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Belding banner. (Belding, Mich.) 1889-1918, September 24, 1903, Image 6

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62 FOR,
Aen & Women
arcverv much infnsfifon;
tgEvciybody seems is
wearing mem.
There's r.ofiifatfWe
know of more
suitable fraglf(.
Watch Fobs
Somo aro of delightfully &
qnaint pattorns.oUicra most
delicately wrought.
Don't NcqWct anjj
kittle trouble
With your Ecs.
It may b. a grvat. tg
troaol-3 bjfjro 1 g.
My exAtmiiatum is botii fair
and frjo. If tli ro is u itiiin'
wrong wo toll yo i s .
A. 3. HULL.
The Home Friend of the
Farmer and His Family.
After the labors and toils of the summer time,
and harvesting of crops in the early autumn,
many of our farmers, their wives, daughters,
and sons, find themselves in a condition of
health demanding careful attention if suffering
is to be avoided later on. Many experience
kidney trouble in some form; with some the
liver is torpid; there is biliousness, nausea, and
vomiting, with loss of appetite and depression
of spirits. Thousands who have lx-en exposed
to cold, damp w inds and rains while toiling in
the harvest fields, now feel the twinges of
ten;! ile rheumatism; others run down by
worry, overwork, and irregular dieting, are
tormented with the pangs of dyspepsia.
To the thousands of run clown, sickly, and
half dead men and women in farm homes we
recommend with all honesty and confidence
the worker's friend, Fame's Celery Compound,
the only medicine that can quickly and fully
restore strength to the weak lody and vigor to
the muscles. I'aine's Celery Compound tones
the stomach; it removes poisonous acids firm
the blood which cause rheumatism; it feeds
the weak and diseased nerves and banishes
neuralgic tortures; it purifies the blood and
gives true vitality and life. The use of I'aine's
Celery Compound in autumn means the estab
lishing of a perfect physical vigor to withstand
the rigors of a severe winter.
for children's clothe i arc most tcrvictdble. They
color jackets, coats, capes, ribbom, stockings,
as well as dresses. No other dyes equal Dia
mond Dyes in variety f usee) they never
We have a pecial department of advice, nnd
will answer free any quentionii about dyeing.
Bend sample of goods w lien poooibl.
Direction book and 45 dyed sample free.
DIAMOND DYES, Ilurlington, Vt.
la reipontible far tkonscads of oervsus
wreck a.
The debility belas with a fcelkiji that
aometblni terrible Is about to happen.
Taea come (be wasting of tbs muscle,
tbe decay of the brain, iodlgeitiaa and
Tbe eyes and cheeks become snkeo."
As fearful as the elfects of oplttes and
excesses are, tbey cao be cured.
rarely fall to overcome this condition.
People who bad considered their caseo
lopeless, are to-day strong and full of all
the physical qualities which mike men
aad women faapny and al( thro' the cura
tive results of thin remedy.
Your money back If It fills but it
seldom does.
60 cents a bo, 12 for 5. Guaranteed, 1
Hook frtw.
The 8. K. Fell Co., Cleveland, O,
Soft lv W I Jtvtic cllt't, lrnu(tl
Delicious for
Breakfast Mush,
Delicate for
Supper or Dessert.
A Is Unequalled for ;j
unciciie caKes,
Muffins, and
Paddings. J
Sold Jn a lb packages by
All Leading orocers. ,j
DoULWp f GnSvc
For PiTc9, Durns, Sores.
Bkliunu, Sept. 3, 1W03.
j Ftour, V cwt, retail
9 10
2 30
I l!V
i: i oo
1 K!S
21 00
1 ou
I 10
8 oxa :o
1 75
7.vai oo
corn sii-tti cwi
v tin
Ford, cwl, chop
Hran. jiuwi
MUtatiiiKrt, V cwt.
Wtifat, rod. bu
white e bu
Kye, V bu
(Jorn p bu
O ils, V bu
1 1 ay. baled. V ton
lt'juns, bus: of a & pickers, V bu.
