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T ty '"' n Dressy Coats of Fur.
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I (
A ttfe editorial talk
about iovs and sor
rows, failures and
achievements of the old
year, and hopes and
promises for the new : :
Suggestions for a New
Year's Eve party : : Also
a few words by a doctor
about " swearing off 99
TANDINO, as we are, upon the
threshold Of tOOtber year, ninny of
us will, hi fancy, go back over the
twelve months tlutt have passed
ami smile when we recall the "New
Year resolutions" we made a year
Yes." a woman will say, "I
made good resolutions last New Year's my In
tentions were of the very best, hut I did
not have the will power to live up to them.
I'ray, what is the sense of making new ones?"
Well, forgVt hist year's good resolutions and
forget the past year entirely. Turn with hope
and confidence to the great new year about to
dawn, and yes, make new good resolutions, as
many of them as your brain can conjure up. Per
haps you did fail to keep the good intentions
that made yon so happy when you thought them
out, but remember you are very human. Indeed,
if we all were not so very human there would lie
; beolllteljr no need of OOT ever making any kind
of good resolutions.
Many of us will see the obi year go with few
i egrets. It brought us, perhaps, an extra share
of enres and disappointments, bat are we not all
the better ami stronger for them, and will not
the lessons they taught us stand us in good stead
luring the OOOalng days? Pear friend, let me as
sure you that the difficulties and discouragements
you surmounted during this still present year will
without question make you a better ami braver
Welcome the new year: and by all means make
new good resolutions. Every one of ns needs to
make them, because as I have said, we are all
man or woman.
In the hearts of most of us Is a wonder, a curi
osity, as to what the coming year may brim: to
us, whether good fortune or had, sorrow or Joy.
How many of us realize that the shaping of our
fortunes daring the year to come is in our hands?
aw do not need to depend on some Imaginary
fate to deal us out pood luck or bad. as she will,
If we have the earnestness and the desire to sne
ered. All Desire Happiness.
But, after all, we want something more out of
the year to come than .just material success, wel
come though that may be. Suc-ess is not always
attended by happineee, and what we all desire
In reality In 1917 is happiness, no matter what Its
sonree. To he eontented ami happy, that is the
most we CUD With for anyone. Including odrsehes.
We Cafl hnd true happiness by making and keep
ing the proper kind of New Year's resolutions.
The annual period for takinp stork of our
mental, spiritual and material resonrees find.
most of us about where we were a
nre living about the same. We are
the same rhOOgh tU.
We are animated by about the
tions. When we tire depressed it
the same old fears.
Some have learned something In the dying
tear. Some have not. Some hope to learn during
the coming year,
Most of ns spend the main portions of our lives
In disappointment over the failure of that which
we hoped Bight come to pass, balancing that with
otir washed-out pleasure that Hie worst of the
tribe's we feared did not happen. Some of us
Mch grip upon ourselves.
This annual stork-taking of OUT mentality
Should light (lie future of the coming year with
the experience of the year fuel paaeed. if it
doetm't do thai We fire not doing the Job light,
The extent to which we have learned our les
sons In the old year will be the measure n which
vr ma gauge our expectation a for the new year.
Turning the New Leaf.
From time Immemorial it has been the custom
of the forehanded irood old-fashioned neighbor to
square up his accounts, make new resolves, slart
cutting off certain bad habit-, and "turn over a
new leaf."
This Is perfectly reasonable and natural. As the
Calendar marks a new cycle of time, so we In-
year ago. we
thinking about
same exposa
ls because of
stinctlvely pause and make ready for a fair new
start in life, even though we know that neither
life nor time has any pause in its onward sweep.
It is probable that there are many more New
Year's resolutions broken than are kept strictly
through the year. Even so, there is good value in
the making of them, in spite of what somebody
has said about the downward road being pared
with good intentions.
