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ij Want Column
On icm a word.
V tSothlnjt inrted fo' ! ihnjc
WANTED Poultry at my residence
Highest market pr ces paid. H. J.
Currie, 1014 S. Bridge street, phone
391. 83-ltMf
FOR SALE A Country Club Over
land. I nquire at Uanner-News ofli
ce. G5-20-1
USIV) CAKS I have several used
cars of dilTerent makes and models
all in good condition If you are
looking for a good car, come in
and see me before you buy. Wil
lard H. Johnson, phone 2S5 and
336-2R. 64-20-tf
IF YOU WANT Sweet cream, sour
cream, sweet milk or sour milk see
W. L. Hall, 216 E. Liberty St. Call
between 8 and 11 a. m. 23-JZ-tl
LADIES Now is the time to have
your hair combings made up to
order. See Mrs. Wright, over
Peoples Bank. 26-121
FOR SALE 2 Jersey Heifers, one
coming 2 years old, ue Dec. 1. one
comng 1 year old. Apply at ford
Garage. 41-19-J
old cows, 1
WANTED Men or women to take
orders among friends and neighbors
for the genuine guaranteed hosi
ery, full line for men, women and
children. Eliminates darning. We
pay 75c an hour spare time, or $36.
a week for full time. Experience
unnecessary. Write International
Stocking Mills, Norristown, Pa.
ARTISTIC Picture framing. Sample
nouldmri at Patterson's store Ar
thur Fitzjohn, phone 148. 84-25-tf
FOR SALE Good dry wood at $4
per cord. Leo Shindorf, phone 2C9
CR. 9-32.tf
FOR SALE Good wood. Fred
Purdy, 723 S. Peasant St. Phone
216. 44-51-tf
FOUND The best place in Belding
to get a good shoe shine. Electric
Shoe Shop, 120 S. Bridge St.
FOR SALE-Farm of 90 acres. 22
acres timber. F our and 1-2 miles
northwest of Belding. For price
and particulars see Fred King,
Administrator, over the Rhoton
stores. 64-47-tf
FOR SALEMy home at 716 Broas
street. A bargain if taken at
once. Miss Carrie Holmes. 1-44-tf
WOOD FOR SALE All oak. Deliv
ered in two cord lots at $4.00 per
cord. Peter Humenny, phone 135-
2r, or Mark H. Brown, phone 221-r
FOR SALE One pair of young Per
cheron horses. John F. Kohn,
phone 261-lL-lS.i 52-7-tf
1921 CROP HONEY If you want
a nice cake of fresh, new crop, 1921
honey delivered to you in a sani
tnrv dustnroof carton from a local
apairy, call phone 321-R.
FOR SALE Rebuilt storage batter
ies for all makes of cars. Guar
anteed one year. Thompson's Bat
tery Shop. Phone 201. 21-12-tf
FOR S"ALE Two. 4
giving milk. Call
phone 256.
Wanted Cook stove, w. n. stu- j
art, 114 Leonardstreet. 82-24-l
WANTED Children to care for by
the hour, day er week. Mrs, Bren- j
rnn. Mzza iiamoroK ou x nunc
FOR RENT Modern room, $2.00 a
week. 420 Ionia street. 35-19-tf j
FORSALE My resdence at 09
Merrick Ave. Complete. City wa
ter, well water, cistern, gas: elec
tric lights, 9 room house in ex
cellent condition. $3,0001, half
cash, balance time. Also a vacant
lot adjoining residence $500. Geo.
Palmer. ?5;i?:tf
FOR SALE A gocd rabbit hound.
Come and try him. C. E. Hotchkiss
phone 271-1L-1S.
LOST A ten collar bill about 4:30
o'clock, Tuesday, between Patter
son's and Lincoln's stores. Please
return to 515 Crook's Avenue.
Illustrations by
It-witx Myers
I a way. Hill Dale had dressed himself
I've been nvonderlnV mur- and was standing on tlie vine-hung
mured Babe. "Which Is prtier, Bill, I front porch, and he' was only a few
bust or hurst?" seconds ahead of John Moreland.