IJutter. 1 lb
W iioz
I'oUUoorf per tu .-
Apples per bin
Turkeys V tt Hv weight
Chickens, W tt 8
Vent, cwt., ilreshod.. t 00
'SJewt., live 00f.5
Hoef y cwt., II vu wtifc'bt 2 bOiif l 50
I'otlt f cwt., Urt'ssnd d 7&,7 tKJ
l'ork per cwt., live 6 5 fa 60
SUt fork, V bUl IgilXftiWOi
Muttoa.dreHst'd. cwt.... 7 00
Mlchlfun Ontral Liv Stock'Yarda,
Ootndt, Sept M. The demand for live
c.ittle Is fairly uctivo thia week,
receipts have been moderate of late. The
following prices aro beluir paid at
the Detroit Live Stock Market: Prime
steers and heifers, 4 2";(u $5-00 handy
butcher's cattle, S.'AKi-l common
12.50(0 .'l.'Jo; oanner's cows, 2 50;
stockors and feeders, stroutr and active
l 50(: ;;. Milch cows active at $25
(a) $."i0; calves active at $1 5()(rt'$J.75.
Sheep and lamba, active and steady;
prime lamb, fo 25; mixed,
r.i '() n culls, $1 r0 C' t2.50.
IIos, f tir fupily, ruix d quality,
radc Is aciivi' at I he follo -vintf prlo:
i'rlmo mediums i.j.S'Vd,') 1)0; Yorkers,
r HXt '' '.."): piKrsi i5 10 '.." 7U; r-ouci',
1 oo7r4 00; sta-rs. i oil: cripples, $1 per
wt off.
Deference to Decorum.
The elder woman's lips were trem
I ling.
'This Is too too much, Madeline!"
she cried. "You are my cook my
pood plain cook to whom I would
have trusted even my last new bon
ret. And yet, what do I hear? That
ro sooner was my back turned last
night than you received a visit from
two policniK'ii. Oh, Madelire, Made
lire, I am Indeed deceived in you! One
policeman I could have understood and
forgiven, but two "
"Well, muni." replied Madeline,
"STireljr ye wouldr't have t unmarried
lady sitting wid o?ily wan noliceman,
would ye? Sure, ( tie av thim was me
cou?ifi nri the oMier well, the other
was me chc .r e!"
It C!'' -'t V'it?r.
A little Ind I';' I cii iled a very
hlfrh spft !;.cii;i I i hi- parents'
house to yxl a rest Mliich had been
'milt by son:o binls. lie was sue-
r-xac-f nl an,i V;1S Xvnr ;;,.or r-ay with
his .companion? wlmn a rrntleman
vho had watt!. el ), dangerous feat
topped him iit.d w.'.A:
"My little fell ' v. I r m sorry to see
vou risk your 1 i" 1 ' r suc.i a paltry
ihing. Whi't wouhl uave happened
if the ypouf ul given way?"
"Oh," vaid Cie lad, "it wouldn't
have mattered much. We're? olng to
leave the h-unc to -rn-row."
Noisy Army.
The Moorish sultan's army is a
wonderful affair. It fights by making
a noi.-e rather than by killing the
neroy. The army cone'sts of 23,000
men. Some aie armed 'vi.h '.l-'ird-d
Uritih martini henrys; others Mth
home-made imitations of the martini
henry, which Jam and refu?e to file,
while ot'.iers have the old flintlock
muzzle loader, which Is of doubtful
Cort;lyou Has V.'ide Field.
No Kfvernment department has a
wider field or greater possibilities
than the new one of commerce and
labor, it. employs 1.2S9 officials Id
Washington and in the country.
The an ropriation for its use during
'.he fiscal year Is J0.7ii6.841.
Chief J. tice Shaw.
ntifns Choate w.is sitting next to
. Indue Hoar In the bar when Chief
Justice Shaw was presiding and the
Suffolk docket was being called. The
chief justice said something which
led Mr. Choate to make a half-humorous
and half-displeased remark about
Shaw's roughness of looks and man
ner, to which Judge Hoar ' replied:
"After all, I feel a reverence for the
old chief justice."- A reverence for
him, my dear fellow? said Choato.
"So do I. I bow down to him as the
wild Indian does to his wooden Idol. I
know he's ugly, but I bow to a supe
rior Intelligence." Senator Hoar, In
Scrlbner's Magazine.
A boat nmi.l the ripples, drifting1, rocking:,
Two MIh people, without cau-o or aim;
Whilo In the ominous west there gathers
Flush. ,1 with name.
A haytork in a h.iy field, backing, lap-
Two drowsy people pillowed round
Whll in the ominous weet across the
flat knrfs
I'lanie hnps out.
