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Sale on men's suits
Sale on men's shoes and ox
fords at
WHOLE NO. 1058
Barnes Struck And Burned
Horse Killed Hay And
Grain Destroyed
Alfred Davis Suffers Second Loss By
Storm Barn on Weeks Farm
Hit and Contents
The torrid heat of the past week was
broken last night by a terrific thunder
and rain storm which although it
wrought destruction and damage in
many places it did a world of good to
sutl'ering humanity and drying crops.
No particular damage was done in
the city, however, but several farm
barns were struck and burned.
Alfred Davis in G rattan seems to be
having a run of hard luck as his new
barn w hich had just been about com
pleted from its destruction a few weeks
ago by storm was again struck and
burned to the ground, killing one horse
and turning all his hay, excephabout
six loads, together with some other
contents of the building.
A barn belonging to Ed Nash on the
old Weeks farm received an electric
bolt and it was soon burned despite the
down pour of rain taking w ith it all the
hay and other contents including a
The home of Charles Purdy was
struck shivering a chimney and cutting
queer freaks but fortunately none of
the family were hurt.
A large barn near Oakfield Center
was also burned by the electric fluids
capers but w e are unable to learn the
Three tires are reported in the country
east of the city and five west and north.
A Lucky Woman
The housewife who has a gas range or
plate in her house these torrid days is a
lucky woman. We have a lot of smy
prthy for the woman who finds it neces
sary to stand over a hot stove these
terrible days, and we stand ready to
make the burden lighter for her. All
you have to do is to call us up and
leave an order for Gas in the house and
The Belding Gas Co. will do the rest.
Cook with gas and be happy.
Mr. and Mrs. William Malone went to
Greenville, Monday, to snd the 4th
with relatives.
H. J. LEONARD. Pres.
Begin To-day With $1
The Public Schools will educate Your
Boy but his education is not complete
without a fair knowledge of business.
He can soon grasp the principles of or
dinary business transactions by having
an account with a bank. You can do
your boy no greater service than in en
couraging him to have a bank account
with THIS bank. We say THIS bank
because his business will be welcome
here and his affairs will have our care
ful and considerate attention at all times
Belding Savings Bank
of Belding
The Old Shoemaker Was Found Dead
Saturday Morning in His Room
Leonard Y. Blunt the aged shoe
maker is dead, he had lived alone for
the past seven or eight years in rooms
over Brickers store opposite the, News
Ortlces, Saturday morning about eleven
o'clock, Frank J. Luick whose rooms
are opposite of those occupied by the
old man, noticing that he was not stir
ring around as usual, opened the door
of his room and discovered him lying
on the floor so close to the door that it
was necessary to crowd the body away
from it before it could be opened.
Mr. Luick immediatly notified E. B.
Lapham justice of the Peace, who
viewed the remains and made an in
vestigation into the cause, of his death.
The body was turned over to M. E.
Peck who it appears had been selected
by the old gentlemen to look after him
in case of accident or death. Evidently
he had attempted to empt3r the pan of
water from his refregerator and fell
with it in his hands.
Dr. Stanton was called and pro
nounced the cause as cerebral hemorhage
He was fully dressed except his coat
and in his pockets were found two
certificates of deposit for $50. each and
$31.40 in cash and a note for $500.
given by M. E. Peck and F. W. Peck
besides his silver wateh.
The deceased came to Belding about
17 years ago and worked for some time
in the shoe factory until it closed out.
A few years later he was in hard luck
and came near starving himself to
death it is claimed and the city provid
ed for him to the extent of twenty five
or thirty dollars.
About seven years ago Mr. Peck took
an interest in him and gave him em
ployment as his shoemaker he remain
ed with him until he became unable
to work. He was frugal, saved his
money and insisted on reimbursing the
city for what it had done for him when
he was in need. He was very close
mouthed in relation to his family his
tory but confided in Mr. Peck and
made his effects all over to him in case
of his death, also assigned to him an
insurance policy on his life which he
carried for a small amount.
