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Belding banner. (Belding, Mich.) 1889-1918, March 07, 1907, Image 8

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e expect this
year to sur
pass all ot her
years during
our stay in
Beldinr. -Not that we
are kicking any, for we
are satisfied; hut we
have made a speeial ef
fort this year to huy
the best and most up-to-date
that ran be; bad
and a good large stock
at tlr.it.
Now if you are think
ing of buying a new
spring wrap call and
look over our line of
Coverts, Etons, and
Pony Jackets. These
three will be worn t he
most this season.
Beldlng, Wich
WRAPS:--Tlie three which I am about to name are the swell wraps for this
season, tight fitting coverts, light, loose, short fitting Pony jacket and silk Etons.
We have all of these. ' V
SKIRTS--We handle the Newman & Neugarten skirt, the best fitting garment
on the market. We -can fit you if intend to buy, all color and styles.
WAISTS The Acorn brand, you all have heard of the famous Acorn waist,
we now have the agency for this line.
CURTAINS Lace curtains are something you will have to have house cleaning
time. Don't forget that we sell them.
NOTIONS Notions are something that you use everytime you turn around. We
can save vou a lew cents on them.
TJtUNKS We carry the largest and best line of trunks in this city. Girls don't forget the place when
you go away for your vacation.
VALISES Suit cases and valises of all kinds and discription from 1. up.
We carry
you may
Ladies long silk
gloves in most any
color you may do,,
Dry Goods &
Clothing Store
The Acorn Brand
fs one of the oldest and best lines on
the road today. We have tried for a long
time to get thisline and havefinally found f
what we have been looking for so long.r'
Now we have a perfect right to feel
proud of this line, for we know they will
fit. And as for style, they can't be
equalled in this city. Net waist with
China lace in front, short sleeves trimmed
with lace same as mentioned. Persian
lawn waists, with pleated and lace effect
Baby Irish, etc. Sold here.
W Style
Spring Suits
Fancy Vests
SUITS: You can save money on your spring clothing by giving .Lincoln a trial. uur spring
suits have just arrived in both single and double breasted, long cut in mixtures and plain colors. If
we can't suit you in a suit, we carry two lines of samples in tailor made clothing: Royal Tailor Co. and
Chicago Tailor Made Clothing. Try us and see for yourself. We have recently purchased a swell
line of fancy vests for spring, in white, brown, gray and mixtures, some have the patch pocket with
three buttons in the front, something that always looks dressy for both old and young. ' Make your
selection before they are sorted over too much. Gents fine shirts fancy fronts and prevailing colors,
shoes, hats, caps pants and fancy hose tor men who want to dress well
We hope
Buy or
Try us
and SEE
A Bargain
The New Idea
Woman's Magazine
Both, One Year for Only $!,65
The New Idea Woman's Magazine contails over 100 pages each
month of fashions, dressmaking, needlework and household helps. k
Each number h beautifully illustrated and contains nine full-page
fashion plates, some in color.
These two publications furnish reading for every member of the
"Cockle Leekle" a New Way of Pre
paring Fowl for the Table Hotch
Potch a Fine Soup For
. Scotch Scones.
Cockle Leekle. Choose a large,
meaty fowl and prepare It as if It
were to be roasted. It may be cooked
with or without dressing If dressing
is to be used, and the dish is desired
with all the Scotch flavor, oatmeal
enriched with butter and well sea
soned with popper and salt and
chopped onion is the regulation mix
ture. Into four quarts of boiling water
drop the stuffed, dressed fowl; sim
mer gently for four hours. When the
fowl goes Into the pot add five leeks,
cut into Inch-lengths. Half an hour
later add four more leeks, cut up, also
pepper and salt to taste.
Sometimes when the fowl is not
stuffed It is cut up and small pieces
are put in the tureen with the soup.
A knife and fork are laid by the spoon
at each plate, and when the soup
is served the meat is eaten afterward
on the same plate. The fowl may be
served as a second course.
