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Tbr U a Ilea of Nolle la Bain
Abl to Dipiud Dpoua Vil
Kariivd JUptiUliun
For mon'a Beldlng reader have teen
' 1 constant expression of prali for
Dow Ki. n;y and read about
tne tfooct work tbey have don In thU
locality 'ot another remedy, ever
produced u.h convincing proof of
me It
Max WaUer, Hvjn? corner Ashfleld
Street and Merrlt Avenue, Beldlng,
Mich , ay: "Several yearn ago, I
sutTcitd irotn kidney trouble and back
ache. At firs', I felt d'mj but did
not know what was the caus of it. I
did not r'elize the the trouble, but I
became worse, my back ached and
the dizrj fjel.b became more frequent
I gut fco had that I could not turn
my bead or look upwords without be
cotnming faint and dizzy.
I read of Doan's Kidney Tills and
got a box at Connell Brothers drug
store, and used them only a short time
when I apain injoyed my usual good
health. Doan's Kidney Pills did me
a great deal of good and. I am glad to
rcccomend them as I have had no
trouble since using them."
For Sale bt all dealers. Price W)cts,
F'8'er.Ml'Mirn Co RuffVc. New Y"V.
bule Agents for the Unl e SUtei.
lean ruder the name i Joan's ud
no other.
R. Spencer,
M. A. Riio
Peoples Savings Bank
You Have Heard of
Money on Trees
nd If you depoiit your money withu
the interest will come to you even
easier than if you had to. go to the
it liLle of ultkinu it.
Interest on a Dollar
isn't to much begin with. Let It grow
, though and add other dollars to it
jnd tlm wl'l show the results. Sta
tistics show greater accumulations
with less Iosh through Savings Banks
than elsewhere. Open an account
....BY TUB....
Bel din 5 Building and
Loan Association
Te those who wish to build a house or
pay of your mortgage; or in buying
m home already built on easy
terms of monthly Install
menu. For particulars
call at their office.
There Is nothlsg better in Beldlag
(or investmant than stock In the Bel
i lug Building and Loan. Stock of
which, Series No. 40, Is now open tr all.
A. WAGNER, Sec'y.
Money to Loan
On Real Estate Mortgage
and any other Good
Deposits received and liberal
rate of Interest paid on same.
Your business invited.
Sandell's Bank
PtvmLl and tlbrral claim bavmenla
hen? ramie Continental Policies foftdac
Policies of fxtsitive protection tor0
all titks at lowfst rice -r
Kit KM .M OKU AM , Agi., BsiUing.
Li izt Laxslrr:.
TT)T1 4 OthArtlA wbici purm, no4 tti
bow I, and rlr temporary rhf. bat IrrlUU,
fnd wrkn th diipwtiT and xpltr T.
vtlY IronMii Tavblftta ar llm h
effect troth U from (alMbaod. Tby
th bowel mate) aad nerrM. glrta tL Iran ft a
ard rigor to do t ha work nature IntomUd. that
ffewtlof a pnnann cara br parfala aara aa4
rwrnr! naana. Tba bait Urattra for kUdrvo,
Crvlta o"4 tbltt, o tv TTwr frtp
; j f
" Weekly Grist of Newsy Items Reported by
Oar Sped! Co-respondents,
Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Murray,
a daughter, Nov. 9,
The Sunday school convention held
at the MottKt fchool bouse In West
Canoon Nov. 10 was well attended.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tuttleof Best
wick Lake called on the former's
brother, Eugene Tuttle, Sunday.
Charley Haines has returned from
Mrs. Vera Am strong has gone to
Grand Kapids.
Mr. Norton of Grand Uapis wis in
this vicinity recntly buying poultry.
C. S. Judson and James Bookey were
in Grand Uapids on Wednesday of
ia9t week.
Mr. A. H. Sturgls and Mrs. E. Tut
tle were In Grand Rapids Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lampman of
Lowell were guests of their daughter,
Mrs Bert Hartwell. a few days last
Jesse Tbomp8ott of Lowell made his
father a visit last Wednesday.
Mrs. Loren Barber of Lowell was a
recent guest of her uncle and aunt,
Charles Hartwell and wife.
Tboe who attended the funeral of
Mrs. Rosalia EUby on Sunday, Nov.
