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I have opened a
in the basement under C. L. Staley's
& Co.'s Furniture store, where I
will be ready at all times to do any
thing In the way of manufacturing
or repairing 6hoes and names.
Sewln? machines adjusted and re
paired. Supplies for all kinds of
machines. Look mo up.
F. b. SMITH.
One Month Free!
Dr. A. B. Splnny. of Detroit, also proprietor ol
IWd Clfjr Sanitarium, la ronilnn to your town, where
li will remain for ono day only, to jrlve the lck an
opportunity tocoiiHult him Umt cannot xee blm at
hid Sanitarium. The loctor lm my nint h faith In
the eipcrlonre ho has had In treating chronic dla
eM thut he will Kive onw inonth'a treatment and
meilirlne frw. Aluo l-'rftt SutkU-hI Operation
to Mil thoe that are too poor to pay.
All that he ask in return In that every patient will
atate to their friends the remilta obtained by hla
treatment. All forms of chronic dlm-awa and de
formities eueceMfully treated. No man In thl state
haa had such eitended eiperlence In the treatment
l.UNO IMSKASEH aa the iKvtor. Ho graduated
37 years bro from Cleveland, Ohio: was 1A yearn In
jreneral practice: after that lectured aa I'rofennor of
Anatomy and thynlology In Ietrolt llomeipathlc
Medical CoU'k' for 3 yearn; was 3 yeara Mirtii.
tendent Of Alma and V pttilantl Sanitarium. This
experience, combined with many years' study in the
bent hoxpltals In the country, and examining and
treating thousands of ehronlc canes, has prepared
Mm to cure when the ueoral practitioner falls.
Have you been sick foryearnt A re you dt-ouratred?
Call and see us; we will tell you whether we can
cure you or not. If we cannot cure you. we will tell
you w hat relief we con jflve you.
tur-Kemember, one month will be absolutely f ree
medicines, surgical operations and the benefit of all
our skill to all who are too poor to par. Our meth
ods of treatment embrace all that is known by all
the schools, with the aid of electricity, that most
wonderful of all agents In I'aralysls. Loks of Tower,
lihcuiimtlHin. and all diseases of the nervous system.
Oo early, as my office Is always crowded.
N. H. Cancers. Tumors. Itlood and Skin IMseanes
cured by a new system. Piles cured In from 6 to ;l
days without the knife. Female and private diseases
of all forms treated successfully. Many patients
that cannot bo treated at home can be cured at our
Hanltarhim, which Is In charge of the best of medi
cal ski H, under the Ioctor'e direction. Terms for
lnjard and treatment the lowest of any caniturlum
or hospital In the Tutted Htates.
lietuemtier, we give a written guarantee to cure
very case of I'l l.V.H and KI ITl III). Alio, we
have a lying-in hospital department In our Sanita
rium, bend for Journal.
Will bo at Oeldintr,
Saturday, Aug. 29
From 7 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Ca flat
Tfcit't whit any inia U wkea
his acrttt ivt eat.
tl loses coorsre itrcnrtk
( act
His mind cits hlzy ui lis
will vets weak.
Lacrir aid kp fide away.
Sncccss depeods airan tbe ocrres.
Oae maa saccccds kccaiM ha baa
narrestrta(tk; another falla ke
cause be latka It
PoJmo Tablets
make mea aerre-stroof.
Tbls refflsdy bis jost tbe preper
tlca ta Wa tka aerre-wtsk straartk,
via aad energy. a
It est ealr ballda yea eo, bat
cbscka tka dralar wkkk nay f
respoaslbla far tka weakness.
GO cents. 13 boxes for t&OOl I
new Dooa, rrae.
The H. K. Fell Co., Cleveland, O.
Htltl fir It'. . HonotllcttlilrufCtflal
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. (ling's
Mew Discovery
50c A $1.00
l OIIC and
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure : Lung Troubles.
Money back If It fails. Trial Bottles frae.
