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WHOLE NO. 748.
Of Congregational Churches
In Uridine Two Days Monday and
Tuesday. Sept. !8 and ill.
The Semi-annual meeting of the
Lansing Association of Congregation
al churches and Ministers will be held
In the Congregational church Mon
day and Tuesday Sept. 28 and 2!).
A larie attendance of ministers
and lay delegates from the different
churches in the district is expected
and the meeting will be a very Inter
esting and helpful one indeed. A
general Invitation is extended to the
public to attend, and it is hoped that
the church and society in the citv will
be largel' represented in the meet
ings. A line program for each session
has been arranged.
Among those who will take part in
the services are Ilevs. Philip E. Bau
er, Win II Skentlebury, V. II. Pound,
N J. Myers, M. Knowles, A R Curtis,
S. 15. Chase, A A. Secord, Wm. Ew
ing, J. P. Sanderson, E. Sinclair
Smith and V. II. Warren.
A reception committee with Henry
Smith as chairman has been appoint
ed, he will alo be assisted in looking
after the welcome and disposal of
delegates by I lev. J E Butler and
the young ladies of Mrs. II Smith's
S S. class.
1-llttM'ii Local Oddfellows Went to
.MilirldcN Lust Night.
From Wednesday's Dailv.
Fifteen members of Silk City Lodge
T f t X.I .,nM f,.lr!,l0uNct nintie
to help institute a new lodge of the
three link persuasion, others wanted
to go out jounu 11 inconvenient 10 uo,en
so. e
rrivfil n t T -I Iri 1 f th nnrtv wnsb
given a royal time by those who were
candidates for membership in the
lodge to be instituted and the good
time lasted all night, and when the
break of day appeared there was an
other lodge of Oddfellows in existence
and 17 new members entitled to the
privihlege of wearing the mystic
links. Grand Master J. H. Brown had
rh;inre of the ceremonies, members
, uituiu...
of the order were also present from
',d more, Stanton, Greenville, Sheri
dan and Crystal.
A line banquet was one of the 'fea
tures which helped to make the occa
sion a memorable one.
Urounda (Jrowlmc Prettier Kvcry
Day-People Enjoy It.
There was a large number of our
citizens took advantage of the beauti
ful weather Sunday to make a visit
to the park and enjoy a few hours of
delightful rest and invigorating air,
which it atTords.
The grounds are much prettier than
thev have ever been and in a few
it will be a source of pride for
our people to point to as one of the
most attractive spots in the city.
The roadwav has been broadened
and graded and it only needs gravel
imrin mnkf it tine for driving. The
first automobile to make a run in the
park was noticed yesterday, it came
up from Ionia and took a drive through
The grounds have heen cleaned up,
quite a number more trees have been
cut out and the grass is coming along
fi n e 1 y .
lHUcd 1" Licences.
Citv Clerk Geo. V. Moulton
to Ionia Frirdav and received lrom
the county clerk 'a lot of licenses
irrmitlmr hunters the riL'ht tO sllOOt
---. "
He issued fifteen to sportsmen in
this city and vicinity, who will go
north in the course of a week or two
nn.l trv to kill some before the deer
season expires.
Of course the license doesn't guar
antee to any man a buck or a fine doe
It all depends on how good a marks
man he Is provided he has the good
luck to get sight of one.
Three deer is the limit and if
hunter should kill four the game war
den 1 vght get after him.
Vr forty ynirs Dr. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawb;rrv"has hern curing
omoliilnt. dysentery, dlur
rbo. a. bloody llux, pain In the etomac
nn'i i t bin never failed to do every
thing claimed for.
Good for father. Good for mother
Good for the wholf family. Makes the
children cat, fleep and prow. Rocky
Mountain Tt a is a family bles.-lnK
:j5 cents.
(rand Iltver ItaptUt AocIatloii
Will Hold it Here.
Programs are out announcing a
meeting of the Grand River Baptist
association at the Baptist church in
this City on October 0, 7 and 8.
