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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, August 20, 1887, Image 1

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C. M. ATKINSON, Editor ano Proprietor. A Vookty Journal Coveted to tho Varloun Interests of Iron County, Subscription,!2.C0 a Year, In Advw:x.
Volume I. Crystal Falls, Iiujn County, Michigan, Saturday, August 30, 18S7. Numukr 31.
.... A:
LC .
arriving daily, comprising nil the latest
i Staph' and Fancy
different article usually carrial in a first-class Dry Gools and
Clothing Establishment,
It Bhnll nlway lo my aim to uphold the reputation nlmidy gained
OA tho Loader III LOW TRICKS. Thanking you lor pat patronage,
and soliciting a continuance of the Nitnc, I remain
Yours respectfully,
for the best European Steamship Lines.
Peer arc in Bplcndid hhape; bo U the
gamo wanlcn.
Tho Crystal Fall Fire IVpartmentha
not been heard from for Bometime.
Little Cora Uren woa quite Bcriounly ill
early in tho week, but i coniderably
lietter now.
The hugh granite out crop on Bection
twentyn-ight, 43-il2, eat of tho river,
I HiB"Bwe8 some lieautiful building mater
ial. Deputy Gamo Wartlen IUikirk ha hi
eye on Be vera 1 law-breakein, and it i
quite likely that an urret or two will lo
Now boys get there; our town hall i
llnirthl, and the lire apparatu lK'atHl
there in flnd-chiM order, and what you
want now i to practice and Ixj naly for
any emergency.
NVlrom little trai pr.
You make our liome o nlnl,
You'r nm'mH'M llttiw Unrilnt;
Anl look JiiHt like your tlul.
The alxive i the way a Michigan iditor
announcen the arrival of a little luby
Iniy into hi family.
Hank Voburg, who wa Buffering from
'paralyBi. died at th Paint Kiver mine
lxmrding hoiinc on Hiituidiiy ht and
the remain were interred on Sunday.
Poor old Hank wanoue of the pioneer
of the Kunge, and had few enetnie.
One of our Bociety young men l rather
uuderidetl whether to emigrate to Kifi
tue, Floiida, or Bet up hi tent nejir Mt.
lluguing, N. H. He Bay, however, if hi
bank account would )ennit he would
take in Kinime in the Bummer and Mt.
Hugging in the winter, and thu have the
whole of a good thing.
A very pleasant nnd entertaining party
of young folk gathered at the residence
of Mr. and Mr. Pr. Kimball WcdncBdny
evening. The playing of game and danc
ing wete the. order of the evening, when
a Bplcndid BUpper wa nerved audBecmed
to ln reliwlatl with a hearty will. Every
Uxly enjyeil themw lve immetiBely.
At the late convention hehl tnIVnnyl
vania the other day, Ja. (I. Plaine wjih
unanimously tleclaretl the choice for the
eotuing piTidential race. Mr. Maine in
nceepting the honor made a mh in
; A.
v y w w
2 ;.!.. i3Cil!.' 3t...,Ili..J-..3. !
Urn.!,! (nnnt-nnrf rf
""J "
which ho truthfully nBertetl that there
is no better place to buy dry good, und
clothing than at "The Fair," Crytal
Fall, Mich.
Said a good mother, the other day in
the hearing of a PuiLi, rcpreBentntive,
'it a praineworthy project to train the
young to be kind to animaland protect
them when they nml it. The lioy who
dimcmler8 crickets, and Atone frogn,
when he attain manhood, will lieat hi
horxe, and the man who in unkind to hi
horne will alno abune hi wife. Thi you
will find true in nine cae out of ten.
V. Cnrr and wife, J. K. Power and wife
ami M. Pufckirk, returned on Wednesday
evening from a delightful Hairing trip.
The party went eighteen mile north of
Iron Kivier where the rail road cronHe
tho Paint river, from there the party
came down in a loat, the ilintance U ing
alut one hundred mile. The party
killed forty picket d, ome tf them weigh
ing n high a twenty pound. Thetnlitor
retuni thank to Mr. Cnrr for a line nix
pounder. Kichard Pawnon, one of tho pioneentot
thi place, ha dinpOBcd (f hi bunineB
ht re and will piohably go toTomahawk,
the new WiMeonhin town and legin with
the place in buhineBH. Mr. Pawon and
hi CMtemable lady will le Badly mi-M d
by their many friend: Uith are anient
woikeiand the Bueceb of the Catholic
church la re i givatly due to their untir
ing effort. W. II. Willerling i the pur
chaser of Mr. PawHon' interest, and
will carry on the buBimM.
There i a Becret in building town,
Bay an exchange, truthfully, po you
know what it i? If you don't you can
work the probh m out in the following
manner: Take two town Bit-; let one
lie a Uautiful location, with nil thn
natural advantage poible, and the
other none of thew. Take nrNlfdd fogit
and mi'iH men who do not In lieve in
giving capitalist anything for riking
their money in their town ami put them
on the good Bite. Then L'OO'gnod, live,
energetic, get-u-and-get-there Bort of
fellowM, who never let an tpportunity
pa t ndvcrtiBit theniM lve and their
town, and put them on the poor town
Bite; then watch thenc two town for live
yeai-H and you uill very readily catch on
to the Been t of town building.
