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I hoe In 7
tiln white
and beautiful
Destroys dls
0 Trashing of
Any one can
watwr. Other
1 names and tntied
. Jld water, do not
Snfr property of
st uck on with luo(
Iter, whtoh rots,
Lcrms, rubbing.
lug walls, cloth
ihco must bo washed
ire, filthy vrork. Buy
1 11 vo pound pack
(be led. Tint card,
sg desltrn, Hints on
lr artists' services in
or 105 Water St.. N. V.
to M
Johhton'i Peculiar Ideat as
tert of Speech.
While Johnson was In Fr ance, he
was generally very resolute ) tn speak
Ing Latin. It vas a maxim with him
that a man should not let himself
down by ppcaklnf? & language which
he speaks Imperfectly. Inched, we
must have often observed hOw In
ferior, how much like a chilu; a va&n
appears, who speaks a broken Jongue.
When Sir Joshua Reynolds, at t ono
the dinners of the Hoyal Affademy,
presented him to a FrenchJnan of
great distinction, he would nolt deign
to speak French, but talked Latin,
though his excellency did not under
stand It, owing, perhaps, to Jc Vinson's
English pronunciation; yet on an
other occasion he was obser ved to
speak French to a Frenchman of high
rank, who epoke English; &nO being
asked the reason, with some expres
sion of surprise he answered i "Be
cause I think my French is n.' Rood
as his English." London Chrom
am to wparate a good
i the most profitable in
possibly make. Delay
-?aris daily waste of
e, labor and prtnluct.
-Jh'PARATOItS save
$10.- er cow er year
every year of use over all
gravity setting systems
and $5.- I"r cow over
all imitatiDg separators.
Thev received the Grand
Prize or Highest Award
at St. Louis.
tij cash-in-advance sepa
,y wise, dollar foolish.
. quickly lose their cost
ivj it.
iven't the ready cash
nachines may be bought
1 terms that they actually
f for new catalogue and
sst local agent.
.jval Separator Co.
il Stt. I 74 Cortlandt Striat
Cld Fences Are Valuable.
The fate of the rail fence wasde
clared less than twenty years aV?o.
when the value of walnut, oak ald
poplar timber Increased to such a fU;
ure as to make wire fences cheaper.
in the worm fences still iri existence
there are thousands of walnut and
poplar rails In'an almost perfect state
of preservation. The walnut ones are
valuable. An enterprising " Chicago
concern recently made that discovery,
and its representatives have purchas
ed masy carloads of the rails. .
lis peculiar to
data douche is marvclously suc-
uealy cleanses, kills disease cermt.
es, heals inflammation and local
i.. l,m in t. dissolved in pure
m,,i rleansinc. liealine, cenuictu!
than liquid antiseptics lor all
le at dr uRists, f0 cents a box.
4id Book of Instructions Free.
t Company Boston, mass
'I , lie Difference
A Cure for Stomach Trouble A New
Method by Absorption No Drugs.
DO YOU BELCH? It means a dis
eased stomach. Are you afflicted with
short breath, gas, 6our eructations,
heart pains, indigestion, dyspepsia,
burning pains and lead weigh in pit of
stomach, acid stomach, distended abdo
men, dizziness, 1$AI 11UEATII, or any
other stomach torture? Let us send
you a box of Mull's Anti-lielch Wafer
free to convince you that it cures.
Nothing else like it known. It's sure
and very pleasant. Cures by absorption.
Harmless. No drugs. Stomach trouble
can't be cured otherwise so says med
ical science. Drugs won't do they eat
up the stomach and make you worse.
e know Mulls Antt-Ueloli waters
cure and we want you to know it, hence
this otter.
SPECIAL OFFER. The regular
price of Mull's Anti-Uelch Wafers ts&Oe.
a box. but to introduce it to thousands
of sufferers we will send two (2) boxes
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ment, or we will send you a sample free
for this coupon.
d is applied
"-him- itself
j only prep
t will dry in
.. It kills
Slyf Pipes,
cns, Stoves,
jhinen-, or
.ork. It will
off. and wears
Trice, i5c.
mm "tSaapl
m i T
, This kind is a hiph
jjrade liquid stove pol
ish, brtUiunt and lust
ing. Keeps forever,
always ready for use.
