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JUST LISTEN and we'll tell you about our Household Furniture the largest and most complete
in town. But not only that. It is the. highest in quality and the most durable in service. We can furnish a
whole housea single room or a solitary article; and we are sure that everything we sell will give you unlimited
satisfaction. ,
Opposite Post Office
i ran
Pere Marquette
Train will leave I3eUling at 11"
a. m. Returning, leave Greenville
at 6:00 p. m.
To Greenville I 23
Cash Store.
Makes the Mare go. We
can save you
18 lbs. Granulated sugar 11.00
.'5 lbs. of 40c tea - - 1.00
"2 lbs. 50c tea 1.00
5 lbs. Jap Rice - - .ro
'.I lbs. Fancy Seeded Raisins .25
1500 matches ... .10
Come in and get our
Phone 208
Bridge St.
a n m
; ' )
K Succeed when everything else fails,
u In nervous prostration and female
f weaknesses they are the supreme
jjj remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Pere Marquette
Sept. 5
Grand Rapids
Train will leave IJelding
at 10:22 a. in. Returning
leave Oram! Kapid at
0:15 p. m.
Round trip fare 65c
Religious Jokes
Editor Ihmner: It often happens
that out of the most serious things
come the best jokes, and out of the
hugest joke conies the strongest sug
gestions of a need for progressive
Your comments upon Mr. Loomis'
sermons and your conclusion that he
cannot hope to Ik.' ordained as a Meth
odist .minister, are decidedly amusing
to me, and suggests a few plain
The facts are that Mr. Loomis was
ordained a Methodist minister, 1 think
about live years ago.
Personally, speaking to make things
plain, I would rather be understood
than to be. simply elegant. And if
!as illiterate a bigot as he was when
i ordained can take ordination at the
hands of the Methodist church while
a man of his present scholarly attain
ments, keen perceptions and prac
tical application of moral virtues can
not be ordained because of the creed,
it is about the biggest joke that could
be perpetrated uimmi the Methodist
church, and relegates it to the six
teenth century.
On every hand we hear the cry,
Why does not our church draw more
of our business men toil? Why do so
many of our best educated men en
tirely ignore it? Why do so many
of our very res jectable young men
women fail to aMiliate with it?
Mr. Loomis met with some other
experiences while in your city. Visit
ing one of your business places where
he was a stranger, he incidentally
drew from one of your most resjiected
business men the fact that the latter
seldom attended church. When asked
why, the business man frankly said:
"Well, to begin with, there are just
two kinds of preachers one a set of
ignorant fools, the other a pack of
hypocrites who don't believe half they
preach." Many as the exceptions arc
that may be taken to this man's
statement, it remains painfully true.
That the old time preacher with his
theological sophistry, his iron-clad
c recti, which put faith above under
standing, does not apjwar to meet
the modern demands for greater knowl
edge of religious truth. The demand
today is for teachers who can lead
religious themes out of the creed bound
lethargy of a lazy preacher, a class
of preachers your fellow citizen seemed
to have overlooked. lie also over
looked another class who are dip
lomats. Presumably they believe
something. YetJ they say things in
such a way that both extreme or
thotlox and extreme heteradox claim
them as typical leaders and exponents.
Recently I heard from a pulpit
these three projwsitions in the course
of a single sermon: "Christ was the
son of an obscure carjienter and the
virgin M&ry." Again "unnst was
God's own begotten son." The logic
of these prositions is that God was,
and is, an obscure carenter. Farther
on, "Christ was the son of David.'
Logic, David was God, a doctrine Ik
lieved by his subjects. I thought it
was too absurd to be taught now.
In another sermon I heard this
"Christ was a man liecause he died,
and God can not ami could not die."
Then: "Christ was God, because in his
last agonies of death he cried out in
a loud voice." The first proj)osition
said God can not die. The second said
he did die.
Is it anything strange that many
thinking jeople look ujwn the church
as perfunctory rather than practical
or interesting, that they regard it as
an incident rather than a necessity?
One thing is sure, the church that
will give an ojien pulpit, with high
educational requirements, is the one
that will soon take the lead,, and inter
est the business man, the educated
man, the young man and even the
skeptic and the atheist.
There is little to be feared as to what
will come to such men as Mr. Loomis,
some Methodists will follow him. If
the Methodist church prefers to re
main in the sixteenth century, it has
a' perfect right to do so, but we do not
think it will.
In the beginning of the fourteenth
century, Gutenburg said :4 "God sutlers
in the great multitudesj whom his
sacred word can not reach; religious
truth is captive in the small numlicr
of manuscript books, which guard the
common treasure instead ol diffusing."
liecause he invented printing, and
facilitated the diffusing of truth, the
priestcraft procured his imprisonment
and sought his life, but the multitude
accepted his work and progressed.
