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Meekly Grist of Nexusy items Reported by
Oar SoecUl Correspondents,
Moseley Station
The recent norm blockaded the roads
also making il impossible for train to
John rhlllip has moved to Orand
Mrs. Mary Byrne and Mrs. Austin
Byrne called on Mo-elsy friends Friday.
Clara Ford lot a valuable home lat
lliaa Lana Wingeur and friend Lena
lsehaman spent a few daya with her
parents here.
A very pleasant surprise party was
ft ten at the home of Anthony Byrne,
Sunday evening, about one hundred
being present. A fine time was enjoy
ed by all.
Myrtle Carlson and sister, Hilda, are
visiting at their heme in Hparta.
Ralph Ford has been sick the past
William Ltsaiter and neice visited
with his sister and family at Moseley,
Gladys Jakeway is on the sick list
Miss Eva Huggins spent Sunday at
Charles Jakeway has sold his farm
o William Howard of Farnell.
Frank Byrne of Greenville visited
here Saturday.
Earl Jakeway spent Tuesday night
at lowell being Initated into the Loyal
Order of if ooee.
William Huffman moved on a farm
near Saranac.
Mr. and Mrs. Burr Davis attended
the wedding of their neice, Ilena Van
Loten, of Stanton
Earl Jakeway and Charles Mead
Attended the basket ball at Greenville,
Marion Jakeway of Alma called on
relatives here.
John Jakeway has been sick the past
Shocking Sounds
in the earth are sometimes heard before
a terrible earthquake, that warn of the
coming peril. Nature's warnings are
kind. That dull pain or ache in the
back warns you the Kidney's need at
tention if you would escape those dang
erous maladies,' Dropsy, Diabetes or
Bright's disease. Take Electric Bit
ters art once and see backache fly and
all your best feelings return. "My son
received great benefit from their use
for kidney and bladder trouble," writes
Peter Bondy, South Rock wood, Mich.,
"It is certainly great kidney medicine."
Try it. 60 cents at ConnelPa Drug
Cook's Corners
A. J. Moon and family enjoyed Sun
day at Joe Werner's.
On account of ' the terrible blizzard
there was no school after Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Donner entertain
ed Fred McKitt and family, Sunday.
Luther Hall was a Grand Rapids
passenger, Saturday.
Leo Richmond and Hazel Smith
were married February 12. Congratula
Winniferd Thompson and Lydia
Moon spent the last of the week in
Mrs. Edith. Storey visited at O. I.
Watkins in G rattan, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Taylor visited in
Belding, Sanday,
Mrs. C. Hubbard spent the week
with her daughter, Mrs. Ed. Reeves.
Fayette Hoppough bss been at horns
the past wesk on account ef sickness.
Lester Carpenter and family were
Suaday visitors at Herbert Ross'
Mrs. Tom Bookey and daughter,
Mildred, snent Saturday at B. J.
Mrs. Harold Gardner was in Belding
several days last week.
Miss lone Bowen spent Saturday and
Sunday at the home of Mrs. T. J. Rich
II nniTACLE, fecit
dfxtica b nearly cmnja good stored. A
pcit cray haro beta parcancstly cored cf ttcciati
trccblca bj Ctmbcrlab't Ttblcti titer yczrt of cd
fcrfcj. Ttcca fcikti ttrcattta the itcziach tzi
cz-ih it to pcrfcra to fenctbaj caturtDy. Try
liu Ticdiccci a quarter.
Ruby and Cora Douglas were at home
last Sunday.
Several from this place attended the
club dance at Smyrna last Friday night
and report a very enjoyable time.
Visitors at the home of Mrs. Fred
Richmond last Sunday were Morris
Mines and wife, Waller White and
wife, Miss Grace Moon, Frank Moon
and wife, J. L. Snyder and wife, M. J.
Richmond and wire, C. K. Bo wen and
wife and Miss lone Bowen.
The roads in this vicinity are very
bad, last Friday there was .a gang, of
men out shoveling snow and trying to
make the roads passable, but they are
in bad shape yet
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Liniment and bound on
to the affected parts is suittrior to any
Clator. When troubled with lame
ack or pains in the side or chest give
it a trial and you are certain to be more
than pleased with the prompt relief
which it pffbrde Sold by All l,calera.
Keene Center
Mrs. Rsy Guntel and Frank Daniels
are on the sick list
The men are busy on every street
shoveling snow after Mondays severe
storm, so that trains can travel.
