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Dr. Donald McDonalc
Mill II 1 1 1 1 IIMIII
He'will be in Beldinff at the
f Hotel Belding on
ay. Jan. 27
One day each month.
Office Hours: 3 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Consultation, Examination and
Advice Free.
dr. Mcdonald
la one of the. Greatest Living SpocUl
lata In the treatment of all Cnronic
Diseased. His extensive practice an.i
superior knowledge eniblea him to
cure every curaMe dUoaso. AH
chronic diseases of the Brain, Spine.
Nerves, Blood, Skin, Heart, Luni,'
Liver, Stomich, Kidneys and Bowel?
scientifically and successfully treated.
Dli. MCDONALD'S success in th
treatment of tVmale Diseases Is slmph
marvelous. Its treatment makf
n''s v a- mn strojr b m'if il, 'n 1 v
r- " i t ' - .. "! ' r' " " '
L.d.U uU i i 'al' iiy? a . ji U itliuuu li
celebrated Blojd and Nerve Keomdie
and Essential Oils charged with elec
tricity. THE DC A b' MA UK TO
Catarrh, Throat and Lung Disease
cured. Dr. McDonald cures Fits ami
Nervous Diseases. Eczema. .and al
Skin Diseases cured.
Dr. McDONALD has been called th
wizard of the medical profession, b
cause he reads nil diseases at a jjlane
without asking any qiealions. Sict
folk, call tiii Dr. McDonald! It is
pleasure to rajet him. Dr. McDonab
never turns the poor from his door.
Consultation Free.
Those unable to call can address
Di. Donald McDonald,
Well' a r ton s.Ghp. Urn -la ML-i
I don't thin we could
turns without Thedford'a Black
Drauifht. We have used it in tb
family for oyer two year with th
best of remits. I hare not bad ft
doctor In the bonse for that length
of time. It is a doctor in itself and
always ready to make a person well
and happy." JAMES HALL, Jack
onville, 111.
Because this prrat medicine
relieves stomach rains, frees the
constipated bowels and invigor
ates the torpid liver and weak
ened kidneys
Mo Doctor
is necessary in the home where
Thodfonl's Dlatk-Iraught is
kept. Families living in the
country, miles from any physi
cian, have been kept in health
for years with this medicine as
their only doctor. Thedford's
ttlatk-Praupht cures bilious
reus, dyspepsia, colds, chills and
fever, bad blood, headaches,
diarrhcea, constipation, colio
and almost every other ailment
because the stomach, bowels
liver and kidneys so nearly con
trol the health. - '
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. King's
New Discovery
P0 nnvsrMITlOX ,,,,
tOri oiii.is.id .."!
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back if it fails. Trial Dottles free.
i rr".';A a-lie.
o mvmwm
J Mil I - IV gJV
Mill Claudia Mtaley Died at Ann Ar
bor Last Night.
From Saturday's Hanner.
On Monday last Mrs J. J Staley
and daughter CLaudla left this city
for Ann Arbor where they went for
consultation relative to the latter's
health. It was thought that Claudia
had an attack of appendicitis, and
they were snxlom to know the worst,
and If possible to relieve before It was
too late.
Arrived ut the University hospital
the disease was pronounced appendi
citis and an operation decided upon as
the only means of .saving her life
The operation was performed yester
day afternoon and a telegram re
ceived last evening anaounced that
she had passed through the operation
successfully, and her many friends
were 'greatly pleased to hear so favor
able a report
This morning a wave of sorrow was
ca9t over the entire comunity when
it was learned through a second dU
patch to her bister, Mrs. Doctor Shel
don, that the shock had proved fatal,
and the bright young life, so full of
hope and pr mi.e, had passed to the
great beyond
Miss Cluudia was a beloved daugh
ter of Key and Mrs J J. Staley, b ih
of whom are well known I i this city,
Itev. Staley having occupied the pul
pit of the Congregational church here
for three years prior to Kev. Butler.