Now, as then, all the bishoiN, priests
and clergy of Christendom cannot stay
for a decade the determination of the
multitudes to apply correct principles
of ancient philosophy andt logic to
modern facts in science, thus sup
planting the last trace and imprint
of mythology with understanding, and
the mysticisms of man theology by
the unfolding of God's commands, by
a perfect knowledge of things as they
are, making them at once consistent,
logical and practical to a larger extent
than has yet been attained.
Judging from some comments by
some of Relding's foremost business
men, the lielding churches could be
improved by a few more as good
jokes as we have referred to.
J. I). Tavlor.
Things To Think About
In this issue we print a few things
you, as a citizen of as good a
country and county as the sun ever
shone on, should give serious thought
to every blessed moment from now
until it is too late. There will le a
time when it is too late, and we don't
intend that anyone shall have the
opportunity or any excuse whatever
lor saying, "i surely urn not give
those very things the attention the
they deserved." Here they are:
That a few of your fellow citizens
and friends are putting not a little of
their time and money where it ought
to interest every man, woman and
child in this county.
That the old Ionia Fair is a thing
of the past, and that Ionia's New Fair
is a thing of the future.
That for you to sit "on the fence"
and growl while this is going on, is
a sin.
That , the thing for you to do is to
"get into the game; " look that prem
ium list through, pick out the prem
iums you want, then when the time
comes (it's Sept. 2S to Oct. 1) chase
yourself and family to Ionia's New
Fair with the article that deserves it,
and you will get it.
Noted for its cattle shows evtr since its organization, the West Michi
gan Stat Fair of 1900, to be held in Grand Itapids, Sept. 13 to 17, will excel
all past exhibitions on the Comstock park fair RTOunds. The premium list,
augmented last year to $4,600, helped to attract the highest ciass of en
tries, and the special awards offered by th fiolsteln-Prteslun Breeders' and
the American Shorthorn Breeders associations still further enhanced the
attractiveness of exhibits in this department.
The special dairy tests, which have been features of the past three West
Michigan State Fairs, will be repeated this year. Theso will be conducted
under the supervision of the state dairy and food department. For the pur
pose of encouraging economical production and business methods $75 Is of
fered, in four prizes of $:i0, $20 $15 and $10. The tests will be conducted
during the entire period of the fair. Special rates on all railroads will b
offered to patrons of tin? fair.
Cures Colds) Prevents Pnoumonla
Two Social Functions
On Friday "afternoon of last week
Mrs. G. F. Smith and Mrs. M. C. Bent
ley entertained a company of ladies at
a most delightful iorch party, the
decorations leing golden glow in pro
fusion. Five hundred was the game
of the afternoon, Mrs. L. K. Green win
ning lirst prize, a Itcauliful cut glass
dish. Klegant refreshments were served
and a most social lime enjoyed.
On Saturday afternoon Mrs. (J. F.
Smith was the hostess at a delightful
Iorch party at her home on Washing
ton street. Golden glow was the flower
used for decoration and live hundred
was the game played at seven tables,
Mrs. V. 11. Iteed winning first prize.
Fine refreshments were served and a
pleasant time was enjoyed by all present.
Try liAXNFK want ads.
Corret ;ed ea. h week on Thursday
morning it,10 o'clock
Wheat-tea 1 01
Wheat-white 1 01
Rye 33
Corn 70
Oats 40
Flour per cwt ...... 2 W
Bean 2 On
Hay, baled per ton 10 (K)
Potato, jjO
Butter 22
Kirtrs 20
Annies, nor bushel 0
Chickens-live 10
Dressed Chickens
Cattle-live :$ oO(24 ft)
Cattle -dressed
Hogs-alive G 7567 00
Iloffs-dressed 9 JX)
Hides Ml
Jteprwntina wealth
frodi rvpry MTtion of
on of the irrfutfitt
common wealth In
the I'nion.
lhoUH,in I of dollar
are b-nK ifnt to
male thin evrrt the
greatest In Ali'-hi-unn'm
history. The
hnle xtiiti- ha hi-t-a
onn heil for exhilit
hil Dm auiiii44.
mrnt ft'tur hnva
been g.ilhi'rol fi:u
every yn of o,
United States. N.i
tur hn yielded
bountifully for farm
ers during the i re
ent eitHn. T h y
now hnve the mom-y
and will nllow noth
ing to interfere in
making thi exposi
tion a tr lueuilotia
General Super
intendent JAMES SLOCt'M.
