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I have opened a
in thu basement under C L. Stalcy'y
& -Coh Furniture ttorc, whero 1
will be ready ut all time to do an.
tliint in the way of uiUMufacturinj?
or rep tiring sho a and hurnes.
Sewinjr machines adj usted and re
paired. S ipplkri for. ull kinds of
machines, Look me up.
F. h. SMITH.
K.K. Spcncor. Pres. K. ft Clm.se, V I re-.
W. A. Hoed, Cuie
TIid People's Savings limit
J?:j:,000 Capital,
$70,000 StockliuMi 's Liability.
Special attention tnven the
Nothing Likk it in tiik City.
Call und examine our S sU-m. N trouMctc.
Mho -v and rxpl i'r: i'.- .tMv ! o - s of
fl.tir and upwar.is rt-ce v-.l 'il i'" i-'v"D
lliu.lt linen-, for b:i-.itic.-. :.:
from 6 to o'eioclt
For Tin: I'kopli;, or tiik IV.oflk
frim niMrT 1
casTk, S25.000 QP
suarpdlpuf,tS 10,000 Q9
ii. .1. lko
VW- l'i--sil'iit.
V. S. LAMItr.KTSON, t aliltr.
Deposit your spare change In our
Savings department. If persisted
in, the result will soon surprise jou.
3 per cent, interest paid on
5 ings deposits.
Made a
Well Man
?-.of Mc.
rXL33isroix xixsAQaazys
product the above result a la 30 clays. It acta
powerfully and quickly. Curra when all others (all.
Voting men will regain their lt manhood, and oil
rnn will recover tbclr youthful igor by using
ItETIVO. It quickly and eurdv restores nervous
ness. Lost Vitality, Impotoucy. Mlitly Eraiaalonn,
Lout Power, Falling Memory, Wasting DiBeisea.and
til effect of Bolf-abuaa or excels end Indiscretion,
which unfits one) for study, bupinrEn or marriage. It
Dot only curea by Rtarrina at tbo neat of dleeaso, but
ta a great nerve tonlo and blood bnlider, bring
ing back the pink glow to pale cheeks and ra
storlng the fir of youth. H wards off Jnnanltt
and Consumption. Insist on baving ItE VI VO.no
rther. It can b carried In vent rocket. y mall
81.00pertackaxe.or six tcrQS.OO, vrlthapoal
tire 'written tjrnarantae to care or reload
the nonev. Rook and ml vise froe. Artrtress
Sold by W
A. Dutt.
ar'4-. 50 YEARS
Thadc Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anron tending n sketch mid rtoscrlptlon m?
quickly nsrertmn "iir t'mtn free whHher an
lnvotitii.n t prohMlily putt-tit nHn. Cumni union.
tiofitrictlycinti.ientliil. HANDEOGK n I'attiita
SiMit 1tc. OIlt iii:Micy for rc-iinni; potent a.
I'ntpnts taken through Muiin A Co. receive
tprrtiil notice, without ch write, iu the
Scientific American.
A hnndwomoly lllnt rated weoklr. T.rrpt cir
culation of any poientldc 'nriiHl. Tcrmw, f:i
yfnrt four nioni ha, fi. Hold by all ncwmioHlerw.
MUNN & Co.36,B'oadNew York
Hraiich Office, fifi F St, WawhlriKton. I). V.
Willi! II I II ill I I II II Mill I M I III
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. King's .
k'i Oiscovcry
rOrl ttlUILHiind
50c & $1.03
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure : I.un'g Troubles.
Money back If it falls. Trial Dottles free.
fftftl'. TlnYioa TnflAa
CJ" vWi LftdUa ravoilte.
r J. V. r t Onlv known tifo fpeliaMrt roinl i.
tor on which women can ciej tn
"in the hnuranil iimt( trrt."
Doctor's fr- roiipultat ion !ioi.r,
1 to 4, afternoon Kiiria.. I'
to2. IAdien, vend 4 cent ist
ar for Free Se If. Art m m
T1i fio-he. j'Mhlet, Co..
1; Kim 3 No. 253 Woodward Are., Dotroit, Mich-
General ItcpairSliop
f trom Ut;
(Continued fioui pae 5)
llertCide and family left for their
home in Iike Odesa this morning
Mrs. A Walters of (Jreenville is a
guest of Jacob Kuhn's for a few days.
Wanted A jrirl to ii housework in
s-mal I family. Inquire at this oHiee.
Miss i:iie Frem:h went to tJreeu
v i He today to visit Mrs Delehanty of
that city.
