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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, April 23, 1887, Image 2

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The Diamond Drill
M. ATKINSON, l'cauniru.
Ti:a arrivals lit Quecnstown of cmi,; ant
on ttioir way to the Ur-itcd State r.rc at
jrt sent enormous.
TittMsvtru Jourus will return from Eu
rope, curly in May. It Is thought Ms sue
ci ssor will then le appointed.
Pu. Jokki-u Pakkeu, pastor of f'ity
Temple, London, will visit America in
June, and probably deliver the Heccher
eulogy. '
AjiriiMAuor CiiORE and nil the prietof
hU diocese har alued n memorial pro
testing against the passage, of the now Irish
coeroion LilL
The people of Amsterdam recently cele
brated tho eeventieth anniversary of the
birth of Kin;; Wilholm. Tho Kintf nnd
Queen entered the city in atato nnd review
ed a long procession.
A X.ADT residing in Chicago recently ap
plied to tho Civil Herviee Commission for
nn opportunity to hear senators nnd rep
resentative rehearse their speeches, in
order that she might correct their pronun
ciation. Tiik Jirarilla hand of Apaches, number
ing 700 souls, now on tho Mescalero reser
vation in Kouthern Ne Mexico, will bo
moved to their old reservation adjoining
tho one now occupied by the Utes in
'Northern New Mexico.
Palmamkntaut reports show that th
Ilrltish military ami naval adminstration
is honeycombed with fraud, that many of
tho cannon of tho batteries nnd whips can
not bo safely fired, nnd that tho amull
nuns aro "untrustworthy and unfit for ser
vice". A N:ciii e issued nt Strasbourg applies to
nil Frenchmen tho order of December,
188o, nccordingto which any one connect
ed with the French army desiring to so
journ in Alsaeo-horraine must previously
ubtain tho pcrmiviion of tho (icrman au
thorities. Tiik report is confirmed of tho purchase
cf tho Von Ilauke library for the purposo
tf bringing it to America. It is going to
tho Syracuse. University. The library con
tains li.'.OoO volumes nnd 75,000 pamph
lets, and is considered tho lino-st historical
collection in tho world.
Tiik 'weney law' an Iowa statute
passed by tho last (Jeneral Assembly
which compel.-) nil foreign corporations
doing business in that Htato to reincor
porate there and thus bo subject to Htato
laws and Btato courts has been declared
unconstitutional by tho United States Su
premo Court.
Tiik Seneca Nation of Indians has
brought suit in the New York Hupremo
Court claiming title to about l.r0,(O0acna
of land In Erie nnd adjoining counties in
New York on tho ground that tho treaty of
lJi'fJ was not properly ratified, nnd that,
being tho wards of the Nation, the timo
which had elapsed is no bar to action.
WrsircN railroad managers stato that
sinco tho new law went into effort there
has been a great fnlling off in tho inter
state tralliC. Shippers aro nncertain in
regard to rates, and in many cases the
local tariffs have not been issued. Tho
railroads quote high rates in order to bo
on tho safe aide, and confusion nnd slack
business is the remit.
China is not a highly civilized country
from a defaulting bank manngcr's stand
point. The Tung Lung Hank having to
closo its doors, the populaco beheaded nil
the officials that could be found, nnd tho
few who escaped and took refugo within
the polico station have now been formally
cntenced to death by the (Jovernmcnt.
Assistant SicnKTAnT Matkard has ren
dered n decision of importance to photo
graphers. In accordant o with an opinion
of the Attorney (Jcneral, he hold that tho
process of en-itiing nnd nlbmmniing
photographic paper is a separate opera
tion from that of the manufacture of
paper, nnd consequently entities photo
graphers to import scnsitlvo paper nt 15
percent, duty instead of as heretofore.
A Jtjio.uiENT of the Supreme Court of
Justice, in Germany, has been sent to tho
Ministry of the Interior defining the scope
of tho American treaty regarding natural
i.rd citizen. It affirms thst the acquisi
tion of citizenship in the UnitoJ Stales,
with nn unbroken residence there of five
years, causes loss of citizenship in Ger
many, Such persons returning will be
liable, to expulsion from Germany until
they reeo-nizo German rights.
