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Some Helding People Havt Learned
How to Get Rid of Both
Hack ache and kidney nclje are twin
You can't separate them
And you can't get rid Of the back
ache until you cure the kidney ache.
If the kidneys are well and strong,
the rest of the system is pretty sure to
1 in vigorous health.
Doan's Kidney Tills make strong,
healthy kidneys.
Mrs. Charles Jlonson, a merman nu,
Leldinir, Mich., savs: "Doan's Kid
ney rills have been used in my home
with ereat beneiit. A member or tne
family was greatly troubled by back
ache and sharp pains through the kid
neys. Doan's Kidney nils were nnany
procured at Connell's drug store and it
did not take them long to bring relief.
Although 1 have never had occasion to
take this remedy myself, I know t that
it is effective in cases of kidney com
plaint." For sale by all dealers. Trice 50 cents.
Foster-Mil burn Co.,llull'alo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
anl savings looks issued by Sandell's
Rank read this way: "Inteiest will be
paid hereon at the following rates per
3 ier cent if left three months.
4 ir cent if left six months.
5 jer cent if left one year."
Wouldn't you rather iwssess one
than have your money lying idle or
drawing less interest?
Would like to talk with you about it
....BY llii ....
tSeldlns; Building and
Lou ti Association
ih ', who wibb to build a house c
:i y of your mortgage; or In buying
ornc already built on easy
t.errhc of monthly Install
ments. For particular
h11 at their office.
:t .; ix 'M-thtng hotter In Uelding
or in VHwiui mt than stock In the Bel
ling Kiiiiiling and Loan. Stock of
hih, Serifv No. 64, is now open to all.
A. WAGNER, Sec'y.
Succeed when everything else fcfls.
In Jiervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine tever sold
over a druggist's counter.
DR. A. 17. CHASE'S QKn
is sent direct to the d ineiwed Darts by the
Improved lilower. ideal tne
ulcers, clears the atr passage,
etopn droppings in the throat and
permanently cures Catarrh and
Hav Fover. No harmful drusrs.
25c blower free: all dealers or Dr. A.
W. Chase Medicine Co., UuHalo. N.Y.
They Clog the Pores Only a Liquid
Can Reach the Inner Skin.
Since the old-fashioned theory of
curing eczema through the blood
has been given up by scientists,
many different salves have been
tried: for skin diseases. But it has
been found that these salves only
clog the pores and can not penetrate
to the inner skin below the epider
mis where the eczema germs are
This the quality of penetrating
probably explains the tremendous
success of the only standard liquid
eczema cure, oil of wintcrgreen as
compounded In D. D. D. Prescrip
tion. After ten years of cure after
cure, the world's leading skin spe
cialists have accepted this as the
true eczema cure.
We ourselves do not hesitate to
recommend D. D. D. Prescription at
$1.00 a bottle, but for the benefit of
those who have never tried the pre
scription, we have arranged with the
D.D. D. Laboratories of Chicago
for a special large trial bottle at 25
cents on a special offer now. This
first bottle ought to convince every
sufferer, and, at any rate, it will
surely take away the itch at once.
For Sale by W. I. UKNKDKTT
tMA4, 60 YEARS
Tradc Marks
Copyrights Ac
Weekly Grist of Newsy Hems Reported by
Oar Spedil Correspondents
Keene Center
Mr. and Mrs. CJeo. Moore of (J rand
Rapids, were g vesta of Fxl N. Parker
over the fourth.
Miss Ulan Golds of Grand Rapids,
visited her parents over the fourth.
The picnic at B. F. Wllkenson July
4th was a success in numbers ami jolly.
Over a hundred were served at a line
picnic dinner and all enjoyed the hours
of social converse on the beautiful lawn
decorated with bunting and dotted with
refreshment booths. About fiO, pro
ceeds. Max Raymor and family and Miss
Gale Knee of Lansing, were guests of
A. W. Knee over the fourth.
The families of Arthur Spoon cf
Grandville, and Chas. Cox of Ionia,
were guests of Robert Urock over the
Mrs. Elizabeth Daniels was a guest
of Lowell friends last Saturday and
Mrs. Frank Sayles and daughter,
Nellie entertained a company of ladies
Wednesday afternoon, tea was served
and a pleasant time was voted by each
Mrs. Lynch of Oshkosh, Wisconsin,
is a guest at Mrs. II. F. Wilkinson's.
The young people were entertained
at a dancing party at Hi Converse's
Friday evening."
