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Fhe Belding Banner
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Udr thl dapartmaat rlpU. Id. xpreM ud laformatiea f latrt mrm solicit!
Canning Hints
Can only products that cannot be
kept otherwise.
Dry fruits and sweet corn and such
other vegetables as may be preserved
in this way.
Concentrate products so that each
jar or can will hold as much food and
as little wateras possible.'
There is a shortage of containers.
Don't let one be wasted in your home.
Empty 'spices and similar materials
from jars and fill them with food.
Reserve regular tight-sealing con
tainers for .perishable vegetables,
meat and fish.
Use wide-necked bottles and paraf
fin seals for putting up fruit and pre
serves; use glasses or crocks for jel
lies and jams; use bottles and jugs
corked and sealed with paraffin for
fruit juices, catsups and other liquid
If you wish to procure complete in
structions for home canning write to
the United States department of agri
culture, states relations service, office
of extension work north and west,
Washington, D. C, asking for the
complete series of their home can
ning instructions. The information
is sent free of charge.
A Clean-Up Job Later
"There," says the good woman as
the transfer man drives off with her
trunk. "Now I'll know whether or not
the baggagemen are really as rough
with things as they are said to be.
"How will you know?" asked her
"I put an egg here and there
among my clothes." Judge.
A great deal is said nowadays
about vitomines in our food and we
wonder what they are. The most de
finite information scientists seem to
.; m r"-
Hotel Browning
GranJ Rapids Newest Fire Proof
At Sheldon and Oakes, Three
squares from Union Station, Two
from Monroe Ave.
Every Room Has Bath
More Than I fair Our Rooms at SI. 50
No Rooms Above $2.00
Suites of Rooms for Touring Parties
Beautiful Cafe Loggia
Delightful Cafeteria Arcade
Exceptional Cusine. Perfect Service
Pere Marquette train time at Belding
Corrected June 27, 1917 w
To Ionia and Detroit, 11:42 a. m.;
4:12 p. m.
To Greenville and Saginaw, 7:-rG a.
m.; "GCO p. m.
Do You Know
that when you pay more for Flour than Gold Dust Costs,
you are simply paying an extra profit or two to cover
freight, traveling and other expenses? It means money
saved to buy
and for QUALITY it will stand every test. Remember,
you buy "satisfaction" when you buy this Flour.
Ask your dealer to supply you with our flour the next
time, if you are not using Gold Dust.
Smyrna Roller Mills
be able to give us is that they are
two unidentified substances that are
essential to life. They are frequent
ly called growth determinents or food
accessories. One of these vitomines
is soluble in fat and one is soluble in
water and alcohol. The one that is
soluble in water is destroyed by heat,
so while the food may contain them,
if the cooking has destroyed them
thev are valueless to us.
1'he vitomines appear in different
parts of different foods. The white
of the orange skin contains them.
An intersting experiment is being
carried on at M. A. C some rats
are growing whose only food is dis
tilled water in which has been soak
ed some,white of orange peel. This
proves that the vitomines are life
sustaining. When a child likes to
eat the white of an orange, possibly
nature is taking care of the child,
even though some people may think
it isn't quite "nice". to eat it!
The outside coats of the wheat
grain contain the mineral matter and
the vitomines; but the mineral mat
ter is unavailable to us because it is
so surrounded by cellulose, or the
woody fibre, which is indigestible;
and the lastest word from the scien
tists tells us the vitomines are killed
during the process of baking bread
from the coarser flours. To obviate
this the long cooking of cereals at a
low temperature is advised.
Now a great many people like the
bran because of its laxative qualities,
but by soaking the bran in water ann
drinking the water you will find the
water is laxative while the remaining
bran is not. Whatever it is that
gives bran its laxative qualities is
dissolved into the water. The same
thing may be noticed about eating
apples. Soma people find eating an
apple with its skin on a mild laxa
tive, but if eaten without its skin, it
is not laxative.
Never put vegetables to cook in cold
water. They lose their flavor.
