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Tna:jt:.:bAY. juni: 19. ms.
Tin d2ldi::g nAi:::zr.-r:2vo
Ell "'Geisrith !
,: S&ve' liramia -BUS
- The menace of niiliturin, the Jiorrors of war end tha
toll of Jvuih liii'tcii In u.'I f.ii'.iJul accidents is cs nothing
cum pared to th'cauger ui lici-h' deadly Cenns'. '
liven in war Itself the toll of human life taken Qut-
rijjht by the vv hizzin IuIL t, :'uc bursting shrapnel, or tha
iueicliig i.id te lesy tiari that caused by the untcca'
deadly Uer:ns tnfet citu'!t the wounded and the well dike.1
Human I'.ru rsi be leii?-'hamd and human happiness
tncreaid v.hsr. wc- hsui ocfer to guard ourselves
oauist pi.o fianer of die ever present germs of disecscj
r r 1'otvdsrcd boric i;j one of Nature's most wonderful,
gifts to man, for ;.t cn j-; us, through antisepsis, to wcrdt v
off the darker of jn!:cti&?i.
Ovvir:fj to itj wcaucif'd ant 'utptic properties it cm-
nbt be too liir'hiv reconuncnitd for liberal use in the
care of the person vhvicver and whenever exposed!
to the germs of drjcu.'.c.
Pure powdered boric may " be' used with absolute' 1
freedom a:ri safety. in all the natural cavities of the5
body.. To realize now .haling it is, vet how safe, we
;.';have but to recaU tin t t he. physician almost always pre
i scribes it as the priiiiiil ?ii;;rcdisut of an eye waters
J' The manufacture of .p)Wci'.-;ied boric'-- has been
brought to such a hih debtee vi cLicicr.cy by one con-.
i cern that if we alvy-irs remvvber.'to'kpccify-"20 Mule
fleam Powdered lions" wc knvv tlMtwe have the real,
article in full strength
... On every packsj: j A 20 Mule Team Powdered."
- Boric will be found directions fur its multitude of uses
end the expense is so Iitilj tnai no one should ever;
be without it. ' " .
- A solution of 20 Mule Team Powdered Boric in water
makes an absolute and positive' antiseptic for all per
sonal use. It is excellent for a shampoo, for it kills the
germ which makes the dandrjlV that spoils the lustre ol
the hair and causes it to lail-jut and cease to grow. !
It should be used as a mouth wV&sh oh account of its
cntiseptic qualities y.henever there is the slightest dan
ger of having been exposed by being brought in contact
with persons suffering with colds, sore throats, etc.
To overcome the unpleasant effstt oonscquent upon excessive per
Ipiratloa the use of 20 Mule Team Timdercd Dorio will five freat
satisfaction, mtkiag everything tweet sod cleau and healing any acre
tiea that may hart occurred.
A hot foot bath with a liberal quantity of 20 Mela Team Powdered
Cerie will make the feet feel tea yean younger.
Fer the baby a liberal dusting with 20 Mule Team Powdered Borie
ot ealy assares freedom from chafing but help to maintain an enti
eepcleally eleaa condition on the little body.
' To nay ent or abrasion 20 Mule Team Powdered Berio should bo
freely applied.
20 Male Team Powdered Dorio is a foe to farm life.
It should bo oa the dressing table of every dainty woman, cod
Esr&Hy aned in orery boosehold where health ia prized.
: Aatbarixed represeatative will eoon oall at your home and make
arrcteati for yon to obtain, FREE, a full sixe peekaa of 23 Mala
Teca Powdered Dorio from any of the following draUut
Main Street, Belding, Michigan
v r'nncnr cAnMir n
Modern farmlcj Is reaching
Into what bat a few years past
we spoke of as scientific farm
lng. The modern farmer of this
age has to deal with principles
as well as facts to succeed in
competition with his neighbor,
Who has already availed him
self of the working principles
that govern the production of
his crops. Much of the credit
for this condition must be given
to the painstaking practical re
search work of the colleges,
. which has demonstrated cause
and effect in practical agricul
ture. An experiment tliat doe
not dpmnnstrfltA tha nrinrirle3
that govern the results Is not
complete and should not be ac
,'ccpted as. reliable evidence oa
which to establish farm prac
tlce. Ton cannot make a "silk
purse out of a sow's ear," no
matter how much it may be
made to resemble " It, and we
cannot long keep up the deception.
