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Way's Mufflers
Ladies Skirts.
Trading Stamps
,' i
Ladies handkerchiefs from 5c up
to $100-
Genttintial handkerchiefs 10c or
3 for 25c.
Ladle' lea'her belt of all kinds
and deM'iiptions. Prices range fiom
25c up.
A large assortment of ladies hand
bags and purges all the way from 25c
to S3 50
In any shade you like. No. use to
go around with a sore throat when
you can buy one for 50o to T5o-
Save your trading stamps One
with eery 10c purchase are always
A swell new line of ladies skirts
just arrived. Call and, see them..
Are felling at your own price.
Make your purchase while there is a
good supply.
Ladies . Cloaks
Keep dry. Ladies and Gents Um
brellas. Prices range from 35c up to
$8 50.
Ladies Hand Bags
. Furs
If you want to make yourgirla pres
ent, nothing would please her better
than a nice ' fur. Take a look at
them. 1
A large line of trunks and suit
cases, all sizes and prices delivered
at your place op room.
Feel satisfied with yourself. You
will have a bosom friend in our $1.00
Your money will be well spent if
you will but buy one of our new win
ter overcoats. The new French back
h the one.
Never lay the blame on the mer
chants shoulders if you get bit In buy
ing cheap goods. Huy one of our $18
suits and you will luy another.
A Pioneer of Orleans Died at Ionia
I. ant Week.
On Tuesday of last week at the family
home in Ionia, occurred the death of Mrs.
Jacob King, one of the sturdy pioneers of
Orleans township whose efforts had been
instrumental in bringing that township
out of an almost impenetrable forest into
the beautiful farming community which
exists in that locality today.
Charlotte Holcomb was born in Sheldon,
Wyoming county, N. Y, December 10,
1837, and moved with her parents to Or
leans about 1845, having been a resident
of Ionia county over 60 years. She was
married to Jacob King October 21, 1 855,
and thVee children were born to this union,
Mrs. E. M. Chappie of Belding, who died
in 1884, Nate G. of Lakeview And Mrs
Grant Steele of Breckenridge. The
funeral was held at Ionia Saturday, Rev.
Cogshall of the M. E. church officiating.
Mrs. King was a lifefong member of the
Methodist church and had always been a
a faithful worker in the cause of the
& (s: U) W (
Otlnco TXf.
I wjll receive taxes at Cook's Corners
Tuesday, Dec. 18. at Belding Saturday
of.each week and at Smyrna' balance of
week. Guy Purdy, Twp clerk. 2wk
And bowel troubles to
stay cured. Not a
harsh purgative dose,
but a mild, healing
strengthening tonic.
50 Iron-Ox Tablata a bandy ata
ailnua pockat cat. 15 eanta at all imp
(Ids, or by aall. Atk lor aur apactal
10 cast trial packaga. Taa Iroa-Oa
Remedy Co- Datolt, Mich.
For Sale and ltccoramended by
Does your man need a fur coat? If
he does buy him one of the Bishops
We have two that will be closed out
for $14 each.
Annual Flection.
The annual meeting of the Spencer
Electric Light and Power Co. was held at
Hotel Belding Monday Dec. 17.
J. Edgar Stanton was elected a direc
tor in place of T Frank Ireland deceased
and he was also appointed assistant
treasurer. The officers are as follows:
President. F L. Spencer; V-President, 0.
F. Webster; Sec. and Tres.. W. P. Heth
erington; Asst Tres , J. Edgar Stanton;
Superintendent, R. F. Barry.
Christmat at the Church of Christ.
At the Church of Christ on Monday
evening Dec. 24 will be gien the United
States Christmas Entertainment, with a
literary program and fine Christmas tree.
A box will also be filled with stockings,
handkerchiefs and towels for the boys at
the Beulah Land Farm. Everyone in the
city is earnestly requested to help fill this
box, remembering "That it were better to
gain the prayer of a fatherless child than
to secure the favor of an emperor."
Price of admission, one nice potato. If
you should by any chance forget your po
tato, one cent will be charged.
Mrs. A. L. Benedict, S. S. Supt.
Latter Is of L tl i Avail In Properly
Kulmj Horse.
Strength has nothing to do with
hands, or rather, it is a distinct draw
back to their acquirement. The werk
ling must use other means to attain
his ends; the string man disdains the
delicate effects which make for every
thing of the best In horsemanship. A
little SO jiound boy will control per
fectly a rattle-brained race horse that
no man could hold by main strength;
a slight woman will guide four horses
as few men can It Is the combination
of the attributes named that enables
them to do If.
Appropriate bitting has much to do
with success, but the novico is apt to
proceed to the extremes of severity
In his desire to ge,t that delicacy of
touch and promptness of response
which he thinks should follow sharp
restraint. The reverse of this should
always be the rule, and the horse
should be constantly tried with light
er bitting effects untjl the least pos
slble restraint Is employed. Hands
and mouths vary from day to day. ac
We will try to make it an object to those of you who have not , as
yet bought your winter wraps. As a usual thing we do not cut on
anything until after the holidays but having carried more over than
we expected, we are obliged to sacrifice now, and that sacrifice
will mean one-fourth off to all who buy now. Think what a sav
ing that means to you. Not one of these coats was carried over
from last year. They are all this season's make of blacks and mix
tures, sizes to fit you all, large or small. See for yourself.
