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Danger In Bed Tcaih
Your health is in danger if you
leave your mouth filled with bad
teeth. Many people in Belding
and vicinity know we extract teeth
without pain. We also make full
sets of teeth wuncut H covering
roof of the mouth; we guarantee
them in every w-ay.
We have recently put in an out
fit for the administration of gas
for those who prefer this to our
Dr. Jarvis Dentist
C. D. Owens, Inc.
10G Monroe Ave., Opp. Ilerpol
sheimer's. Open Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday evenings. Sun
days from 10 to 12.
f artI Afr Tl"vtnt Averv nml
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Clark of Green-
irills .Tiitot Cimilnv nlflrnntl M 1 1 Vl
Mrs. Mollie Mckee.
RIM An.i i 1 we I hnfl ItiirL" h AImAF JT
Greenville and Miss Mary Snyder, cf
Delphi, Ind., were the guests of Mr.
1 A If ll'M rpL.,...).,,
Uini mis. ahum in iiuc, inuisuajii
Ernest Petersen aad family were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs Jens
Knudsen. '.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morey and
family spent Sunday afternoon at
Sam Ziegler's.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harrison called
on Mr. and Mrs. Frank Petersen on
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Frank Petersen and sons, Fer
ris and Arthur called on Mrs. Mollie
McKee Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Bucholtz, John
Mathews 'and Mrs. Mary Renchler
spent Wednesday afternoon with Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Ziegler.
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Lyst entertained
with a three course dinner party Sun
day in honor of her mother, Mrs. F.
Rv LeValley's birthday anive'rsary.
Those present were:Miss Minnie Le
Valley and Miss Idell Goodmen. of
Grand Rapids. Don Blanding and Miss
Gretel LeValley and Mr. and Mrs. F.
R. LeValley and sons, Joseph and
Mr. and Mrs. Jess" Hoderes spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sum-
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sommerfeldt
called on Pery Scouten and wife Sun
day evening.
Curious Fact Comes to Light That Lo
calities Lcrrt Using Books Avoid
Paint Also.
Washington, D. C. A curious fact
has been brought to light by the Edu
cational Bureau and the Bureau of In
dustrial Research here. It Is that In
the states where Illiteracy Is most
preralent paint Is least used. The
paint rtterred to Is the common or
barn rarlety, of course, for the back
woods countries have no neeu for the
finer pigments or facial adornments.
It Is true, though, that In the sections
of all states where n-hlte Illiteracy Is
highest pointed homes t.re rare and
painted outbuildings and barns ate
practicall.r unknown. Probchly tl,e
illiterates do not use paint on their
buildings because ibey do not under
ipI Its value h rrvrvtlv.
Positive Convincing Proof
We publish the formula of Vinol
to prove convincingly that it has the
power to create strength.
T Cod Liver and Peef Peptones, Iron
. " and Manganese Peptonatea, Iron anJ
Ammonium Citrate, Lima and Soda
Glycerophosphates, Cascario.
Any woman who buys a bottle of
Vinol for a weak, run-down, nervous
condition end finds after giving it a
fair trial it did not help her, will
have her money " returned.
Yoa see, there is no guess work
about Vinol. Its formula provc3
there is nothing like it for all weak,
run-down, overworked, nervous men
and women and for feeble old people
and delicate children. Try it once
and be convinced. x
H. J. Connell, Druggist, and drug
gists everywhere.
Lime Will Increase
Your Land's Yield
PuWerked limestone, as every
farmer knows today, has proven
Itself a necessity on the farm
where acid soil prevails and
when full yield per acre is the
aim of the farm owner.
Solvay Pulverized
Is used by the big majority of
farmers In your state. Your
neighbors use it.
More finely pulverized con
taining a bigger percentage
of carbonates and magnesia
furnace dried Solvay .Is the
most satisfactory and effective
limestone you can buy.
Let us quote you on your needs.
A is
tCopyrlfht. McClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
Slowly the big car stopped In front
of the white schoolhouse that was
perched upon a low hill. It was after
school hours and there was nothinjj
that indicated the house had been
filled with noisy boys and girls only a
half-hour before.
"Yes, this is the very place," said
the occupant of the car aloud. "Not
much changed, either, since I ate nay
dinner on that rock, barefooted and
happy. New paint, shades and a hall
give it a more modern appearance. I
wonder If the old desks are Inside.
