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Learn the t'nuae f Dally Woch nnd
F.nd Tlic-in
When the back aches and throb.
When housework is torture.
When nijiht brings no rest nor bleep.
When urinary disorders het in,
Women's lot is a weary one.
There is a waj to escape these woes.
Doan's Kidney Tills cure such ills.
Have cured women here in He Id inc.
This Is one lidding woman's testi
mony. Mrs. Kobert McConnell of Hrldjje
street, bays: "I had backache, a pain
through my loins and across the kid
neys for about three months, especial
ly severe when I lifted In the after
noon after doinjj a hard day's work I
often felt like giving up. but 1 kept
at it In misery. 1 was terribly an
noyed with headaches and di.zv pelN
bo bad sometimes I could scarcely
hold up my head. Learning about
Doan's Kidney l'ills, I procured a box
at Connell Hros. drug store, and tuey
proved the very thing I wanted. They
helped me right from the start. Since
taking them I have not been bothered
with thoe awful di.zy spells and head
aches I am feeling better in every
way and I give all the credit to
Doan's Kidney Tills."
ur mlm by all Ifcalara. l'rlc 50 cents
Sole A g"U for the United Mtaten.
Remember the name. Doan's. take nosubn iv
E. R. Spencer,
M. A. Reed
Peoples Savings Bank
The Dawn of Prosperity
very properly comes in the spring
time of youth. You can't except
a maid; she is just as much entitled
to her chance as the man.
A Savings Bank Account
is the sunrise, that leads up to the
noonday meridan of full-fledged
competency. So open the account
at the, dawn of 1906 is wiser than
'at the dawn of anothar yeir. See
us about it and do it now.
Juryman, George Whitten. was
home from Grand Kapids over Sun
day. A party of our young people enjoy
ed skating Saturday evening.
A company of friends enjoyed n
dinner party with U K Hrooks and
daughter, Miss Clara, Jamnry
The next social of the A-hley and
Grattan Indies Aid society will b
held with Mrs. J.iy Co dey on the eve
ning of February An oystet sup
ler will be ft r veil and a good attend
ance is desired.
Venus Chapter, O K. S., Grattan,
will visit Hock ford Chapter February
7, by Invitation.
Mr. and Mr. Asa Wood entertained
the Tedro club January He fresh
men ts were served.
Mrs. Margaret McCauley is better
and able to ride out on pb-as.int days.
The Star social io- the Masonic
Home he s i ai. January -0. was a sue
cess. The literary part was greatly
enjoyed, recitations, select readings
and singing filled the program. A. A
Weeks of Grand Kapids. King pre
sent, was called upon for a speech and
responded in a happ strain. He
frahcuents were served and the nice
eupper rounded up the evenings i n
joyment. Receipts 20. .".
Miss F.lsie Cooley of Otlsco has re
turned to her home after spending
two weeks with friends in Oaklield.
Moses Heynolds is in wry poor
health and falling very fast.
The Haptlst social at George
Wood's was well attended. Keceipts
Mrs. K. J. Kisby returned home Sat
urday, she having leen called to Al
mont to attend the funeral of her sis
ter, Carrie Clawson '.Iopklns.
All efforts have failed to find a let
ter remedy for coughs, colds and lung
troubles than Foley's Honey and Tar
It stops the cough, heals the lungs
and prevent serious re-ults from a
cold. J. N. Tatter-on, Nashua, Iowa,
. write-: '-Last winter I had a bad
" cold on my lungs and tried at b at
half a dozen advertised medMne and
had treatment from two physicians
without getting any benefit. A friend
recommended Foley's Honey nnd Tar
and two-thirds of a bottle cured me.
I consider It the greatest cougn and
lung medicine in the world." bo.u iy
W. I. Benedict.
Weekly Grist of Newsy Items Reported by
Our Special Correspondents.
As some of our rural corres-ioiHlonts are a
Utlli' l.iu-each week, we shall h;i to re
quire all article tr this department to
Nih We w ill consider this n great tavor,
It complied w itti.
Burr Davis, Dorus Church and Chris
Itlosser are cutting ice on the pond
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Weeks,
January -'kh, a 1i pound boy.