10, at the PUinQeld Ave church in
Grand Rapids, were Bert Hartwell
and wife and their son Willie, Fran
Hartwell and wife, relatives of de
ceased, and Henry Lampman of Low
ell accompanied the friends.
II Fought at Gettysburg
David Parker of Fayette, N. Y.,
who lost a foot at Gettysburg, writes:
"Electric Bitters have done me more
jjood than any medicine 1 ever took
For several years I had stomach trou
ble and paid out much money for
medicine to little purpot-e, until l be
jan taking Electric Bitter. I would
not take $500 for what they have done
for me." Grand tonic for the aged
and for female weakness . Great
alterative and body builder; best of
all for lame back and weak kidneys.
Guaranteed by Connell Bros., drug
gists. 60c.
Grattan Grange met in regular
session Thursday evening, Nov. 14,
with about sixty answering to roll
The general business session was
enjoyed, lacluding ci-nferrlng the
second and third degrees on the class
)f candidates, v
Final arrangements were made for
the anniversary meeting of D'C. 4.
The fourth degree will be conferred
and the usual feast will follow. An
appropriate program Is being pre
pared and will be announced a little
later. " -
The committee in charge of the
purchasing of a piano announces a
dancing party to be given at the
Grange hall Friday evening, Nov. 29
All members of Grattan Grange, also
members of neighboring Granges are
cordially Invited to attend. A chick
en pie supper with its numerous ac
companiments will be servfl and all.
members of our Grange aie as Iced to
furnish for 'his. Harding's orchestra
from Beldlng will furnish the music
and a fine time Is assured. Bill for
dance and supper $1.00. The proceeds
from the party will go toward pur
chasing a piano for all the hall. The
young people are working to raise the
necessary funds and .Ml assistance
will be greatly appreciated.
The Gleaners wish to announce that
their next meeting will be htld Tues
day evening, Dec. 3, for the election
of officers and a good attendance is
desired. All dues must be paid bv
Dec. 10, as reports leave secretary's
office for headquarters Dec. 11.
I ain't feeling right today,
Something wrong I must say;
Come to think of it, that's right,
I forgot my Uockv Mountain Tea
last night. Sold by Connell Bros.
Carl Hoover was the guest of Mr.
C. A. Bennett Saturday.
R. JJ. Wise and wife entertained Al
bert Pulbemns and wife to dinner
Sunday, also their son, A. D., and
A. D. Wise has moved back to
Greenville, after spending the sum
mer at Grand Rapids. Be is at Ed
more now looking after hi farm.
Arthur B. Wise is carrier this week
In place of J. Avery, who is taking a
J. Wise and wife of Smoky Row
were guests of friend here last week.
A Hard Debt To Pay
"I owe a debt of gratitude that can
never be paid off," writes O. S. Clrk
of Wesifield, Iowa, 'form recue
from death by Dr. King's New Dis
covery. Both lungs were so seriously
affected that death seemed Imminent,
when 1 commenced taking New Dis
covery. The ominous dry, hacking
cough quit before the first bottle was
used, and two more bottles made a
complete cure." Nothing hat ever
equaled New Discovery for coughs,
colds and all thro;and lung com
plaints. Guaranteeu oy Connell Bros,
druggists, 0 and 11.00. Trial bottle
Mrs. Essie Condunand brother, Pe
ter Vandenbroeck, visited tbelrshter,
Mrs. Zell House of Sparta, last week.
Mrs. Maggie Carr of Keene visited
over Saturday night at her father's,
George Ford's.
Will Degraw and his moCher took
dinner at W. H. Keech's Sunday and
rhe remained to keep house for Mr.
The Vergennes road commissioner
is hauling gravel on the road east of
Moseley station and this week will
haul south of the Barto school house
1300 worth. The team hauled ft loads
each day.
Our hustling grocer, Frank Keecb,
has opened his poultry buying and is
paying good prices at his Alton store.
Maurice Trumbull has the work of
putting a glass front in F. Keeh's
Moseley store.
The series of crusade meetings
closed Saturday evening with a jubi
lee, we are informed.
The school house has been painted
Inside this week and the teacher,
Miss Klce, returned Saturday to re
sume her duties.
Otis White was at E. M. Alger's In
South Vergennes Sunday.
We are Informed that a Mr. Per
kins of Grand Rapid has bought Mis
Rettle Bressnehan's Moseley store.