Shines easier, wears
longer and covers
mor surface than any
other, lilt Cm, loc
Send this coupon with your name
and address and druggist's name who
does NOT sell it, for a free box of
Mull's Anti-lielch Wafers to Mull's
J rape Tonic Co., 14S Third Ave.,
Hock" Island, 111. Give full address
and write plainly.
Sold at all druggists, 50e. per box.
An author says true success in the
world doesn't consist of acquiring
riches, but we'll bet he's getting weU
paid for writing the stuff.
Ask Your Dealer for Allen's Foot.Eaie
, President Roosevelt has received
from the emperor of Japan the follow
ing message of thanks and apprecia
tion for the part played by the presi
dent in the negotiations which have
resulted In a cessation of hostilities In
the far east:
"Toklo. September 3. 1905. The
President: I have received with gratl
fication your message of congratula
tions conveyed through our plenipo
tentiaries and thank you warmly for It.
To your disinterested and unremitting
efforts in the interests of peace and
umanlty I attach the high value which
tneir due and assure you or my
graiviui appreciation or tne aisun
guishYd part you have taken In the es
tablishment of peace based upon the
principles essential to the permanent
welfarV and tranquility of the far east
The Cablegram from the Japanese
emperor i puts an enu to tne rumors
that the (emperor was dissatisfied with
the terns Anally concluded by his
plenipotentiaries. The concluding sen
tence of Nie cablegram is especially
significant. It evidently voices the be
lief of the Japanese emperor that the
treaty about to be concluded at Ports
mouth will tpe for a permanent peace
Startling Report.
Japan Is on! the verge of a revolution
over the concessions granted to Rus
sia In the proposed peace treaty, ac
cording to a dispatch from Tientsin
printed In the New York Herald Mon
day morning.
The discontent has been steadily
growing since the first Intimation
came from Portsmouth that Japan's
original demands have been sacrificed
and the feeling is now so deep-seated
that It is greatly feared there will he
cn uprising throughout the empire.
This popular rage has manifested Itself
prominently In Toklo.
Ith the army snowing tne same
spirit in the field as the nation at
home, the safety of the empire Is be
lieved to be in grave pprll.
The Interruption of all caole com
munication with the Island empire
which was at first attributed to a great
typhoon, is now said to have been
caused by the deliberate cutting of
the wires, either with the Idea of
keeplnc the news of the discontent
from the army or with the purpose of
preventing orders to Oyama for the
return of the forces in the field to
squelch the possible rebellion.
tiv. t..ira. "5 eent9. Accept no substitute.
Sample mailed FREE. Address, Alien S.
Olmsted, Leltoy, N. Y.
Don't associate with grumblers, but
keep cheerful companions.
Do you catch cold easily ?
Does tho cold hang on ? Try
"In 1 nmtfi AC
i?&0shoes ewe
a rr oil PVIrrA I Inn
annot bo equalled ct any price
The Lung
It cures tho most stubborn kind
of coughs and colds. If it
doesn't cure you, your money
will bo refunded,
prices: F. C. V.'ri.i.a & Co.
2Sc. 5()c. SI LoRoy. N. Y.. Toronto. Can.
Alleging among other things that
brutal flogging of prisoners In Mat
quett prison had Jed to. several at
tempts at suicide, some of them ac
cessful; that prisoners have been eon
fined and fed on bread and water
longer than the law allows, until k
tsome cases they have actually caught
rats that ran about In cell and eaten
them, Daniel Eugene Hampton, who
Just completed a sentence for burglary
in that Institution, is on his way t
see Governor Warner to make a state
ment before him and to present affida
vits embodying the statements which
he has sworn to.
Hampton charges that Emil Walt7.
sent from Detroit for murder, took
his own life to escape a flogging, hav
ing been subjected previously to un
bearable severity. He charges that
A. E. Peverett, known as "Whltey
Rlack," and sent from Kalamazoo for
participation In the Richland bank
robbery, to escape flogging, attempted,
In presence of the prison guards, to
take his life by severing his hand with
a knife, and that he actually lufllcted
such wounds that the surgeon had to
amputate the hand.