W. F. Itricker haa sold liis new
houe on Pleasant street to J. II.
The MLsses Jennie Ammcrnear and
Kthel Ilaeon arc attending the fair at
Ionia today.
Mrs. Frank Hall of Um Lake is a
,TU -f-t at the home of her friend, Mrs.
II L Iitker.
Mrs C. K. Fullerton of (Jreenville
is a ;uest of her daughter, Mrs, Frank
Tot ten, today.
l)r C H I loot of Greenville has
yone to Detroit and will not make his
visit here Saturday.
Mrs Openhoue. of Ed more arrived
this morning for a fhort viit at the
home of E illodett.
Mrs. J. S. Reynolds returned to
IJIanchard tod y after a short visit
with Mrs. E I. Knapp.
If. you intend to witness the Missouri
1.1 i r I had better pureha-e tickets early
as they are uinr f .t -t.
The W. (.!. T II, uilhneet with Mrs.
ifeuiy Friedlv, Tue-d.iy afternoon,
Sept. a. 2:30 o'clock.
Mrs. II. Locwe and tier mother,
lts. Amperse, of D -iruit, are i-pend-:
hei;t y in (jrand U iiK
Freeman Aileu of Lan-.iii"; and a
former resident o! I i- city is a ;uesi
of his son, Bert Allen, for a few days
Mi?s Eda Dinier of Lakeyiew re
turned to her work in this city today
after a rliort visit with home friends.
Lyman Covey and Dr. Pinkham
went to Grand l ip'uls today to see
Mrs. Covey who s in the i.ospital at
that place.
Mrs. V A Ki-sell returned tojher
home ui K.'cii md today afier spend-
iny; a few days .villi her sister, Miss
Iva Calkins.
W. P I let he; ' i: n and Tommy
Hi ..c.vf . . 1 . 1 e to Sin w na today to
look nva the li'r!it. plant This is
Tommys ecolld trip in 11 years
For Sale A brand new washing ma
chine, one of the very best make will
be fold cheap. Inuu re of Mrs Kay
m md, cor Bridge and Liberty streets.
Mrs M H i lej an : children return
ed to theii- home in Lake view today
aflei a:oi L isit at Mrs. Geo Cot-
irell's in till city.
Fred Poland, who is dri vint; dray for
Al. V i l!f. ieti iei u.rd la.st evenine;
of the di at h of his e,rand-mother at
Midd!e il!e. lie left tor there this
morn in,";.
Mrs C. Dellart left with her moth
er last evening for Sidney, where she
joes hopmo to recover her health
which has been very poor for sotue
time pa-it.
Found -on streets of Bcldinir. Sun
day morning, ladies wheel. Finder
can eet fame from Nightwatch Ed.
Biker by proving property and pay
ing for t liis notice.
Ivr Sale- Household furniture of
all kinds, including cook stove and
neatinjr stou, will be sold cheap. In
quire of L. But, first street north of
Beldiny boarding house.
The city is putting in sewer con
nection with the watering trough
on Pleasant St. to avoid another flood
like the one which occurred recently.
The need for the same is quite appa
rent. Frank Brooks went out ta milk his
cow this morning and found nothing
but the chain with which she had
been fastened. He has looked for her
quite e.vten-ively but as yet found no
S L. Spencer brought to the Beld
lag hotel today two f.talks of corn otT
of his farm, the. tallest one measuring
11' feet in height. There were two
e irs on the stalk and the lowest one
sjven fe.:t from the ground.
IlurulatH lil. w up sale at Trufant
Wednesday .Moriilnir.
Probably iK- same gang of burglars
who did Howard City a few nights
ai:o ii ade a raid on Trufant early
Wedneftiay morning and biew open
ihe safe iu Thomp-on & Co's general
-tore ami secured in cash and a
couple o' watches.
The explosion was aloud one and
;i roused several citizens who got out
ni lime to see the robhers make way
wi h tlx ir booty.
They had a "rig with ponies and
drove rapidly away. Odicers am on
the look out for them, they are a fes
tive lot and B ddlng is liable to get a
visit from them before long
ll,tr. . .Wf,.r Kitting Cured.
ludye W. T, Holland of Grr-enohurjt,
L:i ,.(: "I'voyars ago I eufTerrd
yreatly from indigestion. Aftrreatin
grmt discn s would Invariably result,
Irtstin for an hour or bo nod my niphta
w re n sih sn. I ( ot rluded to try Ko
dol DtepejHia Cure and it cured mo
entirf ly. .Now my ale.'p is refreshing
and digestion perf. ct." Sold by W. f.