Table Linens
All the newest patterns and designs
with napkins to match. Lunch cloths
doiles and Mexican drawn work.
ThcCan'ata a Success.
The cantata of Esther, the beautiful
queen, given in the M. E. church under
the auspices of the Epworth league, wis
successfully produced and gave the aud
ence the very best of satisfaction. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Howes art competent in
structors and it was well staged. The
characters were well taken and many
compliments are heard of the good work
done by those who took part. " j
Elected Officer. V
At theeir regular meeting held on Sat
urday, December 8th, the officers were
elected by the Ladies of the Modern Mac
cabees for the ensuing term:
Past-Commander Bertha Loewe
Commander Mary A. Eddy
Lieut-Commander Ida B. Torrance
Rocord Keeper Hat tie Haynes
Finance Keeper EmmaGephart
Chaplin Emily Baty
Mistress-at-aams Alta Evans
Sargent Carry Grill
Sentinel Myrtie Sherwood
Picket Hannah Arnold
Pianist Jessie Smith
Physicians Drs. Marjory Orr and I S.
V zA i7
cording to various circiinismnreM
Irritability and sensitiveness, and no
one arrangement is likely -to he for
the best Interests of both Vblped ' said
quadruped- A balanced horse Isal-i
ways a llght-m?uthed horne, vajd It la
"up to" the driver or rider, to And
what best brings about this leeult.
No balanced horse can pull; no puller
Is in balance. Outing.
, Two Necessary Books.
A Hosion man being unexpectedly
summoned to New or on business
which threatened to detain him for
several weeks, lrirrled horn to lavlts
his wife to acimpany him. They
were to start In an hour and the bag
gage was limited to oae trunk. At
the last minute, Just as the trunk lid
was descending, a sudden wall was
"Oh, wait a minute, Charlie. !
haven't put in a single book! The
idea of going to New York of all
places without a book!" and she
rushed out to the library.
"Well, hurry up!" called her hus
band, Impatiently, "there isn't room
for more than two. anyway. Do you
har. FftQiiv? Not more than two!"
We have all the latest shades and
kinds In dress goods and a swell line
of trimlngs to match.
Firm of Wagner A Son.
The business heretofore done by Adam
Wagner will now go under the name of
Wagner & Son, Mr. George Wagner hav
ing taken an interest in the business with
his father and they will continue to carry
on the real estate, insurance, loan and
house renting business as heretofore. The
Wagner agency is the oldest in the city
and they have a large number of the best
insurance companies on their 'list. The
business is steadily increasing and the
many friends of the Wagners will be
pleased to know of the new arrangement
A Caret of Thank.
- We wish to extend our gratitude to the
many kind friends who so willingly assist
d us during the' sickness and after the
death of our beloved husband and father
for the comforting words and beautiful
flowers and for every deed of kindness
shown. Mrs. Will Cogswell and son
Everett Cogswell.
Santa CImus Expected.
The Congregational Sunday school will
have a basket picnic supper in their
church dinning room Saturday night at
six o'clock. Try and bring baskets by
baaies and
.mag jDnly a few left.
"All right, then take those!' aha
she handed over a Bible and a volume
of Browning. "1 must have those,
a. Luckily.
'During the Spanish war. while the
battleships were on blockade at San
tiago, It was customary to load the
stxpounder guns every evening to
protect against possible torpdo-boat
attack. Whils the triggers were be
ing eased down, one oi th guns on
the Massachusetts was accidentally
discharged, the shot parsing over the
quarter deck-f -the Txas, which was
lying next In tha blockading line. All
the officers of the Texas were on deck
smoking and talking when the shot
passed a few feet above their heads.
Almost before it struck the water a
signal was started on the Texas from
Its commanding officer, Capt. Jack
Philips, to the commanding officer of
the Massachusetts. Tne signal was,
"Good line, but a trifle high." Har
per's Weakly.
Go to Wortley & French's to select
Xmas presents where you will find a
large variety.
What' the use of paying 2Tc fr
a pattern when you can buy one of
the May Manton for 10c
four o'clock that the ladies may haye the
tables ready for the children at s;x. All
members of the school and parents of the
children are invited to come with well
filled baskets and help the children o
have a merry time. Santa Clause is ex
pected to be present. Children come to
the church parlor at 5:30 o'clock.
Auction Sale.
An auction Sale will be held on the A.
G. Snell farm in Keene between Seranac
and Potters Corners on Wednesdiy Janu
ary 2nd. 1907 at 10 o'clock a. m , the
farm of 90 acres will be sold on easy
terms also all the live stock, farmirg
tools, grain, engine, separator and tank,
etc. Terms of sale under $5 00 cash,
over $5.00 one years time at 5 per cent
interest. George Kelner is the auctioneer.