Hetter n wrecked life than a life no soft:
The onilnmm west glooms thundering,
with lta the
Lit n loft
. Th ieiiuiiie . tuuuiri frits.
The. min is alwjtvs hotter than a
count rf it, but the truth of this stutp-
nent h n ver more foreeablv realized
'rmo'o i her urbly appreciated than
when von compare tho genuine Dc-
Vitt .'I " Witch Hazel Salvo with the
iny funtorfeit nnd worthla uh
stltutes that are on the market. W.
S Letbctter of Shrevcport, Ia , says:
J' A fter uinsf numerous other remedies
vithotit benefit, ono box of DoWltt's
U'iirh II.el Salvo cured me." For
blind, bleer.lnc, Itchlnjj and protruding-
pile no remedy Is equal, to Do
Wett's Witch. Hazel Salve. Sold by
V I. Dencdict. . , I
Why Irish Colonel Engaged In Cattle
With His Friends.
Among the humors of the Doer wai
the following Incident deserve to b
recorded: Some time In the yeai
1901 a certain regiment of the Irisb
yeomanry arrived at Sprlngfonteln
under an officer well known as a good
sportsman In his county In Ireland. Oo
his arrival he was ordered to Join e
column In the neighborhood of Smith
field, some forty miles distant. This,
however, like many things In South
Africa, was more easily ordered that:
executed. In a country in which you
can hld.e 100,000 men In a ten-mile
square and lose them It was not sur
prising that he was unable to find a
column of 500 men. After wanderlnp
for a few days aimlessly tho colonel
thought it better to return and he and
his gallant men struck the railway
line some four miles south of Sprlng
fonteln. As soon as the forco was
perceived the nearest blockhouse
promptly opened fire on the yeo
manry. The gallant colonel put out
his men in skirmish order and made
a determined and well-conceived at
tack on the offending blockhouse. The
battle continued merrily for two hours
or so, when an armed train arrived on
the scene and the nature of the con
flict being discovered stopped the hos
tilities. The colonel of the yeomanry
being asked why ho returned the fire
of the blockhouse, replied in excited
accents: "Begorra, they fired on me
men." His Ingenuous reply so charm
ed Lord Kitchener that nothing fur
ther was ever heard of "the battle of
Smoke Slowly and Avoid Cancer.
Fora the medical profession comes
mother warning to smoKers. If you
wish to avoid tobacco cancer don't
smoke fart. After careful observation
It has been practically determined
that this form of cancer is caused by
the irritation resulting from-the neat
of the cigar or pipe. Men who smoke
long-stemmed pipes, it Is said, do not
have cancer, no matter how much they
smoke, while those who Indulge in
cigars or short-stemmed pipes are af
flicted by these malignant growths.
Tobacco cancer caused the death of
Gen. Clrant. He was an Inveterate
Emokcr and he smoked very fast. At
the battle of Shiloh he is said to hae
consumed fifty cigars. In smoking a
large number of cigars in a short time
the tongue is irritated by excessive
heat, and in time cancer Is the result.
The "Grass Widow."
"The origin of the terra 'grass wid
ow," said a philologist, "is puzzling.
Some say it came from the French
that it wis originally 'grace widow,'
that is, widow by grace, or courtesy.
Others say it derives from the old
English custom of a man's hanging
out a broom when his wife-was away
over t ight. ' To hang out the broom
was con. on phrase. "When the
thing was done the meaning was
that the house had been swept clear
of tho wife's presence, and the hus
band's ' friends were to visit him and
do as they pleaseu. In time, instead
of harr'ng out a broom, the husband
came to ha;ig out only a bunch of
rcrasa. Thus he grew to be called a
grass widowei,' and hrs wife a 'grass
widow.' " Philadelphia Record.
Simon Cameron on Politics.
Simon Cameron was a wise man In
his day and generation. Mr. William
Sayford of Harrisburg, inhis recol
lections of "sixty years igorprinted in
The Harrisburg Patriot, recalls a Cam
eronian incident as follows:
"Dropping in at my house one day
his attention was attracted to my boy.
" is that your boy, Sayford he ask
ed. " 'Yes. General,' I repled.
'"Well, Sayford,' said Cameron in
his brusque way, 'never let him have
anything to do with politics. It's the
meanest business in tbe world.' "
No man In the United States had a
more thorough knowledge of "poll
tics'' in what has come to be the
common understanding of the word.
