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A Wookly Journal Devoted to tho Various Interests of Iron County.
Subscription, $2.00 a Year, In Advance.
C. M. ATKINSON, Editor ano Proprietor.
Crystal Falls, Iron County. Michigan, Saturday, Ami. 23, 1887.
Numiikr 14.
.I. I - - I
thousand dollar in nobby Spring Good
that miiMt U' turned into cash without
delay. To do thin I shall make many
concessions in price that from the first
were low.
and women ot keen judgment and ccon--yt
omirnl instinct will lind it to their in-
' veretn to examine my stock Ufore pur
chasing elsewhere. It ih tune that lias
many a line of lino goods by rendering
them shop-worn and unsaleable. It will
not effect me, however, as these goods
must and will Ik? sold in the first flush ot
early offering of desirable styles
line ot Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Caps, Trunks, Ladies' and (ient'H Hoots
and Shoes at prices within the means
of liveryiKKly.
in do not forget that I always have on
hand a largo assortment of Mining Roots
and SluM-s, Coats, Jackets, Shirts, Oil
Suits, etc., which I am selling at lowest
The Clothier,
tziTA(;i:T FOi: tho best Stvnrnship
lines. Draft h soil to any part of ICurojto
' show iq a consuieraoio ore isju. iu
Jvtr front the Itlaney Mine The Matt Olh-
mon mold Shipment from thi IHtriel
VnmtnenredThe Quiney Mine to he
Cleared The Unroll Mining Co.,
11 orkingon Section V4, 43-32.
The Cremeent Iron Mining
Jt I'jrjdoring Co Other
Interesting Satetof
a Mineral Tune.
We have no change to record in the
condition of the iron ore market, with
the exception that there has U-en less
business transacted and fewer inquiries;
but in the face of these facts no unhealthy
symptoms are apparent, and sellers are
firm in their idiasof prices with no nj
parvnt disposition to make concessions
in order to effect sales. Shipments to
turnaces show a considerable increase,
over hist week, however, which is ex
plained by the fact that the settlement of
the late strike on the N. Y., I & O. rail
road has enabled that corporation to
resume its carrying trade. The ore now
on docks will U nearly all denned up
Utwct n now and the opening of naviga
tion, which is existed to Ih; nUmt May
20, and new ore will 1m somewhat later
than last season in reaching port ; and
as the largest amount of ore which ever
reached here? isexiectcd during the coming
season, lake vessels will have their hands
full, and plethoric wallets will swell the
pockets of lucky vessel owners at the
existing rabfc. The American IronA Sbrl
Association is directing its attention to
the heavy importations of iron ore which
are admitted Utnuso of undervaluation,
ami the association claims that these
continued heavy importations of iron,
sb-el and iron ore would not exist if they
were honestly invoiced. It has already
resulted in a decrease! demand for the
home product, and is a subject which
should, ami probably will, I e call.nl to the
attention of Secretary Fairchild inn way
that will result in thorough investigation
and expurgation. We quote :
No. 1 Sjxvulitr iuvt niMpiotie IWhw-
mer onn ttr Ton i m-
No. 1 SHTufiir (non IWswmiht) onH
per toll " """ "'
lk-owmrr lli-nmtltes T. 7ra no
NoJi-lKm'iniT lleiiuiUti'M " OOin 7u
Cleveland Iron Trade lie view.
"You will not find U'ttoroie than that
on the Marquette or Gogebic Ranges"
said Superintendent Swain to a Diamond
Dhii.L representative, as ho broke a
U'autiful piece ot blue ore on the stock
pile, at the Rlaney mine, on Hection 27,
RUTJ, one day this week. It has Urn
deemed advisable not to lower the main
shaft U-yond its present depth 120 feet
at present, but drifting and eros-cut-ting
will Is? carrhil n vigoroiihly. Drifts
are now Uing driven along each wall
with cross-cuts at intervals. Tho main
shaft is located on the east end ot the
proH-rty, but just as soon as the true
course of the vein is determined to a
certainty, a working shaft will U coin-j
rnencod at a point about 1100 feet to the
west and drifts driven east to connect
with those from the present workings.
A trestle has Urn constructed and
two tram can will soon Unplaced thereon
when the on will U. carefully sorted ami
placed in stock pile. Kvery analysis of
this ore HtriiiH to improve; it U-comes
higher in metallic iron and lowerin phor
phorous as thework if development gos
on. The projMTty is U ing t lea nil of
timU r ami rubbish ami with the new
buildings pn sents a taking apiearance.
There is not much doubt now of this
projH'ity getting a spur track this year.
The Lincoln Mining Co., recently or
ganized, U'ganwork onsectioniM.-t.'l-.'lli,
on Moutlay. The indications are said
to U? very promising anil the company
will unearth thooroit it is on the section.
Tne oflicerM of thscompany are: Joseph
! Rach, president; II. J. Fitzgerald, si'cre
! tary and treasurer; J. II. AU1, Joseph
1 Rach, II. J. Fitrgerald, John McDonald
and George Roupp, din-ctors. Messrs.