A Slicnlffcant Prayer
"May the Lord help you make Burk
len's Arnica Salve known to all,"
writes J, G. Jenkins . of Chapel Hill,
N. C. It quickly took the vain out of
a felon for me and cured It In a won
derfu'ly short time." Best on earth
for sore, t urns and wounds. 2oc at
Connell Bros.' drug store.
The New Pure Food and Drue I aw
We are pleased to announce that
Foley's nouey and Tar for coughs,
colds and lung troubles is not affected
by the National Pure Food and Drug
law, as it contains no opiates or othe
harmful drugs, and we recommend it
as a safe remedy for children and
adults. Sold by Wortley & French.
Mrs. A. J. Moon and children visited
her sister, Mrs. Ray Tllllison of Easi
Otlsco, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Leach and Mis
Anna Larson of Belding spent Satur
day night and Sunday at S. C. Sny
der's. Mr. and Mis. N, Shenden and son of
Greenville and Mrs. Clyde Day and
daughter spent Sunday at M. Kohn's.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Morse and daugh
ter were Saturday and Sunday guests
of Mr. and Mrs. F. Fea near Green
ville. Miss Alta Warner spent Saturday
and Sunday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. Warner.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall visited Mr.
and Mrs. Redford of Eureka Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Carpenter and
two children visited at J. L. Morse's
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Hanks have
moved from their farm to their resi
dence here again.
Mrs. Ella Seymour of Hart, who has
been visiting at the sanitarium tht
past week, returned home Thursday
Jacob King of Breckenrldge and
Mrs. Ann Holcomb of Orleans spent
Saturday with Mrs. C. M. Hubbard.
Miss Lena Snyder was the guest
Tuesday of Miss Winnie Chapman, It
being her seventeenth birthday. Mist
Winnie received a nice gold watch
from her parent
Is due In a large measure to abuse oi
the bowels, by employing drastic
purgatives To avoid all danger, ue
only Dr King's New Life Pills, the
safe, gentle cleansers and Invigor
ators. Guaranteed for headache, bil
loudness, malaria and jaundice, at
Connell Bros.' drug store. 25c.
My Hair is
Extra Long
Feed your hair; nourish It;
give it something to live on.
Then it will stop falling, and
will grow long and heavy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor Is the only
genuine hair-food you can
buy. It gives new life to the
hair-bulbs. You save what
hair you have, and get more,
too. And it keeps the scalp
clean and healthy.
Tha bast kind of a testimonial
"Sold lor ovar slaty , yars."
Kada bT . O. ra Oa LaaraU. Maaa.
"I Want the Proof '
When told that nervous, exhaustion and
Kostration are cured by Dr. A. W. Chase'
erve fills, and we refer you to many thous
and of cases similar to the one rrportcd below.
Because you do not look sick and are not
suffering great pain, and because they do not
realize your awful feelings of weakness, help
lessness and discouragement, your fricmls fail
to show much sympathy for you, and most
doctors are simply helpless in the face of
exhausted nerves.
Dr. A. W. Chase's
Nerve Pills
Will cure you just as rapidly as new blood
can be formed and new nerve force created,
for they cure in Nature's way, by building up
the nervous system and for this reason vou can
be absolutely sure that each dose is of at least
some benefit to you. The portrait and signa
ture of A. W. Chase, M. D., are on every
box of the genuine. 50 cts. at all dealers or
Dr. A.W. Chase MedicineCo., Buffalo, N.Y
Mr. James Squires, Courtland, Mich.,
'My daughter was helpless with nervous pros
tration for three years in spite of the efforts of
the best doctors in surrounding cities. Six
. boxes of Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills com
pletely cured her, so that she does the work of
woman, and is as well and vigorous as ever."
For sale by W. I. Hentdich, Heldin
Miss Grace Moon Is spending thi
weeic at Morris Hinds.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Maaon.
Nov. 16, a daughter.
Mr. Gaines of Uockfotd is papering
for M. J. Richmond.
Walter White and wife and F. .1
Richmond, wife and .daughter spent
Sunday at F. L. Moon's.
Mrs. Susan Krupp spent last veel
with relatives in Miriam.
Fred McNitt and family wcr Sr..
day guests at Lester Carpenter s.
Peter Kobnand family spent Sund. v
in Miriam.
