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Vity (r'isl of Nrwsy items Reported by
.Oar Special Correspondents.
Royal Daviii is quite nick.
Chloe Douglas left last Monday for
St. Johns where she is helping Airs.
Karl Vincent with her work.
Last Wednesday Mrs. George Hanks
and Lucy Gardner son were callers at
.N ewlou 'Douglas'.
J. L. Snyder and wife were visiting
in Grand Rapids, Rockford and Oak
Ueld. Calvin Snyder and wife visited at
M. J. Uichinonds Saturday night and
Mrs. Klva Tower visited at Dick
Tower's, Sunday.
Charley Holiday is night watch in
the apple dryer at Smyrna.
Mm. F. J. Richmond visited her old
school mate Mrs. Sam Swain at the
home of Chas Condons last Ihursday
Ward Partridge stayed all night at
the home of M. J. Richmond last Fri
day night.
A Los On The 1 rack
of the fast express means serious trouble
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apatite. It means lack of vitality, loss
ol strength and nerve w eakness. If ap
petite fails, take Electric Hitters quickly
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stomach and curing the indigestion.
Micheal Jlessheimer of Lincoln, .Neb.,
had been sick over three years, but six
bottles of Klectric Hitters put him right
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thousands. They gie pure blood,
strong nerves, good digestion. Only 50
cents at Council's Drug Store. adv
Keene Heights
Lloyd L. Rigley returned to his home
in Grand Rapids, Sunday.
Ray Rickert and family spent Sun
day at W. 11. Rickert's.
Mr. and Mrs. Clare Porter and Mr.
and Mrs. Dale Jepson of Grand Rapids
visited at Merlon Jepson's Sunday.
They came with the formers auto.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. O'Harrow and
Mr. and Mrs. Fred O'Harrow and Miss
Lelta were Sunday afternoon callers at
Frank JJowen's. They came with the
formers auto.
Miss Maggie Rowen visited Miss Irene
Rigley Saturday.
South-West Eureka
There a rumer of wedding bells in the
near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Jens Knudsen were
callers at M. Ridwell's near Relding,
Thursday allernoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Harrison were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Nash of Mont
calm were guests of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred M. Nash, last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Luscombe were
Sunday guests at Frank Reardslees.
Fred and Miss Daisy Harrison were
guests of their sister Mrs. Roy Clill'ord,
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor entertain
tained as guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs.
Steven Taylor of Romulus, Mr. and
Mrs. Rogers of Greenville, LaVern
Taylor and wife, C. L. Reardslee and
w ife of Otisco. v
Mr. and Mrs. Jxmis Longstrect of
Detroit were guests of their uncle, John
Longstreet, Sunday.
Little Fred Kingsman, thce-year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Ryron Kingsman,
while playing in a barn fell from the
loft down in the hay-mow, fracturing
his skull. He has been in dangerous
condition, but with hopes of his re
covery. Mrs. John Luscombe visited with her
sister Mrs. George Tebble at Smyrna,
last Wednesday.
Wilber Sommerfeldt has gone on an
extended visit with relatives at Gibson
City, HI.
Ambie Jenks of Grattan was a caller
at John Iongstreets, Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. John Lusiombe visited with her
daughter Mrs. Charles Jenson at Reld
ing, Tuesday.
Thomas Crawford an old resident of
this vicinity died Wednesday at the
home of Miss Ktla Ieonard, at the age
ol 71 years, cause of death being brights
Miss Ressie Peterson of Smyrna has
returned to her school duties after two
weeks vacation. .
Miss Lillian San of Greenville spent
Sunday with her friend, Miss Edna
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson and
mother, Mrs.-Joe Khlert, of Rass Lake,
were over Sunday guests of Mr. ami
Airs. win. Swarlz.
I Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rrown and
two sons Fred ana Floyd of Lincoln
Lake, were guests of Mr. and Mrs
'Albert Harrison, Sunday. .
. C. M. Wise and daughter Edna, Airs.
i E. weter of Relding, sikmH Sunday at
jonn j.. rayiors.