! Rach, AU1 and Fitzgerald are of Milwau
!ke, John McDonald ot Iron River and
! George Roupp of Iron Mountain.
Kxplorntions east ot the Kimball are
looking wU. Frank Scadden has taken
'an option from Raher A Jann-s, who
' have several pits down just over the
Kimball line. Mr. Scadden will carry on
; exploratory work ami give Raher A
j James $12,000 it he finds the ore. The
5 prosects are the most flattering.
I Preparation arc Uing made to further
1 develoH tho Quincy prosrty, situab-d
! west and near tho Youngstown mine.
(The present working consists of one
hhatt which is sixty.flve feet deep and
uluiurt nt ii rcinsiderablo ro UwH. This
shaft Imu liorn allowed to fill with water,
but it is learned that a Uiler and pump
will le put in and the mine cleared at
once. C. T. McKlroy, of Norway, one of
tho owners was in Milwaukee last week,
making the necessary arangement to
commence oierations.
The Crescent Iron Mining and Exploring
Co., ha Urn organized in Chicago, and
I have taken an option on section eight,
U:Kl.". The officers ami directors are:
I George It. Sterling, president, Chicago;
ill. II.Kose, secretary, Cliicago; Frank
i Rurman, treasurer, Chicago; John
; McDonald, Frank Ihirman, Thos. R.
i Ackers, II. II. Rose, George H. Sterling,
! directors. The company is a solid one.
I Matt Gilison mine, near Champion and
! twenty miles west of this place, has Urn
sold for a largo sum to a Negaum-esyndi-1
cate. ot which Cant. George Mitchell is at
tho head, and Hoskin & Wambold, ot
; Milwaukee, are largely interested. 1 he
price paid is supposed to Ik $."i0f000.
' Cant. Thos. Rail, ot the Youngstown
; mine is a part owner in that property.
j The Range says: "At the Alpha mino
j drifting has Uon commenced. We are
informed by a comin tent mining man
! that the ore Uing raised is ot the very
, Ust quality, and the prospects at this
mine are very encouraging. lapt. .1. u.
t Srhwarti is authoritv for the statement
tit... .... .4l..f 4liiifi L-iiinir the
I l Mil l. Illl tiwii vim i . ... , n
j mine dry, is U ing done, at present.
The docks in this harls)r are in Utter
J condition at present than ever U fore.
I Rridge-buildcr Rowell drove the fender
i piles to the merchandise dock this week
and that dock is now ready to'stand
; H-veral seasons ot business arid lively
business at that. Ore will Ugin to come
in next werk ami preparations are mak
ing to receive. The I Vita.
I V. M. Lace, of Milwaukee; V. D.Nelson,
o! Janesvillo and others have secured an
option from Angus Smith, Guido ITister
nnd others ot Milwaukee, on land ad
joining tho hlintmn mine on ine wusi.
j They will commence exploratory work' at
! once, in the hope of finding the western
i continuation of the ore Issly.
! The Range has it on good authority'
! that, "they have struck aline vein ot ore
' at the Rlaney mine." They have had a
lino vein ot Ressemer ore there for a long
time, which iscontinunlly WingdevcloiH-d
! by the energetic superintendent, Mr.
Swain, and which is constantly improv
' ing in quality.
! Cunt. C. T. UoU rts, of tho Mastodon
. . . . ! It .4
' mine will do considerable exploring this
season, in the vicinity of the Alpha proji-
ertv, having options on eight forties ml
joining. The captain is a very practical
man and will no doubt unearth a mino
U tore he gets ready to quit.
The bulk ot the work Uinfdone at the
Caledonia mine, just now, is drifting.
' Much of the silver Uaring rock is hoisted,
but it apiears not to U- as rich as was
at Hist supposed, and therefore it is
placed on the rock duihp.
ilUH Illl UK- HHIlllllll'i
. . ... .
U. l.mr.roy,o Norway, ...,
in tho city during tho week, endeavoring
4 .im..: ...wrv ,wi!.,!n5
IU 'jllill V lilt" .HMH J ''", I
tho Youngstown mine, at Crystal rails,
on tho west. Miner and Manufacturer.
Tho Uiiler and punqs for the Kimball
i t . i,lv I 4lll'
none wire invnm un """""V ,
i. ..i....;.. i.... ; iiion U.M.JmJ
VVOlIt III I'liiiuift Minn .' r n
....r..i.1dlv. Theiemain.Ier.dtho plant
U looked for next week.
mm 4 i m iii ci ii lit wi .f. -
Thestmkpile at theMieldeiiiVSliafor is
I.Mtlwoi 10.000 tons. The mino is in
ii f.. vt 1 1 it4 1 .it.l .wimmiii. nl
I'Ali Hi III ninii'v wi .j.... ......
. . ... , i i r
The Faint River Iron Co., has sold
i 1 1 f I... V4!.m..1 l.,r..,,r
I'Minwt w.v iw ...v
Co., of iVin n', and the shipment thereof
will soon U? commencetl.
