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J! OlCLr
Sjbscription,52.00 a Year, In Advanci
C. M. ATKINSON, Editor and Proprietor.
A Veokly Journal Dovct-d to tho Vorlouo Intcroota of Iron County.
Crystal Falls Ikon County, Michigan, Saturday, Sej
io, 1SS7.
Numt.er 34.
Volume I.
ZWKi GAI!2 0? bash Dfcv,
1 lea'l
w,r.iANAQ:n clapp hao a
Ono to make our goods the
-The other to make our figures the -
Theso have been my constant aims and no efforts will be spared to uphold the
reputation gained aa a square dealer.
The Entire Stockis New
comprising any thing and everything in the line of
Clothing, Ladies and Gents'
Boots, Shos, and Slippers,
M$, aqd Gap, Tfunl$, Etc.
and will be Hold at prices that cannot lw duplicatt-! elsewhere.
We - Will - Delight - You.
Youth resftect fully,
' Aexnt for the best European Steamship Lines. Drafts sold to an' part 01
lie, father Chnpuls Endrnrorlng $9 J?
labllsh Hmeh nn Inmtltmtlon Here.
The Catholic congregation of thin plate,
headed by their mdcfatlgablo .leader,
Father Kdw. Chapuis, i seriously think
ing of purchasing the old Jatne building,
on the south-west corner of Fifth street
and Crystal arenuo, completing it and
ooning a hospital, with sister of some
religious order in charge. The idea in a
splendid one and will no doubtUcnrried
out. Father Output i of tho opinion
that no trouble will lie experienced in
getting the inHtitution in running onler
nnd all with whom ho ha spoken to on
tho subject are very much in favor of it.
Tho advantage of locating a good and
well kept hospital at thin point arc no
many nnd manifest that there ran 1m
no doubt nor fear of it proving a great
success and particularly convenient
The undertaking should, and no doubt
will, receive tho hearty support of our
people. Many of tho men working in tho
woods and mine near hero purchase
tickets of admission to hospital at
Marinette or Menominee, and when a
ticket holder gets hurt, ho has to lie
brought here to await a train nnd then
taken to the hospital. Ho much travel
occasions much suffering and often has
tens death. The great convenience of a
hospital located hero U apparent. An
injured or nick craon can lie placed In
the Institution hero at leant ono day
earlier than at the inntitution nt the
mouth cf the river and tho suffering en
dured in traveling one hundred mile bv
rail i spared him. Tho hospital will
have a full cori of physicians and
surgeon. Such an undertaking should
Uj carried through..
Forced to the Wall.
Austrian ti Co., general merchant
doing business hen, were forced to tho
wall, Sheriff Mcle an taking (Hissession
of their store at atsmt noon 'on Thurs
ilav. The liahihtie uro said to Ik U.
tw'wn $7,0(X) nnd $8,000 with assets to
fully cover. Sprague, Warner & Co., of
Chicago, are the heaviest creditors.
There are creditors ntMilwnukeo, IVIVre
and other place the name of which tho
writer wan unablo to Irani. The crash
wan quite unexxcted and in paid to lie
tho result of an attachment for leu than
$."00. Mr. Austrian's friend nro confi
dent that tho matter will noon lo sntls
factorily settled and thnt ho will reumo
business ngain in the very near future.
IhHO Villi.
Tho Crystal Fall Uise ball club play
1 a friendly game with tho Florence chib
at that place hint Sunday, Unpoo nnd
t ;odhall coiiiihihhI tho twittery for tho
visitor nnd u gosl gamo wa plnvcd.
C. C. Olin officiated a umpire nnd Cap-
tain O'llricn says that he in one of the
liest men he ever played under. lie take
a great intercut In the game nnd ha all
of tho rule nt hi tongue end. Tho
gamo pawned off without nnv mi pleas
ant nc and wa witnessed by a, large
number of people. Following i the score
by inning:
Crystal Kail Jl R 2 ft R O 2 4 total 27
Florence 1 1 O 4 0 0 1 4 total 2:1
Tho Mining- Prospector.
Dchold the prospector who wandercth
over the hice of tho earth.
He travermth the hill nnd plckcththc
barron mound with hi pick.
The pang of hunger grip hi liowels in
the morning, and at night he lieth down
with only a blanket to cover him.
And the cravduick eomo forth nnd
, rend him.
And ho lifteth up a voice of lamenta
tion in the wildernc and cries aloud un
to heaven:
Why ha thi n miction come upon me,
nnd why do the terror of hell coinpaM
me round nliout?
And while he lecis tho porcupine de
vour hi Miilwtance.
