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rAcn five
Son Cares For Aged Parents.
A letter was recently received in
this city from John Simons and his
wife of Grand Rapids, to the effect
that they had pone to Ionia and taken
the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Simcns, Sr., away from the coun
ty house where another son had taken
them and that John and his wife would
hereafter care for the aged parents
at their Grand Rapids home. The
letter stated that the old couple were
happy and contented since leaving the
county home and that hey would en
joy life wih Jchn, at his home. This
will be welcome news to the many lo
cal friends of the old couple. ,
Give your own house all those little
personal touches that make a house
a home. Don't waste your finest
impulses on somebody else's house.
Homo is the grandest of all insti
tutions. Spurgecn.
Now that the time is near when
youll want to discard rubbers you
want ycur foot to appear in a neat
dressy shoe.
Our assortment of the new lasts
and styles is very -complete and
it will be a pleasure to you to look
them over.
Drop in and have your foot cor
rectly fitted.
$4 to $8
Fristoe & Divine
IC3M ffiO
About Our Town and Its Poplt
:t If You Buy It Of Willoughby You Know It Is Good.
I Have You Ever Figured I
What an immense amount of work your eyes have .to
do. Every moment you are awake you use them stead
ily. And those who read much or sew a great deal, or
whose duties require close and prolonged application of
the eyes, are almost sure to stand in need of the optomet
rist's service sooner or later.
To wait until a more convenient time is an injustice,
as the trouble is being increased everyday. Decide right
now to see us about the matter, then be sure to have us
investigate. t
Our Optical Department is the best to be found.
We -guarantee a fit. ,Why go out of the cityy .
M. L. Willoughby
Watch Makers and Inspectors for Pere Marquette Railroad.
Thirteen Years in the Jewelry Business.
Mrs. Matilda Rinker spent Monday
in Grand Rapids.
Miss Hazel Stultz left for Muske
gon Monday to visit relatives and
Mrs. Harry Conant was in Gra"nd
Rapids Monday.
Don't neglect to hunt up Bricker's
advertisement this week and. take ad
vantage of the bargains ofTered in it.
On Tuesday evening, February 25,
the Palo Odd Fellows will visit the
local lodge and will put on work in
the f irst degree. All members are
requested to turn out to this meeting.
Miss Rena Minier left for Grand
Rapids Monday to visit her uncle,
J. W. Minier.
Mrs. A. J. Ross of Jackson returned
to her home Monday after visiting at
the ncme or ner motner, airs, wenssa
Mrs. Geo. Sabin and Mrs. JB. Lus
combe were in Greenville today to
visit with Mrs. Fred Clanchy at the
Greenville hospital. Mrs.- Clanchy
seems to be getting, along nicely.
Read the Empress theater adv on
page three. There are some very
good photoplays listed there.
The next meeting of the L. O. T. M.
will be held at Mrs. Charles Williams',
West May street Wednesday afte.
noon, Feb. 26.
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Link and fam
ily and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simons
visited in Greenville Sunday.
Mr. Peterman of Sidney spent Sun
day with relatives. ,
Friends of Mrs. S. J. Simons will
be pleased to learn that she is doing
nicely at the home of her son, John,
in Grand Rapids. ;'
Mrs. Carroll Spider visited with
Mrs. Edward McIIale Monday.
Mrs. Edward McIIale and Miss
Beatrice Simons spent Thursday in
Grand Rapids'.
Miss Ethel Brown returned to work
after a few days at home near Ashley.
Our first assembly will open March
3 at 9 p. m., Hubbell hall. Mrs. L.
Tanner. Adv.
Mrs. Arncld Schmidt and Miss Eva
Hauck went to Grand Rapids Friday
evening and remained until Saturday
evening visiting 'friends and attend
ing to some business matters.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gamber and
the former's brother, Charles Gam
ber of Cleveland, O., attended the
auto show in Qrand Rapids Wednes
day. Miss Vivian Steele, the maiden who
rules the front office of this here
paper with an iron hand, left this
morning for a few days' sojourn in
Detroit with relatives and friends.
Before leaving she intimated that she
might step on foreign soil before re
turning. She started on the long trip
alone but expected an addition to the
party at Grand Rapids. Oh, but
we're lonesome.'
