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Vi:i)IIAV, APItIL 22. 19M
5k Gy$&i
or f j caao a fiat
Everyone wishing Athletic Goods should not fail to
inspect our line and get our prices.
Oeiy After Day
Outer garments are only brushed instead of being really cleaned.
My process takes the serins of dust out of garments without
rough treatment.
And it makes them L.OOK LIKK Ni:V.
Burt Curtis' Clothes Hospital
lMione 106 Over Frank O'llrj oil's
Few people like to take physic, es
pecially salts, because they are so dis
agreeable to take and because of the
griping and pains they cause. Ilex
all Orderlies enable you to take less
physic, and all without griping, purg
ing or excessive looseness. Salts and
harsh physics usually give only tem
porary relief and often leave the
bowels worse off than before.
Itexall Orderlies move the bowels
promptly, and soothe, tone and
Strengthen the intestinal muscles,
The Solution of the Food Problem
The answer to this problem rests to a considerbale
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and all kinds of baked goods at prices which cannot
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linger' s Bakery and Restaurant
We are not yet equipped to do rough
dry work, but can do your Hat work,
bed quilts, carpets, shirts, collars cuffs,
yr., can wash 30 yds. in one piece.
Haw our wagon fall.
Silk City Steam Laundry
E. A. THORNE, Prop
Telephone 159.
What You Should Have
Is cash for
price. All thes
yonr milk and cream. Fair weight, fair test and good
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Orleans Creamery Association
With all the new jewelry for Spring. If you are
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GEO. W. THOMAS, Jeweler
AitWldtic Good
leaving them healthy and regular in
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pocket tin boxes; 10c, 25c, 50c.
You can buy Ilexall Orderlies only
at the Rexall Stores, and in this town
only of us. Connell's I)rug Store, lidd
ing, Mich. Adv.
To Mtrt lYiday.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
home of Mrs. Thorne Friday, April 24
at 2:30 o'clock. Topic, Mary T. Ui
trop. A good attendance is desired
as some important business must be
transacted. Leader Mrs. Jenks.
Taks to Water and Sticks to It
A friend of Sir Wilfrid Iiwson in
conversation with him one day took
occasion to denounce the practice of
christening vessels with champagne
prior to their launching, says the
Uecord of Christian Work.
"I don't know that 1 altogether
agree with you,' replied Sir Wilfrid.
"To my mind there is a good temper
ance lesson to be found in it."
"How can that be?" asked his com
panion. "llecause" replied Sir Wilfrid,
is noticeable that directly after
first taste of wine the ship takes
water, and sticks to it ever after."
If tin Wlil-key Weren't Then.
The following story is told by A. A.
Hopkins in his book, "Profit and Loss
in Man."
Some years ago in a village of Wes
tern New York on election morning
the recognized village toper went to
the polls. He asked for a prohibition
ballot, and a liquor seller got him one,
supposing a joke was at hand. Fold
ing it as best he could, with trembling
hands, the blear-eyed, bloated-faced,
ragged, unkempt man went to the bal
lot box and registered his wish. Then
they began to scon arid sneer at the
drunkard who had cast a temperance
vote. "A pretty temperance voter you
are." said one. "Why li there was at
bottle of whiskey yonder there at the j
top of that Liberty lole, and if you
could have the whiskey by climbing
the pole at the risk of your life, you !
know you'd climb," And then the
drunkard straightened himself up as i
best he might and answered them.
"Know it'." he said with trembling;
painful emphasis: "Know it! Oh, yes,
I know if. And 1 know another thing,
gentlemen: if the whiskey wasn't there
I wouldn't climb."
Liquor Securities Feared!
