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Has it Occurcd
-To-. you WhvJ
So many wheat Haked foods
have come and jone':' Lack of
quality of course. The richness
thatisdistinctively noticeable in
gives it a tastequality. unequal
led. This accounts for grown-J,'
Start now and pet full value
for your dime. Ask your grocer
and accept no substitute-,. ,
Indigestion Causes
CatarrH of the
For many veara l has been supposed that
Catarrh oi ma S o.i.ch caused ind.gestion
and dyspepsia, but the truth is exactly tha
enooslte. Indigestion causes catarrh. Re
peated attacks of Indigestion Inflames the
mucous membranes lining the stomach and
ezposesthe nerves of the stomach.thus caus
ing the glands to secrete mucin instead of
tho juices of natural digestion. This Is
called Catarrh of the Stomach.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
relieves all Inflammation of the mucous
membranes lining the stomach, protects the
nerves, and cures bad breath, sour risings,
sense of fullness after eating. Indigestion,
dyspepsia and all stomach troubles.
Kodol Digests What You Eat
Make the Stomach Sweet.
BottfcfOnly. Regular sl.-, $ I 00. MHIr.e 2'4 times
thtritlB!e. which !!! for 50c"tt
prprd by E. O. OtWlTT & CO., Chicago, 111.
Ask for 1906 Kodol Almanac & 200 yrCalendar
. : --. nJ, i,, cLi
s W iULaUJ ia
i m v a " n i r
1 H (
.JK 1-S
If you value your health,
don't neglect your bowels.
Thev are the mainspring
of your physical energy,
the key to your health
and strength.
If you are constipated,
give the bowels the help
they need. Iron-Ox Tab
lets cure constipation not
temporarily, but to stay
cuicd. Give them a fair
tc, they will prove it.
6-1 Irn.()x Tablet in handy
a'r.nifinm pocket case, 25 cenU at
y ur di ut'o-t, or ent post. aid on
t ; , t of pricp by The Iron-Ox
ktnn:dy Co , Detroit, Mich.
Made a
Well Man
4. of Mc.
produrr n t h nho rennlt s In 30 (lays. It tctl
I'owcrfully nn l gulckty. Cures ben all otters flL
VouiifjninwillregalTi thoir lost xnautood.sndolJ
rnn will rirover th ir youtMul vigor by uilng
Itl.VIVO. It Quickly and surely restorei Nervous
Cf pb, Lost Vitality, Impotency. NigLtly trataBion.
Lv.t lower, 1 alllnir Momory, Wat-tlna I)i8eagei, an J
til MT. cts f t (ir lf abURe or excefnand Indiscretion,
wfcicta unatnonoforetudy.bnFlDfBHormarrlaga. It
cotonlycurf sbyptartlnirattliofeat cf disease. but
Magreat in rvotonio and Mood builder, bring
l: g tack tlii pink plovr to palo cheeks and re
storing the flr of yonth. It vrardu CtT Innanitf
and CoDMir.iptlon. InBlt on Laving KEVIVO, no
ether. It ran te carried in Tet rxpt- tal
1.00 per 1 ackagfi.or Bit or 5.00, with m poat
five written rnarantea to enre or refOfiO
Sold by W. A. i utt
Kotlofl Dyspepsia Guro
Digests what vou oat.
fit f S
such an attractive rate of
interest that it makes a
desirable investment.
Wm. F. Sandell, Cashier.
Work guaranteed satisfac
tory in every respect.
Laundry called for and de
livered. Citizens Phone No. 14.
We have purchased the United
states rlht for the manufacture of
I'rof. Heath's new scientific discovery
ASKrTOZONK, for the treatment of
liny Fever and Catarrh.
This is one of the most powerful,
yet harmless, germicides known, and
is receiving the attention of not only
the Medical world but also the Chem
leal world.
Write for particulars. Do It before
your Hay Fever starts.
oma, Mich.
Don't Decide
About School Work
for tall and Winter
before writing tt
for CnulotfuA. Twenty-four Tachera. Beat
rexulu anftured. Under new management.
W. F. Jiwri.t, Ptph.
11-19 Wilcox Ave.
Annual Mcettim of Membera-lteport
Show Mont FlourlMhlnie Condition.
From Ionia Standard.
The annual meeting of the People's
Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Ionia.
Montcalm and Clinton counties, held at
Opera house, Ionia, on Tuesday afternoon,
was largely attended by members from
all of the counties, President John E.Tay
lor in the chair.
The annual report of the Secretary
showed 588 members added during the
year 1905, and a net gain of 315; and
$896,249 insurance added, being a net
gain of $577,747 during the year, with a
total amount at risk December 31, 1905,
of $.704,575. There were 102 losses
during year, amounting to $15,466.95.