Mrs. A. K. Sturgeon who has been
at Frankfort the past two months has
returned nome.
Miss Pearl Welton has gone to Grand
uapids ior a visit with relatives and
Mr. and Mrs. Albert James and son
Lawerence siwnt Sunday with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Sturgeon.
Fortune In Faces
There's often much truth in the say
ing "her face is her fortune," but its
never said where pimples, skin erup
tions, blotches, or other blemishes dis
figure it. Impure blood is back of them
all, and shows the need of Dr. King's
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and beauty. Try them. L'5 cents at
Connell's Drug Store, adv
Keene Center
Miss Klva Rowen is having a two
weeks vacation in Lhe Church school to
give the children an opportunity to
neip narvesi tiie iotalo crop.
Keene friends and relatives of Mr.
Fred Pinknev were shocked lust snt.nr.
day when the news oaiuo Mint their
only son, a lad of nine, had been in-
sianuy Kineu oy tne train m Lansing.
He was accompanying a boy chum who
was carrying supier to his father. Roth
were uauiy mangled, rne body was
brought to the home of liisir:imlljit hr.
Memtt bayles, in Lowell on Monday.
r unerai at me Congregational church
Tuesday afternoon, burial in Lowell
cemetery. The sorrowing fmnilv hnvp
our sympathy in this allliction.
Mr. and Airs. Arthur Snoon of Grand
Rapids were quests of Air. and Mm.
Robert Rrock from Friday until Mon
Chad Lee was much surmised last
Monday evening. October 1. when
about thirty relatives, and Air. and
m rs. J'ai. rarker, the latter having a
birthday on the same date, walked in
to remind him of the fact that it was
his birthday. A pleasant social time
was enjoyed, after which Airs. Ih?
served delicious refreshments and after
presenting each of the guests of honor
with a handsome rocker and numerous
oilier gifts the company disiersed with
w ishes for many more happy years for
Mr. and Airs. Frank Run van of Lukn
Odessa visited their daughter Jeanette
at Robert Rrocks last Thursday and
Ionia County Pomona meeting at
Keene Grange Hall last Thursday was
enjoyable occasion, although on ac
count of the rush of farm work was
not largely attended. Aliss Ida Crit
tenden of Lansing was the main sneak
er and gave the men as well as the
ladies some things to think about re
garding women and the ballot.
R. F. Wilkinson has been under the
doctors care the past week. He is gain
ing now but not able to work.
Keene Grange meets next week, Fri
day, November 1.
Saves Leg Of Boy
"II sppiihhI thnt. mv 14-voar nll txtv
would hare to lose his leir. on account
of an ugly ulcer, caused by a bad bruine"
wrote i. i. Howard, Aquone, rs. c.
"All remedies and doctors treatment
failed till we tried Rucklen's Arnica
Salve, and cured him with one box.
"Cures burns, boils, skin eruptions,
piles. 25c at Connell's Drug Store, adv
South Orleans
Alonday evening was the first num
ber on the lecture course and a large
crowd listened to a fine program, and
an oyster supper was enjoyed by all.
John Lamtjertson lost a line through
bred holstein cow, Saturday.
Klder Griswold, wife and gnmd-child
took dinner with Nora Noddins, Thurs
Air. -and Airs. George Woold ridge
visited her father, Orin York, Sunday.
Harold Holmes came home from
Flint, Saturday, sick but is now some
Airs. Joe Her ricks of Grand Rapids
visited hor sirter, Airs. John lambert
son, over Sunday.
THOUSANDS OF WOMEN suffer miserably from
periodic attacks of headache, never dreaming
that a permanent cure may he had. Headache
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stomach, liver or bowels. Take Chamberlain s
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manently cured by Chamberlain's Tablets.
ll III
This coupon is good
for 50c on every $5
purchase, to cover
your fare and expenses.