He had one brother in Wooster Mass.
whom Mr. Peck notified of his decease
but for some reason he did not come.
Brief funeral services were held at
the home of Mr. Peck conducted by
Itev. J. W. Sheehan of Hastings, Miss
Gertie Peck presided at the piano and
accompanied Fred A. Connell who
sang a couple of solos. The Interment
took place in the Otisco cemetry. The
bearers were Frank J. Luick, red
Underwood A. 11. Caldwell and Ed.
Mrs. Bessie Evans, who has been
pending a couple of months with her
sister Mrs. OllieTaft, returned to her
home at Grand Rapids, .Monday.
To See A Copy of the Banner Volume
One Number One
George N. Foster brought into the
Banner oftlce one day this week a copy
of the first issue of the Belding Banner
volume one number one, it was printed
June 7th 1889, twenty two years ago it
really looked like an old friend and
brought back to the mind of ye Editor
many pleasent memories of the advent
and first few years of his business life
in the silk city.
Many changes have taken place
since those days Belding had a popu
lation of about 1500 then, one silk mill
the Richardson was being operated
with a couple of hundred hands and
the Banner said another silk mill was
in contemplation. The Belding Refrig
erator factory was also one of the in
dustries the Miller casket factory was
in process of organization and the
Knott, Rutan & Co., Flouring mills
and elevator was doing buisness.
In the local columns we find the fol
lowing locals:
The rear of the flat river log drive
passed here last week.
M. J. Tanner, Homer Angell and
wife, C. G. O'Bryon and wife, E. E.
Chappie and E. O. Mann went to De
troit on the excursion Tuesday.
C. E. Totten of Smyrna held ticket
no 144 which drew the five dollar gold
piece at Roells drawing.
E. II. Wilson a substantial farmer
south of the village has the honor of be
ing the first subscriber to pay for the
John Hinderson the barber in the
basement of Hotel Belding has been
fixing up in style.
Geo. W. Moulton, Chas. Ryerson
and Miss Sarah Wilbur attended the
Chase-Evarts wedding in Greenville,
Geo. Putnam has purchased a fine
piano and placed it in his residence
this week.
Luther & Wilson purchased a fine
span of iron grays at Hubbardston last
week paying $500. for the team.
H. 11. Belding of Chicago and A. N.
Belding of Rockville will be in town
next week to let the contract for the
new silk factory.
F. D. M. Davis prosecuting attorney
of this county will orate at Lake
At the school meeting Tuesday even
ing it was decided to build two new
school houses one on the north side and
the other near the union school to cost
not to exceed $1000.
A buisness mens ball club was or
ganized Monday with W. P. Hether
ington manager, Chas. Hills captain,
W. R. Menkee secretary and treasursr,
their object being exercise, sport and
a fixed determination to do up the
other clubs in town, the other members
are R. A. Wilder, D. 11. Bricker, Chas.
Ryerson, Frank Hauck, L. W. Holmes,
Chas. Hoyt, H. J. Leonard, H. A.
Lamb, L. B. Hall, Kim King, Chas.
Gardner, Charley Gleason, S. H.Stone,
J. M. Earle, A. L. Spencer, E. R.
Spencer, G. W. Hauck, 11. P. McElroy,
C. G. O'Bryon, C. M. Wise, W. II. In
gersol, M. J. Tanner, Harry Connell,
Mautfce Lightstone, M. Hasick, Ed.
Trail and Ed. Whitford.
H. M. Caukin of Greenville has made
a survey and plat of Beldings second
addition to the village 70 acres east of
the refrigerator factory platted into 239
Six months after the Banner was
established the ottice was destroyed by
tire and burned up the files.
A. D. Lashell of Oakfield, Dead.
A. D. Lashell of Oakfield, died
Thursday night at midnight at Butter-
worth hosipital in Grand Rapids, aged
50 years. Mr. Lashell had been ill
for several months and on Wednesday
he was removed to Butterworth hospi
tal where an operation for cancer was
performed Thursday. For ten years
or more he has been clerk of Oakfield
township and at the time of his death
was township treasurer. He is sur
vived by one son Thomas Lashell.
