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The Bliss Business College
You May Not Know I
Greenville, Michigan
' An I' --:i,-(Jaie Con nu rci;! Silmol ol bookkeeping
ly the 4a Actual l3u.Mtiv Practice'" mtho.
OS. ,
Concrete Covered Collage UnJcr Construction cn Demorcst Addition
SHORTHAND . lllxW. lf!Ni
it ' u iif iiiUTiMt'd in a Miiineici;il ri'uvJtioi.
W .il- US lot Calili'lU :tllci P. i iU Uill'S . . . .
' 5
M J L- (
: f-Ai
Hut it is a fact t!iat we art saving
our customers-money on every tiling
in tlie line of CAKPKTS, RUGS,
KTC A visit to our store will
certain! v convhue von. Trv us.
Miller & Harris Furn. Co.
Mil Jrr promptly
kill oMauictl n
All I nit countries.
miller absolute
guaratu' c or
ICC. nrrniKiicuu
how to obtain pat nts,
tratl.-ni.rV'-. copyrights
etc. Send sketcti tor tree
rtvirt lis to I 4 1
tentubility and
commercial value.
Mill Patent I a CmmhI PaTenr"
Sold by V: 1. Benedict, Druggist
Belding Micb,
I . . j : t :. !: i, yi: tct 1 liU'' Ku.-lli.
CD l.f.Mlt ?T tl.f U- J ! I.l t'J choi .
i; i-'''. yc-'ir vlr-n I.v i a lone and invito
H' 1 k il L '. 1 1 1 ; v fimi-u .r v-imi. 1 ir ni"iv
tt.onK ar- lni.iirtn ruincD in physical i.
i.i'-rw-l vo:!.. Il ytiu be weak, deprei-ii, l.
i ourag -.'d ei d only half fJivc, ami it your i n
le un-rrfrehing ut,d if slight effort nhu.
you, tu:s
Th-y act on the nerve an J blood, re-vitalizing
both and impart the glories of strength,
ambition and a keener mind.
Rev. K. S. Appel. No. 7 N. 4th St.. Hamburg
Pa., write he yM troubled with nervous debil
ity and at time had dizy spell o a-ycre tht
hewn unfitted for work, but Srxine Pi' I
prjved the only remedy which brought him
pi nnt re'if.
.Sjxi:e Pills are o!J at $1.00 per box cl
twenty 'Vivs t'rntmcnt; 6 boxe $j.C0, ar... it
dittatufied with ret alt after the .tt. cf :x
bnvii. vr w:!l frlve ru either nix bores moir.
withr-i rot. or ve vi!l refund your rnnu. ,
Ser.! n. 1. H ol ' t f - v A.'Jfvi
I he I'v'al Mpi ii tn- v .. CI 'V. iar-vi. C '.
Sold 'i dt U4.'.-t
The Youth's
If Comes Every Week
Among the contents of the New Volume
for 1903 will be
250 Good Stories
Serial Stories, Stories of Charac
ter, Adventure and Heroism.
350 Contributions
Articles, Sketches, Reminiscen
ces by Famous Men and Women.
1000 Graphic Notes
on Current Events, Discoveries and
Inventions in Nature and Science.
2000 One-Minute Stories,
Bits of Humor and Miscellany,
the Weekl y Health ArticleTimely
Edttorials,The Children's Page,etc.
fcaaplt CopUt of th fTr ind IUnitrttrd Annonne
Mot fur 101 MUt Ttm to say s4Uri.
Every New Subscriber
who cuts out and nendfl thin slip
at once with name and address
aud $i.7S will receive
All the Untie of The Companion
for the remaining weeki of 1907.
Tbe ThankaglYine;, Chrlatmaa and
New Year's Double Number.
The Companion's Four-Leaf Hang
ing Calendar for 1908, then
The Companion for the 8m weeks
of 1908 a library of the beat read
ing for every member of tbe family.
Jw ubacrlitiou receive! at till utile
t . r Z- -V
Plans Also of Her Own Making Hired
a Four-Dollar-a-Day Carpenter, But
Found That He Botched
Kansas City, Mo. Miss Llllle M.
Johnson has completed and moved
into a nine-room house at No. 2848
North Eighth street, and she says with
pride: "I built It all myself, except
a little bit of botched work done by a
four-dollar-a.day carpenter."
Miss Johnson began work on her
house in the fall following the flood
In the Kaw valley in 1906. She was a
Salvation Army worker in Armourdale
at the time of the flood. She lost
everything except seven dollars. She
went to a real estate Arm and arrang
ed to buy on payments the 100 feet of
ground on which her house stands.
