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Miss Rose Hennessy, well known as
a poetess and elocutionist, of Lexington,
Ky., tells how she was cured of uterine
inflammation and ovaritis by the .use of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
Ikar Mn. PiranAM: I have been so blessedly helped through the us
of Lydia C Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound that I feel it but just to
acknowledge it, hoping that it may hel rame other woman tmfferiujr as I did.
i ' For years I enjoyed the best of health and thought that I would alwuvi
Ao bo. I attended parties and receptions thinly clad, and would bo suddenly
Chilled, but I did not think of the results. I caug-ht a bad cold eighteen
months ago while menstruating, and this caused inflammation of the womb
and congested ovaries. I suffered excruciating pains and kept getting worse.
My attention was called to your Vegetable Compound and the wonderful
cures it had performed, and I made up iny mind to try it for two months and
sec what it would do for me. Within one month I felt much better, and
at the close of the second I was entirely well.
" I have advised a number of my lady friends to use it. and all express
themselves as well satisfied with the results as I was." Miss Ilosa S'oitA,
Uknnessv, 410 8. Broadway, Lexington. Ky.
The experience ami testimony of some of the most noted
women of America go to prove beyond a question that -Lydia 12.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Mill correct all such trouble and
at once, by removing tbe cause, and restoring the organs to a
normal and healthy condition,
t "Dear Mrs. Pixkiiam: About two years np;o I consulted a phy.
filchn about my health which had become so wretched that 1 Mas no
longer able to be about. I had severe backache, bearing-down pains,
pains across the abdomen, was very nervous and irritable, and this
trouble grew worse each month. The physician prescribed for me, but
1 soon discovered that he was unable to help me, and 1 then decided to
try Lydia 12. I'inkliams Vegetable Compound, and soon found that
it was doing me good. My appetite was returning, the pains disappear
ing, and the general lenents were well marked.
" You cannot realize how pleased I was, and after taking the medi
cine for only three months. I found that I was completely cured of. my
trouble, and have been well and hearty ever since, and no more fear tho
monthly period, as it now passes without pain to me. Yours very truly,
Jdiss Pearl Ackers, 327 orth Summer St., Nashville, Tenn."
When a medicine lias been successful In restoring to health
more than a million women, you cannot well sav without trying It
I do not believe it will help me." If you are ill, do not hesitate
to get a lottle of Lydia 12. l'lnkbum's Vegetable Compound and
wrltoMrs. Pinkham at Lynn, .Mass., for special advice. Her ad
vice is free and helpful. "Write to-day. lelay may be fatal.
FORFEIT" warannot forthwith
abo? testimonial, which will prove
isd Ycgctaio Se3s In ths
'rane ten
CO ccn'.s lo
$1.5 0 per
pcund, and
no better
teed is
found on
Ysm to grow
1,20 0 bushels
Cdons per aero
with ucb cun order.
20c. frTny
Jotn A. Salzer SeeS
j WIS.
Mustang Liniment
cures Cuts, liuriiM, Drulsca.
: :
(pvt rp I coLi.Arii. h bp
A sobsti'uto for and anperior to mutard or any
othr planer, and will not bhkter tbe tnott
dlcata akin. Tha pain-allarin and curaiivo
Qualniea of this artirla ara womieifnl. It will
atop tha toothache at once, and rrlieve hrd
arha and aciatira. We rerommend it as the lpt
and tafctt external counter if ntant known. Uo
a an ex(aroal remmir for rains in the cbrt
and atomach and all ihumatic, npuraUie and
font complaint. A trial will prove what e
claim far it. and it will be found to I hi invnlu
able In the household. Many people pr "it is
tbe lcat of all your preparations." 1'iire 15
cents, at all druncints or other dealers, cr by
aendinc this amount to us in postage stamp we
I will send you a tuba by mail. ro aiucle should
be accepted by the public unless the same
carfiaa our label. a otherwise it is rot fccnuine.
17 State Street. Ntw Yok Citt.
Successful ly Prosfcutos Clnlmn.
I LeM frloctpavl atimln.r U H. 'imton HurMit.
, J JjralncllJ wr,l5.ijmiutttiii'Uiiii.ati tuoo.