Of these 67 were from lightning.
The secretary supplemented the report
with the following resume, showing the
growth of company in recent years:
"In submitting this report for your ac
tion, 1 wish to congratulate the member
ship of the company upon the bright out
look of the future. The growth of the
company during the past two years has
been phenominal. $875,000 new insur
ance was written in 1904 and $869,000
in 1905 over $1,770,000 during the two
years, while 590 new members were ad
ded in 1 904 and 588 in 1905: 1 178 in
two years. Today the company numbers
over 4.500 members and has at nk
nearly S6.000.000 of Insurance During
the 16 years that I have served the com
pany as secretary 16 of the best years
of my life 1 have seen It grow from 861
members to its present large membership
over 5 times the number. To the loyal,
zealous work of directors and a score of
solicitors, is to be credited the great suc
cess achieved in building up the Company
so that today it stands the strongest Mu
tual in Michigan. During the time I
have served as Secretary over $260,000
have been received and disbursed, not a
dollar of which to my knowledge has been
lost to the company. And now, in con
clusion, I wish to express my warmest
thanks for the courtesy and kind acts of
friendship I have received at your hands."
Lucas M. Miel, of Belvidere, ex-county
treasurer of Montcalm county, and a
member of the board of directors of the
People's company, was unanimously elect
ed president. He is a man of the highest
standing in his county, familiar with the
company's affairs, and his election is a
cause of general satisfaction to the mem
bership. V. H. Smith of this city was re-elected
vice-president without contest, no other
Lflsa of Took
The Keen Kutter Line fa the only complete line of tools ever to
receive a prize at a great exposition either in America or abroad.
The Keen Kutter Tools were awarded the GRAND PRIZE by
LOUIS EXPOSITION. The fact that these goods and our exhibit
were awarded the Grand Prize over all others in the Department of
Manufactures and Varied Industries is the strongest official recognition
that could be given of the quality of Keen Kutter Tools. They have
been recognized as the Standard of America for 36 years.
Following &rz some of the kinds of tools made under the Keen Kutter Brand: Axes,
Adzes, Hammers, Hatchets, Chisels, Screw Drivers, Augxr Bits, Files, Planes, Draw Knives,
Saws, Tool Cabinets, Scythes, Hay Knives, Grass Hooks, Brush Hooks, Corn Knives,
Trowels, Pruning Shears, Tinners' Snips, Scissors, Eye Hoes. Shears, Hair Clippers, Horse
Shears, Razors, etc., and Knives of all kinds.
Keen Kutter Tools are for sale by all first-class dealers. It will pay you to write for a
name being presented.
There were two nominations for secre
tary and trearurer T. (I. Stevenson, pre
sent incumbent, and S. B. Newcomb of
Montcalm county. The result of the bal
lot was as follows:
T. G. Stephenson - - 85
S. B. Newcomb - 19
C. C. Rice - - - 1
Mr. Stevenson was declared elected.
The result of the election for members
of the board resulted in the choice of the
following: Philip Cook. Westphalia, re
elected; Charles F. Dickinson, Bloomer,
new; Joseph Houck. Dallas, new; Wm.
Dowding, Victor, new; Geo. C. Youngman,
Cato, new. These men are all pronounced
of the highest standing, and were the
choio of the members in their respective
The members of the board holding over
are: George Peter Johnson. Greenville;
Chas. S. Rice, Portland; J. S. Newall,
Maple Valley; Mark Pennell. DeWitt;
Jared L. Holbrook, Deeenbush; Edwin
Porter, Douglass; Jas. P. Throop, Ferris.
At a meeting of the board, held imme.
diately after adjounment of members, J
S. Newell was chosen chairman.
The board, at the meeting previous to
annual meeting, ordered an assessment of
3 1-2 mills, which will pay all the liabili
ties of company, includimg $2,200 of
losses adjusted since Jan. 1. The losses
for 1905 were about 65 per cent greater
than in 1904.
l.urkleNt Man lit Arkntinn.
'Tin the luckiest man in Arkainae,"
writes II L. Stanley, of Hruno, '-since
the restoration of my wife's health
after five years of continuous couh
inp and bleeding from th lunjjs; and
1 owe my good fortune to the world's
greatest medicine, Dr. Kind's New
Discovery for Consumption, wh ch 1
know from experience will euro con
sumption if taken in time. My wife
improved with lirst liottle nd twelve
ottles completed the cure."' Cures
the worst cotig-h and colds or money
refunded. At Connell Hros druyyist.
oic and 1 00. Trial bottle free.
The new cough syrup the one that
acts a a mild cathartic on the bowels
i; Kennedy's Laxative Honey and
Tar. It expels all cold from the sys
tem, cuts the phleirm out of the
ihroat, strengthen the mucous mem
branes of the bronchial tubes and re
liys croup, whoopincr cough, etc.