She was a gradu tte of the Beldiue
school in ltK) and taught one term in
a district s-chool in this vicinity. Oi
a sweet and loving disposition &he won
her way into many hearts. She was i n
ly 22 years of. age, this sudden taking
away just as the bloni of womanhood
was beitling over h:r Is sure t
cause a wave of sorrow over tbt
heart- o a 1.
The Imdtllne roo mi more is seen
That iiloas.int smile Is none, j
Ilut in those m.insinns u above
She snail not ilwvll alone.
Tue Master's voic is herded, i
And with the h av nly throng1
She'll dwell throii-h endless ;ik:es
To King the heavenly song.'J
I.lr.i K
I) ii'ihtrr '
t I -Jin .io;;J.y s el'.
Alter a strong ba uneven figh
against that tiark inon ter fron
whose grap none can cscate, Kin:
Kthlene, sweet, p.ire and Chr'stlikt
;'ave up the tight which she had si
long made against the inroads of tli.
eae and passed peacefully away ti
he loving masu-r in who-e trut sin
ad so early Karned to place hei
Only 11 years of age she had learne
f e love of that mas er and 1 rt
qn u ly spoke of him in the long an
weary illness that has at list prove.
st fatal. A member of the Sunday
school and of the Junio League, sh.
has done her part in the w rk a
signed to the Chrislia i here below,
and He whodoeth all things - ell h;i
called her, thus young in life, todwe-l
with him in that lone whe e sorrow
never comes nor sickne.-s nor pain
Tlie loss falls hea-ih tn Kev. ami
Mrs. Sheehae who ha e stoo l by her
throughout the long tcdi us illne
and hop d even again-t hope, ant.
ihey have the heartfelt sympathy oi
ill in this the hoar oi'j their bereave
ment. The services will he'd at the
home tomorrow morning at 0 o'clo I.
.nd will cotisKt of remarks by llev.
1. N. Spear. Hev. J E. Uutler an
.)r I. S. Morr s, and the remains wil
e .nterretl in Uiver Kidge cemeterx
The Fatte r from His great high throne
H helil this blossom here.
And called her to His home of love
."The Ma-tor's home to che.r. c."
Suffer the little ones to come.
For tli s is Heaven's share.
And in those shining tn.indons
So pain ran enter there.
Though sad the rlef at p irting
T'. An 1 oitu r too, the pain. j ' JT,
.'. J How suet t Isthe assurance ; c.
That ail may meet aain. v;
TThe pare In heart'shall seelliin C i
'In realms beyond t'ie "kv, '.-T"
And dwell in peace "lor. ver
In the hapjiy lionieon li i h.
noMolut o i f (,'otulolence.
Silk C ty Di-trict Court -V2,
Whereas, the Angel of .Death has
entered our Court and taken frmi
imon.st us our est etnel friend anu
iiter, Mrs Anna rullman.
yi'lu-relore be it, Ke-olved tha
vhil.-the hu'b.ind and children. si
crs and friend mourn the loss of a
v rihy member, and be i further, '
Keso ved. that our chart r b
Iraitdin tnourirng for a period o
Oxty nays ami that a copv tf the-,
fe-olut it.n ,v .cut i 1 1 c Cami'v .t
rectal be thy si. eni slumber,
'(. ut .e lilnl i,," t .i i so low.
l'Thoii no nn w in Join our number,
m l'liou no inore our smis shall know,
.Yet aain we hope to meet thee
- Wh. r.' the dav of life is lt d " w
Th re in he ivui v ith ov to rert thee.
i KU hert no tarewell tear is shed. IZZZ.
"" " Mks MakyTuttle,
".1.1 Mks Li nm i: i'owiut.
