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Net Contents 15 Fluid Drachr
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Thereby IYomotnn.r
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neither OpIam.Morpli;cj nt
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AhclpfulRcmcdyftf f
For Infants and Children.
Motes Know That
Genuine Castoria
A lrrrriTTri
Bears the $
ii w ij
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
I We are always on the
X lo buy anything that's useful . We buy Cookstoves, Gas
Ranges, Hotplates, Oilstoves, Laundry stoves; Furniture
of all kinds. No lot too small, no lot too big. If you, have
anything to sell, sec me.
T. A. V I E
Phone 61
Carpet Washing
We will wash carpets every Sat
urday. The price,is 7 cents per yd.
Bring them in and we will do you
a good job.
City Steam Laundry
Phone 159
S. Pleasant St.
Mr. and Airs. Clarence Snow and
Denzel and Miss Louis Wright visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. Milo Town, Sunday.
Mr. John Rosman was a caller at
Mr. and Mrs. 12i Hank's, Sijnday
The Misses Lydia Town and sister,
Lela and Miss Martha Robertsson vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hathway,
of Alma, Friday.
Clyde Snow and Glenn Spencer and
two children were callers at Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Snow's, Sunday morn
injr. The Green's Ladies Aid-wll meet
at Mr. and Mrs. Don Dean's, Decern,
ber 10, Everybody welcome. x
Miss Ethel Chickering is home
for a few days from Grand Rapids, to
visit her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Chickeriner
stayed all night, Saturday night, with
his parents and Sunday they visited
Mr. and Mrs. John Reeves, of Orleans.
John Bate was a caller at Mr. and
Mrs. Ilite Eckert's. .Sunday morning.
Miss Alice Rowley visited home
folks in Ionia, over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Chickering and
family were the supper guests at
Mrs. O. A. Summer's, Sunday even
ing. Mrs. Ernest Anderson and sdn, Roy
J., visited home folks, Wednesday and
Mr. and Mrs. Hite Eckert visited
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Christcnsen, Sun
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Lavem Christensen
visited her parents, Rev. Frederick
Simmons, over Sunday. She will re
main a while longer to visit with Pa
and Ma.
Mr. and Mrs. Milo Town were in
Grand Rapids, Friday on business. ,
Mrs. George Phillips was a caller
at Mrs. Eli Hanks. Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Chickering
and Archie, visited Mr. and Mrs. Bur
thold Chickering, Saturday . evening
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Loren Chickering,
of Belding were callers there also.
Mrs. J. H. Christensen returned
home Wednesday evening from a vis
it with her daughter, Miss Mildred,
of Chicago. Mr. Christensen met her
in Grand Rapids, Tuesday and they
spent the night with their son, Leroy
and family.
Mrs. Sherm. Hulbert and Mrs.
Ralph Johnson were callers at Mrs.
Eli Hanks, Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Loomis and
daughter, Gatha were callers at Mr.
and Mrs. M. L. Howe's, Thursday
evening and they called on Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Snow, also.
Mrs. O. A. Nummer is in Grand
Rapids visiting relatives and friends
for a week. She enjoyed the Grange
Friday and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Morgan and
Misss Jennie Nadeau visited Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Brink, Sunday evening.
v Mrs. L. C. Devendorf returned home
Sunday after several weeks visit with
relatives and friends at Fairplain.
Glad to hear of George Phillip's
improvement. He has had quite a sick
spell. .
Arthur Brown and Clarence Hoyt
are papering and varnishing for Mr.
and Mrs. Will Wilson.
Rev. Williams and wife and child
and his brother, were callers at Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Snow's, Saturday
evening. . (
Mrs. Edgar Kilburn visited Mr. and
Mrs Milo Town, Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Donaldson was
callers at Mr. and Mrs. Hite Eckert's
Friday evening.
Miss Lois Wright visited Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Snow, over Sunday.
Listen to the wedding bells.
Mrs. Arthur James was a guest of
Mrs. Ed. Stokes, Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Philo Lavender visited her.
two sons, John and Walter, and their
families, of near Trufant, lriday
night and Saturday.
Rev. Mr. t Holcomb, of Greenville,
preacnea at Montcalm, bunuay aiter
noon as the pastor, Rev. John Biery,
is north on a hunting trip.
Glenn Stokes and family, of Lin
coln Lake are moving into his father's
E. A. Stokes' farm, having rented
it for three years.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mann and chil
dren were guests at John Lavender'.
near Trufant, last Sunday.
Sunday guests at John and Howard
DeSpelder's were Mr. and Mrs. Will
DeSpelder and Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Mr. Charles Carter, Mrs. Grace Pe
Vol, Jennie and Cl,de DeVol, of Sid
ney, were visitors at Hans Thompson's
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Stokes wero
guests of their daughter, Mrs. John
Lavender and family, of near Tru
art, last Wednesday.