Even chronic cases of rheumatism
yield to Rheuma's powei, says Wort
ley & French, the druggists. , If it
doesn't help, your money will be re
turned. Adv.
later on went tcV Boyne City where
he owned a garage for a time, selling
that business to take an interest in
the tractor concern, which promise
to be a great thing, several of the
northern Michigan millionares hav
ing taken a hearty financial interest
in the tractor, which is a four wheel
drive affair and away ahead of any
thing in the tractcr market, as Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowman of
Oakfield spent Tuesday at Noble Spen
cer's. Mrs. Ruth Burbano was a recent
visitor at Jay Norton's in Grand Rap
ids. The sahool social held at, tile
Grange hall Wednesday evening was
well attended and a good time re
ported. Proceeds, $12. 1
Mrs. Jule Osmer returned home oh
Saturday after spending several days
with her daughter, Mrs. James Wil
liams of Oakfield. I ;
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beck of
Greenville are visitors4 at the homes
of George Rhodes and Glen Spicer.
Ray Osmer came homesFriday from
East Lansing and is very ill at the
home of his parents, ..Mi. - and Mrs.
Jule Osmer. He has a . relapse of
Mr. and Mrs. E, L. Brooks enter
tained Saturday and Sunday, Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Bear and son. Randell of
Grand Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Bear
were former residents of this village
and they expect to leave in about a
week for Alabama where Mr, Bear
has a positicn.
Mrs. Laughlin passed away at her
home early Thursday morning. Fu
neral and burial took place Saturday
morning at Parnell.
Don't forget that the Jolly Wash
ington club meets this year with the
president and secretary, Mr. and Mrs.
John Bookey. All members try and
be present for a gcd time is always
Takes in Tractor Convention
Nel Terev, cf Boyne City, arrived
in the city Thursday evening for a
short visit at the horn? of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Jersey. Neil is
connected in an official capacity with
a promising tractor Imanufacturirv?
concern at Boyne City, and was on his
way as a representative from t
firm 'to the national tractor conven
tion which is being held in Kansas
City, Mo., this week. His wife,
formerly Miss Minnie Larsen of this
city, was with him ana she will visit
in Chicago while Neil s at the con
venton. Neil, whom his former as
sociates always called "Pip", learned
the machinist s trade in this city and
.dies For EaUm
Make your Dining Room attractive
Your meals should be eaten when you are happy -
Never eat when angry. . y,
A cheerful Dining Room will drive away a grouch.
A new dining room table with chairs and buffet to match adds
much to your happiness.
Our stock is,complete and our prices are
We have tables priced at $15.00 and up
Dining chairs at $2.00 and up.
Buffets at $20.00 and up.
Our stoclcof Furniture, Bed Springs, Mat
tresses, Rugs, Linoleum, etc. is large and new goods coming right
- We have added to our Crockery Dept. a full line of kitchen ware
in Granite Alumnium and Tin as well as jiundreds of useful articles
for the home. t
Come in as we always have specials that will save you money
Our aim is to have satisfied customers, and we will do everything
to make you a satisfied customer.
- Tell your Friends.
Ealardiloydl Co,
(Continued from Page One.)
I never saw such a holiday crowd
on the street as theie was ithca
that evening. As I had to take a
train at 1 a. m. the next morning I
went to bea ul 8. . At 11 o'clock that
niht mere came a terrific knockine
at my door. I had asked to be called
at 4 a. m. and until I turned on the
light and lcoked at my watch I
thought that was what it was. As
the knocking still continued I opened
the door. It was the "Boots. ' I
had not left my shoes outside of my
door, to be cleaned and he was after
them. I did net leave them out as
I thonght he might not have them
oack bv 4 a. m.t so after telling him
to beat it, I went backto bed.
In the mornin" thft train was al
ready crowded when 'I get there. Al
though their compartment was full,
some French soldiers invited me in
and we all took turns standing up.
The ride was wonderful. We were
going along the French Rivirra,
mountains on one side and the sea
on the other. Everywhere villas,
some very , wonderful, palm trees,
orange trees in fruit, live trees and
roses blooming in millions. We
passed through i.rejrus and Cannes
and came to Nice.-, .gni off at Nice
and found the city crowded. It was
New Year's eve. fyice has a celebra
tion, a regular carnival of flowers New
Year's eve, I enjoyed it if or awhile
but finally the crowd 1 got tiresome,
and as I had a hard time finding a
hotel, I took a train back at 10 p. m.
to Carmes. I spent nearly all of
yesterday, New Year's day in Car
mas. It is almost a new city made
popular by the English, Lord Brough
am and King Edward made it. Late
in the afternoon I took the train
here to Grasse where Tarn going to
stay for three or four days. Grasse
is a very old place back in the Mari
time Alps. I am sending you some
postcard pictures of it. I like it
hero very much. The chief industry
of Grasse is perfume making. A
French officer that I met here is go
ing to take me through one of the
factories tomorrow. This afternoon
we arc going to climb one of the
heights beyond the town from where
we can see Nice, Carmas and Monte
Carlo and if it is real clear, away
Wtais theVake. of Your Dollar?
