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1 Would Erv'ojr
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' I rl If . X
II -J 11 till U
By Nellie Cravey Gillmore
(Copyrlgnt. by Dally Story 1'ub. Co.)
Mercedes North caught her breath
bewilderedly as she looked at It;
1900! Tuesday would be her birthday,
and only yesterday Floyd had asked
her what she wanted. She had told
him unhesitatingly that nothing would
satisfy her but an emerald. Now If
she had just wa'-ted!
But after all, $900 ... she
Sighed us she dragged her eyes away
from the window, raising them with a
shock to the piercing gaze of Boothe
Vardlman. The blood sizzled In her
cheeks, In the tiny spot on her neck,
where, the night before . . . how
long he had been at her elbow, Mrs.
North could never have told. The
speculation cut sharply across her
throbbing recollections. She hoped
he had not seen the yearning In her
face, heard the sigh of renunciation
as she turned from the window! His
next words settled the question indu
bitably. "A beauty that, isn't it?" He looked
at her sympathizingly.
Mrs. North experienced an absurd
sense of excitement, of expectation.
But she gave an appreciative little
nod that mean valiantly to be enthusi
astic in an entirely impersonal way.
"I was just thinking of buying it
myself," he pursued tentatively, "if
you really consider it a bargain."
"I never hact a seal-skin
sack in my life," she an
swered candidly, "but it isn't
because I haven't wanted one, or be
cause I didn't know what was what."
Her fingers were working nervously
In her muff.
"And; am I to understand by that
that you think this"
"Gorgeous!" she interrupted, glow
ingly. Vardiman permitted his eyes to rest
on the woman's face till the hot blood
oozed away, leaving her deathly pale
under the inevasible significance of
his glance. Her lashes fluttered soft
ly, like black wings against the white
line of her cheek.
-"Let me get it for you?"t he whis
pered in a subtle undertone.
Mrs. North started, but controlled
herself immediately, Her heart gave
a sudden lurch, then seemed to stand
very still. When it commenced to
beat again, the audible pounding was
right in her throat, half choking her.
Of course she couldn't, but oh! she
wanted it so, and she would have
done anything to possess it anything
but this!
But Vardiman had divined her hesi
tation and longing instantly; and he
did not scruple to trade- upon it,
skilled trafficker as he was in the
emotions of womankind.
. "Nine hundred dollars "is a mere
song-to me," he srged, "you would
not refuse to accept a dozen roses
from the Impecunious Walther. Why,
then, hesitate about this little gift
from me?"
"My husband what would he
think?" she asked uneasily.
"Whatever you chose to tell him.
"Which, translated, means a false
"Not necessarily A friend "
"Floyd isn't that sort. He'd have
to know. He's so honest and direct
in everything that he wouldn't toler
ate half-measures in anyone else, his
wife particularly." She turned as
though to go.
But Vardiman placed himself in her
way and said eagerly:
. "Suppose I can find a way will you
let me buy It?" He looked down at her
with the half-pleading, half-compelling
gaze that sho had found It impossible
to resis( only last night!
"You are too beautiful and young
and good," he continued ardently, "to
have your innocent wishes ungrati
fled. If the thing will give you a day's
happiness I shall feel repaid "
"Ana mat win be all?" The
'words Jerked themselves out between
Mercedes North's dry, trembling Hps.
Believe me.
For a moment he dare not meet hlg
ey.es. But presently she looked up
with a little gasp of delight. Then a
swift cloud settled upon her pretty
features. "If Floyd were a different
kind of man "
"Oh, come I'm going to get it any
how. We can devise our explanation
afterward." And he walked deliberate
ly into the shop and made the pur
chase, before she could utter another
word of protest.
They left the place together, both
silent for some seconds. At length
ardiman turned to her with a look
ff Inspiration. "I have It," he said.
"I shall pawn the sack for say about
50. You can find 'he ticket, and get
iunn to reaeem u ror your
Mrs. North bit her Hps hard to keep
back'the little' ejaculation of pleasure
and admiration that sprang to them
After, all, Boothe Vardiman was rieht:
she had accepted flowers and other
gifts from men less able to spend $100
than he was a thousand and she had a
right to be happy while she could. Be
cause hee husband was too poor to
give her the things she coveted and
ought to have, was no leason why she
should go on denying herself to the
end of her days. In a few more years
she would be no longer young or beau
tiful. If good. And this would seal the
book between Vardiman and herself.
He had kissed her just once on tho
neck, and she would accept his little
offering of esteem. Then things would
jog along as before.
'You will receive the ticket in to
morrow's post," Vardiman was saying
confldentally, "and cfter that clear
Mrs. North lifted eyes brimming
with gratitude. "I shall never be able
to repay you, Boothe," she said softly.
