
merit. Achln backs are eaed.
Hln. back and lola paltm
overcome. Swelling of the i
limbs, dropty e'.irns, aud ;
rbeumatto pains matin. !
They orrect urlue with '
brick dut sediment, blgb
colored, pain In passing,
dribbling, frequency, bed
wetting. Poan's Klduey l'llls
remuve calculi aud gravel.
Relieve be art palpitation,
sleepleMnH, headaobe,
nervnuiine. dlirlnem. '
P. O..
For fr trial lt, mall this eonpon to
Fonter-Xiiliun t'o , jMifTal,., N. Y. If !.
iimca li Uisuflluvut, will addrcM on err.
taie sup.
Conservatism Run Mad.
Conservaf.sm Is believed to be the
distinguishing characteristic of Eng
lishmen. A young man of Bermuda,
of English descent, now residing in
New York city, shows tbat the belief
Is wellfounded. He imports his collars
frjjm George' Town, on the Island
whete heT was boTn, not because he
has any prejudice against American
made gooda, nor because he can't get
a collar to suit his needs in one of the
thousand or more shops wh?re collars
are sold, but simply that he is used to
the sort that he imports. "It's the
kind I've always had, y' knw," he
says, by way of explanation.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children,
used by Mother Gray, a nurse in Children's
Home, New York, cure Summer Complaint,
Feverishness, Headache, S tomach Troubles,
Teething Disorders and Destroy Worms. At
all Druggists', 25c Sample- mailed FREE.
Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Insanity Among the Jews.
Prof. Jacobs found that, white
among Englishmen the number of in
sane is 3,050 per million, and among
Scotchmen 3,100, the number among
the Jews equals 3.900. Servia found
one lunatic to every 391 Jews in Italy.
Meyr states that to each 10,000 Chris
tians in Germany there are 8.C insane,
while among the Jews the number
reaches 16.1. In Bavaria the propor
tion is still greater, 9.8 among Chris
tians and 25.2 among Jews.
When fortune beslns to Gmile on
pomp men they think It Is up to them
to Kit down and bask In the Fmile.
The ppace between a man's Meal and
the man himself In his opportunity.
Margaret Deland.
There Is no greater disaster In love
than the death of the Imagination.
To Cnre a Cold In One day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
?ru2gists refund money if it fails to cure. 2Tc
The tongfiie' of scandal is harmless
until 1t finds a listening ear. United
Should le in every home. Ask your grocer
for it. Large 2 oz. package only & cents.
Mapnlflcert promises are always to
be suspected. Theodore Parker.
Mra. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrtin.'
For children teething, softens tbe puma, reduces In
flammation, allays ialu, cures wind colic. 20c a bottle.
Past experiences plve good counsel,
but make poor patterns.
I do not believe PUo r Cure for Consumption
has an equal for coughs and colds. Johm F.
Uoykk, Trinity Springs, Ind , Feb. lb. IWM.
It Is said that Secretary Root was
never known to smile.
Supposed Kidney Diseases, Heart Troubles, and many
similar ills, are but some form of indigestion or stomach
troubles. The stomach is the great nerve jenter ; hence
the beginning of sickness is usually in the stomach and
here the symptoms multiply and spread in. every direction.
We positively guarantee
Syrup Pepsimi
economy to buy the dollar size.
To prove tbe boallng and
Cleanlnfr power of l'aitln
Toilet Antiseptic we will
mall a larire trial Dark Mr
VI with book of Instructions
absolutely free. Tbia Is cot
a tiny sample, but large
package, enourh to con
vince anyone ot Its value.
Women alt over the country
are praising Paitlne for wbat
I. V.. Annm In I w.. I . -
ment of female Ilia, curltiff
all Inflammation and dlscbarfc-es, wonderful aa a
cleansing vaginal doucbe, tor aore tbroat, nasal
eatarrh, aa a mouth wah and to remove tartar
and whiten tbe teeth, Send today; a postal card
will do
Sold by drag gista or sant 9atpal4 by as, 80
ansa, larg boa. tlafaetlsm gnsrantwdt
TUB B. VAXTON CO Boston, Ma.
