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Tbe Opportunity la Here, Harked by
lleliiluiE Testimony.
Don't take our word for It, don't
depend on a etrantrer'a statement,
read Ueldin endorsement, reau tbe
statements of Helding citizens and
decide for yourself, liere 'is one case
of it:
Mrs. P. C. Klnibe rly of South Tearl
street says, "Five yearn a;;o I had an
attack of typhoid fever and kidney
complaint together. Hetvreen the
two I suffered more than tonprue can
tell. I soon recovered from the fever
but the kidney complaint has clunjr
to me ever since. There was a con
stant dull heavy bearing down pain
across my back especially along In
the afternoon or evening: after being
on my feet a' I day. I had heard so
much about Doan's Kidney Tills be
ing so good for such ailments that I
concluded to give them a trial, and
my -husband got a box at Connell
Bros. drug store. I had tried reme
dies without number but T never took
any that gave mo such relief as I re
ceived from the use of that one box.
They are simply fine and l have often
recommended them to others."
for Hal by all lalra. 1'rlre 50 rent
itUFVAi.o, n. v.,
Nol. Areata for the United Stated.
Remember the name. Doan's. take no substltue
E. R. Spencer,
M. A. Reed
Peoples Savings Bank
. o v
The Light of Our Bank
shines on tbe pathway which
leads up to the
Gate of Success
Our hank and depositors are
a harmonious group. They
have our 'confidence and we
theirs. Success fok us is
Success for You. That's
why we are popular. Hank
ing" with us means sharing our
,...HY THK....
Ueldlng Building and
Loan Association
Te those who wish to build a house or
pay of your mortgage; or In buying
a homo already built on easy
terms of monthly install"
ments. For particulars
call at their oflice.
There is nothing hotter In Holding
for lnvestmant thau stock In the Uel
dlng Building and Loan. Stock o'
which, Series No, 40, is now open to all.
A. WAGNER, Scc'y.
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. ling's
CJqvj Discovery
Pftfi frMPTIOJf frJf,
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure : Lung Troubles.
Money back If it falls. . Trial Bottle, free.
MERCIAL 15 A NIC hears
such an attractive rate of
interest that it makes a
tlesirahle investment.
Wm. F. Sandell. Cashier.
Indigestion Causes
Catarrh of tHo
For many yaars It has been supposed that
Catarrh of tha Stomach caused Indigestion
and dyspepsia, but tho truth Is exactly ths
opposite. Indigestion causes catarrh. Re
paatad attacks of Indigestion Inflames th
mucous membranes lining the stomach and
x poses tha nerves of tha stomach, thus caus
ing the glands to secrete mucin instead of
the Juloes of natural digestion. This Is
celled Catarrh of the Stomach.
Idol Dyspepsia Curo
relieve all Inflammation of the mucous
membranes lining the stomach, protects the
serves, and cures bad breath, sour risings,
A sens of fullness sfter eating. Indigestion,
dyspepsia and all stomach troubles.
ICodol Digests What You Eat
Mali tha Stomach Sweet.
Bottiesonly. R.cular Izt.SI.OO. holdlnc 2 tlm.i
tha trial tlia, which tllt for SO cents
prepared bf C O. O.WITT & CO., Chicago, Its,
Aik for 1906 Kodol Almanac & 200 yr Calendar
Weekly Grist of Newsy Items Reported by
Our Special Correspondents.
There will be Children's Day exer
cises at the M. II, church on Sunday,
June 10th, cotnmenclnu at 10:30. A
large attendance is hoped for.
Mr. and Mrs. C15y Keeney of Beld
Injr were recent visitors at the home
of A. J. Reynolds.
Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson were
quests at the home of W. S. Lambert
son of Helding, Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs J. Weaver of Helding
attended the memorial exercises at
tbe Baptist church. Wednesday, and
placed some beautiful (lowers on the
graves of Mrs. Augusta and Pearley
Don't be fooled and made to believe
that rheumatism can be cured with
local appliances, Hollister's llocky
Mountain Tea is the only positive
cure for rheumatism. 3. cents, Tea
or Tablets. .Connell Hros.
Frank Doylng is very sick and is
being attended by Dr. Ueasley.
'Mr. and Mrs. John Hosklns enter
tained the following guests at their
home last Sunday: Wm. Sparks and
wife, Melvin Sparks and wife, Robert
Sparks and wife and Ed Hoskins.
Mrs. Hose is building an addition to
her house.
Edgar Smith, who has been a great
utTercr foi some time past from a
cancer on his neck, died at the home
)t his daughter, Mrs. Orin Green, re
cently. The remains were taken to
Lake Odessa for Interment and the
funeral was held In that Tillage.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Vine Hunter,
May 2.U1, a daughter.