We are sorry to hear the report
that Stephen Hennells is nearly blind.
Mrs J. Cnmmings .and children, of
Marion, and Mrs. Kttle Gray of Cold
water, are visiting their parents. Mr.
and Mrs S. Hennells.
Bert Dennis eonfined to his bed and
under the doctor's care.
The A. O. O. G. of Mosely Arbor
will have a masvuarade ball at their
hall on on February 14th.
The K. O. T. M. M. installed their
officers last Saturday night and en
joyed an oyster supper at its close to
which the L O. T. Ms. were invited
to participate.
F.dith Covert of Grand Hapidswasa
guet of her uncle. Dorus Church, on
Frida y of lat week.
James Snyder of Smyrna, visited at
K. Iling's last week, Wednesday.
Cully Wiggins of Mosely was a vis
itor at F. Hing's, Sunday.
Asa VanDenbrock and Miss Hose
HetTron, of Tarnell, were united ir.
marriage at the Catholic church In
Tarnell, on 1 uedav morning; Janu
ary -'Ul, l!Mo. A reception was held
at her father's Wediv sday night, his
friends nerenaded them.
George McArthur of Oaklield and
Mrs. James Snyder of Smyrna were
guest at F. Hing's last Sunday.
The A. O. O. G. of Moseley Arbor
installed the following officers Satur
day evening, January -0th: Chief
Gleaner, Fred Condon; V C. G.. Ada
Conden: Secretary anil Treasurer.
Arthur Anderson; Chaplain, John
Wright. Gon,, Thomas Heed; Conds ,
Fern Wriyht: Lecturer, Lizzie Davis;
I. G., Louise Wingier: O. G., Arthur
Biggs. An entertainment and supper
was held at the close of the installa
tion. La ;rlpio and I'neuiiioiila.
Tncumonia often follows La Grippe
but never follows the use of Foley's
Honev and Tar. It cures la grippe
coughs and prevents pneumonia and
consumption. Ask for Foley's Honev
and Tar and relu.-e any substitute of
fered. Mr. G. acher. of ir Osgood
st , Chicago, writes "My wife had a
severe case of la grippe three years
ago, and it left her with a terrible
cough. She tried a bottle of Foley's
Honey and Tar and it gave immediate
relief. A f0 cent lwttle cured her
ough entirely." lief use substitutes.
Sold by W. I. "Benedict.
Tinesalve is the let Salve for sores,
burns, lx)ils, tetter, eczema, skin dis
eases and pi'es. Sold by Connell Bros.
For Tfodmi
Fat is of great account
to a baby ; that is why
babies are fat. If your
baby is scrawnj, Scott's
Emulsion is what he
vants. The healthy baby
itores as fat what it does
lot need immediately for
bone and muscle. Fat
babies are happy ; they do
riot cry ; they are rich ;
dieir fat is laid up for
time of need. They are
happy because they are
comfortable. The fat sur
rounds their little nerves
and cushions them. When
they are scrawny those
nerves are hurt at every
ungentle touch. They
delight in Scott's Emul
sion, it is as sweet as
wholesome to them.
Send for free sample.
Be sure that this picture In
the form of a label It on tha
wrapper of every bottla of
Emulsion you buy-
Scott 8c Bowne
400.4M Pearl Jtreet
Afew York
50c and i 1 . 00
All Drug gilt
The Grand Haplds Herald tells of
butterflies in Vermont, the Ionia Sen
tinel of mosquitoes in their town, and
Orleans people have seen live frogs
the past week. Did you hear them
croak? Master Olen Beach killed a
snake January 27. Don't tell us we
can't have spring weather even In
Harry Lyle and wife visited at Kd-
gar Cowan's in Histon last Monday.
Ed. Howe lost a horse Tuesday. It
was one that had been in the family
for years and will be much misled by
Mrs. Alice Would rid go and Mrs
Millie Wooidiidge were gnests of
MrssCarrie Hawkins in Fasten Tbuts-
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. York spent Sun
day in Greenville.
Thos. Cole, who is at the home of
his sister Mrs. Wm. Beach, has been
qhlte ill the pa9t week.
The closing session of the Lyceum,
held last Saturday evening, was quite
largely attended.