T i j jnnj,Xllllil,ijtl,lliliii
Among Other Things Indiana Experi
ment Station Says Breed for
Early Litters.
The Indiana experiment station gfres
the following summary for success":
First, breed for as early litters as
conditions on the farm will permit ;
Money Makers on Any Farm.
second, have sows bred as close to
gether ns possible; third. It pays to
keep a record of farrowing dates;
fourth, to avoid failure with the male
use common hog sense ; fifth, feed
balanced rations; sixth, keep the
sows gaining In flesh; seventh, see
that the sows have an abundance of
exercise; eighth, the hoghouse should
be ' clean, roomy and comfortable ;
ninth, do not feed ice water; tenth
be on guard against lice and disease.
Mould is a forest of beautiful trees
vith branches, leaves and fruit.
Butterflies are fully feathered.
United SiatssTims
War' Mao- MiaMpKsdl
Value' off' Good Tireo
Novcr vcrc cara ' so t necessrary
both in business and domestic life.
Never was their continuous end
economical use eo imperative.
Never vaa freedom from tire trou ;t
bib end tire expense co absolutely
Tho rapidly frroT7incr demand for
United States Tirea prove their war
tiiao worth.
Thousands of motorists each vcck
crc turning to United States Tires to
get dependability and economy.
United States Tires last longcsf and
carry you farthest at least cost.
They enable you to make the most
of your car passenger or com
mercial now, when it is more than
ever a vital war-time necessity.
There is a United States Tire for
every possible need. c
Our nearest Salc3 and Service De
pot will tell you which ones you
should have. .
Vc know United Ctcs Tirb crcs cc That' vhy ve cell them.
as.s. f::m::
riATi:::;.!. wn cj:v;:::: day d iz
Mlchlgan'e Full Quota of t70,CC0,CC3
. Muit Be Pledged Dy June 3 The
GovcrnmeM'e Thrift Plan Is
(The Michigan War Savings Oc
mlttee urged all clergymen to read this
proclamation to their congregations
belore June 23th.) '
"ThJa war ia oua of nations, not of ax
mi. a, and all of eur ona hundrad million
ieopl mutt be corwmlcally and Indus
trially adJutAA to war conditions. If this
nation la to iUy Its full part In tha con
flit. Tbc nobUm bafora ua la not pri
marily a iiwancLal problam but rathar a
problem of Increa.aad production of war
aaiientlals and tha sarins of tha material
and tha labor necsaaaxy for tha support
and equipment of our army and navy.
Thoughtlcaa expenditure of money for
non-eaentlala usas uj tha labor of men,
the product of tha farms, mines and fac
tories and overburdens transportation, all
of which must be uaad to tha utmoat
and at their beat for war purpose.
The great results vaica we seek eaa
be obtained only by tlae participation
of every member of tea nation, young; and
old. In a national coat oar ted thrift move
ment. I therefore urf that our people
everywhere pledge themselves aa auf
Seated by the Secretary of the Treasury
to the practice of thrift to eerve the sov
ernment to their utmost In Increasing
production In all flelds accessary to the
winning of the war to oanserva food and
furl and useful material of every kind to
devote their labor only to tha moat nec
essary taaks and to buy only those things
which are essential to Individual health
and efficiency and that tha people a
evidence of their loyalty Invest all that
they can save In Liberty Bonds and "War
Favlnts Stamps. Tha securities issued
by the Treasury Department ar so many
of them within the reach of "everyone
that the door of opportunity In thts mat
ter Is wide, open to all of us. To prac
tice thrift In peace times 1 a virtu and
brings great benefit to tha lnSlvldual at
all timed, with tha deeperate need of the
clv.l'xed world today for material and
labor with which to end the war the
practice of Individual thrift Is a patrlotle
duty and a necessity.
"I appeal to ill who now own either
Liberty Bonds or War Savings Stamp,
t continue to practice economy and
thrift and to appeal to all who do not
ow n cvernment securities to do likewise
and p'urhaae them to the extent of their
nu:n. The man who buy government
sorvHMes transfers the purchasing power
of his money to the United States Gov
err.ir.rnt until after this war and to that
'n dt?re doe not buy In competition
w'th thr rvernment.