Marvelous Kntertalmuent to be Held
nt Conurcuatlonal Cliureli Wire
lew Telegraphy.
The ladies of the social csrele have
arranged with Frof. W. P. Patty to
give an entertainment, combining
novelty and instruction, in the Con
gregational church Tuesday evening,
Oct. Gth. He will demonstrate the
marvels of liquid air and also Mar
coni's method of pending nessaes
through space by wireless telegraphy.
Uaald Air VoUIdc .block U laa.
Liquid air is simply the air we
breath liquified, strange, unusual, in
comprehensible, flowing like water.
Liquid air is .'Hi degrees colder than
ice, nails are driven with a hammer
made of frozen mercury.
Burning Steel and Freeiing Strawberries in an Ico
lumuier coniainiug tviuiu mi.
Seldom has a scientific discovery
been followed by such a popular de
mand for particulars, All this may
be seen at the church Oct. G. The
ladies have arranged so that the seat
ing capacity of the church will be
enlarged for that evening and also
that scats will be reserved for all who
purchase them. Admission .00 cts.
reserved scat s 75 cents.
some Ifclrs of the Dodson Kntate Try
To llrenk It.
When Ph'l'p Dodson who lived over
in the . icin.iy of Palo died, he left an
estate of ten or eleven thousand dol
lars. Some of the children, heirs to
the property, did not like the terms
of the will and carried their grlcvence
into the probate court in an endeavor
to break the document and have a
different distribution of the property.
It has been in court for several
months and been the subject of a hard
fought legal contest. The case was
decided yesterday by the court mak
ing an order that the will should
stand as it was made.
Messrs. iNicnois cc bneicion were
the attorneys who fought for the will
and are much pleased with the deci
sion. It involved abo it $11,000.
Johnson the Man Shot at Lowell In
Very Had Shape.
The condition of Earl Johnson, who
was shot by Special Ollicer Mack in
Lowell some days ago, is critical. For
three days he has leen sinking and
Wednesday morning Dr. Spencer of
Grand Ilabids and Drs. Eaton and Mc
Danncll of that village preformed an
operation, removing about a quart of
fluid from the pleura. The doctors
are not sanguine as to the result,' but
say that the crisis will likely be reach
ed within forty eight hours.
A dispatch from Lowell to Grand
Kapids Press says: It has been de
termined that Ionia county in which
the young man lives is to pay all ex
penses of caring for the wounded man,
this lifts the burden from Lowell
The Fireman') Hall Vn Liberally
Patronized Jnt Night.
The long looked for Fireman's
dance ha come and gone and finan
cially and socially it was a success, as
many who were present last night
can readily attest.
Something over 200 tickets Were
sold to the party, many buying mere
ly to assist the firemen In securing
their new uniforms, but nevertheless
there was a large crowd in attendance
and the party passed ofT pleasantly.
Walker Bros.' lunch parlors furnish
ed oysters to all who desired them
and their tables were well patronized
and very attractive.
An Author In the Woods.
Stewart Edward White, author of
Conjuror's Houfe," has pone for a
trip on horseback In th wlldg of th
Sierra Nevada mountains. He will
be gone threo months, and will ex
plore the rsdwood country.
6 ( M
Uridine hu Heeu shown bv Vurlou
OutHlde Paper.
A nieasley report ha been going
the rounds of the state papers of late
to the elTect that the bupervlsors of
the various wards of this city were
going to make a big light against the
state tax commission, and would ac
tually refuse to surrender the rolls
to that body, etc, etc and the Ionia
correspondent of the Detroit Free
Press tells in todays issue how grace
fully they surrendered.
If there is a grain of truth in any
of these statements The Uann'i:k haw
been unable to verify it from either
of the supervisors who have ben in
the city right along, and Supervisor
Angel, who is visiting in New York
for some time past would hardly lie
expec ed to know anything about any
such plan of Liroceedure
The facts in the cae so far as we
h ive been able to obtain them are as
follows: A member of the commission
w Js in the city recently looking up
valuations. Be visited man? of our
business places and looked over their
stocks. A few days later he. sent a
notice to the supervisors requesting
them to bring their tax rolls to a
meeting which was held in Ionia yes
terday for the purpose of haviuy
them reviewed by the commissioners.
to which request Wilder and Foote
responded graciously, making nt
kick against the commissioners tak
ing the rolls for reviewal.