The funeral services under the auspices.
ot the masonic fraternity took
place Saturday afternoon at the WhK
Swan Baptist church.
Make Her Burdens Lighter
If there was a man in Belding who
had to stand over a hot stove on any of
these torrid days and cook and bake for
his family, he would order Gas put in
at once. Why not make your wife's
burdens lighter by installing a gas
range. The Belding Gas Co. stands
ready to furnish the Gas and Range if
you will fusnish the order for the same.
Come in right away and let us reason
On Thursday, July 13, Arcadian En
campment I. O. O. F. will install their
ofilcers. Refreshments will be served.
All Patriarch's are requested to be
Trustees to be Elected and Money to
be Raised.
The anual school meeting will be
held Monday night at the high school
building besides the rtgular routine
buisness, two trustees are to be elected
in place of Brinton F. Hall and Frank
II. Hudson, whose terms expire.
Mr. Hall it is understood is a can
didate again for the place having con
sented to stand for relection, he has
made a good member on the board and
there is no reason why he schould not
be relectni to the oftlce again. Mr.
Hudson does not care to take the office
again although many friends would
like to have him remain on the board
and Dr. James II. Armstrong is being
talked of as an available candidate,
Mr. Armstrong resides in the 1st. ward
where ait. Hudson formerly resided
when elected and the people over there
want representation on the board.
Mr. Armstrong is well qualified for
the place and if elected will make a
a good member. The bonding prop
osition to vote $7500. is for the purpose
of the expense incurred In the heating,
lighting and seating of the new build
ing and must be taken care of at if once
the bonds are not voted then the board
will be obliged to spread the amount
in direct taxes. The amount will have
to be paid and it will be easier to have
it spread out over a long time for pay
ment. It is ho(ed there will be a good
attendance at the meeting.
Coupons Cqming Fast.
I wish to thank the people of Belding
and vicinity for the large number oj
Piano Ooupons given to ine in the past
few weeks, and afro for those that are
coming in every day. I realize that in
order to secure a piano I must have a
big bunch of them and I want to ask
all my friends to send me all they can
during the few remaining days of this
great contest. Coupons for me may be
left at the Banner office, Peck's. Shoe
store, Lamb Bros, grocery, or mailed
to 321 Hanover street. All pull to
gether and one of the pianos will surely
be mine. Again thanking you for the
help given lam Yours Truly,
Lina May Bush.
New Editor at Carson City
II. E. Cowdin, formerly publisher of
the Rock ford Register, has purchased
the Gazette at Carson City of A. L.
Bemis. Since selling the Register to
H. A. Van Antwerp last September
Mr. Cowdin has been connected most
of the time with the Nashville News,
and again enters the newspaper field in
Montcalm county. Air. Bemis was
com lulled to sell on account of his
health. He has been owner of the Ga
zette for twenty-one years. Mr. Cowdin
is a brother of Charles R. Cowdin for
merly connectedwith the Banner, and
we extend our hand, hoping thai great
success may come to the new owner.
Local News
Ferry Clock went to Gowan, for a
short visit with his sister.
Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Snyder were over
Sunday guests of Belding friends.
Miss Ella Meginley w ent to Kalama
zoo to spend the fourth with her sister.
Miss Minnie Cook started for Denver,
Colo., on Wednesday to visit relatives.
Miss Maggie Nash spent the Fourth
with her parents at Pine Island Lake.
Miss Lottie Hein left Monday for
Big Rapids, where she will , attend
school this summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. Sovereen left Satur
day for a ten days visit at Stanwood,
Free port and Grand Rapids.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Spencer are spend
ing a few days at the home of their
daughter, Mrs. Charles Ireland, in Ionia
Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Wright enter
tained his sister Mrs. Lyman Jaycox
and daughter Mrs. Lena Witham of
South Dakota and Allen Tuttle and
daughter the past week, Mr. and Mrs.
Wright and daughter Airel were guest
at Mrs. M. Cobb also.