"1 arnfstly appl to every man.
vom;in and child to pledge themaelvea
tr. or before the twenty-eighth of June to
rTV v,nt-nt:.v and to buy as regularlv
as ro!i1t)l the securities of the govern
ment and to do this as far as possible
thiouyh rreir.bcrf hip In War Ravings So
c''tl. The twenty-eighth of June ends
th special period of enlistment In the
ereat volunteer army of production and
savin here at home. May there be aon
unenllsted on that day.
getting ready for
the co:.:i::g dig drive
County chairman tn the Michigan
"War Savings Coramittea are worklng
dlllsrntty on their preparations for the
stupendous drive that "will open short
ly and close June It. The war sav.
lngs message Is to be carried to every
man, woman and child In the state,
and If thore'a anyone who Is not sav
ing and lending for war purposes, and
has not the thrift card or the certl
ficate card to prove it. the salesman
will know the reason why. And It will
have to be an excellent reason.
"I've never been In a newspaper of
fice before," said the little 10 yearxld
boy as he handed a piece of paper to
the editor of a Detroit dally, bat If
you like this, print it. The versa ap
peared in the next edition of tha
paper as follows:
a so::g of help
By Marvin tlygh.
Buy a bond a thrift stamp, too.
Hut them both, and not a few.
Fill th Flag:, do your best.
Never let tha Kaiser rest. '
Buy the stamps at every chance
To purhoas bullet to fill Dill's pants.
To kill him oft and kit him hard
We'll need th money by th yard.
For our brav boy over there,
Need good food and th best of care.
Gle your money, do your best
And then our Tank will do th rL
The Detroit Rotary club played base
ball with the Rochester team recently;
and before anyone could speak to tije
umpire he had to buy a Thrift Stamp.
The players indulged in $35 worth of
argument. This was putting the Gov
ernment's thrift Idea to practical use
saving talk and financing the war
a method that many politicians should
adopt '
A Lansing merchant who visits ho
tels frequently, has adopted tha plan
of tipping the waiters with a Thrift
Ctamp. The waiters are pleased.
Give' War Cat lags Gtamps for prises
t ertry kind, and for all klns cf
events parties, games, athieUs czz
Usts asi tt ElcUcs.
Insects of various kinds rnay be
seen in the cavities of a rrrain of
HI;My Valuxble for Early Crops
Where rttpld Mxturlty Is Dtilrti
Helps In Orchsrds.
Dr. William S. Myers says that ci
trate of soda is of high value for early
crops, where rapid maturity is desir
able, such as peas, corn, beets, and
cabbage. It Is a special help to hay,
grain, rye, wheat, timothy, cereals, and
orchards, all of which are unable to
obtain suflclent nitrogen from the sol
Just when they need it It is a great
specific In the production of sur
beets, potatoes, cotton and cane.
Small fruits, such as blackberries,
currants, raspberries, and gooseber
ries, which need a steady, even growth,
aro greatly benefited by nitrate of
soda, which can be furnished all ready
for digestion when th plants re
quire it
Correct the First Time Trying.
"Mrs. Alden has five children; if
there were - seven more, how many
children would Mrs. Alden have?
Several hands were raised.
"Anna may tell us," said teacher.
"How many children would she have,
Anna 7"
A Definite Movement Is On Feat ta
Enoour.age 8avlnga Amonfl the
People for War
Michigan must raise 70,000,0M
through the sale of war savings stamps
In 1918. The government has given u
this task to do, and we dare not
faiL The month of June will se
a new activity enter the war eavinga
work, for Secretary ot the Treasury,
McAdoo, has now requested that Mich
igan's quota In war savings stamps be
fully pledged by June 2S. The money
need not be paid by June 28, but it is
expected that every man, woman and
child will pledge himself to save a cer
tain sum at regular Intervals and lend
that money to the government for war
purposes. The money will be returned
with generous Interest in five years or
earlier on demand.