It is evident that the commi-sion
thinks sonic of the' assessments are
not high enough, as quite a number
of our business men were asked to at
tend, and went to yesterday's meet
ing; some of them going back today-
There seem- to be but little doubt
but what the assessments of Ionia
county will be boosted the same as
they have been in manyother coun
ties where the commission has been
at work, bin any imputation that the
supervisors of Belding have been or
are antagonistic to the commission
is a scandal on the law-abiding citi
ens of one of Michigan's most hustl
ng cities.-
Alias (icrtrude Me! nicer of Stanton
In In the C ity.
Miss Gertrude Messinger of Stanton
arrived in the city this morning and
is stopping with her friend Mrs. II. W.
Swift on the corner of Washington
and Hanover streets. She is here for
the purpose of organizing a class In
music and will undoubtedly meet witl
good success as there is a very largt
number of young people in our midst
who are musically inclined.
Many parents, too are desirous that
their boys and girls should have a
thorough knowledge of that branch
of their education.
Mis Messinger is not a stranger to
our city She has been here on two
occasions, the alumni banquets, where
she delighted all press nt with her ex
qirsite rendering of music on the
She attended the Chicago School of
Music and graduated from that insti
tution with high honors. She was
also a student in the American Con
ervatory of Music and the Adams
Crosby School of Music, applying her
self to acquiring a thorough know
ledge of harmony and the piano.
Miss Messenger has taught music
very successfully nd is now organiz
ing a class in Greenville and hopes to
be successful in her efforts to form
one here. She will be at Mrs. Swift's
this evening and anyone desiring to
consult her will please call.
Ken rial Odd Agiiluwt Mini.
13 dridden. alone and destitute, euch
in brief was the condition of an old
o1dlrr hv nnme of J. J. Havens." Ver
sailles. O. For yenrs he was troubled
witn kidney dLs?ae and ' neither doc
tors nor mfdloinfH cave him relief. At
length ho tried Electric Blttera. I
put him on his foet in short order and
now he testifies. I'm on earth to
complete recovt ry." Best on earth for
Hver and kidney troubles and all forms
f stomach and bowel complaints. Onlv
o0o Guaranteed byConnell Bros, drug-
pere Harquette.
Oct. 3 and 4.
One fare to Chicap-o. added to $.10.00
to destination. Tickets on sale Oc
tober 3 and 4. rood to return to and
inelu 'ing October 30.
Sunday, Sept. 27.
Train will leave Belding at 8:37 a.
m. Kate .Tl.;0 Spp tmstprs. nra-rrnlii
for particulars
Sept 20 to Oct. 1.
For the Centennial A nnlvernarir nf
the founding of the Citvof Chi
on above dates the Pere Marquette
wm nci i xicKetsat one fare lor the
round trip, on the following dates:
From stations distant not more
than 1.7) miles from Chic-urn. sell on
Sept. 2G to (Vt. I. Inclusive
I rom stationsdistnnt more than l.V)
miles, sell on Sept. 20 and S onlv.
Good to return not later than Oct.
2nd, Ask agents for rates, trains on
wnu n tickets will be good etc.
II. F. MoKLLF.lt,
O. P. A.
GooJ Pills
Aycrs Pills arc good pill.-?.
You know that. The best
family laxative you can buy.
Want your moustache or fccard a
beautiful brown or rich black ? Use
iOctt of drugg'ttior R P Hal & Co , Nihu N M
just Two Boats"
Commcncinq MAY 11th
Improred Daily Expreaa ftorrlc (It hour) btwa
Leave DETROIT Daily . . 4-00 P. M.
Arrive at BUFFALO . 8.00 A.M.
Leave BUFFALO Daily . . 5.30 P.M.
Arrive at DETROIT . . . 7-00 A. M.
Connecting with Earl iett t mini for til point la KFW
Through ticktii()M to all point. Bend So. for ilia,
tratwd pa p b 11 and rate.
Rate between Detroit and Buffalo tt.SO on war.
tl.0 round trip. Berth $1.00, ai.0 Statoroom
M.0 each direction. Weekend Lxooniona lluflalo
and Niagara Fails.
IC your railway agent will not aell you a
throtiRh ticket, please buy a local
ticket to Buffalo or Detroit, and pay your
transfer charges from depot to wharf. By
doing thlawe will save you 93.00 to any
point East or West.
A. A. SCHAHTZ, 0. P. 7. V. Detroit, Mich.
Jelly Tumblers, 2 l-2c each.
Ars. Potts' Sad Irons, 90c set.
Water Sets, 51.00. At
Pere Marquette
JUNE ai, 1003.