Claiming that the prohibition wave
had reduced at lejist twenty-five per
cent the value of a brewery left to her
by lur husband, the widow of a man
ufacturer of intoxicating liquors re
cently refused to accept this piece of
property at the appraised valuation KO,,ji truths draw men to Christ,
of $."00,000. These unrighteous people wanted "to
The position of the widow is in ac- ju.ar ijm." Kven though His Words
cord with the present day attitude of t j,j(.rCP the heart, yet there is healing
banking Institutions and real estate' jn them. Hear Him today, He calleth
dealers toward liquor properties. It Is j for thee; sit at His feet as did Mary,
well known among business men thatj(arn nf jjjm (jt, H:2'J), let Him
banks are more frequently than e ver ; .M,., j;,ce to thy soul, and then let
before asking customers who desire to ,,lm j,,, peace to others through
borrow money on liquor securities to thee.
furnish their collateral and that real , jn lnp second verse we find the self
estate used for the manufacture or J righteous. Thy were pretty well sat
sale of liquor is not regarded with fa- jsfpHj with themselves, but the publl
vor as security for loans. cans and sinners could get no mercy
The commercial interests are fad- j fn,m the m, and even God Himself was
ing their voices to that of the reform- t without His faults in their eyes.
er In declaring that "the liquor traffic
j 'mint r."
i Clvdf Sacre and family moved
South Jenla Ja.t week.
I Alonzo I'armeter, Hr., left Monday
I for Orepon where he oea for an ex
pended visit with his bmthrr and a pIs-
! ter living there.
Nelson llayKrner luizzed wood
Guy IlarrlnRton, Tuesday.
Mi$a Hazel Ioomis who has beei.
quite sick with nppendlcltls is much
Mrs. Hodges and children left last
week for central Florida where Fhe
goes to join her huwband and will
make their future home there.
Masculine; Mode.
London nuts are Raid to be wearing
brushes and other plumage on their
velour hats.
by 10; W. Ante.
Tito Ist Sluvp and The) I-t Coin.
Luke 15:1-10; (compare Mt. 18:10-14)
Golden Text: Luke 15:10.
The fifteenth of Luke gives us the
occasion for (1-2) and the substance
of three parables (3-32). Wo study
the occasion, and the ilrst two para
bles in today's lesson, the last parable
next Sunday. Let us look at the three
together, before examining them Indi
vidually. After the heart-searching
words of chapter 14, not the scribes
and Pharisees, but the publicans and
sinners drew near to Him, bringing
forth the rebuke of former, who
should have shepherded these out
casts instead of withdrawing them
selves from them. Here then are the
false shepherds, who care not for the
sheep. The murmuring of the ene
mies is the occasion for the three
parables. The three parables are
alike in one respect there is joy over
the finding of that which was lost, re
vealing to us the heart of God, as con
trasted with the Pharisees and scribes.
In the first parable the shepherd re
joices (v 5), friends and neighbors
rejoice (v 6), there is Joy in heaven
(v 7); in tho second friends rejoice
with the woman (v ), joy is In the
presence of the angels (v 10); In the
third there is merriment (v 23), they
began to be merry (v 24), it was meet
that they should be merry (v 32). And
yet each parable is different from the
others. The first two end without any
direct reference to the heartless Phar
isees, while in the third they are re
ferred to by the mention of the older
brother. Again, In the first we see
the Son seeking the lost, In the sec
ond the Holy Spirit is at work with
the lamp (Word of God), while the
third the Father love is seen thus
we have before us the Trinity in these
! three parables. The question of back
! sliding is not in the foreground here,
j if indeed it is at all in mind. While
the Father is represented in t he third
! parable, yet the words "I have sinned
j against heaven, and before thee"
i (v 18, 21) make it clear that a dis
junction is intended here. In these
parables our Lord Is not occupied with
I the subject of backsliding; He is talk
ing about the joy that is occasioned
by the finding of that which was lost.
I Confirm or confute this by our own
study of the chapter. With this gen
1 erul view of the whole chapter, we
will now approach our lesson.
, I. The Unrighteous.
,11. The Self-Kighteous.
1 1 1. The Righteous.
; The Outline Developed.
