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THE RRiniNf. RANNCR.NEWSIer. Mrs. Ske'.lenrer, drove over
(The Beldine Banner, established 1889) w T" T0'"' qvw
(The Beldinff Newsestablished 1895) . ft r new baby, r Grand son Sydna,
(Consolidated May 21, 1918)
Published every Wednesday afternoon
by the I'&nner Publishing Co.,
Holding, Mich gan.
Fd. D. Kngemann H. M. Engema
lCUitors and Publishers.
to1 Arthur Rich was a Sunday dinner1 il.. 'Jfe wish 'for their speedy re-
guest of Mr. and Mrs. 'Miles Mer-. covery. ...
riott. ' " I Alrs- Edith Wood has been M for
i " t Whi:f,wi unrl rhilfirpn. ihtv a counle of weeks..but is better at
emulations to Mr. and Mrs. Snow, llennan, Orlo tnd Esther and Uea-: inia i-tirae. We were-sorry to hear
Callers and guests of Mr. and I trice Lowe were in Be'.ding Satur- .0 Orla .Wood's by Ward, who fell
una cui nis up open wnue playing
Mrs. Al. Parker this week were Mrs. 'day.
Mrs. Win. V. eon
Mri into h t jni. Muhii.Mii pom oiic peldins vith lur daug
s on.l-el-.M niuttrc L,U3VO).MC
. . 7- . ' Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Dean
ouutcnpwun ronpaiu
Oue year In advance -
Six Dionths In l'-MH-e. ,
Three month In n viva net
Canada. ont jear In advance
i Km ma Marshall1 and Mrs. Unify Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and WJ " wagon. It required 4 stitch
I Bolster, Mrs. Levi- Krick and Mrs. ' Mi s. Ellf Morris, a week ago, Sunday . " w close the cut. .
nn Melvin Smith and grand son, Donald.! were; Mrs. George Dean, Mrs. F. - tus rank Dewey has gone to
spent Friday in Peitv. of renwick; Mr. find Mrs. W. ; Minneapolis. Minn., to be with her
ighter, Mrs. Vy M. ; Morris and daughter, Dora, of daughter, Calla, who is .very ill. -
I Fai' 1 Mains u mmm,
ud Mr. and Mrs. William Stanton 1 10:30' standard time.
Miss Florence Murpny- and Mis3
i ii . l .1 ...... i . r a f 1 C1. .).. .1 I
......... $2. 00 un, JKina'ti. arm n.iujjmer, an'i ; moioreu 10 lonty, oaiuruuj iuhu
1T.Z$i!oo baby, were Sunday dinner guesl.3 of stayed until Sunday. with Mr. Stan-J
?" Mr. and Mrs. Arc jenes. tons mother, 2lrs. Uvcen urezee.?,,
W- 1 VI.. ..I .. . .,..11 1 Tl . 1 , n.-I ;n f ...om-illn , 1
Christina nrrm visitpd . hrr Mrs. J. E. Dodson snent Wedncs-I Mr- Jake Lnglebert was a visitor,
grand mother Hagadorn in Belding, day in Ionia and Friday in Belding. . r;Ja' 01 Alcsure.
from Friday until Monday morning, j Mr. Wm. Van Every.and son Freu n Mr- a Mrs. Ld. Mosure and son
m .-.,! f 1,1 ;Zi ! i.nfiv hnntrht ha . Hanv were Tuesday visitors in
Everything in paints at Wortley's thpir daughter. Mrs. Fred Clark, of
Tschtukwa cam ml re girls will hold Benton Harbor. Friday' afternoon anj scns;'Heniy and Theo. and Mr.
anj Mrs.' unariie atem.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hall and chil
DupUr ratia on ipllcatlon. Card of thank,
fifty cents. Huslness locals, on first
Iaee. 12'i cents a line.
itcnSI- They also stepped in Greenville to ivmn Byrnes attenued the teachers
do some shopping. v ' , . in8titu.e in Grand Rapids I-nday.