Work baskets, tabourettes, stands, li
brary tables, sideboards, buffets, sectional
bookcases, rockers, dinners, dining tables,
rugs, pictures, couches, bookcases, dress
ing tables, fancy dressers, pianos etc.,
make the best of Christmas preents. See
them at Foster, Ritter & Foster's Make
a small payment and have them laid
UMdrens COATS AND FURS For Christ- g
.Webster's Ready Pupil.
While entertaining visitors In a
school room, the late Granville S.
Webster, head master of the Eliot
school, at Doston, asked a small pu
pll of what the earth consists, nud
was promptly answered: "Land and
water." Mr. Webster varied the ques
lion slightly, that the fact mlgl t be
Impressed on the boy's mind, and
asked: "What, then, do land n:i'I wa
ter make?" to which came the ...ju..
diate response: "Mud."
For Writer's Ucning r.'nas.
Does your hand ache when writing?
It so, do not neglect the sign, but re
gard It as pointing to the need for Im
mediate treatment. If the aching is
merely occasional, proceeding from
cold air, or extra work, you may treat
it by a little rest, dipping the hand
Into hot vitrr and rubbing with a
very hot cloth. Hut If the aching be
comes frequent. It demands quite as
much attention as a disease threaten
ing life would demand, for or.e' abil
ity to gain a livelihood Is at stake.
Rest Is good, but It Is rest from writ
ing only. What the hand needs equally
Tith such rest Is uasslv rni
One-fourth olT on ladles Coats. A
full line of everything. All sizes and
This is the kind of weather a man
wants to be well shod. Try a pair of
our $3 25 line.
Children's Coats
Children's bear kirj coals and hoods
of the same material. Coats from
$4 25, $4 50, to $6 00
If you have to have anything in
underwear, we can fit men. women
and cbildrendn ev rvthing.
Buy vour goods
will get something
stamps are alway
The next entertainment in the M. E
hcture course will be the Oriole Concert
Co at the church Monday evening Jan 7,
composed of four exte'lent lady artists,
Lelia Anderson. Evelyn Bargelt, Alice
Stire and Helen Tinker.
Miss Bargfcl. is the reader and cartoon
artist. Mi-s Stire the beautiful and ar
tistic whis'ler. Miss Tinker the pleasirg
contralto and Miss Anderson the accom
plished pianist. Don't forget the date
and secu-e y"ur tickets at Pierce's
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Or. Ming's
JNevz Discovery
reri uu
H land m. aa
A Perfect For All Throat ana
Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back if It fail. Trial Bcttlea free.
wiiiie tne owner remunis 'stiff some
one should bend and extend the fin
gers, rub the Joints, pull them, etc.
Often It Is of service to cover the
hand at the completion of the move
r.:.nts wp'. warm oil, wrap It in hot
flannel, and keep It near the fire. This
tends to make the joints and the mus
cles supple.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
An ron a n1tn a nketrh and description tnT
qtitrklr aaortain our opinion fraa whlhr an
Invention probably pmavtnM. Communion,
tlnnmitrtctlr confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
ent frea. Olrient usenry for nei-uniitf patent.
I'ntenta taken through Munn A Co. recalls
tptrUU notice, without charga. In tba f
Scientific flinerican.
A handaomely Illustrated weekly,
rulatlon of int aolentlOo Journal.
T.arrent olr
rulatlon of any olentlOo Journal. Terms, 13 a
yeart fnr montba, IL DoldJyall nawadeaiara.
MUflII&Co.38,Br,'d' Hew York
Uraucn Offlca, t r
BU Waabluatoti, U. U
C3 lE
of Lincoln and you
in return. Our
' Horse Sense and Mechanics.
The examination In the principles of
mechanlvS was tak' by Abel Dunning
with a due regarJ to wha he had
learned "by main stre gth," as he
proudly stated; but he also used In
answering the questions what he wa9
pleased to call his "horSe sense."
"A pin will not stand on it;, point,"
he said In answer to one question,
"for three reasons:
"In the first place, a point, according
to Euclid, is that which hath no parts
and no magnitude; In the second
place, a pin will not stand on Its head,
much less therefore on Its point; In
the third place. It will If you stick It
In hard enough." JfJuth's Companion.
Beginning All Over Again.
"Did 1 hear you say, old chum, that
marriage ban made a new man of
"That's right."
"Then that wipes out the ten I owe
you. Now lend roe file, will you?"
Milwaukee SeutlnsL
Only 'i.r0.
The Grand Rapids Daily Press and the
Beldmtr Banner to R. F. D. subsreiber
only $2.50. Stf
. c
Corrected each week on Thursday
morning at 10 o'clock.
Wheat-red 72
Wheat-r.hlte 71
Rye.... Mfltft
Corn ... 4
Oats. 3U
Flour, perewt 1 902 (K)
Beans J a"
Hay, Loose, per ton . s 8 (X)
Hay, balled, " ....... UOOtoll 00
Potatoes .
Apples, per bushel
Spring Chickens...
Cattle-live '
3 00 (.14 00
Cattle-dressed (i ow7 o0
Hng-allvc A M(ttZ JH)
Hogs-dnsscd 7 00t" fo
Hides 8(,il0
A first-class cook in chargt of the
kitchen at Ungsr's restaurant. Qtt your
meals and lunches there.

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