Making Life Joyous
It is not the great tragedies which
make life so disappointing. It is far
more the lack 01 the world that
might perfectly well have been spok
en, the letter which might have been
written, the visit that might have
been paid. It takes very little some
times to set life at the full again, and
when our hearts do leap with joy it
is more often than. not because gome
thing old has flourished again. Why
hunt up novelties when by just a
touch on some old spring the whole
world will look like a new world to
someone you know? Is there one of
us who does not know two or three
exact spots where- he can make that
.Preparing Fruits and Vegetables.
Start with clean hands, clean uten
sils and clean, sound, fresh products.
Throw out all vegetables and fruits
which are withered or unsound. Wash
out all grit and dirt.' If possible, use
only fruits and vegetables picked the
same day and never can peas and
corn picked more than five hours.
Prepare fruits and large-sized
vegetables for blanching. Remove all.
spots from apples. '
Prepare beans and greens as for
cooking. re especially careful to re
move all foreign plants from the
Illanch vegetables and all fruits ex
cept berries by leaving them from o
to 5 minutes in clean boiling water.
lit move the blanched products from
the boiling water and plunge them
quickly into cold water, the colder
To Greenville and Big Rapids, G: 10
a. m.; and 5:20 p. m.
To Lowell and Grand Rapids, 10:12
a. m.; 2:00 p. m., and 8:51 p. m.
the better. Take them out immedi
ately and let them drain. Don't let
them soak in the cold water.
From this point on, speed is high
Ilv important. The blanched vegeta
bles and fruits, which are slightly
warm, must not be allowed to remain
out of the jars a moment longer than
is necessary.
Time schedule given is based upon
the one-quart pack and upon fresh
picked products.
When processing fruits in steam
pressure canners, not over 5 pounds
of steam pressure should be used.
When processing vegetables and
meats do not use over 15 pounds of
After processing, remove the con
Tighten the tops of jars immediate
ly and stand the containers upside
down in a cool place, being careful
that no draft strikes the hot jars.
Watch for leakage and screw covers
down tighter when necessary. Store
in a cool, dry place, not exposed to
freezincr temperature.
Use Dand labels for cans, being
careful not to let the glue get on the
can itself as it may cause rust.
From time to time, especially in
very hot weather, examine iars and
cans, making certain that there are
no leaks, swellings or other signs of
There will be no spoilage if the di
rections are followed implicitly and
the containers are sealed up tight.
Fruits which are put up with
heavy 'sirups can be kept under cork
and paraflin seal. Save all wide
necked bottles, glasses and jars for
putting up fruits, n
Vegetables, meats and fish, how
ever, can not be kept safely unless
they are hermetically sealed. Reserve
regular jars for products that can
not be packed in other ways.
As there may be some difficulty in
securing cans and jars, dry or keep
in other ways everything that need
not be canned.
About the Body
1. The body is made of muscle,
bone and blood. The muscle formers,
need lean meat, eggs, milk and its
products, nuts and legumes. The bone
formers, milk, cereals and vegetables.
The blood formers, water, fruits vege
tables. 2. . The fuel foods needed to pro
vide energy and to maintain the bod
ily temerature: -
a. Fats and oils.
b. Sweets all forms of sugar, re
membering the sugar in fruits and
vegetables is more digestible than
commercial sugar.
c. Cereals and potatoes.
d. All those foods which are mus
cle formers.
3. The body regulators: .
a. Bulk provides by whole cer
eals, vegetables and fruits. .
b. Water.
If to this outline you bear in mind
the following two facts, you will be
reasonably certain you are providing
a well-balanced diet.