At the sound of his namo upon her
Hps, Vardiman reddened daikly. But
they had reached the corner where
Mrs. North must take her car, and lift
ing his hat, he said in a low tone:
'You have done that already, Merce
An instant later, he was gone, and
Mercedes North was spinning up
Broadway, her brain awhirl with de
licious day dreams.
"Yes, dear?"
"I wonder what this little thing is?
I found it this morning and thought
possibly it might amount to some
thing." North glanced up indifferently from
his paper, and took the card from his
wife's fingers. "Pawn-ticket,", he said,
smoking lazily as he examined It.
"Oh! then it is valuable, course."
"Perhaps perhaps not. Depends al
together on the article and tho
amount that was gotten on it. But
the first thing for us to do is to ad
vertise it. Doubtless the fellow, or
woman, who lost It will be watching
the papers and advertising, too."
"Naturally. But if we do not hear
anything?" Mrs. North was shaking
with excitement, and two round spots
were stinging in her cheeks.
"After a reasonable time, we might
investigate the article."
"Oh! Floyd; I wonder what it will
be?" She came and sat on his lap
and began stroking his wavy black
hair with cold, nervous fingers.
North laughed as he replied: "Prob
ably a battered up Waterbury or a
pair of old ear-rings. Some poor duck
may have needed a half, for dinner."
Mercedes made a little face, but her
eyes spaskled. "Or a solitaire or or
an automobile," she suggested naively,
'how delightfully mysterious It all is.
I do hope nobody'll claim It!"
With a little gesture of swift ten
derness. North drew her face down to
him and kissed her affectionately. She
was such a baby!
His wife watched him narrowly, a
feeling of remorse sweeping over her
all at once at her wretched duplicity.
There was still time to back out.
Should she? A wistful light came into
her eyes. He was so big-hearted and
generous; so faithful and true! If he
Just had one little vice to justify this
breach of confidence on her part. But
he didn't! He loved her devotedly, and
believed In her. And she! Again her
neck scorched furiously under the
recollection of Vardlman's stolen ca
ress, and she turned away to hide the
rush of carmine to her temples.
All at once she began to hate
Boothe. Vardiman. If he had never
crossed her path, she would have gone
on believing herself to be madly In
love with her husband. That kiss! It
had unsettled everything. She rose
abruptly from North's knee and
crossed the room on some trivial pre
text; .
After a while North dropped his pa
per, stretched himself luxuriously and
got up to go down to his office. Mer
cedes came up and he touched her lips
perfunctorily with his. She helped him
on with his coat, and a minute later
he was swinging buoyantly down the
wide, gleaming avenue.
Mr3. North watched him till he was
swallowed up In the crowds; then she
threw herself down on a lounge and
hid her burning face in the cushions.
An hour afterward, when she emerged
from her brief season of repentance,
she wondered anxiously If she would
have to havo any alterations in hei
seal-skin sack.
The allotted fortnight had como to
a dragging close.
Mrs. North sat waiting for her hus
band in a fever of excitement. He had
promised to go by the pawnbroker's
on his way home to dinner, and her
nerves were going off in every direc
tion. At last the gate-latch clicked, and
North's familiar, heavy step sounded
on the porch.
His wife ran to open the door, veil
ing her eagerness under an assump
tion of mild curiosity. She raised her
self on tip-toe to receive the stereo
typed caress, but a quick shadow of
disappointment blotted the sunshine
from her face. His hands were empty;
he had forgotten!
"Well, little girl." he began, but she
cut him off with an exclamation of re
proach. "You didn't even think of It, Floyd!
And here I've been waiting "
"Didn't I? Just look at this!" And
he drew from his pocket a tiny white
package wrapped in tissue paper. He
opened It as fast as his bungling fin
gers would let him, displaying an ex
quisite brooch of emeralds and pearls.
"You were Just wishing for some
thing in emeralds, dear, and Fate
seems to have conspired to favor us
both. 1 got it for less than half the
regular price. Only had to pay $50,
and Drexton assured me that It was
worth at least a hundred or more. I
took it by his shop on my way up."
Mrs. North's brain was seething.
She felt, like a disembodied spirit,
floating in fiery ether. But the neces
sity for self-control occurred to her
sternly, even In the midst of her
screaming disappointment.
"It Is Just beautiful. Floyd," sbs
said with a gulp, which North con
strued to be Joyful' emotion as n
went to hang up his coat and hat.
When he came back, she had com
pletely regained her poise, and her
rhapsodies were all-satisfactory to the
phlegmatic husband. He smiled de
lightedly at the outcome of his little
experiment, and went "so far as to
promise, a ring to match at Christmas.
