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C. M. ATKINSON, Editor ano Proprietor. AWocUly Journal CcvctrJtDtho Vcrlcuolntcrcetacf Iron County. Cucripticn.COa Ycar.In Ar . ::.
Volume I. Crystal -Falls,' Iron County. Michigan, SATURnAYj-Si'TicMM-i, 1887. Number 33.
' ' v ij
, , --- j ; ' ' . I ' '
One to make our goods the
The other to make our figure Uic
These have Ixtn my conHtant aims and no efforta will be spared to uphold the
reputation gained aa a equate dealer.
The Entire Stoclc is New
comprising anything and everything In the lino of
ii a
Clothing, Ladie's and Gents'
Boots, Shos, an d Slippers,
pats,- aqd Baps, TMhg, Etc.
and will be Bold at priccn that cannot bo duplicated elsewhere.
We - Will - Delight - You.
Yours res jxrt fully,
Agent tor the best Eurojyean Steamship Linen. Drafts sold to any part 01
Eurojte, 4
The Monitor Iron Co. will make an
effort to utilize the water power at the
Capt. Trunk Ba her, late of the Paint
River mine, is to work the Fairbanks
mine under contract.
Three twenty-one ton cars of ore were
shipped from the Shcldcn A Shafer mine
on Monday. The cargo it is said goes to
11 I ltMintr 11 PYiilMriitWwiM fin mv.
tinn thirty-five, 43-32, arc coming nlout
in good form and it is thought that tho
true vein will bo encountered before lotig.
Exploration on tho south-east quar
i Ut of tho south-cast quarter of section
f fourteen, -13-32, conducted by 8. I), llol
lister are showing up well, and Mr. Hoi
lister is quite certain that ho ha a fine
body of ore, and from sample seen it
, doc certainly look that way. Tho op
tion join tho Parks and Tohin mine,
but tho new find does not in tho leant
resemble tho material taken from that
mine, it lsing evident that two bodies of
ore exist there.
Yery little movement in ore has taken
place during tho week, and hardly any
noteworthy Hales are reported. Inquir
ies, on the other hand, have Urn lively
and mainly for Bessemer ores, rich in iron
and low in phosphorus. One firm was
offered its own price for a round quanti
ty of sixty-three jmt cent, ore, with 0.2
or lens of phosphorus. VcsMels have Urn
more plentiful during tho past 'few' days
than for two months past, but rates are
stiffer than ever. Ashland cargoes having
been chartered at $2.40, an advance of
ten cents. Both furnncemen and ore pro
ducers are a trifle shy of the market, the
former exccting lower quotation which
are not apt to Ik conceded by the pro
ducers. Tho Fall buying is exiected to
IxTjin within a fortnight, to replenish
stocks until tho annual sales take plaeo.
"V4 Wo quote, without change, as IkIow:
No. 1 Fibular and magnotlc IWho-
mr orm ir ton t7 007 f0
No. 1 Sjxvular (non-Ilciwomer) orw
jMr ton n onn r.n
lUMtiwmrr Hrmtlt n 7ftfC 70
Non-NowM-mrf Hematltm 6 (Ktn OO
A Cleveland Iron Tnido Bevicw.
Another Train to Chicago.
The passenger train on the Chicago A
f Vnr4tiwiH4orit rnilurn v wliicfi nrrivfn in
............ j , ......v.. ...
Milwaukee at 0:30 p. m., now makes
connections with the new fast train from
Milwaukee, which arrives in Chicago at
0:30 p. m., in time for collection with
night trains cast, west and south. For
tickets and information apply to agents
of tho Chicago A Northwestern railway.
A Sound Lcsral Opinion.
K. Bainbridgo Munday Ksq., County
Atty., Clay Co., Tex., says: "Have used
Electric Hitters with most happy results.
My brother also was very low with
Malarial Fever and Jaundice, but was
cured by the timely use of this medicine.
Am satisfied Electric Hitters saved his
life." Mr. I). I. Wilcoxson, of Horse
Cave, Ky., adds a like testimony, saying:
Ho positively lielioves ho would have
died had it not tcen for Klectric Hitters.
This great remedy will ward off, as well
as cure all Malarial Diseases, ami for all
kidney, liver und stomach disorders
stands unequalled, price T0c. and $1
at J. E. Bower,.