, In llril I' our Wri U w ith I.Htii l
We hav rereivtd the following let
ter from Mr. Roy Ki-rnp, of AnolH.
fnd. ''I whs in hi d four wreks with
liigrlpp and I tried many remedies
und .nt eonhid- v ' i for tr-Htmetit
with physicians, hut I received mi re
lief until I tried lilev' Hine nrd
Tar. Two mt) ill hoMltso' tho medi
cine cure i mo and ' ovv I o- it f xclu
slvely In mr f.imllv Take no bubstl
tutes. Sold by W. I. Rencdlct.
Body of Mrs. Charity Herbert Drought
to this City for Int rment-a
Former llesldent of
From Tuesday's Ranner.
Theiemalns of Mrs. Charles Her
bert of Chicago were brought to this
city this morning- on the 8:17 train for
interment beside a former husb.nd
whose remains are buried In the old
cemetery in this place. Ac ompany
ing the remains were the husband,
Charles Herbert of Chicago, three
sons of the d. cea-ed-Clement, Aus
tin and Arthur Dexter and Mrs.
Alice Walker, a sis er, all of Chicago,
Mr. and Mrs John Stanton of Hart,
and Louis Herbert of Grand Rapids.
Mr and Mrs John Morton of Alma
reached here on the 10:.'$G train.
The deeeas. d was a former resident
of this city and many will remember
her as the wife of Jay Dexter bo
was burned to death n a lire which
destroyed a livery bam in this city a
number of years ago. She was also a
sister of Mrs. Smith Nichols who re
sides northeast of this city. Mrs.
Herbert was the beloved wife of Chas.
Herbert of 471 Washington Houle
vard. Chicago and died at her home
in thnt city on Saturday evening Jan
uary lGth wfter an illness of only
eight days of Pneumonia.
Mrs Herbert was a member of
Daughters of Columbian Knights,
Court Vernon No 12 of Ch cago, and
'he beautiful floral offerings that ac
ompanied the remains told how
rruly the members of that hoeietj
lov-d the sister now lyiug in the cold
embrace of death. She carried $1010
insurance in that omer.
Resides the husband and three son-,
leccased leaves tehind to moirnihei
oss, lour isit rs and an aged mothei
ho formerly lived in this city but i?
io a residen of hicago. Lovim
riends ac ompanied the remains tt
he burial place this afternoon anc
Iter a short service ronduc ed by
1 v J. H Duller they were laid awa
oawaitthe final summons in tha
tst great day.
' V a i.il Mt ctli ;
o.n Tl.uiMluy'H lianner.
1 he Ladle- S cial C ircle held tbeii
uiiiul meeting at Mrs Harry Lamb
A'e nesday afterno n with a good at
endance ani a very interest1
neeting Tlie report of the different
H'uers and committees shoed tht
ucle to b in excellent condition
Tne fo'luTwTtig" otlicers wtre e ecteu
or the x earT" l 'Te i d e n u Mrs..La r r .
jainb: 1st vice-preside i t, M rs I. L.
lub'iell; 2nd
Mrs. Clam
M. Gephart:
ecrtiary, Mrs
treasurer, Mr. Eva Div'ne.
Truth abhors tricks.
Love needs no label.
The upright go right up. '
Helpfulness is happiness.
Strength has little need of stylo.
Information precedes reformation.
He makes no mark who has no aim.
. God measures by motives; men, by
God never forgets th man who for
gets hhm-.clf.
The future holds no failures to the
eye of faith.
Fast living makes fat links in the
devil's chain.
There Is good in all to the man who
Is altogether good.
A man's prospects depend on the
things he respects.
The square man Is never looking for
a crooked opening.
It takes many new beginnings
mako aglorious ending.
God knows the way to your door If
you know the way to his poor.
Loyalty to the lessons of the last
year leads to success In the new.
Take stock of your mercies, and you
will find your miseries have taken
A man la not a saint because ho can
i tell the difference between a good ser
mon and a poor one.
. .y i io- f 'Hit.