E. M. Aunts, n New Orleans drnggUt,
has been treating his wife, who was In the
last tnges of consumption, according to
the new or llergeron method, and makes
public announcement of its success. Ho
has ndmiuistcrcj carbonated acid gas nnd
sulphurated hydrogen gas, and ' finds that
tho patient is d. -illy gnlning strength, sleeps
Nl, has a good appetite, and that eipoo
to'tion h.is b' :i reduced to about one-c'',r,-f
an onr.ee in twenty-four hours.
Tho law closing tho saloon was executed
ii Wnhington on Sunday, nnd a quiet
d.iy was tho result.
It is reported (hat Editor Dorhhcmier,
of New York, hai ft letter in his poes.
.ion from President Cleveland, declining
to bo considered ft candidate for the Presi
dency in ISstf.
Chief Justice David K. Cartter, died at
Washington, D. C, Friday, He was born
in Jefferson county, New York, June 1':',
The President has made the following
appointments: Alexander II. Lawlon, of
Georgia, to bo Envoy Extraordinary and
Minister Plenipotentiary to Austro-IIun-gnry;
Newman V. McConnell, of Tor.ns
eec, to be Chief Justice of tho Supreme
Court, of Montana; George 8. Peter, of
Ohio, to bo nn Attorney of the United
States for the Territory of Utah.
It is said that if Mr. Carlisle becomes
tho SpoaLer of the next House of llepre
rciitntivcs, ho will retain Mr. Kandall, of
Pennsylvania, ntthe head of tho Appropri
ations Committee.
Mrs. John A. lxgnn in nn interview, says
she is not writing a novel as is reported;
Viat she will not oppose a pension bill for
ner benefit, and that she has not received
one dollar of the salary due her husband
at his death.
At a large vnd enthusiastic meeting
oeld in Washington, D. C, on Thursday
uight, resolutions condemning tho passage
of the Irish coercion bill were enthusiasti
cally adopted.
Tho President pardoned tho following
convicts, Thursday: II: II. Mengs, Pa.
sentenced for robbing tho mails; W. It.
Dranum, 111., sentenced for breaking into
a postotlice; Julius hterhs, 111., sentenced
for robbing the mails; John Smith, Ark.,
confined for an nsxault with intent to kill;
l'ugeno II. Walton, N. Y.. convicted of
makiug falso entries; Stephen II. Iiussell,
Mass., convicted of counterfeiting.
Tho Secretary of the Interior has de
cided that ho has no authority to establish
a new cattlo trail through tho Chickasaw
territory, as requested by Texas cattle
The Inter-State Commerce Law is aid
to bo having a disastrous effect on the
manufacturing interests of Indianapolis,
A petition has been forwarded, by
thirteen National banks, of Chicago, to the
Comptroller of Currency, asking him to
make Chicago a Centrul Heserve Cit.
President Cleveland has boon invited to
attend tho dedication of the Soldiers'
monument at New Haven, Conn., Juno 17.
Tho commissioner of tho land office, at
Washington, has canceled twenty-eight
pre-emption entries and held for cancella
tion twonty-nino others in tho Oberlin
(Ka.) land district. It is charged that
the alleged entrymen nnd their witnesses
were myths, that the land was not settled
upon by any one, nnd that the entries were
made by nn attorney for tho benefit of a
prominent cattle man, to whom tho lands
wcro transferred through n fictitious in
termediate assignee. About forty other
cases of liko character nnd ngninst the
tame party aro awaiting action.
President Cleveland has accepted an in
vitation to attend tho Piedmont fair, which
will bo held in Atlanta, Ga., during the
Crfd two weeks of October.
Two young ladies, nged 11) and 21 years,
eisters, wero burned to death, nnd threo
other persons badly injured, by tho burn
ing of a dwelling nt Seven Mile Ford, Vn.,
on Sunday.
Threo attempts have recently been made
by incendiaries to destroy tho oflico of
Der Zeitung in New York. A dnmnge of
f lfl.000 was inflicted Sunday.
Tho boot and shoo cutters, of New En
gland, are about to form a new nnd inde
pendent organization.
Tho strikers of the Natrona, Pa., Salt
Works, havo been notified to vacate tho
company's houses, but they refuse to va
cate except on a 33 day's notice.
Tho paloous, of New Y'ork City, were
tightly closed on Suuday.
Ilnlo fc Statnaktr's box and bung fac
tory, at Wheeling, W. Vn., was burned
Monday morning. Ixs $::o,0;x).
