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Tli u Best Values
Hundreds Jrt
Underwear V
lustrum 'lit l Olio ot the Finest
Cout rucltMl
WhHt II. W. Ittrker, Wli Com
ited III Work, shh ! ll-AII
Ufud) for t i Miid lUcl'nl
The organ na installed in the First
Congregational church in this city will be
heard by the public for the first time at a
recital given by Prof Waltc Keller, con
cm orgai it of Chicago, on Friday eveq
inj .f this eek W W. Ricker of Chi
cago, who hds had many years of experi
ence in the work o' installing organs ar d
who his juii completed this one. says:
'Trie or can was built by the Lyon &
Healy Co. of Ch'cago and contains the
following stops, registers, etc. It is two
r --nudl and a pedal organ v nh acompas?
'iwe octaves from CC to c4 on the man
Udis and 30 notes from CCC to F on the
"Great organ: 1 open Diapason. 8 ft.
maul. 61 notes; 2 Dulciana. 8 ft metal.
61 notes; 3 Meloaia, 8 ft. wood. 61 notes:
4 Octave. 4 ft. metal. 61 notes.
"Swell organ: 5 Viola, 8 ft. metal, 61
notes; 6 Stopped Diapason, 8 ft. wood.
61 notes; 7 AEoline. 8 ft. metal, ul notes;
8 Spitz Flute. 4 ft. metal. 61 notes; 9
Oooe. 8 ft 61 notes.
"Pedal organ: 10 Bourdon. 16 ft
wood, 30 notes.
"Mechanical Registers: 1 1 Great to
Pedal coupler. 12 Swell to Pedal coupler.
13 Swell to Great unison, 14 Swell to
Great at 8 vs, 15 Tremolo to Swell.
"Pedal movements: Full orga.throw
im: on all stops including couplers; Mez
zo, changing to Mezzo organ; Piano,
changing to piano organ; Balance, Swell
"The power used to blow the organ is a
Spencer piston water motor regulated
automatically by the bellows. The gate
pull is situated under the key board at
the right of tne o-ganist, where it can be
operated without moving from the bench.
The organ has 10 speaking stops and a
-.'tota of 579 soeakincr pipes. 1 his orean.
wh.Je not'cTa'ssed'among'the larger ones,
jtOT inree or lour manuals, contains repre
sentative stops of all the various organ
tones of which there are only four, namely,
the Diapason, the Flute, the String and
the Reed, while some of the very large
organs represent a full and complete or
chestra: all effects are drawn from the
four fundamental tones. In the open
Diapason and Octave we have the Dia-
Why not make vour feet
pretty with
Come in today and eee the
new fashion in this heauti
ful footwear. Thev aie the
handsomest produced In
many years
PECK The Shoe Man
: i I j j;
;n wr.:, .7. e a til L 4
V v . 4. ' . . ' '
Stind.iv, Xdvombor
K. R." Barker.
One I);iv Onlv
Saturday November 16
W will ollVr any Bible in our store
at 2 er cent discount on the dol
lar. 12 12 per cent Discount
We always mark our Bibles on a very
.small Margin of profit and then we
jfive you extra 12 1-2 per cent discount
next Saturday. You can ret a yood
bible very cheap. This price is for
Saturday Nov. Id, Come in and look
our line of Bibles over and take ad
vantage of this sale.
Co. have built some of the larger organs
within the past few years, notably Or
chestra Hull and our Lady of Sorrows R.
C. church. Chicago, both being four man
ualsthe first named an electric, the lat
ter electro-pneumatic.
"After an experience of thirty-eight
years in this work I feel that I can be
safely relied upon to judge of these mat
ters. It gives me great pleasure to install
and finish up such an organ as this, where
everything about it is of the best, both in
materials and workmanship. Results
can be produced which will be a lasting
pleasure to all who are in any way con
cerned in the affair. It will be a monu
ment to the credit of the builders, to the
committee who purchased it and a beau
tiful tribute to the up-building of Chris
tianity when dedicated to the worship of
cur Creator through Christ our Lord."
-jt'jivriht l'7 l,y K. It. IJarkrr
The New Pipe Oryan installed this week in the Congrega
tional church, to be dedicated
photo for this cut was taken by
pason tones proper, in the Melodia, ti e
Stopped Diapason and Spitz Flute we
have the Flute tones; in the Viola and
AEoline we have the String and in the
Oboe the Reed. The Pedal Bourdon is
classed as a Flute tone. This organ is
capable in the hands of a master of a
great variety of combinations and is as
large as any church of this present or
prospective size will ever require.
"The case is dark mahogany with full
gold decorated front pipes and will be the
most beautiful front in the state.
"The pastor is certainly to be congrat
ulated for the wisdom shown in selecting
this particular action, as it is perfect in
every way and less likely to get out cf
order than any other action njw in use.
