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suuUuy A I It-moon In lluptlHt
Interest in the special revival services
now being held in this city continues una
bated and the auditorium of the M. E.
church is filled nightly. Last Sunday
evening's meeting was the largest yet
held, there being undoubtedly between
eight and nine hundred people in attend
ance and Rev. H. N. Spear gave a grand
sermon and exhortation from the text:
"What Think Ye of Christ."
There have been ubout fifty up to the
present time who have confessed Christ
and several backsliders have been re
claimed. Two or three who confessed
and have given evidence of salvation
lesiny mat iney nave oeen naraened sin
ners and are rejoicing that they are now
converted and desire to live christian
lives. One man fell to the floor under
Miss Benson, a salvation army worker
from the Detroit rescue mission, is assist
ing in the work.
un bunday afternoon 2:30, a meet
ing ior menoniy win U i nei.i in ine udp-
tist church and it is hoped there will be a
large attendance.
Masons Celebrate
25 th Anniversary
Charter Was Granted
to Belding Lodge No.
355, F. and A. M., a
Quarter of a Century
Ago, January 2G, 1881
II Win. Aldeu smith (H A.lxnm.U to
In It id Muti-N senate.
From Grand Rapids Press.
Congressman William Alden Smith left
Monday on his return to Washington with
out naving maue any state ment relative
to the senatorial sitiati in. It is said by
innj, uowevcr, mar. in view ot tre ac
tion of W C McMillan in declaring him
self in the race, and the fact that Arthur
Hill of Saginaw is also in the field, Mr.
Smith may announce his candidacy socn.
mere nas been some speculation as to
a possible successor to Mr Smith in case
he should succeed to senatorial honors.
Ueorge Clapperton and State Chairman
Diekema of Holland have often been
spoken of, but the latest man is Senator
Andrew Fyfe, who is said to be keeping
his eye toward the hori.on and his ear to
the ground.
In Meiiiorlain,
Respectfully inscribed to the relatives
of the deceased, Mrs Edith Harding.
They tell me she is surely dead,
I met her yesterday.
We, each our words of greeting said,
I passed along my way.
Yes, signs of illness did 1 see,
It walked with steady tread.
And now the news has come to me
That, "Edith Harding is oead "
There has never
been a more not
able and social
gathering in the
city of Belding
of a purely local
character than
Masonic hall on
last Friday eve
ning. January 26. It was to commerno
rate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the
granting of the charter to Belding Lodge
No. 355. F. &, A. M.. the institution
A -'4 jitp 'vr-V
II v
4 Ar,
.Vi.w MTViiii: his ttiinl It rni U'
In the shadows of the night
Death crouched with folJed wing.
And seeing one with hopes so bright
He gave an earthward spring
One arrow from his dreidea dow,
Destroyed the hopes of years.
And filled a loving hnma with wje.
And loving eyes with tears.
We'll miss her each and every one,
And oft her praises tell,
For work rernaineth to r,e done,
That she could do so well
Among the aged and the youth,
When days and years have f led.
Are those who still shall feel the truth,
That "Edith Harding is dead "
There is an after life we know;
This thought shall light the gloom,
As we, with mournful 'ootsteps go
To visit at her tomb.
There Angel voices whisper sweet,
Above her lowly bed,
"To live, that you at last may meet.
Your loved and hurried dead."
Oh King of Terrors! Gashtly death!
How sw:th thy sabie wing,
We draw a feeble, fleeting breath,
Then bells, our burial ring.
Oh God! Mysterious are thy ways,
Yet marked with matchless love.
Teach us to number well our days,
And seek thy rest above,
A Friend.
The greatest of
t modern-time helps
to perfect cooking
Used in the bast fam
ilies the world over
which a quarter of a century ago marked
a new era in the fraternal and social life
of the c;ty and has been durirg its exist
ance, influential in no small degree in as
sisting in the formation of noble character
and good citizenship.
A few weeks ago it was suggested by
some of the brothers thu it would be fit
ting and proper to cbrerve the anniversary
in a social and appropriate way and the
matter was at once entered into with
hearty unanimity t y a 1 ; f tin members
Prelimirary arrangerr.tr.ts were made for
the event by the appointment of the fol
lowing committees by Worshipful Master
Jas. H. Armstrong:
Arrangements - C. M. Wise, H J. Leon
ard and E. C. Lloyd.
Keception J. H. Armstrcrg, F. A
Washburn and Wrn. Anderson.