Department Managers' Sale
Saturday, Oct. 26 to Safy, Nov.2
This coupon is good
for 50c on every $5
purchase, to cover
your fare and expenses
ness bve
Ve have offered prizes to the heads of the different departments in the Big- Store for the department that shows the bicst increase in busi
;r the same period of last year. Naturally evry department head is making everv effort possible to increase the sales in his or her navicu
lar department during this period. We have given them free hand and allowed them to make prices as they see lit on the number of specials allowed
each department and you can rest assured that they will spare no effort to give you values that will make you buy during the Department Mana
gers Sale. In addition to the specials advertised below there r ill be one extra special item placed on sale each day in each department for that day
only. It will pay you to come Saturday, October 26 and every other day of the sale. You will need fall and winter merchandise and here is an op
portunity in the nick of time. Help l!n boys and girls in theVarious departments to increase their sales during the week of October 26 to Novem
ber 3, and at the same time help yourself to these opportunities to save money.
Air. White of the Dress Goods de
partment will oiler during the De
partment Alanagers' Sale
One lot of 46 inch dress flannels
in blue, gray mixtures,
strips and checks. Regu
lar price 75c. Per yard 20c
One big lot of plain. and fancy
serges, mohairs, shepherds,
checks, plaids and novelty
weaves. Regular prices (JOc
anil 75c. Per yard C9c
One lot of novelty dress goods
and cloakings from J 1.25 to fU
per yard 7'.)c
21 and 26 inch fancy silks for
waists and dresses. . Changea
ble and figured talletas and
figured and striped satin mes
saline all regular $1.25 silks.
Per yard ,79c
Full yard wide lining satin in
most all colors. Regular price
f 1. Per yard 05c
Miss Ktrope and Aliss Olsen of the
Notion Department will oiler during
the Department Alanagers' Sale
Women's and men's Fitneck
mercerized scarfs in a variety
of pretty colors, regular price
50c. Kach ... 19c
Fancy silk head scarfs 24 inches
wide and 1J yards long before
l)oing hemmed, in a big vatic,
ty af pretty figured silks in all
colors. Kach 39c
f 1.50 hand bags, genuine leather
both outside and lining, with
fancy German silver and gun
metal combination frame,each 9Sc
Pound squares castile soap, each 9c
Women's cashmere gloves in
brown, slate, navy and black.
Per pair. ... 19c
Women's 10c One Swiss lawn
handkerchiefs with fancy cor
ner embroidery. Kach 5c
Aliss Lutz of the Bargain and Art
departments will oiler during the
Department Alanacers' Sale
12K inch by 18 inch roaster, 8
inches deep, for 19c
Clear fire glazed glass colonial
tumblers an especially bril
liant quality, regular 5c, J for 10c
9 inch imported china salad
dishes, delicately decorated
with roses. Kxtra special for
this sale 19c
10 inch decorated cake plates
with floral and gilt decora
tions, each 10c
Imported German china fruit
set, consisting of a large salad
dish and 0 fruit saucers to
match, delicately tinted and
decorated, regular $1. Per set 09c
bet of 3 shallow or deep baking
dishes, 1 each of the 7 inch, 8
inch and 9 inch size. These
are the celobrated Guernsey
ware. The set of 2 ... 3"c
Air. Akin of the Wash Goods and
Underwear Departments, will oiler
during the Department Alanagers'
21 inch figured silk mulls in all
the jwpular colors, especially
desirable for waists and dres
ses, regular price 35c. Yard.. 19c
One big lot of lnplin, cords, pon
gee and novelty weaves, regu
lar price 26c and 35c. Yard.. 11c
32 inch Imported Aladras, white
ground with stripes of many
colors, for shirt waists and
nien's shirts, worth 25c. Yd 18c
72 inch full bleached table dam
ask, 5 patterns, worth 75c. ..r 49c
50 difl'eront patterns best 12jc
ginghams, all colors. Yard.. 9c
1 ,000 yds yard wide percale and
gingham, light and medium
shades. Ptryard GJc
Afunsing white wool vests and
pants. Regular f 1.25 and f 1.50 09c
Fleece lined ribbed vests and
pants. Heavy 19c
Airs. Miller of the shoe and Men's Furnishings Departments,
will oiler during the Department .Managers' Sale
06 pairs Ralston shoes for men, regular f I and $5, all good
styles, all sizes, per pair f2.W)
Fellowcraft shoes for men, patent leather, gunmelal, calf
and vici kid. Newest styles. Always 13.50. Per pair
1 Joys' solid leather Zoo calf shoes, blucher cut, a good fit
ting and good wearing shoe. Sizes 9 to 13, per pair ...