vi3it" Friday and Saturday from; ley Smith cot.age spent Friday here . ..11'. , ;
ana had as quests, iirs. jane uaucn t,vi4 w
a candy sale at SandelUs bank, Sat- and evening their son and family,
urday afternoon. March 11. Mr. nnH Mrs. Wm. Krirk nnd the
Miss Mildred Parish, of Lansing, latter's father, Albert Snow, visited 1 dren, Ben Hall and grand daughter
visited her cousin.. Mrs. George 11. theo also
caromers over bunday. , Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Emmons, Mr
11 Vi'j" ' -ruuir nas re.uui- and Mrs. Alv,n Beach, of Ionia and
ed to Belding after visiting her son Mr and Mrs. .James Wright and
fib OtantOn. omll.. mnrn Cnnrlait AvVim'nrv nliaite
?etter. S11 J5nd. see the 1922 waI1 of Mr and Mrs. D. W. Dean an-
Mrs. Fred Wheeler .and Mrs. Mel
vin Smith attended the Rebekab
Thimble party Friday afternoon and
paper at Wortley's.
- Russell Howell and wife spent
Sunday with their cousins, Mr. and
Mrs. George H. Carothers.
.: Miss Marvel Kloek. of Lansincr.
Sent the week end with her parents, evcnn
r. and Mrs. Frank Klock. .. -
Miss Vesta Lowry, of Grand Rap- A . WviG LAKE
Ids. spent Sunday at the home of Stanley Smith was up to his cot
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klock. itage last luesday.
Errabelle," were in Belding Saturday
Sunday callers at 'Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Dodson's were: Mr. and Mrs.
Powell anj. children and Mrs. Weid
man; of Ionia.
Floyd MikeseM was in Ionia Sat
Mr. and Mrs. Aioert Houseman's on
edneday evening. . About 30 were
present, 'iney are moving to he Leo
Cowles place. ' '
John Ileffrdn was a week end
guest at the John Murphy heme.
Mrs. Lizzie Davis visited with
M.s. Eu. Mosure, Tuesday.
Mr. Char.es Palmer a"nd famfy of
Gietnville, while on their way to
Bat.le Cieek, Friday, where he haa
Snnriav rallprs at Mr. and Mrs. : emprcyment. became stalled near the
Miles Merriett's were Mr. and Mrs. ; Hoppough school house when the
Jim Stedman. of Palo.
Errabelle, Ethel! Alma and Elmer
Hall spent Saturday afternoon in
Belding with Mrs. Bertha Peterson
and family. '
Mrs. Homer Kennedy, of Orleans,
Rev II D iF Gaffin left on Mon-I Leslie Hall and Herman Whitford spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs.
day for Spring Arbor in the inter- spent last Wednesday in Belding. J-: sn. ""A"?ne rop
est of Sorini? Arbor seminary of1 Mrs. J. K. JJodson ana daugniers , puB, ui yri c.m, ne
which he is a trustee. .Mane andJluth attended the lecture
Mrs. Cora Hitdlebaueh spent Mon
day in Stanton, on business.
' Vester. Dorn returned this week to
at the M. E. Church at Orleans last
Thursday night.
Ernie Leach came over irom ur-
his home in Detroit after spending leans to fish through the ice, Friday
a lew days with his sister, Mrs. Cora alternoon.
Bruff and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phillips and
mother were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Guy Russell.
: Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Smith, of
Belding, were Sunday callers at Mr.
and Mrs. Melvin Smith's.
Mr. and Mrs. Meril Conklin, of
Belding, were Sunday dinner, guests
of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Clark of Bel
ding were Sunday afternoon and
supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mel
vin Smith. Mr. and Mrs'. - Bruce
Pickard were Sunday evening call
ers there.
Mrs. Sarah Skellenger, of Mc
Brides, is visiting her daughter and
family,.- Mr.- and Mrs. Wm. Wright,
and Friday, Mrs. Wright and moth-
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stedman were
over to their cottage Sunday from
Pa'o. .
Glen Pierce was up to his cottage
Stanley Smith sold his cottage
last week to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Van
noon with Miss Mane Dodson.
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Merriett and
tiuck in which they were moving.
broke down and could not be gotten
any farther. ' They stayed at the
Will Dicken home, and Mr. Dicken
tooK them to Greenville, Saturday.
Visitors at Hoppough school, Fri
day were: Luella Murphy, Charles
Mosure, Addie and Ethel Shear.
