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HMinftl nshing , Co.,
lYi'ir. "Mich : pan.
- Editors and Publisher.
.H into iha nn.'n.R. Ml-f.Vr-thrt "i.-. I
Catareiiitta4.iiii)Uql4lne. Michigan jPtrnt Offle.
eouiid-i't .M matter ,
Subscription HotDr A -
je.tr In tdvm-e Subscription . P9tfMtfo t
i ofiru.s CneiJif1Jn..avS(DC!?ft.. ..-12.00
' nviii:iHIrinMiMJkiirlri..fi4yii..tntlt...t.fM.,MM1Mm.M$(.0ll
i i.i. ou.TfcM. Wiiio?nfi .......j 9 .60
Canada, oju ieiir In dvAiHe.......i..-.$2.50
Advertlslna J
ir rn on mill'aUn. AdrtW"tli.irV' ,
,vt c. Ctaplitft.iMftMsotMHJwIlufeltuflrM Card bf thanks.
race, CQfc rcntaa Vummhs locals, on flnt
f?r,i eu
rp.au u
they will have better representation
in the laws of tie state, it is believed
In the near future it is planned
to call together the farmers near
Belding to organize the Belding lo
cal, and it is expected that this will
not only be the largest local in the
county, but also one of the most ac
tive and well organized locals in the
entire state.
it m rionflii Tff
ireauL audlil
ef Qne.)
ut . ... .
V ;s,voped that
. (Continuec
n liurqau 'anil
r coulftWf tHxample for
fnr. LnerxouBLLe&to:jonow.. ne sio
n Bur?.9 MBtv
? the xm
a lerfmW.P5rfftSracpfeau has
icss ififtWf.kgfliYfj0totment whose
J. V T 1 - I-V t 1 1 i
must "succeed
you and
8qul-HBeU tfithV fsJaS5rfte rmers
get a square aearih tlie legislature,
Beware of uncertain cold cures.
Take Rexall Laxative Aspirin (U. D.
Co.) Cold Tablets, which are prepar
ed in the laboratories of the United
Drug Company, one of the finest in
the world. .They are not dangerous.
A tablet is the most convenient and
pleasant medication for such con
ditions. One vital necessity is that
the bowels be kept thoroughly open.
If a cold is not treated when the
first symptoms show themselves, it
will frequently develop into more
Eerious complications.
Get of us a box of these Cold Tab
lets today. Take them according to
directions the moment. the first symp
toms appear and you will obtain
rea! relief.
We guarantee" them.
The Rexall Store ;
Mrs. Hale, who has been staying
with her son, Allie Hale, left -Thurs
day for Flint, where she will visit
another, son.
About Our T.wn and It P.oL
i I h
rith the
a complete stock of jewelry, etc., '
present time and I suggest that when you j
here ana looK 6ver my line lot. of articles for pracl
1 giifs.caFllfeecrry' the famous Playerphone,
tBlftlS RHKiVour -Christmas purchases, you come p
h'e0rekaWioW Stir my fine lot. of articles for practical tj
purchase we give ticket on Electric Train
:; . W5t M&Vesi Main Street Jeweler
0 C
if 02
01 i
t J
tfritmas Bargains
pStfoVri bushel v. .$1.75
': 8JjPfWSf oVtrince Albert Tobacco, tin 15c
(Others cner3 charge you 17c)
an excellent health food, 25c seller 18c
'firSfeft bates, pke. .24c
liac5iffirSFiS?; pkg. ; 22c
V'resh strrf4-el : stock Christmas trade)
30iffcn'o)f Soap 5c
iaHvfelff k8Sp; big bar ... ........... r 8c
Soap 8c
Sunrn aid brand fx( L j ' j .1 .
sins, ounmtiiu oranu, seeaea, png. ic
,-per.pkg .15c
lazier omhfer stores gell u at lgc)
5nfJ6clgAlV'Klour, 24i2 lb sack $1.65
, rm JWt rrice it in other stores)
Flour, 4 lb sack ......... 60c
equally eood bargains here for vou.
