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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, August 20, 1887, Image 2

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he Diamond Drill.
ATKINSON', IVinsniu.
tatcit Intelligence From all Parts ci
the World
Tl.e great Cre In ritttborg vrs notgot
lea cnJcr control until 3:rJ Saturday
ir.ornlnj;. The Masonic temple, Hamilton
Mock, Campbell and Dick's carpet waro
l.onso nnd a number of tenement houses
were entirely destroyed, and Schmidt and
Itiday'a nine-story bnildlDg aerioualy
damaged by fire and water. The njffre
gcto loss as about $500,000, well covered
by insurance. John Keefe, of Allegheny,
.o was assisting the fircmrn, fell from a
iieijhbourIng roof and was fatally Injured.
1 he barn connected with the asylum for
the Insane at Mendota, near Madison,
Wis., was destroyed by firo early Friday
morning, and property valued at ,f 20,000
consumed. The Inmates of the asylum,
which canght on the roof, were frantic,
and it was with difficulty they could Le
Henna, III., center of tb grent hay
market, was almost destroyed by fire
Wedncsdny. The flames started from n
rpark from a locomotive,, and burned
thonsandi of tons of hay, hay presses, and
Mhcr implements. The fire was spread
ing over the- town, when a heavy rain fell,
extinguishing it. Tho damage is very
The Kansas City Eox Factory was des
troyed by fire Wednesday night with $11,
(X0 damages. James Bturevant, a watch
man, perished in the flamta.
Koot and HeidmannV flour-mill at
Elgin, 111., was entirely destroyed by fire
Wednesday night ; loss f .000.
Twcr.ty-threo persons living In the
Seventeenth ward of Pittsburgh have been
poisoned by eating custard cake, pur
chased of a local baker. It i believed all
will recover. The deadly Ingredient in
fhe cake is supposed te have been yellow
At Montgomery, 111., early Friday a
Chicago, Uurlington L Quincy main line
freight dashed into the end of a Fcx
Hirer freight. An engiuo and a number
of cars were wreckfd, and four men
wounded, two of whom are not expected
to recover,
A passenger train ran off a bridge at
Albany, (Ja., Thursdny night, all the cars
being wrecked. Thirteen persons are re
ported wounded, but none ki led.
Richard Fggleston, an 0-year-o!d
farmer of Madison, Wis., was attacked and
almost squeezed to death by a spotted
r.dJer Thursday. Tho reptiio wound it
e elf around its aged victim and repeatwdly
struck its fangs Into the legs of his
trousers, but, his limbs being protected
by boots, did not reach the flesh. Neigh
bors killed the adder.
Three men were killed and another
fatally injured by the caving in of a shaft
In the Ashland mine, near Hurley, Wis.,
Wednesday evening.
Near midnight Wednesday an excursion
train of sixteen cars on tho Toledo, Peoria
& Western Road was wrecked near Chats-
worth, 111., a locomotive and ten cars fall
ing through a trestle that hid been burned
by prairie fires. The cars were smashed
to splinters, and the sleeping occupants
mangled and maimed in a terrible man
ner, latest reports place the number of
deal at M, whllo 115 persons were
wonndoJ, many of whom it is feared can
cot recover.
Members of the Third Regiment Band
were penned in by a fire in tho fourth
story of a building at Concord, N. H.t
Tuesday night. Borne jumped and others
dropped from the window-sills to the
street. The seven men were badly burned
or otherwise injured.
At Kt. IjOuI Wednesday morning the
walls of the burned building of Dishop it
Fpear collapsed, carrying with them a
portion of the walls of the wholesale gro
cery house of J. Alklre fc Co. A number
tTf firemen were buried under the debris,
threo leing killed and four others
woaaded, one fatally.
The roof of the opera house at Spring
field, 111., suddenly fell in Tuesday after
toon, cornpletsly wrecking the- structure
nnd causing a loss estimated at f 9,000,
Thero was no person in tho auditorium
at tho time of the accident. The last per
fortnano was given Saturday night, at
which time the houne was crowded.