Hotch Potch. This is another fa
mous Scotch soup. Put three pounds
of meaty shin of beef in four quarts
of cold water. Allow it to come to a
boll and simmer for a few minutes,
then skin it carefully. Cut Into dice
two onions, two carroM, two parsnips,
two turnips, one head of celery, and
when the meat has cooked for two
hours add this to the contents of the
pot, with four sprigs of parsley
chopped fine, half a cupful of shredded
cabbage and half a cupful of barley
which has been washed over night
With the vegetables add'seaUnlng
of pepper and salt to taste. In two
hours put In one cupful of green peas
or one can of peas. Half an hour
later the soup pot should be taken
from the fire; bind slightly with two
tablespoonfuls of flour and two table
spoonfuls of butter rubbed to a paste.
After serving the soup follow it with
the meat and boiled potatoes as a sec
ond course.
Scotch Collop. Take one pound of
veal, cut it in pieces about two Inches
square, flour the meat, and fry it in
butter to a light brown. Dredge again
with flour, pour half a cupful of cold
water over the meat, set it to cook,
and as soon as it bolls add one
chopped onion and a blade of mace.
Let it simmer for half an hour, then
season with one tablespoonful of lem
on Juice, a teaspoonful of finely minced
lemon peel, two tablespoonfuls of
sherry and one tablespoonful of mush
room ketchup. L it boil up once,
then serve injured over slices of but
tered toast
Scotch Scones. These warm cakes
eaten with coffee make ' a breakfast
one will not readily forget. Sift one
quart of flour In a deep bowl, with a
tablespoonful each of salt and soda.
Rub in three tablespoonfuls of butter
and mix with a pint of sour milk.
Toss on a floured baking board and
cut off three pieces large enough to
roll out the size of a dinner plate.
Do not knead the dough or touch it
any more than is absolutely neces
sary. Roll until about one Inch thick,
then cut each round into four. Bake
on a hot griddle slightly greased.
Turn and bake on the other side.
They will else until thick and puffy,
lie certain they are cooked through.
Eat warm with butter.
What His Bumps Told.
"That man is a phrenologist, Pat."
"A what?" asked Pat, puzzled.
"A phrenologist."
. "An', sure, what's that, sorr?"
"Why, a man that can tell, by feel
ing the bumps on your head, what
kind of man you are?"
"Humps on my head, is It?" ex
claimed Pat. "Begorra, then, I think
it would give him more of an idea
what kind of a woman me wife is!"
A Good Place Is on Nails In Joist
of Barn.
Here Is a method of hanging seed
xrn to the joists in the barn. Nails
ire driven Into the Joists at a distance
if three or four inches apart. Each
ar is hung to a nail either by a string
attached. to a nail driven into the end
p 1
You Should Consult
Headaches Cured
Cross Eyes Straightened
Perfect Vision Restored
WitK Dr. Stanton
Kvry Saturday, tinlil 6
P. M.
Examination Wrmm
Hanging Seed Corn in the Barn.
f the ear or by one or two husks. If
placed where there is plenty of venti
ration, says Prairie Farmer, this
method of drying corn is reported to
be very satisfactory where the corn is
selected early and given a chance te
drv out during fall weather.
Nothing has ever equalled it
Nothing can ever surpass it
Dr. ling's
Hou iiseovory
f0rCP""8-4 511
Sac 1149
A Perfect For All Throat anu
Cure : Lung Troubles.
Money back If It fall. Trial BottlM tr.
0 0 v
E km hWm SteJ
ii i i
Announcement Extraordinary
tore In jBeldikw Block. A New
The MILLER & HARRIS FURNITURE CO. are now open and ready for business with
an ABSOLUTELY new and up-to-date stock of Pianos, Organs, Sewing
Machines, Furniture and Carpets
Let us make your acquaintance
whether you are a buyer or not
Hamris Frareitaire Co,

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