H ken rsvkcriufl Ads. plesse mention this papc'
CURIS WHiif ALL ftSf fllll
Bast tut symp. 1 atnn (iixxi.
in time. .1.1 bv Artu'nu.
produce, the original letten and aignataree
their ahaolute geiiuiins.
i. ro i.Tiin, Mm.
"l.iKe l';ttlT. like fon." says tl) old
miw. Out a Klrl rrny lik'i tin; son vvltli
out liavlnf a'iy use for the old man.
A busy man ran always think up i
"surf" juh'-ine whereby o'hern could
male i mney.
"Is she a ifod mapiRci'.'" "Doesn't
her husband look it?"
Mm, Wlnalow'a Soothing Rrrnp.
Torchtuin-n t-thlni, aofteoi tha (runi, roducea to
flamaiaUuu.aaayapiiln.curc 'lul colic. &cabUl.
A sinsh man has an Men every
oil. or nan Is .wedded to his own opin
ion. Rtopft tho Ooiifjh nnI
Works OfT tbo Cold
Laxative HrouioijuinineTublutH. Price 25c.
We I'live no rii?)it to t st another s
I hiibits by our personal taste.
Use Red Cross Hall Hlne. It make clothe
cleaa and sweet as when new. Ail grocers.
"Weak-minded people sometimes are
the mof-t herulcir(ng-.--Chit;iio Daily
ArmnrTJ run
It CurM rolda, Cooeba. ftre Threat, Croon, Infla
enia, W hooping Coujrn, Heonctit ani Acthma
A jf-n n ci;r for I'oiiPnmjrtwo jB jr,t ,ta(rea,
anl a aure relief in advanced ataiea. I ee at onre,
on ll aee the srell.-nt eflrrt after Uklnir tha
; f, fl. ne. Fold by dea era ro'jm here. Lara
bottles ii ceols and M eer.ia.
Those whom neglected coutrha
have killed were once as healthy
and robust as yoti. Don't follow
iu their paths of neglect. Take
The Lung
right nw. It K guaranteed to
cure. It has cured many thous
ands. Prk-es: S. C. Wn.i.n Co. 8
TV .."(. fl T-eRey, N. V.. 1 ornrtto, fnr.
Itate Ttun Iloewted 100.000
Tlie Mtute tax: commission ha decltJ
ed to increase tho nssess,'d valuatloi
of steam railroads operated in Michi
gan $27.17o.r,(K. Tho t tal valuation if
."-M.lldl.ooti. riur.'d from tho tax
rato of 1;ki-, this Kost inenitK in in
troiwe In level) tie to the utrtto tf bioro
than $Kl0,tkX.
Tho i)iii:tljal Ineroanes are on tho
lropertles of the I'cre Marquette and
Michigan Central, the former lieln
ralsel $11.5()0,(KX apd the latter $10
r.(X).(KM. Tho Wabash va boosted
fl,7iN.U0fi. 'Hie Kapid Railway
torn rrecivtfd a tremendous raise, from
$7..WK) to $so,iifN)t 11)18 applies ojily t
n few ini!e.a of team railroad that I J
a part of the Hapbl Railway system.
Sonie of the otlur in rense are:
(Ira nd' Trunk. $hso.ikm); Copper
RanjL'O. $!MM).(NK); Detroit & Toltnln
Shore Line. $.Vium0; (Irand Rapids &
Imiian.i, :.(M).(!(Mt; Dt trolt & Mackinac,
The valuations of only two road
were decreased the Dulut!, South
Shoiv & Atlantic, $1.2(10.1 UK), and the
Minneapolis. St. Paul & Sault Sto.
Marie. JKKI.ODO. Roth arc tipper peniu
sul.t road-s.
I'BfumouIn I'!demle In ess Vorfc.
Th.ree hundred and sixty-four deaths
in tho week ending Jan. l Is the toll
paid by (Jreater New York to winter.
Hospitals are crowded with pneumonia
patients, and sufferers from that" dis
ease and the rlp are ulving practi
tioners in all sections of New York
more than they Can attend to, while
fresh cats uro helm; reported every
day. In many a home all the members
of a family have succumbed In turn.
