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ihe weather reminds us of hash Vl0lf:
he Is able to get about onco,
He called on his sister, Jurs.
Moe. Mark says he has a
The quick
hazel, camphor, hydrastis, etc.
mixed in Lavoptik eye wash,
Neldiner people, une
Only those ho have fuel to sell KW"SS? "W "
'ri.! ..rill A ofn IcKi I SMYRNA
m a wmiv" Ihe weather rei
BcldinR People very much mixed.
wf5l More than two-thirds of our Uxes' Mrs Elizabe
I1 were school tax this year. Now, kids Wax Somers Tuesday of last week.
surprise ueiainR pcopie. vm u t t along to school pronto and n hnrn
with weak, framed eyes was helped gouwi j frs. Sylvester Osborn,
Dy a single appucuuuu. under any consideration. oaimuay
could hardly VJih!Voll ' Saturday night will be the time for The Grattan Gleaners met Satur-
eye pains. In one week ihe too w regular meeting of the Sir day, December 4 at the pleasant
1! Anv Case KnighU and h!l Sf of the' Macca- Uw home of Mr. and Mrs. Will
obttle of Favoptik tohelp Any Lase jvmgnvs uuu u Pearson. Although the day was
weak, sirainea or inuawvu - ,mA arv nnntrh minv and roads bad. there was
UIIUIiUMl CjK v "J' . ' "
French, Druggists, Main street. j
Our old friend, Mark Hoppough, rainy ana roaas Daa, vnerc w
was in Smyrna, Monday of last week good attendance, and all enjoyed the
Healthy Children
Make Lhnotma
Look for the
on the sack
111 ' '
Christmas is always merry where there are happy children,
bubbling over with joy and anticipation. Growing children .
are always happy when they are receiving proper nourish
ment from the right foods.
Lily White
"The Flour the Best Cooks Use"
is excellent food for growing-ups as well as grown-ups, be
cause Lily White contains only the nutritious kernels of the
finest wheats grown in America. These are milled by the
most conscientious and thorough processesknown to present
day millers." For volume, color texture and cleanliness,
Lily White has no superior. Bread, rolls and biscuits baked
of Lily White are of rare flavor, wonderfully light, appe
tizing and wholly digestible. The most delicious and ten
derest pastry, also-, is made with Lily White.
Lily White Is Clean,
The wheat of which Lily White is made is thoroughly
cleaned. The six-break system insures a granulation of uni
form perfection. The finest imported silk bolting cloths are
used. No human hand touches Lily White in its various
stages of manufacture. Lily White is guaranteed to suit your
. baking requirements Jaetter than any flour you ever used.
Call up your grocer an cflet him wish you Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year with a sack of Lily White.
"MilUr$ for Sixty Yean"
o rj)
A campaign of propaganda is being
waged to restore the traffic in
liquor. Pressure toward that end
is certain to be exerted on Con
gress. Will we again shoulder al
cohol's old grievous load of taxation,
affliction and crime?
We will not! says the National
Grange. Throughout its long and
noteworthy career it' has fought on
the side of temperance, combating
the' evil and waste wrought by
liquor. It has stood consistently for
clean manhood and womanhood,
for high ideals and for strict obser
vance of the law.
The Grange is still aligned just as
firmly as ever on the side of rights It
believes that the riddance of liquor
helped greatly to sustain this coun
try in the difficult period of after
war adjustment. Congress must
know that the farmers oppose
the restoration of liquor.
You who believe in a clean America
can help insure it in nd better way
than by joining the Grange. It is a
mighty power for progress; as such
it merits your support.
The Country Gentleman, the
great national weekly of profitable
farming, also stands unswervingly
for a clean and orderly national life.
It seeks not only to inform, but to
inspire through its news of farm suc
cess. You will find in its 52 big
weekly issues many helpful articles
and much wholesome entertainment
all for $1.00. We urge the double
advantage of being a member of the
Grange and a reader of The Coun
try Gentleman.
Ionia County Pomona Grange No. IS
Ed. Iligbee, Secretary, Ionia, Michigan. H. II. Lyons, Master, Lake Odessa, Michigan.
Dear Secretary; I'm glad to see the Grange being pushed with good advertising. And here's my dollar for
THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN for a year 52 wetkly issue. Please forward my order to the Publisher at
Independence Square, Philadelphia. Pa.
My Name.
My Address.
delicious chicken pie dinner served
at two o'clock. The officers elected
for the coming year were installed
by Orlinand Cora Emens. The new
year meetincr will be held at the
home of Will Jenks.
