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Council Chamber, Friday, Oct. 18, 1912
' Meeting called 'In order by Mayor
Kales and roll call found the following
present: Mayor Kates, Aid. Uilde
melkler, Hudson, Olds, Kkellenger T,
Absent, Aid. Hull, Knapp 2.
Minutes of the last meetings were
read and approved."
Communication from Held ing-1 1 all
was read and referred to the committee
on Streets and Walks and City At
torney. Helding, Michigan, October lllh, 1912
Mayor ami City Council, Helding,
Mich., Dear Sir:- Please take notice
that the land lying south of our ware
house No. 1 on High street belongs to
this corporation, as the original deed
conveying same to Helding Hros. & Co.
provided 'that unless this was used for
a street on or before October 1, 1010 it
was to revert back to the original own
ers. Will you please acknowledge re
ceipt of this letter, and oblige, Yours
very truly, Helding-Hall Company, Hy
Hrinton F. Hall.
lie port of the City Clerk for the
month of Septemler, 1012.
Expenses not Passed on by the Council
James Meginley, Salary $ 70 (0
Fred L. Warner, Salary 20.00
G. A. Stanton, Salary 2.1.00
Chas. Waggoner, Salary fK.o."
It. A. Reynolds, Hoard Regis
tration .oo
H. A. Smith, Hoard Registration 0.00
H. Allen, Hoard Registration ... (i.oo
J. H. Fssex, Hoard Registration. 0.00
W. H. Travis, Hoard Regis
tration J. W. Hliss, Hoard Registration
J. W. Scott, Hoard Registration
O. J. Hurriss, Hoard Registration
Chas. Hrown, Kent of building
two days
K. K. Fales, Rent of building
two days
Moved by Aid Skellenger, Reeondetl
by Aid. Oildemeister, that the follow
ing watej work bills be allowrd and
orders drawn for the same. W Inch
lotion prevailed. Yeas, Aid. (tilde-
meister, Hudson, Olds, Skellenger I,
Nays, 0.
Consolidated Coal Co., Coal . .
Pittsburg Meters
O. F. Webster, Telegram ... .
Citizen Telephone Company,
Fredrick's phone .......
Alfred Moore, Hauling and -
d raying .. ..
Council Phockkiumjs No. 2
Orville Hulls, Lalwr f-13.40
Moved by Aid. Hudson, seconded by
Md. Skellenger, that the Common
Council of the City of Helding do now
adjourn. Which motion prevailed.
Yeas, Aid. Oildemeister, Hudson, Olds,
Skellenger 4, Nays, 0.
Ed. I). Fngcmann,
City Clerk
Total $ 228..
P. A. Fred ricks, Salary f H.'J.;
John Dyers, Salary 50.00
Joseph Martin, Salary .r0.00
Total f is;?.;',-)
Continukxt Fi;ni
G. A. Stanton, Oil money f 0.50
Hieycie tags 1.50
Rex Theater Co., License No.
572 2. OS
Long distance calls . . . . 00
O. A. Stanton, City Typewriter. . lo.OO
House numbers 25
Shikkt Fit xi
H. J. Leonard, seven ioles
f20. 1
.$ 2. SO
Total $ 2. SO
Oi-kkahxo W. W. Frxn
1 P. M. It. It. Water for engines. . .$ 2.00
! Long distance calls .10
i Mrs. Holmes, bv Fredricks . .. .15
j City Clerk, Water Rentals 20.71
Total f 32.20
LiHitAitY Fi'xn
James Meginley, Dog tax $ 1.00
Total f 1.00
All of which has been deposited in
the respective funds in the Helding
Savings Hank.
Resjctivcly Submitted,
Ivl. I). F.ngemann,
City Clerk
Moved by Aid. Oildemeister, second
ed by Aid. Hudson, that the report be
accepted. Which motion prevailed.
Yeas, Aid. Oildemeister, Hudson, Olds,
Skellenger 1, Nays, 0.
Moved by Aid. Hudson, seconded by
Aid. Skellenger, that Rosema and Top,
be paid 12,000.00 on account. Which
moLion prevailed. Yeas. Aid. Oilde
meister, Hudson, Olds, Skellenger 1,
Nays, 0.
Hids on electrical work for the new
City Hall opened by Mayor Fales.
Spencer Klectric Light A Pow
er Co...... f .182 50
Roseberry-Henry Electric Co.,
Grand Rapids, Mich 205.00
Moved by Aid. Hudson, seconded by
Aid. Skellenger, that the bid of the
Roseberry-Henry Klectric Co., being
the lowest bid submitted, be accepted,
and that they be notified of the accept
ance of their bid and that the Mayor
r and the Citv Clerk be authorized to
1 enter into a contract with them in ac
cordance with their bid. Which motion
prevailed. Yeas, Aid. Oildemeister,
Hudson. Olds. Skellenger 1, Nays, 0.