Hampton exhibited what he said was
a duplicate of the Instrument with
which the flogging was done. It was
a piece of harness leather, perhaps an
eighth of an inch thick, oblong shaped,
about ten inches long by eight Inches
wide, perforated with small holes and
attached to a strong handle. Hampton
says this Instrument was administered
by a fuan weighing 200 pounds. He
says prisoners would be extended over
a barrel'and at times beaten until the
blood ran down their legs. He says
he himself was given 75 blows with
this paddle on one occasion.
Would Crack Open and Scab Causing
Terrible Itching Cured by
Cuticura. ,
"Our baby had a yellow crust on his
head which I could not keep away.
When I thought I had succeeded In
getting his head clear, it would start
again by the crown of his head, crack
and scale, and cause terrible Itching.
I then got Cuticura Scap and Oint
ment, washing the scalp with the soap
and then applying the Ointment. A
few treatments made a complete cure.
I have advised a number of mothers
to use Cuticura, when I have been
asked about the same ailment of their
babies. Mrs. John IJoyce, Pine Bush,
N. Y."
Japan has refused to consent to the
cessation of hostilities uutil the
treaty of peace has been signed.
The Russian plenipotentiaries ac
companied by their secretaries called
on Uaron Komura and Mr. Takahira
shortly after noon Friday and were In
conference with them for half an hour.
Japan having Indicated through
flaron Komura her willingness for an
armistice, M. Witte supposed that ho
would find them ready to sign. Haron
Komura explained that while his gov
ernment was ready to consent to an
armistice, his instructions were that
this should not take effect until afte
the signing of the treaty.
An agreement was finally entered
Into providing for an armistice which
shall take effect the moment the treaty
Is signed.
The "treaty of Portsmouth" Is to
be given to the world. There is t
bo no secret about it, neither govern
ment having any reason to withhold
it. Its provisions are therefore to be
published broadcast tcxtually, but no
nnunl A O WlM A KFfl AND SFLLS
br mem's ss.au shops iiiah
fl nfin REWARD to myonewhocao
UUU disprove tnt iTaienieru.
jr!a $.1.50 how nave by their et-
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vorkl. They are lu a rwhj
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the world unde. ton, Ma., the largest In
ho and Khowycsof making roen'a fine
pair of Douglai hoe. c-r- th which every
hy VV. L. iKiuala 4-.je.vou would realize
noes produced In thaw v,hoea are the beat
il I could ahow you the?L
(hoes made In m v factorfice between the
makes, you would undersuVhose of other
U. 54) shoes cost more to makny Douelas
their shape, fit better, wear lon- they hold
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hoe on the market today. -r $3.50
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Dromm Shot,. $2.&0.$2, $1.7 &,$ f.A
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i.t fiM-a. luke no stirtitut. Nino ctiiiIii
without Ms tin m ami price stamped xi bottom.
W.tMEO, A h"dAaWlnreryToTrn vlier
W. L, Iku:i Stir- ure, not sold. Full linn of
arnpl s .eilt fre for Inspection on request.
Fott Color Eyrttti usrd; thtif wftl not n eat brassy.
Write, for Illu'trsted CaUlo of Tall Ptvlei.
IV. I. DOl i LAS, Jtrockton, Muia.
W. N. U-DETHOIT. -No. 361905
I tHOwma I
Full linc or garments and mats.
Josh Billings, tho qaalnt
philoKopher whoso ma
ims are full of homely
lfloin, once salt! : "Tho
gutter I live the more I
, ve a pood fct of bow
t kT worth more than a
.7ut of brains." Celery
King K.,p8 mai0 good
dow e is. i
The Emperor Satisfied.
It can be said that the president has
expressed no anxiety at the delay of
the cablegram from the emperor of
Japan. It was known that the tertis
finally concluded at Portsmouth weto
dictated by the Japanese emperor him
self, and that they could not be other
wise than satisfactory to him and to
his advisers. The delay In respond
ing was due, It Is surmised, to the de
sire of the emperor to be assured that
the terms agreed upon would be In
corporated Into a treaty, without the
probability of a serious hitch. That
assurance, It Is said, was conveyed to
the Japanese emperor last night upon
the practical conclusion of the draft
Of the treaty. The cablegram to
President Roosevelt followed In nat
ural course.
plon. Humanity wanted at any cost
to stop the butchery, and it acted,
through Its organ the press, which
here in Portsmouth has rightfully been
called 'the third p-uty interested In
the result of the conference. Indeed
there have been moments in which the
conference seemed at Its end, but the
press and the president rushed to its
rescue and brought it back to life."