Throe Harvest Excursions
will Iki run by the Chicago & Northwest
ern Itailway to jxiint in Dakota,
Nebraska, Wyoming, Northern Iowa and
Southern Minnesota. Tickets will !
soldTumlays, Augtut 30th, and Septcm
lier 20th and Octols r 11th, at one fare
for the round trip, gocsl to return within
thirty days from date. For full partic
ulars apply to ngents Chicago A North
Western Hail way, or address E. P. Wil
son, General Passenger Agent, Chicago.
What Is the Cheapest Paint to Huy ?
On gallon of tho Sherwin-Williams
Paint will cover with two good coats,
300 square foot of surface. ThcSherwin
William paint, for a houso containing
2.")0 square feet of surface, will cost you
$12.f3 at $1.50 XT gallon. No other
paint in this market, (white lend includ
ed) will cover more than 300 square feet,
two coats. It will cost you for n paint
covering 200 squnro feet at $1.25 per
gallon, two coats, 51 r.03 for paint en
ough to cover 200 square feet, two coats.
J. II. & G. S. Parks are solo ngents for
tho Sherwin-Williams paints in Crystal
Falls, and they are authorized to guar
antee tho alove statements as to cover
ing capacity of 8-W paint. 22t3
Htth Cluhm in Gd Cdittt nnd J7y
FrUndlt M'rrllng 1'rrvaiUd andtht rUU
rm Kmjmy Thrmmrtr J Vf.
The Crystal Falls and Florence cIuIjh
crossed willows hero last Saturday and a
good game was the result, the score at
the finish standing thirty to thirteen in
favor of the home team; not very hard
drawn, but still every tally made was
worked for. The game was called
shortly niter two o'clock' with Dr. P. C.
Hutts, of Mastodon, us umpire. Tho
visitors went to bat and only succeeded
in getting in two tallies when the third
man went out. Our boys graspel the
willows and "got onto" the pitcher and
at the completion of tho last hall of tho
first had six tallies, but they had Ut
work for them. Tho game leing young
the visitor retained their good spirits
and were white-washed as the saying is.
Then when our boys went to bat the vis
itors gave them a lively tussle, and
would have given them only u goose egg,
had it not lieen for tho mark scored by
(jodshall. The home team now had the
lead and held it to the end of the game.
Following is the
Crvstal Fall C 1 8 0 0 4 f 0 30
Florence 2 0 3 1 1 2 0 0 413
It will lw remembered that the Florence
club defeated our lys in a game at Flor
ence on tho afternoon of Aug. 21, twenty
five to eleven, and it is thought that the
tho Florence boys had an idea of doing
the same thing up here, but for reasons
best known to themselves did not. Ap
pended is the list of the resjcctivc
teams, tho figures standing opposite tho
names indicating the tallies made:
NW. O'Hrlrn Catcher Swift 2
n Sullivan lltcher Hat krt 2
a ;olhall HhorUtop Ironard 2
2 Iryton Klrnt hne CumpWll a
II FoW STonl bae llk 1
4 1. OUrlen Thin! ba LiM'hmrr 1
4 OouM Lrft flM LaSall 2
4 Uapiw tvntrr flel! Hay I
41 1 UKhltt KlKht fit 11 M yf r 1
The most friendly-foiling Dilated . be
tween the two clulw and all present dur
ing the game. Not a voice was rained in
boistrous blufllng. A good play was
loudly applauded whenever scored by
either club. Tho difference U'tween tho
condition of affairs here nnd at Norway
on a previous occasion, were very strik
ing in the extreme. The cople of Crystal
Falls know how to entertain visitors and
do all they can to make their stay as
pleasant as possible. Norway t-hould
take a lesson or two in this direction.
A rango league, to Isj coniK)il of six
cluls, and to Include Florence, Mastodon,
Crystal Falls, Iron Kiver, Iron Mountain,
and Norway, is talked of for next season.
There is excellent base ball material in
all tho towns named nnd the league pro
ject is not onlydcsirnble,butpracticablc.
Mining News.
The Florenco club A comjoed of
nothing but thorough gentlemen and
Invso ball players. Tho fielding was a
feature of tho Saturday game and nil
they lack to lw a very strong , team is,
better batting, though their present batt
ing gives great promise of soon becoming
a strong one.
Should be Righted.
Editor The Diamond Diull: "There
i something wrong ats)ut our telegraph
office," said a bystander tho other day.