United Btates Senator Riddle bergeri
who was sent to Jail at WooJstock, Va.,
Friday, for contempt of court was rr
lned the same niht by a mob of bis
Two inquests have been held on the
body of Mrs. Fliza J. Johnson, who was
founJ hanging from a tree on her hus
band's farm near Boloir, Ka., on the 2d
inst, Tho first resulted in a verdict of
suicide, the second in a verdict that she
whs murdered by her husband, whois held
for examination on the charge.
Friday afternoon at Austin, Texas, Mrs,
Nellie McKenlrlck, lately of Chicago,
fired five shots at her hnsland, Infllollog,
hotrcrcr, Lstt'.i t round. i. Z
cocrt she rejntUJ W L-J r .
Lliss L Tobia. the t ! j
Springfield, III., who refused .is.. p?r:r.it I". j
Capital, to eat in their place, were held to
the Circuit Court Frilay in 300 bonds.
Charles Apfel, of New Orleans, La., shot
his wife fatally, Friday, and killed him
self. The couple had not lived happy to
gether. ' -'
Fred Ilcpt, ..&itas Welcome, was shot lo
death in the yard of the penitentiary, near
Salt Lako City, for the murdor of John
F. Turner at Park City, seven years ago.
He sat in a chair smoking a cigar while
five of tho sheriff's tleputies discharged
their rifles at him. Death was instan
taneous. In a quarrel over a law suit at Oweuton,
Ky- J. M. Rcurno shut and killed his
nephdw, James Rourne, Jr.
Alexander Walker, a colore J prohibition
advocate, was beaten by a mob at Prairie
(Jjove, Texas, lat week, and mangled by
being thrown, against n wlro fence. He
died buoday, and his friends claim that
saloon adherents murdered him.
The divorced wife of Peter William
Thompson, of Fort Wayno, Ind., who se
cured her decree Monday, visilod l.er
former homo Tuesday to get her clothing.
Thorn pon fired at her twics, inflicting a
slight wound, and then blew out his own
There will piobably be a strike of all
the Knights of Labor employed in the
shoo factories in New York and Urooklyn
in consequence of the strike that has been
in existence against llanan fc Hon for
An attempt is making to settto tliO long
standing dispute between the operators
and their employes in the Pennsylvania
coke region by arbitration.
The lack of water power at Minneapo
lis, Minn., reduced tho production of flour
during tho week. Tho week's product
was 13t,K0 barr-sls, against 155,411 the
previous week. In store at Minneapolis,
WVJl'' bushels ; Ht. Paul, H3.00J ; Du
luth, l,8U9,f;i2.
It is believe! that if tho season continues
favorable, the cotton crop of Konth Caro
lina will tho largest on record. Tho rice,
sugar-cane and other crops aro also of a
high average.
A Washington telegram to a New York
paper asserts that the govornment is pre
paring to begin civil suits against the
Pacific railway people to recover the
amounts they aro alleged to have defraud
ei tha treasury of. Their lander is said
to aggregate $75,000,003
Tho prcsMcnt and Mrs. Cleve'and will
witness the procession of tho veiled pro
phets and attend tho prophets' ball in
Bt. Louis tho night of Oct. 4, and he will
leavofor Chicago as soon r.s possible
thereafter, reaching Chicago on tho 6th.
Ho will go to Milwaukee on the 7tli, and
the next day will goto Madison, spending
.Sunday, the Ith, with the postmaster
general. Tho Secretary of tho Treasury has
awarded contracts for furnishing general
suppllet for the FJeventh Life-saving
District, which includes Mich'gin, Illinois,
and Wisconsin, to the following firms: R.
A. Robbins, F. ileyman, and 8 A. Hchoo
maker, of New York; O. JJ. Carpenter, of
Chicago; Detroit Stove Works, of Detroit,
and H. (. Woods, of Muskegon.
Tho National Agricultural Department
reports a falling off of 7 points in corn
during tho past month, owing to drought.
Spring wheat is in low condition, and oats
are slightly under tho average, while bar
ley promises an average yield. Iho loss
in potatoes during the past thirty days is
figutcd at J0 per cent, of the prospective
crop, whilo the fruit and hay crops aro
very poor. Tho cotton average is good,
and the tobacco plant is in high condi
tion, except in Wisconsin.