Revival meetings at the F. M.
church have been closed for H week
on account of the stormy weather
and bad roads the tirst of last week.
They began again Sunday evening
and Rev. Hartle expects to have the
assistance of Rev. Difoe and wife of
Alma during the entire week.
Flon Johnson and daughte, - Miss
Iva, spent Saturday and Sunday in
Mrs. Mary Lyle has been on the s'ck
list the past week, but is much better
at this writing.
Dode Towne and Bertha Munson
were guests of her sister near Ionia
Saturday and Sunday.
The live year old son of Frank Sharp
died last week, burial beside the
mother in the Orleans cemetery. Both
the mother and child were stricken
with pneumonia and died only a week
apart. Other children in the iamlly
are now seriously 111 with the same
disease but it is hoped they will re
Quarterly meeting services will be
held at the F. M. church next Satur
day and Sunday. A good attendance
is desired.
Weather, fine.
Mrs. W. L. Howe is on the sick list.
Wheat in this -section went into the
winter looking good, hut the freezing
nights and thawing days are liable to
heave the roots.
Last Saturday evening a goodly-
number of Levi Krick' neighbors
gathered in on him in the way of a
surprise and a good time was reported.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Danielson of
Belding and Mr. and Mrs. Georgt
Hopkins spent Sunday at Clyde Coop
The Kat Otlsco Farmer's Club will
hold their next regular meeting at
Levi Krick's, Friday, February '2.
Subiect for discuion: "Resolved,
that Reciprocity With Germany is
Benefiicial." Thi, with a good pio
gram. insures a good meeting. I',c
nic dinner. Everybody erne.
Mr. and Mrs. Jud King of Or'eaip-vi.-ited
at Te er Gilbert's Sunday.
Melyln Sparks and wife and Mrs.
Rjb. Sparks visited at Helen Biggins
Walter Biggins and wife were
sjuests at the home of Tom Front Sun
day. A. Sparks, who i working for Clare
Biggins, spent Sunday at his home in
Mr. and Mrs. Arris Green vUitcd
relatives at Lake Odessa Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Ora Scott is visiting friends at
Grand Rapids.
Burr Biggins house is placarded
with the sign- small pox. Have not
learned who the patient Is.
A Ileulltiic .omp'I.
The Rev. J. C. Warren, paster of
Sharon Baptist Chureh, Belair, Ga ,
-ays of Electric Bitters: "It's a God
send to mankind It cured me of lame
oack, wtitT joints, and complete physi
cal collapse. I was so weak it took
me half an hour to walk a mile. Two
bottles of Flectric Bitters have made
me so strong I have j ist walked three
miles In iV) minutes and feel like walk
ing three more. It's made a new man
of me." Greatest remedy for weak
ness and all Stomach, Liver and Kid
ney complaints Sold under guaran
tee at Connell Bros. Drug Store
Trice r)c.
A man who once had rough hornr
hands made them soft and smooth
with Witch Hazel Salve, but he med
the srenuine thit bearing the name
"E. C. DeWitt A Co., Chicago." For
boils, cuts, burn-, bruises, etc., it has
no equal and stfTord almost immedi
ate relief from blind, bleeding, Itch
ing and protruding piles. Sold by W.
I. Benedict.
Weather mild, roads muddy.
Mrs. Ed. Ring i very sick and her
daughter, Mrs. Shoup, U helping to
care for her.
Mrs. Snyder of Smyrna and her
brother, Mr. McCarty of Oaklield,
visited Ed. Ring and wife Sunday.
C. Wiggins of Moseley was a caller
at E. Rings Sunday.
Bert Dennis and his two sisters
were on the sick list last week.
Mrs. A. S. Holmes was In Grattan
last week and attended the dedication
of the Bostwick Lake church.
A letter from Dr. A. Ford of Fe
grand, Iowa, Says they are having
good sleighing and nice weather there
and all are well.
Invitations are out for the marriage
of Roy Taylor and MUs Marie Van
derbrock, February 11.
The K. O. TV M. M. and L. O. T. M.
M. held their Installation Saturday
night, ending with a supper.