I'm going to Investigate," and suiting
his actions to his words he was soon
'testing the hall door. To his surprise
It yielded to his touch. "Janitor must
be a little careless," he thought, as he
crossed the narrow hall and entered
the schoolroom. In the dusk of the
short, wintry afternoon he could see
that the room had changed. New
desks, blackboards, pictures and sash
curtains gave It an unfamiliar aspect.
The fire was not wholly out In the big
stove, and as the man warmed his fin
gers he became conscious that he was
not alone. Turning, he fuced the
teacher's desk. A slip of a girl, with
traces of tears on an unusually pretty
face, sat behind It, watching him. For
a moment the man looked at her, and
then in a kindly voice asked:
"No, not entirely that," replied the
girl, wlnklnp? hard to keep back the
"Discouraged and tired?" he contin
ued. "Yes," quickly answered the girl.
"Ah!" said the man, pausing to
draw a chair nearer to the stool, "but
I don't believe It's nearly as bad as
you think."
"Yes, it is. This morning I was Just
as happy, thinking of all the beautiful
Chrlstmus stories I was going to teach
the children and what a good time we
would have illustrating them."
"And what marred your plans?
Weren't the children Interested?"
"Interested? You ought to have
seen them; but It's a member of the
school board. He had to visit us this
afternoon and spoil everything. Hi
didn't want me elected because I had
alays lived In the city and this was
my first year of teaching. Outside of
a few small summer resorts I' know
nothing of the country, but I argued
the children would be Ignorant of city
life, and I could give them that. This
afternoon we had practical arithmetic,
original problems. Some of the prices
of grains, pigs (live weight), wood and
fertilizers the older children didn't
agree on, and I knew nothing about
them. Mr. P gave us the correct
prices. After school was dismissed ht
asked me if It would not be as well
to acquaint myself with what the boys
and girls were interested In. The new
superintendent is a young roan, and
this Is his first year also. Of coursa
he will do just what the school board
tells him to do, and I shall be asked
to resign, and you don't know how I
hate to go home .because I've failed."
"I think I do," answered the man
with a kind smile.
For a few minutes they talked, tha
man telling humorous experiences that
had happened when as a little boy ha
had sat on the long board that served
as a sent, and vainly tried to maka
his feet touch the floor, until the girl
forgot about her troubles; then he
took her to her boarding place. It
was not until the car was out of sight
that the girl remembered she did not
know the man's name.
Two weeks quickly passed. Busy
with her work, the girl had almost for
gotten the new superintendent, and
that she had intended resigning her
school. She faithfully studied farm
products nnd could satisfy the most
exacting member of the school board
on their market values.
School had Just been dismissed. The
girl, picking up papers, was singing
softly to herself, "() Little Town of
Ilethlehem," when a small boy who
had boon clapping erasers rushed into
the room.
"Miss M ! Miss M 1" he
cried. "The new superintendent Is out
here In the dandiest car!"
i "Hush, Robert," she said 'as she
turned to greet the superintendent,
who had followed close after the boy.
Slowly the color receded from her face
only to rush back in a burning blush
as she looked at the man In front of
"Miss M ," he Mas saying in the
same kind voice that had haunted her
for two weeks, "I really intended to
get here earlier, but a bad tire de-
' talned me. However, I thought I
j would get here before school dis
missed, but I'm ten minutes too late."
I "Why you are if you are Mr.
0 , the superintendent, it wns un
fair," snid the girl, her eyes flashing.
"Yes, I guess it was," replied Mr.
C , "but really, Miss M , . it
wasn't an official visit and I had for
gotten the fact myself until it was too
late. So let us forget It and begin
over again today."
"4 can't. It was so childish and stu
pid of me."
"If your work Is finished I'd like
very much to help make you forget
by taking you for n ride. The air is
cool and brisk. Besides I want to tell
you your resignation will not be ac
cepted at least this term."
"Say," remarked precocious Robert
a few minutes later, as he watched the
big car out of sight, "I'll bet Miss
jl won't fetich very long. She is
Just the bestest, prettiest girl I know,
and that's the dandiest car."
Workers of the Victory Liberty Loan
Will Be Decorated for Helping
Uncle Sam in the Dig
Victory Drive.
The "busy Berthas" that spat their
hell at Verdun are silent. Their fate
has been decreed. They are to become
medals of honor conferred by the
treasury department on volunteers li
the -Victory Liberty loan army.