Mr and Mrs. Willard James were
F icJs. f Mr. , and Mis. Scphus Han
son, last Sunday.
Mi5 Marion Smith, of Greenville,
and Mis? Rhoda Stokes, of Beldirg,
wo? oer Sunday guesta at E. A.
Stokes' '
Fred Stokes expects to go to De
troit, next Saturday for employment.
HU two brothers, Forest and William
are employed in the auto factories
Bring me your Cream. I will pay
per pound for your butter fat. .
Uo Uccd To Bo Thin,
Scrannoy or Sailor;
If your are thin and want to be
plump; if you have wrinkles in your
face that you are not proud of; if the
skin is sallow or subject to pimples
or blackheads, take Mi-o-na stomach
tablets for two weeks and notice the
-The majority of the thin people are
thin because the stomach does not
perform its duties properly - It is
not secreting sufficient of the natur
al digestive juices and in consequence
does not extract from the food enough
nutritive matter to nourish' every
part of the body.
Mi-e-na stomach tablets are in
tended to build up the stomach so
that it will act properly and extract
from the food the elements necessary
to form flesh. "
If yon 'are thin try two weeks
treatment of Mi-o-na stomach tablets
thty are small, easily swallowed
and tire sold on the guarantee ' of
money back if they do not overcome
chronic indigestion, acute, or chronic,
stop stomach disturbance, belching
heartburn, sour stomach and any af
ter dinner distress.
For sale by Wortley & French and
all leading druggists.
3mo:cy row
C. J. Collar, of Grant and Henry
Hicks and wife and daughter, of lid
ding, visited Sunday with C J. Hicks
and wife. v
Lewis Seeley and wife and son, R.
C. Seeley, Otis Seeley and wife, Nel
lie Seeley visited at Lakeview, Sun
day. Miss Dora Harris spent a few days
at home with her people, Bert Han is
and wife.
Ernest Benton and wife called on
Ed. Hotchkiss and wife and Fred Ben.
ton and wife, Sunday afternoon.
Lewis Seeley and family and Miss
Nellie Seeley were in Grand Rapids,
Saturday. '
Tina Benton is home with her moth
er .while her-father, Fred Benton, is
away hunting. !
Ed. Cowles and wife and son, vis
ited with John Fisher and. wife, Sun
day, i
Alfred Hotchkiss and wife ,of Cry
stal lake visited Sunday and Monday
with Ed. Hotchkiss and family and
Eli Witt and wife.
Mrs. Fred Benton and Tina Benton
visited Mm. Donnor and wife, Tues
day. Mrs. Peter Kopp is confined to the
house with a had cold. ,
August Geiger and family have
moved on their farm in Keene.'They
purchased it of Robert Sparks.
' A Bit Of Ittstory
The first national corn show was
held in Chicago in 1007 under the aus
pices of the business men of Chicago.
This brought together large exhibits
of corn and grain and was deemed
worth while. At that time a national
corn association was organized and
took up the matter of holding nation
al corn shows. The next shows were
held at Omaha in 1008 and 1909. The
show was then moved to Columbus,
Ohio, in 1911. The next natonal corn
exposition was held at Columbia, S.
C, in 1913. The exposition then went
to Dallas, Texas, in February, 1914.
Since that time no national corn show
has been held. It was found that corn
and grain interests appreciated the
show and made large and worth while
exhibits. On the other hand, it was
not possible to get a sufficient number
of people attend the shows to warrant
the holding of the same, or to finance
them in the proper way. For this rea
son they were discontinued.
It has been the feeling of a great
many years that a corn and grain
show could be held in connection with
the International Live Stock Exposi
tion. The live stock business is found
ed upon the grain and hay crop of the
country. Live stock men are interest
ed in the development of grain and
forage crops. Since these two inter
ests work hand in hand, there is every
reason why they should be joined and
operated together.
Dean C. F. Curtis was elected pres
ident of the International Live Stock
Exposition Association this past year
and at once proceeded to arrange for
and International Grain and Hay show
He approached the Chicago Board of
Trade, wh!ch body agreed to contri
bute $10,000 in cash premiums. With
this, as 4 bais, the live stocks man
agement agreed to meet the overhead
expense. AH Is now under way and
there are big prospects for a fine dis
play. In addition to competitive ex
hibits, there will be a large number
of educational exhibits at the master
show, to be held in Chicago from No
vember 29th to December Cth.
