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Next Saturday is the last
day you get a suit at i price
New fall goods now in, in
. all departments
WHOLE NO. 1051
Bells Will Ring On Monday
Morning Calling Teach
ers And Pupils.
Superintendent F. C. J. n s Already
On The (Ground Teachers Are
Arriving To lie-in Work.
The summer scbo-il vacation isemlcil
this week ami teaciieis a;il )iii!s will
now turn their thoughts to other I liiuus
than a continual round ol ili;im
unless it can lie counted one insile I lit'
school room delving into hooks after
Sujerintendent 1 ('. .lanes ami his
family arrive I last week and they
are comfortably settled in the Con
gregational parsonage. Mr. .lanes has
been getting a few xinters at. Ann
Arbor during the summer vacation and
will be ready for vigorous and thorough
work for the fall and winter term.
The corps of instructors engaged by
the board of education is an excellent
one and it may safely be announced
that the lidding schools will be
second to none in the state. The in
structors under Sujerintenlent Janes
are as follows:
liKin school.
Edith E. Shaw, Principal; Mary
Pinkham, Anna McKay, Gertrude
Wilson, Idu Portner, Ida Sayles, Caro
line Jossrnan.
Nellie McKillop, Maud K repps,
Velma Palmer, Iva A. Horner, Nora
M. iSprague, Minnie Shore, Ida Portner,
Naomi Gooding.
skcoxh vvm.
Sarah Smith, Sarah L. Hoinvood,
Vera I,. Gregg, Ida Portner, Naomi
Vera Her rick, Cora I. Adams, Eva
Eddy, Georgia Hllery, Minnie Shore,
Ida Portner, Naomi Gooding
Improvements have lieen going on at
the Ellis school building during the
vacation, the old hot air heating appa
ratus has lieen taken out and a new
up-to-date steam heat has been installed;
the system of heating put in when the
building was erected has lieen unsatis
factory and the company of whom it
was purchased were unable to overcome
the ditlleulty and the board decided to
dispense with it entirely
Changes That are of Interest to
Local Hunter
F. C. JANES, Superintendent Helding Public Schools
to the other school buildings which are
now in good repair.
School Commences August 30
I will lie in my ollice at the High
School building, Friday afternoon,
August L'T, from 1 to 5 o'clock, to meet
pupils for clussitication or consultation.
F. C. Janes, Supt.
James Cramer Has Bought It, Deal
Was Closed Wednesday.
Th ; general store of I). F. Moon on
Bridge street has changed hands this
week, Mr. Moon having sold the stock
to James Cramer, one of llclding's old
citizens. Mr. Cramer severed his con
nection with the I .elding, Hall Co. a
few days ago where he had worked at
one machine for the past 121 years and
concluded that was long time enough
for a man of his age to remain. He
didn't like the idea, however, of sitting
around doing nothing, so decided to
venture in business. His son-in-law
Mr, Ward Gould has had experience in
trade and will remain and assist in the
Mr. Moon has taken Mr. Potter's
place on the wagon and will make the
rounds of the country selling groceries
and buying produce. The bridge street
Improvements have also Urn made store is owned by Henry A. Smith.
H. J. EKUNAHD, re?
A. N. HKLDING, V. Pres
Our Business Is Banking
Banking Is Our Business
The sign "Bank" does not make a bank and is
often misleading. It requires time, energy, close
attention to business, a substantial capital ami
ripe experience in banking to make a bank. We
claim, without hlushing, all the essentials neces
sary to make our business that of banking, and
tender our patrons a service thoroughly seasoned
by years of experienced backed by a substantial
capital and surplus.
Belding Savings Bank
of Belding
W. S. LAM HEUTSON, Cashier.
Well at Waterworks is A Deep One
Over 350 Feet in Earth
The new well at the city water
works, being put down by Gardner &
Sons, has reached 350 feet, and it is
still going. It is confidently expected
that a line flow of water will be struck
inside of fifteen or twenty feet further
down in mother earth, as the point
is now in course gravel and quite a
large amount of water is already flow
ing. At this depth there can be no
question as to the absolute purity of
the water.
The board of water commissioners
are doing a line thing for the city in
laying the foundation for an inexhaust
ible supply of pure water. It may
be a little costly to begin with, but
it is better to be well done while it
is done.