Attlr Work to l Commeurrtt at th Maury
, Mitt oh Muntlmy urrt ItrrrloytHruta at
thr Irr I'rrk - lllmcorrry of Iiry
Qaantitlf of Oottt Hearing Suaar
Q4nrtt-A Arte Find of Iron
Or on SrrHoHlt43-3'i.
A'rtrm from it, C. Kit'
lull's firrrrnt i'jr
Tho Wnunctta mine, formerly
Maney, on motion twenty-BCven,
reMurne work on 'Monday. The mnchin
cry has been brightened and oiled, tho
whittle eounded.nnd Boon general activity
will be the order of the day. The Maney
jvoh formerly owned and develops by
Julian' M. Cane, of Marquette; a Mr.
Marshall, of Fort Howard and (J recti
Hay and Milwaukee part ten; who sold to
the Wuunetta Mining Co., of which II.
C. Hopkin, of Milwaukee, in pmodrnt,
and (ieorgo A. Went, iiIbo of Milwaukee,
is Bccretary and treiwurer. C. S. Fclter,
of Cleveland, Ohio, in fn Untried. The
new company will go on and put tlje
mine in bIiii for active 'mining. The
ore in a Benm-mer. Mr. II. R. Swain,
ujerintcndent of the projHTty for the
former management has !ecn offered full
charge by the new company and U yet
undecided alout iiccepting. The com
pany certainly xhow god judgment in
fleeting hi capable a man. The follow
ing from The Diamond Dimll. of Apiil
HO willgiveitwreaderHan idea of tin-property:
"There neenm to le an iinpretion
that theprojKTtyonwctiontwenty-Mrven
known wt the Rlaney, is not u
mine, but merely an exploration yet in
in iif.inv lit 1'iht un if u'iiillil kj (Mi !
from report which reach thU otHcc
through t lie milium of exchangea. It it
quite true that the Rlanry mine maki-a
no pretentioiiH and thut through boiuc
unavoidable happening when it wan lirwt
dincoveml, niivetl a 'black-eye," from
which, it WOllMwem, it llHH IlCVer fully
i A 1. .11 it t
recovered, hut. te that a it may. "mur
der will out," and bo, metaphorically
BjH'ttking, will the lilaney. There i, far
lyond any doubt or anything tW, a
mine there, the magnitude of which will
Burpric the doubterM. nnd It enemieJ
when it i placed on the active li-t, and
from all account gathered, will not 13
long. In the opinion of the writer, the
lilaney mine i de-dined t Ufome one
of the inoht holid and vahuMliiiBtitution .
in thi dintrict, for the rcaon that it '
produce a IVbmiiht ore and the Biipply ,
would Born to le i nex ha u table. 1
veloping ha Uvn ging on very rapidly .
of late nnd the proMity i in Bpletidid
BhaH. A Piamo.ni Pmi.Lrepnentatlve )
made it a Mint to examine very cIom ly
the workinK, one day thi wtk and wjim
kindly bIiowii atxiut by the very efficient
BUKTintendent, H. P. Swain, who ha
hod charge of the proerty only a few
month, but during that time ha done
much in proving up it great ne. The
vein wa firt eucounteml in a pit boiiio .
twohumlre.1 h-vt north of the nrem nt
to hundred feit north of t le pr nt ,
BhaftandanumUrof ton of lenutiful '
oreraimd. The prenent working have'"". 1 ' n
adentl of one hundrixl and
ampin oi one numireu ami
twenty firt, ti'ti feet of thi distance 1k
ing U low the drift and ued a a Bump.
The upended rather rough and hahtily
rxecutil diagram will wtvc to more fully
explain what ha leen done underground
und what U theieyct to lo done:
r 1!
Thla main shaft, tin before elated, I
To the People of Crystal Fulls and vicinity;
It U with the greateHt pleasure that I come
to thank you for your kind invitation to viMt
your town on my went ward journey audlgltul
ly prtunimt t do ho. Having heard of you ho
often and Uing aware of the great advantage
your town poKrum I certainly will ue the op
portunity and rome and will htay alx)tit ten
dayM, an my Belt an well an
have lot of things to lmy and Pan. juwt tvlln
nic that I could not Hud 'a letter place than at
-Ut buy a nce nobby
To t 11 the truth, I have to come it I want to
keep Nict in the lamilv, Biuce mv wife waw the
Inautiful PLVSU CLOAK that MiK Pa vim
tought ut the alMive numtxl phtee nhe in Ixiutid
a 1 u .1 14 . .. I...