Shop and factories, banks and offices
have been running short-handed be
cause of the absence of persona
Alarmed by tho appalling length of
the death roll, the' health board Is pre
rnring to battle with pneumonia. The
stalT of special nurses assigned by the
department to the poorer districts was
Increased yesterday, and special orders
were given to them and the depart
ment Inspectors to make ppecial re
jwrts to Commissioner Darlington. To
help check the spread of the disease
the nntl-splttlng law from now on will
bo enforced most rigorously.
M. I.wtila ;t Deiiinrrntlc Nntlownl
The Democratic national committee
yesterday furnished a surprise, select
ing St. Louis as tho place for holding
the national convention of Rtfij. Tho
date fixed for the convention was Wed
nesday, July t;, at 11! o'clock.
coiii:si:i m:vs.
Ianslng implement dealers call for
organization of all dealers throughout
the state.
Bryan visited Tolstoi on his recent
trip abroad and became converted ti
his non-rcsistamV le!lcf, so It Is re
ported. Two more aldermen Mfrphy-and
'ooke of Milwaukee, have been in
dieted by the grand Jury and arrested
for bribery.
The Prohibition natioMMl convention
will be hold at Indianapolis, instead of
Kansas City, June -.. The Kansas
City guarantee was not satisfactory.
Philadelphia women's clubs in nuss
meeting denounced polygamy and mor
monism, and adopted resolutions ask
ing that Heed Smoot be expelled from
the senate If the charges against him
be found true.
Week Endinsr January 23
IfrraoiT Sturd.iv Matlnc at 2: Kvenin ra n
S Viola Allen, tirt half; Mrie fa.illl. lau
Lrcscat Matinwn. Wel and Sau Evenings
15. lA, (U, 7a. Jose'ph Murphy.
WHlTmcrMnn-e I". h. and iV: Kvenlns
l'j. 0 and toc-.shiKkwti of a limit Cay."
Uijv ii n :',. ilKito2c; Kve i nttsMh, Kk-toMHl
Avr.M'K Th k 4Tta-- v ed. .ind Sut. Mat al i';
hVf. al h James K. Hackett.
IXjtrolt. Choice steers, ." '( f "j ; oo.l
to choke butcher steers. l.OrtO to l.20)
pounds. 50; llijht to rod hutcher
steers iiid heifers. 700 to !''( pound.
3 5001 I; ralxfd butcher's Lit cows. JJ
'i 3 ti: oinners. $1 bofii'l; common
hull. M 75 43 25; good shippers bulU,
IU 25(1 75; -.-iiminon feeders. $3n 3 50;
pood well-bred feeders, 13 7ili 4 10;
lljfbt stockera. $3ft'3 25; vcul calved,
Jt 5Gi 7.
Hogx-mrht to p-od butchers, $4 80 C
4 sr.; ils. $4 70'a 75; lluht yorkcts.
Si lOQii ;5; roushs. $IW1 25; stagj,
one-third ofT.
.Shcep-et Inrnbs. $ .20 fli 40; fair
to ood lambs. $5 f.OftO; llpht to om
nion lambs. $1 50ft.t5; fair tu Kood
butcher sheoj $4V 5; ciills jip eora
:non, JT. .'. iO.
Chlcaeo. tlood to prime pteors, $3 19
5 '5 poor lo mllum. ?3 POfiri ',5;
Mockers ard feelers. 2'4- cows. U9
H)4; t elfe tl 7"ir I 0; en n tiers. $1 CO
V4 JO; I t.. .i, ! 25; oiilv,-, $3 60
Jloprs Ailxed and butchets, $4 Ihdjf
5 Jo; pood to eholc heavy. $5r5 12,
ro.ijrh heavy. $4 6EM1 i5; lisht. 5! 50
vi'4 0; ldk of s ilrs. 94 SO li &.
ISheep ltod t i'oolce withers. 4 23
fi'5; fair to chole mixed, J'?f4; n.itKo
lambs, 14 SO.vif 2.
Griiin. I'.tr.
Uetro't. Wheat No. 1 white. J)ic;
No. 2 red. 5 envs at 02c; Mav, 12.0i0 hu
nt 90Vo. 5.000 bu at D'.c; July, 5,000 bu,
Ht SJiic, 2.00J bu al S.". tc; So. 3 red,
fine per bu.