We are afraid this is bad weather
for winter wheat and rye bacauso of
freezing nights and thawing through
the day.
Fred Titt and wife were visitors at
Mr. E. A. Morris' Sunday.
Miss Bessie Brown of Belding spent
the latter part of last week with her I
1 i
Mr. Totten gave hi entertainment
as advertised and all those who could
laugh surely did.
Long Lake is dotted with Ush houses
and tine lih are being caught.
There were no services Sunday ow
ing to the deatli of Rev. Chapman's
C. II. and E. E. Brown are very busy
loading wheat this week.
There will be given a social ball at
the Entertainment hall, February i).
All are invited.
B. S Bigley visited his son Ralph,
in Keene, part of last week.
Fred Nash and his wife and uncle
were i;uestsof Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stokes
Mr, Maynard, the aged father of
Mrs. H. Drier, is very sick with no
chance for his recovery.
The Montcalm Farmer's Institute
was a grand success in every way in
spite of the bad weather, the total
attendance at the meetings being
Iti.iO. and the talks and discussions of
a very interesting nature. The coun
ty institute will be held at Carsou
City next year. The newly elected
ollicers are, Geo. H. Lester, of But
ternut, president; Ell Boyer of Car
son City.' secretary.
E. A Stokes and wife were guests of
his brother Fred, east of Greenville,
Montcalm Grange met In regular
session Saturday. There was a large
attendance and a verv interestine
meeting, several old members bein"
reinstated. The next regular meeting
will be held hold on Lincoln day, Fel
ruary 1(1, when a Lincoln program
will be observed and a dinner will be
Miss N.M. Anderson of Belding was
a guest of J. B. Moon aud wife on
Friday last.
C. W. Wakeman and wife,. of Grat
tan, were guests of J. B. Moon and
vlfe, Friday,
The weajher has been very line for
several days No need to o south for
nice weather.
No joy or pleasure on this earth quite
equals that which conies into the home
when baby arrives. Who can describe
the happiness of man and woman, joined
in wedlock, as they look upon the fragile,
delicate mite that is blood of their blood
and flesh of their flesh ? And who can
depict the hopelessness and dejection
that hover about the home where the
wife is incapable of becoming a mother?
Barrenness proceeds from some derange
ment of the distinctly feminine organs.
Many of the common ailments known as
"female troubles" cause it. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription overcomes barren
ness by stamping out diseases of women,
and by healing and curing ulceration. It
tones up the system, stops drains, and
restores strength. During gestation it
modifies morning sickness, gives elastic
ity to the overstrained parts concerned,
makes the hour of baby's coming short
and almost painless, and gives wonderful
recuperative power to the patient. Hv
making the mother strong and cheerful,
it makes the little one healthy, vigorous
and good natured. Insist upon the med
icine dealer giving you Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription when you ask for it.
Substitutes are often dangerous.
Mrs. Jame W. Wacker. of 6) Catherine St.,
fijrracu;, N. Y., write : ' Your medicines have
done wonders for me For yearn my health wm
err poor; I had four mi-KatTinpe, but since
taking Dr. lierce'a Golden Medical Discovery
and ' Favorite Prescription I have much better
health, and now 1 have a fine healthy baby."
For 2i one-cent stamps to cover cost of
mailing only; yon can tret a free copy of
that celebrated doctor book, the Common
Sense Medical Adviser, ioo3 page, Illus
trated. Cloth-bound. i stamps. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
lid. 4
Some three years, ao a number of
prominent retail druggists realizing
that a big change was to be made in the
proprietary medicine business, that the
public demanded to know what the in
gredients were of the preparations they
were advertising, and that a general
reform was about to take place in pro
prietary medicine manufacturing and ad
vertising, formed a co-operative com-4
pany to meet the public's demand. This
company was called The United Drug
Company, of which the undersigned
is one of the thousand members.
Our object was, first, to manufacture
a line of prescriptions cuch as we had
tried out in our stores and found to give
the very best of results, and second. by
owning out own co-cperative manufac
turing company we would be able to
know the exact formula of every prepar
ation we were selling, thus enabling us
to give to the public the very best rem
edies we could find at actual manufac
turing cost, plus a single retail profit.