And Mercedes? She was thinking of
Vardiman. What had he meant? He
had made, a fool of her of course;
thought better of his folly, and com
promised by "throwing her a sop," in
the vulgar vernacular. All men were
sneaks and traitors all but Floyd. He
was at least an honorable, true-heart
ed man. - And how little she had ap
preciated his worth! The spot on hei ,
neck ate into her like vitriol. She felt
her balance tottering perilously, and
very much to North's surprise, sho
threw herself abruptly into his arms
and shook hysterically.
'This won't do, kid," he said, stro
king her hair tenderly, "you're not
well. You've been too much Indoors.
What do you say to a box at the opera
for to-night?"
In the present tumultuous state of
her mind, Mercedes North was will
ing to snatch at any straw that prom
ised salvation from her own desperate
So after dinner she dressed herself
with an unusual amount of attention
to personal adornment, and excite
ment rendered her face more than
ordinarily beautiful. Vardiman would
be sure to be there, and see her. He
should see, too, that she wore his
slight contemptuously, and that she
did not wear his peace offering at all!
Every seat was taken. All the boxes
were filled. It was some time before
Mrs. North could muster courage to
glance toward Boothe Vardlman's box
where she had so oftr-n sat with
him. But at last their eyes met,
merged. His with the old compelling
ardor; hers with swift evasion. As
she looked away coldly, her perturbed
glance swept the row of faces In the
balcony. A tall, slender girl with a
profusion of wheat-gold hair and deep,
smiling brown eyes was Just taking
her seat beside a dapper young clerk.
Mercedes North drew In her breath
sharply, the color fleeing from her
cheeks and leaving them like ivory.
"Floyd!" She barely recognized the
sound of her own voice.
North turned attentively.
"See what a pretty girl in the bal
cony, third from the aisle first row.
I wonder who she is?"
North glanced quickly In the direc
tion she had indicated, and a slow
flush pushed its way through the
brown of his skin. "Why," he said
matter-of-factly, "Why, if it isn't my
little stenographer!"-
"Your little stenographer?"
"I'm dashed if it isn't. Stunning
looking girl, eh?"
A deadly coldness had settled upon
Mercedes North's heart; her brain
was numb, paralyzed. But she forced
her Hps to speak:
"She is wearing a magnificent seal
skin sack for a stenographer." An
ironic little laugh bubbled' up to her
lips and broke with a disagreeable
tinkle on North's guilty ears. But
when he turned to pursue the conver
satlon with his wife, she was to all
appearances unconscious of his very
existence, and her eyes were smiling
a bold invitation Into the box across
the way.
According to Authority, Position In
Slumber Depends on the Work
ing of the Brain.
. Some people go to s'.eep only on
their back, and find it difficult to fall
asleep otherwise, while others who go
to sleep on their side, and who form
tho greater majority, always go to
sleep on the same side. There are
very few who can fall asleep indif
ferently on either side. Moreover
my observations have shown me that
by far the majority of right-handed
people go to sleep on the right side
while left-handed people go to sleen
on their left side. Some of the right
handed people who go to sleep on the
right side may after some time turn
to their left to change position, while
others keep on sleeping on the same
side through the whole night. The
majority change position. One case
is specially interesting to quote: "Up
to my seventh year I slept on my
right side, and I was right handed
At about the age of seven I met with
an accident. I was run over by
team, and my right side was inlured
so that I could not use the limbs of
the right side. I used my left han
only; I began to sleep on my left
side. This I did up to my fifteenth
year. I then began to practice ith
my right hand, too, and am now ambi
dextrous. I sleep now on either side
I use both hands." From "An Expert
mental Study In Sleep," by Prof. Boris
Sidls, of Harvard.
Bread and Other Foods.
Wheaten bread is not a necessity;
it is only since the discovery of Amer
lea that U has become a food of the
masses. Many children prefer bananas
to bread and the tropical fruit Is quite
as nutritious, quite as wholesome and
about as cheap as bread at the pres
ent retail-price. The taste for par
tlcslar foods Is largely a matter of ac
quired habit. In every American city
there is now a big demand for black
rye bread, because the people who
have come here from Russia and
southern Europe were, before emlgrat
Ing to this country, accustomed to th?,t
kind of bread. .Thomas Carlyle men
tlons the fact that the Scotch rae
maintained physical and IntellectuaJ
vigor through many x centuries upon
a diet almost exclusively of oat cruel
and milk;
Infinite Pathos In Remark Made by
Little Philadelphia Child of
the Stums.
