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VJLGX roun
. , -A
Uneueiaingiianner, esiaDiisneaiecji
line iseiainr riews, esiaonsneu ioyo;
(Consolidated May 21, 1918)
Published every Wednesday afternoon
by the Banner Publishing Co.,
Beldintr, Mich gan.
tvd. 1). Fnpemann II. M. Engemann
Editors and Publishers.
.iitrrtxW Into the fceliltnij. MIi-Mcmq Voul Office
as efMid-class mutter.
Subscription Postpaid
i.r tr In kiivaiife $1 30
Oattid of MicKitM . ... $2.00
tv uoitttia in (nhmire 75
lhrt- months In aijvuiue .40
'HHdi4n. one hij In Hilvunco..... 2.00
OtiUv rat on application. Card of thanks,
one rent a 'word, Huslnis looula, on
first pace, 12V4 centa a line.
Sooner or later all men will or
should marry so why wait until cne
in on the downward side of life's hill
before making the change.
Change is right as it means a de
cided ; change, especially in - later
years. Anywhere between the ages
of 20 to 30 years will do. Twenty
live -years'prefered, At twenty-five
years ia .man should be perfectly ma
tured, and-know about what line of
w'ork,,W,,is best-, fitted for and he
should, then begin plans for a heme
of his own and should be willing to
take - the responsibilities of a fam
ily. If, he has health. and moderate
amount; c jptellect and plenty of
ambition he must win. Always pro
viding he gets the right girl.
He must not expect all sunshine ds! Hello, Ed. Will play with Fleck's
I lives have their shadows but must fbic 25 piece band here tonight. It
hang in and beware cf making many
changes untifin a very few years his
home will be his own and think what
that means as compared to the life
of a" single man with no home, no
famly' and usually no nothing. No
fellow need hesitate to start out these
t.mes as compared to earlier days. To
be sure the cost of living" is high, but
everything that goes for making the
living is high also hand labor and
faim produce make it equal so. that
by jareful spending and moderalu
living one .n save these days. Ob
servat.on shows that our prosperous
men were early married not waiting
until their strength began to wave
before starting the home.
One felloivv starting at the age of
nineteen years with a seventeen year
old bride has with his hands alone
purchased a beautiful farm built his
own buildings which are surrounded
by many trees of his own settings and
at the age of fifty years, is, all free
f rem debt and ready to enjoy, life at
its fullest. ' - '- " '
This is only one instance of the
many that come under observation of
early marriages with noncapital, 'And
this too during the hard-tuno of 4he
past thirty years. . ' r rr 'v
Ever notice the expression of di-
content, worry and dissatisfaction on
I il "u.
and you've
do you likie
:Sfxr?a v of good overalls on hand. j
, r. We're showing the best 285 1
fi li V' Steif el, either Wabash or .Rope
stripe, and made in a big roomy
garment that will please you to a T. ,
This is the best garment offered
, today at
Ji3 Budity Shop for gnalKy Scruico
114 Main street, houses the finest electrical devices, the most san
itary equipement that can be installed In manicuring and hair dress
ing parlors. Violet, amber and ruby rays, electric vibrators, dryers,
rollers, etc.
Much harm can come from the ignorant use of the violet, ruby or
amber rays knowrj as the Radio-Bell. Now for instance, supposing
your particular trouble would need a ray that would soothe and heal
and a ray that was intended for an irritant was used instead of the
non-irritant. You can plainly see what trouble it would make. With
over 20 years of successful wcxk to render the most efficient service
in every detail of treatment, of hands, face, scalp and hair.
We also call you attention to our manufacturing hair goods de
partment as our positive guarantee covers each and every branch of
I do not cut my prices at any time of the year but I do give you
what you pay for. Service and quality and I also carry a full line
of hair goods. My styles are the Latest and my prices right.
A. Trial will convince you. Phone 326 for appointment.
Hours 8:30 a. m. to 9:30 p. m
ce of the old bachelor who csrej
Ions before hs time, as compared
to the 8UccessfuI home and lamUy
The world never uses them Tight
and the times are always hard and
when they reach old age with no
family ties to surround them their
condition is indeed pitiful, while the
fellow who lived life as it was intend
ed has made good and hr.s a home of
his own building to spend his last
days ii. and is comforted by his chil
dren. '
Mrs. Niel G.lmore, Shiloh, Mich.
