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Women with Ideas want a
paper with Ideas; therefore
read The Banner every week.
No guess work when you us3
Banner Want Ads. They have
brought satisfactory results.
TV 7 A Tl A
Mi Jrk jj i-k li jL
Douglas Fairbanks at Empress
If you like plenty of action, and pep
don't fail to witness "The Man From
Painted Post" at the Empress Thurs
day and Friday, June 27 and 28. It
is a typical ""Doug" Fairbanks play of
western life with all of the thrills, etc.
that make him a popular screen
I y Write now and let us tsll you how to ravo $1.50 a ton on your
V J next .'inter'i coal. We can deliver to you first class dependable lump,
' r nm mlnd coal direct fror.i "od irlncv. Save you the deaVcr'
P J sss N'ow! Nowl Now! Is the time to order, your coal. Tho 1. S. Furl Admlnlstra-
f lyy tion advics urges every family every manufacturer, evry, merchants every-
V body who wants to keep warm next winter to b;iy coal r.OY.
fix f lABt winter there were days and weeks T,!un you coulJnt buy It.
( ( erecold.
I V I ill It8 finS to be Cv1 NHXT winter-
I rettin coal next winter.
WW I Now! Now 5; t'1' vso wise people HUY coal.
) J U I J ' NOW you can get it for LI1SS MONEY.
) ) rum coupon today now!
( l ( Dernice w
) ill. -vecause
and you're golns to have 3IOKI2 trouble
Now you can GET IT, and
Dernice Coal Cfimpany,
DOi Como Unlldlngr,
Chicago, 111.
Gentlemen: Let me know by re
turn wall how you can save me $25.00
to $100.00 on my next winter' coal
also, wnd me names of people near
here who have bought coal from you
f.nd recommend you.
Name ............
Street Number
11 EBBiilSi s ffi .
Finished with White Pine Drop Siding
Spaidlfiiiiil y p Fsnriii
means raising more hogs two litters in one year
instead of one and bigger litters, through ai properly
designed and. well built Hog House.
It means increasing the production of poultry and
eggs through the building of more and better
Poultry Houses.
Cows produce more milk in a warm, well ventilated barna
barn tnat is so insulated as to bwarm in winter and cool in
And every increase in the production of farm products brings
the war that much nearer 'an end.
Let us help you plan your building for greatest efficiency let
us show you how you can make it pay for itself quickly in in
creased pr6fits from your farm.
. Practical working plans, specifications and bills
of material for any type of farm building will
be furnished free upon request together with '
our estimate of the cost.
Besides we've a nice assortment of White Pine for outside finish
that we know will please you. .
It will interest you to know how much more of a building a few
hogs will pay tor than they would a few years ago.
Don't delay. Every day lost means lost profits to you.
Evcrythinj in CzUdixj fcctcrial
Mr. and Mra. . John Mehney and
family were Sunday guests of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Skel
lenger at Sunnyside Farm. Straw-be-ry
shortcake and chicken were
on the bill of fare.
Mrs. Geo. North way of Detroit is
visitinj: at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. 'John Regan.
Mrs. Mary E. H. Covillo was a
Saturday night g'uei-t of Mr. and
Mrs. M. L. Updyke.
Very hot and dry. so just send a
shower this way, Mr. Weatherman,
or there won't bo any hay or beans.
Fair June is more than half gone.
Will Deal and fam'ly and Miss Ma
bel Dennis motored to Edmore last
Saturday to visit the formeV's brother
Frank and family. Mrs. Havens ac
companied them as far-os Greenville
where she stopped .off to visit her
brother, John Elliott and wife.
Mrs. Stults returned- home last
week from an aptotrip to Bclding
and Holland where she visited her
Mrs. Judd Weilman and M. E.
Stults were ;n Greenville Saturday
and did some shopping and called on
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Johnson and Mrs.
Thos. Anderson.
Mrs. Clinton Branden and children
are over near Greenville visiting her
parents, F. Holmden and wife.
Mr, boules and family of Ionia vis
ited at Wm. SlaughtonV Saturday
and Sunday, also tried their luck at
fishing. The latter was .extra good.
Tom Jones and fanv'ly visited rela
tives, in Rockford Friday. Will Deal
run the grist mill."
Mrs. M. Stevens and daughter,
Violet visited friends in Greenville
one day last week.
Jimmie Corrigan and Judd Weilman
attended Catholic church at Harvard
last Sunday.
Mrs. Will Witt and daughter Belle
and two neighbors of Saranac" mo
tored to Mr. and Mrs.' Hite Eckert's
Sunday and spent the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snow and
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Anderson and
son Roy spent the day with Mr. and
Mrs. M. L. Howe Sunday.
Mr. and Mr.- Milo Towne and
daughter Lela and son. Herbert, and
cpusin. Miss Els"e Mead visited Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Snow Thursday
evening and Friday evening Mrs.
Clarence Snow and . daughter, Hazel
nrd Denzel Snow visited Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Geo. Wooldridge, Mrs. Ern
est and Mrs. Ed. Wooldridge and
Mrs. Dan Wilson of Lansing and
Mrs. Clarence Snow visited Mrs. M.
L. Howe Thursday afternoon and took
her two fine bouquets of flowers.
Many tharrks to Mrs. O. A. Nummer
and daughters find Mrs. Will Krick
and Mrs. Albert Snow for the de
lic ou3 stra"wberr;?s; nothing on
earth equals good friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wiley visited
Mr. and Mrs. Dan King and Mrs.
Lucy King Sunday evening.