Uy the war Japan has ended Rus
sia's dream of Chinese conquest and
an open seaport on the Pacific. Rus
sia has been compelled to agree to:
Japanese protectorate over Korea.
Mutual evacuation of Manchuria.
Return to China of Manchuria, and
the open door In that province.
The integrity of China.
Cession of the Chinese Eastern rail
road to China; Japan to get the price
of it from China.
Cession of Russian leases of Port
Arthur, Ualny, the Elliott islands, etc.,
to Japan.
Grant to Japan of fishing rights oft
Siberian coast.
Cession of southern half of Sakhalin
to Japan.
Japan has agreed to forego relm-
nursement ior ine cost or tne war,
claim to interned Russian warships.
demand for limitation of Russian
naval power and redemption price of
north Sakhalin.
Allowing railroad from Harbin to
Vladivostok, which remains In Rus
sian hands, to be patrolled only by
Chinese guards.
Russia also agrees to pay liberally
for the care of the 100,000 prisoners
of war Japtn Is now holding. It 13
estimated she will pay $1,000 per man,
of about $100,000,000.
The following summary, purporting
to give the "exact nature of the work
accomplished and the broad charac
teristics of the latest tendencies which
underlay the endeavors of either side"
at Portsmouth, Is printed In London.
The dispatch says: "Speaking gener
ally, a fourfold purpose may be dis
cerned in the twelve historic protros-
ils carefully drafted by the Japanese
"First To restore the entire set of
poMtical conditions which the treaty
of Shlmonosekl was calculated to es
tablish. "lecond To remove, counteract or
assiiiHate the disturbing factors, po
litics, economical and military, which
have -ome into existence since then.
"Thrd To hinder the growth of the
new dkturblng factors created by tho
aggressye policy of Count Muravieff
and Adniral Aloxieff, and
"Fourti To play the enviable role
of a ehlvjrous prince In releasing the
Chinese .nd Korean princesses from
the powei of tho sorcerer's spell, and
in helping Europe and the civilized
world to rhts too long withheld."
It afflicted wlthT
sore eyes, ue I
Thompson's Eye Water
vouno utn
i e""t Vn.. Mm 4 Wow, !, knm Omt prmtHf to ifc mil ) iWimi
o. m,t.AuiLA a c., is.it s. diimu st, wt "tka.
Charles Dewey, brother of Admiral
deorge Dewey, Is dead at his home In
Montpeller, Vt., aged 79, of old age.
Secretary Taft and party have ar
rived In the Philippines. They were
welcomed to Manila with a gorgeous
water pageant.
New York has the richest baby, the
richest boy, the richest bachelor, the
richest spinster, the rlcnest married
man and the richest widow In the
whole world. They are John N'lcholas
Iirown, baby; James Henry Smith,
bachelor: William Ziegler, Jr., boy:
Miss Stickney, spinster; Rockefeller,
richest of all. etc.
A bomb exp(ed with terrific force
Sunday aftcrnGn on the Marine Pa
rade, in Uareelon, which was thronged
with holiday ma.rs. A nanic ensued
and the air was Pnt with thp shrinks
and groans of th. victims, who num
bered between thiv and sixty, includ
ing one woman kilifl arui five persons
mortally wounded. .
The bomb was coica jn shane and
covered with cement, The perpetrator
of the outrage is unV,0wn. One wit
ness states that earl)jn the morning
a child was seen to d.0sit a bomb at
the foot of a tree, wfy, another ver
sion is that the bombvas placed at
the foot of a tree during he afternoon,
and that the men who We seen to
place It there were lnjurk, by its pre
mature explosion.
Made Mosquitoes Drunk.
Dr. St. George Gray of the British
West Indies says that the Culex fam
ily has a fondness for wine, like many
members of other old aristocratic
families. He says: "I put a few mos
quitoes under a bell Jar, containing a
couple of drops of port wine. A few
hours later I found them apparently
dead, and put them Into a dry bottle.
Shortly afterward, they were all stag
gering about under the microscope In
a most ridiculous manner they were
Shapes the Destiny of MenThe Influence of a
Healthy Woman Cannot Be Overestimated.
Evidence of Guilt.