Corn No. 3 ndxed. 4Rc; No. 3 yellow,,
I enrs nt Gic pr bu.
tints No. . wliltc spot I csrs nt
lu?ic, nosing 41c bid; rejected. 1 car
at 38,e per bu.
Re No. 2 rpot. nominal al t'.lVic;
by nample, 1 car at 1Vc per bu
Heans dpot and January. $1 7i hijj
rebruiry. tl 7! bid.
Chlonpo. V he it No. 2 aprlrjr,
SC: No. 3. 75(iS6c; No. 2 red. Hfisc.
Cnm So. i, 45c. No. 2 yellow, 47r.
Oats No. 2, 2tfSd'ic; No. 3 while
fte No. 2. 64.'.
Jlarley--flood fefdlnjr. 40'd,42e; fair
ti choice maltln?1. 4?si2.
Tor kindness to an old peddler. Jeo.
V. To1d. In 1S7N. whom they picked
tip badly froen. and cared for, (Jeorge
4'rawford and his s'.ster. near Ttlca.
N. Y have Just been awarded $..o,h
each In accordance with a will found
after hi death In Canada n year ago.
Jacob !, Schurman. president of
Cornell rnlversity. predicts that th-
Pnited .States will become Involved p.
war with Colombia as a result of the
present trouble over Panama'. The
Monroe doctrine would be affected In
a great measure, he said, resulting I)
complications and war wlih other
Fouth American countries.'
Copyright, 104. by Wetrn Newspaper
When Sorrow Came.
Trite were the pleasures of man and wife. J
Home was no longer a rose-rtrt-wn bower
Where they might linger Jnjpupld's pow
er! Low, In the embers, slept passion's flre.
Heaped o'er with ash tike a funeral pyre!
I-rfjva. fickle trickster had flown away,
ene half In Jet and one half in play
IpM, he but chafed at the jfallln chain,
Binding him captive to ennui's reign!
Then sorrow came, and the camel black
Knelt at their grate with hla woe a-pack.
Came to these two in their lovelcti
Death and the shadow Insatiate!
Took from their arms, on the billows wild,
Thut which they worshipped alone thl
Sobbing they stood while th cold claj
Hard on their hearts with despairing
Hut, by the rrave with Its tears and
Love sprang- from woe as a garnered
Thr by the. rrare. through their tear
wet eyes.
God showed the way to Love's paradlsa'
( t t
Our Flower Garden.
Every human heart has Its flower
garden where memory, with tho deW
of affection, refreshes the blossoms
that bloom therein. Friends depart,
but a flower there is for each of them.
The years go by, but the flowers ex
hale their fragrance as long as the
human span shall arch above thr
abyss of oblivion. Far and wide the
traveler goes, amid new scenes and
i strango faces, but the flowers within
his heart bloom ever beautiful.
In thb garden, too, are set the roots
of grief, as well as those of gladness.
Side by side they grow, their blos
soms purifying each other. Here, like
wise, we plant the flowers of love, tho
blossoms of affection while memories
of us are In turn Implanted In the
heart-gardens of others. It Is a com
forting thousht. Campbell has -prettily
expressed It thus:
"To I've. In hearts we leave behind
Is rint to die."
And tho garden grows. Sometimes
we are unmindful of It and then, on
th rhythm of some touching poem, or
wflh the Btraln of some old master
pioce, there rushes into us that divine
, Inspiration we call memory. Pictures
! come to us In the firelight, or the twi
light, and we sit enchanted; dreaming
In the fragrance of the flowers, ox
Life's old loves and Tenlflcent Joys!
God so arranged this garden that
the aged, upon whose horizon the sun
has almost set, and who take greatest
peace In achievements of the past,
may keep "therein the most blossoms.
In their garden of gratification they
sit, amU the fragrance of beautiful
memories and dream their way Into
the sunset and the end.
5 5 3
The Maid and the Dee.
A bumble-be sat on a rock
"Iiuzit! Uuzx! Ituzz!"
A maiden came in filmy frock
"Frou! Frou! Frou!"
And down upon the rock she sat
Hofore the bee could bumble "8catt!"
KlKht down upon the little bee
And then got up Hftaln! D'ye see?
"le-he! Te-he! Te-he!"