TrHina I.eiiv lleldinir na follow:
For Lowell, Grand Rapids, north nnd west
..10:04 a. in., 8:.V p. in.. 8:04 p. a.
Forlonla 11:01a m., 6:()s p. ni.,
For Detroit. Toledo and KhhI
. . ...ll:0t a. in., 5:0S p.m
For Saginaw, Hay City and l'ort lluron. ..
8:t; a. in., 6:53 p. m
For Howard City ...7:'J4 a. m
1:40, p. id., .VIA p. m
ForGrt envillo 7a'4 a. m.
8:1? a. m., ) p. m., 6:53 p. m., 5:10 p. m
II. F. MOLLLKR, fien.Pass, Agl
John Lkmi.t, Art.
I Early Buying Assures Best Selections
A Small Deposit
Jackets & Coats
In Costs wo aro showlnor the Louis XIV,
the ww Monte Carlo ami loose fitting coats.
All Styles, all kinds at prices to lit your pocket book.
Now Readv for your inspection
BncKerBBie S
1 ISWfl) ONE
77IKllO Simply brcause The Franklin (f,
Wly Mills Flour contains all the gluten W
mnA V fonil elemmt t r.f tl wVi. .!.. whrat (ei
i berry, while the ordinary white Amir contains ()
small proportion j i mc nnunsninx ana iiie vy
sustaining qualities found iu the gluten and ()
salts of tl wheat kernel. (
Chare w v.
Maim lf it tM If vour iroter . ('
IXVW. Viy II IVI n,t'haVk It. aei. ua-i
ycttr ncaitn
his name and your ()
order we will see ('
you are supplied. W
Tae Oeeele ! eely by
If vou evrr Ii nny I:!x'l or Skn Diseases you nre never safe until the virus or
t,o;soti".;s lu n i r i i. -.ti-.l front the svstt m. Itou't tc satisfied with n ' pr.tch up" hy
2 Home faniilv ductor cur M.-w Method
NatueH Lscd witt.rat Krittwu CoitHent
ix y-nm there hn?
tor.i of the disease. "
Entabllshcd 2. Ytsr.
We treat p'id cuie Varicocele.
bilit. Stricture, Physical Weakness, Kiduey and Bladder Diseases.
r.nnsiil'at:-n F a ntipr.ti. n Rlar
. V - - - x
1 rs
Our -
A Reasonable Rate of In
terest on Your Deposit,
either in Savings Account
or Certificate of Deposit.
We Pay Three Per Cent.
jaffa mi ni
Will Secure Any Garment Until You
Our lino this chiton Htir
Micces anything lha
vwr iiHve boon dl-)'v-rd
ard contains a bljf
assortttiant of
Tailor Hade Gowns
In Children's
uigriit, the Idoul t'ercal k'uuA I
Made from tlie entire wheat. 8uirlor in every way
to oatnmal or any nlmilar product Ion.
If your KrMfir uof8 not kttep it aeiitt ti his name
with your order we will k that you are supplied.
.Made ouly by the
lis (iuaraateed to Cmto or No Pay. No
Cured When all Else Failed.
"CouM I live my early lile over, this tet-timofiial would not be
mcessaiv, though I was no more sinful than thousands of other
oiitiR iwtn. Indiscretions, excesses f.nd runtal worry all helped
;o l.tf.Tk ;.nvti my system. When I corunenced to realize my
ro'iditi.Mi I v :m altuost frantic. 1-ottor uftr doctor treated me
.ut only t'ive me relief tn.t n cute. Hot Si,: iticjs helped me, but
lid not't "e me. The Bvitiptons alwayi returned. Mercury and
r..tah t'.:'uethe poi-i n i::to ir v fcvstcm i:i.teid f f drivivg it out.
I 1 less the d-y vour New Methcd Trenttnei t wan recommended
to i, e 1 i:ivesti;.-ktd liovi-ii wtre first, nnd finding you had
over yi ai-' eix rierre nnd resp nubile l:nan wily. I Ra'e you
ntv cruo iiu'. r a iruarajitee. Yua cured nv ttrmanent!v. and In
not leen a Mre, pain, ulcer rr any othr svmp-
m a. tosusv.
Hlood Poison". Sklti Dieae, Nervous De
k for H.imft Treatment and Bonks Free.
KERGAN. 'VIy Z1?3et
- 4Vewiass
SALE Brickcrs
hi i iiniiisjjmJii
Are Ready For It.
New Fall Skirts
A fathering of matchless etyle, elegance
and worth Ht remarkable value.
OOo io $ttG.OO.

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