If a Chinese dies while being tried
for murder the fact of his dying Is
taken as evidence or his guilt. He
has departed, but somebody must suf
fer, and his eldest son, if he has one,
is therefore sent to prison for a year.
If he has no son then his father or
brother gets a flogging. It's all In
the family, and somebody has to pay
for it.
Something Was Wrong.
Impecunious Friend (to business
man) "What! With a big business
like this you can lend me only $5? 1
am going to report this to Brad
street's." Translated for Tales from
Maggendorfer Blatter.
Tiger Hunting in India.
A traveler returned from India re
lates that at Andarkoh, In central
India, he killed four full-grown tigers
with five shots In six minutes, the
first three being single 6hots.
3f do not believe Plso's Cure for Cor. nimpttm
has an eiuul for coughs and colds. J ihn F.
IiOYEH, Trinity Sprigs, 1ml., Feb. 15. 1. 00.
Some spinsters spend a lot of time
looking- for liush.-mds unci po ilo
some married women, uceording to nil
Seven-eighths of the
men in this world marry
a woman because the is
beautiful in their eyes
because she has the quali
ties which inspire admira
tion, respect and love.
There . is a beauty In
health which is more at
tractive to men than mere
regularity of feature.
The influence of women
glorious In the possession
of perfect physical health
upon men and upon the
civilization of the world
could never be measured.
Because of them men have
attained the very heights
of ambition ; because of
them even thrones have
been established and de
stroyed. What a disappointment,
then, to see the fair young
wife's beauty fading away
before a year passes over
her head l A sickly, half-dead-and-alive
especially when t-he is
the mother of a family,
is a damper to all joyous
ness in the home, and a
drag upon her husband.
The cost of a wife's con
stant illness is a serious
drain upon the funds of a
household, and too often all the doc
toring does no good.
If a woman finds her energies are
flagging, and that everything tires her,
dark shadows appear under her eyes,
her sleep is disturbed by horrible
dreams; if she has backache, head
aches, bearing-down pains, nervous
ness, whites, irregularities, or despon
dency, she should take means to build
her system up at once by a tonic with
specific powers, such as Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
This great remedy for women has
done more in the way of restoring
health to the women of America than
all other medicines put together. It is
the safeguard of woman's Iwalth.
Following we publish, by request, a
letter from a young wife.
Mrs. Bessie AinsW of 611 South 10th
Street, Tacoma, Wash., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" Ever since my child was born I have snf
fennl, as I hope uw women ever have, with
inflaiiunution. female weakness, liearing-down
pains, tickneho and wretched headaches. It
affected my stomach so that I could not en
iov my meals, and h:df my time was Bjent
in ted.
"Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
mado me a well woman, and I feel so grate
ful that I am glad to write and tell you of
my marvelous recovery. It brought sa
health, new life and vitality."
What Lydia E. Tinkham's Vegetable
Compound did for Mrs. Ainsley it will
do for every woman who is in poor
health and ailing.
Itsbenefitsbegin when its Logins.
It gives strength and vigor from the
start, and surely makes sick women,
well and robust.
Remember Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound holds the record for
the greatest number of actual cure of
woman's ills. This fact is attested to
by the thousands of letters from grate
fill women which are on file in the
Pinkham laboratory. Merit alone can
produce such results.
Women should remember that a cure
for all female diseases actually exists
and that eure is Lydia E. Pinkhanfa
Vegetable Compound. Take no substi
tute. If you have symptoms you don't
understand write to Mrs. Pinkham,
Lynn, Mass.. for special advict; it ia-
free and always helpful.
Lydia E. Pbkham's Vegetable Compound Succeeds Where Others Fail.
Percy Pembroke, a lcA,r.0ld San
Francisco boy, has confesi tnat he
held up, murdered and robbj Thomas
Cook, a neighbor, all biause he
wanted a little spending movy
Charles Armstrong, of 0.0'at ja-
In July divided his propert among
his wife and children, amtstartcd
August 1 to starve himself b death.