(J. od new resolves are pood for us any time,
and a backward glance will not hinder our for
ward march. We cannot make too many efforts
to prune off bad habits and such other dead wood
as we find in our lives each year. All who have uo
faults, pleaae stand !
However, It may be that the best New Year's
resolve we can make this first holiday of 1917 will
lie to start the good habit of beginning new every
After all the mistakes and disappointments and
busim ss battles that leave us tired and sour and
sick, there comes a new day, so that we can begin
over again and do better. If we start such a plan,
the coming year and those following It will be
happier new years.
New Year's Entertaining.
New Year's eve is an occasion of big celebra
tion all over the country, every man and woman
having a desire to speed the old year and wel
come the new with some form of festivity. In
tin cities the hotels and restaurants make a big
feature of this holiday, and each and every one
advertises a special supper, with dancing, etc.
This is idl very well for those who do not have
to count the pennies when seeking pleasure, for
entertainment on New Year's eve conies high.
Everyone wants to be amused, to greet the incom
ing twelve months with jollity and song,
and the consequence is that the restaurants de
mand ami get high prices for entertainment n
that occasion.
There are no end of enjoyable ways of enter
tabling in one's own home on New Year's
eve, and the woman who wishes to pive pleasure
to the family and friends on this occasion can
do st at very little expense. All she needs is to
ask a .jolly crowd, to think out a clever scheme
of table decoration, to arrange some forms of
amusement ami all will be well.
The woman who has fairly large rooms In tier
house will do well to select dancing BS the chief
form of entertainment for the evening. Dancing
has lost none of its fascination for the majority
of folks, and if it is made the big feature of the
party it is safe to say that most of the puests
will be well pleased. A small dance need not be
an expensive affair. If you have a phonograph
nil is well; if not srtrelv you have some friend
from whom you can borrow an instrument for
the evening, Dancing to a phonograph is Just as
good fun as dancing to tin orchestra, provided
one's partner is skillful at treading the "light
When giving a New Year's eve party where
dancing is to be the chief attraction of the eve
ning it Is a good idea to ask one's guests to come
to the affair masked. This will lend mystery and
excitement f' the party and there will be great
fun when the gUOTtl utnnask as the hour Strike
twelve and the new year is ushered In to the
tune of many hnppy voices wishing each other
"Happy New y ear."
After the usual felicitations are over, supper
Should be served. This may be simpfe or elab
orate, just ,'IS the hostess desires.
As for table decorations, a pretty Centerpiece
is to have a star made from a brilliant red poln
settla. In the middle of the star place a tall
Candlestick with a long white candle for the new
year. Bach point of the star should be marked
by a low candlestick holding a shorter white
candle. At the left of each plate have a spray of
UOtneettia, A pretty way t serve ice cream on
this occasion would be to have it molded In the
ti its of a candle and candlestick, the candle to
be the vanilla cream and the candlestick to be
of 1lttaChJn green, A tiny wax taper may be In
serted at the top of sUCh "Candle1 ami lighted
just as :ib are brought In.
A simple supper menu for New Year's eve
m;ght consist of hot bouillon (a thin soup) served
in ups so that It is easy to hand around, chicken
sabid. sandwiches. Ice cream, cake and coffee.
Tl iUPpaf should be of the buffet order, the
men guests helping the girls to the food they re
quire. Dl this way the need of extra help Is
dispensed with and no additional expense Is In
curred on this score.
for1 those who do not care for dancing, cards,
either bridge, "rum," fantan or some other popu
lar game, will do to pass the hours before twelve.
Doctor Smith Talks.
Drinks, smokes and candy are not the only
thing-; to swear off on New Year's day. There
are plenty of others, and for most of us the others
are much more important, sis fortunately the
readers of this department are not victims of
rum and tobacco.