Decoration-- A. B. Huil. Ldgr Stanton
and Chas. Foster.
vocal Mus.c- B. F. Brown, Daniel
Skellenger and W. p. Richmond.
Instrumental Music-George Holmes
Ray Edwards and Fred Ireland.
InvitationWm. Wood. E. C. Driese
and G. E. Wortley.
Banquet Vern Brown, Alfred Dorman,
Lloyd Underwood, Jas. Vcxott, Herbert
Stacy. A. Traub. W. p. Richmond. B. F,
Brown, W. P. Hetherirgton, Earl French.
R R. Edwards. Levi Tuttle, Bert Gregg,
E W. Ranney, G. D. Weter, B. C. Curtis,
Len Witt, Bert Curtis, Fred Underwood
and John Emmons
tac. committee did the work assigned
to it and all worked together in harmony.
Invitations were sent to every member
of the lodge with instructions to invite one
friend not a mason and when the company
assembled more than two hundred were
The hall was most beautifully decora
ted with large palms ar.d flowering plants
and the electric lights were shaded with
colored tissue paper in shape of bells
which gave fine effect to the scene.
Atthedcortotheentrar.ee to the hall
stood the reception committee and greet
ed every comer wi-h a hearty hand shake
and welcome.
Harding's orchestra discoursed fine
music while the guests were assembling
and also opened the program of the eve
uing with a select on all of whxh received
hearty applause ar.d many words of
Worshipful Master Jas. H. Armstrong
had charge of the program which was
carried out before repairing to the ban-
buet tables, and he proved himself an ex
pert in the line of a toastmaster. making
1!kv. i: Minxii:.
Hrst Master of lw l,linK l,,,,!,, oraniz, 1
January Jii, l ss.
Rev-. E. Mudgo, Its First
Master, was Present
Brethren of the Mystic
Tie and Guests Enjoy
ed the Social Event
Will Ih it I'lnt'Oiif This -n r ,
dltulili- l iatiii i'iiiiU Oik Vli h
Helps the Ity.
There is a movement on foot toward
the organization of a base ball team in
Belding for the coming season. We un
derstand that the grounds at Ellis Park
have been obtained, and through the Base
'Sail and Athletic Association Beldinn- will
of amusement this
witty and appropriate remarks prefacirg
each number with an apt story well told,
before introducing the subject, and he
kept the company in good humor all the
Rev E. Mudge of Maple Rapids was
me first on the program and his subject
was the "History of the Organization of
Belding Lodge." He gave a very inter
esting talk on his early recollections of
Belding. of his pastorate here and of the
work in connection w th the organization
of the Looge which for a short time was
working under a special dispensation, the
charter instituting it as Beldirg Lodge.
No. 355, F. &, A. M., having been nrantt d
on January 26th, 1881. The first oficers
were: Worshipful Master. E. Mudge: Sen
ior Warden. J. Milton Earle; Junior Ward
en, Thos, Crebbin; Treasurer, R M. Wil
son; secretary, A. u Jenks; Senior Dea
con, rienry A. Jersey; Junior Deacon.
Geo. Light; Tyler, Abe C. Huff; Steward
Lion Murray and L. F. Sayles. Tnere
were twenty charter members and the
meetings were held in a hall controlled by
the Ancient Order of United Workmen in
cne oia wooden building tnat stood on the
orner of Main and Pearl Streets before
the fir. J. M. Earle succeeded Mr. Mudge
as Master and after him came Robert M.
Mr. Mudge is now 72 years old and the
venerable clergyman is vigorous ard act
ive, his voice is strong and clearly rrt.
poken in favor of Masonry. His speech
was well received and very much appre
ciated. Mr. Mudce was the fH:t
Belding Home News during his residence
here at that time.
W. D. Ballou followed with a bass solo
Clang of the Anvill" accompanied by
Charles A Wagner on the piano, who al
so played the accompaniment to tha se
lections sung by W. P. Richmond and
Senator Andy Fyfe. Mr. Ballon was at
his best and the song was finely rendered
Charles A. Ireland of Ionia, a former
Master of the lodge, had for his suHsct,
"The Badge of a Mason." He .saj, that
he was always pleased to meat with the
brothers of Belding Lodge, and especially
on this occasion. Mr. Ireland was twice
elected as Master of the lodge but moved
to Ionia shortly after his second term be
gan. His admirable address was right to
the point and was one which could be
fully appreciated, not only by members
of the lodge but by the uninitiated as well
all of whom were pleased and enlightened
with the fine sentiments it brought nut
regarding the man, the Mason, and the
badge of a Mason.