Popular; Miriam Cirl Dies
The death of Miss Margaret Laux
aged 19 years, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Mat Laux, of Keene, tcok place
at the Belding hospital, Monday
morning at 10 o'clock. The young
lady had been a sufferer of diabetes
since December of last year but the
immediate sickness which precceded
her death was of only four or five
days duration, she having been taken
into the local hospital, Saturday night
She was bcrn April 25, 1900 in Easton
township and later moved with her
parents to the present farm heme in
Keene. She attended , the, district
schools and later on entered Delding
High school, graduated with the class
of 1918. She is the first one of this
class to die. She was a popular fav
orite with her classmates. She later
on attended a business college in
Grand Rapids but her headth failing
in December, she returned home and
has been here, a patient sufferer ever
since. She is survived by her parents
and two brothers, Augusts and James
Another brother, Ernest died' some
years ago.
The funeral will be held Thursday
morning at 9 o'clock, from St Josephs
Catholic church. Rev. Fr. John A.
Klick officiatine and burial will be in
St. Mary's Catholic cemetery at Mir
iam, y
The bereaved family has the sym
pathy of the entire community.
Got Lost on Northern Tjrip
- We received the following card from
Tison Hale this morning:
was some trip up here in a Ford.
Came with Shorty Wood, Sunday and
got lost in the jungle west of Man
celona. Took us four hours to get
out. Wll be back Thrusday.
Annual Camp Meeting
The annual camp meeting of the
Methodist Episcopal church will be
held at- Eaton Rapids, July 24th to
August 2nd.
Of Interest To Readers
On page 3 cf this issue will be
found some of the best and most pro
fitable reading that qver goes to make
up a news paper. It is Lloyd's biv
July Clearance Sale advertisement.
That is sayinv enougs. For when Mr.
Lloyd, Beklintrfc, oldest dry goods
merchant, talks sale, you can rest as
sured that it is a bonifide sale. Our
readers can save money by reading
Lloyd's, cdvertisement and profiting
by its suggestions. .
- W. C.T. U. To Meet r
Regular meeting of the W .C. T. U.
Friday afternoon, July 25, at 2:30,
at Mrsi 'Jesse Godfrey's home. 3Irs.
Lillian; Holmes, of Orleans union i;swill
fgdve her report of the state W. C. T.
U. convention. ,
mis mhj. fr;
3 f.
- ...... '
Now that harvest time is herb
a lot of dirty work to
to have several pai&
The great "World War" with its
tftundous dcimantii, h3 brought
about very exacting changed condi
tions. The sudden transfer of such a hest
of men, over from the field of pro
ducers, to the class of consumers-
among other unnatural cond'Jjloi.3
threw the food problem, out cf nor
mal equlibrium hence the "high cost
of living". '
This stress, of demand was over
reaching the, Supply and touched, not
only the great oommarcial centers
but was felt in every hamlet, village
and suburb tond knocked desperafely
at every home.-
A. search ws'made for a greater
variety cf -foJd stuirs, various sut-.
at.tutes were, recommended,' which
came speedily and in , vast numbers
to the relief. ,' -v ' '.
To increase supply "intense form
ing"; vacjmt lots and "war gardens"
were encouraged, the superior value
of home grown fruit and vegetables
was cited. .
These with many other plans of
j'conservatfon and utility have helped
in a marked degree, to bridge ever
this stressed condition, but we are
net entirely by. The high cost is
still on and the demand is still calling
for a far greater supply. How is this
need and call to be met?
The people of Belding are surely
to be commended for the willing 're
sponse they have already made,-the
truth of "wihach," the many thrifty
gardens testify. But these ..good
gardens should not . all be on your
nd!gihKors lot. Thjere is no gofl
reason why Ionia and iGreenvilfie
should raise your fruit and berries
for you, nor should you always be
content to go to Texaa for your on
ions. As lc ng as you continue such
a program, prices will be too high.
This is an age of intense farming,
Intense attention makes possible the
factory's pay-roll.
' Why not put more intense interest
irtto your backyard, that vacant lot
or unused acre? and let them give
you a "heme grown" supply of fruit
berries and vegetables, to bless your
table, drive away the "high cost" and
help make Belding Beautiful.
A. T. D.
Board of Education" Committees
President E. C. Lloyd of the' Board
of Education has made the following
committee appointments. The. first
named in each case being considered
as chairman of the committee.
Buildings and ground's -B.
Brown and Mrs. Pearl Coulter.