Mrs. Gertrude Clark visited at
Mrs. Ed. Mosure'a, Friday. . .
rriday night, Mr. and Mrs. Verne
nephew, Winsor Chapman, were in Leach entertained the East and
ot.ll.l . J i . a m. ... - -. .
Shiloh, Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. William
were in Ionia, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wood nd when his young friends gathered a
children and Mrs. John Randall, all ! his homa to inform him of, his nine
of Grand Rapids, visited at E. L. tenth birthday anniversary. Afte:
Brooks, Sunday. f spending a very enjoyable eveninj
Vvest Moseley Pedro Clubs, a crood
attendance and a jolly good time was
had 8y all..
Harry Mosure was given a pleas
ant JLtle surprise Saturday evening
when his young frien.ls gathered at
Surprise Party
A genuine surprise party was giv
en Miss Jennie Crippen at her home
in Orleans on ' Tuesday, February 28
hv Mh r.. e-..i.i: i : i
daughters, it being on the occasion
of her birthday anniversary. So ac
tus. omcd are they to having unex
pected company that the bus had left
visitors both front Belding and Ionia
without causing any unusual com
ment, except a slight misgiving as
to prepared desert, holding out, but
wjtn tne coming of the third lot of
fricn-Ji the secret was out and the
day was a happy one, long to-be re
membered by her. Some nice gifts
were presented Mins Crippen, among
them a lovely birthday cake from
Mrs Maretta Nummer of Belding.
14 guests partook of the dinner
anion f thorn .min r f is r
",. - "t Ben
edict, of Pontiac, with her daughter,
Mrs. Ray Curtis and granddaugh
ter, Jean.
Attended State Convention
Albert and Herman Salzman drove
eo Jackson, Thursday to attend the
convention of the State Association
of Dry Cleaners of which they are
members. They had a very nice
time and picked up lots of useful in
formation. On Friday evening an
entertainment was given by some of
the prisoners from Jackson prison,
some of whom were 'lifers V but were
unattended by guards or wardens.
L. L. E. C. Meeting .
The Ladies Literary Exchange
c.ub he'd its regular meeting at the
home of Mrs. Agnes Ballard, Thurs
day, March 2nd, with a good attend
ance At the close of the business
meeting Miss Evelyn Ballard opened
the program with a iano solo, after
which Mrs. Lydia Pinkham gave a
reciew of the book "The Great Hun
ger. Some tender and beautiful
passages were broucrht out in the
' review, and Mrs. Pinkham Is to be
highly congratulated on the way she
with' two piano numbers by Mrs.
Neil Miller. The next meeting will
be held Mafch 16th, at the home of ,
Mrs. Ii. r. Brown, with Mrs. 1. L. V
presented it. The program, closed j Hubbell, assisting hostess.
Every, of Franklin, near Detroit.
William Stanton spent Tuesday in j
T1 I
rewamo. i aof t i f ni
ivay "r'" :u -1 Mrs. E. L. Brooks called on Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs: Rollin Donovan, of
Belding, spent Saturday night and
Sunday at John Donovan's.
Ldwin Brooks was the week end
Rapids to spend Sunday with his
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hall and
daughters, Errabelle and Virginia,
who came home ffom her school at
Cedar.Lake to spend a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Dodson nnd
daughters, Marie and Ruth, wero in
Belding, Friday evening. Mrs. Dod
son and daughters to attend th3 se
nior play and Mr. Dodson spent the
evening with his sister, Mrs. Hiram
G. M. Spencer, Saturday evening.
Mrs. Will Lessiter called on Mrs.
Ne son Peterson, Monday afternoon.
We are sorry to hear that Mrs.
Manly Whitten isn't getting along Lowell.
US W C11 US t A JJUU l,t'U.
Mr. and pin. Roland Timm, of
all departed wisning him manj' more
nappy anniversaries.