"I s' ut k to my engine, although cv
r joint itched nd t-very nryo wa
:iek d with pin," write C. W. Del I
my. a loeomtitlve fireman, of Hurling
too, loa "I whs wojik nnd pile, with-
u'. Htiy appetite and ail run down, A
I w a about to give up, I got a bott
f Leieeirle Ritters. and after lukinp
It I felt us well as I overdid in my
life " Weak, sickly, run down peop
tlways gain new life, strength and
vigor for their us Try them. Satis
sietirin ynarantced by. Connell Rros
i'rice uO cents.
Tho mmy friends of G, H, Hainan.
Rnlncer L. K. cV W. R. R., ut present
living in Lima, O., will bo pleased to
know ofb Ik recovery from ttirent n d
kidney di-ease. He writes; 4,I wn
cured hv u.sing Folcv 's Kidney Cure,
which I r eeomm nd to a l, tspeclallv
trainmen who are usually flimnarly a
flicted." W. I. Benedict.
Meeting of CooKreaalonal CluV stlt.
M. AVllson's.
From Friday's Banner.
The Lad es' Congressional clnb held
a very pleasunt meeting with Mrs. U.
M. Wilson yesterday afternoon. ,Tbe
program was In charge of Mrs. Chap
man and Mrs Butler and was most
Interesting, being a continuation of
American History. Mr Duller pave
th'- third ehapter in the club's serial
of Travel which wa9 a most delight
ful and instructive week spent In
Washingt' n. Mrs. Chapman pre
sented the club with an original pa
triotic poem which was sung by the
c!ub with m .en of the spirit of patri
(Tune, Anjerlca.)
Oar souls are full of cheer "
Our country we hold dear,
T'wlll ever be.
We've often read and read
Fore fathers fought and bled
And we have often said,
Itbhall be free.
For us thev took the stand
That we might have this land,
So free and bright
, Full many a hardship bore
I'ut opened wide the door,
That none may close no more
It's ours by right,
God help us all to see
What's right for our country,
Kach do their share.
Help us in time of need,
To sow by thought and deed,
And scatter well the seed,
Of live and dare.
May wars forever cease,
Mav conferences of peace,
Keign here alone,
To each and every one
Let work be bravely done,
Hy forefathers begun,
t For God and home.
COMMON COt'Mril, IM !; IM'I Nll,
C'oun'cil HAMBERS. Friday. DEC. 6. 1903.
Meeting called to order by Mayor Hrtcker
Coll i all; Present. Mayor Uricker, Aid.
'mith, Hudson, C'have Demorest. (5) absent:
lark. (1).
The minutes of the last meeting as read
vere approved.
Moved by Aid Demorest seconded by Aid.
have that the following rebates on cement
alks be allowed and orders drawn for same
' Mch n otion irvri)ed v a . Aid SmltT.
No:i, t have. Fis?r. I i:orst 5. naj
Mde R. iMxler. rebate f 5
!rs. I'owers, ' 8 25
An. ordinance regulating the distribution
if bills and bill posting read, and referred to
committee on ordinances.
Vtv d ly Id 1 n (Titf( arC(( y Aid
1 1 u (1 son jh a tM r s. Hopkins be given periris-
ii n to build a frame dwelling house on tee
M of lot no 18 of Suj ervlsors Moon's r'al
o Heldiry; ,Vich. which motion prevailed,
Veas, AJdJKmith. Hudson. ChaveFlsher.
Uc n i ore s t, 57 n a) s n on eT "
JMoved by Md. F sher seconded by Aid Derr.
o -est that the following bills be allowed and
rdersdrawn forsaim'e wlTlch" motion rre-
-ailed."" yeas. Aid. Smith! "Hudson, H have,
tosher. Demorest? 6. nav none.