I Hct me I will come Hiiiv.
tho iKiya well, I am your,
lVenidfnt. Addn'HM all communication
cartc! A. LUSTFIELD.
o o
o o
o o
i.- r
o o
A OE.T FOR Tap: Pro's Shirts, The
f o
ship Lines, The Troy Steam Laundry,. The ICugle
Minenpolis Ruilding, Loan and Protective Union.
down one hundred and ten feet, a drift : commenced and cart led on to th other
ha been driven euttrom the bottom a ! wall. On the wet Bkle of the Bhaft-di-tanee
of twenty feet, when the toot ; nbout halt wny down Borne rock maken
wall wa c ncounU ml and i netrated a In. ,lh churncteritic of all the mine,
foot or two. From thi drill north ! n thi IUng. Thi rock will npear in
another drift ha lcen driven along the nmall bunche or wedge and noon di
wall a dintnnce of forty-two teet and rP rM. The iron ore produced at the
found that the wall Bwing to the eat, 1 I " PI ".v non-lwnior
which would Nrm to indicate that the hematite in the dintiict, i of a bhuUh
vein will widui at thi point. All on the riwte and very clear, very Bolt and linn
wct hide of tho drift i a Bolid maB of " wnooth, gn-ay feeling, nnd will no
clear ore. Went from the main haft u doubt Und n very reiuly market. The
drift iK nctrnte the vein a ditanco of minf on clean width or
twenty-two feet when a banded black hrty-two feet, nnd i not likely to U-bh ii
Blatoi encounteml, which i thought, carried down. Now there Ik
and in fact almoBt known, not t 1m- tho fdtti n feet of on in the iMittom of the-
. n i -a i i 4.. mine, which i nil of tho Wurk ilitnn nr
inging wau, icaie n i enun-ijr m, ,
1'- In a tet pit eonniderably wtt of
j . . V.im M, if4 wtl, ih. '
,nw 11,0 W,UI W,,H " "mi ,H ,u
that thi lianded material i menly a'"-' i...... wm,i,m
. mid bucket, nnd it t..t now itw
hotxe oi rocK and wm woik oui. rroni
thi drift another drift ha lrn Clirriw I
HnnthiL.liMt,.nronfUtf.ti feet U t wwii
the vein and thi horn of rock. Forty
Heven firt liehiw the collar of the Bhaft a
drift ha lieen run a diMtance of fifty feet,
to the north, which bIiowa the name line
ore. Hi the Intention to drive the went
drift running parallel with the formation
to a distance of Bixty feet and then croB
cut to the wall, a indicated on tho
diagram by the dotted line, and carry
out tho Bume program with theeat drift,
then, it U exjH-ctnl that, every thing lieing
in rcudincBM, Btoping will 1 coninu need
and hointing ami Blocking vL'onui.dy
pnvBecutwl. Thi, however, de not
conntitute all of the work going on at
the Maney mine. Tent pitting and ex
ploring i going on nil tho time with the
leht rcBultJ." It i learniHl that the rail
road company have promised the mine
a Bpur track.
The Iai? Pi-ck mine on the nouth-weBt
quarter of. the noith-eat quarter f
Bection twenty-Bix, 41WA2, ha attained
a depth of Bixty-Bix feet, only a few feet
of thi 1 icing Burfaee. AH of the woik i
now confined to. one Bhaft, known a
No. 1, which I well timbered nnd very
Biilntantial. The formation i . north
and bouUi and from the bottom of No. 1
Bhaft a drift i In ing driven cant, .which
on Tuenday had In n carried on lifb-en
feet, in tho ore. Thi drift will l foreeil
to tho wall, when the wet drift will In?
Hoping to tind
o o
o o
o o o
o 00
Domestic Sewing Machine, The Rest Stcim-
Jiubber Stamp Works, j'he
. ; i.,, " ,' " .
r. The otk vt development g(H- on.
rather bIow from the fart to develop a
, , . ... .
1 1 ' " " T
- ;
when machinery will be put in. Supt.
Bw ,,in haH cleaml grcmnd for an engine-
hoiihc ami made other arrangement - for
machinery, bo that when the manage
ment decide to put in the plant no time
will be hBt in making ready for it.
Future woik, bo long a the mine re
main under the piet-cnt management,,
will all 1h uudi r-ground, with the excep
tion of putting ion other woiking
Bhaft when bucIi move liecomo mre
Biiry. When lioth wall are found in the
drift from the bottom of the Bhaft,
drift will lie carried north and Bouth
along the wall to determine the length
of the vein. Other Bhaft have Ixittom
ed in the ore. The land on which the
Leo Peck i Bituated i owm.il by tho
I Vtroit, Mackinac & Marquette Pailwny
Co., and under leiiM to Julian M. CWe,
of Manpiette. Woik wa commenced on
the option on the Bixtecnthday of March .
lat, and theore wa found in the lirht
pit lowen l at a depth of only Bcven frt.
The pit wa then convcrbil into a work--ing
Bhaft and put down twenty-two feet
in the oif, from the bottom of which
two ctOBB-t'iit wen driven, which Allow
ed it vein of clean mv foity-two feet in
Kxploratory work on Bection one, ad
joining the Putin mine, in charge of Capt.
John Mon iHon, i progtvBMing Blowly, tla
material K ing very hard to work in.
The indication are betteting.
Continued on fifth page.)

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