Children love it. Sold by W. I. Bene
dict. Methusala was all right, vou bet.
For a pood old soul was he.
They say he alight be llvlnj? yet
Had he taken Rockv MountalnTea
Connell Hros.
r:3r -7 n ? ' " J
-Hmn';v n - j j rj -ft li t '- r -r n mi , .
illy to the
copy of our handsome Vook on Keen Kutter 'loots. It s a door mat
every user of tools will find eery useful as a permanent reference.
We hill mail you a copy JVIEL.
Every Keen Kutter Tool is sold under this Mrfc and Motto:
uThe Recollection of Quality Remains Long After the Price is Forgotten.
" " Trade Mark. Heglnu-ml.
CO., St. Louis, U. S. A., 238 Broadway, New York
Tht- l'i 'ib.iU- Court 1r Wv Coutitv of lotiU.
At a -t-Nsion of said Court ht ld at tlx- 1'ro
bat,. oili.-r In the ritv of fonia. in sal. 1 County,
on ttit- mxUi iav of .lanuarv. a, l"ti
I'rt-setit. Hon. Monti. omkky W'liistkk,
Ju-liM- of Probate.
In the matter of the Kstate of
Samuel Cannon. Administrator of said l-'.s
tate. h.ivint; tiled in said court his petition,
pra vini: tor license to sell, at private sale, the
interest of sai.l estate in certain real estate
therein described, tor the purjse of paying'
debts and the charges and expenses ot ud
miristcrii)B said estate.
It is Ordered. That the llith dav of Febru
ary A I l'.'inl. at 1 :'.( oClock in the after
noon", at said probate ollh e. be and is hereby
aj pointed tor hearing said petition, and that
all rsons interested in said esMtc appear
before said court at said time and place. t
-.how cause why a license to sell the interest
ot said estate in said real estate should not
be granted :
It is Further Ordered that public notice
thereof be given bv publication oi a copv of
this order lor three siicci ssm e weeks previ
ous ti said day of hearing, in the Iteldinu
Manner, a newspaper printed and circulated
III said I'oUlltV. MoN lt.OMKItY Wkiistku.
Ann a 1. W Kitsi -ah. Judge of Probate.
A true copv. Kegister ot Probate.
The Probate Court for the County of Ionia,
At a session of said court, held at the pro
bate oiilce In the City of Ionia, in said couti
tv. on the twenty-second day of January, A.
D. P. MM,.
Present: Hon. Montgomery Webster,
Judge ot Probate.
In the Matter of the
Frank' It. Chase, Freeholder of Otisco
Township, and one of the signers ot the Or
iginal petition for opening, cleaning out and
widening said drain, having tiled In said
court his jK-titlon showing that John F.
Kohn. County Drain Commissioner. i" ilis
iiualiiied to act in the matter of said drain,
and praving that a dav be lixed tor hearing
..ii said mutter to determine whether aid
Drain Commissioner is disqualified to act
and it so. to appoint Fred Pitt as Special
Drain Commissioner in the premises.
It is ordered that the twelfth day of Feb
ruary. A. D. 1JU at ten o'clock In the lore
noon" at said probate office, be and is hereby
apointed tor hearing said ietition :
It Is further ordered, that public notice
thereof be given by publication ot a copv ot
this order, tor two consecutive weeks pre
vious to said dav of hearing, in the Meld tig
Manner, a newspaper printed and circulated
In said countv. Monti. omkhv Wk.iistkk.
Anna P. Whist Kit. Judge ot Probate.
A true copy. Kegister in robate.
Notlco ol CoiiiiiilnitloiierH on Claim.
STATK oF MM II KS AN. County of Ionia. SS.
Probate Court tor said Countv
F.stafof Alexander 'ravel le. deceased
The undersigned having been apointctt
by the Judge of Probate of said County.
Commissioners on claims- In the matter ot
sbt estate of Alexander Oravclle. and four
months from the li. th dav of November. A.
D l!or. having Ik-cii allowed bv s ild Judge
of Probate to all persons holding claims
against said estate. In which to present their
claims to us lor examination and adjust
ment: Notice Is hereby given, that we will meet
on Saturday, the aiith dav ot D ceinb r. A
D lin.", and on Thursday, the 15th day of
March, A- D ii"o at loo clock a m. of each
day at ol flee ot Win. K Sandell. in the iltv
id Heldini!. in said County. i r ceive and
examine such claims.
Dated Ueldilig Mich . Nov VMh. A. I. I'.IO.j
Wm J. Wilson
Tncy navcr gripe or sicken, but
cleanse and strengtht ii the stomach,
liver and bowels. This is the univer
sal verdict of the nutnv thousands
who use DeWitt's Little Karly Risers.