Inasmuch as this association has
been organized for 50 years and has
convened in various parts of the state
ever hlnce its organization. Belding
may feel highly honored In having
been chosen for the next place of
meeting. The first session of the as
sociation will be given at 3 p. m on
Tuesday, October G, and the last ses
sion will close at 11 o'clock on Thurs
day morning, October 8.
Among those from abroad who will
deliver addres-ess we note the follow
ing: lie v. J S. Boyden of Kalama
zoo; Rev. E II. E, Jameson of Detroit;
Rev. C. II. Irving; Detroit; Rev. E
V. Lounsberry of Chicago; Pres. A
Gaylord, Kalamazoo; Rev J. E Piatt,
Oaklield; Rev. D. L. Martin, Rev. W.
H Garfield, Rev J. II. Stewart, D. L.
Martin, II Outwater, and Mrs. O. V.
The program will be an Interesting
one and we will publish it in full In
the near future. The public are cor
dially invited to attend this meeting.
,n wnat ground? lnquireu the or
On the ground that just before this
reached the bar somebody in the
wd shouted 'Mouse, and then sne
iped and broke the record."
did not hear the remark, said
bloomered referee. "If I ha0 I
kild have Jumped myself.'
Obituary of Napoleon.
Vhen the great Napoleon died there
; doubtless among the readers of
London (Jlobe many persons who
lild have liked to read a lull ac
nt of his life, but. if so, they were
appointed, for the Globe, in Its is-
. :
OI l
of July 4, 1821, contained only the
lowing brief notice:
'Death of Itonaparte
We announce
death of Bonaparte. I he oraciai
inouncemcnt was received mis
orning at the Admiralty. His death
j,jace on june 5
H If health had
decllr ng for a long time, ana
cause of death was a cancer In
stomach. He was born in 1C9.
le cost of his maintenance at baint
ilena was each year between two
I three hundred thousand pounds.
Where to Use Rouge.
t is said that Archbishop Ryan of
lladelphla may be made a cardinal,
is prelate has a delightful humor,
young girl one day said to him:
'I have been tol l, sir, that a touch
rrmtro heightens a woman's charm
irfl1. .w , p.vV.o.. 1iv?r
1 1 . 1 1 a
or Proponed New City Hall by Clare
Allen of Jackson.
Clare Allen the well known Jackson
Architect, was in the city Friday,
ubmittlng plans for the proposed
new city hall to be built on Pleasant
treet on the lot recently purchased
by the city.
The design submitted by Mr. Allen
is a ouiiuing mat win cost aooui $10,-
000 and can be seen In A. B. Hull's
show window. Other firms will sub
mit plans and it is thought that the
lateness of the season will make it
unadvisable to hold a special elec
tion thi fall and that the proposition
will be submitted at the next spring
Mr. Allen's design is a very neat one
and would add very much to the ap
pearance of our city, and the need of
city hall is evidenced by the fact
that the city is paying a Urge rent
each month which is waste money
compared to owning its own property.
from Tuesday's Daily.
Leon Eddy arrived in this city to
day bringing with him his bride of
vesterdav. for Leon ioined tbc ranks
of the benedicts at Traverse City
yesterday, when he led to the altar
Miss Jennie Enson of that city. The
bride is one of the bright foung so
ciety ladies of Traverse City and is
somewhat known in this city, having
visited friends here a few yiars ago.
Mr and Mrs. Eddv are iliests of
L-'oiijS grandmother and othtf friends
in this citv for a few dav wien they
will leave for their home in Chicago,
where thev will be at home to their
friends at 1)41 North llalsteai street
Leon has a good po-dtion ifh the
Franklin Typewriter FactorJ and his
friends will wish him the bet of luck
and a long and happy life fith
partncr'in life's joys and sorvws.