Finance A. M. Hall and E.
f. y
Lloyd. y
library tnd Taxt . Books Mrs.
Pearl Coulter and L. 1.1. ISrrry.
TeachersE. C. Lloyd and B. F.
Brown. ' .
Purchasing L. M. Berry vand A.
M. Hall. ' ' .
The school board also met on Fri
day aftemon for the purpose of or
ganizing and elected the following
officers: .
President E C. Lloyd. '
Treasurer A. M.' Hall, ' r -
Secretary-i-ByTon B. Brown.
Obituary May Johnson
Mrs. May Johnson, aged 5 Oyears,
8 months and 2 days, passed away
at the home of k her daughter .and son
iiviawv Mr. And .Mrs. .Howard Chick -ering,
Pine street, after a imgerirtjg
illness., of abouf 2 years, j from 4ropsi
fjfl froubl?:?; r ;w, . i 5
.s Mrs. Jchnion wasiborn.iniUw town
ship f. . M ontoaXm in Moctcaim' coufi
ty, state of Michiganv,Sh -wii, the
dauphtef.of Mr.-and Mrs. Benjamin
Abbel, oi Montcalm county .ana ; at
thr itjfe of 48, ytar:ahe.wsjt. united In
m'ariajre to" Duran C. Johnson. :Febr
ruarv 22. lS3.ThsY.sctUed in-Mont
calm county, near ureenviiw.wxjr nave
b.y lived-; inr,.that. vkUt& a4,"!
Beiding. To them wer forri;12 thn
dren, Elon, Ira, Harry and Willard
and Elsie .Chick ering, of Seldift?;
and Mamie, erthaforest and Blanch
wno are.fsxiu..ai;neiB mpp j,wa:aui
dren who died in infancy, 10 .ehiWreA
and 4 errand children are left with a
"feving husband tormourh: thelrlptsV
She also left . a brotner, who ;tne
onlv remaining toe of a ff!y faf 9
chiidren and a ,liO ' f rfcr,j lwhp
win greatly miss tJ turn iser, at-
Rh wax' a mmber of the Methodist
church of Greenville, having united
with that church about 24 years ago
She was a most devoted and loving
wife and mother, giving her whole
time and life to their comforts and
pleasures. She also cared for Mrs.
Johnson's aged motheft. . who lived
with them the greater part of their
married life and who only passed
out of this world about 4 years-ago,
this fall.
Shall we think of May as dead
- No, she is sweetly sleeping;
"Resting from the toil of years.
Then why for her should we be
weeping. ( . . ,
She's safe beyond this . vale
tears. -,
Governor Sleeper in City
He sat there just like any other
citizen, but when you stopped to re
member he was none other than Gov
ernor Albert E. Sleeper, holder of the
highest honors which the people of the
state Van confer upon a man and he
was on his way back to Lansing, after
having been on a business and pleas
ure trip to Traverse City and other
northern Michigan places. lie and
his driver stopped off here for dinner
and a rest at Hotel Belding. The
frovernor heard that Art Strong had
shaved Gen. Pershing while he was
in France and also let Artie shave
him while he was there. Some hon
ors for both, well say. .
Rebistrar of Deeds Improving
Local friends of Dan Lind, regis
trar of deeds for Ionia county, will
be pleased to hear that he is again
at the office following an illness which
was very obdurate for a time ana
which baffled the efforts of physicians
who attempted to make a diagnosis
of the tase.
Local Bsnd Goes to Crystal
, The members of the Belding band
will Journey from here to Crystal lake
on Sunday next and will give some
of their music, for which they are
growing more famous "Uly, to the
pccplo v.ho C,-t pcprJzr'
resort. ...
ccu;:c:l vzczzzduiqz
CoundJ Chtcr July 18, 1919.
Meeting called to order by Mayor
Fales. Roll Call Present: Aid. Ben
edict, Hollenbeck, Chawley, Friedly
and McCue. Present (6). Absent (0).
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved.
The reports of the Clerk & Treas
urer and Fire chief were read. ' '
Moved by Aid. McCue, seconded by
Aid. Shawley, that the reports be ac
cepted and placed oh file. Yeas, Aid.
Benedict, Shawley', Hollcnbeck, Purdy
Friedly and McCue. Yeas (6). Nays
(0). - -
Mr. Fales asked. tc be excused from
the remainder of the session and ask
ed Denn:s Hollenbeck, President pro-
tcm, to preside. '
' A petition for sewer' on Hambrook
street was read.arid was referred to
the Sewer Committee.