A snow storm raged in New York City
and part of the State on Monday.
The Davidson coki pit, at Connellsville,
Pa., caught fire Saturday. All the miners
escaped but threo, who were imprisoned
and are supposed to bo dead.
Fire in Onancock, Accomac county, Vn.,
df:droyod most of the business portion
of that town. Twenty-three houses, in
clndir'g tho (hand Central hole', post
Oa'co, and a number of bnsiuesi houses,
wtro burned. There is no fire department
in t! e toTii and the citizen could only
ht the fire with buckets. Isj $."0,()iK);
Ir.f u ran co j'JOxiO.
At a crossing near Wavcrly, N. Y., J. P.
Taylor, wged GO, his wife, nnd his 17-year-C-1J
son were instantly killed by a train.
Tho New Hnvrn nnd Dieppe packet
Victoria rrn on the rocks near Dieppo dur
ing a fog, Wednesday morning, and was
lost. Twenty passengers wero drowned.
The spring floods in the Connecticut
aud I'.liiek rivers, at Springfield, Vt., are
higher thin Lrown before for twenty
Very high water Is reported along the
Mohawk river, hi New York, and the Sus
rjmhnr.nn, iu P nnsylmnU.
A genuine Western cyclone visited the
ici mediate vicinity of Wl .eel in g," W. Vn.,
rn Friday afternoon. Fverything in its
path as wept nwny. Tho damage is es
Ibi.rtted nt $l,000.V.
Mrs, II. V, !!$, a well known spiritualis
tic medium.and her husband wero arrested
as frauds in Poston.
At Lebanon, Pa., Raymond Shay, nged
", burned his brother, 2 ears old, to death
by settin;Mlre to his cloth.ng with a light
ed stick. w
Mrs. Sarah K. Howe, of Woman's Bank
notoriety, has skipped from llotton, tnk
ing with her $50,000 belonging to de
While polling was progressing in Jersoy
City, the entire election board of the
Flghth Precinct was arrestsd. A police
man roado the discovery that (he clerk
was attempting to stuff the ballot box.
A mob was organized to lynch two col
ored incendiaries at Staunton, Va., but
the authorities learning of their intention,
vent the prisoners away to Harrisonburg.
Miss Shafer, the possessor of a luxuriant
head cf hair, was seized at her home, in
Pittsburgh, by a peddler, who chloroformed
tier and cut off her trees close to her
The Governor General of Canada, in
his address at the opening of tho Domin
ion Parliament, in alluding to tho fisheries
question, said: "The negotiations be
tween Her Majesty's Government nnd that
of the United States on the fisheries ques
tion, with regard to which my Govern
ment has been folly informed and con
sulted, are still in progress, and will, we
may be permitted to hope, result in an
arrangement honorablo and satisfactory
to both nations.'
The remains of President and Mrs. Lin
coln wero exhumed from their secret rest
ing place in Oak Ilidgo Cemetery at
Springfield. 111., Thursday, by members of
tho Lincoln Monument Association and
tho Lincoln Guard of Honor and reinterred
under the north wing of tho monument in
a brick tomb, which wns then cemented.
Tho coflln containing the President's re
mains wns opened, and tho fentures were
easily disof rnible. A guard will remain on
duty until the cemented covering of the
tomb hardens.
Ij'ght avowed aocolists nro membors of
a committee of eleven nelec!ed Sunday by
the united labor party of Chicago to re
organize tho concern. A resolution to
forbid the salo of liquors nt picnics nnd
tho holding of meetings in saloons was
tabled, by a voto of H7 to .11.
Snow and rain fell in Kansas, Nebraska
aud western Missouri, on the 17th.
A resolution has been adopted by the
Knights of Labor in St. Louis, that in
their procession on May 1st, no red Hags
shall be carried.
Tho body of Frederick Wirth, who has
been missing from his homo in Chicago
for n month or more, was found in the
Chicago river on Monday.
F. M. Fonda, Superintendent of ' tho
Georgia Central Railroad, wnw accidentally
shot nnd killed, Sunday, whilo on an ex
cursion near Savannah, Ga.
Advices from Mexico say that tho fol
lowing American investment in Mexican
real cstato closed recently: A syndicato
of Chicago Capitalists nnd United States
army officers has purchased a trnct of
5,(XK),000 ncrcs in Conhuiln, Durnngo, nnd
Chihuahua. Tha tract is traversed by the
Mexican Central nnd international roads.