Pale spoke quickly. "Burst for you, I Then there came the tearing sound
I. ust for me. Will you go hack to' of a heavy explosion lnlhs to the east-
319 East Wash- i
51-14-tf :
table and buffet,
ington St.
FOR SALE Second, hand
iiiinhlo for anv Duroose.
M-pnm spnarator. chean. W. D.
Pond. ?5:18.lfi
FOR SALE I large swinging baby ,
basket. M rs. Bert Gregg. 62-20-tf
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms
at 203 West Congress street. Mrs.
George Carothers. 52-20-tf
FOR SALE One high speed wash
ing machine, cheap if taken at
once. Phone 269-1L-1S.' 88-21-1
FOR SALE CHEAP A square piano,
beautiful tone and perfect condi
tion. Call Mrs. B. J. Storey.
WANTED Potato pickers at my
farm, six miles south of Green's
church. Commence work, Monday
October 10. John Rasmussen.
Citz. phone, Ionia. 51-20-1
Two houses on same lot, corner
Hambrook and Leonard streets.
Good garage and well water, elec
tric lights. This can be bought for
$2,750 and to a responsible par
ty very good terms might be ar
ranged. See this.
One cf the finest homes in Belding
8 rooms and fully eo.uippe ! bath,
hot water hcat hardwood floors
and trim, full basement and near
High school for only $4 200. This
is some buy. $1,000 down w.U
swing this. HOrry and bring your
money. Strictlv mcdern. God
frey & Bennett, Real Estate, over
Worthy's. List your place with
us. We can sell it.
Pat i Ufa?"
Beaten. Babe Llttleford drew a long
breath and smMed.
"Vs. Mister Dale," she answered
resignedly. -I will. I'll go whar
where you want me to go, ef If It's
to Torment. Now tell me how It comes
that 1 find my people and their Iik-
inies Us thkk as m'lasses In a Jug,
while we walk on."
When Dale returned to John Mnre
land'H eahln from having seen Babe
wurd. . -
VDo-ye know what It Is?" Inquired
the mountaineer.
"They've stolen 'our dynamite from
the tobaTo-!ani, and blown. -up the of
fice and supplied building and the com
missary building; also they've blown
up the big trestle near the siding,"
Dale answered.
"At's iny ; guess, too," said More
land. " : ' '
Within-the next half hour Dale and
Haves. Ma tor Bradley, 'and the men
Llttleford safely to her father's door, j folk-of the Morelands and the Little-
he found Major Bradley and By Heck
waiting at the gate. Heck had some
Important... bad news, lie said.
"Better not tell me about It until
fords had 'gathered around the wreck
of the two big, unllnished frame build
ings. Dale blamed, himself much , for
having left dynamite unguarded In the
lumber, I CHEVROLET 490 touring car. This
also a' car has all new i res ana just
completely overhauled last .weeK.
I need a ! bigger car. Will accept
easy terms to responsible party.
E. F. Bennett, CO Godfrey &
FOR SALE Potato crates.
& Co.
as new.
WANTED Boarders
brook street.
at 237 Ham-59-20-2
FOR SALE New Perfection oil
heater. Used one veck, cheay.
Inquire at Banner-News office.-
' . 71-21-1
FOR SALE Five cows two new
nvlks. two others soon to freshen.
Joe Fisher, R. F. D. No. 1. 70-21-2
LOST Gray glove on
Wednesday. Return
News office.
Main street,
to Banner-
FOR SALE A two seated
top double buggy. Good
Phone 266-4rings
acres of land, about 4 miles from
Belding. J. M. York, at Conner's
Store, Belding. 49-20-4
FOR SALE One of the best homes
in Belding, modern to the minute
except furnace, might cons:der a
farm deal. Retiring farmer, this
is ycur opportunity to get a good
home right. Write OM. Aycrs,
723 Fenton St., Flint.Mich. 50-20-2
FOR SALE Good hard coal stove.