A pood story comes from Philadel
phia with reference to a youns so
ciety matron who sought the advice of
her pastor touching a peculiarly per
sonal and delieate matter of con
"I would like to have your opinion.
lr," said she, "as to whether or no(
the use of rouge is wrong."
The diplomatic' clergyman smiled.
"Some," said he, "hold that th"ie is
nothing pernicious in a hit of rouge;
others, on.the contrary, regard the use
of this eosmetic as most reprehensi
ble. To me It seems best to steer a
middle course. You might, therefore,
use rouge on one cheek only." Harp
er's Weekly.
Tilts If Worth Itcnicuibt ring
As no one is immune, every peroi
should remember that Foley's Kidne
Cure will cure any case of kidney o
oladder trouble that is not beyond tin
reach of medicine. Sold by Wortle)
& French.
As Might Be Expected.
A man who, with his family, had
spent several weeks at a fashionable
summer resort, discovered one morn
ing that he had lost his pocketbook.
Thinking it possible that it iniht have
been found by some employe of the
hotel at which he was slaying, he re
ported his loss to the landlord.
"That's too bad, Mr. Johnson," said
that functionary. "I'll make infinities
about It. What kind of pocketbook
wa if"
"Russian' leather," answered the
"What color?"
"Dark -red."
"Any distinguishing marks about
"It had a clasp."
"What was the shape of It?"
"Flat, of course," said Mr. Johnson.
"Haven't I been here more than . a
month?" Youth's Companion.
It is deliciously palatable, agrco
ith the weakest stomach, contain?
the raoet soothing, healing, strength
enlng and curative elements Makes
you well and happy. Hoi;i?ter
Rocky Mountain Tea. 3 cents, Ten
or Tablets, at Connell Bros.
Young College Woman (interested in
politics) The office should seek the
Grandma (rather deaf) I know
that's what girls think nowadays. Put
In my time It was considered very un
ladylike. Puck.
For Sale 40-acre farm miles cuth
and . mile east of LaVeview. or will ex
change for house and lot in Bftldinsr. Ad
dress Henry Svr. R F. D 5 Lkeview,
or se Eugene Hollenbcck, Ellis addition
Belding. 17w6
We havo secured the arencv for
Orlno Laxative Fruit Syrup, the new
laxative that makes the liver llvek,
purifies the breath, cures headache
and regulates the digestive organs.
Cures chronic constipation Ask us
about it. Wortley A French. ,
Are You Making
Money? S'dS&E
iions and Valuable
Prizes for each Subscription secured. None
I the prize are competitive. You can find
out how you can do this by writin g to the
for particular concerning its great Subscription
Campaign and the inducements which are
being ofcered to Representatives. Equally
interesting to old and young. Address
3 Watt Twentynlnth Street
Maw York City
To thd'Ldy -mrho
It wo can show you a saving' ol! from $3.00 to 8.00 on a clcak,
ilon't yoii think you ouht to take advantage of it?
Is money so plentiful that you can afford to pass such bargains?
The snows and winds of winter will soon be with us. Are you
Our Cloak department is a maze of bargains but nothing is shown
that will not stand the searchlight of value.
Quality, durability -style, then last not first Price a convincer.
Ladie' coat In Hrondclo'h or Kersey xho.wn in Brown, Blue, Castor or BlucU, full length, ripple
b?!ck, lined throughout with baiin, trimmed with braid and velvet.
A Sensible Stylish Garment
This is another season when Fashion demands that furs.be worn.
Its a comfortable i'ash ion too.
We are showing the most art istic endeavor of the best makers in
Coney, Fox, Chinchilla, Lynx, Cat, Mink, Martin and Squirrel. The
price range is below the average. Fursare high yet we sell
Neck Pieces 90c to $35.00
Muffs $1 to $15.00
Sets Muffs and Neck Pieces $10 to $40.00
Come in and look them over. It places you under no obligation
to buy. We know you will enjoy the display. Your fare both ways
on a 5.00 purchase.
We fill Mail Orders
Constipation, indigestion, drive
way appetite and make you weak
tnd sick. Hollister's Kooky Mountain
!'ea restores the appetite, drives
tway disease, build up the system.
" cents, Tea or Tablet-, at Connell
A Lengthy and Harmless Dueltce
tween Two Italians.