General Super
intendent ADMISSION
Adults 50c
Children - 25c
Sunday Concert 25c
Alter P.M.- 25c
Grand Stand 25c
Id1 a hp
, Id lr AUK
Airships Race Bop $5,000.00
Roy Knabenshve and
Lincoln Beachcy
i in the most thrilling 4 V'"' hpX
Ships to rush through
space at top speed.
Seven heats to be run
beginning Sept. 3 and every afternoon
until Sept. 10. This race will attract
people from all over the country.
Records for flying will be broken.
Fverjraoetlon In the
Wolverine Htate will
b m reiirewnted 1 n
thia exhibit. It will
be the finext dUpUy
amce the fair waa
TURE frr.:!
producta will ledia
i' I nyed In arent pro
IiiHion. 1 he Fair
will how how boun.
tif u) nat lire ha leen
to Mi'hi8in during
th prtcnt aeaaon.
Chicago hon ahow
rery night com
menolna heptember
4th In front of tha
grand atand. Anew
and U-autifal feat
lira. A DOZE
la front of tha grand
atand on a platform
and indouhla viroaa
rinro every after
noon and evening
commencing Sep
tember 4th. Blicgent
and beat ever eeen in
2 Big Bands 2
The Navassar Ladies'
and Kopps Cincinnati
bands are engaged to
lay during the fair.
hey are two of the fin
est organizations of the
kind in the country.
Come and cc the motor
cycle and automoble raeea
September 2nd, Srd. 4tb
Sacred Concert Sunday
Navassar Ladies' and Kopps Cincinnati Bands will
give a Sacred Concert in the State' Fair Grand Stand
Sunday, September 5th., afternoon and evening.
Visit the Michigan State Fair during
yonr vacation It will revive and give
yon something to think about come
Big Midway
Attractions will be bet
ter than ever. All new
shows, clean and excit
ing. Best ever congre
gated. Midway shows
do not open until Satur
day, September 4 th.
r rum if nnncr ntrrc 8
ULitiAjfirtli UVIaiJlj nltLJ dollar in prii.a are offered and
owner of (aat horsea from all over the country have made their en trio.
riTlinnriM'Q AV,''R':,:A,H,l, rmgramhaa been arranged
VllILlIVlill 3 1ral fnr Heptemter"th, ronaiirting of ganica and eon
teate at which priaee will be offered. Children under XI admitted f roe Sept. T.
TIVA CIllIIUriUT CAI niCTC WJmlnITaniTnannand Bert Mor
1 tlU LilllllLlll OULUlDliJ plj, who are nouJ for "ainging to
beat the band, will U heard during the fair.
$35,000 IN PRIZES
To be Distributed
Don't fall to see the
Brazilian exhibit
The t w e faateat harnee
horaeeln the world will go
Ina raoeto beat their time and world'a rerorda Thoradar. HeptetnberSth. ho
enoh important event waa ever before offered tke American people.
Grgory Firework C., Chicago,
will prodnoe thla dialay, begin
ning Saturday erenina. fiertember 4. and continue for flva night a, Every
thing la new and Imported for the occaaion.
nmiTrrn Dinnntn ITrC Every railroad entering D-
ItLUUVLU laftllilaUtl lrt 1 LjJ
ran aaan e xcoraiona d uri n g the f al r.
troit will aell choap tlckeU and
i rMS fAII It ' g4F
OU and your friends are cordially invited
to visit our store on
Saturday, September 4th,
We have just received a large assortment of
Tn.nr.Cnn1 Tt-O t r H n wr Dnotrnvn frtnJo' fimm 4-1 n.
tn-vi-o,ai x iuuv, main, a aivac vjuoua iium titu f
National Biscuit Company, who will send a rep
resentative to our store to demonstrate the clean
liness, goodness, crispness and superior quality
of these goods and you will have an opportunity
of sampling new products.
Very truly yours,
F. LH1. LKIudson,
The Corner Store
Phone 22.
r..' I i
M UM 22&!X:S
We carry a coniplejte
line of High Grade
Pianos and invite your
5$ B r V: " lL?.:'5S5fi most critical inspec-
Our pianos answer the
remiiremt'iits of the artist
musician. Start your boy
or ifirl rirht by getting-
a good piano. The best is always cheapest in the end.
See us before buying, our prices are reasonable
and terms are easy. Let us place one in your home
and convince you that the tone of our pianos is un
excelled. Also a filne line of Violins, Harmonieas,
Phonog raphs and Records, Sheet Music, Post Cards,
Some excellent Bargains In
Agents for the famous White Broze Monuments.
Call and see us.
W- p. PWO,
So. Bridge St. Bclding, Mich.
Manner Cluing Rates
Don't let the
Slip by without buying something
The Sale Closes
Saturday, September 4.
Many have taken advantage of the opportunity.
Have you? If not don't miss It.

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