Physicians say he can live bua few
days longer. Armstrong was V com
fortable circumstances, hut fraid
that he would become a burden V hl
family. .
itussla has only ono village soj
Russia, has appealed from a ca-t.
martial decision sentencing two W
year-old boys and a 13-year-old girl ,
life Imprisonment because they w4
found In possession of explosives. Tl
procurator wants the prisoners killed
Physicians Recommend Castoria
ASTORIA has met with pronounced favor on the part of physicians, phanna-
ceutical societies and medical authorities. It is used by physicians with
results most gratifying. The extended use of Castoria is unquestionably tho
result of three facts: first The indisputable evidence that it is harmless:
second That it not only allays stomach pains and quiets the nerves, but assimi
lates the food : mrdIt is an agreeable and perfect substitute for Castor Oil.
It is absolutely safe. It does not contain any Opium Morphine, or other narcotic
and does not stupefy. It is unlike Soothing Syrups, Eateman's Drops, Godfrey's
Cordial, etc. This is a good deal for a Medical Journal to say, Our duty, how
ever, is to expose danger and record the means of advancing health. The day
for poisoning innocent children through greed or ignorance ought to end. To
our knowledge, Castoria is a remedy which produces composure and health, by
regulating the system not by stupefying it and our readers are entitled to
the information. Hall's Journal of Health.
Letters' from Prominent Physicians Addressed to Charles H. Fistcher.
Dr. R Ilalstead Scott, of Chtrngo, Ills., unj-s : "I hrr prescribed your Castoria
often for Infants during my practice, and find It very satisfactory."
Dr. William Helmont, of Cleveland, Onto, says: "Your Castoria utanfla first In
Its class. In my thirty years of practice 1 can say 1 never nave found any thine that
so filled the place."
Pr. J. II. Taft. of nrooklyn. N. T.. rays: "I have used your Castoria ana founl
It an excellent remedy la my household and private practice for many year. Th
fo:mula la excellent."
Pr. Wm. h. Posserman. of HuffaK N. Y., 6ays: "I am pleased to speak coo
word for your Castoria. 1 think no highly of It that I not only recommend It to
others, but have used It In my own family.
Pr. It. J. Hamlen. of Petrolt. Mich., says: "I prescribe your Castoria ex
tensively, as I have never found anything to equal It fur children's trouble. I am
aware that there are Imitations In the field, but 1 alwaya see that my patients ct
Pr. Wm. I. McCann. of Omaha, Neb., says: "An the father of thirteen children?
I certainly know something about your creat medicine, and nskla from my own
family experience I have In my years of practice fuund Castoria a popular anil
elltcient remedy In almost every home."
Pr. J. R. Clausen, of Philadelphia. Ta.. says: "The name that your Castoria
has made for Itself In the tens of thousands of homes blessed by tho presenc of
children, scarcely needs to be supplemented by the endorsement of tb mrdlcat pro
fession, but I, for one, most heartily endorse it and believe It an excellent remedy.
Pr. Channlnj: n. Cook, of St. Louis. Mo., say : I hare nsed rour Castoria for
several years past In my own famllv and have always found It thoroughly eflicteot
and never objected to by children, which la a great consideration In view of the fact
that most medicines of this character are obnoxious and therefore difficult of ad
ministration. As a laxative, 1 consider It the peer of anything that 1 ever pre
scribed." Pr. It. M. Ward, of Kansas City, Mo., says: "Physicians penerally do not pre
scribe proprietary preparations, but In the case of Castoria my experience, like that
of many other physicians, lias taught me to make an exception. I prescribe yor
Castoria In my practice because I have found It to be a thoroughly reliable reoiedv
for children's complaints. Any phygicinn who has raised a family, a I have, will
Join me la heartiest recommendation of Caatorla."
Bears tho Signaturo of
II -f
Vegetable Preparation for As
similating the Food and Reu la
ting the Stomachs and Dowels of
Promotes Digcstion.Checrful
nessandRcsr.Contalns neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
Not Naiicotic.
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Six Jews
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A nerfect Remedy for Const! pa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca.
Worms ,Convulstons,r evcnsri
ncss and Loss of Sleek
FacSimib Signature of
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The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Color more goods brighter and fatter colors than any other dye. 0ns 10c packaoe colors silk, wool and cotton equally wMt and it guaranteed to or perfect rtrsvlta.
Ask dealer or ws will aenl pott paid at 10c a package. Writ for Ires booklet How to Djt, Bleach and Mix Colors. MoMiOK 1HILO vo., l uiontU; 0iwMf4

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