Moved by Aid. Olds, seconded ty
Aid. Oildemeister. that an order for
$200.00 l drawn from the Contingent
Kund and placed in the Park Kund.
Which motion prevailed. Yeas, AM.
Oildemeister, Hudson, Olds, Skelleng
er 4, Nays, 0.
Moved by AM. Olds, seconded by
AM. Hudson, that 1200.00 of the Trust
; Kund lc placed in the Contingent Kund
and the balance placed in the Huilding
lFund. -Which motion prevailed.
Yeas, AM. Oildemeister, Hudson, Olds,
Skellenger 4, Nays, 0.
Moved by Aid. Skellenger, seconded
by AM. Hudson, that the following
!City bills Imj allowed and orders drawn
ifor the same. Which motion prevail
'ed. Yeas, Aid. Oildemeister, Hudson,
'GUIs, Skellenger 4, Nays, 0.
VL L. Kandall, lumber $ .U50
Banner Pub. Co., Pub. Council
-i proceedings G.."0
Citizen Telephone Co., Rental
; nnd Toll service
Citizen Telephone Co., It.
Peebles Phone 4.00
H. Chase, Sidewalk rebate.... 14.07
folding News, Pub. notices and
cards 10. 0
k. Moore, Hauling cinders 50
I K. Kales, Rig ami dray work. . l.5
y. lach, Cleaning burners 2.00
' Kelley, Labar ho
. Coon, Hoard Registration 6.00
11 5. so
IS. 22
wo h.
Womenand men who use PARISIAN
Sage can Ik? sure their hair w ill never
turn gray.
PARISIAN Sage will preserve the
natural color of the hairi stop it from
Incoming faded and lifeless, and by
nourishing the hair root give to the
hair a lustre ami radiance -that com
pels admiration.
PARISIAN Sage stops falling hair;
banishes dandruff; makes the scalp
clean and free from itchness and pro
motes a growth of heavy hair.
Large bottle 50 cents at dealers every
where. SoM.by Wortley fe Krench on
money back if dissatisfied plan. adv
Democratic candatc for
Prosecuting Attorney
of Ionia Countv
To the Voters ot Ionia County
From Decerning 10, 1010 to May, 1012
on account of the unfortunate illness
of Dwight C. Sheldon, then prosecut
ing attorney, I did the work of his of
fice as his assistant. In May. 10Ii,
Judge Davis apiioinled me loathe olllce
of Prosecuting Attorney to till the va
cancy caused by the death of Mr. Shel
don. During all this time I have ear
nestly endeavored to iierform the duties
of the ofilce and to enforce law ami
order in our county.
I am now a candidate for election to
thisoflice ujHin the Democratic ticket.
The duties of the prosecutor's ollice re
quiring my ersonal attention I cannot
make a canvass of the county. I shall
Ik; pleased to have you, the voters of
this county, consider the record of my
work, and if my conduct of the oflice
meets w ith your approval, to have your
support at the November election. If I
am elected I pledge you that I shall do
all in my iower, fairly and impartially
Mtliout fear or favor, to enforce law
and order in this county.
I shall give ersonal attention to all
complaints and make careful invesliga
tions so that the innocent may not be
unjustly prosecuted, and the guilty
will lx promptly and vigorously
brought to trial, and in so doing en
deavor to keep the exjense to the
county in administering justice as low
as possible. Yours resjectfully, fr!
Atlv. A1J Kl.I) It. LOUK1
Organized 1000
Capital 120,000 Surplus f20,000
Saranac, Mich., Sept. 20, '12.
To whom it may concern:
It gives me much pleasure to say
for Roy T. Weber, candidate for Reg
ister of Deeds of Ionia county that
we have leen very pleasantly and in
timately associated in this bank for
the past three or four years; that he
is trustworthy and upright in his
dealings in every way; is faithful and
attentive to his business trusts; capa
ble and worthy the confidence of his
constituents and friends and if elect
ed to the oflice of Register of Deeds
the business will be conducted In a
most, satisfactory and uji-to-date
Reseaking for him the kindly
kii iMrt of all his friends and any
who may not be personally acquaint
ed w ith him who would like to have
their influence extended to a worthy
man, I am,
Very truly yours,
Win. H. Hunt, Cashier.