New Year resolutions, however, should not con
sist entirely of "swear oil's." Too many "don'ts"
are not advisable. "Do" is much better than
"don't." Positive resolves are better than nega
tive ones. If you "swear on" enough g I habits
it will not be necessary to "swear off" any bad
ones. In other words, positive or constructive
policies are better than negative or destructive
ones. This applies to health just as much as to
anything else in life. So. don't think you can "get
by" simply by swearing off on one or two of your
pet vices. Not at till. Your New Year resolu
tions, to he of any real value, must be const rur
tive. You must decide not only to quit some
things, but to begin some things, also.
GoOd resolves and swear ofTs may be grouped
In pairs, and to advantage, it seems to me, Let's
try it that way for a change,
I will take good Pare of my body.
I will not abuse it.
Hold Up Your Right Hand.
This first pair of resolves looks pretty simple.
but if you think a minute you win nee that it In
cludes a multitude of thing". It actually is the
whole thing in a nutshell. !' VOO swear this par
tlCUtur pair of swears, and. Ie,p your oath, you
will have health and hnppineas all the year, and
your bill at the doctor's and the drug Rtfllt will
be so small that you can have an extra new dfttSS
Instead. Let's see what it does include.
I will have "house cleaning" in the house I
live in.
I will not procrastinate in Instituting prepar
edness against disease.
This means that you will have the dentist go
over your teeth with absolute regularity once or
twice a year, but It also means that you have
sense enough to know that the rest of your body
i at least as Important as your teeth and that
you will have your doctoiexamine you from bead
to foot and fix up anything that needs it before
any symptoms appear, which would simply mean
that the process had gone on so far that correc
tion would be much more difficult If not impos
sible. This would Include an examination of the
mine and the blood pressure, both of Which
should be Investigated OOee every year In the
case of evorv person river forty years of age.
I will keep clean inside and out.
I will avoid dirt.
This means not only the daily bath, but It
means the Rushing of the inside of the body so as
to keep the sewers working. It means the drink
Ing of about a gallon of fluid per day. It also
n ns keeping the teeth scrupulously neat.
cleansing them morning, noon and night, so that
hey will not infect everv single mouthful of food
you swallow. What Is the use of pure-food laws
If you save a choice selection of perms between
your teeth so as to spread them on the food which
Undo Sam certifies Is "pure."
It tJeo means sufficient exercise to maintain
bodily activity, so that circulation will keep things
cban Inside and prevent Stagnation, It also means
plenty Of fresh air. so that the ox y pen will oxi
date, fir burn Up, all the debris and the poisons
and the toxins which are being formed In every
body all the time as the result of eating and TTf"
Keep Smiling.
I will cultivate gOOd cheer.
T will avoid anger, hate and morosonT'Ss.
It doesn't hurt to smile. Remember that. It
Isn't hard work. It doesn't cist anything. It
ISft'i Simply for others that one should smile. If
helps fine's self even more than others. Sing!
Whistle I Laugh 1 These things do not cost any
hinp. either, and they help a great deal. We
dof tors know tint If we can get a patient to
laugh and ship It Is pretty sure that he Is on the
mead and n it good ami strong, We also know
that anger, hate, sulks, pessimism ami tdl such
horrid things tire actually destructive. This Is
not Christian BCieOCS or imv other sectarianism,
but Just plait) common sense backed up by the
latest laboratory experiments. All these mental
conditions caue the formation of actually poison
ous chemicals In the body and at the same time
hl.tder the activities of normal health processes.
.Moles and muskrnts may become ex
tinct if fashion continues to demand
their pelts for all sorts of fur gar
ments. Under the marvelous manipu
lation of furriers, tnuskrat becomes
Hudson seal, and it is as beautiful as
Alaskan seal for coats and scarfs and
muffs. It Is hard for an expert to tell
the difference between them, when
tnuskrat Is dyed in the best possible
manner, unless he can examine the
fur at close range.
Moleskin does not masquerade un
der an assumed name, and does not
; need to. So many little pelts are need-
ed for even a small garment thai the
mere work of matching and tewing
I them together makes an expensive an
! delinking. Both furs are soft and pli-
able, with rich ami beautiful color to
recommend thCm. Moleskin is short
lived, and is a fur for the rich, but
Hudson seal, n a good grade, repays
the expenditure which it requires.