Of this tract 1,000,(XO ncres is tho finest
cotton land in tho country.
The explosion of n barrel of varnish re
sulted in a fire, which destroyed the build
ing at Milwaukeo occupied Uv the Charles
lhiumbach Company, wholesale druggists.
The total loss is about $170,00.1, with in
surai.ee of $'J.),0H).
Tho business portion of Ainsworth, la,
was swept nway by fire, causing a loss of
betwoen f .",0,000 nnd 7f,00 ).
Williams' Hotel, at Montcsnno .Springs,
Mo., whs destroyed by nn incendiary fire.
Loss, $40,000.
The business portion of Trempealeau,
Wis., was swept away by tiro.
" Tho business portion of Jnnesville;
Minn., was almost destroyed by fire, Tues
day night, twenty-olio buildings being
I). C. Curry t Co's xtcm-ive planing
mill at Wooster, ()M was destroyed by fire.
Loss f 2.VHX).
Great prairie fires in Norton and Gra
ham counties, Kansas, devastate 1 much of
tho country, and besides destroying prop
erty, a score of lives aro said to havo been
lost. Prairie fires w ith loss of life are nlso
reported from Dakota.
John J. McGrnth's wholesale wall paper
nnd interior decorating establishment.
100 to 112 Wnbnsh avenue, Chicago, was
destroyed by fire. l.os $:tM),000. No in
surance. Two firemen wero killeJ.
Tho St. Angustlno Hotel, I'd wards
House, the old cathedral, Vedder's
Museum, tho court hous, Welter' Hotel,
and a number of smaller buildings nt St.
Augustine, Fla were distroyed by fire.
Tho loss is placed nt llWMK.'O, with very
small insurance.
A Inrgo water tnnk nt Pnlatine, III., on
tho Chicago 1. Northwestern Railroad
burst Sunday afternoon, killing five men
and seriously injuring four others. Two
freight trains collided near the tank in
tho morning, tearing up (lie ground nnd
booning its supports, which caused the
tubsequent accident.
A strnnger attempted to cross the Illi
nois Central's tracks at the foot of Van
Huron street in Chicago, on Friday morn
ing, in front of an approichiug engine.
He stumbled nnd fell, and his body was
torn to pioees.
Fight or ten men were crnshsd to death
in deep cut on the Midland Rsilroad near
lluena Vista, Cob, by a land slide.
Near Mlilbauk, Kan., an entire family
father, mother, and four children per
ihed in ft prairie fire. .
Drought in Wabash county, Indiana, is
killing the wheat plant, and the meadows
nro reported brown and t are.
A collision on tho Clnncinnati and Mus
kingum Valley Railroad Tuesday night
near Lancaster, O., result ad In demolish
ing both freight engines, and injuring
nine men, four seriously.
In tho Haddock murder (rial, (he jury
disagreed, only one man thinking Arcns
dorf guilty.
Mrs, Haines act fire to her house in
Lima, Ohio, and locked herself in. Bho
attempted to drive off rescuers, but was
(aken out with her clothing in flames.
Thero was nn exciting time in tho insane
department of tho Cook comity jail, at
Chicago, Friday night, when one of (he
inma(es set fire (o a mattress. The fire
was extinguished but thero waa much
noise among the inmates for few min
utes. Dr. Rruil was found dead in his cell at
Dodgeviile, Wis. Ho was on trial for kill
ing Ids wife by poison.
C. S. Renny, in (he employ of II. Carr fc
Co., Chicago, brokers, has been nrrested
for forgery.
Daniel Jewell, the colored wife mnr
derer, was hanged at St. Louis, Mo., on
Friday morning. Only about thlrty-flvo
persons witnessed (ho execution.
Ilmry Seugbusch, n pupil in ft Milwau
kee. Wis., school died from being punished
on tho wrists with ft ruler by his tencher,
George Werner. Werner gavo himself up.
Joseph Ilertrand, a Chicago stove
molder, fatally shot his wife and then at
tempted suicide.
The city jail, at Missaula, M. T., was
fired from the inside, and a man named
Frank Chambers, confiued for vagrancy,
was burned to death.
The evidence is all in in the Schwartz
nnd Wntt trial at Morris, 111., nnd the ar
guments began Thursday.