'I izen Light o. Lights for Dec
Vr' Dert pav roll
Wilson & Co." supplies ,
spencer F. L &. i o lights
M Kohn. straw
i) B Higler hav
'"has Mr L.vi chilli, rerairing
II Shindorf, ' J.
staii a i;iki rton. '
iUun-r i'ub. t:o, supplies
1' F Ireland,
,Vm B Fisher, "
-I Tuinstra, '
I F Webster. "
.tiskegon fgCo "
Vv tT Wise o, '
:d Whltford, '
1 h i aies
! alkms, "
I ddinp Hall Mfg Co. rumping
"rank M'aterman. labfr
'.irl Vincent. "
ierre Hros I'oorCom
I B Hudson, " '
t Pi f6
m 2
, 15.S 42
. 0 10
4 17
. 11 25
7 '.0
6 17
ft 75
. 23 c-r
. 22 30
. 7 7H
. 13 17
1 0
. 30 6')
. s no
. fi no
.. 40 00
.. nO
,. 33 9"
. 2 31
. 14 OG
Moved by Aid Smith seconded by Aid Dem
rest that the Mayor be Instructed to appoint
. committee of three to constitute the b lid
ig intpectors of the city of Hrldingto com.
ly with the Stale law, which motion pre
vailed. tYeas, Aid mith, Hudson, Chave.
Fisher, Demorest, 5. nays none.! r i
!ayor appointed M. A. Cooley, A. M, Glass
an t A. S. Dlmmick.
31 oved by Aid Chave seconded by Aid Hud
son that the Mayor appoint a committee of
throe from the Common Council to confer
with the building inspectors which motion
prevailed. Yeas. Aid Smith. Hudson, Chave,
Fisher, Demorest 5, nays none
HMayor apjointed Aid. Chave, Hudson and
Moved by Aid Smith seconded by Aid Fish
er that the Purchaslngcommittee be author
ized to buy t an extension ladder for use ot
Fire Dept whieh motion prevailed, Yeas, Aid
Smith liu Ison. Chave,' Usher. Demorest 6,
nays none.
'V;td by i Aid Hudson -seconded by' Aid
Demorest that the Mayor and Clerk be autl
orlzed to secure the loan of 1 1,000 which mo
tion prevailed, Yeas. Aid Smith, Hudson.
'have. Fisher. Demorest B, nays none,
CJOn motionjt ouncii adjourned,
Geo. V, Alorr.TOS, City Clerk.
Had Had Enough.
During some recent army maneuvers
at Fortk Mcpherson a sentinel wa sta
tioned In the road. A farmer came
along and his horso, unaccustomed to
the sight, bolted and upset the soldier.
After going a short distance the farm
er managed to pull up and then, turn
ing to the soldier, indignantly ex
claimed: . "Why the mischief don't
you get out of tho road?" "Good
ford!" exclaimed tho disheveled war
;lor; "you ain't eomlnz back,- are
Six-Wheeled Motorcycle.
' e of the novelties to be exhibited
at '-0 approaching automobile show
la 'ana Is a motor car with six
w els. it bi claimed by the Inventor
U it tho two extra wheels prevent
A Vest-I'oekct Ioetor.
Never In the way, no trouble to
tjurry, cssy to take, pleHSsnt and
never fulling In result aro DoWijt's
Karly Risers. A vial of these little
pills in the vest-pocket Is a ccrta'n
UHianteo against the hcadHche, bil
lousn, torpid liver and all of the
Ills reultlnff from constipation. Thev
tonic and strengthen the liver, Sold
by W. I. Benedict.
One Month Free!
Pr. A. B. Spinney, of Detroit, tlso proprietor of
Reed City Sanitarium, tt i-oiqIhk to your town, tere
b will remain for one day only, to glye the sick an
opportunity to consult him that cannot see hi in at
hi Sanltuf tum. The Ixx-tor has m much fultti in
the experience he La Lad in treating chronic dis
eases that he will give one month's treatment and
medicine free. Alo Tree Snigu al Operations
to all tho that are too poor to pay.