The mighty Krupp masterpieces are
being melted up to make Victory Lib
erty loan medals. On one side of the
medal will be a reproduction of thr
Front View of Medal.
Treasury building, and on the reverse
side will be certification of the work
er's participation in the loan drive.
Space Is left for Ihe name of the re
cipient, to be engraved on the medal.
The medal will be about the size of a
Purchasers of Victory loan securi
ties will not receive these medals, as
the bonds are Intrinsically worth all
the buyer pays. However, those who
volunteer to sell the Victory Issue to
their neighbors and associates will be
Reverse Slda ef Medal.
awarded one of these medals. The
only restriction Is that the medal will
go only to those who In advance of the
drive are authorized to perform the
work of .distributing the Victory Lib
erty loan among the people.
If you want one of thost "medals,
your Distinguished Service Cross as it
were, for service in Uncle Sam's finan
cial army, it behooves you to hustle
over and see the chairman of your Vic
tory Liberty loan campaign and tell
him you are on the Job.
Some of the medals have Just
reached the Seventh federal reserve
district. A large quantity of them
will be available for distribution be
fore the campaign begins.
Many Prominent Military Leaders and
Statesmen of Allied Countries Will
Come Over to Speak for
Victory Loan.
Fresh interest la contributed to the
coming Victory Liberty loan cam
paign by the announcement that many
eminent military leaders and states
men will come here from Europe to
speak for the loan.
It Is reported that the great Inter
est and support evinced by the alien
population In previous loan drives is
responsible for the decision resulting
In the speakers being brought here.
Felix J. Streyckmans, federal re
serve director for the Liberty loan for
eign language division In the Seventh
district, on his return to the district
headquarters In Chicago, after confer
ences In Washington, Issued the fol
lowing statement:
"Many prominent Europeans will
visit this country during the coming
loan drive and bring the message of
victory to their Americanized country
men. I regret that I cannot announce
names at this time, but they will come
through Washington after acceptances
have been received. The Invitations
are being sent through the state de
partment, working In conjunction with
the . diplomatic representatives.
"We want these foreign men of af
fairs to visit us not only as an expres
sion pf thanks to our own foreign-born
for their support during the war, but
so that they get first-hand In
formation from their own countrymen
as to the changes that have been occa
sioned in their native lands by the
world war."
While Mr. Streyckmans was noncom
mltal regarding the identity of expect
ed visitors, it was learned from an au
thentic source that some of them have
achieved world-wide recognition In af
fairs of state, while others have leaped
into prominence by their spectacular
participation in the great war.
Our boys fought hardest in the last
few hours of the war and won the
great battle for humanity. They did
not quit us In the final test of their
bravery, and we cannot quit them now
in the supreme test of American pa
triotism the patriotism of peace tha
Victory Liberty loan.
vvv vw vwv wv v v w 3
4Coprtsht, WcClur Nwspspr' Syndicate.) -
After a lung and boring evening, Koy
G finully said "Good night," re
ceiving u very chilly answer on Joy
N 'a part. Mrs. N 's "tiood
night," was said In a pitying, uikIo
getlc tone. After the dbor closed, she
turned to Joy.
"You don't know when you're well
off; Joy," she cried. "Here you have
the chance to marry a young mun
with good prospects and who loves
you. Yet you spurn him. I had to
come lr here tonight, for fear Boy
would go to sleep, your conversation
was so Interesting."
It was a fine bit of sarcasm, but Joy
did not mind. "He is not my ideal,
mother," she said. "Hie man I marry
must be better looking than he is, and
I don't want him to have good pros
pects; he must be enormously rich."
Mrs. N - sighed. It was certainly
no use to talk to Joy.
Two weeks later, Joy went to New
Hampshire for her usual autumn, va
cation with her grandmother. She ex
pected to have a better time than ever
this year, because her grandmother had
written to tell her, that there was n
house-party about half a mile away.
The party was chiefly made up of
young people. v
They were a Jolly crowd and she en
Joyed herself Immensely, but all were
glad to rest for dinner. While Joy
was dressing, Christina James, one of
her young hostesses, came into the
"You look fine, Joy," she said after
surveying her guest. "I want you to
look your best tonfght, because a man
has Just come, whom we want you to
tnM. He's tha catch of the season,
dear, and as he doenn't care especially
about any of us, wa want you to st
what you can da."
