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T V I : NT V - S I X T 1 1 V i A K
list, in 1S8H ami puMishrd every V1
M'sduy ly 1 tanner rubli.hlnj; Co.
!i:ssi: K, ()Ti:S. lilili)t
J. M. LAXfiKTOX, Yhe Pit's.
FOHl) HICKS. SoTtury
Subscription Postpaid
One year in Advance $1.00
Six months in Advance 50c
Three months in Advance. ...... .25c
Canadian One year in Advance. $1.50
Display rates on application. Card f
Thanks one cent a word. Uusiness
locals on first pajje 2'j cents a line.
The Uanncr is read in more homes
than all other local weekly papers
combined in its territory.
Entered into the Heldin MichiKan
PostolTlce as second class matter.
Holding's onu-ial cpapcr
Independent in Politics
The lidding; Panner, a weekly in
spiration to progressive newspaper
men. Gratiot County Herald.
Treatment of Vugrunts
A dispatch from Fort Wayne, I ml.,
states that the chief of police and a !
squad of live patrolmen arrested i
twenty-two vagrants encamped at the '
outskirts of that ciy, marked each j
man by clipping a furrow through his J
hair with a pair of horse clippers and .
then ordered them out of town, accel- j
crating their departure by paddling
each with a barrel stave. The va-
grants were warned that if they were
captured before their hair grew out 1
each would be given 100 days on the
stone pile. No doubt the chief of
police took considerable pride in re
porting his heroic action to the press
and that he is still congratulating him
self on the picturesque manner in
which he grappled with one of the
'most serious problems of the police. I
The episode differed from what is '
taking place in numerous communi
ties of the country only in the detail
of hair clipping and in the use of the
barrel stave. The suspension of a sen
tence for a certain number of hours,
(luring which the culprit is given the
option of leaving town or submitting ,
to the penalty, has become a practice ;
that is almost universal, l'.ut is it a
solution of the problem? Does it not
simply pass the responsibility on to
some other community, one that must j
learn of the character of the invohm- j
tary exile of experience? Does it not
inlllct on intermediate rural districts
certain depredations, against w hich the
inhabitants can not guard, and for
punishment for which they have no
handy machinery? In some instances
the exile is not a real vagrant, either
under the common law or special stat
utory definition. In such cases is he
not made a wanderer on the face of
the earth from necessity, in violation
of every natural and constitutional
If the vagrants at Fort Wayne were
such from choice, they should have
been sent to the rock pile, as threaten
ed In event they returned. Looked at
from the selfish viewpoint of that city
alone this would have been a better
policy. When the news got abroad, by
those mysterious processes of the un
derworld, that a stop in Fort Wayne
would mean a stay of a hundred days
at arduous and unrenumeratlve em
ployment, would not the vagrants have
given the city a wide berth? And if
other cities and villages should adopt
a course of sending confirmed vagrants
to the rock pile or, as is much better,
the road gang, would not vagrancy ul
timately become a pursuit too dis
agreeable for anybody to follow it
long? Hut the "hours to leave town"
works little hardship. The vagrant
usually gets to stay a day or so before
he runs foul of the authorities. And
he does not mind a quick move. That
is why he is a vagrant.
1 About Our Town and Its People i
Fber Vickery and family of Carson
City and Mrs. John Hcfferan of Port
land, cousins of Melvln Smith, visit
ed with Mr. Smith's, Sunday. ;
J. 1, Chad wick went to ("oral Satur- j
day and brought back a nice Jersey
calf. !
Frmond Marshall and family return- ,
ed to Greenville the last of the week. '
Mrs. M. Smith spent Decoration Day 1
in Carson City.
Callers at Clarence Snow's Saturday
were Mrs. Mlmer .lenks and daughter;
and Mrs. Loting. j
Kd. Kanous and wife of Melding vis- j
itl at F. J. Wheeler's Sunday, also
Leon Wheeler and wife.