c u. Lapnam took up the subject of
Retrospective and Prospective" and in
nnter vein than the other speakers took
a view of the past and a glance into the
future, injecting some humor tocethe
ttiuii ui.a ui iuio, a nine wisaom and an
occasional shy at the toastmaster, whose
hair fortunately happened to besamecolor
of the speakers.
wnuman v. Kichmor.d sang a tenor
solo, "The Heart of Sailor." in such fir
voice and with so good effect that he was
obliged to respond to an encore, and did
so after repeated calls rendering "Moon
light on the River."
rienry J. Leonard was right at home
witn nis subject, "Burns as a Mason."
He is a lover of the famous Scotch bard
inl tile .-,.-,. 1 -1 ... !.. m t .
ai.u ma pucnuai wuiks. ivir. Leonard is
undoubtedly the best "posted" man on
Burns literature of any one in this part
of the country. He gave a sjnopsis of
his life as a man and a Mason, and recited
a number of short selections as he passed
along, closing with that masterpiece of
verse, Burns' Farewell Address to Tar
bolton Lodge F. A, A. M.
John E Taylor's subject was "Mistakes
and Benevolence Without and Within,"
and he handled it in a very clear and con
cise manner. He paid particular atten
tion to the ecoffers against masonry, show
ing the error and mistakes they were
laboring under. He spoke of the excel
lent teaching and principles it stood fo
and of the benovelent and charitable sp;ri
it inculcated in its members
state senator Ancrew hyfe of Grard
Rapids was next on the program and sarg
his famous "Banquet Song." and although
he apologized for not be;ng in good vci
it captivated the audience and they would
not give him any rest with their applause
until he responded with another entitled
"The Stein." Mr. Fyfe. who is always a
most welcome guest in Belding. sanir bv
be given a great de
There will be "something d'jin" every
Saturday, and s anything of this nature
has a tendency to draw a great many
peoplo to our city, it will be of interest to
our business men to help it along.
Ihe team will be in the hands of a first
class man who will devote his time to
making as good a team as can be found
outside of the semi-professicnal players,
ar.d the ones in charge guarantees some
hotly contested pmos this year,
Loan Association.
statement published
I iu - .V ol
JjAitlfL Yj
Cii-t'at Mn 1 n l ui
The semi-annual
iast week of the Belding Building and
Loan Association made a fine showing as
to its progress and stability, it is one of
the important financ al business interests
if the city, and is distinctly local in its
character. It was organized in 1889 ar.d
nas steadily grown to bo an importart
')Us;r,eiS actors in. fie c.ty Th3 state
Tent will soon bo issued in pamphlet
form for distribution, together with a
-.tatement of its phenomihal growth h the
oast even years.
Seven years ago there were 883 shares
force, on January 1. 1906. there were
23G3. On January 1. 1900. $10,320
had been loaned on shares, at the present
time there is SC3.228 1 2 Its nP
-muiry , 1900. were $33.908 34;
Jinuary 1, I DOG. the asset uore C7I .
745 5G. The association rvis h5 r,- f,,rf.
:!osure suits for the past seven years.
-!Kf In ( hica-io.
Mrs Li:..ia K. Webster returned cn
Monday evening from a trip to Chicago
where she had been to attend a bitr meet-
r.g of the Daree of Honor held the last of
a st week.
Mrs. Webster iso-e of the supreme of
ficers of that organization and has always
token a great interest in the order. At
the- mcG'i'iH..w.;.-.h she fttended. thor
were over eight hur.ured people present
and Mrs We aster gave one of her frater
nal adlress whxh was
ceived by all present.
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and only $3.00.
I'a-t Ma
r'AKI.Ks a.
! I", liusc Mi lijcct vs .l
f a M a mi .
special request at the close cf the
-r . - . . ! rct r-" r-, . i
i-a-.u, i.in ror rr.naoe Dhia m th
Walter Reeves made one of the best
speeches of the evening rn "Modern Ma
sonry, bringing out the fact of it llm-
sad in its scope, the principles underly
ing it having much to do with the better
ment of society. An order founded on a
belief in God, with charity in its most
exterded ense and brotherlv !,ib. rC'lo
and truth as potent factors in its strength
and durability. Masonry he said, did not
ransform immediately hut tended to up
ftand make for the betterment cf man
kind, i
E N. Pitkin, superintendent of the city '
schools is a recent graduate in Masonry, I
and his subject was "A New Master Ma- !
son's Impression of Masonry." He gave j
it in a very lucid and interesting way, his
impressions having undergone quite a
change from his earlier thoughts on the
subject. He made a beautiful illustration
of tne power of right over wrong in clos- '
ing his fine address.