Been Established Thirteen Years
Anniversary Will Be Celebrated
Steps are being taken by the otlicials
of the jiostotliee department for a fit
ting celebration in October to com
memorate the thirteenth anniversary
of the establishment of rural free de
livery. This service was started in West
Virginia with five routes, running
from three different ofllces in 1890. By
the end of the third year 391 routes had
been established at an annual expendi
ture of HoO,U12.
tTp to the present time the cost of
installation and operation has been
about $170,000,000. There are 40,804
carriers, covering 10,919 routes. More
than i,0(X),O0O patrons are served
daily. Illinois has the largest number
of rural routes, L',1'81. New York, the
first state in iiopulation, has only 1,841
routes, while Pennsylvania, the second
in iiopulation, has i.',lt8. Seven states
have more routes than New York,
At the Congregational Church
Services will le resume Sunday in
the Congregational church, He v. Edrie
Collins having returned from his three
weeks' vacation, and he will occupy
the pulpit both morning and evening.
The pastor and eople having had
a pleasant vacation it is hojx.il and
expected that the work of the church
in all departments will be taken up
with renewed vigor. The Sunday
school will also be resumed at ll;4o
u. m., following the morning service.
An orchestra for the school lias been
organized by Dr. C. 1. Taylor, which
will be an imiorlant feature in leading
the singing and it is expected that it
will also take part in the evening
church service.
Tcadt is in Trouble Again
Jay Teadt, of Middleville, was ar
rested by Sheriff Hitchie last week
Thursday, on suspicion of having a
hand in the holding up and sand
bagging of Sim Lawrence, a civil war
veteran, at Hastings, Saturday night,
August 14. Tcadt is said to have been
in the company of a stranger and
Charles Annison, the latter a convict
who was returned to Jackson to serve
out a sentence for burglary, after the
hold-up. Teadt denied having had
anything to do with the affair. Teadt
was the fellow sent to the Detroit
House of Correction from this city a
few months ago.
The state game department is send
iug out a great deal of information
these days relative to the Michigan
game law. Several changes were
I made by the last legislature which do
not seem to be known to hunters,
as requests for information are num
erous. Some of these changes are of
'great interest to hunters. The most
1 noticeable change is that which pro
jects tjuail lor live years. Hunters,
as a rule, do not think this is neces
N:iry. They say the birds wintered
j well and are esjH-cially numerous this
year. They certainly should be on
hand in great numbers when the pro
tection ceases.
The following from the Michigan
game law now in force will be of
interest to hunters:
(Juail Unlawful to kill until Oc
tober lo, 1914.
Hulled Grouse or Partridge Ojien
season, lower peninsula October 15 to
November lo, both inclusive.
Woodcock, Sniiie and Plover Oien
season September 1 to January 1, in
clusive. Ducks and Geese Open season Sej
tember 1 to January 1, and March 2
to April ift.
Deer November 10 to November 30,
Squirrel Black, gray and fox, Oc
tober 15 to November 30, inclusive.
Unlawful to kill in public or private
parks, or in any incorporated city or
Hubbits When you please, except
to use ferrets In certain counties.
Mourning Doves and Homing Pi
geons Unlawful to kill or capture at
any time.
Bird Dogs Lawful to train on game
birds within ritteen days of the ruffed
grouse season; must not carry firearms.
Non-residents of Michigan must pay
a license of ten dollars to hunt game
birds in this state.
All violations of the game law should
be reported to Charles 8. Pierce, state
game, fish and forestry warden, Lan
sing, Mich.
Will be Removed, Building to be Va
cated Soon and Torn Down
The old b lilding on it ridge street
which has been oceupied by Oscar F.
Webster for a livery stable is to be
vacated soon, when it will be torn
down, and the place that has known
it so long will know it no more
The old building has been sold to
Will Floyd, who will make quick
work of raxing it to the ground when
Mr, Webster vacates. It was formerly
an old blacksmith shop owned by
'Alf" Hoyt, and stood on the corner
where the Belding block now stands
It has been built over forty years, and
was moved to its present locution
about twenty-live years ago.
Mr. Webster has leased the ware
house built by Mr. Gooding and will
fit it up for a stable until better quar
ters can be secured -.
Whereas, It is judged necessary by
us, the township board of the town
ship of Otisco, county of Ionia, that
certain places shall be assigned for the
exercising of the trades or employ
ments hereinafter mentioned, which
are offensive to the inhabitants and
dangerous to the public health, there
fore we do hereby assign the following
described places in the said township,
to-wit: Lot ti, Sec. 1, IB acres owned by
Perry Heald; Lot 3, Sec. 15, 30 48-100
acres owned by Will Travis; All lands
belonging to W, C. Spicer, lying east
of railroad, Sec. 15, for exercising the
trade or employment of slaughtering
beeves or other animals, and we do
hereby forbid the exercise of any such
trade or employment in any other
place or places in said township, not
so assigned therefor.