Each day serve some raw fruit or
vegetable that you may be sure you
are providing the necessary vito
mines. Each day provide some food rich in
calcium, or Jime, phosphorus and
Foods rich in calcium and phos
phorus beef, eggs, milk, wheat, rice,
oatmeal, dried peas and beans, beets,
carrots, parsnips, potatoes, turnips,
apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples,
dried prunes almonds, peanuts, wal
nuts. Foods rich in iron beef, eggs,
milk, barley (flour or cereal), -corn-meal,
oatmeal, rice, wheat (flour or
cereal), beans (dried or rfesh), cab
bage, sweet corn, peas, potatoes,
spinach, turnips, apples, dried prunes,
raisins, figs, dates, lettuce, celery,
string beans.
Ricipcs for Hot Weather Drinks
Orange Nectar One and one-half
cupfuls orange juice, one cupful
pineapple juice, one-half cupful lemon
juice, two-thirds cupful sugar, two
cupfuls water. To the strained fruit
juices add the sugar and water. Stir
until sugar is dissolved, then place on
ice until chilled.
Mint Punch One quart fresh mint
leaves, one cupful grape juice, one
cupful strawberry or raspberry juice,
sirup. I'ruise the mint leaves and
cover with boiling water for ten min
utes, strain and add the grape juice
(either fresh or canned fruits may be
used). Sweeten to taste with sirup
made of equal quantities of sugar
and water boiled together! for ten
Egg Lemonade Juice of two lem
ons, one-fourth cupful of' sugar, one
egg, two cupfuls water. Beat the egg
until well blended. Add lemon iuice
and sugar and stir until dissolved.
Add water, mix well, chill in refrig
erator or add ice, ana serve.
Black Raspberry Nectar Two and
one-half cupfuls unsweetened rasp
berry juice, iuice of two lemons, two
thirds cupful sugar, two cupfuls wa
ter. Wash and dry the lemons, then
rub the surface thoroughly with the
sugar to extract the oil. Squeeze out
the juice and add to raspberry juice;
Add sugar and strain. Add water and
"Mv boy. Coodrod. liked the story
of 'The Irodigal Son' so much that ,
he lowed he'd be one," related Gap
Johnson 'of Rumpus Rridge. 'He
says to me, 'Gimme what's comin to
me.' I studied over it for a spell,
and then I casually knocked him down '
with a neckyoke. 'There!' says I,
you've got what is coming to you
and all the rest of the prodigal sons'
without the trouble of sa'ntering I
away off som-ers after it. Get up
and plow that there corn!' Also he
done it." Kansas City Star. I
Father I got a number of scaled
proposals at my office to-day.
Daughter Oh, pa, were any of
them for me? Philadelphia Press.
V ':;. ;
White voile with threo ' clusters of
white net frills will make you a charm
ing summer frock. If you fashion a
surplice, put bretels on It, hike up your
sleeves and then place quaint little
spots of cherry velvet ribbon as In
dicated you will havo a bodice that
matches the pretty skirt.
Good Roods Department
Need of Standard Methods
Standardization methods of road
construction and a standard system
of classifying highways are needed.
No system of classifying highways is
better than that of trallic density. It
is highly desirable that careful
counts should be instituted by state
highway officials to determine the
present main routes of travel. Just
as in railroad revolution, density of
traffic determines the amount of in
vestment, so highways ' should be
classified on the basis of density of
traffic into trunk lines, main lines
and feeders.
In railroading, a light traffic Is
handled by a single line of track with
switches; main line traffic .is handled
by double tracks. Trunk lines hand
ling heavy traffic are sometimes four
tracked, six tracked and even eight
The solution reached in the con
struction of permanent country roads
around Cleveland is instructive. It
is similar to the solution. followed in
railway evolution. The right of way
for the highway lies between two
fences CO feet, more or less, apart.
Economy is attained by building the
fiermanent highway one-half as wide,
eaving the balance of the dirt road
for the present as before.
In railroading it is" an axiom that
the capacity of a single track of rail
way with sufficient switches and uni
form speed of trains is practically un
limitedl In Cuyahoga county, Ohio,
hundreds of miles of permanent coun
try roads of narrow widths are be
ing built, using a special type of
brick which is produced cheaply in
that locality for the surface, set up
on cement foundations. Future gen
erations may widen these country
auto tracks if they so desire. I'jut
thev will act more wisely if they in
vest the money In an equal number
of miles of new narrow roads of per
manent construction to act as, feeders.