Iu Judge Tuley's Court in Chicago on
Wednesday, hen the first "booJlcr" case
was called, a motion was made for a
change of venue.
Another outrage by alleged Pald-Knob-bers
is reported from Missouri, Cr.lo
Turner, a farmer, was taken out and (log
ged unmercifully, without any reason bo
ing t;iven for tho act.
Ten prisoners escaped from tho county
jail nt Dubuque, Iowa, on the 12th iust.
A steamer has been wrecked off Ron!
facio, Corsica. Tho name of tho vessel is
Lannnin. Of 250 passengers which she
carried fifty have been raved..
M. Rochefort has a violent article, in
L'Intrnnsigeant directed ngninst tho Pope,
who, ho snys, sacrificed Franco to Gei many
in the Chinese missions question, nnd is
now nidlng in tho work of Germanizing
Magistrate Hegarty, whil reluming
from a meeting of the Defense Union, at
Cork, was fired nt from behind n hedgo
nnd wounded in tho head nnd shoulders
with buckshot.
A hotel, in Amsterdam, Relgium, crowd
ed with gusts, caught fire and was cn
tirely destroyed. Four inmates were
hilled, and others tutninod serious in
The French have occupied Anjonan, or
Johanna Island, tho principal of tho Co
moro group, in the Mozambiquo channel.
They have installed n resident protector
ate over the Inland.
Tho congregation of the holy office, nt
Rome, has decided to favor tho recogni
tion of the Knights of Labor in accord
nnce with Cardinal Gibbons' report.
A firo nt Imperador, Panama, a fetation
tn tho canal line, destroyed a machine
shop belonging ton contracting firm. The
loss is estimated at $200,000. Two lives
wero lost.
A settlement of the Afghan question
lias been effected by Great Ilritnin and
Russia. Kngland nsents to tho Russian
demand on tho Oxu now held by tho
Afghani, in exchange for territory on tho
northwest frontier.
Advices from the Dutch Fast Indies say
that tho Dutch had an encounter with na
tives in Acheen, and that tho Achinesolled
after a short encounter.
Advices from Wndy Hnlfa any that four
envoys havo rencheU Micro from Khartoum
on their way to Cairo with special dis
patches from Abdulluh, successor to El
Mnhdl, to Queen Victoria, tho Khedive, and
the Sultan of Turkey.
Till: 31 AltKI'TTH. I
lUKvrs-ChoIce to Prime$ 4.70 ft A.15
Good Shipping 1.40 rtf .1.00
Common 4.20 tC 4.80
lloos Shipping Grades 5.70 ft, 5.K5
Fi.oi'K Extra Spring .. 4.25 ft 4.50
WheatNo. 2 Spring. . . 77$ft 78a'
CoaN- No. 2 Sl'-ffl 34-1
OatsNo. 2 2I 25,7i
Potato. New, per bu. ft
RuTTtt"Cl.oico Crenm'y 21 ( 5
Fine Dairy 23 ft 24
Cur tar :-Full Cream Chd 12 ft 13(
Full Cream, new l'2 ft 13l4'
l'oos Fresh 11 ft 12
Pom Mess 20.00 (20.75
lloos , ,
Wiirat No. 2 Red
Con No. '1 ,
Oats White
Pon a - New Mes.i . .
4 H !,'
V.M UU.75
Wnr.AT -No. 2 Red $ 71) (I 73 V
Coun Mixed M'.ffi Ml
Oats Mixed 27;V 28
Pona New. Mess 17.fK fl8.00
Whrat No. 2 Rod..,.
Coun -No. 2
Oats -No. 2
Pokk Mess
83 H 8.1
42 H 43
.11 iC
17.00 it 17.00
4. GO tc
Wiikat No. 1 White.... 821,;
Mlchignn Red
Con 41
Oat N. 2 2'J
No. 2 White 32
Crovu Srrn 4.10
I i
TOXICS, qilcklj a4 completely CLEA3S1IH
tad E3BICI1KS THIS 11IXK)D. Oatekrns
thsarUoaef tasLlvvrsadkldatrs. Clears tie
eomplexlOB, makes the kta smooth. It does not
lalire Us (eetk, ruu beadaehe, or prodaeseoa-itlpAtlon-lLL
r&7idnB snd I)raiiUew7bors recommend iW
Pa. !. 8. Ttroous. or7"Mrion, M".. r " I
rcunniMnl lir.nn' lrn Ilitu m m a talu.bl totjKi
f.nn. liina th tleud.and imom U OiiiHu
Pa. K. M. lri.wix. Kmol.1s. Indt. sjs: "I
h rwwcnl-xl nn.wn7 Irvn llitlrra in cs cf
iwrnii t.l.Ht I
Ai.t, and it bu pnwd thonnif hljr Mtwiat'tory.