The sum of 16,462,000 in 4j bonds was
offered for redemption on Wednesday at
tho National Treasury. Tho Secretary
accepted tho offer of the Suffolk Rank, of
Roston, for fl! 10,000 registerel bonds at
1.10 flat. All theothr proposal wero re
jected, as tho rates wero not considered
Tho Massr.chuset's democrats will hold
their convention at Worcester September
Judge Edward W. Pettus, of Alabama,
is sail to have teen fixed upon by the
President for the existing vacancy on tho
supreme leneh.
A conference of leading republicans
was held Tuesday ulitht in Senator
Muhouc'a residence at Petersburg, Pa., at
which favorable reports of tho condition
of the party in tho State were received.
Governor Foraker will formally open
tho Ohio Campaign of 1SS7 at Caldwoll,
Noble County, Sept, 7.
Fred Douglas, who has just returned
from an extensive tonr of Fnrope. reports
that ho was everywhere treated with dis
tinguished consideration, notwithstand
ing complexion.
Ten thousand tons of raw sugar from
Hawaii have been shipped from Fan
Francisco to New York via Capo Horn.
This is an innovation destined to have
important effects opoii the trade, as the
11 ; . J cr.ly clity I. ' . : t!:a
rrr-p.V.V ia Color ad. 1:1 t:.ry vll
dcutthzi lend all of the United Ktatci
army that can bo spared from the exstern
watering-places a lively dance for ths
next few week.
An fged citizen of Mattoon, Il' named
John Goodpasture, attended the funeral
of one of his friends Friday. At the gato
of the cemetery the old man fell to tho
ground. Those with him ran to csist
him, but ho had joined his friend.
Tho White River Utes aro on tho war
path, and are in forca under the oil reno
gade Chief Colorow, at Meeker, Col, the
scene of the great massacre, Th whites
are abandoning their ranches, and conster
nation prevails. In ft brush between tho
Sheriff of Garfield County and tho reds,
occasioned by an attempt to arrest two
indicted bucks, ono Indivi was thot,
Tho Governor has been telegraphed to for
-assistance, and tho attention of tho War
Department has been called to tho out
break. The yacht race for tho Boston Herald
cup, Bailed ofl" Marblehead, was won by
tho Volunteer, beating the Puritan 8 min
utes 3 seconds, tho latter boat crossing tho
finish line 14 second ahead of tho Atlantic.
A canvass of colored sentiment in tho
south on the school question reveals a
strong preponderance in favor of separate
schools, although the feeling is that the
separation should always be made by
mutual consent, and not by law, as pro
posed in Georgia.
Arrangements nro . being made at
Springfield, III., for tho reception of
Grand Array men wltow ll visit tho tomb
and home of Lincoln daring thi St. LouU
encampment Thursday, Sept, '2'J, will
to "Springfield Day, upon which date
tho railroads aro preparing to convey 'JO,.
000 from St. Louis to Springfield, and
will give them six hours to visit the mon
ument and other points of interest.
Carter, of the Manhattan Athletic Club,
New York, met Co ad at Stamford bridge
in a four-mile rnnuing race. . Carter, who
was the favorite, led at the end of every
mile. Coad was winded before he finisho J
his third mile. Carter finished strong in
110 minutes and 10 1-5 seconds. A high
wind was blowing.
Tho Lil oral-unionists in Kngland seem
to bo getting demoralized. , Maude, secre
tary of their union, has just tendered his
resignation, as he finds himself unable tc
sustain the tory program. Prol ably th
result of tho recent elections had some
thing to do with Maude's chango of heart.
Prince Ferdinand's arrival on Bulgarian
soil was heralded by the firing of salutes
at all military pout. The prince has
isuol a manifesto in which he plelges
himself to devote his life to tho "happi
rsesv greatuesj, and progress of a loving
The London Times construes Lord Sal
isbury's recent speech as an emphatic
condemnation of tho policy of tolerating
tho Irish National League.
An attempt was made by unknown per
sons to destroy with dynamito tho build
in j occupied by tho ministry of tho In
terior at Madrid. No damage was done.
Advices from Honolulu are to tho effect
that tin new ministry is in complete con
trol. Nominations have leen made for
Representatives and Nobles. F. H. Hay
selaen, son-in-law of ex-Tremler Gibson,
has been arrested for forgory.