At dinner, therefore, Joy was Intro
duced to King W , the aforesaid
Prtnxre Charming. IIr heart throbbed,
suddenly, n saving him. Where had
she ever seen such a man before7 He
was tall and light with sympathetic
dark-brown eyaa, a wonderful smile,
and an engaging personality.
On the other hand, Joy, herself was
a bewitching llttla creator. She had
quantities af wavy, cheatnut hair, vio
let eyes, and a clear, transparent com
plexion. King W , who admired
pretty faces exceedingly, Immediately
attached himself ta her and rarely left
her aide during tha evanlng. while the
other guests nodded thatr heads and
smiled knowingly.
For the next ftw days, sha was In
the seventh haavsa. Every plaea that
sha want, sha was aeeompanled by
King, who provatl to ba wonderfully
congenial. It nsay ba adad hera that
he was always thus with avtry girl ha
knew It was tals way that endsarad
him to all tha feminine sex.
It devoUpad" that ha had a wonaar
fully mellow volea and ivabody but Jy
could play Ms sccompanimants suit
ably. Two days a for a tha was ta go home
Joy went back to her grandmethe r's to
stay there tor ths remaining time
Ring was a constant visitor, and she
became more and mora enraptured.
At .the end af bar vacation Jot cam
ifr fetfrteg full lor lOf
r rV the edonomy drink V
home, her head completely enveloped
In clouds. She did not notice Hoy's ab
sence until her mother, who had wait
ed for her to ask where he was, volun
teered the Information that he was
away on business.
One day after her return Kins call
ed. He decorously acknowledged Joy's
Introduction to her mother, and after
the latter left he talked pleasantly for
10 or 15 minutes.
"I came to tell you something," Mis
Joy," he said. K
Joy's heart fluttered. She felt that
xhe could guess what he wanted to say.
He went on.
"You know" he ald, "It has been ln
evltaNe Uhat I marry some day, and
my mother promised that she would
help me in the search for a suitable
wife. I may tell you now that she has
succeeded." Joy- gasped as he took a
picture out of his pocket and showed
It to her. "You see, mother Is ah
rather particular and her Judgment In
finally picking this girl shows her ex
cellent taste. The girl is a dream, is
she not, Miss Joy? Of course, it goes
without saying that she Is rich. Mother
would never allow me to marry a poor
girl. Why, Miss Joy, ore you faint!
Your lovely color has completely dis
appeared." "Oh, I'm all right," Joy managed to
answer. Although her eyes were Irrev
ocably opened to the kind of creature
her former Idol was, she pulled herself
together nnd remained calm until the
end of his visit. Finally he took his
leave and courteously bade Mrs. N
Meanwhile Roy hastened upstairs
and burst Into the room where Joy
was. To his surprise she was lying
face downward on the sofa. He ap
proached and kneeling beside her gent
ly lifted her head. She started at
seeing him, but It was a happy surprise,
for Joy had found that Ideals aren't
"all they're cracked up to be."
At suppertlme she came down with a
solitaire gleaming on her finger. Her
mother looked at It and smiled rueful
ly. "Which one, Joy?" she asked. "Have
you found your Ideal In Mr. W ?
"Pooh!" Joy answered, smiling ra
diantly. "Whom do you suppose? At
present I am engaged to n poor but
desrrvlng young man with good pros
pects,' and some time In the near future
he and I are to be married. Mr.
W , well, he was a fleeting delusion.
that's all."
Don't CouSh Until Wca!;
Tired out and weakened wi;h pcr;j
tent coughing, elderly people are i.i ni
condition to rcsi:! d:zzz:, end ccn ret
easily ward off more serious steknecs.
helps coughs quickly. It triro quick
relief from day andn',htco'-j'..s, whether
they result from cold, l?:ipj-e. bron
chial affection or tic!:Iirf, iJuot '
Mrt.Mary KNfcy, ao etJrrl;' Jty ri '.are,
Wash., 3513 Princeton Ave., wr'Vk. "I w?
sick in bed with latfrippe, a"! he J a v-v b- 1
roufh. 1 thrtufht It a food t'-e to try Fc ley's
Honey and Tar, so begun taV'ini It. It stoppol
my cojh, and 1 ot better. So ik-w! an rourj
the houte alain. I am 75 yexrs old. and at Ijut
as I liv will rralte Foley's I'oncy rnd Tar."