An old folks? dancincr party was
held at the church. Thursday even- J.me, "were pc.t. of Mr. and VV-gS? '
ing, December 23rd. . V. l,. uearusie,
Miss Lena Sandy, of Belding, was Mr and Mrs. I, R. Eggleston
a guest f Mrs. Frank Rasmusserl,
and i Typewriter supplies at thia office.
from Thursday until Saturday.
Mrs. George Lehman has the sym-
given Friday night at Maccabec hall.jpathy of the many friends in this vi-
Not that thore were any old pcopio
there, far' from it. 'When George
Kellogg with his violin played the
old time dance music everybody was
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor and son
"just as youngf as they used to be .
They all had a goof time, of course,
and they went home at a racher
arly hour and only a few were
sleepy next day.
Twentv vears aero. Ilarcld Gird-
n.T bioie a "o.c .'or his father, A. J.
Gardner, and put a harness on it for
the first time. Recently, he took the
harness jr f -j "Old .., for the
last time. ' e horse was seemingly
as weil : ".n and d 1 h. day's
wM"k in good .spirits, but in the cv r
ing was taken sick with indigestion
and before morning his s jffenn?; was
ended in spite of all that was done
to save him. A faithful friend has
gone. '
' Mrs. Beroice Foss returned home
from Belding, Tuesday.
Arlo Tebbel, of Belding, was a
guest of his grand mother, Mrs. Mary
Tebbel, and his aunt, Nella, Friday
night. Mrs. Tebbel took him home
Saturday afternoon.
Orin Hanks called on Geo. Hanks
Frank Gray is home for a fev
Vie are pleased to state that Al
bert "Winchcll is some better.
Mrs. Jessie Wolfinger was a guest
of Mrs. Sylvestor Osborn Thursday.
Mrs. Diana Hull visited with Mrs.
George Hanks, Wednesday. ;
Mrs. Bert Norton was in Belding
Friday, visiting her sister, Mrs. Er
nest Bunker.
Will Cowles went to Moseley on
Monday of last week to visit George
Frost and wife, who left on Tuesday
for thdr Florida home. Mr. and
Mrs. Jay Frost went with them, and
the best wishes of all their Smyrna
! friends -also go with them. May they
Ipniov life where balmv breezes blow
where there is no worry aDoui me
high price of coal and wood.
Mrs. Diana Hull called on Mrs. Eli-j
zabeth Davis, Mrs. MacFarlane and i
Mrs. Louis Compton, Tuesday. 1
Mrs. Hiram Olds andJUrs. Walter j
Towne were in Belding Monday of (
last week visiting with Mrs. Susie j
Harrington. Mr, Olds was1 a dinner
, guest there. , ,
i Mrs F.lrrin C.nrulnn was in BeldinC i
Thursday visiting with Mrs'. George'.
Mrs. Cora Sullivan, of Detroit, is
a guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gard
Mrs. Jennie Noble and Mrs. Lester :
Kimberly, of Cook's Corners, and Mrs. !
Ellen Beedy, Mrs. Will Cowles -and (
Mrs. Sarah Skellenger called on Miss
Fannie Earle. Thursday. I
Mrs. Ada Hanks visited with Mrs."
Ola Purdy and her mother, Mrs. A. '
J. Hale, Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Chas. Condon was a Belling
visiter, 1'iulay.
Miss Lizzie Davis was a visitor;
at the home of Alfred Davis and
wife, Tuesday. I
Mrs, Ed. Insley and Mrs. Clifford
Insley and baby were in Grand Rap
ids last week, Wednesday and Thurs-1
day visiting with Allen Short and .
family. I
The New Idea club, of Belding, 32 j
in number, had a dancing party and
chicken pie supper at Maccabee hall, j
Tuesday evening, of last week. The(
three course supper was served by i
the ladies of the Smyrna Social club.'
Elgin Condon and Clifford Condon
made a business trip to Greenville,
Mrs. Ellen Beedy -and Mrs. A. J.
Hale visited with Mrs. Alfred Davis
and Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, Thursday.
Mrs. Albert Northway was an after
noon visitor.
Laurence Gardner went to Green
ville, Saturday, to visit his sister,
Mrs. Forest Mote.
Miss Kathryn Smitfc called on Syl
vester Osborn, Saturday.
Mrs. Susie Harrington, of Belding,
visited with Mrs. Hiram Olds Tues
day. Mrs. Olds and Mrs. Harring
ton called on Mrs. Del. Purdy and
Mrs. A. J. Hale in the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hanks visit
ed with Harry Moon and wife, Thurs
C. B. Johnston and wife, of Belding
were in Smyrna, Saturday, Mrs.