The Marino Hospital Bureau is informed
that small-pox and yellow fever are raging
in Havana, Cut a. During the month of
July there were 104 deaths from yellow
fever and 112 from small-pox.
DlKTf-rJtrs I 4.S0 91 4TA
Cholrr t Fumy. S.K
Fair U ;xt a.M) (4 4.1')
Poor to MMIum S.l to 3 W
Nst!v r;rirs Itt a S.W
Fsnry Ojws and Hrtfftrs S kt to .
Fair row k i.T.
Miu ii ws-jfr brad two (Y4UX)
Uoos-lUnp' t.U fc 5.4.1
Fnsitr itNiii: v.r.'i dfr 4.r.
Whist No. 8 Wlntrr T H T4(
Nn. tf J-prUid .'li' ft
Cork No. V..... a; at
(UTaNrt. " 06
PoTTors-IVr liiM .T U. l.U)
I'ocLTMl-Oilrkviiii, Ir tb. ....... V 1J
luU, 07 ii .Ot
Tnrkirs " ........ 6 Ci 8
IIcttsb rin.tij- ("n-amery ,. .t ( .xl
Kin 1'alry U .IS
I (iiB.ii. .10 G .14
Ousts s-y 'otlCrt-alU .V'&
()l(.r-lr.... M uti -IA
Eaoa Fr'a, ir ! .11 ii .12
ItrsTrs-T.fst Nstlte Mrs. 173 ft. 4.n
Fiitrr lUnf 4 t') ,V?V
lloos 6,frt d(, 5.!
VtisT-No. 2, l:t... .Ml tt
Cfiss-No. .... , , s O .sa
Oats-No. t, Wb'Aa JC9 O l)i
tT. U)l'lX
rtstTM Cliclre Natives It.W r-4.JM
llnoa &! Pi ft. 40
hnssr an ct 410
U iitT-Nn. , 114 .TtV-t
Conn-No. :vY'4 -V
Mats U U .84 U
WntAT No, TteJ . 71 if .714
Conn...... 87 C .4)
Oats M A3i
WntAT-No.Cr.e4 m 74 Q .74
f'onn-No.3. O
Oats...... JZJ V M
WniT-No.t, He4.... ,T4 O .?4
roR........ , , 40 ift .4.1
Oats 29 U
Rsrvis t!W J 4.1
Hoja t.n 4Q
Snir 2.01 ,t, 3?
Wiikat. d .T0'4
Coss di JO
Oats.... ja U
WniATN.t, P.H n O M
Ny. X, N bit.... tl
rRw.,.. 4J ti .4.4
Oats fi u
ConOcitMHl llriKrt ci tho latest Ncvra
trvm All l'arta or tho Ht&u
Uamalus C. Chapln died in Jack-t-n
raturd:i. He was GH years old
t zl well known throughout the State.
At the Stato Printing Oillce, nt
I.nsinfr, OttoSchrieber, a bookbinder,
fell with the freight elevator lo
floors, smashing and splintering his
right leg below tho knee. Employes
had been warned, on pain of dismissal,
not to use the elevator.
At tho competitive drill between the
two companies of college cadets at
Lansing, the colors wero won by Com
pany A. CapL Hates. Tho judges
wero Col. Hlack of . Port ..Wayne., ; and
Adjt. AppleyaruVtu the Stato troops.
In the individual competition in tho
manual of arms Corpl. J. W. O'Hannon,
won the medal.
Quite an event in colored society
took place at Grand Hapids by. the
marriage of Alexander Washington,
a man aged years, to Mrs. Harriet
lVndleton, aged',7- years." Uoth are
quite prominent citizens in colored
society and the match, whllo the
parties are aged, is considered a good
one. The attendance was quite large,
The long-continued drouth has
ruined the -potatoes and corn4 crop
near ; Kalamazoo., Keports from
various parts in that region aro that
farmers are cutting up the stalks of
tho corn crop so hopelesly lost. Fires
have broken out in all directions.