Ray Guntel went to Lake Odessa
Monday after his mother-in-law, Mrs.
Chorley, got caught in the storm and
finished the trip with difficulty Tues
day, having to shovel considerably to
get through.
No mail Monday. Too stormy even
for Fred.
Mrs. A. Daller returned Saturday
from Greenville where she was caring
for a sick relative.
Keene Grange held a very enthusias
tic session last Saturday night in honor
of the birthdays of Washington and
Lincoln. George was represented by
Master Teddy Sparks in typical colon
ial costume, A debate "Resolved that
George Washington did greater service
for his country then Lincoln" resulted
in an affirmative decision, led by
Phlorus Hale, the negative by Vern
Clark. The discussion by the Grange
was active for both sides, many good
points being made. A paper read by
Mrs. Maude Sparks, "Should Woman
allow the rutine duties of home to oc
cupy all her time," was well discussed;
other literary numbers filled the pro
gram, after which doughnuts, pickles
and coffee were served.
There will be First degree initiatory
work at Keene Grange this Saturday
night, Mareh 2. Program A for Keene
Grange Saturday night March 2, Theme,
Corn; Roll Call, Gentleman respond by
presenting the best ear of corn they can
find, Ladies name favorite corn dish
and tell how to prepare: Topic, Best
way to secure the corn crop; A By
hand husking or shredding, Chas.
Sparks; B Silo, Fred Cahoon. Dis
cussion. Music by Grange Organist;
Reading, Evelyn Brock; Sale of corn to
the highest bidder, proceeds to go into
Penny March fund; Paper, Best way ,
to preserve corn, Sarah Abbott; Penny
March; Reading programs B. and C;
Gentlemen will serve supper.
Keene Grange program B, March 9.
Opening Song, Grange; Roil Call, clip
ping from a farm paper; Reading,
Loreda Hunter; Paper, Care of Farm
Machinery, Vern Clark; Discussion
led by Ernest Pinkney; Duet, Edith
Daller and Ethel Cahoun; Paper; The
farm garden, Mrs. Eva Hunter. Dis
cussion. Music, Edith Daller; Reci
tation, The Old Clock; Penny March;
Readng programs C. aad D.; Refresh
ments. First LaGrippe, Then Bronchitis
That was the case with Mrs. W. H.
Bailey, McCreary, Ky. "My wife was
taken down with a severe attack of la
grippe, which run into bronchitis,
She coughed as tho' she had consump-1 Mrs. Abbie Parmer.
tion and could not sleep at night. The t . T ...
first bottle of Foley's Jloney and Tar , Callers at Mrs. Charity Powers, Fri
Compound gave her so much relief that day afternoon, were Mrs. Hattie Dox
she continued using it until she was gey Mrs. Mary Barbour and Mrs. L.
cures." Wortley A
fc - brr. dnpoatica b cftca
Those. Interested, Please Read
Fresh air and exercise, with proper
food and a sufficient amount of sleep,
are the essentials.
Under auch a regime of living,
germs cannot develop, and many dis
eases are prevented.
Should the system require a tonic,
take only auch aa you know tholr in
gredients such Is Vlnol, whioh Is a
delicious combination of the health
giving properties of the cods' livers
with all the useless greaso eliminated
and tonic iron added, happily blended
in a mild, medicinal wine. f
For this reason Vlnol Is reesrdeo
as one of the greatest body builder;
and Invigorators for aged people. It
Invigorates and builds them up, and
keeps them up.
Ve sell Vlnol with the understand
ing that If it does not give satisfac
tion the srlce will bo returned.
H. J. Connell, Druggist, Beldiug, Mich
This winter has been with the last
blllzardthe worst ever known in Mich
igan. From January 1 steady cold to
date, February 29. Over forty years
ago we had a cold wave of but a few
days but not bad as last week.
Our mails were three days out includ
ing February 22, roads drifted bad.
The saw mill will be at Roy Taylor's
cutting lumber this week.
A letter from Dr. A. Ford of JerlehJ
N. Y. says it is cold there with snow
two feet deep
Mr. Charles Bowin ahd Miss Lucie
Richmond, daughter of Mrs. Fred
Richmond, were married Tuesday 20th.
A nice gathering was enjoyed at their
home in Keene, Friday evening.
Charles Francisco of Moseley has
sold his farm to O. Howard. Considera
tion $8,000. It is reported he will move
to Lowell.
Clare Ford had the bad luck to lose
his best horse last, another one kicked
him and broke his leg.