Ilurklrn'ft .rnl-i Mlvr
Has world-wlJf fame for mrvellous
curt-s.v .It surpi'K.M any Oth'r salve,
otion, ointment or balm forc t-, corns
bums, boll-, sores, fHon, uleef, tetter
silt rhfum. fever hi s, chappy! handi
rkln eruption; infallible for pile. Cure
guaranteed. Only 2.'ic at Conitll Bros
Foley's Kidney Cure makes io dls
eased kidneys t-ound ho they w ellml
nate the potoons from the bloo
Methodists Will Hulld
Might Away.
Kev. Carman Srunir Good Scheme
011 Congregation Hun day
Rev. A. O. Carman gave his Con
gregation a plain but very excellent
talk from his pulpit Sunday morning,
reviewing the work for the past five
years as their pastor and showed that
notwithstanding the new church had
not been built, there was no cause in
the least for discouragement.
The old Indebtedness had been paid
and the society was very much alive,
he urged upon the membership to
stand loyally by the new pastor to be
sent here by the Conference and pre
dicted that the work would go . for
ward in all departments and receive
the blessing of God. At the close of
the sermon he referred to the side
walk necessary to be built and hung
up a diagram back of the pulpit show
ing that 78 blocks were required to
cover.the church property frontage,
and that each block would cost two
dollars. In a remarkably short time
every block was taken and the minis
ter, committee, trustees and congre-
T gation were happy.
Ell It. Sutton. Late of Mexico,
Coming Hack to do ho Today.
From Wednesday's Daily.
The state papers are authority for
iue sitiicmcni uiai 01. tun iv. ounun
who is the last of the notorious bunch
of state despoilers who were Implicat-
, .1 .1 , l .l.iLI 1
eu in me uiriy ueai in cioining maue
at Lansing during the Spanish-American
war, now unpunished, has be
come weary of the society of the
''greasers" and wants to live in God's
J country again,
hoa Arrangements have been complet
between himself and the prosecut
frie infT attorney of Ingham county where
. 01Iby to iico.d cuiii ij me cnarge
)0 of perjury from which he has been a
Jcs fugitive and receive a fine of any
where from $1200 to $2000, on the pay
bis ment of which, he will be allowed to
J go on his way rejoicing It is claimed
wo that he has a position awating him in
jJa;another state as soon as he has put
,.r;l himself square with the state and
this is said to be the reason for his
1 walking up to the doctor's office and
taking his medicine.
When the punishment has been
mceted out to Sutton, the people ol
the state of Michigan will, in a meas
ure, be avenged for one of the rot-
tennest deals against the state that
has ever been perpetrated on the peo
ple. "Vengeance is mine, saith the
Lord." lhewaofthe transgressor
lieth not through paths of roses.
ged Vertrennen Farmer Who Deeded
Farm to (Jranddauchter
Wants it Hack.
Andrew Quillen of Vergennes town
ship who owned a fine farm at one
time deeded it to his granddaughter
Rose Quillen who agreed to care for
him in his declining years. He now
ecks to have the deed set aside by
the court. It Is the old story of in
During a recent illness and when he
expected to die he says that his grand
daughter beseeched him to transfer
his property to her and he did so.
After deeding his farm away he be
came well and his granddaughter got
married and took her husband with
her to live on the farm. Since then
the plaintiff, who Is 87 years of age
says that her conduct toward him
has been cruel and in many ways has
broken the agreement she made when
the property was deeded to her. He
asks the court to restore to him the
inc Missouri uiri, ' wnicn comes
to the Opera House Tuesday evening
Sept. 2'.)th, carries special scenery for
Its production. It Is one of the best
and strongest companies on the road
D.n't let tho lltt eones suffea eczema
or other torturing skin diseases No
need of it. Doan's Ointment cures
Can t harm tho most delicate skin. At
any drug store.
Annie Better doctor yonr health
b. for5 applying beautifying remedies
Bid yourself of constipation, indices
tion, with Rocky Mountain Tea. and
you'll have a beautiful complexion. 3.
L'oeil for I'lienmonlA.