A 12-foot permanent road is pass
able, summer and winter, for the
harvest loads. The dirt road lies to
one side of the new trackway just as
before. The country needs thousands
of miles of narrow roads of perman
ent construction, intersecting as
feeders with the wider main lines and
trunk lines. Such feeders need not
be wider than 12 feet. The advanr
tages are plain. Not only are such
roads passable summer, fall, winter
and spring for the harvest loads, but
they are also permanent.
And, above all. they are a state
and municipal undertaking, and not a
subject for federal endownment.
Wall Street Journal.
Miss De Style Does she think very
much of that aviator?
Miss Gumbusta Oh, yes. She wor
shipj the very ground he flies over.
have been Manufactured in
Boston since 1837
are made on Honor and Sold
on Merit.
You make No Mistake when
you Buy a
Phone 3G
God Or the Golden Calf?
Here is a very interesting page in
the history of the doings of 'the
Israelites. It happened only a short
time after they left kgypt. God had
promised them that He would dwell
with them forever: and the people
had declared that they would be true
to Him and obey any law He might
give them. Moses then went up into
Mount Sinai to receive the instruc
tions and the laws of God.
But the echo of the people's de
claration had hardly died away when
they began to ask Aaron, the priest
and leader in the absence of Moses,
to make them an idol which they
might have as their god. It seems
that they did not consider their de
claration to God as binding upon
them. The pledge was easily made
and just as easily broken. They
make us think of some people nowa
days who go to Sunday school and
church when they feel like it and
stay away when they feel like it.
Well, Aaron told them to bring hint
their ear-rings, their personal jewels
and their golden trinkets. These
they gladly brought to him. It
seems that they were more in ear
nest over their idol than over God.
I wonder how many of us would give
up such things for our God. Aaron
took them and having melted them in
the fire made of them a golden calf.
With great music, dancing and joy
the people declared that this calf was
their god which had led them from
EtrvDt and which they worshiped.
As they were at the height of their
joy Moses came down from the
mountain. lie heard their dancing
and music and asked . what it all
meant. When Aaron told him what
had happened he was very angry. He
threw down the two tables of stone
on which God had given him the Ten
Commandments. They were broken
in pieces even as the people had brok
en the law and their own pledge.
Moses then took the golden calf and
burned it and ground it to powder
and scatetrCd it on the water so that
the people, as a punishment for their
wrong, would have to drink it.
Moses then returned up the moun
tain to God and pled with God that
He would forgive the people of their
sin. lie even onerea nimseu a ran
som for them. Through Moses' in-
Belding Market
Butter Fat 39
flutter 32
UEggs 30
Beef, live ....C-8
Hogs, live 13-14
Hogs, dressed 18-19
Veal Calves, live .8-10
Sheen, live ...A....7
Lambs, live 12
Hens 15
Chickens, dressed 18-19
Wheat No. 1, white. 2.15
Wheat No. 2, red 2.15
Rye l.r-5
Oats 75
Corfl 2.10
Cloversced 10,00
Beans 7.00
Timothy, baled.. 15.00
Straw, rye. baled 7.00
Bran, per cut 2.50
Middlings, per cwt, 3.25
Corn and Oat Chop, per cwt. . . . 3.00
Corr.mcal. per cwt 4.25
Cracked Corn, per cwt 4.25
7-ROOM HOUSE on Center
street, newly painted and in
good condition, inside toilet,,
lights, cellar and woodhouse,
at $1500
80-ACRE FARM, good land,
one and one-fourth miles ' to
good market, good fences,
barn, cow stable, windmill, or
chard, owner will take one
third down and time on the
balance. An excellent oppor
tunity to get a fine piece of
land at a bargain.