Cook's Dnchees Tablets.
f-iVYrfr Only known nifereliablo rotrnln-
tor on which women enndepetid
' in tht hour and timr of need."
Doc tor'afree consultation hour.
1 to 4, afternoons. Sundays, 10
to 2. Ladios, sond 4 cents tmst
ge for JYer Ne le. AdurosH
The Dncliess iMet Co..
Boom 3 No. 253 Woodward Are., Detroit, Mich
IflatntskeeTerf day yoi contlnnethe nse of
white dour because ordinary white floor Is
robbed of UiotHuten of the wheat. In order
tomako white brnad.
h lour deprived of the Gluten of the wheat,
has loxt the greater part of Its blood-ma kin
materials. "
It Is time for people to panse and consider
thelmpoTerlshluir result of therontlned ue
of white flour and Intelligently consider
the consequences, not only upon their chi
drn Nit npm their children's children.
Franklin Mills Fine Floor of the Fntlre
wheat Is the com I ng- floor. It contains
all the wheat lerry except the wodr
hiTk which Is not food. It posneeseaall the
elements for buUdlntf up a healthy. Vigorous
Your jrrocer keeps Us If not, send na Ma
name with our order we will see thstyoa
are supplied. The genuine made only by the
FRANK L iy Jn ILLS CO. . Loci port, N. Y,
Foley's Honey end Tar
(or children, snfe,sutv, No oplgtes.
General RcpairShop
CDt'siclttL'tlAVibEKH, Friday. Aug. 21. 1903.
Meeting called to order bv Mayor Hrtckcr.
Roll call: Present, Mayor Hrlcker, Aid.
Smith, Hudson, Cbave. Fisher, Demoreat, (5).
Absent Aid Clark, (1).
The mlnutea of the lat meeting as read were
To the Hon. Mayor and Conr nion Council:
Uentiemen: We the undersigned tax payers
and residents of the Secon 1 Ward of the city of
Beldlng. do hereby respect'vely request that
yonr honorable body refrain from trading, clay
ing or graveling 1'earl street of the said City of
Heidlng, durln this aea-on, we believe It to
the best Interest of the entire ward that the ex
pense necessarily Incurred In improving said
street might be more Judiciously expended in
Improving some other streets of said ward
WD'cn are notoriously in neeu oi improveui.-u
and renal r. Pearl strei t la without question, to
day In better condition tbun ny other t-treet In
said warp and further expenditures of same at
this time would certainly amount to unjust dis
crimination asralnst the property right of real
UenU upon other streets in aald ward.
Signed by E. E. cnuppie ana js oiuors.
Referred to Committee on Streets and Side
walks. Moved by Aid. Demorest seconded by Aid.
Fisher that the following rebate on cement
walks be allowed and orders drawn for same
which motion prevailed. Yeas. Aid. Smith,
Hudson, Chave, Fisher, Demorest, (5) Nays
Ernest Chase,
Nellie Tanner,
Ci. A, Stanton,
A. C. Cole,
D. Calkins,
S. A. Stewart,
Isaac Dates,
H ldlng L imp Co
W. W. Ilwels'er,
L. 11. Weeks,
11 J. Leonur',
Andrew Tutt'e,
Lottie Huvhnell,
'.V. A. Dutt.
L. I.. Holmes,
I.. U. Millard,
Edwin l'orter,
Moved by Aid.
Rebate t 2 6
a U.s
'. 9 12
9 W
10 65
A 8 !tt
mj m
8 no
7 7
19 M
10 ftft
0 VO
id ft:
17 06
Hudson seconded by Aid.
Smith that the bond of tbe Spencer Electric
Light & Power Co. be made for f WOJ, which mo
tion prevailed. Yeas. Aid. Sinllb, Hudson,
Chave, Fisher, Demurest, (5) nays nono.
Moved by Aid. Chave seconded by Aid. Hud
son that the Marshal be Instructed to clean the
Weter property from all rubbish which motion
prevailed. Yeas, Aid. Smith, Hudson. Chave,
Fisher, Demorest (5) nays Done.