Johnston called on Mrs. Elgin Condon.
Clifford Insley, of Kansas City, Mo.
arrived here Wednesday, ior a visu
with his home folks and other rel
atives and friends.
Mrs. A. Barry, Mrs. Will Cowles
and Mrs. arah Skellenger called
on Mrs. Hiram Olds, Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elgin Condon were
in Belding, Saturday afternoon.
George Hanks and wife were in
Balding. Saturday. Mrs. Hanks call
;d on M
II i i x -v
Sick Headache, Sour Stomach, Bloat
ing, Gas, Constipation all these dis
tressing consequences of indigestion are
avoided if Ihe bowels are kept open
nd regular.
act promptly, without pain, or nausea.
They clear the bowels, sweeten the
stomach and tone up the liver.
E. R. Whltehurt. R. T. D 1, Not folk. Vs.:
"Foley Cathartic Tablets bv done me mots
good than soy medicine 1 ever uH,"
II. J. Connell .
Corner Drug Store
'Cream. Pirodliiiiceirs
We advertise for cream at our cream buying station
on West Main street, Belding. Every pound of cream
hxought t& us will be appreciated. We test your cream
wash your "can and give you a check for your cream in
side of 15 minutes. .
Hours as follows: Open every day from 7 in the
morning until 6 o'clock in the evening. Wednesday and
Saturday evenings to nine o'clock.
We also handle Meadow Gold Butter, Cream Sepa
rators and Buttermilk for everybody.
Beatrice Creamery Co.
wmunmMiwsnmmmmmm nrnnrrrmTmm:
rs. Chas. Winkworth.
Warren Gardner and Sylvester Os
born slaughtered a 400 pound pork
er last week.
Fred Deal has bought a farm five
miles south 'of Ionia.
Ashley Christmas exercises will be
1 i; - - 1 '
You can Just tell by Its healthy,
tlmulatlnft odor, that It la
" - going to do you good
F,I only had some Sloan's Llni
mcntP How often you've aaid
that! Ant) then hen the rheu
matic twinge subsided after hour (
suffering you forgot it! 1
Don't do it again get a bottle to
day and ket p it hcndyXQt possible use
tonightl A sudden attalk may coma
on sciatica, lumbago, sore muscles,
backache, atiff joints, neuralgia, the
pains and aches resulting from expos
ure. You'll aoon find warmth and re
lief in Sloan', the liniriVcnt that pent
trat.t without rubbing. Clean, econom
ical. Three sizes 35c, 70c, 1 1.43
- wm WU I '11
ifif OTlfii I. 1 -
That "Old-Fashioned Christmas Spir
it" of whole hearted generosity is the kind
we all like. T h i s is the time when this
sprit of Christmas is expressed in tokens, of
good-will ; of love and friendship and when
Gifts' that bespeak endearment are sought.
When the question of Gifts of merit for
Men arise this tsore should come naturally
to mind ; because it is the store patterned
after a mans-own-heart and because the
gifts you'll find here are just such things
as a man would buy and enjoy.
Him a Hart, Schaffner
& Marx Suit or Overcoat
There's nothing you could give the Man or Young Man t h a t
would be more appreciated, or thatwould express more fully that Spir
it of Good-Will than a suit or overcoat made by Hart, SchaiTner &
Marx because everyman knows that only the best of everything go
into these Nationally known clothes.
We're now offering these clothes at a flat reduction of 20r of the
original price which nyikes it possible to give a present of this kind for
a nominal price.
$40 Suit or Overcoat, now $32
. 50 Suit or Overcoat, now 40
All others reduced in proportion
We are listing below a few of the many smaller items that we can
quote you some big savings and exceptionally low prices in.
Men's Dress Shoes
20 below value
Now $3.20 and up
Dress Shirts
exceptionally appropri
ate gift
80c to $8.00
S o m e exceptionally good
numbers for all kinds of use.
50c to $4.00
Bath Robes
Just received and
Priced Very Low
Something a man always
50c to $3.00
Hosiery ,
Something a man always
needs. Silk and Lisle.
25c to $1.50
Remember that Saturday, December 18th, is the last day of our
Big Sale as advertised last week. Look over your bill and do your
Christmas buying now.
Any Goods Exchanged . T71 -But
no money Refunded h1rp7r
after Christmas. JI 11 IIOILVLU
& Eimniminmfloir
Store Open
Every Night
Until 9 P. M.

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