Constipation makes the cold drag
ilong. (Jet it out of you, Take Ken
nedy's Laxative Honey and Tar
.rough srup. Contains no opiates.
1. Hen edict.
There will be a mother's meeting
it Mrs S. J. Spitler's on Thursday,
June 14 at two o'clock. A cordial in
vitation is extended to all mothers to
Tbe L. A. society will meet at Mrs.
L. Fuller's next Friday afternoon.
George Miller and D Swift each
'ost a. horse recently.
G. Miller made a business trip to
Grand llapids this week.
The diphtheria patients are all bet
er and the quarantine has been re
noved. Alter 00 years or more of single
blessedness. Tip McClellan decided
it was not good for man to live alone,
io on May .11 he took unto himself a
vife. Mrs. Anna Gott of Gowen is the
happy bride.
For bloating, belching, sour stom
ich, bad breath, malassimllation ol
food, and all svmptoins of indigestion,
King's Dvspepsia tablets are a prompt
iinl efficient corrective. 'Sold by Cou
ncil Hros.
Geo. Drown and wife visited at S,
Gardner's of Hartonville Sunday,
Miss Susie Logan of Helding spent
Sunday with Mrs. Willard Phillips.
Sam Clifford of Shiloh spent Sun
lay with his uncle C. M. Hubbard.
F. II. Luscombe and two children
ind Mr. and Mrs. Ros visited at L. D.
Carpenter's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Vcrn Leach of Orleans
visited with her parents Mr. and Mrs.
3. C. Snyder Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. E. Kimberly of Hel
ping spent Sunday at L. J. Kiniber
ly's. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sage
June 2 a loy,
Mrs. Maggie Skcllinger visited Mrs.
Albert Northway of Smyrna Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Crane of Green
vllle were visitors at J. L. MorseV
Miss Mary Kohn left Monday for
Lansing where she will attend the
Lansing Husincss University.
Mrs. Willard Phillips spent part of
last week with relatives in Grand
The Otlsco cemetery society will
hold a fair and social at the home of
Mr. and Mrs James Luce. A picnic
dinner will be served. Everyone In
terested Is requested to make some
thing for the fair.
School closed Friday, June 1. A
picnic dinner was served in the grove
opposite the school house after which
was a program. At the close of the
program the pupils presented Mrs.
Kinsmcr wltc a silver meat fork and
Miss Kohn with a souvenir spoon.
The school officers erected a pole with
a new flag for the school Thuasday.
The slncerest tribute that can be
paid to superiority Is Imitations of
DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve that are
now before the public prove It tho
lcst. Ask for DeWitt's. Good for
burns, scalds, chaffed skin, eczema,
tetter, cuts bruises, boils and piles.
Highly recommended and reliable.
Sold by W. I. Hencdict.
In all the year, of days to" me,
None are to bright, so dreamy sweet
As June's, with flowers perfume
And glow, and blrds'sweet minstrelsy,
And sunset beauty. All too soon
iny days glide from us,
June, sweet June.
Decoration Day was very fittingly
observed at the Orleans M. E. church.
Id the forenoon a fine program was
rendered by the pupils from the dif
ferent schools in the township, after
which tbe pupils marched to the
cemetery and decorated the soldiers'
graves with flowers. Some special
music and an address given by Ilev.
A. G. Hartle In the afternoon com
pleted the days' program.
Mrs. Net Easton, and son Glen, of
Central Lake are making a two weeks'
visit with friends and relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs, J. Llnd and family of
Helding spent Sunday at S. D. Chick
erlng's. The L T. L. met Saturday after
noon at the Lambertson school house.
A short program was given.
The Misses Lucy Mundayand Violet
Smith of Ionia spent Saturday and
Sunday with Mrs. John Kicks.
Mrs. Wm. Warner, and daughter
llattie, went to Grand Ledge Satur
day night for a few days' visit with
friends in that place.
Floyd Beach of Big Haplds visited
relatives and friends here Saturday
and Sunday,
The Ladles' Aid Society of Green's
church will meet with Mrs. Ann Hol
comb, Wednesday, June 13th.
L. W. Holmes called on his parents
last Sunday afternoon and evening.
Miss Ida Beach closed her sixth
term of pchool in the Brink district
last Friday afternoon. An entertain
ment was given by the pupils in the
evening which was listened to by a
large and appreciative andience
The Orleans Center school closed the
same day and the pupils and teacher,
Miss Cora Vunk, enjoyed a picnic at
Long Lake.
Three 1'liynlrlaun Treated hlui With
out 8ucceii.
W. L. Yancy, Paducah, Ky., writes:
"I bad a severe case of kidney disease
and three of the best physicians in
Kentucky treated me without success
I then took Foley's Kidney Cure. Tbf
first bottle gave immediate relief and
three bottles cured me permanently
I gladly recommend this wonderful
remedy." Sold by W. I. Benedict.