Willis Dickens is tearing down his
barn Kast of the electric plant and
moving it to their home and will raise
thefr two barns together for a basement
wall with stables under.
Mrs. Roy Taylor was able to ride out
After two days soft weather we are
having another blizzard with snow
No coal in Moseley and no prospects
of any being shipped in very soon.
Sourness, Heaviness, Belching
Stomach Distress Quickly
Fade Away
Magical MI-O-NA is what you need
for any disturbed condition of the stom
ach. MI-O-NA stomach tablets will drive
all the poisonous gases from your stom
ach and make your strong enough to
digest any food.
For any ailment caused by . weak
stomach such as sick headache, dizzi
ness, nervousness, lack of efficiency,
that tired all in feeling, sleeplessness,
bad dreams or bad stomach the morn
ing after too much smoking and drink
ingfor all these ailments nothing on
earth can surpass MI-O-NA. Large
box for 50 cents at
W. I. Beneti let's
and duggists every where.
North Easton
G rover Doxsey and Levi Krick are
cutting wood for A. H. Pinkirton.
Mrs. A. H. Guernsey and grand
daughter Flhssie Tuellie and two child
ren were the guests of Mrs. Mary Bar
bour Friday afternoon.
Mr. A. Sherwood of Ionia came out
to his brother-in-law, Bert Parameter,
for a day of hunting wild game.
Mrs. Harry Beasley of Jackson is
here visiting with her grandmother,
Mrs. Charity Powers, and other rel
atives for a few days.
Ben Dow is ill and has been taken to
his brother, Nate Dow's of Ionia, until
he gets better.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Barbour were
Sunday evening callers at the home of
Mrs. H. Tingley, who has been sick,
is improving stowly.
Sunday dinner guests at Mr. and
Mrs. Levi K ricks were their mother,
Mrs. C. Powers, and neice, Mrs. Harry
Beasley of Jackson.
For Catarrh Colds, Coughs, Sore
Throat and Bronchitis
Everybody dnows that breathing
HYOMEI a few times a day through
the little hard rubber pocket inhaler
will in a short time drive out catarrh.
Many people regularly use the vapor
treatment at night in conjunction with
the inhaler, claiming that it hastens re
I This is Vie vapor treatment: Into a
bowl three quarters full of boiling
water pour a sc-nt teaspoonful of H Y-
OMEI, cover head ana bowl with
towel and breathe for five minutes the
soothing, healing, antiseptic 11 POM EI
vapor. Try it when using HYOMEI
for any none or throat ailment.
HYOMEI is guaranteed by W. I.
Benedict to put an end to catarrh, or
money back. A bottle of HYOMEI
costs 5Q cents; a complete outfit, which
includes Inhaler, 11.00
Here's Some Important News for Men
Who are Growing Bald
People who have taken our word for
It that PARISIAN SAUK is the real !
hair grower, beautifier and dandruil
cure have never been disappointed.
Here's the word of a person who took
our word.
I have been using PARISIAN
8AGK about a year. When I began to
use it I had only a light "fuzz" on my
head. Now I have a good thick growih
and It is growing thicker and longer
right along. ' Many people don't believe
it can be done, but J know from my
own experience with PARISIAN
SAGE that it can; 1 recommend it in
the fullest confidence. Galnse Brown,
708 North Fillmore St, Mary villa, Mo.
The above statement was made to
Dr. C. I). Koch of the Koch Pharmacy,
Maryville, Mp., April ), 1911. Large
bottle 50 cents at w. l. Benedict's and
druggists everywhere. It is guaranteed
hmtt Offer.
It was a political meeting In the
east. end,, and the M. P., an excep
tionally popular man. was addressing
bis: constituents. The politician In
question rejoices In a luxuriant cron
of hair. The audlsnce war. irmna.
thstlo for the . most part; but there
was one man In the front row of th
audience who made numerous inter
ruptlons. He was a coal-heaver, ap
parently, and had but recently been
heaving coals.
"Get your hair cut I" he shouted
luring a most pathetic passage In the
candidate's speech. The well-known
catch phraae seemed particularly ap
plicable, so a good many of the au
dience laugked.
But the M. P. was equal to the oc
"I will make a bargain with that
gentleman" he eald. "I will get my
balr cut IX he will get hla face
There were so more interruptions.
London Tlt-Blta.
The Sound Sleep of Good Health
Is not for those suffering from kidney
ailments and irregularities. The prompt
use of Foley Kidney Pills will dispel
back acne and rheumatism, heal and
strengthen sore, weak and ailing kid
neys, restore normal action, and with
it health and strength. Mrs. M. F.