Napoleon's Grit
was of the unconquerable, never-say-
die kind, the kind that you need most
wiien you nave a bad cold, cougn or
lung disease. Suppose troches, cough
syrups, cod liver oil or doctors have all
failed, don't lose heart or hojv. Take
Dr. King's rfew Discovery, Satisiac
tion is guaranteed when used for any
throat or lung trouble. It has saved
thousands of hopeless sufferers. It
mas ter stubborn colds, obstinate cougns,
hemorrhages, la grippe, croup, asthma,
hay fever and whooping cough and is
the most safe and certain remedy for
all bronchial affections, 50c, 11.00. Trial
bottle free at Connell's.
Mrs. Orin Purdy spent Monday at
Fred Currie's.
Miss Florence Sheldon of 15 ranch
City spent last week with Miss Mabel
Mrs. Fxl win Dorr of Haymarsh is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Edward
Miss Clara Howe left Friday for a
ten days' trip to Mackinac Island, Mus
kegon and Grand Rapids.
E. I). Hammond and wife of Grand
Ledge are visiting their daughter, Mrs.
Fred Currie.
Will Beach and wife are spending
the week w ith their daughter Ida near
Grand Rapids.
Ernest Moore of Hubbardston visited
his sister, Mrs. R. S. Hawkins, Sunday.
Henry Kelly and son Edward made
a business trip to Uelding Monday.
Mrs. Will Whitney and children of
Uelding visited Mrs. Fred Currie Sat
urday. Mrs. Mary Wood of Uelding was the
over Sunday guestof Mrs. MaryTowne.
Mrs. Orin Purdy was very pleasantly
surprised Monday evening when her
brother and two daughters of Canada
came to make her a short visit.
Mrs. Catherine Russell of Smyrna
was a caller at E. Howe's last Thurs-
S. J. Smith and wife attended the
wedding of Miss Alice Woodcock in
Uelding Tuesday evening.
Foley Kidney Pill9 Have Cured Me
The above is a quotation from ajetlcr
written by II. M. Winkler, Evansville,
nd. "1 contracted a severe case oi
kidney trouble. My back gave out and
pained me I seemed to have lost an
strength and ambition; was bothered
with dizzv Knells, mv head would swim
and specks lloat before my eyes. I took
roiey Kidney rills regularly ana am
iow perfect! v well and feel like a new
man. Foley Kidnev Pills Have cureti
me." Sold by Wortley A French.
. Jll.toat in.tirr Tell H'Urlllff tMUCnia,
Patent! taken tiiroutfh Munn A to. rolS
tptfiri notice, without ehrt, la tD
Scientific American.
mi tln of any ointl0o Journal. Twin.
I":.. ;... ..nth.L Sold b all wAfivn.
Yranch OfMc . &6 f St- Wwh In on . 1. O
G rat tan
Not nearly all of the farmers have
finished haying. Several have com
menced wheat harvest.
Rev. and Mrs. T. H. Carey are in
Detroit visiting their children.
Mrs. Edith Smith of Grand Rapids
is visiting her cousin, Mrs. A. Randel,
who returned Sunday from a visit to
the Valley City.
The Ladies' Aid of the First Oakfield
church will hold an ice cream social at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Jenks
in the evening of July 21. Everybody
cordially invited. Remember the date
Thursday evening, July 21.
The Misses Ethel Calahan and Eloise
Rich of Greenville, visitors at Wabasis
club house, were guests of Missliernice
Lessiter Sunday.
Please remember the 'tent meetings
commence at the Ashley church July
25, evening. Three evangelists from
Detroit are expected to be here.
The Misses Hazel and Helen Osmer
are making their uncle, Neal McNaugh
ton, and family of Courtland a visit.
The latter has been very poorly since
school closed and the change was rec
ommended by her physician.
Mrs. J. 11. Col ton and daughter of
Rock ford, who have been making Mrs.
Charles Watkins a ten days' visit at
the old farm here, returned home last
week Mrs. Watkins is mostly a resi
dent of Greenville late years.
Fred Carlon, near Pine Island lake,
lost sixty-one half grown chickens the
night of July 10 in a large coop together
either from a ferret or weasel.
Mrs. George Whitten was with her
mother, Mrs. M. A. Lessiter, from Fri
day until Sunday, who was much
worse last week, but is now gaining as
fast as she went down. Those from a
distance in Sunday were Mrs. Irving
Eggleston of Otisco township, Mrs. L.