Adv. (Republican)
The World's Greatest Jailer
.lhn L. Whitman, siierintendent
of 1 lie Chicago Hridewell,' says
"I unqualifiedly indorse and recom
mend the Neal Tluee-Dav Treatment
for Drink Habit to nil the drink alllicl
ed and those interested in them. '
is evidenced by hundreds of similar
statements from lending men in all
parts of the country. Copies furnished
uH)n application.
Vegetable mcdicinehken internally.
No hypodermic injections or bad after
c fleets. Treatment at home hotel or
club arranged for those who prefer.
Call or write
71 Sheldon Ave., S. K.
Orand Rapids, Mich.
Citizens 4770 Hdl Main 1002
J. C. Copeland, Manager
Dr. W. C. Wagner, Medical Director
You'll find Tzar Coffee better
than any coffee ever sold you in
this store at the tame price. It,
ha m rich, smooth flavor. The
fragrance of Tzar Coffee gives
you an appetite
We have other brands of high
grade coffees such as
Marigold 32c
Pleaiant Valley 40c
Pleasant Valley Teas
win the favor of tea lovers be
cause of their superior qualities.
I know they will pleaae you. Be
sure and try a pound with the
next order.
50c GOc - 80c a pound
E. E. Hudson
Belding, Mich.
Or.Kingjo Now Life P2IIo
'Tho boot In tho world.
Saved Hy His Wife
She's a wise womrrh who knows ust
what to do when her husband's life is in
danger, hut Mrs It. J.'Klint, H rain tree,
Vt., is of that kind. ".She insisted on
my using Dr. King's New Discovery,"
writes Mr. K "for a dreadful cough,
when I was so weak my friends all
thought I had only a short time to live,
and it completely cured me." A juie.k
cure for coughs and colds, it's theinost
sale and reliable medicine for many
throat and lung troubles rip, bron
chitis, croup, whooping cough, quinsy,
tonsilitis, hemorrhages. A trial will
convince you. o0 els. and f 1.00. Guar
anteed by Council's Drug Store. adv
I f you have young children you have per
mq.B noticed that disorders of the stomach
aro their moat common ailment. To correct
this you will find Chamberlain's Tablets ei
eel lent They are easy and leaRnt to take,
and mild and gentle in eflect. For side
all dealers.
H-hii. Kl.-!iiitf ttn.
. " 3 l. 1'rolru.linw Pil.-Hcan a!
mr vayii bo r Iwvl an 1 an
j HoluU'ly cured ly O.is
' Ifitiufnt that wepoHitivelyKuai-knUMBati
iud ion or money rfuiMjMl.
r.r, Dr. A.W. Chase's
Jpitlora or Dr. A. W. Chen SmI mxj-l m
jd.cmo ri..BQir1ao.N. y. Jl ll t ITI Clir
for children. afmturm- No oolatm
To learn Bicycle and
Automobile Tire Build
ing. Splendid shop
conditions. Excellent
opportunity for strong,
willing young men to
learn a good trade and
at the same time earn
good wages while learn
ing. Address
Employment Dept.,
Detroit, Mich.
- -j i ...
Paint Your Own
You can do it yourself and at little expense. It's easy
to give it a beautiful, hard, brilliant, varnish-gloss
finish in black or rich appropriate colors.
is made especially to give to buggies, carriages and
vehicles of all kinds, a tough, durable, glossy finish that
will look well and wear well. An ideal finish for settees,
flower stands, porch furniture, garden
A- tools and all surfaces that must with-
'0ifffi J stand exposure and hard usage. Ready
to brush on and the label tells how.
Wortley & French
Belding, Michigan
Thia is the first essential of assured success. Dy enrolling at the Mo
Lachlan Business University you are getting "The Dest" Michigan hat to
offer in the line of a Business Education. Its broad course of modern business
methods presented individually by the best business educators in the country
eliminates every vestige of risk on your part. You should know this fact
You are not familiar with the methods of Michigan's Greatest School of
Business and Shorthand if you have not seen this catalog! It is acknowledged
by all to be a worthy representative of a great school.
We allow your railroad fare here. Excellent opportunities to work for
board. Hundreds of students placed annually. Let us tell you snore about
oar school. Begin now.
110-110 PEARL ST.
Would, a Change Benefit 1ml
Do YOU want a change in the admin
istration of our National Government?
directed to you.
While your vote affects the welfare of
every man, woman and child in this land,
yet the question for you to decide is, what
is best for YOU?
Did you ever stop to think that if every
voter in the United States selfishly cast his
vote for the men and. things which would
bring him the greatest. PERSONAL
would be of greatest benefit to the MA
This is true, isn't it?