This enabled The United Drug Com
pany to escape the h'avy charges for
advertising and other expenses such as
have to be paid by proprietary remedies.
What was most important, it insures
safety and satisfaction to our customers,
because we druggists know just what
we are selling.
A committee of experts was ap
pointed who spent a leng time in testing
the merits of more than two thousand
formulas and prescriptions rcommend-
Three of the 2C0
ed by the various druggists constituting
the company.
From these, about two hundred
were selected as being the best reme
dies known to medical science for
the cure, each of its particular ailment.
The exclusive rights to these remedied
were then transferred to The United
Drug Company, which has since manu
factured them in its superbly equipped
laboratories in Boston under the now
famous name of "The Rexall Remedies.'
Note then, first of all, these facts :
1st. " Rexall" refers, not to one rem
edy but to about two hundred
each for some one particular purpose.
Nobody knows better than The
United Drug Company druggists the
absurdity of the "cure-alL"
2d. Each ' Rexall " Remedy is a test
ed and proved success, selected
for its conspicuous merit from many
of its class. All had established rep
utations through their continued use
by physicians before they became
members of the 44 Rexall " family.
3rd. "Rexall" Remedies are sold at
low prices because they are freefrcm
heavy manufacturing charges, job
bing profits, and the heavy expense
of being advertised separately, a3
The United Drug Company, which
manufactures the Rexall Remedies, has
already scored the greatest success
ever known in the history of the drug
The chief iiv.rredieut
T-Tiuu-Tc:ie are (ientiun.
b..-bs, Casr.ira Sngrada, .',
in and h.irsapai ilia.
CiUitiau is reoriiecl in
i ine as o n e of t.ie r
t mics ever discovered.
t'ie foundation, ou wl.ieh I
Tom? is built. Gentian
Lines in huh decree the
p nvi rs of all tiu knowr.
tcrs," with none of the i
vani ties applyie.;; t them.
C.:b"bs h.ive I'r.i; been
OT ied i'.s a s ccii'ic in the
mcnt of all c.itan hu! condl
I'.s action is prompt at
In. ne fit almo.-,t iiiv.-rnble.
V never p.ilt cf the bo(' ,
i.ifi itned or diseased cou
of the mucoid membrane
the t'se of C'.,.)jl,s has
rt eonnntMiil -.1 by the best
sic.ans for lr.ar.y genera lu .
Cascara fvurrad.i is
ci.il! y introduced f ir its i
sary laxative piopcrties.
The combination of t h
with (llycethu' and Sars.ij,
makes Muru-Tonc a re
that att.uks eatanh from :
1.' int, '.gradually restores an
u.ildi the (iiea..ed tissu
their former health and stn
ITK !-
It is
.'lH U
CO 11-
"l :t-
io:is. 1 its
: the
: c s e
I le
s to
Rexall" Remedies, one
The Ilexall Amcricanitis Elix
ir is a tonic nerve food composed
thieily of free Phosphorus,
iicephosphates, Iron Pyro
phosphate and Calisaya.
The wonderful results of this
remedy are due to the fact that
it supplies Phosphorus to the
nerve cells i:i a condition in
which it can be immediately and
easily taken ip by them. It is
the only known preparation in
which free Phosphorus that is
Phosphorus which remains in
definitely unoxidized is used.
The Glycophosphates, actual
nerve-tissue builders, ate one of
the most recent and valuable
additions to the field of this
I ranch of medicine and unques
tionably a nine efficient rem
edy than the w c 1 1 - k n o w n
i he Iron Pyrophosphates is
the mosteasi'ij assimilated form
of iron which gives tone and
color, and the combined alka
loids of Calisaya Park have a
tonic effect on almost all the
functions of the bod v.
In compounding these vari
ous elements, the very highest
decree of pharmaceutical skill
has been employed. 75c. and
f l..0 a bottle.
for each human ill, are :
The famous Rexall "'AT' Hair
Tonic is composed in chief of
Resorcin, lieta Naphthol anl
Resorcin is one of the latest
and most effective germ killers
discovered by a science, and in
connection w ith Beta Naphthol,
which is both germicidal and
antiseptic, a combination is
formed which not only destroys
thegerms which rob the hair of
its nutriment, but creates a
clean and healthy condition of
the scalp, which prevents the
lodgment and development of
new germs.