Mr. and Mrs. Lodi tliear, of Keene
were Saturday and Sunday guests
of his per pie, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shear
Miss Florence Murphy was the
tfeek end guest of Miss Vivian
.Merle Miller and family visited
Punday with his folks, south of
Mr. and Mrs. Will Daley were vis-
Belding spent Sunday at Will Les-, itor? in Lowell, Sunday.
sitnr's. Mrs. Jerry Divine visited' with
Mr. Ferguson and family, wlio her brother and family in Keene cn
have Deen working lor Will Lessiter Saturday.
the past year, expect to move in the Mr. and Mrs. Flovd Clark and ba
Jay Norton house. I by Royal, visited Tuesday at the Di-
xvir. anu iurs. ueorge nuien, ox. vine nome.
Knit Tex
The most practical light weight
coat built for men.
Made of all virgin wool, long
filler fabric, it will wear and re
tain its original good looks longer
than any other garment known.
This is the most practical spring
coat made and we're now show
ing some new numbers that you '11
appreciate at
Rain Coats and Gaberdines in
all grades.
$5 to $28.00
Evans, spent Friday at Will Lessi
ter's. Miles Bowman .and family and
r rank Bowman and family, of Oak
Ed. Mosure and .family visited on
Sunday afcyr.oon in Lowell.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowen and
children were Low 111 visitors Fri-
Belding Market
quotations j
. March 8, 1922.
The reports of local buyers denote
the following change in markets:
eggs hale m.ade quite a drop, from
last week they were 28c and are now
down to 20c, this being caused by
the amount they already have on
hand and the marked for them is
very low in larger citie3. Meat mar
kets are as follows on hogs dressed
13c. This is one cent higher than
last week's report. Beef, alive, has
raised and is now Gc. Veal
calves remain the same which is 9c.
Lambs re also the same as last
week. Hens are now 20c, having
dropped 2 cents. In the grain mar
ket there is very little change. Wheat
remains the same. Rye' dropped 3c,
oats dropped 2c and beans have also
dropped 25c 'from $5.50 to '$5.25. Po
tatoes are now $1.25 having dropped
15c. As for feeds, they remain the
same. Butter fat has dropped 'lc
and is now 33c.
This is the jime of the year when you should
anticipate your concrete work for the coining season
jj and let us prepare an estimate for you. We are ex
perts in this line and can assist you materially in your
Concrete Workers
tit;.!? iittzxumiim uinizx?jiiiziiiittxiztztizt
es m
$500.00 cash handles this.
$500.00 cash, handles this.
$500.00 cash handles this.
$500.00 or less handles this.
THE BEST, BROAS STREET ..... : . . . $3,050.00
One of the best in town at this very low figure,
furnace, bath, gas, electricity, dandy porches,
n'everything. In fine condition.
NO BETTER IN IONIA COUNTY . . .... $9,000.00
60 acres within 3 miles of town, Al land, Al
buildings, Al fences.
See Us For Used Cars
Held were Sundav cruests-of Mr. and dav
Mrs. Noble Spencer. Mrs. Alice Peterson visited, Sun-
Mr. and Mrs. John Donovan andjy ,in Smyrna with her son, Mr.
daughter, spent Thursday evening at Noble Peterson., n . ,
C!are Elkin's, of Oakfie'.d. Miss Mable Osbcrn and Miss Lea
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brownell were I Jtnkins an'J Carlton Nicholson, of ,
in Cedar Springs. Friday. i Chlca,?":,. Erl Nrton, D. S. Pear-;
Mr. anA Mrs. Hnn Ilnnnvfln anpnt ! son, Willie Cowles and Thelma Pear- i
. I - (
sun were ounuay .anernoon crners
at the Will Dicken home. i
Mr. and Mrs.. Leo Richmond an 1 1
two boys, of Belding, and Mr. am? '
Mrs. Day Richmond and baby. of.
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Stokes, of Greenville.
. Mrs. Ben Bcker js very sick with
sugar dicbetis.
Frank Donovan has finished cut
ling lumber at Parnell and the mill1 m'TnaJ' .7e5VS1lniay v,,sltors at i
has been moved to Cannonsburg. : Mr. and Mrs. ill Pearson s.
Rollin Dcncvan and Mrs. Ed. Whit- .M.r-. T.k. fJolIy.of TCartoni lty'!
ford, o f Belding, called at Frank ' visited his sister. Miss Lelah Jolly a
Donovan's. Tuesday afternoon. I st week at the home of Mr.
tv,q t a a ma f wa ctiio and Mrs. Clayton Baker.