Philadelphia Record.
Princess to Learn Cookery.
Tbe German emperor has ordered
a kitchen to be fitted up in the palace
at Potsdam, in which his daughter,
Princess Ixmise will be taught to
cook by the chef of the imperial kitch
ens. "My daughter must be a model
German housewife, a womanly wom
an of the good, old-fashioned sort,"
the emperor is reported to have said.
Use Less Alcohol.
In 1850 the consumnHon of distilled
spirits brandy and wh'sky In the
United States averaged nbout two and
one-quarter gallons for each person,
while to-day the average is about one
and one-third gallons. In 10 the
consumption of beer was a gallon and
a half for each Individual; now it U
17.4 gallons. ''
A Nile Village.
A traveler of the upper Nile thus
describes a typical native village:
"The houses are built of Nile mud,
each house accommodating a family
of no matter of what size, the Inhab
itants of each village almost all re
lated to each other, comprising some
times several hundreds of people.
Their streets are littered with filth,
animals, of every kind obstruct one's
path, dog? growl and snarl at the ap
pearance and intrusion of a stranger;
women rush about, hiding their faces
in their yashmaks lest a white man
should behold their features. Flies
in swarms settle on the children and
lay their eggs on their eyelids, un
washed, because they believe it to be
contrary to their religion to wash or
remove the files from their eyes."
Two million American suffer the tor
turing pangs of dyspepsia. No need
to. Hurdock Blood Hitters cures. At
any drutf store
Council cam bran. Friday, Hept, 18, 1903.
Meeting caiUd to order by l'rcs hrutem.
Roll Call; lrrent. I'res. Protein Fisher
Aid. Smith, Hudson. Chave, Clark, Detnore.t,
(6) absent Mayor Urlclter.
The minute, of the last meeting: a read
were approved.
Mayor Brlcker takes his -eat.
Lidding. Mich.. Sept.. 1903.
To the Hon. Mavor and Common Council:
tientlemen; We the unnerslgiied free
holders aloiiu- the west hide of Jtroas t. re.
needfully petition your honorable body to
i a unc a Maewuik to tie nuiii on uaiu west bide
oi oroas ht. from Main L to Mary kL
it Sip tied by W. 8. Wilson and 13 others.
ltefcrred to Com. on Streets and Sidewalks
Moved by Aid Clark seconded by Aid Smith
that the following rebates on cement walks
be allowed and orders drawn for name which
motion prevailed. Yeas, Aid Smih. Hudson.
Chave. Clark, FiNher, Demorest, (0) nays
Kd. Webster. rebates f 8 00
II V. Koenlg. 39 GO
ieo. K Nichols. " 23 90
W C Martin. 10 CO
Chas McLaughlin, " 4 2
Kills Katiney, " 21 6!
m A i riapman. " 8 87
Forrest Fish, " 10 Co
K M Traub. " 17 12
Thos. Welch. ' ' 3.'j
Uelding Land Imp Co 47 t'2
The Street Lighting Com. presented the
contract duly signed by said committee and
the Spencer Electric Light & Power Co., and
recommended Its acceptance.
Moved by Aid Hudson seconded by Aid
Clark that the rejH)rt of the Street Lighting
Committee be accepted and the contract
adopted which motion prevailed, Yeas, Aid
Smith, Hudson. C have, Clark. Fisher. Den'
orot (ft) nays none.
Moved by Aid Clark seconded by Aid Hud
son that the Ch rk be instrvcted to;"i urchast
one-half bbl of paint of T. F. Ireland for
painting bridges, at f." cts. per gallon which
motion revalled. Yeas Aid Smith. Hudson.
etiave, Clark. Kisher, IXmorcst, ('.) nays
Moved by Aid ( have seconded by Aid Smith
that an onU r be drawn for tlootothe Hcl-
ding Cemetery Association, which motion
prevailed. Yeas Aid. Smith. Hudson, Jhave,
lark. Fisher, lU niotest. (() nays none.
Moved by Aid ( lark second d by A'd Dem
orest that A. Win der be given the Job of
cl arlng brush from road opj oisite Iklding
Cemetery for f3.!0 w blrh motion prevailed
veas Aid. Smith. Hudson. Chave, Clark.
Fisher. I em rest, (ft) nays none.