In our lesson we have three classes,
as indicated by the outline the un
righteous, the self-righteous and the
righteous. After He had told them
ithat it costs something to be His dis
ciple, the unrighteous "drew near un
to him," while the self-righteous be
gan to murmur, with the result that
'the Righteous One, the Messed Man
of Psalm 1, uttered the words regard-
her(,ntf the sheep and the coin. It is the
to Word of God that causes people to
draw near unto Him, because it re
veals the heart of God, the love of God,
;the Son of God, the salvation of God,
the righteousness of God, the wrath
of God. One big reason why the boys
and girls, young men and women, and
; older ones do not draw near unto
Christ to hear Him, is that there is
such a famine for the Word of God
In some of the Sunday Schools and
j c hurches. We must believe that the
'Rible says "Draw nigh to God, and He
will draw nigh to you." We must also
believe that God has a drawing power,
."And 1, if I be lifted up from the earth
will draw all men unto me" (John
12:32), by which He referred to His
j death. Instead of the Cross of Christ
j being repulsive to people, and driving
ithem away, our Lord says that in it
is drawing power yea, the preaching
of th cross is the power of God (1
Cor. 1:18, 24). And yet, it looks as
though some were of the faith of the
woman in Samaria, who said "Sir,
thou hast nothing to draw with"
to Him, when they forsake the preach
ing and teaching of the gospel and are
turned unto fables. In a time of
Judgment Abraham drew near to Him
(Gen 18:23). Philip preached Jesus
to the eunuch, and h drew near to
'God. The saints ait Thessalonica were
drawn to God to serve Him and to
wait for His Son from heaven. (1
Thes. 1:10). In our lesson, the invita
tion to deny self for Him drew men
near to Him. And so the love of God,
'the death of Christ, the fear of judg
ment. th onoortunity for service, the
.10j,e ,,f reward all these and other
(Today you will find those who are so
much better than others, who see no
need of leln nav-d by the blood of
Christ, and who will unmtinns even
eriticise God and the eross. Thoy are
a hard class of people to reach with
the pospel. It is an awful thin.to
be patlsfled with yourself out of Christ.
What such need Is a vision of God's
tholinesH and their own filthinrss In
f'Tiuis siKht, Fn that they will cry nut as
!did Job "I abhor mypelf, and repent.
Nevertheless, In their murmuring the
scribes and Pharisees gave utterance
to a great truth "This man recelveth
sinners, and eateth with them." "This
man" In contrast with all others can
meet the sinners needs. He "recelv
eth fdnners." Only on the basis of
sacrifice can God receive Pinners.
Christ has offered the perfect facrl
(ice, with which God Is well pleased.
And He "eateth with them." Here Is
fellowship. Christ receives us, then
(fellowship with us. We feast on Mm.
! His flesh Is meat indeed, and His blood
is drink indeed, John 6:55. Messed
j e God for the feast that He has pre
i pared.
The Righteous One speaks, words of
'hope to the unrighteous, and words of
condemnation to the self-reighteous.
,The two parables differ, each end
I Ing,' however, with the same note of
Joy over the finding of the lost, an op
; posite spirit to that manifested in
verse 2. In the first parable the shep
i herd seeks the lost sheep bcause of
jits need, through compassion on It,
tand Is happy when It has been found;
In the second the coli Is sought be
cause of its value, a soul being very
j precious in the sight of God. The
; lost sheep Is separated from the Shep
herd, from the rest of the flock, mis
ses the Shepherd's food and care. In un
protected from storm, danger and
j death, has no knowledge of the way
back to the fold. Treading the same
path, encountering the same storms
and dangers, the Shepherd seeks the
sheep (Gen. 3:0 "Where art thou?"),
finds it. and brings It home. He does
not scold It, or beat it for having wan
Ulered away, nor drive It back, but
"layeth It on His houIders, rejoicing."
; Here is the condition of man, and the
i compassion of God the Son. General
i rejoicing follows the turn of the Shep
! herd with the lost, now found, sheep.
Christ has come to the earth, seeking
ithat which was lost (Luke 19:10), has
trodden the path of man until It led
Him to Calvary. Now He has gone
iback home. What rejoicing t there
jmust have been when Jesus Christ re
turned to heaven, having paid the
I price for the sins of the world, and
never more' to die! And what rejolc
I ing there is in heaven when a soul is
found for God. God the Father, Son.