Sunday Lyman Haydtn, near Kal
amazoo, lost 200 rods of fence and
several large ricks of hay, and his
large-bearing applo orchard was ruin
ed, i
Jn the same 'neighborhood another
farmer lost 100 Tods of ft-nce, and
teveral otrers over 100 rcdj.v From
ceveial localities word comes that
forests, marshes, and fencs are on
lire, and other work is ruspended to
stay the progress of tho fa ues. Forest
llres between East Ta was and Sable
and northwest of East Tawas an sup-'
posed to dave been started by 1 berry '
pickers. Every kind of vegetation is
suffering from the drouth.
Many more vUltors were present
In camp on Saturday at Island Iike,
Urighton, than any day before. The
Inspection was an exceedingly tine one.
The day has been unusually quiet and
orderly. A guard of the Fourth llegi
merit was found off duty and called
before his company which promptly
voted his discharge. . His Colonel up
proved their action and lie wrvs ' soiit
home. The quarters of the Emmet
rifles whose member was killed Satur
day are draped in mourning.
A shooting affray took r!ace at
Eaton Itaplds Saturday night between
John Williams and Clark. Will
iams was attending a Salvation Army
meeting with his sister, when Clark
came in and asked for an Introduction,
and, on being refused, became very
abusive. He left the barracks, collect
ing a lot of his friends, and, when
Williams passed out on his way home,
Clark renewed the insult by Ltriking
Williams in tho face, who instantly
drew his revolver and fired,, the ball
entering Clark's breast just below tho
heart Ho died the following morning.
Williams was brought to Charlotte and
placed In confinement.
A very clever capture of two jiil
breakers from Columbus City, Ind.,
was made at Grand Itaplds by the
SneritT. They gave their names as
Downey and York, and were enticed
into the box car of a freight train on
the supposition that they were getting
a free ride. The conductor having an
idea that they were men wanted. On
their arrival here they were locked up
and to night ofllctra from Columbus
City arrived to takothem back. They
are charged with robbing cars on the
Wabash Hoad and escaped Tuesday,
coming directly North. A third one
of tho gang managed to escape, the
officer having all ho could do to hold
the two.
One of the little incidents which
sometimes occur to relieve the monot
ony of courts transpired dining a
cession of the United States Court at
Marquette the other day. It seems
that the instructions of the department
are that remittances from postoflices
of a certain class must be inado every
day. These instructions the former
Postmaster at the Soo had failed to
observe, and as a couple of his remit
tences had gone astray the government
was suing to recover the amount.
Special agents had been over tho ground
carefully, and had given the ofllces
between the future metropolis and
Mackinac considerable attention. . Ono
of the Postmasters In charge of one of
theso oflices at the time was ono of tho
lurors called in the case. When asked
If he knew anything about tho case he
dryly remarked that ho did. The
fact is," he Raid, I have been strongly
suspected of stealing that money my
self." Tho monthly report of offenders
Apprehended by the State Game Ward
en, just completed by W. Aldcn Smith,
shows for tho month closing July 27
ninteen violations, of which all wero
convicted but one, that of a Mr. llugg,
of Mackinac County, who was arrested
for killing deer out of season. The
violations In detail are: Emll llonvcr
and John Kinse, of Marquetto County,
pleaded guilty &nd paid $50 each and
costs; Wilkes and Federick llargraves,
of Mackinac County, shipped away
c?crc.;ln, tut en payment of costs
cirntcnco vassu-aited Wm. (i.Mar.
paid, of Alcona County, paid 1)10 and
costs for seining C;h; Wra. Mason and
Joseph Bennett, of Saginaw County,
each paid $5 and costs for shootlng a
snipe; Charles and A. Cronin, of IJrr.ch
County, pleaded guilty on account of
constitutionality of the law. Stephen
nnd Robert Uaflingberg and Harry
Strong, of St Joseph County, were
fined .collectively with costs $G7.1'2;.
Charle3 E. Mix, of Ogemaw County,
was released on payment of $1 and
costs, and I Daniels of the same
county, paid $3 and costs: Charles
Held, of Livingstone County, paid l
and costs, total $5, and James Cross
mart and Herbert Swayer $2 each and
costs. Heuton D. Shaw, of Cass Coun
ty, paid $10. Richard Ferguson,!