Ed. Reeves, phone 127-3R. 68-21-tf
run aauir-leanv new cc.nv
i flat iron, $5f.00, and Hoover Elec
I trie Vacuum Cleaner $45.00 A. J.
Gardner, Smyrna.
LOST Col "en Saphire ring, tied in - c 4 1 , . .fw- 771
handkerchief, on N. Bridge street. FOR SALE-Hard coal stove base
Mrs. Wm. Telfor, 309 Hambrook burner. Mark Leetch, phone 145-
street. 7-21-1 W. 90-21-3
FoTsArE-Northern Spy apples. FOR SALE-Jood rabVt dog. in-
Wm. Wilson, phone 273-3R. 66-21-2 quire of Freeman Kilborn. 91-21-2
SMOKERS OF'bELDING who wish FOR SALE Stoves, cheap range,
a good mild cigar, try the "Double gas stove, hard coal stove, cook
Guarantee" strictly hand made. stove, oil stove, laundry stove.
Sold at Dehn Sons. Made by the Hrge If Carothers. Belding
Al Knee Cigar Factory, Green- Mercantile Co., phone 105-2.
ville. 72-21-4 9
FOR SALEbne coal heating stovl FOR SALE 60 tons good hay at $14
aad two wood heating stoves. Cheap per ton, at barn. Cal Brooks. Bell
F. H. Totten, phone 33. ,73-21-tf phone, Orleans. 18-21-1
ilTsALForner lot south side, FOR SALE 20 bushels nice pop
3 blocks from Main St., best res- corn, shelled at 6c per pound if
ident section, side walks and sew- taken at .once. Asa Brooks, at
er in. F or price see W. F. Bricker Belding High school. 79-21-1
75-21-tf FOR SALE Reg'stered Poland-Chi-
FOR SALE L ttle Jersey Separator na sow and seven pigs. Clair Nor-
All new discs, $15, also one Eu- ton, phone 275-2L-2S. 77-21
reka carpet and nig loom $15, .WANTEDRoom iand board in 'a
n u i;:1!6; CM Moft congenial home, by a young
Bell phone, Orleans. 80-21-1 man N R Care of Banner.ew.
FOR "SALE Corn stalks, $6.00 per 76'21'1
load. Cal Brooks, Bell phone. Or- SALE Black pop corn. Leland
leans- 81'21"1 Thompson, phone 302. 74-21-1
LADIES- Now it thetime this Is SALE Dodge touring car. In
the place to have tho molei. lnnearunninf? condition, new tires,
warts, etc. removed. Phone 32b J, fMr . o qoranar Mich
for appointment or see Mrs. M- E- Gr.swoM, Saranac, Mien.
Wright over Peoples Savings Bank
28-12-1 FOR SALE OR TRADE One Ivers
SOMEThTnG NEW An all wool P!n? Ad-
tweed overcoat and raincoat com- Lorn!fLS J 98-21-1
bined. Made to measure and war- dress. Box 102, Belding. 98-21-1
ranted. From $18 to $25. Keep LOST Star broach pin, with garnet
warm and dry. 65 styles of rain- pett'ngs. Reward f returned to
coats for everybody. Phone 53. J. 8tore Gr house. Mrs. E. C. Lloyd.
P. Presley, Belding. 17-18-4 3-2l-tf
FOR SALE Two good work horses FOR SALE Flour sacks, 10c each,
also one cow. Fay Hoppough, 3 for 25c. Home Bakery, Main
Cook's Corners. 16-18-tf street. 1-21-tf
FOR RENT Steam heated, furnish- for SALE Gas heater, bench
ed room, within Mock of post offi- wringer, leather couch, dining
ce. 116 E. Congress street. 97-21-1 room table, bed springs. Mrs.
FOR SALE Good seven room house Clyde Knapp., 86-21-1
and bam. on Root street. .Truman poR SALE 10 Six-weeks old pigs.
Currie, 910 Alderman St. 25-18-tf John H. Andres, phone 269-1L-1S.