!and Holy Spirit rejoice, the angels re
joice. Does any one else
rejoice. Do Moses, Samuel Dav
id. Daniel. Job, Noah, Knoch
Isaiah, Abraham, Jeremiah, rejoice?
Who can draw the picture? What fol
jly then to murmur because this man
recelveth sinners, and eateth with
them! Verse 4 does not teach that all
will be saved; In v 7 He may refer to
) those who needed no repentance with
regard to deep sin, contrasting between
the self-righteous and the unrighteous
I as above. In next parable the Spirit
is seeking. Space prevents further exposition.
The callers at the T. H. Antcliff
home Sunday were George Ravel
Charlie Alberts, Will Murray, John
Jewell and granddaughter, Gladys.
George Hetchler has returned home
from Ionia where he has been visiting
; for some time.
Jim Antcliff and family are spending
a few days at the home of Wm.
Quite a number from River Ridge
attended the auction sale Tuesday af
ternoon. George Hagadorn's children have
; been having the scarlet fever. They
are reported much better.
Morris Raby was plowing for Aug
, list liateman a few days last week.
' Mr. and Mrs. Gaunt and daughter
Dora, spent Faster Sunday with M.
L. Ridwell and family.
I Congratulations to Calvin Reed and
Mrs. Mary Antcliff was calling on
relatives and also called at the Green's
cemetery Friday afternoon.
Will Murray left Saturday morning
! for Six Iakes where he will spend a
few days visiting his brother Klon and
Will Murray called on Smith Nichols
Friday evening.
, The visitors anil callers at the home
of T. H. AntclifT Monday were Sylvia
Canfield and children, Roland and
Mildred, Will Murray, George Hanks
:of Smyrna, George Hetcheler and Dr.
Keyser of Relding.
Dell Jenks and wife were callers at
( frleans Thursday forenoon.
John Jewell threshed clover seed
1 Tom AntclitY and wife were Orleans
visitors Thursday.
i Will Chapman worked for John
Jewell a few das hist week.
Dell Jenks bought a horse of Harry
Strong one day last week.
Mrs. Wm. Antcliff called on Mrs.
Frank Antcliff Saturday afternoon.
Mate Antcliff of Fureka called on
his parents Sunday.
Mr. Cowles finished hulling clover
last Friday for this season.
Mr. Warner Wheeler of near How
ard City has returned home after mak
ing his relatives a visit.
Mr. Reed is making many Improve
ments on his house as he intends to 1
'move on the farm he bought, known as
the Fred Simons farm.
Mr. and Mrs. M. 1... Howe were cal
lers at John Spencer's Sunday after-i
noon. Mrs. Spencer Is on the sick
list. ,
Mr. and Mrs. I'd. Carpenter and Mr.
and Mrs. Chauncey Chase motored
over to Heldirg Sunday and visited
Mr. and Mrs. Krnfst Chase.
Mrs. Albert Snow visited her sons
I'.ert Snow nnd family of Fenwick, and
Chancey Snow and family of Ilonald,
from Monday until Sunday. Mr. Snow
went to Ilonald Saturday and returned
with her Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. 1,. Howe and Mrs.
George Wiley enjoyed an auto ride to
lielding, Saturday afternoon.
Miss Neva King nnd lady friend of
lielding spent Sunday with Mrs. I,. C.
Mrs. Glen Spencer visited her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sussex, Sun
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. IJrink have
bought a fine new auto seat buggy.
Mrs. Maggie Hoss of Cook's Corners
and her sister, Mrs. I C. Defendorf
visited their sister, Mrs. M. J. Holcomb
Thursday afternoon. Friday after
noon the three sisters visited their
brother, John King. All enjoyed be
ing together.
Miss Helen Presley and Miss Hazel
Clement visited at Mr. and Mrs. O. A.
Nummer'p, Sunday.
Mr. ad Mrs. Fred Sanborn of Held-
Ing were the dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. William Wilson, Sunday.
Miss Ethel Witt was the guest of
Ada Mendosa Friday atid Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Prink visited
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Calkins at Ionia
Miss Edna Nummer returned to
Grand Rapids Thursday to resume her
duties as a trained nurse.