14 Clasnboa A.vv
t ,
k of win.d-sometimes could not walk or nu y
ad. and yut a trial and tave taken two t-Ma
itlUiiey 1'llis are a OoULd to humanity." Mra.
fAlKt"lt, IlI,Vrh
la. "The sample of !'
Kidney 1'UJs cauie to WL
1 also yot one MMent tmm
frmu our drxjjlm, ar.cj J aua
tbankful to say tbe itt
across tbe small of my oc
disappeared like a snow hvult
lu but sua. poan's PUIatsuasutft
tbe sot"
Elm sb Wrrcs
Camsia, Wto. " 7reerp
to taking tbe sanivtet f
Poan's Kidney Pills 1 tS.
scarcely bold icy arts. Atrsv
1 can sleep all nfgbt aawl
rarely hav to get ap. sua
tbat ecblne. imi my
a little above my bip. 1
IfcAAO W. KTKVa-ir.
('ambrl, Wyu.
The Condition and the Theory.
It is easy to show them that a girl
in domestic service is better paid, htuu
a letter room, is more comfortahlwu
than she would be working for fac
tory or shop girl wages, but she knows
that in domestic sf rvice she will- not
have so much freedom, and she natiir
ally wants personal freedom a tbt.
first essential to real comfort in ifftai.
If domestic service were a nonresident;
calling It wouid attract younger watt
en readily, but until it 13 they trav
Bpurn It when possible. Portland Or
K,,o?.c:yt.rut.lThompson Eye ffaiiE
Ask Your Pbvslclan's Advice. SOOKbJT. K kw.
Fbiladelnbia Truss Co., 610 Leeoat St., Phiia-. fa.
IT'LL COURSES IN Classics, Letter. Eco
nomics and History, Journalism, Art, Sciences.
Pharmacy, Law, Civil, Mechanical and tUec
trlcal Engineering-, Architecture.
Thorough Preparatory and Ccauercftet
Rooms Frea to all students who have tt tss
pleted the studies required for admission ictc tb
Sophomore. Junior or Senior Year ct any ttX turn
Collegiate Courses.
Rooms to Rent, moderate charre to er.?roa
over seventeen preparinf for Collegiate Ccur.
A limited number of Candidate! for the ccia'
Statural state will be received at special rate.
St. Ed ward's Hall, for boys under 13ytarv &
unique in the completeness cf its equipment
The 60th Year will open September S. 19031.
Catalogues t ree. Address P. O. Bos 25 1.
REV. A. M0RRISSEY,C.S.C.,pTesi4ifw
Ons Mil West of Motr Dam University,
Most beautifully and hea'tbtry-.. UUrl t.u i Ja.1?.
by tbe btstt-rs of the Holy Croaa. Chartered I
ytnjr a national patronage. Thorough Xacaafev.
Classical, Boientillo and Commercial Cour, ad
vanced Chemistry and Pharmacy. Keg-ai Ccl
lefiat Degrees. Preparatory Department trt.b-r-r-'iplls
for rrKulsr, special cr colicglata tea-!.
Physical Laboratory vel I equipped.
The Conservatory of Music is conducted n platus -of
the bent CuDfiervatortes. The Art Department lav
modeled after leading Art Schools. Minim Ie-rfe-ment
for children under twelve years. PnyaM' .
Culture under direction of graduate of lr. Saitta at -2rmal
School of I'h vtilcal Trslninn.
Tbe best modern educational advantages for ttUftax
younir women for lives of usefulness. Tbe Cfci:t
growth of the Academy has again cectssltated lk
erection of additional fine buildings wlib )ler .
Hygienic equipments. Moderate cost. NewscbKsU
year begins September 8tb. Mention this paper.
Kor r atalOKue and special Information apply to
The Directress of ST. MARY'S ACAD E Mr,. .
Notra Dame. Indiana.
When answering Ads. please mention this paper.
Liver and Kidney
of a Traveling Man."
This Is a powder, not a poison, and may b asrtttf
sprinkled wherever yoa find ants, and tbey miX
quickly vacate. Pleasaat aaa Xffectiva, 7t .
Iostpaid er at irurrista ,
EX BRISTOL DRut) C0..N Kaia frft-sa..
tain anil sii iiiilni
Best Cough Urns. TasMs OodTCaa I
ta tins a. eVfa by dra "sia.
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