The Board of Commerce requested
through Mayorr Fales, that two Al
wevmen be appointed to act with the
Labor Day Committee. Mr. Fales
had suggested the names of Mr. Ben
edict and Mr. Hollenbeck.
Moved by Aid. Benedict, seconded
by Aid. Shawley, that the chair ap
point himself and Mr. Benedict to act
on the committee. Yeas, Aid. Bene
dict, Shawley, Purdy, FxiedJy 'and
McCue. Yeas (5). Nays (0).
- Moved by ..Aid. Friedly, seconded by
Aid. Shawley that the Clerk be allow
ew $25.00 per quarter for extra office
help. . Yeas, Aid. Benedict, Shawley,
Purdy, Friedly and McCue. Yeas (6).
Nays (0). .
The following resolution was read
and tabled. ' ' n
Resolved, that the Common Council
of tiie City of Belding, hereby gives
its consent to the Board of County
Road Commissioners of the county of
Ionia, to take over as county roads,
(the city of Belding agreeing to pay
to the County Road Commission one
half the cost of maintenance' thereof )
the main streets in this city as fol
lows, the same being a continuation
of the State trunk line highway pass
ing through the city:
Starting at State street at the in
tersection of Bridge and running east
to the city limits; starting at linage
street at the Intersection of btate
street and running south to the city
limits; starting at State street at the
crossing of the Tere Marquette rail
road and running west , to the city
limits; starting at Ellis Ave. at the
intersection of Bridge sereet and run
ning west to the city limits
City Bills:
Citizens Telephone Co., rent
for Emergency hospital 6.TJ
Q'tizens Telephone Co., rent
for E. E. Cook 7.42
Citizens Telephone Co., tolls,
City Clerk
Belding Lumber Co., supplies
for cemetery ...... . . . . . . 5.00
Frank Kane, sharpening lawn
mower . . . . . . . . . .... 1.0U
W. E. Smith, cemetery work.. 20.00
W .E. Smith, ecmetery work. . 16.25
City of Belding, postage . . . . 1.C3
Street Bills:
J. D. Adams & Co., supplies.. 14.20
Steve Bostwick, cleaning streets 36.00
Frank Atrtcliff, 11 hauling gravel 54,60
Myrt Antcliff; labor- 27.0U
Ally Hale, hauling gravel , . 54.60
Charles Miller; ihaulmg gravel 41.60
Dei Cobb, h5iuling gravel 36.00
Pete Martin labor
Oliver tHaJl, hauling gravel... 48.00
John. Antcliff, hauling gravel. 46.50
Bert Castle,' hauling gravel.... Z.Z5
Steve Boctwickj) cleaning sts. . . 36.00
Pet Martin, labor 22.60
Franks Antcliff r;hatding' gravel 65.70
fielding Lumber Co., supplies . 96
Standard Oil supplies. V; 11.90
Beidtaf" lAca&er; Co., supplies v 28
ttttk Bills, yss y-,(, r-.:f )
City I park, -Ubor and gravel at -; ' j
Csty-.tarkbyjJttrtet Comwia-
vtionWiOAV.Swri.'v...) 74r60
Hcsier Eckert, s repairs on ce-;
i fnsnt. basin, at park : 4.00
Wi. H. Kennedy,' June - salary ;
; "Caliaryr jr .i .r ii , . . ..V v ; v . - 75.00
Wteft f-rfcnt, 2 quarters library 3.05
G. yJ) McLean, -l&bor , v. .V. . . . 1 6.00
Eg E,t W-Litle. reportanx 350 V.
eontatrious diseases at $10..., 350
City of-Beidiiur. PostiJ Tdd :,
rraph . ..-;. v . . .. . . .. ' .61
Water rent. City hU ...... . . 19.44
E. S. Chase, rebate on sidewalk , J52
E. S. Chase, labor and cement
on Leonard street. -!' 8.00
fTencer Lis-Kt. fVs.. lights for .
City of Belding .... . . . . . ,351.94
Spencer Light Co- lights for
City hall ...... .......... 3.67
IT no n lr Tt1fVnni loVw-it Vine
assessment roll, etc... ....168.00
W. B. Travis, labor, taking assess
ment roll ,etc. 16650
Banner Pub. Co.. June Bill .... 21.47
Fire Department: ' A .