M. Carl and nephew, S. D. Norman,
Parnell; and among the home friends,
Mrs. LeVern Taylor, Charles Godfrey
and wife, with lovely bouquets of roses
and sweet peas.
Last Wednesday after the electrical
storm Mrs. Claude Elkins was called
to Oak field, her aged mother, Mrs.
Tully, having received a bolt of light
ning while near a wire clothes line.
She laid unconscious for hours. Three
men haying near by w ere knocked down
but not much injured. A daughter,
unharmed, in the house thought the
four were dead. A Greenville physician
succeeded in bringing Mrs. Tully to
consciousness but a burned streak dow n
her body tells of the danger. Mrs.
Elkins was again called to her mother
Monday afternoon.
J. A. Lessiter has purchased a new
Osborne mower so as to run two, as his
large hay crop is suffering. His broth
er, E. J-., was the salesman.
The wedding bells rang today at high
noon for a bride near Detroit, who w ill
soon be with us if arrangements do not
fail. Particulars next w eek.
It is certainly distressing to see the
farmers so scant of help, with fields of
hay yet on, wheat ready to cut and idle
men lounging about the cities. The
good book says, "If men will not work
let them starve," but the latest plan is
to steal.
Haying is nearlv over and now the
farmers are beginlng their harvest.
W. N. Rogers and family of Uelding,
visited Mrs. Mairzie Skellenger last
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. llrown are enter
taining her sinter and husband, Mr. and
Mrs. Van Schouten of liangor, for
few clays.
Mrs. F. Fcaand daughter of Green,
vllle, sient Sunday with her sister,
Mrs. J. I j. Morse.
Miss Pearl Magher of Greenville
visited her mother, Mrs. Mary Snyder
Geo. ilaysmcr and Vern llrown with
their families of Uelding, were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. It. J. Storey Sunday.
Miss Iioretta Divine of Holding, was a
guest at the Storey home on Friday.
All in need of any binder twine will
do well by calling on C. M. Hubbard,
who has prison tw ine for sale.
Hay Fever and Asthma
Jlrintr discomfort and misery to many
!eople bat Foley's Honey and Tar gives
ease and comfort to the suffering ones.
It relieves the congestion in the head
and throat and is soothing and healing.
None genuine but Foley's Honey and
Tar in the yellow package. Sold by
Wortley A French.
Come to Greenville
at our expense. We
will pay your rail
road fare both ways
on a purchase of $5
or over.
We are agents for
the "Free" the only
insured sewing ma
chine. Ask for a de
monstration w,hcn
here. .
Do You Want to Sell Your Old Shoes? We Will
Give You 50c for Every Pair.
During" the month of July only is this offering" in force. We want to buy your old shoes, and will give you 50c
for. each pair you bring" in to us. We will allow you 50c for every pair of old shoes you return on any pair of shoes
you buy here. Only one pair taken as part payment on each new pair. The only condition is that you must purchase
a new pair which retails for $2.00 or over. This is a wonderful opportunity to trade in your old footwear on new ox
fords and shoes; or in other words, it affords you a chance to save a half dollar on every pair of shoes you buy now.
We do not restrict you to only a few lines of summer shoes you may choose any pair in our entire stock. No matter
in what condition your oldhoes are, bring" them in and receive 50c for thtm. Remember, this is a bona fide offering",
and is good only during this month. Don't throw away those worn-out shoes, bring- them in to us, and you will save
On shoes which sell for only $1.00 and less $2.00 we will allow 25c for each pair of old shoes returned to us.
Only one pair taken on a new pair.
Cool, Comfortable Summer Footwear at Bargain Prices.
SUMMER SHOKS; a splendid lot of
reg-ular $1.75 shoes and oxfords, in
many styles, now on sale, per pair
$2. 1); a big" lot of low shoes for women
in assorted styles, broken sixes etc.,
very special price is
OXFORDS; in vici kid, patent and
other leathers; good dressy styles, all
lasts, specially priced
$3.00 and $3.50 LOW SHOES, in
tan, wine, patent, suede and other
leathers, fashionable models, very
dressy oxfords, per pair
A big- lot of regular $3.50 Summer
low shoes; there are oxfords and
pumps in brand new styles, broken in
sizes perhaps one or two pairs of
each size; patent leather, vici kid,
Russian tan, wine and others--every
one a nationally advertised shoe They
regularly sold for $3.50 while they
last our special price is only
Weather cooler since the recent Satur
day rain.