Message are recieved at the station and
no effort is made to. deliver or find the
ferson to whom they are sent, nnd they
are hung un on a hook for days and
even weeks in some cases, Ik fore reaching
their destination. .' This is not as it should
Ik?. An ojx-rntor employed by the com
pany Is supposed to 4o that messages
are promptly delivered, ami in case the
Ierson can not lie found they should 1h
placed in the nost office. There hasljccn
no end of negligence at this office, and
complaints are heard every day and
some of our citirens nre talking of send
ing a etition to headquarters asking for
letter management of tho telegraph office
nnd it is right that they should do so.
A petition 'would get the signature of
two-thirds of tho business men in town
and I for one think the sooner it i done
tho lettcr it will lw for the community.
On k of the Nkolixteij.
CnvsTAL Faux, Mich., Aug. 2 4,
EniTou Tub Diamond Diulx,: Vir
Sir; In view of tho very unjust article
published in The Diamond Drill of last
week, which is given alsive, and signed
by "One of the Neglected," we, the bui
nes men of Crystal Falls, wiidi to ex
pre our hearty disapproval, and to
assure tho gentleman to whom the article
refers, that wo see no just reasons to
complain of any delay in tho delivery of
messages, nnd also wish to express our
thanks to him for the strong effort he
(Special to The Diamond Drill.)
New York, Aug. 27 Steamship "Get
there" just arrived, being three days late.
Delay caused by tho cargo of novelties
imported expressly for
A. Lust field,
Crystal Falls, Mich.
Philadelphia, Aug. 28 The largest
order for carpeta ever entered on our
books was just received from A. Lust
field, Crystal Falls, Mich.
Latest Styleh A Co.
Tuoy, N. Y., Aug. 29-Special-A. Lust
field, Crystal Falls, Mich., left here to
day after buying a large bill of shirts.
RoeiiESTEn, N. Y., Aug. 2!-Siecial
A. Lustfield, Crystal Falls, Mich., placed
his order for ready-made good with one
of our largest manufacturers.
Gloveiisville, N. Y., Aug. 31 Special
A strike among the glove makers is
evident, owing to overexertion, to which
they are put by the filling of largo orders
received of A. Lustfield, Crystal Falls,
Mato-hall, Field Towx, Sept. 1 We
had to close the door at 12 o'clock,
noon, to-day. A. Lustfield, Crystal Falls,
has cleaned us out entirely. We shall
fill up again to-night.
iow Phick A Co.
Caicago, III., Sept. 2 A special train
left here to-day with goods destined for
A. Lustfield, Crystal Falls.
Washington, D. C. Sept. 2-Mr. Lust
field, Crystal Falls, just pasxed through
the city on his way home, He had a
splendid chat with (Jrovcr.
AGENT FOR Tap: IJm's. Shirt, The Domestic Sewing Machine, The Hest Steam
ship Lines, The Troy Steam Laundry,. The lUiRh Rubber Stamp Works, The?
Mineajtolis Ruild'mg, Loan and Protective Union.
made, which resulted in securing for us,
what no other town on the Hange has, a
siecial "Western Union Messenger Hoy,"
by whom our messages are promptly
delivered. We arc well aware that it is
a very difficult thing to please every one,
but wish to assure the employees at the
dejKt that we feel they have made every
reasonable endeavor to accommodate
and facilitate the business of the busi
ness men of the txwn.
J. II. A O. S. Parks, J. L. Kimball,
OlinA Hopkins, A. Uren, D. C. Lock
wood, 8.1). Hollister, 8. Thouin, Win.
Doucet, Max Herlowitx, John Kaiser, J.
E. Hower, Chas. Gallagher, Win. Itiuwcll,
A. A. Metcalf, F. H. Johnson, J. H.
SchwnrU fc Co., Holmes fc Son, W. H.
Willerling, Fisher A, Knur, Jas. Tearney,
John Koepke, Geo. IXsbien, A. Lustfield,
N. Lnchajxllc, Fred Johnson, Casjwr
Alr1c, Hugh McGlinchy, M. Benson,
B. Prince, Win. McCnrty, A. Parks, F.
A. Cameron, M. Tender, Tho Gallivan,
H. B. Swain, 0. M. Brown, P. H. Mc
Hugh, C. T. Bols rts, Paint Biver A Mas
todon Mines, Iron Star Co., Benj. Sirr,
D. Bannerman, It. Walsh, Shelden &
Shafer, Shelden A Shafer Mine, Austrian
A Co., Davis A Brown, K. C.Co. by A. L.