A good investment will cause its value to
expand, perhaps double,
A poor investment wjll surely cause it to
decrease in value.
Purchases made at the Yellow Front arc
ALL good investments because the value
of the dollar is always maintained, fre
quently increased. Careful selection of
merchandise, backed by good wholesome
business policies, is your constant assurance
of this fact.
Florence Oil Stoves
Renown Ranges
Keen Kutter Tools
Round Oak Furnaces
Robeson Butcher Knives
Wiss'Sfrears and Razors
Lee Tires
Spalding Sporting Goods
"Where you get the Most for the Least."
To' Frarik Ireland Co.
The Home of Good Stoves.
- "We Never Sleep"
The Yellow Front
a. - a- :n i- f-,,
f-OUV at HCa WO Will w nuic w c vvi - , - . jw aiu( ihuc
ica, the island where Napoleon was own xioraes nave buuwu practically no fresh air.
born. The hotel I am staying at is
a stone building and colder than an
ice house even when the sun is shin
ing brightly as 'it is right now. I
8uppce I will get used to it. I have
a big down coverlet on my bed almost
a foot thick and I slept very comfort
ably last night.
Well, my vacation has been broken
off and I, don't just exactly know
where I shall go next The day be
fore yesterday I was walking down
one of the steep stone paved streets
in Grasse when I slipped and fell. I
broke the fall with my left hand. - It
pained a little at the time but then
didn't bother me much the rest of the
day, although of course, I did not use
it. However, I had a bad night of it
that night so the next day, yester
day, I came back to Carmas and
lcoked up one of our military medical
stations. After a short examination
I was sent out to the hospital. My
left wrist is sprained and possibly
broken, that last cannot be told for
certain until an X-ray is made.
Meanwhile it looks on the face of it
as if I were in for a stay here. The
pain is practically over and I am feel
ing top notch. The only thing that
bothers me is that I am separated
from the company and if it were not
or that I wouldnT mind since this is
one gorgeous place. The hospital is
in one of the fine English hotels sev
eral miles east of Carmas perched up
on a cliff with several million dollars'
worth of scenery scattered around on
all sides. The room I have would in
pre-war times cost me the price of
a Fcrd about once a month and the
brand of grub they feed us here would
make even a shipbuilder's mouth wa
ter and you know that they are the
only class left who can afford to eat
real grub. Besides that there are
Y. W. C. A. girls and Red Cross
workers and goodness knows what
else all around making life both ex
citing and embarrassing. Ilowever,
I hope I can get back to the company
soon. I know it is only a mudnole,
but I am homesick for it. With love,
Sertrt. C. C. Roe,
12th Co., 20th En., A. F A. P.
O. 705.
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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii i r i : xi:i 1 1 n 1 1 1 ; 1 1: i : i : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 : THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME
iiiiiiMHtHiiiiiiii!i"nrmnmrmrfHE belding lumber C0MPANY:?Hn!mnffl!!iinm
. I have always felt that the best se- Vill the Environment of This Town 1 The sweetest type of heaven is
curity for civilzation is the dwelling jjj . - . ' . home nay, heaven is the home for
and that upon properly appointed and ( eep -lour uoy iierel whose acquisition we are to strive the
becoming dwellings depends, more s . V 7 most strongly. - Home, in one form
than anything 'else the improvement This town mav never be a Hhicap-n and another, is the irreat object of
of mankind. Such dwellings are the 0P a New York, but it can be made life. It stands at the end of every
nursery: of all domestic virtues and to prow. If you have the impression day's labor and beckons us to its
without a becoming home the exer- tnat these cities crrew entirelv be- bosom; and life would be cheerless
cause of their geographical location, and meaningless, did we not discern
you are wrong. That helped, but across the river that divides from the
ic lOOK Conscientious WODf anq per- me. ueywiu giunps5 t uie pieasaub
Better a modest cottage "heme", severence to make them grow and mansions . prepared for us. J, G.
cise of those virtues is impossible.
It's funny what a "nut" heme own-
than a mansion "house." Better Keep tnem growing. mere isn't a
build to suit your means and station man in this town who would want to
in me tnan 10 renw ucyuuu m. . " " r nf a r0iirtw. fnr .uj
Make your house your home. i n is town i a . wuer place t lire in. rf""-" wffnllv hu
iwu get me rain, me eunsnine ana , ; ,v ra 'itT
jul mull uii ujiy uluct, even me bum
shines brighter, the grass is greener.