3 3 3
Knew Where to Rest.
"Morning, Jones," r.aluted Dings on
Sunday morning. "Whither goest
"I fo to church, my friend!"
".Aod I, too. Come, we will go to
gether to Woodlawn chapel!"
"No, no, Kings, I worship at Beth
lehera church, around the corner. I
coulA! not sleep at all last night, but
I never have failed of a nap at Ueth
lehcra!" Ard Blngs, being weary, accompa
nied bJm. .
3 3 3
Quid RldssT
T?i Atab rides the camel.
T9 Mexican the "Drone"!
If many lands, on rocky roads,
TV traveler rides the "donk"!
Ths Siamese rides the elephant,
T'n "H!nRlih' the tram-car!
rte "Chinee" rid- the rickshaw,
T Indian the "bar"!
Im rich once rode In "shayses"
Tio' I'm not going to swear
F'tit now they ride In auton,
tods Jet see m tear!
For when It comes to movin'
tome taster than a run,
Jist trjst them Rol darn Yankeeltes
lo cajturs t the bun!
3 3 3
Htle Raising Time.
'That was ft hair-raising affair ovtf
at .'oder's th ohor evening."
":3ld Mhfl Joder do her hr'r up high
on rop of h headf '
"o a burj.lar raised a vj and
-c oT alt IV
"No, btiTliP
JJgM n if !c.
Primitive Method of Arouelng D;vc
tlcn In Church.
In a diary kept In 1646 it Is asrerted
that "Allen Brydgcs has been chose to
wake the sleepers In m?ttin, and, be.
Ins much proud of his place, must
needs have a fox talle fixed to the end
of a long staffe, wherewith he mar
brush the faces of them that will havd
naps In time of discourse." This ener
cstlc Individual was likewise armed
with "a sharpe thorne," for the bene
fit of those who "be most sound."
There Is a record of tho use of tis
implement upon Mr. Tomklns, who
was sleeping comfortably In the cor
ner of his pew when Allen "thrust his
staff behind Dame Ballard to give
him a grievous prick upon the hand,
whereupon Mr. Tomklns did spring
much above the floor and with terriblo
force did strike his hacd against tho
wall and also to the great wonder of
all prophanelie exclaim In a loud
voice: 'Buss tho woodchuck!' he
dreaming, as It seemed, that a wood
chuck had seized him and bit his
Its Consumpticn Common In
Eastern Countries.
Consumption of earth as foofY la
raid to be common not only In China,
New Caledonia atd New Guinea, but
In the Malay archipelago as well. The
testimony of many travelers In tha
orient Is that the yellow races are
especially addicted to this practice.
In Java and Sumatra the 'clay under
goes a preliminary preparation, being
mixed with water, reduced to a paste;
and the sand and other hard suty
stances remoyed. The clay Is then
formed Into small cakes or tablets
about as thick as a lead pencil and
baked In an Iron saucepan. When the
tablet emerges from this process it
resembles a piece of dried pork. The
Javanese frequently eat small figures
roughly modeled from clay which re
semble animals or little men turned
out in pastry Bhops. ZSZ"-' .
Custom of Japan,
fn Japan the well to do have almost
always In their houses one room called
the "chamber of the Inspiring view.'
Its essential is a beautiful view, but
taste Is catholic In Japan, and the de
lightful view may be a blossomlni
cherry tree, a glimpse of a river, r
miniature garden or only the newl;
fallen snow. In this delightful coun
try they get up parties to visit th
maple trees in the glory of autumn col
r, or the fresh, untrodden srow, w
In this country one gives theater par
ties and dinners.
Dr. Williamson Swears.
Yorktown, Ark., Jan. 18. Tist week
a statement was published from Ice
land Williamson. M. D., of this place,
to the effect that Dodd's Kidney Pills
are the best medielne for all Kidney
Diseases and that he uses them with
uniform success in his daily practice.
No one who knows Dr. Williamson
will doubt for a moment the complete
truth of his fearless declaration, but
to completely clinch the matter In the
minds of those who may not have the
pleasure of a personal acquaintance
with this celebrated physician, Dr.
Williamson has appeared before Mr.
II. E. Greene, J. V. for Montgomery
County, and made a sworn statement.