John Van Korant and S. Iles3 each
paid $2 nnd costs; Randolph (irandt,
of Wayno County, paid $7,3-7 and
forfeited his net; whllo on another
complaint he paid $50 fine; Louis
Kosie nnd W. Kideroski, of Wyena
County, 3 and forfeited the net.
Without a Xntlon.
In 4de souf,1 especially in the coun
try regions where ante-war notions
still to a great extent prevail, there is
much jealousy and ill-feeling between
the full-blooded negroes nnd the half,
bleed negroes -between the black
niggers' and the yaller niggers,' as
tho white corner-grocery loungers of
theso parts call them. Curiously
enough, the black negroes profess to
consider themselves greatly superior
to the mnlattoe?, . notwithstanding the
latter's admixture of white blood.
They declare that when that gathering
together of, the nations of the earth
spoken of In the lilblo takes" place
there will be no place for the mulattocs
iind negroes of -mix d blood, because
being neither white nor black thee
nn't got no 'nash.au nnd consequently
can't be gathered in.
This notion has some hold even up
north, as was shown by a, scene beheld
tho other day by a reporter in Meeker
street says the Ntw York Trilvne.
There 'occurred a 'fracas between a mul
atto woman and n negro woman whoso
skin was of Egyptian darkness. As is
the case with most such quarrels, the
origin of the dispute was. of a trifling
nature. Hut the combat was none the
less fierce for that while it lasted.
They fought with nature's 'weapons,
and the woman with pure african blood
was worsted. Hut she still had a
Parthian arrow left
Fso done whup yer," said the mul
atto, triumphantly.
" Well, ef yer hes whup mo gwaln
to ax yer vomfln, and ef yer auswers
dat yer kin whup me again." - .
ii'lang, yer can't ax xno nutlln' dat
1 can't answer."
Jes you wait, yaller nlggah ; tlon't
be ro brash. Don't yer know dat do
Mble say dat .do nashuns of tho cart's
going to bo gathered togeder in de last
day 1 - '
' "Well, den, jes tell me. wer you's
gwino to be den' when Gabriel blows his
trumpet t. Yer an't black, and yer an't
white, nn' yer nn't got no nasbun no
how has yer ? "
The mulatto woman was at a loss
for an answer, and tho black woman
took advantage of the opportunity to
beat a triumphant retreat, occasionally
yelling back at her antagonist, (JtvoDr
yer ole yaller nlggah, yer an't got no
nashun, nohow, yer an't."
!!ottty it own Itrwrtnl.
Hobinson I had to discharge young
Mlnkins to-day. He was" not honest
Mown -Sorry to hear so. He sup
ports his widowed mother, too. What
was tho trouble!
Hobinson Ho . found n postago
stomp on tho lloor and kept it. Ho
hhould have turned it over to the
oll'.ce. 1
Mown Of course. Hy the way it's
raining. (iot an extra umbrella?
Hobinson Von can tako my old
umbrella. I have a new one.
DrownHello! Where did you get
that silk nlTair?
Hobinson That! Ha! Ha! Great
joke. You pee, I went Into the Stock
Exchange to look after a little deal
in wheat. A shower camo up, nnl
when I was ready to go I Just picked
this up in tho lobby.
-Drown Wish I had your luck. And
how about your wheat deal?
Hobinson O, wo skinned, 'em alive,
Drown, skinned em alive. Omaha
Peasant shooting is tho favorite
amusemcut of the mad King Otto of
Davnrla. Dut no peasants are killed,
although Ills Majesty fancies that ho
has brought down' several. The way
they manage tho royal sport Is very
simple. A fine hunting ritlo is handed
to tho King, and he Immediately posts
himself In one of the windows of his
castle. The rifle is loaded with a
blank cartridge. 'A man is hired to
post himself in a thicket, and to
emerge from it at a given signal. Im
mediately on his appearance, a royal
bead is drawn upon him. Tho King
fires; tho man falls, and the servant
puts him upon a stretcher and carries
him off, whilo his Majesty rul3 his
hands in delight Tho peasant re
ceives his pay, and puts in his appli
cation for another Job.
A Pittsburg paper advertises for "a
boy to do heavy work," Doys who
would bo caught by an advertisement
like that are very scarce In this section.
Uurlington Free Press,

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