Dr C J. Biehop. of Agnew, Mich ,
siiys: ''I have used Foley's Honey and
Tar in thro- very severe eases of pneu
monia with good results In every case."
Refuse nubatltutes. W, I. Benedict.
Ulg Day Promised In llase Hall Meet
If plans go through as they are now
outlined Belding will have three days
of sport next month which will un
doubtedly draw a large crowd of peo
ple here each day.
A base ball tournament Is to be held
Oct. 1, 2 andli, Thursday, Friday and
Saturday and will be open to amateur
teams of Montcalm, eastern Kent and
Ionia counties. $.j0 In gold will be
offered as first prize and $25 as second.
It is expected that eight or ten
teams will contest for the prizes, six
having already signified their inten
tion of being present. All entries are
to be made on or lefore Saturday,
Sept. 20. It Is proposed to play two
games each day, the wincrs of the
games on Thursday and Friday will
play the two game of Saturday and to
the winners In these will be awarded
the prizes.
A committee to decide upon the
qualifications of player, should there
any dispute arise, has been chosen
consisting of E. E. Lessiterof Grat-
tan, Wm. Fuller of Greenyille and C.
A. Shaw of Sunlield, A B. Hull secre
tary and C. J. Seely manager are put
ting forth every effort to make It a
success and thev should receive
hearty support.
Ileldlniff Football Team Not Heavy
Enough lor Howard City.
We clip the following from the De
troit Free Press of Sunday, Sept, 20,
relative to the game of football play
ed between our High school team and
and Howard City team on Saturday:
In a warmly contested game the
Howard City football team defeated
the fast Belding team today by a
score of 11 to 0, it being the first
game of the season tor both teams.
Only 15 minute halves were played,
the local team getting a touchdown
in each half on account of being much
heavier. The Belding team was un
able to do anything with them. The
features of the game were the play
ing of Wadsworth for Belding at half
back and Grey? and ".j.llock -half:
back; Hughes, quarterback; Feller
left end; Austin, fullback; and Hon.
McLachlan. left tackle for Howard
City. I'emberton, quarterback, had
his hip dislocated early in the first
half. Howard City plays Ferris In
stitute next Saturday.
Mrs. Will Foote Pand Away Ye
terday After Lon Ulnex.
From TuesJay's Daily.
Charlotte II. wife of Wm. Foote of
this city passed to her rest yesterday
about 2 p. m. after a long and painful
illness, aged 32 years and 10 months.
Deceased was a daughter of John
Sherman, and was born in Keene
township, removing to this city about
9 years ago.
Of a kind and loving disposition.
Mrs. roote made many friends who
will learn with sorrow of her demise
at such an early period in life. She
leaves besides a host of friends a lov
ing husband and a bright and alTec
tionate child, Etra, who at the age of
11 years Is left without a mother's
love and tender care.
Mr. ioote who is Supervisor of the
first ward, has the heartfelt sym
pathy of all, In this his great breave
In the misty haze of the Rreat beyond,
A ray of hope appears.
They may meet their loved orte over there
To dwell in endless years.
The heavy heart, the sobMnp voice
Proclaim their bitter pain.
Hut happy thoughts above it all.
They all may meet again.
She was a member of the Hathbone
Sisters order.
The funeral will be held at the
house tomorrow afternoon at 2:00
o'clock,. Kev. Butler officiating and
the remains laid to rest in lliverside
Pearl llerrlek Married.
A very pretty September wedding
took place at Lyons Friday, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C II. Herrick
when their oldest daughter, Mi?
rearl, was united In marriage to Vic
tor Floyd Upton, one of Lyons' mos
popular young business men.
The marriage ceremony occurred
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and was
witnessed by about seventy-live rela
tives and close friends, the nuptial
knot being securely tied by the Itev
W. E Ogden of Ionia.
$:5.012 to Chicago.