Moved by Aid ( lark seconded by Aid ( have
that the Street Com. be instructed to repali
Ann st. between 1'leasant sL and Hrldge st,
which motion prevailed. Yeas, Aid Smith,
Hudson, C have, Clark, Fisher Pemorest (ft)
nav s none..
Moved by Aid Chave seconded by Aid Smlih
that the Mayor and Clerk be authorized t(
furnish Win. J. Wilson a quit claim deed ol
I roj erty located in South part of town for
merly purceased for cemetery purposes
which motion jn vailed. Yeas. Aid Smith,
Hudson. Chave, ( lark. Lemorest, (5) not vot
ing Aid Fisher, (1).
Moved by Aid Fisher s condedby Aid Hem
rest that the follow ing bills be allow ed and
rders drawn for nunc which motion pre
ailed. Yeas, Aid Smith, Hudson. Chave
f'lark. Fisher, I-tnorest. (ft) nays nays.
sdupman &Co.. repair on walk f r fo
V c (ireen. Jabor 1 no
'red Worden ' 9 On
J- l' M links, " 7 -,
Will ( Obb. 4 f,(
KJnc Murket. ' l r
will I tiompson. 12 oO
M I leek at horn. 12 on
Me n rot Ay, 9 ,(
II F.cVert. " if, 7(
Jen Wescott, " f, (M
(;eo. j-.nKdy, " 4 50
A Kckert. 1 5U
K W Hurt. 7 50
Levi Kdson, ' i f,o
A' Wells. ' ' jo 00
Frank Watman 12 3m
Kd Tissue, " 0 CO
1 .an mcetit. ' co
11 irry m.xlgett, 5 ,)3
f c spencer, grading 15 imi
Moved by Aid Fisher seconded by Aid
"have that the following bills be allowed and
inters draw 11 for same, which motion xc
valled. Yeas. Aid Smith, Hudson, Chave,
'lark, l islu r, Demorest, (ft) nays none.
Win J. rislier. supplies f ft 40
a w npner. insurance 3 ;;
Chas McLaughlin, rcpairinir 5 2.'
New York lit ltinp Co , supi lies. ....... 2"i M
e.niKciuiall, supplies 5 40
Moved by Aid Smith seconded bv Aid Clark
that all Tele hone Companies' havln7 dead
wires and poles not in use to immediately
remove sin h dead w ire and poles not In use
;rom the streets of the City of Melding whlcl
notion prevailed. Yeas Aid Smith. Hudson,
(have, Clark, Flshtr. Demorest, (ft) nays
none, ,
Moved by Aid Smith seconded by Aid Clark-
hat the street Com. be authorized to repair
ibutments at both ends of bridge on east
Main st. w hi h motion prevailed. Yean. Aid
-'mith. llixUon. ( have, Clark, HemoTest, (5)
nays, Aid Fisher. (1).
Aid Smith offered the following resolution
I y v irtue of Ordinance No. 52 entitled an
ordinance relative to the construction ai.d
n i air of sidewalks, passed and approved the
1111 nay ot Mav, A. o. jyonanu amendments
thereto. He it resolved, that bv owners and
occupants of the following descriln-d lots
and premises, be and are hereby required to
nhulld sidewalk or sidewalks adlacent to
miii iois and premises upon the following
described streets and alonirthe sidewalk Hnr
Thereto and that said aidew alk and sidewalks
'hall be rebuilt before the 1st day of October
. i. i-.ii.t ami in accordance witn there,
quiremonts and provisions ot Ordinance No.
52 and aniendmenss thereto aforesaid, on
urtdge st. lot No. loft Supervisor Moon's pint
to Ueldini!. Mich, on High st. lot Ns. 73-74
iteming and Fills add to Melding. Mich.
On motion (ouncll ad. urned.
01:0 XV. Moci.TMN, City Clerk.
A (heap remedy for coughs and colds
s nil r tfht, but jou want oinetbiotf
'hat will relieve and cure the most
vt re and dangei ous results of throat
nd iimir troubles What fehall vou
do? Go to a warmer and more regular
1 mnie. t s, if osf-lbi; If nob pos
slble for you, then in either case take
fie on I. remedy thai has been Intro
'iuefdiPHll civilized countries with
eucctps In srvi re throat and lunjr trou
bles, "Ilo'C hee'f Get man Syrup." It
not onh heals and etlmulate the tis
sues to d troy the germ disease, but
allay inflammation, cauies easy r-x-p
Mcri tioi , pi vex n pood nleht' rest,
hi.o 1 i'res the raeM. Try ONK bot
tle Ut commei ded mny years by nil
drupgUts in i e world. Y u cin get
'bis n liable remedy at any dr ug store.