Wolffmfeomb's Grocery
"'.15N.'Cridge street C. E. Holcomb, Prop.
Mrs. Sam Clemens and her aunt
Mrs. Sutherland, of Pontiac, went to
Greenville, Thursday for the day.
Bring your washing to 225 Ham
brook street. .
Sylvan Dean returned Thursday
to his home in Barryton, after spend
ding a few days here on business.
Albert Jensen went to Greenville
Friday for the day.
Wanted washing, 25 Hambrook
Let Arthur Fitzjohn frame your
pictures. Leave orders at Patterson's
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Travis and son
of Detroit, came tonight to spend
the holidays with their parents.'
L. L. L. Rocky returned on Tues
day eveninp: from a visit with his
daughter, Mrs.' Claude Brorkway at
Ionia. Mr. Rocky said that the big
wind of Monday night blew the
large stack down at the Haynes
Ionia plant.
Big night at the Empress Friday
Postmaster W. F. Bricker and
son, Gordon, were Grand Rapids vis
itors on Thursday,
) Mi-O-No makes your stomach feel
! fine, stops belching, heart burn and
i all discomfort in a few minutes.
Guaranteed by Wortley & French.
A big Overland automobile owned
and driven by George Barlow crash
ed against thf east curb on Bridge
street when if turned off from west
Isabella street nofth onto the pave
ment on Bridge street, Wednesday
noon. The rear wheel struck the pave
ment curbing and broke.
I'omt To Mr. and Mrs. Charle3
Coleman, 921 S. LeRoy street, on
Tuesday, a n'ne pound daughter.
Marguerite. Dr. Dutt reports both
mother and daughter as doinir nice
ly. Mr. Frank J. Magin arrived Mon
day afternoon for a visit with his
son, Francis J. Magin.
Mrs. Charles Johnson left Tuesday
morning for Grand Rapids to attend
the meeting of the State Grange.
Mrs. W. H. Price went to Grand
Rapids, Wednesday where she ex
pected to meet her daughter. Hazel
of Grand Haven and will bring her
grand child home with her for a short
time. ? ; : ; ;
Arthur Fitzjohn will frame your
pictures as good and as cheap as any
Big night at the Empress Friday
night.' .:
Frank Harlan will open with lunch
es and short order cooking Thursday
His tables have not arrived but will
use temporary tables for the presenfT
Talk about hens being on a strike
J. B. Essex says he has 18 nice Rock
hens and they are-all laying buri7.
Beat it if you can. '
Mr. Carroll Lake, of Grand Rapids,
was the week end guest at the home
of " Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Parney. .
It is logical that pouring drugs into
the r stomach will not cure catarrh in
the head. Hyomei, medicated air,
reaches the seat of the disease. Guar
anteed by Wortley & French.
indand Fixtures
Vc have tU Jivwdlw, t?a ni ttu.u t :,.w
vliich wilL mi Lie iiL'Tt- . ; vi . .
u-iulii win inane very useiui nnsimas guts,
ou can L'Vtri'n get that
5 down. fS .fyer. niffc l. .i i if
. ' uuwn, - per monin. Also vacuum
diners. r
2W3bMc Light G Power Go.
112 So. Hri2So. Bridge Street .
TIio Kind of Gifts
Don't choose anything mere
ly to have something to give.
Men want JLo receive gifts
that are really useful and
Any of these are useful and
Cravats, rare heavy silks, of
wondrous colorings
Silk Shirts, splendid pat-terns-Bath
Silk Hosiery
Study Coats
Garter and Arm Band Sets
Collar Bags
Slippers Etc., Etc., Etc.
A CcrJ Of CcrJcIrr-ca
To our esteemed brother in Christ,
Sir Walter Knight and family.
We, as members of the Church of
Christ, do hereby extend to you the
bereaved family, one most heartfelt
sympathy in this your great sorrow.
At. th nt1ml AoaiYt nf vnur hp-
loved father, who was so instantly
galled 'to depart this lifd. to the
higher and nobler, life of the great
beyond. We tin enly commend you
to your Heavenly 'Father for com
fort and to give you that sweet sub
mission to his divine will. Knowing
he doeth all things well. And that
we shall all meet in the sweet bye
and bye.