Dated this 24th day of August,
A. D. 1909. Charles E. Brink,
Peter Kohn,
v Walter Fisk,
Lester J. Klmberly,
Township Board of Health.
Notice is hereby given that the time
for owners or occupants to place
numbers on their houses or place of
business has elapsed, and that all such
owners or occupants should do so at
Section six (6), of ordinance No. 96,
SI aces a ienalty of not less than one
ollar ($1) nor more than five dollars
(15) and costs of prosecution, and in
failure to pay, imprisonment in the
county Jail from two thirty days, for
refusual to comply with the fore
going ordinance. This section of ordi
nance No. 90 will be enforced, unless
complied with at once.
By order of common council.
W. 8. Eddy, City Clerk.
Advertised Letters
Ida AflUst, Mrs. Lucial Brink, Miss
Ileta Hall, Mrs. Homer Hal stead,
Frona Logan, Mrs. Francis Lohr, Mrs.
Abbie Moore, Mrs. E. McPherson,
Frank Potter, Lurrette Waldo, Miss
Anna Wilson, Dave White.
Aug. 23, 1909. D. E, Wilson, P. M.
Ballou Mfg. Co. will be Busy
For Some Time
Engine Department Will Go Some
Company Landed Big Basket
Orders Also
Business at the Ballou Manufactur
ing Co. is brisk now and the outlook
for a long time future in the movement
of the wheels and labor is exceedingly
bright. A contract has been entered
into with a large eastern company for
the entire output of their engines in the
next five years, the first year there is
not to be less than than 250 with an
increase the following years to the
number of 1000. This number, with
the regular orders coming in from all
partsjof the country, will mean a lot of
business for the company and will call
for an increase of expert labor. Mr. J.
B. Brown, superintendent of that de
partment, states that undoubtedly it
will require the services of nearly 100
men for the work. The engine, which
is known as the Brown Marvel, is cer
tainly a winner, as it has made good
wherever tried.
In the basket department also there
is activity, large orders for the pound
ed ash quality being received dally;
one recently came from Sears, Hoe buck
& Co. for $6000 and a similar large one
from Montgomery Ward. This sort of
work will keep the pay roll there hot
and the young man who can make
good is fortunate to have his name on
the list,
Judge Has No Sympathy for Liqour
Lawbreakers In Hillsdale Co.
Hillsdale, Aug. 25. Circuit Judge
Chester clearly showed how he stands
on the local option question when he
sentenced Stephen Powell, who had
been found guilty of selling whisky, to
pay a fine of $00 and $20 costs and to
spend sixty days in Jail. He also sen
tenced Frank Dankmeyer, who gave a
friend a drink to pay a line of $30 and
costs of $20, and to serve thirty days in
jail. These two heavy sentences Judge
Chester declares, will be followed by
still heavier ones if the local option law
is violated again. Ex-Mayor L. A
Goodtich is one who will be tried before
Judge Chester in October, also S. E.
Parish, another prominent druggist.
Goes to Battle Creek
E. E. Doty, the photographer, has
decided to leave Belding and take up
his residence and business in Battle
Creek, where he resided before com
ing here. He came here about six
years ago and himself and family
have made many friends during their
residence here. Mr. Doty is an artist
of note and will undoubtedly be heard
from much more in photographic art
Canvas Shoes
And Oxfords
Nothing Cooler These Hot
May We Sh ow You These.
Just a Word About
the Popular Music
that I Sell for 15c
A Copy. See My
It is your own loss if you do not av ail yourself the opportun
ity of securing some of the beautiful KHYSTOL Colonial shaped
glass ware that I am showing at such low prices. Seven piece
water sets at 75c and upwards. Sherbets, Comports, Jellies, Mar
laids and all the fancy pieces. The small size tumblers for 25c
for a set of six.
-A. B. Hull
To Make Room
New Fall Goods
We are making some very snappy bargains in odd pieces of furn
iture at from 33J to 50 percent off the regular price. In this list you
will find a very good assortment of sideboards, buffets, table chiUbnier
and dressers.
See Our Windows Before You Buy.
Miller 6 Harris Furniluro Go.
Furniture and Undertaking.
I Jp. iir FireB Shooing ef j
ij jSkaigi Fall Icis mi ens I
It has uever been Our privilege to show as extensive a
line of suits as we have at the present time.
Prices Range From
012.50 to $35.00.
We are tfointf to make a special feature this fall of per
fectly fitting suits. We guarantee every garment to be
perfectly fitted before it leaves the store. It is a pleasure
for us to show you these new suits.
E. C. Lloyd

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