! Tho Youngstown sent out its first ore
for this season on Thursday. Twenty
live cars to l'scanaba.
j The machinery at the Youngstown
mine will soon U in running order.
! A working force of eighteen men is now
, employed at the Rlaney mine.
Mnrh fxnlorins will U done on lands
adjoining the Kimball mine.
Ruildiug at the Dunn mine is Uing
pushed vigorously.
I Iron Mountain U gan sending out ore
I n' i .. ..
OI1 1 ucsuuy.
Ruildlnir Notes.;
Mr. Galbraith is building a Uirn.
Joseph Champaign has his dwelling rn
cIosihI. Dr. Metcnlf U gan plastering his neat
dwelling, on Monday.
c.yiu.r 1i1i hiiH riuimieiicnl tho
erection of a building, tho dimensions of
? ? WHY
which is 2-1x10 feet, on a lot directly o
posito the Ranncnnan house.
John Larson has u dwelling under
way on Marquette avenue.
Win. Holmes hnscoinmouced the finish
ing of his house on Third street.
Gil. K. Main has purchased a lot on
tho south end ot Fifth street and will
erect a residence thereon.
Lars Lundgren is fast completing his
building on the east end ot main street.
I It will lie used as a saloon.
Thos. Gnllavin is building a residence
I . . . . , .,
I on the rear end of the saloon lot ami is
ft complction as rapidly as
, u 1
Mr. Ohnstcdt is making tho old un
finished house on Marquette avenue
tenentable, by lath and plastering the
. . . . . i ii... t. : . .
mierior ano suoiig int' ei inu.
. , . ... . .
It is rumored that I-red II. Johnson,
i .
the barU-r, will erect a building torn
I "hop on the piece of ground U'tween
'Rower's drug store and the railroad
Cluw. S. Henry legan his building on
main street on Monday, but has discoii
- f .
, tinned work to nwait the decision of the
twn Uiard, as to the purchase of Don
1 '
Ct t H OjHTa hoUSI.
Win. Ioucethas made the township
an offer and the Ua rd is now considcr
ing tho advisability thereof. Throe
thousand dollars has Urn provided for
j the purpose of building n town hall and
Mr. Doucethas offered hi building for
$2,H00, and agrees, it they pun base of
j him that ho will erect a building to cost
! upward $7,000 on the comer opjssite.
1 Should the Uiartl accept Mr. Doucofs
! offer, ho will U foined by
Messrs. R.
i Jhlwson, C. S. Henry and II. McGl'inchy
,. -m the erection ol a orieK iuock. i no
I tmanl is undecided what to do and has
taken time in which to consider.
Considerable snow in the wixsls yet.
Tho season of muddy road is at
A. LuHtflrld ta after you again. Read
his advertisement to-day.
Tho marshal of Ontonagon has Ucn
r.l.nil iii kill all doirs found on the
stru ts without a master. With Mich a
? ? ?
rule here thero woultl HMn boa. great
scarcity of dogs.
A fine, largo brick oiktji houso will add
much to tho Uauty tI the city.
Lou Clapp will removehis family hitla r
from l'scanaba in a short time.
The exterior of Tub Diamond Dium.
office is receiving a coat of paint.
D. Ranncnnan took care of tho Reach
& Rower's Co., during its stay here.
"Six men killed in a mine," says Max,
tho clothier. He suUtitutes it, too.
Judge ('. R. Grant will deliver an ad
dress at Kscanaha on iVcoration day.
Mr. ami Mrs. Gribble,ot tho FairUuiks
location lost a thnv-y ear-old daughter
last Satunlay.
There is no lack of public entertain
ments now days three hens this wink
and more coming.
Logs liegnn going over tho fall on
Thursday morning, though in small lots.
The water is very low.
A. Vandandaiguo will make "just a
taste" of maple sugar this year. Hois
ojH-ruting in the fores teas tot the Youngs
town mine.
Austrian & Co., are not exactly paint
ing tho town nil, but M. Ruskirk is put
ting a coat of nil on the front of their
popular emMrium.
The work of cleaning house has Uh ii
inaugurated already and tlie season ot
new cnrots and cold dinners promises
to ho a brisk one this spring.
Mcdda Yillenauve is tho pnnid father
of a new Uy that weigh twelve and one-
half pounds. The young gentleman ar
rival on Wednesday evening.
Rev. Father Fdward Chapuis has suc
niilcd Father Andree, as pastor ot the
Catholic church. Regular service will
hereafter Uj held in the Catholic church.
Joe Reattlo had every thing allarranged
to go to Crystal Falls, where it is alleged
he was going to open a livery stable and
hnd his good and stock all ready to
ship. Rut some of his numerous cmlitors
got wind of his movement and wwoojed
down on his traji to secure their claims,
which amount to several hundred dollars,
and Joe will now have to delay hi de
parture until the Circuit court decide
the question or ho settles and gets his
goods rckasetl.Marinetto Fnglo.

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