Alma Moore of Melding visited her;
sister, Mrs. C. A. Treat over Sunday. ,
Justus Treat and family called on
friends here Sunday. j
Dewey Hammond with son' Morris;
of ' Grand Ledge visited with friends
here the past week, and Hthcl Unveil
returned with them to visit a few days, j
Harvey Sessions and wife of Carson
City visited at George llavell's and ;
Watkins went home with them for a '
few days visit. 1
Miss Sarah Kavell, teacher at the
Kldd. school, closed a very successful i
year Thursday. ;
A Ratter Fa rm
That Costs Less Than Home Made Gates
Better Because
they always hang plumb and straight. They can't
sag even one quarter of an inch.
stock can't twist them out of shape. They are flexible
but almost indestructible.
they weigh only about one-half as much as ordinary
all wood gates.
The Can't-Sag Elevating Attachment
- t. i t ' ' 'l : - ------- !
. . M r rri r
x ; -r t:M ;
: ' -A
Thn attachment, can be, tilted quickly lo any Can't. Sa Gale with
'out even removing the Gate Hooks. It is interchangeable and
can be moved from one gate to another. It lifts the gate the
whole length so there are no tight places where hogs and sheep
have to squeeze through. It also )ernuts the gate to swing freely
over deep snow drifts. Can be adjusted to any height from lo
:;) inches. Furnished only when ordered at a small additional cost
Cheaper Because
they cost no more than clumsy all wood gates.
tney last tnree times as long.
A. S. DIMMICK, Manager
John Demley and son Junior of
Saginaw were Decoration Day guests
of Mrs. Michael Wilson.
I larvey vTowne of (Jranu Itaplds
spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. 15.
1 4. Strunk.
The Misses Kva Kchultz and Mabel
Mead of Ionia were guests of Miss
Mead's aunt, Mrs. Thomas Dossett,
Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Clellie Hoover spent Saturday
and Sunday in Ionia with Mrs. Will
The Misses Marie and Fsther Quil
lan returned Monday from a few days
visit with their parents at Clrattan.
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Curtis of Grand
Kapids spent Decoration Day in Meld
ing. From here they went to Grand
Ledge, to spend Sunday with Mrs.
Curtis' brother, Spencer Cribb.
Miss Dacie Sunderland of Ionia was
an over Sunday guest of Mrs. Homer
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Connelly and son
Jack of Grand Kapids were guests of
Melding friends Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Nellie Van Gilder was a guest
of Orleans friends Sunday.
James Mutrick and Fred DuVall
motored to Cadillac Friday in Mr. Du
Vall's car,
Mrs. Louis Smith of Detroit isspend
ing a week with Mr. and Mrs. Fd. Mel
ding. Mrs. Jesse Godfrey went to Lansing
Thursday on business.
Mrs. Geo. Coates and daughter Lil
lian went to Lansing Thursday to visit
relatives there.
Miss Vivian Smith of Grand Kapids
was an over Sunday guest of her
mother, Mrs. Oscar Day.
Mrs. James Mutrick and two daugh
ters spent Sunday in Alto with friends
and relatives.
Miss Kuey Sage went to Lowell Fri
day afternoon to spend a few days
with her cousin, Miss Cecile Marr.
Thomas Mracken, Jr. of St. Louis,
Mo., spent a few days with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mracken, recent
ly. Mrs. Milo Scott of Ionia visited her
sister, Mrs. Thos. Dossett from Fri
day until Monday.
Mrs. J'atriek Mayhan and daughter
Marie, were the gue.-ts of Mrs. Alfred
Jonas, Saturday.
Kobert McCue and two children,
Francis and Agnes, of Grand Kapids.
visited with his brother, "Fred McCue,
Mrs. J. K. Coates left Monday after
noon for Flint. She goes as a delegate
from local union to attend the State
W. C. T. V. convention which will be
held in Flint from May '2 to ". inclu
sive. Mrs. Michael Wilson went to Green
ville Friday to visit friends there.
Mrs. Dorr Konk and two children
went to Hlllman Friday to visit Mrs.
Monk's parents.
Miss Martha Carr returned Wednes
day from Lansing, where she has been
visiting relatives for a week.
Mrs. Moss Holland of Detroit, came
Thursday night to visit her mother-in-law,
Mrs. Jennie Holland.
Miss Lizzie Wilson went to Saginaw
Saturday to spend several weeks with
her sister, Mrs. John Lemley.