Win. Condon is having a new binder
set up.
Mrs. Tommy CYn; Ion is on the sick
list since July llh.
Glenn Ford is yet very sick, a doctor
from (irand Hapids was called again
Hev. IC. Mudgc was hired to preach
at Alton Christian church the second
Sunday in each month.
Frank White has his barn moved.
F. Ij. Keech of Moseley, is cutting
40 acres of hay on the Lalley farm.
Hev. K. Mudge of Maple Kapids,
preached here Sunday.
Mrs. Will lUiss of Uelding. visited
her brother, Clare Ford last week.
Hev. Mudgc visited over Saturday
night with John Andrews, took dinner
Sunday with Otis Whites family and
over night with C. Wiggins family, he
is quite smart for his age, 77 years.
Mrs. C H. Porter is getting up a good
Sunday school interest in Alton.
Work 24 Hours a Day
The busiest little things ever made are
Dr. Kincr'n New Life Tills. Fv'erv Dill
is a sugar-coated globule of health that
chamres weakness into strength, lan
guor into energy, brain-fag into mental
iKwer: curing constipation, headache
chills, dvsneiisia. malaria, 'Sc at Con
Mr. and Mrs. Kmory Chickering and
daughter F.thel, visited Mrs. Chicker-
ings mother, Mrs. Ivlwin Dorr of Hay
marsh, who is visiting her other
daughter, Mrs. 11 Howe last Tuesday
Will Fisher of Uelding, visited his
sister, Mrs. Koss cnickenng fcunuay
Mr. and Mrs. Will Cobb of Uelding,
visited her mother, Mrs. M. J. llolcomb
and Mrs. Geo. Wiley, Sunday.
John Heeves, wife and son Carlton,
visited her parents, Kmory Chickering
and wife Sunday.
Dr. Majorie Orr of Uelding, visited
at Mrs. Hoss Chickering Sunday after
noon. Mattie H. Strain attended the birth
day party of Misses Fdna and Lettie
Nummer Wednesday night and retwrt
a most excellent time.
Miss Ada Mendonsa and Miss Sarah
Havell of Chadwick, were callers on
Miss Mattie U. Strains Thursday morn-,
Miss ICthel Chickering had a birth
day party Friday night, she was 12
years old ana receivtu several mcu
presents, lxisides some ist cards. There
w as US present and All enjoyed the nice
cake and ice cteam. All reiort a
nost enjoyable time.
Mrs. M. L. Howe and Mattie H. Strain
were guests at Miss Hellen Farles Sun-
Miss Vera Carpenter is visiting Miss
Nettie Snow of Honald a few days.
Frank Leach and family of Grand
Hapids, are visiting his rather, Will
Ijeach and also his brother, Vern Leach
and wife this week.
Will Uriggs anil daughter, Mrs Kd
Sutton and children or urieans ami
Mr. and Mrs. Fallie Hace of Uelding,
visited Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wiley Thurs
day evening. .
fir backiche, rheumatism, kidney or bladder trouble, and urinary irregularities.
Foley's Kidney Pill3 purify the blood, restore lost totality and vigor. Refuse substitutes.
Those Pics of Boyhood
How delicious were the piesol loyhood.
Wo pies now ever taste so good. What's
changed? The pies? No, it's you.
You've lost the strong, healthy stom
ach, the vigorous liver, the active kid
neys, the regular noweis oi uoynoou.
Your duesiion is poor ani you unime
the food. What's needed? A complete
toning up by Fleet ric Uitters of all or
gans of digestion stomach, liver, kid
nevs. ls)wels try them. They'll restore
your boyhood appetite and appreciation
oi footl and lairiy sauinuu your mmjr
with new health, strength and vigor.
fOc at Connell's.
Vergcnnes Station
A heavy windstorm visited us last
Saturday afternoon, no damage done
and rain fell after eight o'clock, which
was heartily welcomed by us all.
Mrs. John Corrigan of Grattan,
two children visited at her uncle,
Jakeways last week Wednesday.
Mrs. Terry Uresenham of (J rattan,
and Mrs. Uresenham Jr. of (3 rand Hnp
ids, were callers at Willis Purdys last
week Wednesday.
.Mrs. Win. Miller and mother, Mrs.
Moon spent Tuesday of last week at
Mr. Miller sr. of Alma, spent a few
days last week with his son, William
Mrs. Carrie Porter has been assisting
Mrs. Sarah Purdy in the case of the
sickness and death of Perry Purdy.
