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Belding banner. (Belding, Mich.) 1889-1918, March 11, 1916, SPECIAL EDITION, Image 4

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Sport That Wrecke the Heart an Evil
to Be Avoided.
"No one will gainsay the value and
pleasure of outdoor exercise graduated
to suit the needs of every Individual
throughout life," says the Journal of
the American Medical Association, "but
the species of overdoing called for In
the Intense competition of the great
contests of our schools and colleges
can no longer be defended by plati
tudes regarding the alleged psychologic
value of Its competitive features. The
time has come when statistics regard
ing latent athletic Injuries must be
reckoned with and the lives of our
youths safeguarded by making a dis
tinction between sane sport and In
sane participation In the Intolerable
strain of competitive games of the ex.
treme type."
The same paper says the authorities
of colleges need to be reminded in an
emphatic way. in the words of Dr. It.
N. Wilson of Philadelphia, that "no
form of athletic event Is sane that de
mands of the participants the sernlcou
scloiw state of heart exhaustion at its
And It denounces the daredevil forms
of "sport" that depend for their thrill
on nearest possible approach to death
by the actors In them. such, for exam
pie. as "looping the loop" In an aero
plane or driving a motorcar a hundred
miles an hour. Kim h. it says, are not
port, but degeneracy.
A Strang Situation.
"Humor Is m verv funny thing." naid
"Itounht to Ite'snld the philosopher.
"Oh. I don't mean that way," said
BInks. "1 mean that it is a strange
thing. Now, I can't speak French, but
I can always understand a French
joke, and I can speak English, but I'm
blessed if I can see an English Joke."
"Most people are." said the philoso
pher. "Are whatV" said BInks.
"Blessed If they can see an English
joke." said the philosopher. "It is a
sign of an unusually keen vision."
After the Wedding.
"Your pa promised t give a dowr
of 20.000 marks When Is he going to
"Well. If he promised 2O.000 marks
he meant 2.000. and you ought not to
Insist on such a trifling sum!" Meg
gendorfer Blaetter
McSwine's Gun.
McSwlne's gun is a prodigious car
lty In the cliffs on the coast of County
Donegal, Ireland, into which the tide
rushes with such force as to produce
a sound. like the booming of a cannon,
which can be beard twenty or thirty
miles away.
The democratic caucus was held
Wednesday night, in the city hall,
after the ward caucuses.
Ed. D. 'Engemann was elected
chairman and A. V. Fleck, secretary.
I. L. Hubbell and A. M. Hall were
appointed tellers. Harmony pre
vailed throughout the proceedings
and with very little discussion over
the question of who should be placed
on the ticket.; The nominations
were quickly made. It was decided
not to name a candidate for city
clerk and that office was left vacant
on the -ticket. I. L. Hubbell wan
elected chairman of the city-committee.
The following nominations were
Mayor Adelbert M. Hall.
Treasurer C. A. Rowley.
School Inspector Geo. E. Wagner.
Ward Nominations
First Ward Supervisor, Fred L.
Alderman W. H. Price.
Inspectors of Election Homer
Eckert and Eli Kendall.
Constable Wm. J. Barton.
Ward Committeemen 1. L. Hub
bell, W. H. Price and Geo. Barton.
Second Ward Supervisor, Charles
Alderman Will J. Clarke.
Inspectors of Election Patrick
Costello and James Caverley.
Constable Jason Piatt.
Ward Committee No election.
Third Ward Supervisor, Spencer
Alderman Henry Friedly.
Inspectors of Election W. L. Cov
ert and George Engemann.
Constable Matt Laffler.
Ward Committeemen George E.
Wagner, C. A. Rowley and A. V.
The republican city and ward cau
cuses were held Thursday night and in
contrast with those of past years they
were exceedingly quiet, no contests
for places on the ticket developing,
and the nominations were all made
by acclamation.
The city caucus was called to order
by E. E. Fales, chairman of the city
committee, who read the call and on
motion Mr. Fales was elected chair
man. . Wm. A. Wilder and Byron F.
Brown were appointed tellers and W.
B. Reed was elected clerk. The follow
ing ticket was placed in the field, the
nominations were all made by accla
mation. On motion of Brinton F. Hall
it was decided by a vote of the meet
ing to make no nomination for the of
fice of treasurer and that place on thh
ticket was left blank:
I Mavor Willard R. Olds.
1 Clerk Frank E. Conant.
School ' Inspector Lloyd Under
wood. On motion Elmer E. Fales was
elected chairman of the city commit
tee. Ward Nominations
, First Ward Supervisor, John W.
Alderman Frank H, Totten.
Inspectors of Election Joseph
Tupper and Art Brown.
Constable Thomas Dawes.
Ward Committee 0. J. Barker.
Second Ward Supervisor, William
B. Travis.
Alderman Vern Brown.
Inspectors of Election J, B. Essex,
Art McCoy.
Constable Jason Piatt.
Ward Committee Vern Brown.
Third Ward Supervisor, Barney
IC. Curtis.
j Alderman George G. Crawford.
Inspectors of Election Ernest
Chase, W. R. Menkee.
I Constable Harry B. Curtis.
I Ward Committee George Cota.
Gen GoethLls has asked the House
Appropriations Committee for $19,
yuO.000 for wbrk necessary to "put the
Panama Camil in running order, and,
additionally, 8,250,000 for its forti
fication. He
erection of a
also recommends the
projectile factory in the
zone to inhur the supply at all times
of munitions In regard to the re
sumption of raffic through the canal
he said that this is a matter depend
ing on the slipping of earth into the
waterway, the quantity to be removed
amounting to about 9,000.000 cuhic
urds. The pass is in motion, :nd
the dredges re able to clear the chan
nel at a rat of 1,000,000 yards rer
rcvnth. Tuorte is nothing 'sensational
in this state Jf affairs, unless the pr.1-s'-r.t
inabilityjof our warships to r.uv
i,ui':kly between the two oceans cjn be
so regarded. , The possibilities of dan
ger in this rejspect are a timely object
of national study. They were much in
'he public mjind when the canal was
only a project, and seemed a long way
off, so far distant, indeed, that few
Americans dreamed it could be an ac
complished fact by the year 1916. In
energy of construction the canal is a
great engineering monument. In its
financial management by this coun
try it is one of the historical won
ders of the world. No other nation
could have louilt it without at least
c'ouble the existing interest charge.
A Washir
that former
J. Bryan is
be one of a
from Nebras
It may b
party to keA
(ton news telegram says
Secretary of State Wm.
or President Wilson's re-
ind that probably he will
solid Wilson delegation
ka to the St. Louis con-
well, however, for the
?p a vigilant watch lest
ho spring soipie other planks that will
cause consternation and discomfort.
Money in Poultry
In making up an egg ration do not
forget a libeval allowance of sunshine.
But remember also that it takes more
than sunshine to produce eggs. It
needs pure solid grains, and lots of
them. The poultryman who can maKe
his hens lay
they brine t
one that sho
eggs in the winter, when
he highest price, is the
vs his ability.

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