Then the thing for you to do right now
is to sit down and figure out 'just what is
the most profitable thing for YOU. Then
you will have decided, indirectly, what is
most profitable for the nation.
You live in Michigan. For the past
four years you have faced conditions which
are cither conducive to your PROSPER
ITY and HAPPINESS or you have
been confronted by conditions that beckon
MENT. " President TAFT has for over three
years guided the ship of state over a
course and according to charts accepted
by Republicans as most likely to land the
PEOPLE safely into the harbor of peace,
contentment, material happiness and pros
perity. Has Mr. TAFT been a true PILOT?
Are YOU ready to mutiny? Will YOU
be deceived by the flickering light of a
Let us determine just what progress has ,
been made under a Republican adminis
tration, not by rehearsing fulsome generali
ties about shops running full time, mines
operating all shifts, factories working to
capacity, workingmen getting high wages
and the farmer receiving higher prices, but
by producing FACTS and FIGURES.
Investigate conditions in Michigan. Com
pare the state's welfare now with its posi
tion in 1894 under Democratic rule.
In 1894 there were 2,325 factories in
the state, employing 68,591 males and 1 1,
787 females. Now there are 9,456 fac
tories in operation, employing 303,524
males and 52,777 females.
This is a total of OVER A QUAR
TER MILLION MORE people actually
employed in Michigan now than in 1894.
Do you know that those employes re
ceived an average of $2.23 per day in
1911? And do you know that the aver
age daily wage was $1.28 in the dark days
of 1894?
' Do YOU want a change?
Hours of labor?
The average number of hours' work ex
acted from each employe in 1894 was 10.9.
In 191 1 it was reduced to 9.9.
Although the day's work is one hour
LESS, the day's wage is nearly ONE
DOLLAR MORE. And the total
amount paid in wages in Michigan in 1911
LARS IN EXCESS of the total amount
paid to labor in 1894.
But the FARMER, you may say, hov.i
has HE been benefited?
The price of wheat in 1894 was 53
cents; NOW it is $1.06. Corn WAS 36
cents while PRESENT quotations. are 66
cents per bushel. Oats, barley, rye, hay,'
butter, cheese, eggs, and milk have nearly
doubled in value. Horses, cattle, sheep
and swine have greatly increased nearly
doubled in vlue.
And conditions throughout the entire
country compare with those of Michigan.
The amount of money in circulation has
increased approximately $3 for every manl
woman and child in the United States djr
ing the Taft administration.
The total bank clearings increased from
$138,823,000,000 during Roosevelt's ad
ministration to $153,369,000,000 under
Taft rule.
The total amount deposited in banks
under three years of Roosevelt was $11,
667.000,000. During three years of
Taft's occupancy of the White House they
amounted to $14,531,000,000.
Would you change?
The postofTice receipts during the Roose
velt administration was $162,000,000 and
they jumped to $214,000,000 during the
three years following the ascendency of
Mr. Taft to the presidential chair.
Forgetting the fine language, the oratory,
the high-sounding phrases of politicians who
seek a change for their own benefit, ask
yourself the question, "Would a
CHANGE benefit ME?"
Are you a laborer? Then ask yourself
if a change would raise YOUR wages and
ask yourself the question as to whether or
not it would throw YOUcut of a job.
You are enjoying prosperity NOW. Do
YOU want a change?
Are you a farmer? You are getting
higher prices than ever before for your
farm products. Fewer of you are working
to raise a mortgage from the homestead.
Some of you have just pulled off that
"plaster" the Democrats placed on the
homethe shelter of your wife and chil
dren. The wise man votes for what is best for
HIMSELF and those he holds dear to
Do YOU want a change?
A vote for William Howard Taft is a
bid for further prosperity and material welfare.
A. J. Groesbeck, Chairman.
Either of the following
places can be had by mak
ing a small payment down.
Corner ICarl avenue and
York St. 6-room house for
$1,250 will buy a new
house and barn on State
It pays to inquire about
Building & Loan
George E. Wagner, Sec'y
Corner Bridge and Main.
nam BQDHiBiim
wmriM wis
( J
$? -OV
The Tempest Slipper
With the Service Heel
Is the best Rubber in all kinds of weather. The
excellent wearing qualities of LYCOMING RUBBERS
insure perfect satisaction. They are the best
that the science of rubber-making can produce.
Ask for LYCOMING'S. If your dealer docs not
carry them, write us and we will give you the
name of a dealer who carries them in your locality.
Try Conner Linoro, Ttioy Dring Rcoulto

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