The Usk of securing $70,000,000 in
pledges by June 2S, Is a big one; but
with the organization that the Michi
gan War Savings Committee has per
fected, this " will be accomplished. A
campaign of education in thrift is now
on, and it is expected that everybody
will agree to save as much money
from their incomes as possible a lit
tle more, in some cases -eo that Mich.
Lgan may not be found wanting tn her
war savings work..
To assist the work, and to bring tha
Importance of this work to tha atten
tion of every cltlsen, Ooremor Sleeper
has Issued a proclamation, making
June 28, an official war savings day,
and urging the people of Michigan to
respond whole-heartedly to the call cf
the government
The governor's proclamation fol
To th People of the Stat of Michigan:.
WHEREAS, th President of th United
8tat hat summoned th American peopl
to universal savings, so that anor maa
power and material may be obtalnad for
th Array and Navy of th Unltad States
la tlm to win the war, and
WHEREAS, the Secretary of th Treas
ury of the United State, through th
National War Saving Committee, ha
aaked th peopl of th Stat of Mlchlgaa
to pledge themselves between June 10th
and June II th to loan to the
Government before December tl, lSlt. by
buying War Savings Stamp of that
amotust dating the remainder of the
Now, th eraore, I. Albert B. deeper.
Governor ef the Stat of aflcktsraa. de
krby set aald Friday. Jun XI th. M
War Bavliur Day. On Ula day. all adult
cUlsen. primarily head of households,
shall appear. In person at the neareet
choothoikM or other designated place ef
raitm.ttoB. to register their 'edge te
sav and onomlt to help wla tk war,
and a evidence of such servlc and te
provid th Government with fund te
carry on th war, to further pled; . t
Invest la a peclfled amount of War Sav
ing Stampa during th remaining months
f 1111.
(Signed) '
Albert r.t Sleep tr
Governor ef th Stat of MloalanM. ;
Positive- Convincing Proof'
Many so-called remedies for anae
mia are only so in name. Their mak
ers are afraid to prove their claims by
telling what their medicines contain.
The only way to be honest with tha
people is to let them know what tht7
are paying for. Here is tha Vlacl
formula. Vhen - tha doctor knor?
what a medicine contains, it cessca
to be a "patent" medicine.
T Cod Liver and Deef Peptoae. Iron and
" lianganeae Peptoaatea, Iran o4 Ab
tnenlum citrate, Lima and Coda C lye era- .- f
. phocuUe, Caacaiin.
Any doctor will tell you that the la
Credients of Vinol, as named above,
will enrich the blood and banish anos
mia and crests ctrenjth. When ths
blood is pure end rich and red, tha
body is strong and rcbuit
You can prove this at our experrs
because your money will be rerutrrii
it Vinol does not improve your htal'Jb.
IX J. CtzzzZL, Drr-t, Ec:2c, UUh
v - V V
-V f r"4-, -V N fS "
'v V s v v V
tynn rr?inn - nnnmnirnwnnrrr (J
( u L'yu a OCLJU U U U KJJ U L-
( )
Czooczzora to XV, I. Oovcrt.
Phono Cf,
a i
-- ii
IV s Cleaning Time
tor your
Clocks andWatches
Take them to
C Ron ! f I hnmoo
Established 1900
o o
, A LWATS In the market q
O for your Beans, Wheat, O
Q Rye, Potatoes etc. O
P. H. Maloney & Co.
Si Formerly Purdy's Elevator.
O .Phone 164 . - . - Beldiiig, Michigan 6
Q . ' O
i I
The Ford Sedan, with its excedingly com
fortable and refined furnishings, its neat
appearance and every-day-in-the-year
utility, is an especially attractive motor car
, for women, meeting so fully all the de
mands of social and family life a delight
to women who drive because of the easy,
safe control. Summer and winter it is
always ready never a doubt about that
nor never any fears for trouble on the way.
Then the cost of operation and upkeep is
very small. Sedan, $695 f. o. b. Detroit.
a Phone 114
Belding, Michigan.
ly r.
t r
t t
, .' V
; 1
Will renew your Furniture
Will reflnish your Auto
Will recover your Floor
( VoraCcHn For Every Uce
1 1 1 1 3
I : . n
FKONB 156 .
1 II Un
WISH C033, Ec!, icliirjan

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