Pilocarpin is a well-known
agent for restoring the hair to
its natural color, where the loss
of color has been due to a dis
ease of the scalp. It is not a
coloring matter or dye it pro
duces its eftect by stimulating
the scalp and hair follicles to
health and active life.
This combination of cur
atives mixed with alcohol as a
stimulant, perfects the most ef
fective remedy for hair and
scalp troubles known to-day.
Bottle, 50c.
or.iotes digestion and J:
a normal appetite. 15ottk
" Rexall " Remec :es are found only in the stores of druggists affiliated
with The United Drug Company only one in each town and each
backs up this " Re:, ill " guarantee printed on every package : " This
preparation is guaantecd to give satisfaction. If it does not, come
bacic and get yem money. It belongs to you, and we want you to
have it."
CORNELL BROS., Druggists
The ettaCC Store
,...HY TUT...,.
BcldhiK Building and
Loan Association
re those who wish to build a house or
pay of your mortgage; or in buying
a home already built on caaj
terms of monthly install
ments. For particulars
call at their odice.
There Is nothing better In Holding
for InvHHtraant than stock in the Bel
ding Building and Loan. Stock of
hlcb, Series No, 40, is now open tn all.
A. WAGNER, Scc'y.
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. ting's
Nev; Discovery
Fnr f?.l?E?i1"Tiw
A Perfect For All Throat ana
Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back If it fail. Trial Bottle free.
1 EHyHiH i
For twenty-five years we have devoted our lives to tho treatment of
diseases peculiar to men. Our records show that during that time we
have actually cured thousands. Ve believe this nhouM ho sii'!icl nt
proof to most any man that as physicians wo must he successful. Nrt
a dollar need ho paid for medicines or treatment If you fail to pet cured.
YVe cure on hank pruaranty. Get honest treatment. When you write or
come to us yo.i will he dealt with In a Mrictly professional manner.
MT A DOI.I.AII NEi:i) lin r.ll I NI.IS CI Itr.l). If you are FufTer
lnp from lust vitality or weakness from any cause, come to ma and wo
will cure you. Men who are nervous, mental, physical and sexual bank
rupts, the result of errors or excesses; producing weakness, d'-spondency,
failing memory, etc., should come to us at once, nnd we will stop that
drain upon your system and restore strength, vitalltv nnd nerve power.
Our experience and thorough knowledge of every electrical and thera
peutic agent known to the medical world enables us to effect cures after
others fail.
We cure VAHICnCKLF:, IIVI)Ilori:i.i: nnd STKICTOUj without cut
ting. No pain or detention from business. IJefore you submit to the
cutting operation, Investigate our painless nnd positive curing method.
Our 2etT .Method Treatment for Itlood and Skin Diseases will cure all
ulcers, sores, falling out of the hafr, bone pains, eruptions and other
symptoms of nil these complaints. Come nnd be curei by our scientific
trentment. Patients that we treated twentv years ago have never suf
fered a relapse. If you have KIIJ'.KY, III.AOIIi:il or I HI'TIIH 1, Tit O I'
ll I. M or rnosTATIO A ll.M KJS'T, or any til I N' Alt Y AWiAKNKSS or dis
ease, come to us for scientific and reliable treatment.
Our offices arc complete with the latest and best electrical nnd medl
cnl appliances nnd all remedies that are known to the medical world for
the cure of these diseases.
If unable to call, write for QI'KSTIOTV PI-ANK tor 1IOMH TIIIMT
Ml'.NT. KNTMlMMinn 25 YCAUS. Consultation Free. Hooka Free oa
Dlaeaaea of Men or Women
148 Shelby Street, Detroit, Mich.
Office Hours, 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Soodara, 10 to 13 m. and 2 to 4 p. m.
EE'S Mil
The Original Laxative Couch Syrup and the Genuine Honey and Tar. An im
provement over all Cough, Lung and Bronchial Remedies. Pleasant to the taste and
cood alike for voung and old. Prepared by Pineule Medicine Co. Chicago, U.S.A.

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