Sizes I3J to 2, per pair...
Sizes 2 to 5, jer pair...
One big lot misses' and children's patent leather, calf and
kid shoes, button or lace, sizes up to 2. 11.50 and f 1.75
Women's fine patent leather gunmetal and fancy shoes, in
Queen Quality and Jacobson's Special, $3.50 and $1, odd
lots of this season's latest ftylcs, per pair 2.79
Alen's heavy quality 25c wool socks in gray and blue mix
tures, made of especially selected wool, per pair
Alen's heavy natural lleece lined shirts and drawers, each
garment weighs nearly a pound. Kach
Alen's 75c night shirt, extra quality outing, full size, each..
Alen's heavy fleece lined canvass gloves with knit wrists..
Aliss McGoldrick and Aliss Henkel of the Ladies'
Ready-to-Wear Department will oiler during the De
partment Alanagers' Sale
Your choice of this season's newest style suits,
whipcord, cheviot, serge and novelty weaves
and colors, lined with Shinner satin. 127.50
to f: f 19.95
Women's and misses' chinchilla coat, wide
belt, long roll shawl collar, fancy culls,
searl inlaid buttons, blue, gray and tan. A
dandy f5 coat 0.95
Women's and misses' ombre striped caracul
coat, convertible deep shaw l collar, deep
culls," fancy buttons, durable lining 7.95
Ladies' and misses' w ool serge and Redford
cord d ressesf most all colors, fs.25 5.95
Reautiful mcssaline waists, black navy and
gray, also some waal waists, worth up to f5 1.98
One big lot chillbn veiled silk w aists, tafl'eta
and mecsaline waists, also net waists, regu
lar prices from $5.75 to $7.50. Kach 3.95
Air. SIMer and Alr.Chesloy of the Furniture, carpet and
ding section will oiler during the Department Alanagers' SaU
42 inch all oak round top dining table, extends 0 ft. 8 inch
round pedestal, golden finish
Library table, 42 in. long, 20 in. wide, large drawer shelf
bolted to 2 in. square legs, golden oak finish
Dark golden oak finish sideboard, 42x21x72 in., 2 drawers
for silver, large linen drawer, large double door cup
board, 14x21 in. bevel plate mirror
One big lot wood frame woven wire springs for both wood
and iron beds, sold regularly for $2.50 to $3.50....
Regular 55c wool union extra super ingrain carpet in 8 dif
ferent pretty paterns and colors. Per yard
Soft fleeced blankets, 61 x7i in., heavy, in gray, tan and
white with contrasting borders, per pair
Good sized comforts, covered toth sides with pretty figured
cloth, quilled or tied, filled with good cotton, each
Striped mull rufllcd curtains for bedroom,or dining room,
per pair
Pretty figured Swisj mull curtains, full width and length,
regular price $1.00. Per pair .
If you want furs, visit our
store October 30
The Big Store, Greenville, Michigan
A fur manufacturer's rep
resentative will be at our
store October 30 and 31
Chris Anderson and Klon Johnson
was in Del ding, Alonday.
Percv Dotv of Ionia is working for
Ray Uixby this week.
Mr. nrwl Mrs. fiportf Itos.S and Air.
and Airs. John VanGiesen were in Ionia,
Justus Readle has sold his farm to
(,red Whipple.
Air. and Airs. Harry Lee of Fenwick,
isited at Ray lice's Sunday.
A. li. O. G. met with Airs. Will
Rrook's Wednesday evening.
Mrs Wm. Ilrnnka 'returned homo
Saturday after an extended visit with
friends at Greenville, Relding and
Airs. Nellie Kertz from the west is
isiting her sister, Airs. Dell Pitt.