Moved by Aid. Chave seconded by Aid. Smith
that the City Clerk bo authorized to advertised
for sealed bids for tbe house building located
on Weter property which motion prevailed.
Yeas, Aid. Suitb. Hudson, Chave, Fisher,
Demorest (5) niys note.
Moved by Aid. Smith seconded by Aid. Chave
that the City Attorney request the Pere Mar
quette R. R to protect the crossings at Broas
Bridge, Depot and old Casket Factory crossings
with gates, lights, or watchman which motion
prevailed. Yeas Aid. Smith, Hudson, Chave,
Fisher, Demorest i?) nays none.
Moved by Aid. Fisher seconded by Aid. Dera
erest that tbe following bills on cross walks be
al. owed and orders drawn for uame which iro
Dr. Donald McDonak
He will be in Belding ac the
Hotel Beldinfj on
Wednesday, Sept. 9
One day each month.
Ofllce Hours: 9 u. m. to 4 p. in.
Consultation, Examination and
Advice Free.
dr. Mcdonald
b one of tho Grefttest Living Special
Uts in the treatment of all Cnronlc
DUeases. Hid extensive practice and
superior knowledge enables him to
euro every curable disease. All
chronic diseases of the Hrain, Spine,
Nerves, Hlood, Skin, Heart, Lungs,
Mver, Stomach, Kidneys and UoweU
scientifically and successfully treated.
1)U. MCDONALD'S success In the
treatment of Female Diseases Is simply
marvelous. His treatment makes
sickly women strorg, beautiful, and at
tractive. Weak men, old or young,
Hired in every ense and saved from a
life of Buffering. Deafness, Hheuma
I'sm and Paralysis cured through his
t'i.-U brated Hlood and Nerve llemedie
and Kssentlal Oils charged with elec
trhity. TIIK' DKAF M A D K TO
iu:ak: tuk lame to walk:
Catarrh, Throat and Lung DIseas-es
cured. Dr. McDonald cures Fits and
Nervous Diteanes. Kczeina and all
Skin Disense cured.
Dr. McDONALI) has been called tho
wizard of the medical profession, be
cause htt reads all diseases at a glance
without asking any questions. Sick
folk, call on Dr. McDonald! It I o
pleasure to mert him. Dr. McDonald
never turns the poor from his door.
Consultation Free.
Thoso unable to call can address.
Dr. Donald McDonald,
Wellington Flats, Grand Rapid, Mich,
l 00
tion prevailed. Yean, Aid. Smith, Hudion,
Chave, Flnber, DemoreHt, (t) nays none.
W. L. Shipman, acroH Hrlde St. Ill 72
Liberty St l w
Washington St. mm
Moved by Aid. Fisher seconded by Aid. !
Smith that tbe following bills be allowed and
orders drawn for same which motlpn prevailed.
Yeaa, Aid. Smith, Hudson, Chave, Fisher,
Demorest. (5) nsrn none.
Edward Tissue, labor t M
Peter Hauclt. " 1 M
M V Heckathorn, " 80 00
Frank Waterman, " 10
A Wheeler. " IS 75
Chan. 1U adorn, "
J C Zerba, " 3 00
U. Kckert, " 0
A. Eckert, " 13 N)
Wui. Tnompson, " If M)
J. M. Kolp. W 00
Miles Hordman, 2 00
F 1 Monk, " IS 00
Owen Tissue, " 24 00
J. SaKendorf, 10 N)
Levi Kdson. " IS 0u
Geo. ShuteH. " I 7
Fred Worden, M 1 W
John Ulker, 12
M. Uoardman, " 13 7S
Chas. Loper, 1 ss
J. l'erklna, " 1 00
Moved by Aid. Fisher seconded by Aid Cha e,
that the following bills be allowed and orders
drawn for same which motion prevailed. Yeaa,
Aid. Smith, Hudson. Chave, Fisher, Demorest,
(5) nays none.