The committee has shown its good judg
ment, not only in its choice as to tonal ef
fects and architectural beautv, but in
purchasing from a firm whose business
methods, integrity and guarantee can be
accepted at their face value, which is not
always the case with some vho,presume
to build organs. As a matter of fact, a
great many churches with which the
writer has had business relations have
found this out after it was too late. As
a purely business proposition, no church
today can ifford to be wi-hout an organ
It adds to the solemnity cf the usual ser
vices, and. as this is an of music,
many lovers of the art iuc drawn to
where they can gratify the.r U:.us in this
particular. In any place where traveling
men have to pass their Sabbaths they
will invariably choose the place of wor
ship where they can hear the best music.
Churches are realizing this more fully the
past few years than ever before, and for
tunately, most any church today can have
financial aid to the extent of at least one
half the price of an organ by applying to
Andrew Carnegie, as I have had ample
opportunity to know, having erected otite
a number of organs in churches where
the people have availed themselves cf
gifts from this source. The Lyon & Healy
iiturluyH Foot Itall (tune Wnx the
Krul Tiling
The Belding Foot Ball team have ad
vertised several games with the Ionia
players but something has always hap
pened to prevent their coming until last
Saturday when their husky bunch dropped
into our city prepared to carry off the
scalps of the local team but had reckoned
without their host as the local team which
had haci only a little practice, put up such
a stiff game that when the time was
called on the second half neither side had
succeeded in scoring a point. The local
team was considerably strengthened by
Vann Wilder of Ionia who came to help
our boys out. A fairly good crowd wit
nessed the game.
The next number in the Star Lecture
course will be givfi at the M. E. church
Wednesday evenirv, Nov. 20, a lecture
by Robert S. Seeds, the noted orator and
lecturer. The Depere, Wis., Press says:
"The Star Entertainment course closed
last night with Robert S. Seeds' humorous
lecture on "Mistakes of Life Exposed." It
was by far the best number of the course
and was thoroughly enjoyed by every one
The largest dealers In Wall Paper in Ionia and Mont
calm counties - - - -
Star Lecture Course, Wednesday evening
November 20. Subject: "Mistakes of
Life Exposed."
.rnt M"Nlrnl F.vnt For Friday
ii I nil - Fl no Froirrnni til Millr,
Soim nil l '
A grand organ recitil in honor of the
installation of the new pipe organ will be
i'lven in the Congregatior al church Friday
vening of tris week, with Mr. Walur
Keller orgarist of St. Vincent's church,
Chicago, pre-:ding. Mr. Keller is recog
nized as stc.-nd to no other organist in
'he central states. The Lyon &, Healy
Zo., of whim the organ was purchased,
vould not send him out to show ( tip their
instrument if he was not absolutely the
iest. He will be assisted by Miss Flor
ence Wagner. Mis Merl Stall, Mrs J. E.
Ferguson and Mrs. J. H. Armstrong in
solos and n charming chorus of forty-two
t ices This entertainment will be the
;reatst musical event ever held in this
:ity. Mr. Keller will show the wonderful
ossibilities of the pipe organ in its vol
ume and richness of tone. A treat will
-e given our city, the like of which will
ot be again presented for some time.
The seating capacity of the church has
ieen arranged to comfortably seat a
irge number of people. The price of ad
nission to the auditorium is 50c, lecture
'oom, 35c. and gallery. 25c; exceot f '-.
wo rows which are 50c. All children
inder ten years of age 25c Every seat
t the church should be taken to lister to
he music and enjoy the fine program
hich has been prepared.
I'rotfMtttiit I'pliM'Ojml society Makrii
Start on New Church Iltun
Holy Trinity Mission is soon to lue a
home of its own, the ground having leen
broken for same the latter part c4 last
week. Smith Stanton has the job ex
cavation and will also build the foundation
on which the structure is to be placed.
The new structure will be 65x30 feet
and will serve the capacity of a church
house. There will be two rooms 9x15 in
front and a large room in the rearand a
chancel room added to the building proper
or in other words the body of the ohurch
The new building will not be dedicated
as a church but will be used by the society
for services and various church entertain
ments until such time as they are Ie, to
build and consecrate a church.
A rule of the church prohibits any thing
of a secular nature being held in the
church when in has once been consecrated
to God and the society being a little small
at the present time deems it expedient to
build a church house for the present time
and await the growth of the society to a
time when it will be able to errect a build
ing that can be consecrated and kept only
for services of the church. An eight foot
Basement, five foot in the ground and
three above, will make a handy arrange
ment for suppers and other functions of
the church. The wik of construction will
be pushed as rapidly as possible and the
members of the society are recieving much
encouragement from outside sources in a
financial way that gives them much hope
in the outcome. The Eureka M. E. Church
building recently purchased, has been
dismantled and brought to this city in good
condition and will go into the construction,
The silk tlty t ook Hook
The Silk City Cook Book, which the
ladies of the Congregational church are
getting out, will be completed this month.
It will be a fine book for the thrifty house
wife to refer to and have ready at hand
in the cullinary department of the house
hold. A thousand copies will be published
and the book will contain recipes for not
only the substantial part of a meal, but
also the fine, dainty dishes. The book
will contain between 125 and 150 pages
and the price has been placed at fifty
cents, a remarkably low figure for it.