Mr. nrwl Mrs. Steve Hill of Ionia, and
Airs. Will IJrook visited at Rob Hill's,
Georire and Lottie Ross visited her
folks in Aluir, Sunday.
Ifulnh I jp is niekintr nnnles at Luth
er 'Halls this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John VnnGiesen and
their son Glen of Ipnla, took dinner at
;d. Treymors, Sunday ami mine aiier-
noon took an auto ride to Grattan to
isit Air and Airs. Will KItson.
AUtprt Mende hns over ft thousand
bushel of potatoes dug and in theccller
Dr. and Airs. Cuttingham and two
aughters ol Ionia siwnt a very pleas
nt day at Kdward Wooldridge's last
That's The Proper Way To
Pronounce HYOMEI, The
Famous Catarrh Remedy
Made From Australian
Eucalyptus and Other An
tiseptics Just Breathe It
It Banishes
Wortly & French is authorized to re
fund purchase price to any dissatisfied
customer. Complete outlit, $1.00;
xtra bottle, 50c. adv
Airs. Orin Trumbull is visiting her
daughter Airs. George Klsby of Oak
tield. A family is moving into Roy Taylors
house to do his chores w hile ho is away
sawing with Glen Ford.
Airs. Afaud Ford of Lowell was an
over Sunday guestof her fathers, David
The Thomas Condon family of sons
attended a family reunion at the Samuel
Condons family near Smyrna last
AI. I). Hcndrick of Ionia visited his
old neighbor of Alton last week on his
way to Alissouri to spend the winter.
Potato digging is being rushed with
a fairly good yield and quality.
Jim 11. Francisco is moving into Fred
Fords house at Alton.
The late Aloseley black smith and
wife is moving into Frank Kecchc's
Clare Ford has his beansgathered and
in the barn, they was very late planted
It was reported last week that north
ern potatoes were badly blighted, the
vines all turning black.
Wm. Condon drove home young
cattle Alonday, we don't know whether
he is going to drive into Canda to butch
er or not and send the meat dressed
back here.
A few days ago we paid 90c for pota
toes now 30c per bushel is better.
soon cured and for that reason I do not
hesitate to give this testimonial."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cts.
Foster-AIilburn Co., ituflalo, N. Y.,
sole agents for the United Stales.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
What a Heap of Happiness it Would
Bring to Relding Homes
Hard to do housework w ith an ach
ing back.
11 rings you hours of misery at lei
sure or at w ork.
If women only knew the cause
Rackache pains often come from
weak kidneys,
Twonld save much needless woe.
Doan's Kidney Pills arc for weak
Read what a lleldimr citizen says:
Airs. George Alartin, K. State fit,
Relding, Alich., says: "For some time
I was bothered by dull, heavy pains
acroNstny back and through inr kid
neys. I often had dizzy spells and
headaches and I felt so week that I
could scarcely get alxut. On a neigh
bor's advice, I procured a box of Doan's
Kidney Pills at Connell's Drug Store
and commenced using them. I was
" I was cured of diarrhoea by one dose oi
Charuler Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy," writes AI. E. Gebhardt, Oriole,
Pa. There is nothing better. For sale by
ill dealers.
South Grattan
Aliss Tilda Davis of Grand Rapids is
spending this week w ith her parents,
Air. and Airs. Lem Davis.
Air. and Airs. Lon Conrad attended
the funeral of his uncle, Thomas Claw
ford. October 18. Hurial at Ashley
11. P. Slay ton has recovered from his
injury so that he is at Grand Rapids
on jury.
Alisses Kmilyand Tilda Davis were
the Tuesday dinner guests of Airs. Jessie
Air. and Airs. George I). Smith are
with their son Kber, helping care for
that new grandson George Jr., who
took board and lodging there October
Potato digging nearly finished the
yield varying from less than 50 bushel
per acre to 25.1 bushel per acre.
Ray Slayton and Aliss Irene Heyd
laufl' spent Sunday at A. W. Slay tons.
Will Joyce w as in this vicinity Alon
day buying cattle.