I'l lillitlully
(h,i. W Moore,
: roi! ( ttv. i'.i.. ii.-ul
I i a 1 1 'mi nril ; n
! Mr a m i t tl Hi
Pro" ! with llir UMl.tl
IKTlfi'T rillr.'"
r-irtti lur r.'p n -
I III rn.-
iii;u-tjiti!-t, (if
huid Irijht-
an e't -i-t i -ical funi;n-(
Ion's Aniii;i S.iivt'
rt'.-uit; "a iju ok and
(nvau-st hoalor on
Sur- . r.r. nn ami
tJoiitioi. It o- Dru'--
IMratlnu I n,.j l
toloy A Co., Cnioavo.
H"t oy and Tar a- a throat
roiiioiiv. ami on account of tl
luorit an: j ; . 1 1 1 i r i t ot i
ey ami Tar many imitation
vd for th" ronuiri-'. ,k fr
llon.-y and T.,r and r. i'ii.-o ,
tu!o oiii 'ivn a- ia otl
w 'II yi vo tho anio tt
rm ill !y laxative 1
:iit' ami i afo-t
hdu-ato i'i's(ius.
niul liir.
o r i l' i ii a t t il
1 1 1 n
H' l' roat
"f Hon
- art' oiler'
" I'lllt''s
i n v -.uli t i-
pt o para i ion
ion his
R. R. Edwards
5 J ?Vn Wi f." 'VlAJ!rtCrClrCLl"!L: CLl-fV" fl ' CI " . - Pi " -n -n
v v.uy.tf.urg.q, o o u u o a if v10 tf? jv Jo
i t'oiitaiii. no
tor child foil
Sold by W. .
a ml
5ayt I have lots of
Ml Watch Bargains
EL d ,.AtMii.
I have New Records
Ildison Talking Machines
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every week.
Si ;V.
At the close of the program exercises.
Worshipful Master Armstrong announced
the banguet which was served in the ad
j)in nj hall of the Foresters, which order
Kinaly gave the use of the same for the
Covers were laid for 1 6? and the tables
with their exquisite decorations of pink !
. w .lstiii, nicams arm sprays or
holly, varied colored electric lights, can
delabra, emblematic paper napkins, and
other appropriate decorations were cer
tainly never outclassed by any similar
functions held in this city, and the work
was a credit to the committee having it in
The company were seated as their
names were called and so systematic and
prompt was the service that less than an
hour was taken to round up the excellent
menu, the substantial part of which was
elegant raw oysters, hot roast beef, mash
ud potatoes and gravy, and there was no
end to the other good things, and the
feast was greatly enjoyed.
A social hour was spent in the lodon
room after supper and the company was
entertai ed by Gelding's best story-teller,
W. D. Dallou, who wai wound up for tre
o:casion. Whenhefma lv ran rinuun Can.
ator Andy Fyfe followed and alsn
himself a good second along that line.
l nere are now only five of the charter
rnambers in this jurisdiction who are still
holding membershiD: Robert M v.u. n
Charles M. Wise. J M. Earle. FrarU r'
Chase and Geo. Hoppough, all of whom
were present except Mr. E trie. The lnH
moved into its present Quarters in Ip.qi
and now has a membershiD of nr hun
dred and sixty, never being in a more
orosperous condition than at the Dresent
The event was crreatlv entaved nH ,m
long be remembered as one of the most
pleasant and profitable social funetinn
this city.
At Lloyds
The First Glimpse of Spring1
I Ins week wt! liave lvceivud sovoral thousand dollars
wort h of Spring Goods. Beautiful wash goods of all kinds.
White Waistings. -Henley Serge, Shimmering Silks,
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early Spring wear.
Exquisite Laces, Embroideries, Alio vers, Banding,
oilks, Kibbons, Neckwear, etc.
Our Spring Carputs and Rugs arc ready for your
uon, we nave never shown half
We do Us S
as many room size Kugs
ins pee-
It will he a real pleasure for us and we helieve pleasant
and prolitahle for you to see the new goods.
1 he low prices we've? been making on winter
continue until all are closed out.
, a

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