Leave Holland daily at ft a. m. and
9 p. m. Leave Ottawa Beach diily
at 10 a. m., and 11 p. m. Returning,
bteamers leave Chicago daily at 9:."10
a. m., and 8:4." p. m., making close
connections at Ottawa Beach with
the Fere Marquette By. trains to and
from all Central rnd Northern Michi-
The Orham & Morton Trans. Co. '
worse and worse,
Is tlio News From Turkej- Ten
Thousand Massacred.
KaMtorlu a Veritable Sua of IMood
Will tho slaughter Never Endf
Kastorla a city of lf',0(!0 population
has been wiped out at the hands of
the merciless Turk
The horrors of the massacre of
nearly the entire population are said
to reach the climax of all of the bar
baric atrocities known in the history
of the world. The city was a sea of
blood. Death and carnage lurked in
every nook and corner and only a very
few of the unhappy inhabitants es-
aped to the country when the Turk
ish soldiers swooped down upon them.
The city was burned and the massa
cre of its inhabitants was indescrib
ably terrible. The Turks slaughter
ed indiscriminately Bulgarians and
Greeks, men. women and children.
Late dispatches state that Europe
is so stirred up over the awful atroci
ties that she Is about to Intervene
and endeavor to put a stop to the
carnage if possible.
The Ileer Law
The deer season is from November
8th to the .'JOth, both Inclusive, ex
cept in the island of Bois Blanc, and
counties of Lapeer, Huron, Monroe,
Sanilac, Tuscola, McComb, Allegan,
Ottawa and St. Clair, where deer can
not be taken until 1900, aud the coun
ties of Lake, Osceola, Clair, Mason,
Manistee, Wexford, Missaukee, Ne
waygo, Mecosta, Isabella, Benzie,
Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Oceana
and Gladwin, where deer cannot be
killed until 1908.
No person may hunt deer without
first procuring a hunter's license;
resident license T."i cents, non-resident
license $2.. The use of dogs Is pro
hibited, and no person may kill more
than three deer In one season; and an
other provision of the new statute Is
tliatju person who accidentally kijls
or wounds a human being Is liable to
prosecution, and on conviction to be
imprisoned for ten years
0 A l'uri;,it 1 ve l'lHNnr.
If vou ever took DeWitt's Litth
Early Hi.-ers for billiousness or eon
stip.ition you know what a purgative
pleasure i. I ht'se famous little pills
lensf. the liver and rid the system of
u 1 1 bile without producing unpleasant
elTect-j. They do not gripe, sicken or
weaken, but Jiive tone and strength to
the tissues ond. organs involved. W.
H. Howell of Houston, Tex. says: "No
better pill can be used thn Little Ear
ly Risers for eoustipation, sick head
ache, etc., Sold by W. I. Benedict.
If i!f ill
Now That Cooler Weather Has Come Again and Lemonade is in
Disfavor We Call Your Attention to our
Tea and Coffee Dep't.
Is the apex of perfection in the coffee world.
io equal
We have reason to feel proud of our Tea and Coffee Business and
haye the satisfaction of knowing that every month it grows in vol
ume, which is evidence of its superiority over all others, if you have
not used it, try it. It costs ro more than inferior brands.
Sometimes needs a r-'liatlj
monthly regulating meJiciuo.
Are prompt, safe and certain In result. The penu
ioe (Dr. real's) never disappoint, fel.00 pf r box
AVING learned by experi
ence not to buy in Cloaks
Jackets too early, we
placing our orders until
styles have become fixed.
So our styles are absolutely
correct. Beware of garments
bought before the styles were
settled if you want the proper
thing. ' Come in and see the
best stock of Cloaks, Jackets and
Capes ever shown in this city.
The cut shows you a
new up-to-date "Best
Cloak on Earth" at
the price, 10.7).
Made of all Wool
Kersey in all the 3
fashionable shades :S
at the price
Be Fooledi
Take the genuine, original
Made only by MadUon Medl
cine Co., Madison, Wis. It
keers you well. Our trad
mark cut on each package.
I'rice, as cents. Never aolr
in bulk. Accept no subat
tkte. Atb your lrujgUW
the I

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