A. Kckert, Park work f l f0
H. ' II 'o
F. J. Lulck, Bupplle.1 1 oo
Wi son & Friedly. i'oor Com 00
A. Wilson, labor at hose house 3 f5
F. Shuw, " 2 MS
Wm. K. Fisher, supplies 6 20
Moved by Fisher seconded by Aid. Demorest,
that the following bills be audited and paid and
referred to tbe County Hoard of SuperviHors for
payment, which motion prevailed. Yeas, Aid.
Smith, Hudson, Chave, Fisher, Demorest, (')
nays none.
S. S. Smith, meals...! 15 W
J. II. Henderson, groceries 8 4tf
Moved by Aid. Smith seconded by Aid. Detn
orest, that the City Clerk advertise for bl Is on
labor for painting the S bridges, which motion
prevailed. Yeas, Aid, Smith, Hudson, Chave,
Fisher, Demorest, (5) nays none.
On motion council adjourned.
Gko. W. Moulton, City Clerk.
lty virtue of Ordinance No. 52, entitled, an
Ordinance relative to tne construction and re
pair of sidewalks, passed and approved tbe 11th
day or May, a. u. .wh, ana amenuments mere
to, be it
Resolved, that whereas the owners and occu
nants of the following described lots and pre
mlses have heretofore been properly noi tiled
of toe condemnation of sidewalk or sidewalks
adjacent to said lots and premises, and where
a. tne said owners ana occupants oi tne rouow
inir described lots and premises have heretofore
been properly notltlsd to rebuild and construct
said Hiduwaik or sianwaiks on or before the
10th day of Aug. A. D. 11 0.1 according to the
provisions of said notice and ordinance, and
wnereas saiu owners anu occupants nave re
fuoed, failed and neglected to build snid side
walk or sidewalks, now tnereroro be It
Kesolved. that the Street Commissioner of
the City of Helding immediately proceed t
make, construct and rebuild such sidewalk and
sidewalks as liere'mifttr described, and to make
construct and rebuild such sidewalk or side
walks of cement concrete according to tho
specifications now on tile in tbe omen of the
City Clerk and report In writing tbe cost iind
expense of each distinct paee of sidewalk so
made, constructed ana reDuut to tne Common
Council according to tbe provisions of thaor
Uinance nrH above mentioned:
Hrtdire street, lots II Hroas add. lots no 2f.
, 31. XI, 3', 20 Urous 3rd add. lot no. 00 Hroas
2nd add.
Liberty street, lots no, 188, 180, 181, 178 Super
visor Moon's Plat.
Pleasant street, lots 102. 140, 123 Supervisor
Moon's Flat and lots, no. 53 Hroas add. and 48
ttroa 2nd add.
Pearl street, 'ot no. I6rt, Supervisor Moon's
piat.no is nroas.iM acuimon.
Kroas street lots 89, IK). Uros add and 21, 2C,
7, urous smi aan.
Washington street, 102, ISA, 16? Supervisor
Moon s piat.
Congress street, 50, lJ Supervisor Moon's
And Apples in One Farmer's Orchard
Were Free to All.
The late It. II. Stoddard used some-
times to narrate a striking experience
that befall him during a walking trip
In New England.
"During this tour," he said, "I came
one August afternoon, to an apple or
chard In be outskirts of a village, and
on the fence I saw a placard inviting
travelers to enter and partake of the
inviting fruit within. I ate an apple
or two, and then perceived the owner
approaching from his barn.
"He was an intelligent young man,
and I asked him why he was so gener
ous with his apples.
" Til tell you, sir,' he replied. 'When
my father was a boy, he had to walk,
one summer, a matter of 200 miles,
working out his meals as he traveled.
There was a certain apple orchard
that he came upon, and an apple that
had fallen from one of the trees lay
in the road. He picked It up and was
about to eat it. But the farmer had
perceived him, and he ordered him to
put the appi back. My father obeyed,
of course, but he told the man that he
was mighty mean with his fruit, and
he said he would himself, some day,
plant a hundred apple trees for the
free use of travelers exclusively. For
tune went well with my father, sir, and
this is the orchard that he planted. All
the fruit here will be free always."