And when ho tlndeth the croping he
diggeth in tho ground nnd taketh up an
Then he hieth to tho green valley and
nayeth to the capitals :
Ifurken unto me, for I have utruck it
big. Here ntv tho untnple from tho
ground, and U hold tho mineral maketh
iouy tho rock with richni'.
And the twain return to find other
toiling on the hind.
And the prospector grablieth hi pin,
(iet ye gone from hero, for thi 1 holy
And a fire cometh out of tho buhe
nnd nmit him heavily on the hip, nnd
he calleth with a haul voice:
I nm done for, take off my lioot pacs.
Ami thev hasten to take off hi Ixiot
pacM, nnd the fnigrance of hi nocks
reacheth unto heaven.
And ho giveth up hi ghot nnd i
gathered to hi father.
And behold, other work tho mine.
Three Harvest Kxcursionn
will 1 run by the Clilcago & North-Western
Hallway to jniint in Dakota,
Nebraska, Wyoming, Northern Iowa and
Southern Minnesota.1 Tickets will lw
ld Tuesday, AuRtut.'lOth,anl Septem
Ixt l!()th ami Octolier 11th, nt one faro
for tho round trip, good to return within
thirty day from date. For full partic
tilar npfily to agent Chicago & North
western ICjiilwny, or address F. I. Wil
non, (Jeneral Fanscnger Agent, Hilcngo.
The .Vortfny Current' Editor Itrllemhlm
ftfttfn i'rtr I'ti h hi llentrk in itnUe.
The Maron do not Deny that our VI nb
ten TrtrH&hbbllyThelrApjireelrttton
0f ila naff r C7' Klml Treatment.
Afraid to l'tay Another iinrnt An Inter'
eating VolntnuTtr Say a.
Editor Thk Diamonii Diulu
Dkah Sm: lVrtnit me to uho space in
your valuable pajier to answer to an
article uppearing in the Norway Current
of Septemlsr 'A. In tho tlrnt placelwant
to nay that Mr. Atkinson' account of
the 1IU1 game and the treatment my club
received whilo at Norway i practically
true, every wonl of it. And if tho editor
of The Diamond Diull wrote hi item in
the tlrst twrmm (lingular, and gave the
Norway ball player and their admirer
a deserved scorching, he only did hi
duty, and there i no denying that it
wa hi duty to tell hi renders how
shamefully we went treated. However,
I am not writing thi to clear Mr. At
kinson, because everyone knows ho is in
the right, but to contradict several
things that Mr. Knight know, or should
know, nro wholly untrue. Mr. Knight
say that: "tho mid-night supjier to
which the Maroon were treated at
Crystal Full, win the tail end of a Ma
sonic banquet, to which several of the
Maroon who were Mason were invited
by tho fraternity, but which they did not
attend. Later Manager Clapp took them
into the dining room and gave them each
a cup ol coffee no more, no less.' Now,
that i a down-right falsehood, and who
ever told Mr. Knight such a story just
simply lied no more, no less. I gavo
the boys a god supjier of which they
partook copiously. When my club play
ed at Norway 1 took from hero lietwcvn
two and thi ee hundred dollars to cover
any tiet that 1 could get. 1 made
numerous attempts to get bet but could
find no ono to cover my money, except
my friend Dick Flannigan, whom I re
fused to put up uuy money with, for the
reason that there were three new men in
tho diamond, one of wnom 1 was led to
Ulieve would deliver a ball that my
boy could not hit and I did not want to
chance any money entrusted to me by
my friend on any such dead, but this
money i still at my command to bet on
a game lietween the Maroons iroierand
the Crystal Fall club. During the sixth,
not tho second inning a Mr. Knight
states, a bluff of 510 wa made, which I
did not take up, liecauso I ktww that tho
umpire was tiartial to tho Maroons, and
1 wa hardly foolish enough to tnrow
mv money awny in supporting my club
wfien I could plainly see that they were
lieing subjected to what is termed tho
"grand ruttle-lazxly," liy the umpn-e
who had money on the opposing nine.
Mr. Knight ha it "from out? of theclnb"
that I will not play for more than 51(H).
All I have got to say to that is this: let
I the Maroon come up with their $1(M),
, ! $"iOO, $1,000 or more, just as soon a
; thev can summons tho courage, anil you
i wilfseo whether or not 1 will play my
men lor more than ?iou, and l mean
business too. As to "Messrs. Clapp and
Atkinson," as a conclusion, do not feel
ns though they arc indebted to Mr.