UI.WM. Bvmis, S4 Nt. Mry St.. Nw Oi !. t.,
Unwit'i Irun llntTn inlitKi in t;
t.rt.lWHl iim.ntn. nJ 1 hriU cwiiiiuvBd 14 U
lhm n.linf tkHMt purjUcr.
Ma. W. V. AtoskHAW.TuiKniniM, AU..Mn: I
hftva Un lrtlKi lrm cUliah'i'xl with Import
t'.lond p1 nin un ray l-in UStl or
Iron liuim ffHil rHf ,r.
culD,t ixMkk too hishlj til Uus Tlutl ioHtflns."
Gnun h stoTrd Mrk snd errimd rJ line
wrttiNir, Tiike iiu llifT. Ml only i.jr
hare imI tico
bottles of
Cream Jiln and
consider m;jMlf cur
ed. I suftnd 20
yenrt from catarrh
and catarrhal head
ache anil this i$ tht
first reined that of
fonl'd listinfj relit J.
IK T. Ilif'iqiMOtu
JJ Lif.cStrat.Chii
catjo. 111.
. -v win v'
tfu. lrtM Si f.lY mill or ml lrnifKli. hnut fi
circular. KLV I'ltOTIILUS, Drugslnts Owcfi. .. V.
Cnr nurlT,
tN Cl.l ftnl All Ach a4 Blrwln.
ounJluf nniL A ros
Castorla promotm Digestion, And
overcomes 1- latuloiu-y, Conslipiuion, Sour
Htomach, Diarrhaa, nnd FcvcrMinet,.
Tims (ho cldM Is rendered healthy and It
Wp natural. Castorla. contains no
JIoqLlno or other narctotlc iroiorty.
('storla Is so well alnptrd to children that
I ree mend it as stijvrlor to any ixvHrrlpUun
kuownioine." II. A. A neurit, M.P.,
Tortland Ao., Uruokln, X. V.
"I w Cnsforfa la my prailre. and find it
specially adapted to aT-ct!n of chilitrr ii."
Alkx. Hop. rtTMON, l. p.,
UK'7 i!d Ave., New York.
Tua CaxTAt a Co., Fulton St, N. Y.
rures Itrthtr pl.'aso. Catarrh
of tho JUad.T. Ton 'Id Mver. It
dissolves OaU-Wtomrj and G raveL
of Urlno for 'Which this ltcraudj
fthoulil bo taken.
Pcnldlnjr Ftopparo InVwl-tfnrrcs!
PLiN-tlo i ltnimen llri k-luf t
lrojUal lrli,hllnir Mllky-i'lnl
HcfuLirho 1'nvjiK'nt Vwtlveiu
Pmienxlio Nervous JteIl.sh-ljtrk
Prlc-rtl ttllnM IVitArrhuchf
Ibirknrho NervcuehO l'tiosptuitei U
uou-uLKto I'oui-ltreutn liall-coloi
Relieves nd PlTrr ir,twnr.1 CHmn f..
I'xmX Affue,NMiralrla,)thfnimatlm. i'jihirire-
mentof tho lrosUti (iLimt. fumi uvuk.
nms, Hpermatorrhfen nnd Omit"
1 1 I.Iimln.tfMt Itlrwl ImmirtllA. fl.wv..1a
r.nrsl ne las. Halt. Hheiim, Hrnhilla, llmT'U
Ulothea, 1 cvrr-rem and nmrT-(alnts.
ltl,,,mo" VonlrrftiI Apprtlrr.
I J Ti-11 Vlllir Tt rr t iM all I ......
iTrici; 25c, $1.00 0 bottles $5.00.
i v ATrpnrfvi at nr. Kilmer's Plmenmiry,
ItinphamUm, N. Y.. IT. H. A.
isipi.iiUY A I.I. Mill li(;VIN.
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