The L. A. S. held with Mrs. Stella .
Loom is was well attended, all enjoy- J
ed a fine time, proceeds of the din
ner were $1G.75.
. W. R. C. Attend Funeral
The Belding Dan S. Root Corns.
Mr. and. Mrs. James Donovan and i ,N?- i:? "ttfn Jed fhe funeral of our!
.ViiMrrn fnnt- timnor ifV. -a?,. an'DPovei I'ast iresitJer.t, Mary bkcl-!
I Mm. Ed. Whitford of Belding, Satur- j l at hetr, h?me nM?Iar,h 7 and
day evening ' Mrs. Mary E. II. Coville, ,Po;t De-1
Joe Renlorrle callc 1 at Ben Boker's Prt ment anJ Past btate ofucer con-
and Will Saunder's, Sunday ducted the impressive burial service I
Ben Donovan and son, Simm, of j of the order, assisted by the oflicers
near Belding, visited Frank Donovan and members of the Corps. We ex-j
Sunday. tend our most heartfelt sympathy to j
Mr. and Mrs. Will Drewveski. cf the berenved family, we like them-1
Greenville, spent Saturday night and j selves shall rais her splendid influ- i
Sunday with the latter s parents, ence and her cheery smile, she hav- i
Butter Fat
Hogs, dressed 13
Besf, alive ....
Veal Calves, alive 00
Lombr, alive 4 10
Hens, alive 20
Wheat, No. 1 red 1.26
Wheat, No., 2, white 1.23
Rye .85
Oat3 40
Beans 5.25
Potatoes, cwt ...1.25
Hay, ton $14-$10
Bran, per cwt .... 1.95
Middlings, per cwt 2.00
Cornmeal, per cwt 1.75
Corn and Oats, cwt . .1.75
Ground Oats, per cwt. 1.75
Mr. and Mrs. Manly Wolf.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bear and
Mrs. E. L. Brooks were in Grand
Rapids Tuesday. .
Will Ringle is doing some varnish
ing for Ray McArthur.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L Beardslee were
Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Wilcox and daughter, Abbie, at Ionia
Mrs. Wilsox has been quite ill for
some time but is better now.
Be sure and meet the-members of
the fourth division club at Lamb's
grocery store Saturday. Look it up
in another part of this issue .and
you will find out what for.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Brown and
Mrs. Tuttle were guests of Harold
Brown, at Belding, last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kraas, of Sand
Lake, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Ellis one day last week.
Social events are coming thick and
fast front now until April. Mr. and
Mrs. Rasmusson entertain with an
aid dinner March 24. Mr. and Mrs.
Skillen, in behalf of the Community
Boosters club, have a box social on
March 17th, at which we are sure, of
having a lot of fun, it being St. Pat
rick's day. Solomon's Carpenters
meet this week, Thursday, at Mrs.
Robert Luscombe's in the afternoon
and also Thursday afternoon we are
requested to be present at the meet
ing held in the Baptist church at
Greenville. The new Forward Step
campaign will be explained by two
men of the state.
The fourth division. club met last
week, Friday, with Mrs. Beardslee.'
All report a very good time, and
listen, girl, they have a secret they
won't tell anyone. How will we go
at it to find it out?
Miss Kittie Lawrence is making
nn extended, visit with her aunt, in
The church has voted to have their
regular covenant meetings the last
Wednesday evening in every month,
at the church. Please remember.
We were sorry to lose out good
members to Belding Baptist church,
Tbut know that Belding will gladly
receive them and be the jwinner.
fi. Ti. Ma.v t,',nnA
Mjand Gladys Tothill hve Iwn quite
ing been a long time member of our
order. We also thank Mr. E. Cook,
Mr. E. C. Lloyd, Mr. W. Wilson, El
mer Heether and Mrs. Kempher for
donating their servicer nd autos for
our conveyance on that day. '
Anna N. Cowles, Press Cor.
School Play a Success
The Senior . class play "Merchant
of Venice Up-To-Date" which was
presented by the class in the opera
house, Friday night was a success
from start to finish. For the first
time in the history of the local op-;
era nouse tne seats were an sold long
! before the doors 'opened and a num
ber were turned away.
Old Time Local, Merchant Dies...