The first payment was $20, but she
was allowed to take the ground on the
promise that she would pay the
amount in 20 days. She kept her
After the ground was secured she
started canvassing for a medicated
soap firm and soon made enough to
fence the ground. The cold weather
forced her to seek indoor work. Then
she began wrapping candles In a fac
tory. In May, 1904, Miss Johnson built a
two-room box-house, doing all the
work herself and getting the lumber
on easy payments. After moving into
her new home she received two worn
pn as boarders. She was able, by the
first of July, to buy a cow. She sold
the milk, and with her earnings bought
an incubator.
Then she reared 50 chickens, hop
ing to make a payment on the ground.
She penned up the "springs" to fatten
them, h it a thief stole them. Then
Miss Johnson foumd herself facing a
payment without the necessary money.
However, her resources were not ex
hausted. She began taking in wash
ing. Through these various means
3he paid for the lot.
I?nt Miss Johnson was not satisfied.
She must enlarge her house. She
graded her lot with a spade and
whwl barrow, laid the foundation, put
up the frames, roofed, boxed and
weather boarded the addition.
Hut she was forced to hire a car
penter to make her window frames.
She has finished the entire Interior of
the house, laying the floors, lathing,
plastering and papering the walls.
The plans of the house were made by
her and many original ideas have en
tered into it. She has a large cup
board In the dining-room, which ex
tends along one whole side of the
room. This cupboard has compart
ments for all the cooking necessities,
flour, coffee, tea and spices and a
large shelf for displaying dishes.
In her living room Miss Johnson has
a bay window fitted up as a conserva
tory. In this she has many beautiful
The grounds about the house are
weH kept. A large grape arbor, fruit
trees and flower beds with the blue
mass lawn make the place attractive.
"How did I leorn to do carpenter
work? Why, I Just found I could do It,
when I built my little two-room box
houso. and I determined to try my
Corrected each week on
morning at 10 o'clock.
Flour, per cwt
Hay, per ton
I'otatoe, new ,.
Apple, per barrel
I)reec Chickens.....
Hops-all ve ............... .
.2 40
1 GO
12 00
07 (i 08
3oO$4 00
6 00i7 50
5 50f.t0 00
7 Wots 00
This seven room cottage, 20x35 feet,
three men at 15c per hour. Contract ftico,
hand on something better," Miss
Johnson said.
"I had only throe tools when I
started out a hammer, hatchet and
saw. As I made more money I was
able to buy more tools, till now I have
a complete set.
"I hope to finish painting the htnise
this fall, and when 1 get the porch
columns in place In the spring the
ranch will be finished. And I'll l't no
passer-by would know that a woman
imilt It."
Aged Man Who Has Gathered 30,000
Specimens Dies.
Reading Cal. John C. Hepler. super
intendent of Charles Evans' cemetery.
died here, aged 78 years. While a well
known and highly respected citizen.
his chief claim to fame rested on the
fact that he was one of the best known
button collectors In the world. Hep-
ler's collection numbers SO.OUt) but-
'ons. and there are no duplicates, lie
besran this peculiar fad over 10 years
The collection starts with the cheap.
huiible shirt button, next the trousers
button and so on to the expensive but
tons on women's dresses, and finally.
through a long list, to the military but
tons of all the nations of the world.
Mr. Hepler knew the history of
manV of the gems in his collection.
Some were secured through friends
visiting or living abroad, and among
his collection are buttons once worn
by royalty.
The 80,000 buttons are all classitietl
ind systematically arranged. In de
sign or color they are all different, and
Mr. Hepler loved to tell how the dif
ferent ones he prized came into his
Bachelors' Marry-All Pact.
South Uethlehem, Pa. Members of
the Emmett Social club have organ
ized the queerest bachelor's club.
Every two months the bachelors will
be lined up, lots will be cast, and the
one who draws the fateful number
will be expected to marry within, tut;
If at the end of the twelvemonth,
he has not succeeded in coaxing a
"yes" from a blushing sweetheart he
will be banished from the clubroouis.
The second president of the United States wax the first vice president
He served as such during Washington's two term. ueeee ling the latter as
president in 1797. He was a native of Itraintree, Ma., and was sixty-two
years of age when he became president. lie lived t tie great ago of ninety,
dying on the Fourth of July, 182', while his sou John tjuiiicy wn president
of the United States. John Adams yvji one of the stanch" ( patriots "'during
the Revolution. Ills term as president was marked hy n violent 'quarrel with
Alexander Hamilton and his followers. Adams, like Hamdion, was n Fed
eralist Ills manner wan dictatorial, and this made him many personal
v , V
was cevcrod with cor.crc'.c 3 1- 2 inde
corr.p'.c!". $700 CO
bore Throat tus
To euro Sr.ro Throat qu'ckly, safelv jn
iure'yjou tmut v. i-:.''v ntri'le I. r
that tibial pr.r !.".-. TONSILIME is
simplv a brc 'Jbroit Cur:1. It dof-n't
perfurm nirr.ck but it dries do its v hole
jutv in cutitii? thrj.its which are sor.