Parties desiring a copy should place
their orders at once. This can be done
by addressing Mrs. Laura Wilbur, Mrs.
E. W. Lltle or Mrs. K. IJ. Lapham, Beld
ing, Mich.
'Ijimm in Cookery.
Beginning Saturday, Nov. 23rd, Miss
Ruth Smith will conduct two classes in
cookery at Congregational dining room;
from nir.e to eleven a. m. class for be
ginners from two to four p". m , class in
advancejwork. Terms, 1 0 lessons for $3,
50 cents single lesson.
Clonllitf Hour
Belding, Mich., Nov. 7. 1907.
We, the undersigned grocers of the city
of Belding, agree to close our stores at
6:30 o'clock each night except pay and
Saturday nights, commencing Nov. 18,
1907. Pay nights. 5, 9. 1 0, 20, 24 and
25th of each month.
E. Chappie L. D. Pierce
Lamb fJros. F. H Hudson
C. Eddy W. W. Case
E E Hudson Underwood Bros.
Cln In Cookery.
Beginning Saturday, Nov. 23d, Miss
Ruth Smith will conduct two classes in
cookery at Congregational dining-room;
from nine to eleven a. m., class for begin
ners, from two to four p. m., class in ad
vanced work. Terms, 10 lessons for $3
fifty cents single lessons.
Will He Dedicated at th Con
Kreutloiml Church
It'. Lancaster and Conerettttmnn lIe
keiua Will O! ve AddiHCH-M-r-vice
Morning Mild Kvenlnu;
Next Sunday has been set apart as
"Dedication day" by the Congregational
church and society fcr the dedication of
the new pipe organ, which has just been
hstailed in the church, a fine description
o which will be found in another column
of The Banner. Rev. N. J. Myers and
the several committees of the church.
both ladies and gentlemen, have been put
ting forth strenuous effort's to make the
servi.es a success in every particular.
Congressman Gerrit J. Diekema. our
papular representative from the 5th Dis
trict, has notified the committee that it
win giveilhim great pleasure to come to
if -
Hon. G. J. Deikema
the Silk City on that occasion and take
part in the exercises. He will speak both
morning and evening on the opic. "The
Value of Church Enterprise Upon the
Moral and Business Interests of a City."
Mr. Diekema is a fine speaker and a sound
Dr. Lancaster, president of Olivet col
lege, one of the best theologians in the
state, has also assured Rev. Myers and
the committee that he will be present and
deliver the dedicatory sermon in the morn
ing and also assist in the service in the
Miss Helen Bidlack, also of Olivet, will
be present and preside at the organ She
is the pipe organist of the church con
nected with the college and is considered
as good a one as there is in the state.
Special music has been arranged for the
day. It is expected that Revs. D E
Millard of Portland. E Mudge of Maple
Rapids, A. Secord of Lakeview and John
J. Staley of Manistee, former pastors, wil,
be present, as well as a number of others
from other denominations, who have been
invited, and it is confidently hoped and
anticipated that there will be a large audi
ence present to assist in making the day
one of uplifting power and glory.
It 1 unqualified' true that no better littin? lnots were ever
produced than the ' (ueen Quality " Te ir maker is a j;eniiH
in combining fit. with style. That ,4tbey lit wh-ro others fail''
and "jive ease the iir9t day worn" are proverbial with every
shoe man.
But vou know yourself they tnu-t have sn'me nvriu superior
to other shoes A factory output of lO.Oou pairs per day the.
larjje't In ihe world, tells you that.
The new sty'es ready.
... i
Shoe for PTIen
We have tried our hardest to ma!
this season's line of $2.50 shoes the
most pleasing,- and biggest values in
town. We have them in Blucher,
Lace and Congress made from Box
Calf, Velour, Calf. Cordovan and Elk
Leather. . We ask you to try them as
we are confidert they will please you
in every, particular and prove to be
better shoes than you ever bought
before for the price,
R. Edwards
"The Most Vagrant Fancy"
Will find something here that will pln-r "j i-t r'glr"2s a WVildinc (lift
or any kind of a gift what-so ever A nn-l r.uiii ful :nu) extensive collivt
ion of y ift-iri ing t-ods in Silver and (.'tit (ji.i.-s. Art China and Cutlery,
('locks ami Bronzes, etc . etc. And if you know ii.tlit -n will quickly ieal
izeour prices speak a modest pmlit. A IJtauti i inch Cu: Ci as Howl t-l.oa
Jeweler and Optician
Style, Supreme Satisfaction, Economy and this 5
Store go Hand in Hand &
This store strenuously endeavors, from day to day to rive you all that ft
you can desire in merchandise; at the same tmieollermr to
you unexcelled opportunities practicing econ
omy. You can not atTord to huv
Cloaks, Dress Goods. Underwear, Carpets or
ail J Llllllg 111 lilt lllltO fV ailj llll V
out tirst inspecting our. lines
Store Closes at 6 p. m. every night except Pay and S-.itiirday Nights
'TIT. j mfn'Vy"7 ray. r trimm!!iy.rc3TWi8r
C. Lloyd,

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