Kim King of Relding and sisters,
Mrs. M. J. Holcomb and Mrs. L. C.
Defendorf, left Thursday to attend the
funeral of their cousin, Mrs. Pina Sin
clair at Alto. The ladies will remain
for a week's visit with relatives.
W. K. Leach was in Ionia Friday
and Saturday in the Denton and King
law suit.
Mrs. George Wiley visited Mrs. M.
L. Howe, Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Anthony Kohn visited her
mother, Mrs. M. K. Vunk and brother
Harry at Portland from Saturday until
W, K. Leach and Mrs. Etta Reed
visited Mrs. Maude Wye k off in Reld
ing Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Krick visited
their son Will Krick and family over
Mr. and Mrs. Hite Kckert visited
Mrs. Charles Kckert of Orleans, Sunday.
Looks Like A
Real Building
when you see a shingle roof going on for that's the one
roof that has stood the test of time. And what was true
of shingles made years ago is doubly true of the shingles
we are selling today, for the manufacturers we buy of are
using nothing but real live logs are making shingles a
specialty instead of a side line as was the custom with
sawmills in years gone by. Come in and look at them.
IjELDiws H uhbeb
A. S. DIMM1CK, Manager
NOW is the time of year when what to eat is an exact
ing problem.
YOU can be sure that you can get the nicest, daintiest,
freshest of eatables from us.
Phone orders solicited and promptly filled
PHONE 6 107 W. Main Street BELDING
Those Men's Suits at
We guarantee you a saving of at least $5
to $10 on any suit in the store. Investigate
W.r-U.W.U Sho. Stor. M. F. NO WLIN
1 have a splendid electrically driven shoe repairing equipment,
which enables me to do repairing in short order. I can half sole
your shoes while you wait. They'll be almost as good as new,
too. SAVE MONEY by having your shoes repaired.
Pere Marquette train time at Belding
Corrected March 1st. lttll.
To Ionia and Detroit, 10:37 a. m.,
4:17 i. m.
To Greenville and Raplnaw, 8:13 a.
in., 3:01 in. and 7:10 p. in.
of feeding MILK to calves as compared to
feeding CALF MEAL. If you have never
fed any Calf Meal, now is a good time to try
it while the price is low.
100 LB. SACKS $3.25 50 LB. SACKS $1.70 25 LB. SACKS 90c
We carry a good stock of Clover and Timothy teed, and prices are right
MOSS ROSE FLOUR at the following price U a paying investment
25 LB. SACK 65c 50 LB. SACK $1.30 Sold by All Grocers
Until further notice our feed mill will run each Wednesday and Saturday
J70R only twenty-five cents we will serve you with
1 a splendid meal. Meal tickets at reduced prices.
Vanderpool's Restaurant SguSSKSS:
(Too late for last week.)
Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Carpenter visited
at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Keyser in
Relding, Sunday
Mrs Lena Goff was called to Sheri
dan Tuesday, to the bedside of her
father, who is very ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Reageu and
daughter visited her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Spencer, Sunday.
Mrs. Kd. Carpenter was called to
Lansing Tuesday, on account of the
serious Illness of her sister, Mrs. Her
bert Harper.
Mr. und Mrs. Ernest Anderson, of
Keene, visited Mr. and Mrs. M. L.
Howe and J. D. Strain Sunday, and
ate warm maple sugar.
Mrs. George Wiley and Will Rrlgga
enjoyed warm maple syrup with Mrs.
M, L. Howe Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Krick and sons,
Mason and Lewis, visited his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Krick, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rrlnk were cal
lers at M. L. Howe's Wednesday morn
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Will Cobb, M. J. Hol
comb and J. R. King, of lidding ate
Faster dinner with Mrs. L. C. Deven
dorf and Miss Neva King.
W. K. Leach and Mrs. Ktta Reed
visited Mr. and Mrs. Vein Leach, Sunday.
Just around th corner on
Bride Street
To Greenville and Dip Rapids 7:09
a. in. and 6:02 i. in.
To Lowell and Grand Ranids 10:15
j a. m., 3:26 p. in. and 8:40 p. m.

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