Mrs. Lawrence Ailing and Miss
Grace Annis were Greenville visitors
Louis Kitterstorf and daughter
Miss Mcrtha, went to AhKrson Friday
to visit friends.
Miss Helen Walker left Friday
morning for her home in Traverse City
to spend the summer. '
Mrs. Melissa Cobb went to Grand
Kapids Friday to spend two weeks
with her son, Austin Hull.
Mrs. Cora Donovan spent Saturday
and Sunday with Miss Lenna Fitzger
ald at Ionia.
Morn -To Mr. and Mrs. John Marker
Wednesday morning. May L'T, ;t hue
Miss Allie Mclntyre, private secre
tary at Ho- Tuller Motel in Detroit,
visited from Friday until Sunday with
h r f ulu r, W. A. Mclntyre, and her
sister, Mrs. James l'.anks.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hall and son
motored to Hastings Friday with Mr.
and Mrs. Metul Mrown of Greenville.
They remained until Sunday evening.
Misses Allie Sabine and Jo Aselin
were in Grand Kapids Monday to a
tend t millinery opening there.
Miss Irene Marries, who was called
lure last week by the death of her
father, Chauncey Karnes, returned to
her work as nurse at Mutterworth
Hospital in Grand Kapids, Monday.
Willard Meek of Grand Kapids spent
Sunday in Melding sith his family.
Mr. Keck has purchased a home in
Grand Kapids, and Mrs. Keck and two
children will go there to reside at the
dose of school her'.
Mr. a'nd Mrs. Chas. Noble of Ionia
were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John T. Noble.
Sixteen ladles of the Needle Craft
Club met at the home of Mrs. A. D.
Gibson Thursday. A good social time
was enjoyed by all.
Mrs. FMher Johnson and Win. War
ner of Ionia visited the former's nep
hew, D. C. Wilbur Thursday.
Mrs. Jane Hosklns has returned
home from her visit with her daughter
Mrs. Walter Sriell of Ionia.
Thomas Thomas of Melding Is visit
ing Kobert McKendry.
Mr. and Mrs, Fllison and two daugh
ters and Mr. and Mrs. Meter Andres
and daughter, Norma, were Sunday
visitors at J. A. Fllison's.
Mrs. Harriet Towne of Orleans re
turned home Sunday after a weeks'
visit their parents In Ionia, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Andres visit
their parents in Ionia Sunday.
Kay McKibben visited friends in
Saranac, Sun'day.
Clarence Meek of Mrucc's Crossing
and Carl Meek ot Keene visited friends
Fred Fllison had the misfortune to
break his arm Sunday. Dr. Wilkinson
of Orleans came anil set it. This is
the -It h time he has broken his arm.
Harry Lyle and family of Ionia vis
ited her mother, Mrs. A. M. Stebbins
Mr. and Mrs. (J. M. Hawley and
daughter Mernlce visited their son
Fred in Orleans Saturday.
A stitnmer Interpretation of the Rus
sian tunic developed in machine era
broiderv on an ecru cotton crape.
Mrs. Viola Mitt is visiting lo r daugh
ter, Mrs. Harry Mills In Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Hill and Harry
visited at Lion Johnson's Sunday.
Hugh Nichols and Jim Seacord went
tishing at Long Lake, Sunday.
I Mr. and Mrs. John Gardner and
daughter, Kleanor .spent Sunday in
Mr. and Mrs. Will Noddins enter
tained several people of M-idiug
through the quarterly meeting, the
past Week.
' Will Noddins and sons, Howard and
Kohvrt, George Hill, and son George
and Kloii Johnson went over to Grat
tan tishing Friday. In spite of Friday
being an tmlucky day and Mr. Johnson
loosing a line string, they brought
home a large number of lis 1 1.
Mrs. K. C. Johnson and Mrs. Will
Warner of Ionia spent over Sunday at
Kob Maimer's.
Mis.s Sue Lmbertson spent a few
days last week with her aunt, Mrs.
Joel Maimer in Orleans.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe llerriek are visit
ing at John Lambertson's.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Maimer and
: Clark w ent to likeview Sunday on ac-
count of the death of Mrs. Joel Maimer
of that place.