A remarkable duel was foujcht In
Caplea recently. It arose out of a quar
el between two Neapolitan aristo
rats, to settle which a duel was ar
insed. When, however, the comba
ants were facing each other, sword
n hand, a reconciliation was effected.
Then a fresh dispute arose between
?l.?nor San Malato, one of the prlri
ipals, a noted fencer, and Sipnor l?as
lone, one of the seconds, with the re-
)lt that a second duel was arranged
etween them, to continue until one
if them was incapacitated.
The weapons were to bo pistols.
'oth parties, thoih famed as fence
rs, proved very bad shots, for at G3
oet distance 41 shots were excl an,rej
vithout the shedding of blood.
At the fortysecond shot, however,
:an Malato grazed his opponent's
herk. making a slight abrasion.
xThe seconds then Intervened, hon
r was declared satisfied, and the
luellsts embraced each other amid,
he-rejiort says, a touching scene.
Hoth combatants were eongratiil.it
1 uj-on their eo.dness under this.
in.il of biillets. The affair lasted ex-'
etV ' three hours and a half.
He Just Threw.
A 'boy working in a garden in th
illaire of firafton. O., saw a dog pass
ng along the street :vm. of course,
e picked up a stoije ai.d ti t k a throw.
The stone hit the rg, and the canine
an under the f jet of a team of
"torses. The hordes ran away and
lashed into the front of a store.
A man In getting out of their way
"oil and broke hiV leg. A man and a
.veman in the store were badly hurt
The damage to the store was $100.
One horse was. killed and the wasron
smashed, and that counted up $1100
. It's fun to throw a stone at a dog
tnd see him got a liump on himself,
'mt sometimes the thing doesn't end
vlth a laugh. In this ease the hey who
lid the. throwing la in jail and wishing
o hadn't done It. Dcston Globe.
1 11
Villi IflflK FDR T.r.DU3Lt
II juu vuiuiii a i ii Gai in wi uvuut
fX fulqinlilj
t'rCv TV. .....I, Unnt.r'a anil
''Wr$jrr ',mm Marksman's Ideal
' VV'f 7 11 1 reli,b,e' "nerrin STEVENS
by shooting our popular
Afck your Incut Hnrtlwuro
or Sporting ;N Mer
chant for tli STl'.VI.NS.
If un runnot obtain, wo
tlirrrt, rxpre- yrf
upon receipt ol l ain
lojj lrlo.
Mend 4 riit In Mnii) for 14(1 I'm;'
llliitt rutl Cittithitr, tin linlliijf (imi
In of l:itt nllition to our lint
(Jon till Ii4 point oil ulioot Infj, iiimiiiii
nitlon, the proper rnrr rf i Hrnrm.
etc., it o. Onrnttrnrtlva Ten Color
l.lt liotfrnplitMl llMTiircr innilrd iwiy
hfri for ! cent In tm i,
1. O. Hot 4)!7
Chlropcff rU, Mat"., f. !. A.
UMd ii Ky
Will cure any case of Kidney or Bladder Disease not bright a Disease
beyond the reach of medicine. No medicine can do more. or -Diabetes
Try Banner Liners, Only 5c a Line
The "
A Profusely Illustrated Monthly for
Withoul Question fhe Jfost Enter
taining and Practical Magazine in
the IVorlJ for Young Americans.
36 'Paget, titt of Lcdict' Horn Journal.
Serial and Short Stories by Strate- .
meycr, Tomlinson, Trowbridge, Mun
roe, Shute, and others, the best writers
for boys in the world.
Departments relating to all Boy
Hobbies, edited by experts.
It preaches the religion of " DO,
and not that of " DONT."
Is doing more for the Uplift and
Encouragement of Boys than any other
Approved by parents and educa
tors. Boys (250,000 of them) every
where enthusiastic for it.
The subscription price of The
American Boy is "$1 .00 pef year.
The American Boy, (lyr)....$1.00
Beldlng Banner 1.00
Both for
Address Banner Publishing
mMlVjl LfUJJlUlU Do not risV hav,n.
Greenville, Mich
The manufacturers of Cloth
craft Clothes were the first ones
to make to advertise and to
guarantee all-wool clothes.
Doing so fully three years
before' any other manufacturer
in the country
They were ahead of the pro-;
cession then as now
Suits - $J0 to $25
Overcoats $ 10 to $25
tl I
: fix,' ':' ? f"

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