Telephone. Wess Porter ...... 3.79
America-La France 'Fire Eng.
Co- Firemens hats, coats, etc ;
Moved by Aid. Friedly, seconded
by Aid. Benedict, that the city bills
be allowed and orders drawn in pay
ment of same. Yeas, Aid, Benedict,
Shawley. Purdy, Friedly and McCue.
Yeas (5). Nays (0).
Water Works Bills:
The T. B. Rayl' Co;, supplies.. 10.41
The T. B. Rayl Co., supplies.. 3.47
Citizens Tdephone Co., rent
for P. A. Frederick 5.45
Crane Co., supplies .... .... 7.00
AdoJph Ledtelt Iron Works, sup
plies 10.79
P. A. Frederick, stamps, post
age and insurance ........ 4.12
Houston Coal Co., coal ...... .114.50
Houston Coal Co., coal 13 .88
Spencer Light Co., lights for
Water works ...... 3.26
Standard Oil Co., supplies ... . 13.25
Belding Coal & Ice Co;, cement
and unloading 4 cars coal. ..151.00
T. Frank Ireland Co., supplies 2.40
White Star Motor Express, ex
press , 1.63
Bert Castle, one load gravel.. 1)50
P. A. Frederick, wire fencing. . . 1.00
Belding Mercantile Co., sup
plies .80
Pere Marquette R. R., freight
bill on coaler,.. 105.73
Pere Marquette R. R., freight
bill 3.C9
Pere llsrqaette R. R., freight
bUl on coal 147.63
Pere Marquette XL R., freight
on car"ci coal 122.C3
Thomas & Webber, repairing
tube ; 85
Thomas & . YfctbzT, rcrairirr
tire .... Z0
Wortey & French, supplies .. 23.33
I!crr.er Eckert, Ubor 8.50
Lloyd King,. labor 34.80
Peter Johnson, labcr 18.00
Belding Lumber Co., supplies . . 2.30
Moved by Aid. Friedly, seconded by
Aid. Purdy, that the Water works
bill bo allowed and the clerk au
'jhorized to draw orders for same.
Yeas, Aid. Benedict, Shawley, Purdy
Friedly and McCue. Yeas (5). Nays
. Moved by Aid. McCue seconded by
Aid. Friedly, that we do now adjourn.
Yeas,. Aid. Benedict, Shawley, Pur
dy, Friedly and McCue. Yeas (5).
Nays (0).
' . . . -' Clellie S. Hoover, Clerk.
Ftr Quarter Ending June 30, 1919
" i Salaries .
Don , 'Cook. ..$16.25
Art. Corey " 16.25
Chas. Coon 16.25
OlIie Tafe. 16.25
Jack' Sager 16.25
Robt. Peebles 16.25
Dennis Hogan .'. . 16.25
Thomas Steere 16.25
Frank Klock 16.25
Alfred Moore 16.25
Wess Porter 25.00
Total $187.50
Paid July 1, 1919.
No. of fires When and where
April 3, 1919, Mrs. Sarah Lossiter,
Masonic Ave.
April 7, 1919, Mrs. Chas. Chadwick,
Masonic Ave,
April 21, 1919, Henry Upholt, Broas
Paid Clerk's Orders
Contingent fund .$ 2025.08
btreet fund
Operating water works fund
Fire fund
Street lighting fund . . .... .
Park fund ...............
Public library fund .... . . .
River Ridge cemetery fund.
Sinking fund
Cash balance, June 30. . . . .
Balance June 1, 1919 . .
Contingent fund .... .
$22.36 and $6.00
Operating water works fund 28.96
Extension waterworks fund N 9.40
Street . Lighting fund. ,. .. . 5.86
School library fund ........ 8.00
River Ridge cemetery fund 35.00
Sinking fund 145.02
Paving Dist. A Cont. acc.. . 14.47
' . $17616.76
J..B". EssexCity Treas.
Minutes of Annual School Meeting
Regular meeting1 of School district
No. 9 of the city of Belding, called
to order in the High school room, by
Pres. E. C .Lloyd, pursuant to notice
thereof, duly and legally given.
Ihe minutes; of the previous meet
ing was read and there being no cor
rections offered, was approved.
The annual financial and statistical
report of tho Secretary was then read
and adopted.