Pi Ice ;)c a d T.V..
Tmwslhlc to forreean nceident. Not
Imnos-lMo In ho nrero-rod fnr It. fir
Thoma-' Kclfcirie Oil. Monarch over
Hie I'lrH-ure f l'.Hnjf.
Peipons tutTcrit'it rom indipestfon,
d.tppia or other c mach troub'e
.wil' fi.d that Kndol DjspepsiaC ure di
ci wlat tou fat and makes tbe
stomach owret. Th's icmcdy i a rev
retire for indigestion and dyspepsia
ard h'1 complains affectinp the pland
or membranes of the s'omaeh or diges
tive tract. When yc u take Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure everviblng you eat taste
cood, and every bit of nutriment that
V our food contains! assimilated 1 and
Appropriated by the blood and lleeucs.
bold by W. I. Uenedict.
Dr. Donald McDona
,.''!. III.' V jT,, ilk
He will be in Beijing ac the
Hotel Beldin on
One day each month.
Office Hours: 9a. ra. to 4 p. m.
Consultation, Examination and
Advice Free-
dr. Mcdonald
Is ne of the Greatest Living Special
ists in the treatment of all Cnronic
Distasen. His extensive practice) and
superior knowledge enables him to
cure every curable disease. All
chronic diseases of the lirain, Spine.
Nerves, Mood, Skin, Heart, Lunirn,
Liver. Stopnach, Kidney and HoweU
scientificallv and success full v treated.
dh. McDonald's uecos in th.
treatment of Ft male Diseases i simply
marvelous. His Uettr. nt makes
sickly wometj fctrorg, hi autiful, and at
tractive. Weak m n, old or yount'.
cured in every ease and r-aved from a
life of buffering. Deafness, iiheuu.a
tiam and Paralysis curt d through his
celebrated Ulood and Nt rve lit .inedief
and Essential Oils eharped with elec
tricity.' Till-: DKAF MADK TO
Catarrh, Throat and Luug Diseases
cured. Dr. McDonald cures Fits and
Nervous Diseases. Eczema and all
Skin Diseases cured.
Dr. McDONALD has been called the
wizard of the medical profession, be
cause lie reads all diseases nl a plance
without ukiup any questions Sick
folk, call on Dr. McDonald! It is a
pleasure to meet him. Dr. McDonald
never turns the poor from his door.
Consultation Free.
Those uuablo to call can address
Dr. Donald McDonald,
Wellirpton Flats, Grand Rapid. Mich,
life. Alwftv r !:ab!. I.nrfle. b.Ic Iri'clt for
Wold metallic iTt, mI'"I wiiti bluH ribbon.
l Uf no it. Itfur lmirToii Miibatl-nllun-.ntl
luiltnlloni.. Itny of your DniifitlHt,
ir wrid 4r. In niHini tor Irt iciilara. Trail I
nonlaU nnd " Ur1r Tor I.llr." in Utter,
lyrrlnrn .Mull, in.ooo TeielnioiiiaK Wold by all
tladUon Kquarr, I'll 1 1, A.. t'A.
IV. I. nS.VifUOT. firuttult
-km L
jfroc TMt Jya
a T.
Scene in "The Missouri Girl" to be
Opera House,
Mavlus Just Received a Large Invoice of
Hought f( r Ff ot cash. I am again prepared to
fnf nibh ic she people of Pcldlng and vicinity,
Good,' Reliable Shoes at Reasonable Prices
My old friends know the quality of my poods
and an 3011 know I have had an exptrience of
o( year in the shoe hot , my experience will do
you good when lujig your footwear.
I still hhve a 'nrif amount of good from the D
II. Pricker s eek 'bat ate poirg ut money hav
ing bnryaiiib. C t e in and see nie and l will
s;t vt j u o il u.O! y.
A. FUHRMAN. Reliable Shoe Man I
- - -
We have recently received a lare shipment of
In this lot m:iv be found a very large assort
ment of both "Sunday" and School Shoes.
Boys are always hard on shoes, but our
for wet wvather, will
other kind or make.
Beautiful Decorated Styles
Cheap Glass Ones
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Next Tuesday Night, Sept. 29th.
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