TsVl Oil ViOTO r-Viila in tliAoa irr jJf
The people who today own their ieg you t r'ai liule sunshine amj
dence in the community in the past talkjs of soing to the ct advise him
by-investing their savings in that othemise. Keep him here in his
community.. l"c,(8UU0 own home, where environments are
tiai citizens w me cuiumuuib xc c00ci an(j Ture.
gmau invesinieni.a mv children anri
the climate more hospitable; in fact
ownership turns an ordinary houso
l 1-i 'a u w i r a.
anu lot into a microcosmus, a .lit
tle world different from all others,
ij it , t . ,
tt rn ,,IOnf a wona oi tne nome-owner own
Cling to thy home! If there the
meanest shed
Yield thee a hearth and shelter for
" . j VII VUl lailULllllUlVll
nave grown to iSe ..u umSW.h.i around to cheer you when shadows of
investments, and while they were timo in creepinff into your life
saving their investments and had make thp3 tovv71 so pood your win
them in homes their credit was al- n cC.
, fcVf VVOJf (HIV. UltVSVV 111111 1,11X3 i i
urn r tmnA anH tiHfi t.hpm over when- i ti. A At . thv head.
,Yr.T ,! T om nome is preieraDie to tne Dig city ' J ' v , . ... . v'i
evtr difficulty rcecl Confidence, fls niapp 5 whiPh to liv And some poor plot .with vegetables
one oi tne essentials v duucm .uu:j
from the knowledge of ownership of
a home. A New Leaf.
"Home" has been the inspiration of fested in community cooperation is an
the finest literature or ail ages. inivnciDio rorce;
Be all that heaven allots thee for
thy board.
. . Unsavory bread and herbs that
vvnereas, itidiic sentiment, mani- sea ter'd grow.
Either happiness at the hotne fireside
of longing for it has inspired the
poet and the romancer.
Whereas, Individual Indifference
forbids healthy Public Sentiment and
when in controy depresses and stifles;
..l?nidHl! Whereas, The Community is the
i-umiuiv anu vuiw " 'V Body of which Individual Citizens
VSAfCxZr Members and the Body cannot
a rented house. Build a home for
yourself and thus provide for .com- Whereas, (Without action Life is
fort, security and happiness in old impossible, Death inevitably ensuing;
age. therefore be it
Wild on the river bank or mountain
Yet e'en this cheerless mansion
shall provide
More heart's repose than all the
world beside. Leonidas.
Pushers and Pessimists!
Pushers are usually in the thick of
the business fight, producing.
Pessimists growl on the outskirts,
waiting to seize the spoils the push
ers win.
Pushers build and , pessimists tear
down. -
Pushers blaze new trails. Pes si -
ous and brave. Pessimists are glo
Be A Booster. Resolved, That, in the years to
' ccme, I shall Believe in my Fellow mists travel in ruts.
Be a booster if you can, Townsmen and have: Faith in My Pushers are bright, cheerful, joy-
Booster of ycur fellowman. Community and shall make known my ous and brave. Pessimists are gloomy,
Uoost your county, ooost your state, ueuei anu r aim in season ana out oi doleful, grcuchy and weak.
Boost your .town at any rate,
Boost it as a place to live,
Boost it ev'ry boost you give
Makes the town a better town
Boost it up, don't knock it down.
Be a boosteir for you can;
Boosting is the better plan.
Boosters always win acclaim,
Boost the knockers to their shame.
season by all my public and private
acts and utterances;
Pushers boost each other and so.
boost nil. Pessimists iknock eacfi
Whereas. All that I have and all P.h.! n -n.n-.ifv p..
tnat i can) nope ior in a Materia mist8 throw blight on all prosperity.
Moral and Social way, are inseparably We're going to be a Pusher.
Vnei .Vlth m7 Community's I ate; What are ycu going to be And 4o?
be it further and finally Ohio Print '
Resolved. That I shall SuDolcment umA ..vi. v. u.
Blimilt;. , ... .. I . iuic Vl'lltlOUlU tuiJ IVO IU11UCIIVO
Boost them when they need your help Ji ai? on Public, affair8 of the immunity.
Make them yell instead of yelp. ,,ef .,n JnIw!Sm",i3L i7,? A man who doe not property is
Boost them till they have to boost: tV , n Vui apt to snow an influence m public
fore My Own Interests.
Boost them up, or off the roost.
Better not spend too much time
looking over the automobile catalogs
until you haver selected tho houso
Homo should be an oratorio of the
memory, einging to all our after life
affairs in proportion to his lack of
investment. Let a man acquire a
home, and see the difference in his at
titude. A real home is an inspira
tion. It is an incentive to rood eit-
plans. When the house has been built melodies and harmonies of old-re- izenship, an anchor for the farsily,
you' know where Is the handiest membered joy. He.nry Ward Beech- and finally a cornerstone ti tie cr-
place for the garage.
munity's life and solidity.

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