All that he asks In return Is that eery patient will
tate to their friends the results obtained tr his
treatment. All forms ot chronic dipeaes and de
formities succeiwfully treated. No man In this .' tate
has had such extended eix rlcnc In the treatment
of cvrAicuir, i:it.ntiiti. i m
1.UNO IIK:ASh as the Doctor. ln pruduutM
37 years auo from Olevelund. iblo: man 15 years In
general pructlce: after thnt lectured a rrolessor of
Anatomy anu I hysloioy in I etrolt lomeopkiMc
Medical College for a years: wan 3 yearn: uktiii-
tenilent of Alma and YpHllimtl tanltarlums. 'J tils
experience, combined lih-niany yenr' study in the
bent hospital In the country, and etamlniiiK and
treating tiioupunaei of chronic cane, line prepared
1 im to cure ulion the general practitioner falls.
Have you been Kick for years"? Arf '"'diM ourase17
Call and nee u; we will tell you hither we can
cure yon or not. . If we cannot cure you, e will tell
jrou what relief we can give you.
tlfieitiember. one month will bo absoluU ly f ree
medicines, st-rplcal opcratlona and the benefit of ull
our skill to all who are too poor to pay. Our meth
ods of treatment embrace all Unit U known by ull
the schools, with the aid of electricity, that most
wonderful of all amenta in I arnlj M. I ocm of Tower,
Ittietimatlm. and all dlnc-ase of the nervouaeytitem.
Oo early, ax my office is always crowded.
N. H. Cancers. Tumor. Mood and 8klr rlnttH
cured by a new nystem. l lleH cured in from 6 to Uti
days w ithout the knife. Female arid private dlaeuHea
of all lonnn treated sncceKnf ully. Many patients
that cannot be treated at home can be cured at our
Hanltarlum, which in In charge of the bet of medi
cal sklH. under the I'octor'a direction. Ternw for
board and treatment the lowent of any wuiltiu lum
or howpital in Uiol'nltel State.
Itemomber, we give a written guarantee to cure
veryca-eof I'll KS and lil l'Tl KK. Alwo.we
have a lying-in hospital detctment la our baiUtar
num. bend for Journal
Will beat Beldinjr,
Saturday, Jan. 23
Frum 7 a. ra. to .r p. m.
117 'arce farm, in Township of Easton
60" acre farm h Township of Orleans
120 acre farm, in Township of Otisco
40 acre farm in Township of Otisco
House and Lot on Pleasant St. $1,400
House and Lot on Pleasant St. $900
House and Lot to Exchange for Farm
Farm to Exchange for House and Lot
Vacant Lot t) Exchange for Good Horse
At Storo.
Ileal Estate Hxcliano
J1 Trade Marks
rTfVrT Copyrights Ac.
Anvone sending n sketch and description mny
quickly ascertain our otoi".n free whether un
Invention Is prohnhly patei'iJihle. ('oinriiimlcw
lions atrictlf confidential. HANDBOOK on I'atenu
sei:t free. Olilest fiL-encv for secunnjr patents.
1'utents taken tbrouah Mium & Co. receive
fptrial notice, without chareo, In tho
Scientific Jliiiciican.
A handsomely illustrated weettlr. I nreest clr.
dilation of any so. entitle Journal. '1 onus, t l a
year: four months, f.'Sold hyull newsdealers.
brauch UtTice. F Pt. Washiuuton. 1). C
Send us a model or sketch of Invention,
wo wllieTamlne and report astonatent-
inventors before applying for patent; ItM
win i-ou you: tma is no uotrus iruarantee
or ref una scheme. Fit E E valuable book
on patents. Patents secured bva adver
tised In " I'roKresslvo American" i'UEE.
waraer inaz , wsn-rjrxoii n. c. it
d rawinif rpiiot. tor ex (it trsriii tunl free report
Kree a-Wii-c how to obtain patents, tralo marks,
copyrights, etc. M ALL COUNTRIES.
Burlnest d'trrtt vllh Washington tares time,
tnoitfy and pfim Hit patent.
Patent and Infringement Practlca Exclusively.