Chicken Serum.
In view of the fact that chickens do
not suffer from tuberculosis, Dr. VI
guler de Malllane of Frnce tried to
cultivate the bacllljs of consumption
in the serum of fowls' hlood, and com
pletely failed. He la now experiment
ing with encouraging results in the
use of chi"'An serum as an antitoxin
for consumption.
Loubet Studies Astronomy.
President Loubet will resume his
study of astronomy as soon as he lays
down the cares of state. An observa
tory Is being built on the grounds of
the chateau which the president re
cently purchased.
Ijnlrk llellrf fur AM limn NtillVrrrn.
Foley's Honey and Tar affords im
mediate relief to Hsthma frulTerera in
the worst stairs and If tsken In time
will effect a cure. W. I. Uenedlcd.
e ...
Alwnv rIIM. l.Mtlr. MAk rruirlt for
I II I C II .tt: It EMUMMII In Kerf and
Mold ni-Ullle box. uc wlih blue nMxin.
fit he nn other. Itri dunret-owa Mtmtl
utlnnnnt Imitation. Hu i f onr IwikkK,
r mikI 4e. In mmpi J..r Oralar. ?M.
monlula and Keller !r l1 lea," tn irttrr
07 return 7111. 10.000 TnntlmoniaU. Hold by ail
ItadUoa ftaamre. PHI LA.. Pi,
ir. i. nnxismci, urutrui't
Kobert Lyman Uussell was born In
Virgil Courtland County N. Y. Sept
the 27th 1825 and with his sister LydU
was the youngest of a family of four
teen children and was the la9t to au
swer the death roll call re8Kndlng
Saturday morning August the 22nd
1903 at six o'clock.
Ills parents were Joaiah and Betsy
Itussell. Of his early boyhood we
have but little knowledge. lie came
from Oakland County Michigan and
was preHent as a boy underage at the
time ef the first township election of
the Township of Otiuco April 2nd 1838.
His older brother Amos II. Russell
who came to Otieco first in 1837 had
just brought his family to Otlsco and
iioix. i t I.4 man como with them.
He was married to Miss Lucy Ann
Brown in 1848 and settled In Grattan
Kent county where his daughter Ger
trude now Mrs. VV. H. Olds was born
A few years later he moved to Otisco
whero his on Hrvant John Russell
now of Luther was born both of whom
survive the father.
In 1879 he moved to Luther then a
dense forest In the employ of the old
Wilson, Luther and Wilson Lumber
Company as land looker, surveyer and
pine estimator with whom he re
in lined ten years.
Here he lost his wife Lucy in 188
and was married again to Mrs. Eleanor
Dimmick of Grattan in 1888 but was
once more left a widower In 1894 since
which time he has made his home
with bis only eon Bryant J. Russell of
His early life in the pioneer days of
Ionia county gave him an extensive
knowledge of timber and for years his
estimates of standing timber either
pine or hardwood were considered
standard authority for the amount
upon any given tract of land. Millions
of feet of timber have been bought sud
old upon his estimates alone.
He was a staunch Republican of no
mean power and held many public of
lices of trust in both Ionia and Lake
counties and was a veritabe land mark
in the history of the last named county
Last fall he cut his leg badly while
hewing timber for a new barn, losing
a large amount of blood, which at his
age left him in a weakened condition
so that when stomach trouble set In he
wasn t strong enough to cope with the
c mbined forces which gradually sap
ped his wonderful vitality as ho was
a man of strong constitution and of al
most udparalled nerve, his power of
endurance being marvellous. He pass
ed beyond into the great unknown
very eravely and without fear, his
mind clear to the last.