Howard and Kobert Noddins were
in Melding Monday.
j Mrs. Floti Johnson and Iva called at
i Alma Meeks' Friday afternoon,
j The V. C. T. V. met with Mrs. ola
1 Graff Friday. All enjoyed a line time
j George Meade called on his tdster
plrs. Milo Towne. Sunday.
Miss Lydia Towne spent last week
with Mrs. Mobt. Katie.
X 4
1 v :
TlrX (C Tl
on Coats and Suits
All Coats and Suits of our late Spring
Stock goes at
One-Half Off
We are como
u o -
there will not be one
to close out every garment this spring
tot be one left. NOW IS THE TIME.
Nearly everyone from this way at
tended the Silver family show at Or
leans Thursday night.
Kobert Hill spent Sunday with his
daughter, Mrs. Will Mrooks.
Coin planting was delayed by the
storm Friday.
Mrs. L. Davis and family spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Mason.
The sawmill has resumed its work.
Miss Itoz White of Grand Kapids
visited the latter part of the week at
John Jakeway's.-
Mrs. John Myrne called on Mrs. Ar
thur 'Werner last Tuesday afternoon.
Mis.s Hthcl Mowler of Fox's Corners
is assisting her aunt, Mrs. Kichard
Mowier for a few weeks.
Mrs. Frank Donovan ami daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Will Donovan spent Wed
nesday with the latter's mother, Mrs.
John Myrne, and while there did a neat
job of papering a large room. Their
kindness and work were appreciated.
Carl Werner purchased a driving
horse of his brother, Arthur Werner
last Wednesday.
Mrs. Hubert Hookey and Mrs. John
Hookey and little daughter, visited
with Arthur Werner's last Wednesday
(Too late for last week)
I Mrs. llattie Doxsey was the guest of
Mrs. Abbie Karmetcr, ' Monday after
1 noon. .
j Mrs. G rover Doxsey called 'on' Mrs.'
; Charity Mowers, Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Helen Gott was a guest of Mrs.
Abbie Marmeter, Thursdav.
Mr. and Mrs. Flmer Sherwood and
Mr. Hums of Ionia were the Sunday
guests ot Mrs. Ada Snyder.
Mrs. M. II lie was the dinner guest
of Mrs. Hattie Doxsey.
Mrs. Mary Harbour called on Mrs.
Clara Meters, Tuesday evening.
Charlie Hile and Levi Krick were on
a tishing trip Friday and Saturday.
s room house on Liberty Street,
centrally located, conveniences
strictly modern, steam heat, full
lot with barn. Price lias l?eti
reduced to - - tL'bOO
7 room house, cor. Center and
Irons, furnace heat, bath room
complete, hot and cold water.
Price - - - Jii'tlH)
Comfortable dwelling: near the
Central school, sewer connection,
bath, etc. - - $1!00
0 room house on II am brock St.,
pleasant location, electric lights,
nas, city water, fruit trees on lot.
Price - - - ls."0
! room liousc'ou Mary St., lights,
water, etc. - - bs"0
s room house on Lewis St., sew
er, gas and lights - Jl-VX)
Double house on bridge St., J 1000
" room house on Morion
reasonable terms
House, barn and live lots,
7 room lions -, cor. LeKoy St. fc
Masonic Ave., sewer con.iection,
cistern, fruit, good barn, reason
able terms - - $1100
IVagner Agency
Stands in a class by itself.
Here are Some Reasons:
1. Individuality of construction.
2. Square dealing.
3 Fuel economy, cleanliness and ease of operation.
We Know it to be the Best Furnace on the
More Holland Furnaces were
installed in Belding and vicin
ity than all other makes combined.
I Installed by men that give satisfaction.
Ask any Holland owner
122 S. Bridge St. Belding, Mich.
G. M. Smith & Co.
Successor to I. E. Davis
(lood Music
Carnations for the Ladies
To all the people of Belding and vicinity I extend a cordial invitation to attend
Beginning Saturday afternoon, June 6 and continuing in the evening
Cream in gallon lots delivered
to all parts of the city
Candies and Confections
of all kinds.

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