Hev. Mudge of Maple Hapids, was
with us Sunday and will be here again
Providence jermittiii August 14th and
hold services, both morning and even
ing. The Sabbath school choir did
finely in the song service. There was
juite a goodly number present.
Miss Julia Huffman who has been
to work at Parnells, is taking a much
needed rest at the home of her brother
Hen at Moseley.
The dance at Frank Keechs hall was
largeley attended, 100 tickets were
Johnnie Wingiers horse became
frightened at an automobile one even
ing last week, ran away upsetting the
buggy, throwing him out and injured
his side
Frank Whites barn was moved on
to the stone foundation near the road
last week.
John'Cusser returned from Orleans
last week Wednesday to Willis Purdys.
Our Sabbath school is still increasing
both in interest and numbers. A cordial
invitation is'extended to one and all to
attend at 10. a m.
Uessle Hichmond of Ijowell, is visit
ing her cousin, Luva Church
Glen Ford is much better and the
doctor considers him out of danger now.
Miss Ina Wiggins of Uelding, is home
for her vacation.
Mrs. Herb Jake way has been to Lake
Odessa, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Mrs. Geo. Whitten has been with
her mother, Mrs. M. Ijcssiter the past
week, who is in poor health.
Mrs. Hcna Vandenbrock of Uelding,
is home for a short time.
Clayton Hennells of Grand Hapids,
is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen Hennells.
Fred Hichmond of Ixiwell, is assist
ing Dorus Church through haying.
Marion Jakeway of Grand Hapids,
spent the 1th with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Asn Jakeway.
Mr. and Mrs. Art Sherman of Owosso,
have been sending their honeymoon
w ith her sister, Mrs. James Houlihan
I). A. Church and family celebrated
his and Hoys birthday at Murrey Lake
last Sunday.
G. H. H. A C. Interurban car at 7:40 a. m. and 9:00 p. m. from Grand
Hapids daily connects with Steamer at Macatawa Park.
Fare from Grand Hapids, $2.00.
Close connections with P. M. Hy. at Holland and St Joseph to or from
The right is reserved to change this schedule without notice.
Chicago Dock Foot Wabash Ave.
Clint Weeks plays Monday night at
Mr. Pants for a dance.
Dorus Church had a sick horse last
week. . .
Clyde Purdy lost a colt last week
Mrs. Herrington of Cannonsburgh,
spent Sunday with Mrs. Carrie Porter
and attended Sabbath school and
church. Tuesday she leaves to visit
friends in Iowell. 1
i-Ipv'h Kidnev Hemedv will cure
any case ti kidney and bladder trouble
not beyond the reach of medicine. No
medicine can do more. Sold by Wort
ley A French.
J. Snyder and wife returned home,
after visiting relatives and friends in
Jay McNltt is gaining slowly under
the care of Dr. Dorr.
Steve Sparks, wife and children are
visiting with Mrs. Phoebe Purdy for a
few weeks.
Mrs. F. J. Hichmond and daughter
Lucie visited with Frank Moon and
wife Sunday.
A little boy came to the home of
Frank Krupp and wife July 12 looking
for a home. Frank took pity on him
and says he w ill keep him as long as
he will stay. He only weighed 9 lbs.
but iK)tatoes are cheap so they think
they can raise him. Congratulations.
Quite a number from around here
picked cherries at M. J. Hichmond's
last week.
Advantages of a Course In a Good
Commercial College.
In this business age, the young man
or woman who has not received a
business training is badly handi
capped. The demand for skilled ac
countants and stenographers is con
stant and Increasing. Good positions
await expert young people. In this con
nection we may allude to the special
advantages offered by the McLachln
Duslnees University, Grand Rapids,
Mich. Located In one of the most
active and progressive cities of the
country, the student has the best prac
tical examples of business to aid his
instruction. Young men and women
will do well to Investigate the merits
of this school of business, the scope
of which Include! every branch neces
sary to fit one for a business career.
The Summer School offers special
rates, special classes and other in
ducements. The College issues a very
handsome paper, "The Clarion, which
contains full Information In letter
press and fine photograph. It is "a
call to ambitious young men and
women," and the response will no
doubt be general. The hundreds of
graduates of the McLachlan Business
University who occupy high positions
in the business world are the best
proofs of Its excellence. We advise
all interested to send for a copy of
"The Clarion," and list of students
recently placed In positions, which
will be mailed free.
too 4 tU- court H ! luatfs

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