TONSIUNli is an antiseptic. 1.i11j the
."ore Threat -rms niul o..ite ts the. am
litions vhich prodno: Sore Throat and
like diseases. I i-j hrst dose Kits tv
relief and a few dsos c rrc
A q 1 1 i k , s''fc, sonthir.fr, hnalin?,
intispptic ei.' for Hr.iii Throat
briefly dr-scrilxs TON5IL!M3.
At dnu'iristi 1!" and u'Jo bottles.
The Ton v.Lne Co. Cantcn. Ohio
Country Manual Training.
Even nuuuml trai'ii:ig needs new
direction as it K uclus cointry life. It
may not bo necessary to eliminate the
formal oxeiri.-es of model work and
weaving and the like; but some of the
practical problems of the home and
farm may be added.
How to make a garden, to lay out
palhs. make fences ami labels, are
manual, training problems. How to
raw a board off straight, to drive a
nail, to whittle a I eg. to make a tooth
for a hand hay iv.ke. to repair a hoc,
to sharpen a saw, to paint a fence, to
hang a gat", to adjust a plow point,
to mend a strap, to prune an apple
tree, to harness a horse tbe problems
are bewildeiing from their very num
ber. Manual training can be so taught in
the schools that are equipped for it as.
in 10 years, to start a revolution In the
ag! ieult in e of any commonwealth.
Onturv Magazine.
Stage Tslk.
Arthur Grenvillo, the English actnr,
was once In a company of pastoral
piayers. who, when the wiather per
nili'ed, rehearsed in the grounds
svl.cre the pei formanee was to take
place. r.uildiug operation were in
pr'.giess mar at l and, and one day,
'during a . i hcar al of "As You Like
It." theie fell upon the ears of the
pastoral players the following conver
sation between a laborer on the scaf
folding and his mate on' the "fresh
Laborer above: "tlllo, there!"
Laborer below: "What now, what
now? Who calleth so loud?"
Laboior above: "J prith i!r Hdl,
'and us up. a few more comely biirks!"
1 r s I
;r'" til
thick, in six days cf 5 1-2 J.ours each ty
i Oregon Journal Welcomes It as Her
alding the Day of Small Farms
and Crowding Out the
Wheat Kings."
There will hardly be any widespread
sorrow over the new ruling of the
interior department, vhlch compels
the farmers who lease Indian lands
to dwell on them, says the Portland
Oregonian. It will have the effect of
reducing the acreage held by wheat
kings and of increasing the number
of small farmers, an advantage too
obvious to require explanation. As
stated in a Pendleton dispatch in the
Oregonian, "the importance of this
ruling may be realized when It Is un
derstood that there are men living in
the city of Pendleton who are farm
ing as high as 3,000 acres, upon which
there is not a single house. It will
mean the cutting up of the big hold
ings Into smaller holdings and the In
vasion of the reservation by a more
humble class of growers and the
crowding out of the big wheat kings.
The present season has offered an
excellent Illustration of the advtint
ages of farming on a small scale as
compared with what Is generally
known as "bonanza tanning." Prac
tically all of the damage suffered 'by
the wet weather In the Interior wheat
fields was on the big latins, where the
r.eaicity of labor made it impossible
proi erly to handle the crop when it
was ready. In nearly every case the
small wheat grower who was farming
about 1(50 acres and could work It
without much help, succeeded in es
caping injury. It will be : great many
years before diversified farming will
supplant wheat growing in many lo
calities in Oregon. Washington and
Idaho, but a limitation en the size of
the wheat fields will bo of great bene
lit to the country. In the case of
I'matilhi county it will result In a
large increase in the population, some
thing which has not been noticeable
for a long time. In fact, there are
some townships in the county where
the steadily Increasing absorption of
in :. 11 farms by the great wheat grow
ers has resulted in decrease in popu
lation at a time when all other por
ti-ms of the northwest, outside of the
wheat districts, were showing sub
stantial gains.