Write or come to ut at
623 Mnlh Etrwt, op p. UniUd BUUs rstont Offlcs.
(H. J-li Rnmr-tiiiva
needs a r liaM
moutuljr rculaiiti ni'.t!iclQti
Are rrmpt nfo and certain In resu't Tlie peou
Uie (Ur. l'eul : ) never diaapjwlnt. M.QQ pel box
VdivU' '. llixHcl,
tf. Alir r.'lhtW.-. E.ntf ls, sU pmprtM for
nm 111 HTi.n h i .m;i isii m ii and
Unlit D.fiMllir ii.nw, Mrtlf.l wlih hlm rhtww.
rl no llr. Urfiior dsngrrnu tilll
ntlnnnnl linltn'ioio. Ituvol votir DriursiM,
r wn l a. in' rtna'p" It B'mtI Irulitrx. Trlh
nnnlnU snr "Hrllf for l.nll." in Irt'rr
yy ifturn Mll. IO.0O1I Test Inn. m.iln. Sold ail
llAdlson tidtiarr, 1MIII.4.. I A.
For Sale
i i i i i i in i km
A Reasonable Rate of In-
terest on Your: Deposit,
1 cither in Savings Account
or Certificate of Deposit.
We Pay Three Per Cent.
It's easier to cure
it, if you take the
Hanson, Ky., Oct. 13, 1903.
II . E. Bocklem & Co., Chicago.
Dear Sirs: Three years ago my little daughter had Bron-
chitis in a severe form, and after trying other remedies and
doctors without relief, tried Dr. King's New Discovery. The
first dose relieved her and in two or three days she was entirely
well. It is the best medicine I ever tried for couphs and
colds. J O. Edge.
MlrlilK"'" l eft lliiff NVHimler
Bv Aail, Every D.iv,
Except Sunday, and
The Weekly Banner
For Only) $2.50.
This is the . Greatest Newspaper
Bargain ever offered in Michigan.
Never before was such an opportuni
ty given our readers. Just think of
it, .Michigan s Leading Newspaper,
T7ic Uvtrolt t'wo 'res.s and
Tito Holtllng llmutor, both
one year for only $2.50, just half the
price of The Pree Press alone. Send
your orders to
The Banner,
Holding, Mioh.
Buy Buggies.
Having foO out Hi ccutll turn
tools to Ii. Z. Lawrence I hhVf innvi tl
niy Bukjvicn to wiv wir. btmso n-i
where I live on linden S'r:t t: I h t vi
no rent tb tiny un l w . 1 1 clve the man
that buys the bent tit of It
All thoo owiriif ne on acco'int
p'caso call Hnd settle th siiine by c.ts'i
ir nnt on Or b'for .la-i. Is'., hs all
unsettled accounif after that due will
u puced In thu hantlnof a Ju"tkt.' for
the IVac for settlement.
J W. Cooper
Ofllco at tho house 704 Bridge st.
-cococcc ooococco
?c oococccc ccoooooo
- - MICH. t
a Cough than to keep
guaranteed remedy:
' -
The only matrazfnthat studies'all the
ta-ten of lvvrt aa.t suits ull hoys' Is The
American Hov. From cover to cover
it is "all boy.".
In ndditmn tolrood fiction and special
nrt clt H contain: wl at boys are dolnff'
o hs money msktrp; In.ys In home,
. hurch und scht ol; oy in offlcf, nore
factory Mn,l on thf. f;,rm. th, . h()-
loirraphi-r: the bov 1
iramrs and ypjrts; the boy orator.
Subscript Inn prlco or The American Boy
One Year $1.00
Subscription Price of Weekly nanner
mid .luicncaii Uojr 1 75.
The Banner,
Belding tMich.
'-' i.7 Gtstcaaa
' lj Jte s Uo:cl Combined
Ilor,,,. l-il.or.twnvy. ft-Ij-CwtC
' t r.ll I j . tl
luilu .Ii. l-i. .M.m. SS.w, r. 1 Kit.,-, e,r The
fnw ttirrlSicrn f?n i!olc!
" ' --VitfVWJ- -War Slattt

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