Robert L Ru-sell was a man of wide
reputation and formed many ties of
lasting friendship during life. Wan
familiarly and almost universally
kuown as "Uncle Lyman." His demise
w ill bo mourned not only by a large
circle of friends and relatives but by
tho general public as well.
Michigan Central Live Stock Yards,
Detroit, Aug 18. Thed emand for live
cattle is djll and low this week,
receipts have been liberal of late. The
following prices uro being paid at
the Detroit Live Stock Market: Prime
steers and heifers, 4 25; (S) $4.75 handy
butcher's cattle, 3.&0(W;$4. 10: common
2.50tfi-3.2.p,; canner's cows, $S0(ti 2.00;
stockers and feeders, active and steady
12 50(fl.'1.7.. Milch cows active at $25
(a) $.'.0; calves active at $4.5O$6.0O.
Sheep and lambs, dull and lower;
prime lambj, $5.00 (cb $5 25; mixed,
$3 O.X4.t5; culls, $l.r0(rt$2.fi0.
Hoys, light supply, fair quality,
trade is active at the following prlcos:
Prime mediums $5.i0(a5.75; Yorkers,
$5 7(a5 80; pigs, $5 75(5.80; roughs,
$4 00(q;5.00; stags, i off; cripples, $1 per
cwt off.
Receipts: Cattle 1000: Calves, 600;
Sheep, L700; Hogs, 4200.
Lost Opportunity.
"You must not Imagine," the said,
"that I would be willing to It out here
alone with you If you ere not so
big, and strong, and able to pick me
up In your arms as If I were a mere
child In case anything happened.'
Then becauso nothing happened she
told her friends that he was dull
witted and probably had a soul like
a withered lemon.
Km! of Hitler Fight.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn fight with an abcess on my
right lung ' writes J. F. Hughes of Du
Pont, Ga, "and gavo mo up. F.very
body thought my time had come. As
a lat resort I tried Dr. King's New Dis
coveryfor Consumption. The benefit
1 received was striking and I was on
my feet in a few days. Now I've en
tirely regained my health." It con
quers all Coughs. Colds and Throat
and Lung troubles. Guaranteed by
Connell Hros. Drug Store. Price 60e,
and $1,(i0. Trial bottles free.
IteWItt la the Nnrae.
Whenvougoto buy Witch Hazel
Sake look for the name DeWItt on
every lox. Tho pure, unadulterated
Witch Hazel is used in making ue-
Wttt'u Witch Hazel Salve, which is
the best salve In tho world for cuts,
burns, bruises, bolls, eczema and plies.
Tho nonularltv of DeWitt's Witch
H .! Salve, due to Its many cures, has
stiffd numerous worthless counter-
MiHtoho placed on the market. The
gfnulm iwnrn tbe name ot r. v.. HQ
Witt & Co.. Sold by I. Penedlct.
Foley's Kidney Cure Is a medicine
free from poisons and will cure any I
ci.fie of kidney disease mai is noi De
.Vfni the reach of medicine. W. I.
iWdict. '
For God, Honir) Mtid Native Land.
(This department Is under the management
und control of the I5e!dlui W. C. T. U.l
Interest of Heal Ketate.
From South Haven Dally Tribune.
No more powerful argument from
a business standpoint could possibly
be found than that presented in the
.11.. . ... .
rouowing letters. Thev need no
South Haven. March. 1903.
To . the public As a real estate
agent of your city. I wish to make
few statements for your earnest con
sideration of the saloon question
tnat certainly are to your Interest
As you all well know today, this
part of Michigan is the only part of
the state that is not overrun with
au undesirable element. Why? For
the simple reason there are no
saloons to call it here.
Out of over 300 neoole that I drov
through this county, last year. 1 d
not think that oveJ 5 of that num
ber were men that ever took a drink
themselves, and preferred to locate
where there were no saloons.