In the Williamette Valley, which 30
years auo was producing nearly all of
the wheat grown in Ortgon, diversified
fa l ining h as readied a stage where
not iutreauently ten families are found
on a single quarter section that was
once devoted to wheat growing and
each of 11'e ten fames is making
more money out of his small farm
titan the farmer wheat growers made
out of the entiie qr.arter sectlcn when
It was devoted to wheat growing.
What the Pacific northwest needs is
more permanent residents to take the
place of that wandering army which
drifts In at harvest time and drifts out
again when harvest Is ever. The rul
ing of the department will work a
hardship only on the big wheat kings.
most of whom have done well enough
out of the Industry to live quite com
fwitably on 160 acres for the remain
der of their llvc3.
Baby Bear Playing Possum.
Thl3 tale teaches us not to tamper
with dead bears, says the New York
When the two little Alaskan cubs
that E. H. Harrlman donated arrived
at the Hionx zoo recently, both were
suffering from gastrlosls. Dr. W. Reed
Mlair fed the cubs on peptonized
milk and lime water all night, and
all day, but despite the treatment the
female, cub stiffened to all appear
ances dead.
Keepers summoned Dr. Plalr again
and all bent over the stricken ani
mal. Suddenly the "dead" bear Jump
ed to its feet, hit Dr. Illalr a blow
with Its paw that sent him reeling.
i attacked all the other keepers at the
same time and cleared the cage in
less than a minute.
Nobody jas ladly hurt. The cub
is still sick, but Dr. Illalr Is certain
she will recover.
Address C. G. Fecfatcr, Principal
s j-a-js) i avce .ri i-.- s-t -vi Zf-f e s V
I'm n mo ii I K'llli wnh old
but nQt'i loiiuwi- trie im ot Fole'
Ho'ieV ;i'nl l.r. It 'op, t.f ruiit'ii.
t-a m an t : n .i ti s the 1 unr .to
prevt'iit pnci. inoti a do d by Wort
lev : l'reie h
O'lr m ljt Iti-ntfii
In a stULbur: ly cjoie-lcd fuutbdll Time
between trie Lima Jnruors and the Beldirg
Juniors, played at the former ci y on Sat-
urday last, cur tedtn was beaten by a
score of 1 6 to 4.
When the boys took the field they were
surprised to find Webber, captain of the
Ionia hiyh cl ool team, among their op
ponents. Had it not been for him they
are confident that they could have won
the game. The boys seemed to take their
defeat very wetland are waiting for the
return game, when they assure the Ionia
1 1 that there will be no ringers played by
tJoM to Dllutiie
W. A. Wood announces an auction sale
of his cows, dairy fixtures, horse, pony,
fodder, corn and other things too numerous
to mention, at the H J Leonard farm
south of the city Tuesday, November 26.
F A. Bush will officiate as auctioneer,
ar.d a large crowd is hoped for The sale
will begin promptly at one o'clock.
Mr Wood has purchased the general
store of Mrs Stevenson at Dildine Cor
ners and will move there at once. The
many frierds of Mr Wood will wish him
success in his new venture. The field for
a general store is a good one.
Alter WItiicHwew
Deputy Sheriff Bennett of Stanton was
in the city Tuesday looking after a couple
of witnesses, who were wanted badly ir.
the manslaughter case growing out of the
killing of the girl balloonist at the Howard
City fair. Two young men are being
tried on ths charge of manslaughter and
the deputy informed our reporter that the
case looks rather dark for the young men
who had the ascension in charge.
An Kclio Meet lit if
Next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, at
the Church of Christ, there will be ar
echo meeting, at which time reports will
3u given of the recent State Sunday School
convention held at Kalamazoo. Every
Sunday school worker in Belaing and vi
cinity and all others interested in thai
work are invited to be present. .
lie Idltiii'H s- nn1 f school Motiy
Bidding's share of the primary 6chooi
rr.oi ey is $3,260; the apportionment tc
the county is $35,236 on a basis of $4
per capita for chi dren of school age.
Je'dinc has 840: there are 8,809 children
A school age in the county.
Advertised Letter
N'rs. Her.ry Burlow, Mary A. Craft 2.
jiibirt D Chase, Miss Fannie Culver,
Mrs. J. E Kelley, Mr. Earnest Norton,
Vlis Winifred Pickhaver, Mr. Eligah
Sweeney, Miss Maud Simons, Mr. Wm.
Tower. Miss Grace Upier, Mrs. A. A.
Warner. D. E Wilson. P M.
nrd of Thank.
We, the family, wish hereby to extend
our most heartfelt thanks to all those who
so kindly rendered assistance during the
lllntss and in the hcurs cf bereavement of
our mother, Mrs. Wm. Brothers.
Shrinkage of Swiss Glaciers.