- , 87-21-1
WANTED Girl for general house-
work. Call at Banner-News office. FOR SALB Thirteen shoats. W. L.
96-21-1 Reeves, R. F. D. No. 3. Belding
. . . pnone 125-1L-3S. 85-21-1
WANTED Chimney cleaning aid
atovei blackened, cleaned and set FOR SALE 250 new and second
-op "-Allen Conklin. Call phone 88 hand books. Call evenings Jud
ever prepared. When they had ttn
l.l:ed eating, John Moreland led the
way into the bet room, where they
took chair. The major produced
c';r. rs. By Heck, swollen with a feel
lig of mvatness, lighted the wrong
end of hN weed, faced Dale, and be
g:;n to iniluinh n his mind of !ts weight
o.' iiil'i rniatii'ii.
"Well. Bill, old boy," he began and
then stopped to wonder why hi cigar
wouldn't smoke a well a: the major's.
"Well. Bill, old boy." lie went on. jinal
Iv. "lli'iiderson (!olT. h's shore been
ia busy a a one-armed man In a bum- 1
blebeej i.est. I cain't s'e, I god, what's
wrong v. ith this here seegyar. lie's
went and brung about twenty-live Tor
ie.s from two places knowed as Jer
uslem coe and llatton's bell, to help
work his mine when he g!ts It. They're
: il a-puttin" up with them Bull. The
Torreys Is pairt ' Injun, Cherokee
jtm, and I've heered It nald 'at 'they
lis as bad or wuss'n rattlesnake
Major Bradley blew a little cloud of
smoke upward. "More of the game of
blurt, perhaps." be suggested.
"I'm Inclined to think m." ihought
lully said Dale. "Well, we'll avoid
tumble as long as we decently can;
and when we can no longer get around
it. we'll call In h much of the law
as we can get, and meet It half-way.
Kb. Hayes?"
"Sure," nodded the mining expert.
Dale was on bin way to the new
ldlng the following morning, when be
met Henderson Joflf. Again Dale was
forcibly reminded of stories be had
heard and read of Mississippi river
steamboat gambler of the long sgo.
,olT stepped out of the trail, smiled
mtmI spoke, with apparent good humor,
Dale passed him without a word.
Then th shyster coal man called
out, "Heady to sell yet?"
The Moreland Coal eommny'H man
ager halted and faced about with a
puckering of hla brows.
-For a fair price, yes."
"Just what would you call a fair
"Oh, somewhere between two and
three hundred thousand," promptly.
tioff sniffed, and the corners of bis
mouth came down. '
"You don't want much. You won't
get It from me!"
"I don't want It from you."
Iale turned and went on. He waa
sorry that he had stopped to talk with
the fellow.
That afternoon be again met Ooff
In the trail. The bare sight of the
his right hand fell upon the butt of
the big revolver on hi hip. Ooff as
about to sidestep In the laurels, when
Dale cnujrht him roughly by the arm.
"See here," he said sharply, "you've
about cut your little swath. We've
had enough of you. You can't get thla
coal at any price, and the sooner you
get yourself out of this country the
letter and aafer It win be for you.
To be plain, I'm pretty apt to thrash
jou the very next time I see you. Now
more on!"
Goflf went off laughing wickedly.
"Oh, all right, Dale; go ahead and
build the little road for me!" he said.
Late that night every sleeper In the
valley of the Doe was awakened by a
great, rumbling explosion, which was
followed almost Immediately by an
other great, rumbling explosion. Be
tnr the reverberations had died
after supier," replied Dale. "I'm as j tobacco-barn but nobody else blamed,
hungry as you ever were. By." hiiu for It.
Tin y went In to sit down, to one of j ' "It's time to Jer the law In," be said
the best - meals Addle Moreland haa wtien he had viewed the Jumbled mass
of broken planks and timbers by the
light of lanterns, lie turned to stal
wart Luke Moreland.
"You get on my horse and ride to
t'artersville for the sheriff. Tell him
he can get the best posse In the world
right here. If he needs one. It's the
proper thing. Isn't It. major?"