'For this winter fashion favors coats
of these skins for dressy wear,
trimmed with long-haired furs, skunk,
fox. marten ami other furs that look
like them, as well as mink and
kolinsky, are used on Hudson seal.
The Orat three are occasionally used
on moleskin. Of all combinations,
moleskin and ermine are liked best.
In the picture a coat of moleskin ap
pears with a collar of skunk. The deep,
plain cuffs do not match the collar, but
are made of moleskin. A skunk muff
is worn with this model.
A short coat of Hudson seal has
a collar and deep cuffs of fox and la
further enriched by a wide border of
this rich fur. When cuffs are very am
ple a muff may be dispensed with, or
a small barrel muff, of the same fur
as the cull's, will give the etfect of a
large muff when the hands are In It.
Fans From Far Japan.
As Christmas draws near, unique
and lovely fans are unfurled in the
Shops in Increasing numbers. Some
of them are works of art at prices
high enough tO give one heart failure,
and some of them are works of art
moderately priced. There are the
usual dainty satin and gauze fans.
Hashing many spangles, fans of rich
lace, gorgeous peacock-feather fans,
atid those of Splendid ostrich. And
there are many painted satin fans. It
(s easy to see why they are of neces
sity high priced.
Hut there are fans that vie with
tar more costly ones in beauty, and
three of them are shown in the accom
panying illustration. They are con
tributed by the clever people in the far
Hast, who knqW how to do so much
with such simple materials. We are
Indebted to far Japan for the beauti
fully colored fans with lacquered
sticks kiiich are ornamented with
such widely different characters, nb--vmisly
with an eye to pleasing us. On
one of these fans we behold the light
hearted Pierrot In I savage attitude. He
Is about to shoot an arrow somew here.
We are left to ponder whether he Is
aiming at the heart of an enemy or at
an American pocketbook.
On a small fan of unusual shape we
may infer that some Sympathetic
Japanese artist has taken a theme
from one of our own soups. An Im
passioned little lady seems to be bid
ding an Bttdieei farewell to "The Last
kose of Summer." There Is a huge
vase nenr by, big eOOOgh to hold all
the petals of dear, departed roses.
The picture 'Hi the third fan Is sure
ly oriental. BOt it has the totirh of
nature that makes the whore world
kin. A discriminating lover filters to
an Indifferent lady fuir a hunch of
Such hits of SCenlC painting might
be interpreted In several ways and
help out to bridge over conversational
lapses while "sitting out" intermission
at the dance or theater.
Japanese Embroidery.
The Japanese are sending us some
beautiful hand-embroidered materials
which are being made up Into lingerie.
Perhaps the most striking examples
are the white silk pajamn sets for
women. The jackets are beautifully
embroidered In grapes and leaves,
cherry blossoms and chrysanthemum
blossoms. In the daintiest of colors,
ami delicate pink lotus blooms. The
prices for the garments nre gauged by
the amount of handwork upon them.
They may be had In delicate colors, as
well as In plain white. There Is also
the short kimono, embroidered In the
usual designs on white, link and blue
Homemade Bath Sponge.
Here Is a small economy for clean
liness nnd COmfort In the hath, says
Popular Science Monthly. As is well
know?), large sponges soon break up
and become useless, and again they
are subject to being clogged up by lm
purities which are now recognized to
be due to microbe growth within the
sponge. This Is difficult to remedy
In the case of a large sponge. A new
Idea Is to assemble small pieces of
sponge In a bag BO as to give about
the same shape as an original largo
Sponge. The bag can be made of Turk
ish toweling or any suitable material.
Thus all small pieces of sponge COB be
utilized and can be kept clean easily.
Mrs. Lena Rood of Seattle, with a
fortune of fSS.OOO.ODO, Is the rlctst
person in the raciflc northwest

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