Urowning, and if an apology i made,
it should come from Urowning. As gentle
men the memlior of my club will com
pare very favorably with certain inein
tH'i'M of tho Maroons. I have naught but
the most friendly feeling for the Maroon,
with the exception of Urowning, anil 1
.! njil lil Ii i in luwii lliui lul In Iwil ii miii4 1t-
IUW llWb 1 1 t Vl.win. . .n IW V lllr-
man, and din's not recognize a gentleman
, when he come In contact with one. The
Maroons did not live up to their agree
ment and treats u dirty mean, nnd the
reason they will not play the third gamo
i licca use they know that defeat awaits
them. Yours truly,
Lou Claim.
For one so young Mr. Knight made
quite an effort to defend the Norway
Maroon. He had a column of stuff in
hi last Current which was no doubt in
tended to hood-wink tho public and lay
tho editor of Thk Diamonii Dium, up for
repairs. Mr. Knight might write n dozen
volumes larger than dictionaries and still
the ieop1o would lie of the same opinion
regarding the treatment tho Crystal
Fall boso ball club received while at
Norway. Knight get funny und trie to
Im sarcastic, but as usual all ho succeed
ed in doing was to make an as of him
self. "Claude" may lie a victim of a di.
torttl imagination but his account of
that Imll game was correct and every
line of it based on fact of tho most for
cible kind. Tho editor will correct a few
little irregularities which appear in
Knight's hist slim and untimely effort
and he will rvfrnin from using italics to
bring his isiints out. When Mr. Warren
umiared the game hcrv he wa square
nntl did right by all pa i ties concerned,
but hi action during tho game nt Nor
way were decidedly not right by no man
ner of mean. Ho made derision that
were rank and which would not have
lvn taken had ho lieen at an' other
place Inside Norwnv, now that' true.
The big "1" which Mr. Knight ha so
much to say nlsiut, i eminently capable
of sitting in judgment over the people of
Norway, on occasion of tin kind.
Tho big "I" brought out a few thing
that did not go down very well, more
particularly to the Norway hall players.
Tho Current' editor makes use of thi
remark: '"Wo have not the space nor tho
wish to worry our render with three col
umn of such 'stuff ns was isud from
Tin: I Diamond Duiu.oince." There are
several reason for thi. Ono of them i
that there wa no occasion for him to
00 will buy nn elegant, or dolman."
? I T0 will buy a boys suit or a girN cloak.
$1 00 will buy the finest pair of shoes ever made.
$3 T0 will buy nn elegant shawl.
$l (V) will buy a nice Stetson hat, latest style.
1 2 o0 will buy a giMl trunk.
$2 00 will buy a new woolen dress.
$1 CO will buy nn all wool white blanket.
$1 00 will buy a skirt or a satchel.
1)0 will buy a fur cap.
b0 will buy a pair of gerinnu socks.
70 will buy an all wool undershirt
for lady or gentleman.
CO will buy a pair of buckskin
oO will buy n nice corset.
10 will buy a little girls cloak.
110 will buy a yard of tine flannel.
CO will buy a yard of fine rashmt re.
10 will buy a yard of fine dress goods.
9 will buy a yard ol fine dres gingham.
8 will buy a yard of fine cotton flannel.
7 will buy a yard of apron gingham.
0 will buy a yard of Indigo print.
5 will buy a yanl of excellent calico.
4 will buy a yanl of goisl towelling.
U will buy a dozen buttons.
2 will buy a thimble.
All we ask of you is to call on us nnd see if we tell the truth, ami if after pricing
our goods you cannot buy. wo will gladly treat you. We havo a largo stock ami
we will and must sell it. Flense call on u and oblige,
Yours truly,
A. lUstfield.
AGENT FOR Tar; Dro'. Shirts, The Domestic Sewing .Vitelline, The Rest Stcm
ship Lines, The Troy Stemn Luumlry,. lite Engto Iiubber Stamp Works. The
Minenpolis Huildinx, Loan ami 1'rottTtive Union.
do so, and then he can ay all there is to
say from hi side in a very tew wonl.
nr. n.iuua wiut ronMUieriLlil v
Ills ctmiiHu - . .I
more than should have t-n said : the
leshehasto say from hi side of tho
qiHstkm the better it will bo for the
Norway base ball club and it snarling
little captain. He did not positively
deny one charge mode in that three col
umn of "stun" a he see tit to call it,
because it shows up things that is not
sublimely congenial to resident of Nor
way. Manager Clapp doe talk big money
and he can Wk all he says, and if you
don't believe it, Ivt Maroon i make
nn effort to down him nnd how it
will work. Why did not the Maroons,
or some of theif Uickers take up the bet
of SI 00 offered by one of our club after
the game? Tho truth is, they did not
dare to. They knew they had got the
gamo dishonestly and were afraid to mil
up money on a fair ileal. Looks that
wny don't it? Again, Knight gios to
Florence to find a charge to bring up
against one of our players. Ite thechargo
true, or otherwise, what has the conduct
of our lKiy while at Florence got to do
with the case in question? At nny rate
it's a mighty small play tor a full grown
editor to is? doing. lVrhap one of our
isiys did do wrong at Florence : we have
only Knight's say at nit It and by that
wo may bo lead to Ulieve that the mem
ber of the Maroons are sainU above re
proach, but they are not. hi1c they
were hsif ono of them filled hi epider
mis so everlastingly full of good and lirnl
whiskey that ho became a nuisance.