"Yes." snid Major Bradley, "It's the
proper thing. You've got a real griev
ance now. - But' I fancy Croft had noth
ing jo do with this; be is -shrewd
noij-'! 1 to know that a thing like thl
would cook his go. se. tJofT has been
nlavini; r blulf game all a-'oug, you '
know. Some Balls or some Torreys.
perhaps a mixture of Imth. have done
!hls without iJotT's knowing anything
about It. I'd have Sheriff Flowers r
ivst several of the Balls and several
of the Torreys, ami try to scare them
info turning state's evidence to save
' The mnjor fin!s!:ed In a low tone,
because of the probability for eaves
droppers, and In this he wi s wise.
"We'll do that," Dale decided.
lie faced Mayes, his right-hand man,
and began to give orders like a vet
eran general manager. The men were
to take their rifles with them to work
In the morning, but they were to Are
no shot mile It was In defense of
life or property. In th morning every
available wagon In ti e valley was to
be sent to' the little sawmill that was
in operation ten miles toward the low
land for more building material.
By Heck Joined them then. He
guessed Just what bad happened,
plucked at I file's ideeve and whis
pered :
"Spoken I take a sneak or two to
ward them lowilown, waJnut-eyed,
knock-dineed, dajlblamed Balls and
Torreys and And out what 1 can And
out; hey, Bill?"
The answer catm readily: "Sure,
vou be detective. But be careful that
you don't lose anything for us, y
know. If you don't gain anything."
By Heck and his rifle disappeared
in the darkness of the mountain night.
A little after work-time that day.
Bill Dale- started alone on the way of
the narrow-gauge railroad for the sid
ing. He wished to see for himself Just
what the damage had been to the
trestle, and he hoped to meet Coff, or
a Ball, or a Torrey, and Jearn some
thing that would be to hi advantage.
Before he bud covered two miles, he
had seen two of the enemy skulking
through the woods, and lie recognized
them for Torreys from Jerusalem
Cove and llatton's Hell; he knew It
by their very swarthy skin, their high
cheekbone and their coarse black
hair, the outcropping of the Cherokee
Indian Mood In them. They looked
cunning and wicked. Dale loosened
In Its bolster the big revolver that
Major Bradley had persuaded him to
carry for his own protection. John
Moreland had taught him how to use
fl rearms.
At a point near where the little
stream that flowed past the Halfway
switch emptied Into Doe river, where
Doe rive? turned almost squarely to
the left, Dale halted abruptly. He had
sen a man dart behind a scrubby oak
some thirty yards ahead of -him; quite
naturally, he concluded that the fel
low meant to waylay him, and he, too.
stepped behind a tree, a big hemlock.
A silent minute went by. Then Dale
put his hat out on one side of the tree
and peeped from the other side; It
was an old trick that C.randpap More-
inH hai told him about. A rifle
' dtnfns- F0R SALE-Undenyood typewriter, crack,,, proinpti, and sharpy, nd a
?s M?s I ln 1xce"tnt co,ndlt,on' .v.ei7 eftP' I bullf thole appeared In the rlm of his
g8,-v?.r: apply Salzman s sons, Main street,! . ' 1 n" .
86-21-1 Belding. 83-21-1 "at!
control, rose' quickly. He tried to rea
son with himself, and couldn't; his
passion mastered him. He snatched
tbe big revolver from Its bolster and
cocked It. With as steady a hand as
ever held a weapon trained, he began
to take aim at Ball's slouch hat, the
half of which was In plain view at one
side of the scrubby oak.
T fooled you once, back there In
the middle of. the river." he cried hot
y, "and how I'm going to fool you
a Jain!" ;
Tliere was In Ms vo' e that old, old
primitive rage, which frightened him.
and puzzled him too, in his better mo
ments. He let down the bead until It was
barely visible In the notch, and eased
off the trigger. The revolver roared
and spat forth a tiny tongue of flame
and a Jlttle cloud of white smoke. Ball
sprang erect, wheeled, and fell crash
ing to the leave I
Dale dropped his weapon. He went
as white as death, and his two hands
clutched uncertainly at his thront He
was a murderer! No. be wasn't his
bullet bud gone wild; it had struck
Ball's head on the other side of the
tree, by accident-. But how could he
prove that It had been an accident?