Dr. Herman L. During, superintend
ent of the Philadelphia City mission,
has for many years devoted his life
to the poor. Dr. During lis the in
ventor of the pretzel test for street
beggars. When a street beggar pleads
starvation, you buy him a big German
pretzel at the nearest stand. If he
eats the pretzel, he Is honest; if he
refuses it, he is a fraud.
Dr. During In his work among the
poor has learned many odd, quaint
things that he relates superbly, for he
s a born story-teller. In an address
at Bala, apropos of the hard, rough
lives of the children of the poor, he
related a dialogue between two little
girls In Rum alley.
"Maggie, wuz ye ever kissed?" said
the first tot.
"On'y wunst in me life wot I kin
remember.' said the second. 'When I
wuz in de Honnyman hospital wid a
broken arm one o' de lady nusses
kissed me, an' I blushed like a
Two Little Girls Had Eczema Very
Badly In One Case Child's Hair
Came Out and Left Bare Patches.
Cutlcura Met with Great Success.
"I have two little girls who have
been troubled very badly with eczema.
One of them had it on her lower
limbs. I did everything that I could
hear of for her, but It did not give
in until warm weather, when it seem
ingly subsided. The next winter when
it became cold the eczema started
again and also in her head where it
would take tho hair out and leave
bare patches. At the same time her
arms were sore the whole length of
them. I took her to a physician, but
the child grew worse all the time. Her
sister's arms were also affected. I be
gan using Cutlcura Remedies, and by
the time the second lot was used their
skin was soft and smooth. Mrs. Charles
Baker, Albion, Me., Sept. 21, 'OS."
rotter Drug A Cbeni. Corp., Sole l'rups., Boston.
Work Ahead for Josh.
I'll be kind o' glad when Josh gits
home from school," said Farmer Corn-
toBsel. "I have an Idea he can be
right useful." "Are you going to put
him to work?" "Maybe. I've ex
hausted all the language I know on
that team of mules. But I haven't
given up hope. I want to see wheth
er Josh can startle 'em some with his
college yell." Washington Star.
The Grip of Spring.
Durina the lunt twenty years many of our
citizens have len attacked in the spring
months by grip. ome have had nerious or
tlight attack every year or two. All know
it to be a dangerous disease. If L.ane
Pleacant Tablets (which are sold at 25
cents a box bv druggists and dealers) ore
taken when the first symptoms are lelt,
there is ha nil v a chance of the malady get
ting a foothold. If you cannot get them
near home, send 25 cents to Orator F,
Woodward, Le ltoy, N. Y. Sample free.
Swinburne and the Cabman.
In his youthful days Swinburne had
a quarrel with a cabman over his fare.
The cabman abused the poet merci
lessly. Addressing him Swinburne
said: "And may I Invite you to de
scend from your perch and hear how
a poet can swear?"
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefullv every bottle Of
CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
Id Use For Over :?0 .Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
Dr. Cook Brlggs, what Is a hypo
crite? Brlggs, '12A hypocrite is a stude
who comes to freshman English class
with a smile on his face. Wisconsin
Ask Your Druggist for Allen's Foot-Ea.
"I tried ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE recent
ly, and have Just bought another supply.
It has cured my corns, and the hot, burn
ing and Itching sensation In my feet which
was almost unbearable, and I would not
be without It now. Mrs. W. J. Walker,
Camden, N. J." Sold by all Druggists, ':3c.
The Appropriate Place.
"That ship carries a big cargo of
"Do they carry eggs in a ship or in
the hatches?"
Free! A 10c package of Oarfield Tea to
anyone mailing us this notice, with name
nnd address, and names and addresses of
10 friends not now using the Meal Laxa
tive. (Jarheld Tea Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.
All pleasure must be bought at the
price of pain. For the true, the price
is paid before you enjoy it; for the
false, after you enjoy it. John Foster.
, Those who keep Hamlin's Wizard Oil in
the house do not have to buy any other,
remedy for sore throat. No other rem
edy will cure this trouble so quickly or so
surely. Remember this.
Nearly all of the world's supply of
asbestos comes from Canada.
L V V'
4 V'J
' When thousands of women say that they have been
cured of their ailments by a certain remedy, does this not ,
prove the merit of that remedy ?
Thousands of women have written the story of their
suffering, and have told how they were freed irom it by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for thirty
years these reports have been published all over America.
Without great merit this medicine could never have '
gained the largest sale of any remedy for woman's ills
never could have become known and prized in nearly ever'
country in the world.
Can any woman let prejudice stand between her and that
which will restore her health? If you believe those who
have tried it you know this medicine does cure.