Thi young man who in tho day time
posse forn jsrson above the average,
got so full of coffin varnish that he im
agined ho wa two people and wa con
tinually trying to pursuade "isjor Tom
my" to take a drink with him. 1 at
McIIugh wngood enough for Mm nnd
he enjoyed himself hugely in Mcllugh
place. Ho went to a dance ami made
himself particularly obnoxious to tho
Indie and finally when ho Urnine so
Uastly intoxicated that hi frail H'
would no longer sustain their animated
liquor casket his friend took him to hi
hotel in a hammock. Thi little -cur-renco
would never have leen mention!
had Mr. Knight remained within Isninds
It i made clear that the Norway lvall
olayer aro not ono whit nicer than our
Isiys nnd their tet ball playing i at no
stage in the game equal to tho very for
est done by our home club, and then'
no denying it. Mr. Knight' last week
effort had U tter ls-en U ft unsaid, as the
less thi matter i stirred up the U tter it i
for Norway and its ball lln.vyr. Prank
hi conversation with one of our Ih'V a
day or so niter tho game said: 1 let I
sorry for you Uiys. you got the dirtiest
deal I ever saw. 1 played in
some year ngo in which wo git it lwl,
the worst I ever saw. 1 thought no club
could possibly ever get such a deal n we
got, but I telf you your club got lt just
nlsuit twice aUid a we did. rheir l
no such a thing n discounting the treat
ment you received."
I Married.
1 James Ilrown, of this placo and Misa
! Mamio Schwartz, of Ncgauncc, were mar
ried in St. Foul's church, at Negaunee,
on Tuesday, August U0, returning here
hist Sunday, and at unco commcncetl
: house-keeping. The bride is a charming,
nnd accomplished young lady and in
quite well known here. Site is a sister to
George J. Schwartz and sjniit several
months of last year at this place, tho
guest of her uncle und aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
J. 11. Schwartz. During Ur stay she
made many warm friends who gUdlv
i welcome her return. Mr. Ilrown is well
' known a one of the Falls' most popular
young men and thi journal joins the mul
titude iti wishing them continued luqipt-
. nes und unlimited prosperity during,
; their wedded life.
Another Train to Chicago.
The passenger train on the Chicago fe
Northwestern railway, which arrive in
Milwaukee at M:!0 p. m., now tnaktu
connections with the new fast train from
Milwaukee, which arrives in Chicago at
D;:h p. in., in time for collection with
night trains east, west and south. For
ticket and information apply to ngentf
of tho Chicago k Northwestern railway.
Cheap Hates to Denver nnd Uetoru.
The Chicago k North-Western Railway
Co. will sell exursion tickets to Denver
and return nt one hi re for the round trip.
Tickets will bo sold Septemlier lath to
18th, inclusive, nntl ns they will be gissl
until OcttiUr 'list, nn excellent opsjr
tunity is presented to )mrtics desirous of
visiting Colorado. Ticket will tie sold
to Odd Fellows, their friend, nnd tho
general public. For tickets, informotion
und sleeping car accommodations, apply
to agents of Chicago fc North-Western
Kailway Co. 32t"
Cheap Kate to Chicago and Return.
The Chicago A North-Wrstrrn Railway
Co. will sell cheap excursion tickeU to
Chicago and re turn during SentemUTnnd
OvtoUr, on account of tho Chicago Kx
isisition, which will continue from Sc
temU r7th to October 22d, and tor tho
International Military encampment, lie
sining OctoU r 1st and lasting until Oc to
iler 20th. For information relative tt
date when ticket willUsold, rate, etc.
npply to agent Chicago A North-West-ern
K'y. U2tr
Hue kirn's Arnica Halve.
Tlio Ust salvo in the world for cuts,
bruises, sore, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sort's, tetter, e Implied hands, chilblains
corn, und all skin eruptions, und tii-
tively cure piles, or no pay required. It
j is guarnnbt-d to give rs'rfect satisfaction, -I
or money refunded, l'rico twenty-five
cent H'r box. For sale by J, K, Uower.

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