Wortley & French
Connell's Drug Store
Of all the many liquid sub-
stances which can bo used for
the binding of paint or dry sub-
stances which when dissolved In
water are used as vehicles for
pigments none fulfills necessary
conditions so well as linseed oil,
tho king of the fixed oil, and,
what Is of enormous Importance,
does It ns cheaply. It Is 'the
painter's best friend because it
makes his work satisfactory,
Grattan has welcomed three more
of her soldierboys home from France
this week. Pvt. Roland Donavan, Pvt.
Burr Smith and Pvt Elzie Spicer all
receiving their honorable discharge
from Camp Cucter. If they were ill
fed or mistreated while absent their
looks are surely deceiving to their
friends. Pvt. Smith, while engaged
in a battle at Chateau-Thierry had
the misfortune to have his left arm
shattered by machine gun bullets
which caused him suffering for many
months m a hospital in France, how.
eer the arm was saved but which is
still very weak. This township should
T, P4rU(i as ,u7 service mS contains
only three gold stars and compairi
tively few of our boys wounded. In
this immediate vicinity the boys are
ho"1 wth exceptions of Pvt. Mel
vin McGinnis whpse many friencfa
hope for him a speedy and safe re
turn. r-?r"'-i,Vea TomPson returned to
Greenville Monday after spending a
week with her parents hereT
nnHAnii,1"" Steel went to
Kf J ,nesda,y morninjr Where
Mr. Steel will work on the good roads
this summer.
We are sorry to hear that Mrs. II.
Lawrence isn't so well.
M Jfr ir FwHnr t 0akfield lled on
Mrs. II. Weller Saturday afternoon.
School was closed Thursday and
friday as the teachers attend the ex
aminations. Mr. and Mrs. Noble Spencer and
daughter, Miss Evah, spent Sunday
at t rank .Bowman's in Oakfield.
Amos Leatherman of Dutton, fore
man of the good road system her, re
turned to Bostwick Lake last week to
complete the west end of the road
which on account of unsettled condit
ions of the ground could not be fin
ished at the time the grading and
graveling was done in February.
w- i rmiJCrhpraise can nct tfven
Rial V. McArthur of Grand Rapids
lor the part he took with his untiring
efforts and influence to put the good
roads through this part of the country
which will give the public one of the
finest roads to Grand Rapids in the
Miss Hazel Osmer is assisting
Mrs. Noble Spencer with her house
,,Mrs- Manly Wolf went to Green
ville Tuesday to visit relatives for a
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Donovan open
ed their pleasant home Monday even
ing to about 70 friends and relatives
m honor of their son, Pvt. Roland
Donovan, who returned home Sunday
night. Music and visiting was In
order and at 11 o'clock refreshments
were served after which Miss Mabelle
Byrne in a very pleasing manner pre
sented Rowland with a beautiful
smoking set and a' purse of money in
behalf of the company as an apprec
iation of the part he took in the great
world war, also an appreciation of his
safe return home and the esteem in
which he is held by his friends.
for the table or 'at
the fountain. Eidh
in fooct vcJ.ie,mcicle
Com ihe fine $t circling,
with ci cielidiou flavor
ancl feppetiing , t Scmo
that tastes like more.-
This second surprise proved such a
shock to Rowland that he suddenly
lost his voice but the expression on hui
face betrayed the jrratitude which ho
felt at beinpr remembered by his many
friends and we take it for granted
that ho was highly pleased.
" Vf,,r,.
" the kind
that m-e
cakes, Liccuit3and
dcuhr.uis that just
l:ecp you Lsnning
'round C12 pi'-'ry
J. mr.
de vv::n
c;r.:;:G powder
the safest, purest, most
economical kind. Try
it drive away bake-diy
You sav vhen you buy it.
Yoa save when you use it.
Calutnct cnn'".!."?r! - -tich
ingrcdicnU as Ki.; been
approved ofTic'ahy by the
U. S. Food Authorities.
$100 Reward, $100
The reader of this paper will b
pleased to learn that there Is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages and
that Is catarrh. Catarrh being- greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment. Ilall'a
Catarrh Medicine is taken internally and
acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Sur
faces of the System thereby destroying?
the foundation of the disease, giving the
patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in doing tta
wv-fc The proprietors have so much
ft ih in the curative powers of Hall's
Catarrh Medicine that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any rase that It fails
to cure. Send for list of testimonials.
Address P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
Ohio. Sold by all Druggist. 75c.
Connell'i Drug Store; Wortley A
French. Adr.
I C H.
ia your
; 1

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