In this sworn statement the doctor
has cited a number of cases which
have been completely cured by Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Here Is case No. 1:
"Henry Hall, Sr., age 48, an Ameri
can, attacked with Malaria llaema
turia, or Swamp Fever; temperature
ranged from 101 to 103, highly coated
tongue, const itpated bowels, hemor
rhage or passage of blood from Kid
neys; U3ed febrifuge and Dodd's Kid
ney Pills to relieve the Inflammation
and congested condition of Kidneys
and to render the urino bland and non
Irritating. Recovery complete after
two months treatment of the Pills."
There Were Others.
A lady meeting a friend in tho rail
road car observed feelingly: "So poor
old Mr. C-; is dead." "Yes. But
he died happy," replied the friend.
"Is that bo?" "Yes," assented the
friend. "Almost his last words were
that at last he was going to a place
where golf wouldn't bo the only burn
ing Question."
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local application, a tlicr eannot react) th 41
eaoed portion tt tJbe car. "There I only tme way to
core drafneaa. and that l tr cnitlititlnal rrmetllc p.
Jieafoea la euel hy an fnflamca condition (if lie
mucoua lining t lie Kuxtachtnn Tnlte. When thin
tube la Inflamed yon have runiMIn? aound cr Im
perfect hearing, and when It la entirely ehi-ed. Ieaf
nenala the reault, and nnleM the Inflammation can W
takes on i abd thla tab reotored to It oormal oondt
tlon, bearfnit will, be destroyed forever; nme caea
cot of ten are rauoed bf a'airo, which I nothing
tut an Inflamed condition of the mucoua anrfacea.
We will Rive One Hundred D )larafor any rate ct
I)eafnena caued ty catarrh) that cannot he Cured
by Haifa Catarrh Cure. Send fr clrcniara. f ree.
. J. CHENEY & CO., TuieUo, O.
Hold rr rmev!M. VV
Take llall' Wmlly 1'llla for const lpUum.
There Is no reproach In the reproach
of a teprobatc.
In Emmons Co., DkotA.
We can sell you 160 fecres fine land.
Tou can break 100 acres this spring,
row It to Balzer's Flax and reap
enough to pay for your land, etc , hav
ing a fine farm free the first year.
Have ten such pieces for sale.
(W. N. U.) La Crosse. Wis.
When a man begins to go down Mil
be meets n lot of people with their
roses turned up.
Pain's Master
Every nock and corner
cf this and other coun
tries has seen embLi
xoned the words
Mefe Was Given Up D5M!L
Peruna Saved Her Life.
It was catarrh of tha lungs so common In Hit winter nonths.l
Mrs. Col. K. J. Gresham. Treasurer
dent Ilernden Village Improvement Socltty, writes the following lettet
from Ilernden, Talrfax Co., Va.:
IIersdin, Va. .
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio:
Gentlemen cannot speak too highly of ths value of Peruna
I believe that I owe my file to Its wonderful merits. I suffered
with catanh of the head and Jungs In Its worst form, until the
doctors fairly gave me up, nnd despaired of ever getting well
noticed your advertisement and the splendid testimonials
given by the people who had been cured by Peruna, and
determined to try a bottle. I felt but little better, but used a
second and third bottle and kept on Improving slowly.
lt took six bottles to cure me, but they were worth a Klnz's
ransom to me. I talk Peruna to all my friends and cm a true
believer in its worth.9 Mr?. Col.
On a Plain Subject in Plain
Tbe coming winter will cvise at least
one-half of the wotneu to have catanh,
colds, coughs, pueumonia or consump
tion. Thousand of women will lose
their lives and ten of thousands will
acquire some chronic ail
ment frtra which they will
never recover.
Unless you take the sec
essary precautions, the
chances nre that you (who
..no,' 4l,, t rs-ry r, rf
I ).0 I'l.LV liCt' 4t-i.l'llln 4.... ..O!!
viva among' Jap j'u-.sv youus lioblo
women. Gol s plow of sorrow Is Ills promLs?
el' harvest. Cam's Horn.
Should be in every home. Ak your RTocor
for it. Largo 2 oz. packuge ouly 3 caU.
The shootlrfj of firerrickeis la not
American; It is Chinese.