Bobbins, C. O. Campls'll, K. J. Gilbert,
Youngntown Iron Mining Co., C. Ander
son, J. W. Loughrey, W. T. Holliday,
0. C. Hager, I). Uoquhnrt, C. T. Crandall
F. Schlesinger, Dunn Mine.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tho best salve in tho world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sore, tetter, chapcd hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skins emotions, and posi
tively cure piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfectsntisJaetlon,
or money refunded. Price twenty-five
cents per lxx. For sale by J . K. Bower.
Groveland Iron Mining Company.-
riratimbllrntinn July AO. 1SS7.
A ferial nutting of th utorkhoMiT of ths
Orovrlan.i Iron Mlnlnc ( omiiny M Itwi
theofflo of tho company, room 47, No. 1S7
La Hallo trt U)loao, Illtnoln, on TihhmUt
Aumiftt HO. 1SS7, at throo o'rloek . m., for tho
turjoo of rottng on a jrofoltlin to amrnl
rti U' tnlno (V) of "Tho ArtMo of Incorpora
tion" of tho oM company, niln tlio !iumtr
of dim-tor at nine (W) Inita4 of flvo, aa prt
vMinlfor in tho orlirfnal art him. AUo to tWnt
four (4) Ilrcctm In addition to thooo herfto
foro rloetol; and to tramuwt kik h othT I.iwftwM
a may properly como tx-foro nald mtlrn. 1.
nyem.lLO. Klk, A. V. Oottor. V. 1. Joncw,
dlriTtom. T. II. Wurrc, Fwretary.
Juno 27, 1S87.-28-H
(To A. LCSTFIKLD, IVop., "Fair")
Cleveland, O., Aug. 30 Your C00
Hoys and children's suits go forward today.
Twenty-two cases of your goodj witt
Ikj nhippcd to-day. The ballanco will
follow soon.
Dtxlaf Hill, Aug. 31 We ser.d yoi
all we have of that "block;" are making:
more of them.
Stethonville, Aug. 31 All right, wc
send you 10 cases of "Nobbies."
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept, 1 Do yoi
want all your trunk with combination
locks? Answer.
Fahweix HotsE, Sept. 1 We can't
work our men harder than we do nnd
they are all busy with your purcases, si
please be patient and
for the arrival of the largest stock of
everything and anything ever carried in
a retail store, and you will lw able to
buy it HO iK-r cent, cheaper than any
lody else can or dare sell it to you,
The iotato crop in this vicinity is tho
largest in years.
The band played their first pieces)
Thursday night.
Teacher examinations nt the school
building yesterdaiy.
Tho forests begin to donn their autum
nal colors. Karlier than last year by u
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Monroe mourn the
loss of a six months old girl baby, which
departed this life on Saturday.
Editor Tuten ways that "Editor Atkin
son is a little to fresh." "Editor Atkin
son" says that something fresh now and
then in Editor Tuten' business would lie
quite u relief.
Tho Presbyterian society are now
without a minister, consequently no)
preaching services will Ik) held in tho
future. The Sunday school, however,
will Ik) held as usual.
Dr. Metcalf not only patch up broken
lo!ies of human Is ings but did a nice job
on a jx-t fiiwn. ICatly In the spring Pat
Mcllugh secure! a fitwn which soon after
broke the bone of one its hind legs. The
animal was oresenkxl to Mr. Metcalf,
who reduced the fracture nnd applied
plaster of Pari splint nnd now the leg in
as gosl a ever.
Elsewhere in this issue willlw found a
petition numerously signed by the busi
ness men of this town refuting the asser
tion made by "one of the neglected," in
last week's pajsT. The author of the
communication of last week evidently
ha a Ktty soite against tho employes of
the depot and took that means to square
involution of Co-Partnershlp.
Tho co-partnrmMp r-!Ttoforo oxlMln !o
twrrn John I.itto and Mtko lirnfuon. undrr tho
firm n mo of Lino A HenMon, riiRMfd In tlw
mUoon tttioltiooo la CYtkOiI KaJU, county of Iron,
Mato of MUhlitan, U tM Any rfl'Molrod y
mutual conornt. Mlko IW'tifruiri UI contlnuo
tho btiilncwo at tho old ot anl and collet nil
dehti duo ald Arm. ItHl Aufnit. 17, 1S7.
JoriM I.l.irc.
Slwf! Mikc Hcnuiwjs.

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