Clyde Cooper is having a new
windmill put up by Mr. Snyder pf
Mr. Weber's son Leonard has been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cooper
and left. Monday for Camn Custer to
start for France soon., lie has been
in army tra ning for over nine years.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Snow and
Mis3 Hazel visited Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Chadwick Sundav.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Clark and son,'
II. E. Clark, and Miss Mabel Essen
ger of Lakeview visited Mr. and Mrs.
Milo Towne Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Orth of Ionia
visited her parents, Sunday and re
turned Monday evening.
Ed. Vogle of McCord visited Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Phillips Sunday.
Geo. Wiley called on J. D. Strain
Sunday mornfng.
The Brink Red Cross ladies met
with Mrs. Chas. Brink Friday after
noon, 17 being present and they lid
quite a lot of work." They will meet
with Mrs. Dell Cobb next t me. '
Mr. and 'Mrs. .Geo. Phillips and
Geo. jr., and Margaret and ' Mrs.
Williams visited Mrs. Wilson Phillips
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. M. L. Howe Wishes that the
party who left the bundle' of splendid
papers at Lamb's store would please
call her up at once so that she will
be able to learn who the person was
and be able to extend her personal
thanks for the kind act and considera
tion.' Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Yaw and son
Lynn, viMjted Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Cooper Sunday but Mrs. Yaw stay
ed, over till Wednesday. She is vis
iting Mrs. Chas. Brink for a day or
two. V She is Clyde Cooper's only
rousin and will visit hjm and wife on
Mrs. C. A. Towne and daughter vis
ited Mrs. Milo Towne Thursday after,
noon. '
Mt-s Cl.irrnfp Snow, visited Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Locmis Saturday eve
ning. .
Mrs. O. A. Nummer and Misses
Edna and Lritta motored to Alma
Saturday afternoon and returned on
Sunday evening after visiting rela
tives and friends there.
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Currey and
Dr. Orr of Belding visited Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Brink Sunday..
M.r and Mrs. Earl Barnard and
daughter of Berlin called on Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Wilson Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Will Wilson attended a show
er at Mr. and Mrs. Harry Trull's
Thursday afternoon for Miss Gene
vieve Biss.
Mrs. M. L. Howe received news
from Texas that her youngest broth
er, B. Perry was very low with pneu
monia fever. She says if she was
as well as one year ago she would
have taken the first train to Texas.
Putting real pep into business is
not done with a basshorn.. It's the
soundless baton that speeds up the
When you can, use discretion; when
you can't, use a club.
Thrift and patriotism are synonymous.
A $5 bill in your pocket does not increase in value; a War Savings
.Stamp does. f '
War Savings Stamps are "little government bonds" bearing 4 per cent
compound interest 'They cost $4.17 now. In five years they will be '
worth $5 each. If you wish to cash them in before that time you can
do so any time at the postoffice with interest.
Pledge yourself to buy War SavingsStamps on or before
JUNE 28th
War Savings Stamps can be bought in any amounts up t:o a thousand
dollars. They are so good a security you cannot buy more.
You can buy War Savings Stamps at the postoffice, at banks and at
most stores. v
This space contributed for
the Winning of the War by
Jos. Alberts and Son
Theodore Alberts
The social held at John McNaugh
ton's last Friday was well attended,
proceeds being over $7.
Red Cross workers met with Mrs.
Sidney Brown last week Thursday, 17
ladies being present. Next meeting
this Thursday with Mrs. Robert Lus
comb. AH cordially invited.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hoover were
guests of relatives near Sheridan on
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Rasmussen
called on his brother, Frank, Monday
Martin Snyder writes that at Camp
McClellan it is 120 in the shade.
Wm. Butts writes from "some
where" he was well but the letter was
written in April so a change may-
have taken place since then over
Friday. June 28, Red Cross work
ers will meet with Mrs. Louis Em
mons. Mr. and Mrs. Will Beafdslee of
Lakeview, visited with Mr. and Mrs.
C. L. Beardslee, Sunday vand Monday.
Stephen Brewster and son, Allen
of Morley visited with Mr. and Mrs.
C .L. Beardslee Saturday and Sunday.
Lloyd Hammetree of Belding spent
Sunday with Clayton Sparks.
Lewis Seeley and wife and son, R.
C. Seeley and Chattie Crozier were in
Ionia Thursday and visited with Wal
ter Rich and wife.
Ed. Hotchkiss and wife are spending
a few days in Detroit visiting their
son, Lyle Hotchkiss and wife.
Mrs'. Frank Tillotson and Mrs. Ray
Tillotson visited Mrs. Wm. Leary on
Anthony Bre'meyer and family and
Mrs. Peter Kopp visited Joo Zahm
and wife Sunday. "
Fred Simmon and .family we're at
Camp Custer Sunday.
Will Cave and wife visited Lewis
Seeley Sunday.
Ernest Benton and wife are visit
ing in Lansing.
Cleve Harrington and wife visited
Ed. Hotchkiss and wife Sunday.
Mrs. Carl Taylor called on Mrs. Eve
Kilbin and Chattie Crozier Tuesday
"The Man"From Painted Post" at
Empress next Thursday and Friday.
A "Doug" Fairbanks photoplay.
Halit the Hun
After all, savin? is not sacrificing.
Provied the boys with the things they need to make short work of him.
Guns, clothes, aircraft, food munitions and the ships to get over with.
These are the things the boys need, and they cost money hunks of it.
JUNE 28th
Make a pledge to buy War Savings Stamps '
The more quickly our soldiers have all the things they need, the more
quickly the ships will be bringingour boys back to us.
This space contributed for
the Winning of the War by

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