. Albert Cusser received a telegram
this morning telling, of the death, of
his L rother-iit-law, Dick Hale, a his
home in National City. California, on
Monday. Mr. ilaie 'vas formerly lfl
the fehoe business in this city, and
livea in the house how owned and oc
cupied by W. C. Sn'cer.
Church Of Christ Notes
Again the members have more
than made their pastor, H. E. Curch
happy through their loyalty to both
himself and the work, by giving the
fiastor and his family a hundred days
eave of 'absence with full salary to
attend the Southern Bible Institute
at Black Mt, N. Carolina, this sum
mer, surely "In union there is
strength" and both pastor and peo
ple will be stronger for such service,
which the minister more than appre
ciates. Last evening Y. P. S. C. E.
had their business meeting and so
cial evening in the upper room at
th church. L. A. S. today at Mrs.
Ida Hansen. Prayer meeting on
Thursday evening at 7:30 and Bible
study at 7:30 Lord's Day services
at 10 and 11 a. m. and aid 7 p. ra.
All are invited. k O
(Standard Time)
p. m. a. m. a. m. p. m.
1:30 7:20 lv. Belding ar. 12:00 G:30
3:30 9:30 ar. Gr Rpds lv. 10:00 4:30
a. . m.
; Belding 1
Grand Rapids
7:30 lv.
9:30 ar.
p. m.
2:30 lv.
4:3X &r.
a. m.
ar. 12:00
lv. 10:00
p. m.
ar. 8:00
lv. 6:00
Grand Ranids
Passengers Drotected bv Public Li
ability Insurance.
Special parties at any time.
Phone 259.
Corrected July 27, 1921
Jonia to Howard City - - 6:49 a. m
Grand Rapids to Saginaw -. 7:66 a.ra
Saginaw to G. R. - - - - 10:16 a. m.
Howard C. to Ionia & Det. 11:11 a. m.
Saginaw .- . - ... 2:37 p. m.
Grand Rapids ... 3:10 p.m.
Howard City to Detroit - 4:13 p. m.
Ionia to Howard City - -5:30 p. m.
9. R. to Saginaw, daily tr. 6:44 p.m.
Saginaw to G. R., daily tr. 8:03 p.m.
Card Of Thanks
We wish to thank those who' were
so kind to us during the sickness and
death of our wife and mother, the
Re-Organited Church of Jesus Christ
of Later Day Saints, II. E. .chifrch,
Free Methodist church. Factory A,
Iron - foundry-and whole community.
MrA. R. Gardner and children
Why Wonder
if your "battery leaks.
We have an instil
ment for testing jars
under 20,000 volts.
For long life pow
er and dependability
get an "Exide" bat
ter y, the, accepted
We have all elec
trical parts for the car.
Tho Battery Shop
112 S. Pleasant St.
Phone Shop 209-2R
, House 200-3R
Henry Smith Floral Co.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
When you want flowers for
any purpose
Larger and best equipped floral establishment
in Western Michigan
Store on corner of Monroe and Division Ave.
IMl 173
CHJt. 17t
Far jo Pbonew--Ikli
. '
r ;
i .
EV 1
What Did I pay
for them?
Fve had than so bngj'vc forgoitcn
It's a ecod memory that a pair of HOOD Red
Boots canrot outwear. And wear is in our
opinion abcuf: tiii first consideration in select
ing a boot. At least, other things being equal,
the boot that wears the longest is the one that
gives permanent satisfaction. ' v
Besides wear there is one other outstanding
HOOD feature, and that h qomfort. HOOD
Boots have been made for twenty-five years,
and we have never in that time ceased to im
prove them where improvement was possible.
One result is thai all reinforcements are placed
with scientific accuracy not slapped on in
discriminately and this means extra wear
without clumsy weight or comfort at the end
of a long day's work. Ask your dealer what he
thinks of HOOD Boots and look them o ver '
for yourself. f
Walertown, Mass. ',,.
White Rockt are made
tot every member cf the
family. Men whose work
keep them out of doora
rely on White Rock for
real aervU. The younger
member! of the family
find the White Rock
totea of tough gray tir
tread atock pretty dim
cult to wear out. Buy
White Rock Rubbers for
' l 1

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