Dearest father, how we miss thee,
As we see no more thy face,
And how sadlv we deplored thee
Whn borne to thy last resting place
Oft' we ask ourselves the 'question
Why from us thou must depart,
Why so dear a one was taken
Which so cheered our weary hearts.
But the chilling winds of winter
Which blow over thy lonely tomb
Are heeded not by the dear Father
Thou dwellest in a heavenly home.
Rev. H. E. Curchf
Mrs. Fannie A. Fish,
Miss Clara Demorest,
white gift Christmas. 0.7erin?s will
go to Childrens Home at Detroit,
Bronson hospital, Kalamazoo and the
Starving children of Europe and
Asia. An Xmas program is being
prepared for Thursday evening, Dec.
23 at 7:30 p. m. This church wel-'
comes everybody. (
Let me frame those pictures for
you. Arthur Fitzjohn. ,
Mrs. Tom Saunders left Wednes-'
Jay for a visit with relatives in Oak
Giove, Michv i
Mj 12. Church
10 a. m., class meeting, Ernest
Shawley, leader; 10:30 a. m.. Morn
ing worship, subject: "True Worship"
12 noon, Sunday -school," Elmer Har
rington. Supt.; 5 p. m., Young Peo
ples Mission study class; 6 p. m. Ep
worth League devotional meeting; 7
p. m. preaching service, subject:
"Faith and Future": 7:30 p. m.
Tuesdav and Thursday prayer ser
vice. This church will observe a
if I -iv 2---i.
WW'1 $j
.wmrnoTTRY pnrHAnr,
teu cy all cnucct m met qio1
rnviwuft Bl MAIL 1 IV-.
EWIIUAM5 MFC m rwui r
Wortley & Frencn. Beldir.g. Mich.
at any time are bad enough,
but in the winter time they
are still worse. You will
be fixed all right if you bring
your battery to me for at
tention. Starters and Generators
Storage Batteries charged
repaired, stored, rented and
R. 17. nODDIHS
Orleans Battery Shop
-JUL! ' U UU Lb L-
Fall of a Saint - Joseph E. Earle
Added Comedy "
Ham in the Haram
DECEMBER 17 and 18
Honorable Algy - Charles Ray
Added Comedy
A Social Club
DECEMBER 19 and 20
Marooned Hearts : Conway Teale
Added Comedy
Arbuclde - Fatty Butts In
Hubby's Deception - Tom Mix
Added Comedy
His Night Mair
Woman God Sent - Irene Loeb's
Selznick News
the food that keeps them
happiest through a long day
of play.
It's V- Ur
-so deHciptii. ,
' ' o nourishing
and saves you lots and lot-?
of money besides. ' ,.
At all Grocers
City Bakery
L. E. TRIMBLE, Prop.
. ' " ' '
Pleasant Street.
On '
' We carry the best quality to be had in both bulk and fancy boxed goods. We
make a specialty of. .catering to the Christmas trade and we never have offered a
better stock of candy to the people than we are offering this season.
Come in and get your Christmas candy where the.quality has always been kept
up to the very best.
. Buj Youir Candy Early
We also carry the best line of smoker's goods: tobacco, cigars, cigaretts, pipes,
etc., in this city and you can surely find he proper gift for "him" here if he is a
Belding's Old Reliable Confectioner and Tabocconist
l w f TT Tnr r
'Zfiere is noihin& better tfian Furniture for e gift
And only 7 more shopping days to Christmas. Have you the Christmas
Spirit? We have. So in order to pass it along to our many friends and
patrons, we will give 20 per cent Cash Discount on sales one dollar and
over on any article in our store with exceptions; of Edisons upon which we
will give a liberal amount ofrecords.
Sale Begimis December 21 aimcl ; -Comiiiiniiuies
'UMil Guristaias'
So don't fail to see our Mammoth stock of Furniture Rugs arid Toys.

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