Aliss Ry rl Slayton is spending two
weeks with her uncle, Lynn Alason and
family, she visited Airs. Austin Slay
ton Alonday p. rn.
Airs. Len Davis and daughter Kmily
were in Lowell, Saturday.
Ixsw is Peterson and Tilda Davis were
the Sunday evening guests of the lat
ters cousin, Aliss Eva Andrews, of
Alisses Rertha, Alable and Atarion
Ry rnes are all having vacations for two
weeks so that the children can help
harvest the potatoes. Farm help is
scarce and high priced.
J. W. Copeland, of Dayton. Ohio, par
rlianed a bottle of Chamlerlaln' Cough
Remedy for bis loy who had a cold, and be
fore the bottle was all used the boy'a coU
wan gone. la that not (tetter than to pay a
five dollar doctor's till? For sale by all
Airs. Kate Tuttle and Aliss Anna
Schiuerof Ionia visited Airs W. J.
Aloore, Wednesday.
Harry Spencer has moved into C.
Snow's house.
Frank Treynor has moved back in his
ow n house.
Airs. K. AI. Treat returned from visit
ing her son Justus Treat of Greenville,
Tuesday night.
Vera Roister fell and broke her arm,
Thursday night.
Airs. W. J, Aloore visited in Relding
last Friday
Leander Rerry is visiting his son
Justus Rerry of Six Lakes, this week.
Callers at Roisters Sunday were Airs.
Harry Spencer and children, Airs.
Frank Treynor and children, Luther
Ilerry and wife, Airs. Winters and AIis3
Winters of Greenville, and Alartin Post
and wife.
James Chadwiek and wife spent Sat
urday and Sunday at Coral with Walt
er Johnson and wife.
Kdna AleVicaf of Ray City is v isiting
at Airs. Wheelers.
John Cusser was a caller in this vic
inity, Alonday.
Stomach Sufforors
Pay Nothing
Unless Cured
A Postal Will DrlntTrlal Treatment
anda Hlitoryof FamousPople
AII-O-XA Stomach Tablets surely do
end all indigestion and stomach misery
and to prove it we will send a trial
treatment, an interesting booklet, and
tell you exactly how to banish all
stomach trouble and put your stomach
in line shape or not a cent to pay. Jusl
say on a postal or in n letter "Semi me
free trial treatment of AII-OOs'A" and
you will never be sorry address
Rooth's Ali-o-na, RulFalo, N. V.,
Wortley fc French guarantees them.
Oucfiicn's Arnica Sal vo
Iha Dest Salvo In The World.
East Grattan
Kber Smith carries a broad smile at
the arrival of a line baby boy.
Charles Purdy and family visited a
few-days last week with his brother
at Morley.
, The Ladies- Aid Society met w ith
Airs. Elmer Story last Friday. A fine
time was reported.
Corn husking is now the order of the
Airs. Alyrtle Cruscoe from Grand
Rapids sjent a few days w ith her par
ents and friends of this vicinity.
Airs. Will Hessiler spent last week
with her parents, Frank Alason of
The Grattan L. A. S. will serve a
chicken pie dinner election day, No
vember 5, at Hotel Grattan. Ladies
and gents cordially invited, supper w ill
also be served.
Ollice over Renedict's drug
Store, Relding, Alich.
Spinal Adjustments
Special attention given to
chronic and nervous diseases,
eye and ear troubles.
Consultation free
Phono 19
Sale Of Household Goods
Reginning Alonday. October i'S. nn,l
continuing through the week. I will
ofler at private sale at the home of the
late Adam Wagner, all the household
goods Ivlonging to the estate, consist
ing of furniture, carets, rugs, curtains
dishes, wool range, gas range, kitchen
uiensusanu numerous other articles
necessary to a house.
Chas. A. Wagner
10"1w Administrator
. 9rznM told; ani Kh:;m,
11171 do1nt iHfnrl. Mr n-ov ment r
th bowfl. .rh t'ajr, fox r ,,rKn iiv exr-
Civ .ron-oi TnMrtu o.k nl Urrr hn t..
to Ut tU.- do u. wo?k i

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