6-ROOM HOUSE on Alderman
street, sewer connections, in
side toilet, elctric lights, cel
lar and woodshed and poultry
house. This is a corner lot
and will be sold for...... 850
6-ROOM HOUSE on Masonic
avenue, gas, city water, and
inside toilet. Selling at $1050
with a small payment down,
balance on good terms.
6-ROOM HOUSE on one and
one-half lots, has electric
lights, city water, house is in
good condition, good cellar,
cistern, room for a largo gar- :
den. We can sell this with a
amall payment and easy terms V
on the balance.
NOW IS THE TIME to get your
tornado insurance.
If you want to buy or sell any
property. See US FIRST
tercedingr God forgave the people, but
still their folly and lack of loyalty is
a blight on their lives. They broke
their solemn pledge and high resolve
so easily!
I love to place alongside of this a
page of history from the doings of
our own Congregational forefathers,
the Pilgrims, at Plymouth. Tht
first year that they were in America
about half of their number died eith
er of sickness or exposure. The
wild forest, the vicious Indians, star
vation stared the remainder in the
face. A ship came from England
and offered to take them back to
friends and loved ones. It lingered a
few days that they might go aboard
and thus return to old England; But
what joy thrills our hearts as we
learn that not one of the little band
returned! They were true to their
hope, their ideal and high resolve
even in the face of death.
Regulates Egg Production By Elec
tric Light
Working overtime in the henhouse
is the latest bit of food production
efficiency, and a California man is
credited with being father of the
idea. With the aid of electric lights
he equalizes the short days so. as to
deceive the hens and make them lay
longer, and he claims that the results
are not detrimental to the hens.
According to - a description printed
in an official publication of the state,
wires are strung along the roof of
the house and from these a drop cord
lamp is hung in each coop. The time
clock by which the lamps art auto
matically turned on is located in the
main barn close to the house. The
lights do not go on the same hour
each night, but the hens are made ac
customed to the lengthtned hours
gradually. For instance, in Septem
ber, when the days begin to shorten,
the lights are turned on at five
o'clock and are started a t half hour
earlitr each week until three o'clock
has been reached.
Notice to Our Patrons
On and after August 6th., the following change
in deliveries will be made. Two in the forenoon
and two in the afternoon.
Forenoon 7:30 o'clock and 10:00 o'clock
Afternoon 2:30 o'clock and 4:30 o'clock ,
except on Saturday the last delivery will be
made at 5 o'clock p. m.
Yours. for Prompt Service
Belding Delivery Co.
Farm' House Bread
Is Now Selling For
12c a loaf
Its the Best Dread made anywhere. Wc sell hun-.
dreds of loaves in Belding every day. At all
The City
Phone 177
fhinh of fairy
Grand Rapids, icli.
When you want flowers for
any purpose
Largest and best equipped floral establishment
in Western Michigan
Store on comer of Monroe and Division Ave.
8 tore Phones
Bell, 173
Citizen, 5171
r i . O. 'i"nf..
Today'8 Poem j
Who Wins in the Battle of Life?
It's not in the name and the loud
That the truest victory lies,
And the men who reach to the high
est fame .
Are the first to scorn their prize. t
There's many a worse fate in this
Than to lose an uphill fight.
If you keep the flag of your faith un
furled . ,
And stick to the rule of right
There's a lesson taught in the loser's
That the victor may "not buy,
That the greatest gain from the
strife and strain
Is a purpose pure and high.
From an age uncouth, came the law
of ruth,
And the earth is paved with bones
Of men who died while the armies of
truth ' .
Made the dead their stepping
In the how and when, the what and
And not who won the fight,
In the truest sense life's guerdons lie
To the eye that sees aright.
And the dearest prize to the level
Is not in praise nor pelf,
But in conscience clean, and self-control
Of the men who rules himself.
Parson Do you know the parables,
my child?
Johnnie Yes, sir.
Parson And which of the parables
do you like best? ' s
Johnnie I like theone where some
body loafs and fishes. Philadelphia
Main Street
Farn Phone .
Bell, S1
Citizens, 6131

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