In all of my advertising and cor
respondence 1 make a special poin
of no saloons In this county. I hon
estly believe that over one-half of
the sales of property that have been
made and the increase in tbe value
of farm land in this county, can be
directly traced to the fact of there
being no saloons. As von well
know the class of people com in 1
hero to buy farms are men that are
not in favor of saloons or they
would not come. If you still wish
that increase m the value of you
farms, give this subject earnest con
sideration and vote dry.
Yours truly,
South Haven, Mich.. March 13 1903
Gentlemen of the campaign com
mittee of Van Huron County In re
sponso to your inquiry I write to
T L . 1 . f .. I 1
any mail 1 -uui u ueueverin local op
tion in Van Buren County as else
where. First, because it closes th
doors of the saloon with its corrup
ting Influences upon the youth o
the land. Second, because the open
saloon conduces to the moral, in
tellectual, social and fiuaacial deg
redation of our adult population
Ihe saloon is a blot upon the Fa
name of our city and surrounding
country 10 the minds of pros pet iv
nome-seek-ors. f ourth, the inert
fact that there is no open saloon
be found in our favored fruit land
is, in itself, one of the strongest in
ducernents for the best class of peo
pie, especially those who have fam
liies to seek homes with us. I have
known , many moderate drinkers
who say thev have no anxiety foi
themselves, but prefer to locati
their families where they are not
subject to tho contaminating in
Alienees of the saloon.
I have heard many of our best
summer visitors say, thev had ik
fear about leaving their families in
our city or vicinity for the summer
as there was no danger here from
intoxicated or disorderly people, as
was the case in other localities
where the liquor traflic was unre
strained. H. J. EDO ELL.
With local option so highly
recommended by real estate men
of South Haven, have the business
men in Helding or in fact Ionia
county any cause to fear the closiiu
of saloons f
bridge to carry the weakened and
lUrved system alone; until it can find
firm support in ordinary food.
Snd for fre MunpU.
SCOTT & BO WN E, Ctanktt.
09-4iS Pearl Street, Naw York.
5. and $im 1 all drugfiats.
Via Pere Marquette Railroad,
September 2ncL
Round Trip Rate S3 and $4,
Good for Ten Days' Trip
to tne Resort Gountru.
Excursion tickets will be on sale
at all of the principal offices of the
Pere Marquette H. U, Co. on date
above mentioned, for regular and
special trains.
Tickets will be sold to following
points, but may be used to interme
diate stations north of and inelud-
ng Baldwin, where regular trains
are scheduled to stop:
For particulars as to time of
train?, rates, etc., see large bills or
make inquiry of Verc Marquette
Agent. 337
HHAfliIHR1i THIS liATll,
SlifTtSMltEH Had.
r ' 'r'" w,"yw"
Beginning Saturday, Aug. 29,
Tlie D. H. Briefer Stock
Bought for 5 cents on the dollar,
going at and below
This Stock is all
includes Ladles' and
Shirt Waists
The largest stock, all new, and
the latest styles in siz?s from 32
to 42. If you don't need them
now, buy for future use at these
Space doe not permit us to tell you the man; bargains we have
to offer, and our low prices. Hut prices will talk at this sale. Be
sure and attend this 6ale as it will save you money. Don't forget
tho date of opening.
Opposite Hotel Betdlng, Beldlug, filch.
0. J. Kuhn For
pi m0mk r
Je sin e and let us show you this Kunge
before purchasing, as I can save you
Money on IJanges.
West Michigan
11 cP TA " 3 IT3
u Irl 0 IL
Is Michigan's Best Fair
Sept. 14-1 5-1 6-17-18-'03
Running, Trotting and
Hurdle Races.
Trained Elephants-High Wire
Acts Galloons, Etc., Etc.
All Free.
Half Fare on all railroads.
Write for Prize List.
C. A. FRENCH, - - Secretary.
practically new and
Aents , Furnishings.
lien's Shirts, Pants, Hats
and a full line of Gents' Furnish
ings to close out at Manufactur
ers' Prices. Hosiery, Suspend
ers, Under rear al' go at lowest
Bement Steel Ranges
If ite
r n n rnv
mj J

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