Would any Jury believe him? It was
far from probable.
. He stepped from behind the hem
lock and went toward the writhing
fioliath. whose legs only were visible
Then a third shot rang out on the
morning stillness. It bad been fired
from a iMint some little distance
I nwav. and iaies conumon 01 umm m
I the moment was such that he didn't
i even note the direction from which
the sound bad come. He was unhurt,
and he bad not heard the whine of a
hullet or the pattering of shot on the
leaves. When be looked about him,
be saw no one; neither did he see any
telltale smoke. lVrhaps, he thought
dimly. It had been squirrel-hunter
that had fired that shot. He forgot
about it very quickly for the time be
ing, and went on toward Adam Bali,
j who now was lying perfectly still.
1 There was a bullet-hole through and
j through the great, shaggy head. The
face behind the short, curly black
beard was of the colorless hue of
i simpstone. The giant hlllman was
' dead.
as Secretary of the Treasury is at the head of our nation
finances. In his keeping are millions of Uncle Sam's dol
lars. His official acts are vital to business throughout the
country. . j., ;.
But just as vital to you and your business of the fu
ture is how you take care of YOUR money now. Begin
doing it right by starting a bank account at
Sandell's & Bank
West Main St.
Belding, Mich.
, -r-
Sea Serpent Pure Myth.
j There are no sea serpents and j
, armor-plated monsters that rise from
i ocean's bottom 'and frighten vacation-
Ists. 0 says the .prince of Monaco, .
one of the world's foremost nc.mog-,
raphers. Forget, al.o. tl:C prim e sny. j
mental pictures of deep-sea forests of j
Ince-llke vegetation waving gently ni
submarine monsters move laHy j
thro-nrl. It. The depths of the sea nie
! ns barren as the tops of mountain.
That Is why there are no monsters m
the depths of the sea: there Is noth
ing tl ere for them to feed on.
B-ied Cakes f
We are making those delicious
Fried Cakes again. 7
Be sure to get some for your
Ask your grocer
He has them or
vlll get them.
"'" Buy our bread at your grocers on Saturday,' Octo
ber 15. We are putting four coupons, one for $1.00, one
for 75 cents, one for SOcents and one for 25 cents in our
bread that day, you may get one of them. Try it.
FOR SALE 2 large yearling Heif
ers, grade Durham. Vern LaDow,
1-2 mile east of Kiddville. Call
after 4 p. m. 89-21-1
LOST A two jelasp mjrse, contain
ing two keys, about $1 in stamps
and some papers. Please notify
Banner-News office and receive
reward. 95-21-1
Following It. there came the coarse.
bass voice of Itlack Adam Hall, the
mountaineer fJollath:
"You raln't foot me. I Jest shot to
put a hole In yore new hat and to
show ye at I ain't no bad shot, .ion
: raln't hit my hatl"
Dale's temper, the temper that had
alwajs been o hard to keep under
How Does the Present
Situation Look to Youi
We have been going over things in de
tail for many weeks and are ready to
advise you to buy NOW.
1 ... -
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ing to be any lower in price, and there
is more than an even chance that they
will advance before long.
There is no excuse for delay when you can do
business on this basis.
The autumn season is a most desireable time to effect repairs
and changes for a winter of comfort indoors. If you will
look about you will find there are many small improvements
that are not only necessary but essential in the proper upkeep
of a property. List them, and if you are not able to have
them all cared for in a single effort, choose the important
ones and let us estimate costs for you. ,
Our Specials for Saturday,
October 15th.
Asphalt Roll Roofing and Vitrified Mapelton Mingled Red
Brick, beautiful for chimneys and fireplaces.
Eelding Lumbar Company
For Quality and Quick Service Phone No. 8 j

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