Weather with recent rains is more
favorable for growing crops.
Married Friday night at the home
of the bride's mother, Miss Lizzie
Wiltenbrock to Albert Blasser both
of Alton.
Decoration of the graves was well
observed in the Alton cemetery.
Mrs. A. S. Holmes was In Alton
cemetery decorating one dav last
The Moseley section boss' house
was burned down one night last week.
Mrs. Jane Nugent nee Gahan died
last week at her home in Grand llap
ids. Funeral was from the Parncll
church Friday a. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Condon attended
the funeral of Mrs. Nugent at Par
nell. Mr. and Mrs. Cave of Ionia visited
her mother Mrs David Condon over
Alton has one case of small pox at
W. II. Keech's mile west. Harold
the son of Mr. Keech's house keeper
was at school last Tifesday but was
tent home and the case investigated
by Dr. M. C. Green of Lowell who
pronounced it to be a genuine case
and they were ordered isolated. The
school children who were exposed are
to be vaccinated.
Pat Itagan was in Grand llapids
Satudray attending the funeral of
John McGee who died suddenly in
Misses Aggie and Essie Condon
went to Beldlng one day last week to
decorate the grave of their brother
Kent Vandenbrock.
Frank Kider's family has recovered
from his selge of measles and are out
of quarantine.
Small pox broke up the Alton
school of which Miss Maud Daily is
teacher. It was thouget best to keep
the vaccinated children at home dur
ing the sixteen days of quarantine.
1 Those who are palnlnpr flesh
; and strength by resular treat
f mentwith
i Scott's Emulsion
( should continue the treatment
I In hot weather smaller dose
I. anda little cool milk with It will
do away with any objection
, which Is attached to fatty pro-
j ducts during the heated
I season.
I Srnd tor free MmpV,
j smrr a kownk, aemUt,
I 409-4S Mtl Street, New York.
I joc. and i 00 all druggist.
The report was circulated that
Frank Kcech was ordered olT the road
with his grocery wagon on account of
the small pox scare but as there is no
danger of bis spreading it he still
continues his trips.
Every form of distressing ailment
known as plies originates Internally.
The real cause of the trouble is In
side. ManZan Is put up In collapsible
tubes with nozzle, so the medicine can
be applied where it will do the most
good, and do it quickly. If you are
suffering with piles you owe yourself
the duty of trying Man.an. Sold by
Connell Bros.
Carrie Ford Is assisting her sister-in-law,
Mr$. Glen Ford.
Mrs. M. Wiggins Is getting better.
E King and C. 11. Porter and wife
visited friends In Bartonvllle and
Smyrna last week Tuesday.
Mls M. Dailey teacher of our
school returned to her home In Grand
llapids last week.
Laura Church visited relatives In
Cannonsburg several days last week.
The Alton grange held meeting last
Saturday night and took In four new
Mr. and Mrs. S. Ilerrlngton afifend-
ed the funeral of a friend in Cannons-
urg last week.
Maggie Ford is home from Lowell
for a few weeks.
Jessie Condon is at home for a few
eeks until the smallpox scare Is
Mr. Stephen llennells' sister who
had her arm bad'.y bruUedby the
Joor slamming against it is getting
. Glen Ferd has rented Alfred Blas
crs Mosher house.
Elder Eckert and family dined at
C. Wiggins Sunday.
Alfred Blasser and Miss Lizzie
Vctteulock were married last week
Friday. Our best wishes for their
future go with them.
A few were out to church services
The Pere Marquette section over
cers bouse burned to the ground last
week Tuesday evening."
Mrs. J. Cuinmings, nee Emma lien
lells, and children of Marlon are vis
iting her parents.
Whooping cough at Stephen Hen
iclls. Cary Anderson and Ford finish saw
ing lumber lor Sam Farnee and move
to Cannonsburg this week.
No Sabbath school Sunday on ac
count of the quarantine.
You can see the poUon Pine-ules
lears out of the kidney and blad-
ler. A single dose at Vied time will
how you more poison up-m rising the
iext morning than can be expelled
from the- svtem in any other way
fine ules dissolve the impurities, lu
bricate the kidneys, cleanse the blad
der, relieve pain and do away with
back-ache speedily, pleasantly, per
manently. Sold by Connell Bros.
Why is it that Ayer's Hair
Vigor does so many remark
able things? Because it is a
hair food. It feeds the hair,
puts new life into it. The hair
lair Vigor
cannot keep from growing.
Andneradualiy all the dark,
rich color of early life comes
back to gray hair.
Whti I flnt nted Ayr', Hair Vlenr m?
tmlr m about all grujf Itul now tt 1 nice
rioli blark. and at tlilrk a I couiil wish."