Spalsbury, Sterling, III., says: "I suf
fered great pain in my brtck and kid
neys, could not sleep at night, and
could not raise my hands over my
head. But two bottles of Foley Kid
ney Pills cured me." Wortley & French
Druwe and the Spider.
Apparently tve little fireside stor
about Hruo and the spider Is m th
category of fables. So eminent an au
thority as Sir Herbert Maxwell says in
"Robert the Bruce:"
"What is the evidence to be fntmn
In support of It? . Ngt in the writings
of Barbour, Fordun or Wyntoun, those
most nearly contemporary with rtniM
and least likely to suppress a circum
stance so picturesque and illustrating
so aptly the perseverance and na.
tlence of the national hero under des
perate difficulties.
"No; nothing is heard of this advn.
ture till long after Bruce and M.
comrades had passed away, and then
It makes Its appearance In company
wun sucn trash aa the miraculous an.
pcarance of the arm bone of fit. m.
Ian on the eve of Bannockburn, and
wormy or just about aa much rnn.M.
So goes another of th
legends of childhood. "
You are nrobablv aware that
Cneumonia always results from a cold,
ut you never heard of a cold resulting
in pneumonia when Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy was used. Why take
the risk when this remedy mny be had
for a trifle? For sale by All Dealers.
The Rothschilds.
What chiefly struck one at the fu
neral of the late Baron Oistave de
Rothschild was th great multiplicity
of relatives descended from his fath
er, the first Baron James, the shrewd
est and most funnily humorous mem
ber of the Paris branch of the Roths
childs, tli at be founded. Among these
Aescenduits were a son, grandsons,
tnd great and great-great-grandsons
Rothschilds, Lamberts, Leonlnos, Eph
russls, Sterns, Bassoons, Gubbays.
rhey lepresented not only the prlncl-
le of blood relationship, but the fi
nance of Paris, Brussels. Genoa, Milan
Odessa, Bombay and Calcutta. Among
46 numerous multi-millionaires de-
icended from the first Baron James
ihere was one who devoted himself to
sedical science, dramatic literature
ind the collection of autographs of
treat writers Baron Henri, only son
n the second Baron James.
A Warning Against Wet Feet
Wot nnrt rhillrd feet usual lv afreet
the mucous membrane of the nose,
thrnt-int limes, and la crrinrte. bron
chitis or pneumonia may result Watch
carefully, particularly the children,
and tor the racKing siuDoorn cougns
tve r oiey's itoney ana iar uompouna.
i rnihM the inflamed membrance.
and heals the coough quickly. Take
no suDsuiuie. oriiey anu r renew.
Common In New York.
N The stranger In New York was staa
tied by the clanging of an ambulano
bell The ambulance stopped at th
side door of a hotel and the attend
ants hurriedly entered the bulldini
with their stretcher. But there wa
no crowd, no confusion.
"What's the excitement? th stran
ger asked a native.
There's ncr excitement," the latte
replied. "A stage lady haa shot
wealthy gentleman.' That's all."
And he hurried along. Clovelan
For Saturday
We are going to raise the wind.
Extra Quality Unbleached Cotton
Pine soft material, free from spots
and full yard wide.
Regular 9c.
Not over 25 yards to a
5-quart granite
preserving kettle
llitrauppe I'm olDg to Catekllli
next week on h pedestrian trip
aiiflrnM. - Ye. 1 (uppOfct It you
couldn't go that wa you wouldn't go
at all
Kptlentnrv habits, lack of outdoor ex-
ercise, insunicieru masucaium ui iwu.
constipation, a torpid liver, worry and
.... i .i . i
anxiety, are tne mosi common causes
of stomach troubles. Correct your
habits and take Chamberlain's Htomach
and Liver Tablets and you will soon be
well again. For sale by All Dealers.
What He Remembered.
When a i respective voter In on x
Chicago election district! was aske
the date of his naturalisation he re
plied that he had taken out his pa
pers so long before that he could no
remember just when he had becom
an American.
The officer to whom this statemen
was made was extremely thoughtfu
for a moment. Then he added:
"Can you remember who was th
Republican candidate for preslden
that year?