A Line or Two
(By O. Jay)
A patient at an insane asylum was
pushing a wheelbarrow around thi
yard upside down. A visitor watched
him for some time, then asked, "Why
don't you turn it the right way?" The
insane man laughed, "I did, one night
and somebody put bricks in it." A
lot of merchants have a newspaper,
that reaches a good percentage of the
population. It's business is to carry
your message, or advertisement; to
let people know what you have to
sell. Haven't you been pushing the
wheelbarrow upside down about long
enough ?
We eat hens eggs. The duck also
lays eggs. So does the goose, but we
eat hens eggs. Is it because the hen
He just got back from France.
Twenty some months of it. Home
again, tired but happy. His job would
surely bo waiting for him, because the
boss had said so when he marched
away. Yes, it would, for wasn't that
a large service flag in the window, as
he drew near? And wasn't the other
window plastered up with Liberty loan
stickers? When the bosV told him
his job was filled, he thought he had
misunderstood, you know. twenty some
months within hearing of the big
guns hadn't , improved his hearing.
But the boss repeated it said he was
sorry but, and the soldier clicked
his heels together and turned, and as
he walked by the service flag and the
Victory loan stickers he smiled.
F. M. Church
Holiness Meeting Tuesday evening;
Prayer Meeting, Thursday evening;
Sunday school at 10:00 a. m.; Preach
ing at 11:00 a. m.; Preaching at 7:00
p. m.
Card Of Thanks
We wish to thank the many friends
and neighbors for the acts of sympa
thy and kindness extended during
the lilness and at the death of our
dear mother, Mrs. Martha Skelcher
and also for the beautiful flowers at
the funeral.
From the children.
Cferd of Thanks
We .wish to extend our most sin
cere thanks to our relatives and
friends, during the sickness end death
of our son. : Also for the comforting
words of Rev. llcKJtben, floral offer
ings and singing. .
"Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Headworth
Mr. Thomas Headworth, -Mr.
and Mrs. Douglas Guye, .
Mr. Elgy Guye. '
Advertised Letters, Nor.' 17, 1919
A. C. Fruin
Leon R. Gleason
C. U. Hunt
Migs Clara Davis
Miss Bertha Marshall
W. F. Bricker, P. I!., Beldins, ITich.
The Nurses
To and fro, up and down the long ward
Like ministering angels they go;
Their faces are sweet, their garb is
Their voices are soft and low.
Pain racked bodies are deftly touched
By fingers that know just how;
And the angel of pain flew off in a
As before their sway he must bow.
Fever crazed brains are soothed by a
The dispondent are bidden "have
Then courage and health come back
When the brave nurse is near.
; '
Tis a queer old world, but we never
feel .
The doctor is truly a friend;
,When death grips the heart with icy
To the nurse we turn at the end.
Eva E. Bignell.
Clyde Allchin returned home from
the hospital at Belding, last Satur
days where he has been for a number
of weeks.
Glenn Jenks won the first prize on
his potatoes at the Boy's club's meet
ing in Grand. Rapids,last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tuttlo and
daughter, of Greenville, spent the
week end with their aunt and uncle,
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Brown. '
Brinton F. Hall. President
Frank IL Chase, Vice-President
Ambrose Spencer, Cashier.
Sumner Wilson, Asst Cashier.
- " '., '
Frank R. Chase. II. L. Page.
Fred Underwood. ' Brinton F. Hall.
Charles Eddy. Geo. W. Moulton
John Hessler. Ambrose ' Spencer.
Frank L. Moon. ; Geo. Hoppough
New Clients
fit f
will always find the officers of the.
People's Saving Bank ready to co-operate
with them in a willing and helpful man
ner. Your Banking needs and Business
problems will be given the same personal
attention and earnest consideration that
is accorded those of our large and. appre
ciative' clientage
On next pay day, deposit your salary
or income at the Peoples Saving Bank and
pay your bills by check. The margain
above your expenses cin be converted in
to a Savings account which will earn 3 per
cent Interest, Computed Semi-annually.
One Dollar Starts a Savings Account
"OtfeXcmt that does ihings for$ou"
nil?::; "?'.:
, ...yipi
Of course you know we are going
to be ready, to supply you with
anything in the meat line which you might want for.
your Thanksgiving Day dinner. We pay especial'
attention to selecting our meats and you get the
benefit of our experience and low prices.
Casli l Carry Market
Ward & Schlegel, Props.
114 S. Bridge St
cBio'ol Course
M. E. Church, Tuesday, Nov. 25, 8 o'clock
no bap FJfeOe
qiakoJ -ID.gUU mm
Sjisb admiccion ticlielc, includinfj recurvation, on ccilo
&fc Wcrfclsy l French's .druj ctore t ejinin Saturday
RIovcinber 22. Adulta EOc; children 35c. ........

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