Krmaikablc shrinkages have been
going on among the Swiss glaciers, es
pet Lilly In the last two or three years.
The. great Rhone glacier, one of the
sights of Switzerland at least It used
to be has lost in the last two years
no less than 88,230 square feet, and
others have been shortened by any
where from 20 feet to 40 feet. Among
63 instances 53 recessions were dis
covered, cne glacier remained sta
tionary, and nine had slightly in
creased. The conspicuous gain was
made by the Klger glacier, which
lengthened Itself 114 feet last year,
but observers say that these increases
are not permanent.
Rescued by Yellow Jackets.
A coyote, hard pressed by a pack of
hounds in the northern part of Clarke
county, along the north bank of Lewis
river, ran into a yellow Jackets' nest,
according to the Seattle Times. When
the hounds reached the spot the angry
yellow Jackets attacked them so fierce
ly that they turned tall and gave up
the chase.
The hunting party in charge of the
hounds was comiosed of Harry,. Edwin
and James Rowland and H. Webb, all
of Lewisville.' They had wounded the
coyote and were sure of their quarry,
when the latter loosed the yellow Jack
ets on them. It was heroic treatment,
but the coyote thereby made good his
The Day Before
Tj sure to de a busy one in the kitch
en when your fine Cakes etc, must be
baked. We are prepared lor your
holiday trade with everything that is
delirious in fruiis. Mince meat for
pies. ,lam,Jcllie, IUsins, Spices cheese
and Nuts. Our Thanksgiving display
wllUie a clelig-nt to tne uousewne as
well as a revelation.
Give us a chance at your Thanka
Uivinjr order.
Corner Grocer
An Idea! Laxative.
Physics snrl Cathartics which nirao, uidoiKl the
bowels, nl rivw tcrrporitry rtlif. but irritate,
and weaken the digestive and expulsive organs.
Lnxalive lrnu-o Tablet ure as different lu
effect M truth is from falsehood. They nourUl.
the boTvel niuwlcs and nerves. nivioetlicin 8treictl
and vigor to do the work n.Uure intended, tlma
effecting a vertnannt eure by perfeoMy safe aui
natural means. The best luxaUve t r children.
Chocolate eoatt tablet, easy to take, never erip
-r nauseate. 10a. 26o and SI. 00 at all 4rug stores-
For two week I will be at the home
of Mrs". G. II. Millard, two doors east
of the M. E. Church, and all ladies
wishing hair work done give me your
I buy cut hsir and combings and
have a full line of Switchep, Curls
I'tiffs, I'ompadort and Gibs-on frontf.
All colors and dzes, or do any kind
of work to order. If you have cut hair
o" combing1 now is your opportunity
to have your work done in your own
city. My styles are the latent and
prices right. I a)?-o do facial and
scalp mafsage, bhampooing, singing
and clipping the hair. I carry a full
line of hlch grade concentrated
toilet artic'ts. lit urs from 1 to 0 p m
Mrs. S. L. Wright
ma Best Laxaliva for Children.
Parents should see to it thnt their rhildren have rni
natural, easy movement of the IkjwcIs each day.
Oo not dose the ehild with salts or zripinjt pills. 11.4
hey are too powerful in ed'ott. end literally tour
ueir liitlo in.tidea to pieces, leaving the iwJTeU
veakened snd K'ns able ttact nam: ally than before,
axative Iron-ox Tnlvts tone and strensrthni
ne bowel, and stirnntste all the little ortrnn " to
iiilthy activif y. I'noeoiate coated tablet, ea U
cJto, uo7or gfiyO or uaustmte. 10c, 25o acJ $1.00.
. 25c will cure any
ordinary case
There is no n-cessity whatever for
anyone to suffer longer than twenty
four hours from itching, bleeding or
lrotrudin'T Piles. Go to your druc
jist and get a 25c box of Wonder
ful Dream Salve, apply it as di
rected by our 'Special Pile Treat
ment" and inlcssthanl5 minutes you
will be entirely relieved of any dis
agreeable sensation, and if the treat
ment is carefully followed up, we
will guarantee you a cure in a fcy
days or refund you your money if it
fails. If your druggist doesn't keep
Wonderful Dream Salve, order
from us at once and in less tlian twenty
four hours, wc will have a box at your
address. '
Wonderful Dream Salve has no
equal for use on Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Hums, Scalds, Boils, Old
and Running Sores, Kczema and all
other forms of skin disease.
J I you are doubiful and wish to try it first,
send us your name and we will send you
a sample box absolutely Free enough to
give it a food trial. We will also send you
our Dream Book containing 300 dreams
anJ their meaning. 5

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