I i lljt dv'a life of Ir. Kline' Ornf. Serve Kntun
tiMWMMntt miMwl ViHttn.Mmm.MMkNi4
Send for I'UKK i.OO Irtal Iwtfie Mrwl tnutj.
L. li. U. Klin a, Ltd., 3i Arch Street. I'liauiiiu, t
ITe wt'o runs miv rv;uJ so that lie
who reads injy run.
makes top of the market butter.
All men are Generous with the other
man's money.
P'xVs Cure U the txt mVclne e rver t"d
for nil affections of tbe lhro;it and hins. Wm.
U. K.NOsLKV, Vuahuren. Iii.l . ten. j, ly a
PinoeHtjr Is more than u matc? for
Do you know that a cold
cannot exist if tho bowcto
aro thoroughSy cScanocJ
and aciivo ?
Dr. Galdwoir
Is tho best mcdiclno for a
cold. It will euro the younrj
est child cr eldest suf
ferer. Try It. SOo and
$1.00 nt your drunnjsts.
PEPSIN SYRUP CO., Menilcello, III.
4 U
Miss Jennie Driscoll, 870rntiiMa,
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., Write?:
people knew how ettUltni
Peruna was In the cure of cm
try It. I have ell tbe faith In th
world In It as It cured me, and
I have never known of a cas
when the person was not cured
In a short t!mc." Jennie Drls
Daughters of the Confederacy and Presi
E. J. Gresham.
thrf unfortunate ones. Little or ro rik.
...... I l.. ... : !........ Ij I-,..,. l.v 4 K
hotie and at the first appearance of aay
symptom of catarrh taken h.a directed oa
the bottle
Peruna Is a safeqnard, la a preventa
tive, a speriflc, is a cm re for r.'r cases of
catarrh, acute and chronic, coughs, colds
consumption, etc.
If you do not receive prompt and satJs
factory results from the use of lVruna,
write st onre to Dr. Hart man. giving a
full statement of your case, and J will
vice gratis.
Address Dr. II rtmaa, PresHen of "
The il art man i..iita.ium. Colomtma. .
Looking for a Homo?
Then why not keep In view the
fact that the farming lands of
are auflirient to wirrort population of 5n.00ft.0Oi
or over? The iinmiiitatiun hr ilie past ata ;eari
haa been phenonietiaL ,
FilEE Homosfoad Lands
ensily arrefsihlf. while other I.vhU may be rr
rhase.d from Hfeilw' and Lund Com pm.ies. Tke
crain and kran k btuU f Vetein t ansitla are tKe
brst on t lie romin-t!t, t'oxliirint! iie test iraiiv
and rhtilo (fed on -'.onJ ro.uly fur market
Market., Schools ICallMrny aii.t all other
rondltlona mute A extrrii ( andia art euvi
able spot for the neuter.
YViite toSiiperintend'-rt Inimirration.Ottawa.CaB--ada,
for a iti sc riixive Atlas, and other intormattoia,
or to the anthorired Canadian Onvf imn.n Agent-'
M. V. Mclnnes. No. 6 Avenue Theater Hlock, Da
Ui-it. Mich., aud C A Laurier, bult &t. UaxiSfr
A Positive Cure for
Soml 12c In tatnp fur trial txittle.
The climats'a the tbiin at Sau Antonio. A
rare June dr i not finer than the aveiace day
in San Antonio. Cliniata. acenerr atiti the
aood hotela tiiaka it a perfect winter resort.
The cosmopolitan population, tha craMbha.
walla ruin and the hjntoric placea sear Sas
Antonio are especially int4re&tinc
Katy'a thronah Cullman aletpers from St.
Louia. Kana City and Shreveport make ta
trip comfortable.
The Story if San ABUBlo.' a keaat'faTTy
lllatrated bo. k let alxMii tha rtiy. tt nUi'iry aa4
lu varied attraction, will ba sent anyruere tm
receipt vt 4 In aiamp. See Katr'a Aeiu, a
Oen. r .. At. HT. LOUI9, MO.
VV. N. U.-DETROIT-NO. 4-1004-.
V hen answering ads pleas msntion this pai
Thousands have been cured of
every form ol pain and chiefly
and Neuralgia
3 It
Vrtce 25c. and 5Uc

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