Mrs. StHAM KLOPfusc ri kn, Tincuiubia
ft 00 a bottle.
All tlriif (Mt
J e a Tin ro .
Low-Hi Mu
Gray IHIairl
Has it Occured
To you Vh)
So many wheat flaked foods
have come and gone? Lack of
quality of course. The richness
thatisdlstlnctlvely noticeable In
gives It a tastequality unequal
led. This accounts for growing
Start now anC get lull value
for your dime. Ask your grocer
and accept no substitutes.
(The very- finest quality of leaf tobacco that was ever
put in fine cut chewing is sold you as
'ii: 1
from Ufa.
Made a
Well Man
the OflyJti.of Me.
produces the above renal U In 30 clays. It tcti
powerfully Mid Quickly. Cures hen all others (til.
young men a ll! regain their lost manhood, and old
men will recover their youthful vigor by using
II Ii VIVO. It quickly and eurely restores Norvou
oesa, Lobt Vitality, Impotency, Nightly Emissloon.
Lost Tower, failing Memory. Wasting diseases, and
all effects of self -abuse or excels and Indiscretion,
which unfits one for ef udy, businesR or marriage. It
not only cures by starting at the Feat of disease, but
Is a great nerve tonlo and blood builder, bring,
leg back the pink glow to pale cheeks and re
storing the fire of youth. It wards of! Insanity
ind Consumption. Insist on Laving IIU VI VO, no
other. It can be carried In vet rocket. I3y mall,
1.00 per package, or six for 5.O0, with poil
tlve 'written (tnarantee to rare or refund
the money. Hook and aclvlso f roo, AtMress .
Sold by W, A. Dutt.
Work guaranteed satisfac
tory in every respect.
Laundry called for and de
livered. Citizens Phone No. 14.
A lid row II Snlinu'v, tin- nnlv Dr. Siin
ney In tin-st iU. fornu riy of Detroit, is now
located at Hel.liiiK. Mich ' ami owns the 1U1
ding Sanitarium and Kctreat. lie has had
4 years of experience in the stmtv and
practice of medicine lie :ivcs sK cial at
tention to throat and hint: diseases, curing
consumption where others fail. lie aNo
cures all forms of nervous diseases, epilepsy
St. Vitus dance, paralysis and all forms of
nervous prostration, lie never falls to cure
piles. There is nothing known that he does
not use for private diseases of Itoth sexes.
Uv his own siH Cial methods he cures when
others fail. Write out your symptoms, en
closing stamp for reply, or consult him at his
Sanitarium. Consultation Irte.
it Sanita-ium Sunday, .In no 10, all day
We have jnirchased the United
States right for the manufacture of
I'rof. Heath's new scientific discovery
ASEPTOZONi:, for the treatment of
Hay Fever and Catarrh.
This is one of the most powerful,
yet harmless, germicide known, and
iu receiving the attention of not only
the Medical world but also tbe Chem
ical world.
Write for particulars. Do Ithcforo
your Hay Fever starts.
Ionia, Mich
Stops the COUGH and Iiealo the LUNGS
The Original Laxative Cough Syrup and the Genuine. Honey and Tar. An Im
provement over all Cough, Lung and Bronchial Remedies. Pleasant to the taste and
good alike for voung and old. Prepared by Pineule Medicine Co., Chicago, U.S.A.
1 Cfith W
Always the same, whenever or wherever
vou eet it. Packed in air-tio-hr. dn
packages and kept clean in tin
5 cErcrrs
for one and two-thirds ounces (guaranteed by the
United States Government) of the best tobacco you
navj v;va;i uicucu. always IllOlSt.
Tits conveniently
in your pocket.
t -;
Great Half Price
To Our Readers Only
Special arrangements liave just been complet
ed iiereby we are able to oiler our readers
the greatest periodical bargain ever made to
tho American people.
Mf ft.
v n
it ....
The Belding Banner - $1.00
Woman? Home Companion 1.00
The Review of Reviews 3.00
Tho Cosmopolitan - - 1,00
Total value of all four $6.00
Send inyour order at once. Don't put it oil. If you
are already a subscriber to the Banner your subscrip
tion will be extended a year from date of expiration of
present subscription on receipt of $,'5.00. Send order to
The Banner, Belding, Mich.
For sale r.
This is the greatest
periodical combina
tion oiler ever ottered
to the reading public.
There is nothing to
equal it in the history
of the publishing1
business. Each pub
lication is the leader
of its class. The l
magazines cover the
entire magazine field
and the Banner is the
favorite paper of the
citizens of Helding
and vicinity. The
four make a unique
and desirable collec
tion, filling exactly
the needs of every
American home, and
at an unheard-of re
markably low price.
All four sent regularly
for one year to one
or different addresses
for the remarkable
price of only

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