"Sure, 1 don't remember who wa
running for prlsldint, was the r
sponse, "but it was the same yea
that Stuffy McGlnnls was appoints
Dog Drownder."
inisite New Models in
Spring Goats
An assortment of handsome
garments such as never before were
shown in this vicinity. Nen effects
that show the artist's touch. De
lightful shades that will make any
woman's heart glad. It will be a
pleasure to have you visit our show
rooms and let us assist- you in se
lecting a'model that will be special
ly adapted to your figure. We
take special pleasure in announcing
that we have secured a number of
dainty models that are copies of
extremely new importations and are
charmingly dainty.
Greenville, Michigan ,
8port Was Once Very Popular With
English Residents la Not
Rare Beast.
Th cheetah hunt which the rice
roy witnessed recently at Hyderbad
reminds one that cheetah hunting was
an extremely popular sport with In
dlan princes in former days, although
the initiation of European forms ol
sport haa done much In these timet
to rob it of ancient rogue.
It was practiced both by Hlndo
and Mohammedan chieftains over the
greater part of India, for the cheetah
even now is not a rare beast, and
century or so ago must have been
common enough.
Another animal used In the samt
way by Indian nobles was & sort ol
lynx, spelled variously as "shoe
goose," "ayah gush." But this wai
used much more rarely than the chee
tah. However, it was not only In
dlans who indulged 1a this form ol
It was enjoyed and practiced by
Europeans as well In the days whet
they were content to abide In Ind is
for fifteen years at a stretch and
when they lived a llndtenne In a wa)
unknown to modern times. More that
one of the Company's nabobs kepi
their own cheetahs, which were fre
quently presents from friendly chiefs
It may easily be Imagined that chee
tah hunting was very good sport ant
welcomed by the servants of th
Company as an excellent substltuti
for the coursing which was familial
to them In England and which, llk
the cheetah hunt, has vanished be
fore the spread of games such as ten
els and golf. Madras Mail.
tniamed A Good Worker
"I blamed my heart for severe distress
In my left side for two years," writes
it, i Tt ..i II. TT iik..t t I
v . rvani, i.muiiic, b., uui www
now it was Indigestion, as Dr. King's
New Life Pills completely cured me."
Best for stomach, liver and kidney
troubles, constipation, headache or
debility. 20c at Connell's Drug 8tore.
When her child Is In dangers woman
will risk her life to protect it. No
great act of heroism or risk of life is
necessary to protect a child from croup.
Give Chamberlain's Cough remedy and
all danger is avoided. For sale by All
Here's the cause
Handsome Decorated Cake Plates
or Plaques
Size 8- or 9-inches, with heavy old
bands and spray of natural poppies, or
decorated in gold and snowball design
in hand painted effect;
dripping pan
Almost Lost His Life
8. A. Stid, of Mason, Mich., will
never forget his terrible exposure to a
merciless storm. "It gave me a dread
ful cold," he writes, ''that caused severe
pains in my chest, so it was hard for
me to breathe. A neighbor gave me
several doses oi Dr. King's New Dis
covery which brought great relief.
The doctor said I was on the verge of
Eneumonia, but to continue with the
iscovery. 1 did so and two bottles
completely cured me." Use only this
quick, safe, reliable medicine for coughs,
colds, or any throat or lung trouble,
r rice 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Guaranteed by Connell's Drug Htore.
Ma do A Now Man Of Him.
"I was suffering from pain in my
stomach, head and back," writes li.
T. Alston, Raleigh, N, O, "and my
liver and kidneys did not work right,
but four bottles of Electric Bitters
made me feel like a new man."
Fresh, Rillabl. Pura
fivarantMd toPlaaia
Erery Gardener and
Plmnter thou lil tritths
upirlor inertuof Our
Northern Grown Sed.
wi will tend pofttpald our
I kf M !t TmiU . ... to.
I tf. rrtaM IU4lfc . . . IO
I pk. H.IMirlBt IVIrf . . . t
1 pk. Karlf Arrv-b4 CMm . lit
I rllraa Mrk kwm ... 1X
AIM It VartoUM Cbata Fkmr . . Hi
Writ to4rl fend 10 aaata to halp af aaatof a
arkln( an4 ran tba ano "Faaaoaa CoiWrtlon,"
Mrklnf n4 nemkrm tM ho "Fmom Collection, ko-
kr wHh rmt flaw n4 lntrn-ttT Oarrtm OaH.
1N4Ko8U Rock ford. 11 II nole
Foley Kidney Pills will cure any
case of kidney or bladder trouble not
beyond the reach of medicine. No
medicine can do more. Wortley &
Cakaa KWner- - " l-Ur nipht

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