Thesa famous little pill" relieve head
ache, constipation, hjlliousncis. jaun
dice, tsrpid liver, sallow comolexlo.i.
etc Try Little Karly Risers. Sold
by V. I. Benedict.
The Probate Court for the County of Ionia.
At a session of said Court, held at the Pro
bate ottlee in the citv of louia in said Countv.
on the fifteenth dav of Januarv. A. D. lt)o'.
1 resent: Hon. Montgomery Webster,
Judge of Probate
In the Matter of the F.statc of
JOHN K. sCHOFTMN. Deceased.
Perrv Schouten, urand son of said deceas
ed, having tiled in said court his petition
praving that the administration of said es
tate be granted to John K. Taylor, or to some
other suitable person.
It Is ordered. That the nineteenth day of
February A. D' 19ob. at ten o clock in the
forenoon, at said probate office, be and U
herrbv apH)inted br hearing said petition:
It Is' Further ordered. That public notice
thereof be given by publication of a copv ot
this order, for three successive weeks prev
ious to said dav of hearing, in the Meldiui
Manner, a newspaper printed ami circulated
in said county.
Monti , o.m k h v W k int k it.
A true copy Jlldgeot Probate.
Anna P. Webster.
Kei-isterof Probate.
The Probate Court for the Countv of Ionia.
At a session of said court, held ai the pro
bate ollice (n the citv of Ionia, in said county,
on the nintn dav of December. A. D. I'JOo
Present. Hon. Muiitgomerv Webster Judge
ot Probate.
In the matter of the Kstate of
ANTHONY A. (J A -PAK. Deceased.
Maggie Caspar. Administratrix ot said es
tate, having liled in said court her llnal ad
ministration account, and her jctitlon prav
ing tor the allowance thereof and lor the as.
siiMiment and distribution of the residue of
said estate.
It Is ordered, that the lit teen th dav of Jan
uary, A. D, 1'Joi'i. at ten o'clock In the fore
noon, at said probate oiilce. be and Is hereby
apioiiited for examining and allow ing said
account and hearing said petition:
It is Further ordered, that public notice
thereof Ik given bv publication ot a copy of
this order, for three successive weeks pre
vious to said day of hearing, in the Melding
Manner, a ne spater printed and circulated
In said countv. NIonh.o.m khv Wkiis i kk.
Anna P. Wehstkk. Judge of Probate.
(A true Copy I Kei'lster of Probate
Notlee of 'oiniiilsslonei H on ( lalios.
OTATK OF MH'HIOAN. i Probate Court
0 Cot NTV ok Ionia; ( ss. i roi.au c ouri
for said Countv.
Kstate ot JAMKS TIIOUNMFKV. deceased.
The undersigned having been appointed by
the.lndgeof Probate of said county. Com
missioners on Claims In the matter' of said
estate of James Thornbury. and lour
months from the twenty second dav of No
vember. A. D.. P.mi.'j. having been allowed by
saiii Judge of Probate toill H--sons holding
claims against said estate in w hich to pre
sent their claims to us for examination and
Notice Is hereby given that we will meet on
Monday, the fifteenth day of January, A. D .
1 !m id. and on Thursday." the twenty-second
day of March. A. I) , ltiob at one o'chVk p. ni.
of eaehilav. at Mrs. Janu s Thornburv's. in
the township of Otlsco In said county to re
ceive and examine such claims
Dated the second dav of DecetnlK-r, A. D.,
PJU.r). KrssM.l. DlTNI.AP,
Wm. Mm kay.
'ommlssioners on Claims.
Notice of (oiiuiilo!ir on t'lnluin.
STATK OF MIi'HUl AN. County of Ionia, s.s.
Probate Court for said countv.
Kstate of Aaron J. Osborn, deceased.
The undersigned having been apointed by
thejudgeof Probate of said Countv, Com
inissioners on claims In the matter of said
estate of Aaron . I. Osliorn and four months
from the second day ot October, A. U P.hi.".
having leon allowed by said Judge of Pro
bate to all is rsons holding claims against
said estate. In which to present their claims
to us for examination and adjustment:
Notice is hereby given, that we will meet
on Wednesday the sixth day of NovemU rf-!
A. I) I'.io.j. anil on Friday the second dav oi "
February A. D. I'.mh',, atone o'clock p. m. of
each dav, at tho Peoples' Savings Hank in
the Citv of Melding, in said County, to re
ceive and examine such claims,
Dated. Smyrna Mich. Oct. "J. A. 1. 19or.
Charles Dumon,
Kdgar Condon,
Cum mis loners.

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