Read this letter from a grateful woman, then make up
your mind to give Mrs. Pinkham's medicine a chance to
cure you.
Brooklyn, N. Y. "I am a firm believer in Lyriln Tl. Pink
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and advocated it ever since. It is a great boon to expectant
mothers. I have often said that I should like to have its merits
thrown on tho sky with a search-light so that women would
read and be convinced that there is a remedy for their sufferings.
" My husband joins mo In its praise, lie has used it for kidney
trouble and been entirely cured." Mrs. E. A. Bishop, 1015
Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. -
For 30 years Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has been tho standard remedy for
female ills. No sick woman does justice to
herself who will not try this famous medicine.
Made exclusively from roots and herbs, and
has thousands of cures to its credit.
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women
L to write her for advice. She has
guided thousands to health free of charge.
Address Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass.
Positively cared by
these Little Pills.
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treits from D.vpphia,In
(llffeBtlon and Too Heart
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edy for DUzlnefeft, Nan
sea, DrownlneuR, Dad
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ed TonRue, Tain In the
They reg-ulato the- Dowels. Surely Vegetable.
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Fac-Simile Signature
Do You Lrove Your
Then protect it from the dan
gers oi croup to which every
child is subject. Keep
in your home all the time, then you're
ready for the sudden attacks of croup
and colds. Neglect may cost you the
life of your child. It's safest to be
on your guard.
Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant is the
best remedy known for croup; it gives
quickest relief.
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Tbt Kt.Mti I Make an4 Sell M.rt Man's fJ.M
ant ll.M Shoes Than Any Other Manutaclurcr
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ott eomploto orca.liotUa eftraloca Of
porta aaa MUoa ohooaiakcr la taocoaatrr.
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fle !TM a4 ln.lly. t tl IdM trr.
TT i of thw paper de.
62LC16TS "ilbu7
anything adyer-
tioed in it columns should tiuitt upon
haying what they ak lot, rebouig all
'iUAUukm or imiuoona.
fx " - mij it,,
W. N. U., DETROIT, NO. 21-1909.
Western Canada
Another 60,000 set
tlers from the United
States. New dis
tricts opened for set
tlement. 320 acres
of land to each set-tier,-
160 free
homestead and 160 at $3.00 per acre.
"A vast rich country and a contented prov
perou. people." Extract from (orrtttin,iim
of' a Xational Editor, what visit t IVtrtetn
Canada, in Augntt, iffoS, wtt am inspiration.
Many have paid the entire cost of their
farms and had a balance of from $10.00 to
$20.00 per acre as a result of one crop.
Spring wheat, winter' wheat, oats, barley,
flax and peas are the principal crops, while
the wild grasses bring to perfection the
best cattle that have ever been sold' on
the Chicago market.
Splendid climate, schools and churches
in all localities. Railways touch most of
the settled districts, and prices for produce
are always good. Lands may also be pur
chased from railway and land companies.
For pamphlet., map. and Information re
garding low railway raiea, apply to Supe -tendent
of Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, v
the authorised Canadian Government Agent:
M. V. McIRNES, 176 Jetferioa Areane. Detroit
Klchlfaa: or C. A. LAUIIEI. Sault Sle. Marie Mick.
lf" TCCTTU xt"ne ceU any dentifrice
I Bit I CiEi I II in cleansing, whitening and
removing tartar from the teeth, beoidea destroying
all germs of decay and disease which ordinary
tootn preparations cannot do.
TU V M fi I ITl I Pxtme ued at a mouth
I nCi lolUUIII wash disinfects the mouth
and throat, purifies the breath, and kills the germ
which collect in the mouth, causing tore tnroot.
tad teeth, bad breath, grippe, and much sickness.
TIIF ITVirQ "hen inflamed, tired, ache
Hill tltw and burn, may be instantly
relieved and strengthened by Putin e.
f ATA DDL! P1"1 destroy the germa
OM I Hrtrin that cause catanh. heal the ia
fiammation and stop the discharge. It is a sura
remedy for uterine catarrh.
Paztine is a harmless yet powerful
germicide.disinfeclant and deodoruer. i
Used in bathing it destroys odors and
leaves the body antiseptically clean.
'I have been using Cascarett for' In
somnia, with which I have been afflicted
for twenty years, and I can say that Cas
carets have given me more relief than any
other remedy I have ever tried. I shall
certainly recommend them to my friends
a being all that they are represented."
Tho. Gillard, Elgin, 111.
Fleaiianr. Palatable. Potent. Taate Good.
Do Good. Never Sicken.Weatea or Gripe.
10c. 25c. 50c Never ooht la bulk. The gen
uine tablet stamped C C C Guaranteed to
core or your money back. S24

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