Mrs. C. Richardson of Courtland
Kent county is a guest of her daughter
Mrs. J. Ward Wells, Mrs. Richardson
is one of the few surviving pioneers
who came into that part of the country
in an early day her husband is still
At Belding Bros. & Company
Thread Mill Extensive
Repairs Are Made
Four New Boilers Replace Old Ones
Company Spares No Expense
To Have The Best
Belding Bros. & Co. have for the past
six weeks or more been making repairs
at the red mill and the extensive and
expensive work will soon be completed.
The old smoke stack was razed to the
ground and completely demolished and
now a fine new one looms up much
better and more conspicious in its stead
directly in line with main street from
which it shows up well.
Four new boilers have been installed,
the old ones having been torn out and
dispenced with entirely. They are of
best make and heve been set with ex
treme cere so solid that it is exacted
they will last for years. The debris is
being cleared up and new cement floors
will be put in where needed.
The work will be completed in a few
days and business w ill again be resumed
with great activity as Mr. Howard re
Iorts many large orders coming in and
piling up.
It is expected that the wheels will
move by the fifteenth of July and a full
force of operators be taken on as fast as
Whenever the company find it neces
sary to make repairs or add new
machinery they go about it at once
regardless of expense.
Want Your Coupons
The Church of Christ is very desir-
ious of winning one of the pianos
which our good merchants are offering
and would especially ask that x all
friends of the church ana many others
who have coupons would turn them in
to our credit or send them to the Pastor
Kev. I. S. Bussing.
There is only a few days more before
the contest will end and the church
and society will be very grateful for
every coupon sent to it from any source.
Duane Foss and family left Monday
for Maple Hapids to spend the 4th with
relatives and friends.
Any Mites in You; Poultry House?
Go after them fight with Conkey's Lice Liquid. That will fix them. It drowns them out in the cracks where
they breed and thrive and hide away during the day until the fowls come back to roost at night. Get into old clothes
and with a sprayer or sprinkling can full of Conkey's Lice Liquid, go over the whole place and paint the roosts with
the same stun". Try this. We guarantee it effective.
Conkey's Lice Liquid 35c quart, 60c 2 quarts, $1.00 a gallon
Clearance Sale
This Big Store's Entire Line of
Dry Goods, Carpets, Notions,
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Apparel and
That there will not be the slightest
possibility of any store underselling us.
For Your Vacation
The pictures keep your Vacation
days always with you. Sup
plies of all kinds.
35c DOX
Writing Papor
An extra nice line of W & W
linen finish writing paper in
boxes, 85c.
Miller & Harris
This is the season when nice reasonably priced glassware is needed
Have a look at the
Klonial Krisftall Sherbets
at 74c per dozen
Iced Tea and Lemonade tumblers in cut glass at 12.00 per dozen
Many things in useful pieces and very reasonable prices at
A. B, HUL L,
Jeweler and Optometrist.
Connell's Drug Store
tarts Sat. lulv 8.
The Rosary, by Barclay
Mistress of Shenstone, by Barclay
The Prodigal Judge, by Kester
Clayhanger, by Bennett
Jim Hands, by Childs
Adventures, by London
John Mark's Millions, by Klein
Brunhilda, by Nichols
Brazenhead, by Hewlett
The Last Word, by MacGowan
Window at White Cat, Rinehart
Anne of Avonlea, Montgomery
Clever Betsey, by Burnham
Calling of Dan Matthews, Wright
2c per day to read these.
A. D. S.
Pcroxido Talcum
Is an extra good seller just now,
25c. See it in our big display of
A. D. S. goods.
Is half the home. A home
should not look shabby after
a year's use. Ordinary usage
should allow good furniture
to continue indefinitely.
and you will see a variety of
styles built substantially, and
made to last. Our prices,
cannot remain long at the
present low rate. This reduc
tion is temporary.
Furniture Co.
W. 8. LAMBEUTSON, Cashier
present. W. J. Clark, C. P.
W. II. Price, Scribe.
living but is not able to get out much
' being 85 years old.

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