.Moved by B. F, Hall, seconded by
E.. E. Fales that .the three members
of the Board of Education, other than
the Secretary and . Treasurer, be pain
$2.00 for each meeting, regular and
special, attended by them during each
year and they be fined $1.00 for,eaci
meeting which they failed to attend-
. ur.. J. .r . .rinicnam on erea as an
amendment .to . the motion that the
said members be paid an annual sal
ary of $25.00 whether, they attend the
meetings or not. The motion was. sec
onded by Ernest' Shawley. , The ques
tion being on the amendment offered
by Dr. Pmkham. ; A yea and nay vote
was called - for . on which ;,v!yote v the
President ' declared the axneraibnent
lost., ;., ....-..-; " ' r
:y A.yea snd nay-vote, was thereupon
taken ! on, .the : original motion . made
by' Mr,vvHalI,;hjh motion carried
unanimously. , , ' ;.'
G. DWeter thereupon mored that
the Secretary be paid an annual sal
ary of. -$200 .CO and ths Treasurer an
annual salary; of $100.00. The; motion
was seconded by Mr. Laphajm and wis
adopted on a. yea ond nay rote.
The President then called for. nom
inations - to . fill the position '. on the
Board - made, vacant by& the erpi ra
tion of thertera of oCcenpf A. . II.
' Mr. Whitney, thereupon. nominated
A. U. IIsil;io succeed hiraelf. There
being no other names presented for
the office the President declared the
nomination closed and appointed L.
M. Berry and Pearl Coulter as tellers
who . were given the customary oath,
and a vote taken.
109 votes were cast of which A. M.
Hall received, 103, Mr. Coulter 3,
Thomas Bracken 1. Asa Door, 1. The
President thereupon declared A. M.
Hall elected. .
Nominations were then asked to fill
the vacancy caused by the expira
tion of the term of office of Fred L.
George E. Wagner, thereupon nom
inated B. F. Brown and there being
no further nominations the President
declared the nominations closed and
called for the bellot.
115 votes were cast of which B. F.
Brown received 109, E. Wilson 1, W.
Lambertson 1, Mrs. I. L. Hubbell: 1
and E. E. Hudson 1. The President
thereupon declared B. F. Brown elec
ted to the vacancy.
'After seme discussion' a vote was
taken on the guestion of re-classify
ing the district under and in accord
ance with Act No. 166 of the P. A. of
1917. '
106 votes were cast as follows: 95
no and 11 yes, A majority of all
votes cast being against the propos
ition, the President declared the
question lost.
Moved by E. Shawley, seconded by
Mr. Johnson, that the district adopt
the free text book act for the district.
107 votes were cast on this prop
osition, of which 83 were against and
24 for H. A majority of all cf the
qualified voters . not having voted in
favor of the question, the President
declared the motion lost.
After some discussion of the school
building situation the meeting ad
Fred L. Warner Secretary.
MMton Friedly, wife and son, of
Boyne City, are guests at the home
of his brothers, Ben . and Henry
Friedly and families. They drove
throcrfS in their auto, ltavin there
ct 0 o'clock in tha nnrrJr r- r-"!i.
I ing here at 9 o'clock that night.
scaled in
wrapped pachaac alr
tlahu Impurity proof
Is hynlcnic and whole
sornd. The coody
that s cood for vound
and old.
The Flavor
,j M Indiana)
1? JS" ctjt -ay jggaa: Arrzrrl
I. fit
1 TpHE ' Standard Oil Gom- '
pany (Indiana) has cm- t
;;;;. ;pKasizcdite belief he
rights, Jso its employees1 to
' iboik o:tl-mpja ;
, ,vswr,:pf ; liyelihppdpyen :
afterthe productiveyears
hSyjpassed. '
For the protection of those who
have grown old in the employ of
the Company an annuity has been
:"..'. t
This annuity cannqt be less than
$300.t)0 a year, a.nd rrtay be as
much as 75 per cent of the average ;
v annual remuneration received dur
ing the last ten yeara of service.
This is but one of the factors which
' have served to promote a bond of
sympathy, understanding, and re
spect between the Company, and
its employees. f
It has been a potent factor in pro
moting the general effiaicacy of
the Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
and has enabled this organization
to fulfill its obligation as a public
servant in a manner satisfactory to -the
stockholder, the cmployco, and ;.'
the public generally,
: , i '
Standard Oil Company
910 S. Michigan
ita v;ai:
B tars to set
Look (or tns.
Ave. 0 Chicago
. .. . ; ,..'. I J ' ' ?'.-. :.!. .

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