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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, December 03, 1887, Image 1

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A VceMy Journal Covoted to tho Vcrlcua Intdrqofj cf Iron Ccunty.
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Ikon County. .Michigan, aiukd.w,
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CoriiiridrurriB !
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:..t.. ...w,f;,l,-iir-.' ) it 1 1 the ennui to ..
, Jntksou was very complete and u:Tun
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i .. in tore for In ( SllMi
rn;M.s ltx down ANDC.vnarniY ;vvi. Ti.ciadkH otthe party to. im
Till: DIAMOND DlilLL. laud spn ad a table it! .tb- uh A A ..n:
. thev li.nl brought and win n .nil was
in.nllv Mr. and Mr. Jackson t;v given
r,r ritt't f !$tcrttrifr f t" " ;,,,.. n.. f,niit ,I 41 targe. r.::-l
lirthtT ynu
Fair you
It is all the difference in the world,
buy vour goods at home, at Tin- Fair or pi elsewhere. At
can "get bargains nowhere else anl m-v. r Mciv off. nd,
it.tn.-Thr MtMf th.o t (!' W
lurrtrtll JWf.A-OM t-.
Monthly Srhw4 r jn.rl Ih uth
,j JIr.Th4M. intlarinA
,if tJtttlrrtrTh ttrtr
lititf Curd "
IHWH'I 70i.
At The
and wo go
. - . i A ! . I.. find will i'lVI
in telling you what the re a t ion oi a o - " "C. sVC r h ,t
i nee m.n ranio ior a o omh "n u, j " "v
you a chance uva
Holiil lan;ain.
r.lscwlu n in this Utvu? will 1
notirolroiu what it i Katiol
fUiii ri Lviit otiMM) w liuho narnH
hmnilitvnt Mlvr wat r wrico au;
'tawliiiiMvasaciml Uann. t!" n.uiu m
'of tln'tivits. tlu majority U its in nt
Uomlatav. Mr.. U- Woo.lv.ut th .nah-
a very titling tMtHcntati(n al(ltv.'S au.l
Mr. .Jackvnii i.im.ihii wjui a jia- '
; of thankn to their many fivaK au-lwrU-
w isht i-s, but Mrn. .tacUon w as i-winrii't-
' lv ovvi-t taao aixl oi'il oiu.v in.m
foutxl a th'ar.friiMulM by InoUnj: at thciu oil.
that th- 'i anotlu'r in blank ainaz aunt th
..! . . lu.i ,.Mr wi t i'VCS. Tlif LMlrstH UUI
thank lit r
IV, u uivtl t r tt:: th' - :t.
,;tthvs:l!ry a x.'orl.inan t . ' ,M.
ro:w la tin' l'p; v lV-'.msMil i .-1 - '
inrntlv ivtunn (1 Iroia 'li - wh-. iv la
,.,IV .lnn.- oi t!if V t ni-tnun.M.tH
,t.VicU ol th- v.ry 1t i t;ii
1 'u h:-: v'i tur '. Hi V. ;h v '
! :-t:(l i-M'nl.ittabl.- pl;ii-; ;'-l -:m.
n ival liUuv at a u a ..inb.r-
callin' on hiiu. lb- wilt.
hav o;i tna a call. ' , '..
; ; -ft : vf '
The Nt'W Tiniot an!; . "
1 Tlu'ii. n- time canl f thu t'hiiao i
v,.ail.v,.j1.i ii If.ulroacH'o.. wtt into
tif'-i t la-t Suutlav, but the diauce in
an ival inal ( quiitun of trains at thiK
..I.. .. V k I" . 1 lllPll,!!
ilieMlrsiMUUJ JuMu v , , - uV ovU a. IH.,
I i til II v ,
Jo and visit-
" The - Fair
5 J
and you will lind tho answer.
Vc havo tho llnewt stock of
sviT.vm.i: kou
liU-d Aviil make appl.eation to i ue i . , ia WM.il ; ami w u owi - ; - y
urinlof Mitirrv soih of Iron county at n, 1 "J -v - - , , it , m vt w li-iv u nuvaius
in and for na d count v on tfio twemy-i ' : . ,;, nft r an-1 1 uU-rH atHI UK'n " . 1 V v Vu.
,V- ,IV,: ", ..r n i V iwf f..r an ,.r-!larty cnnK to a t loM ami one altu an m, that tho lVytal l alU
art uVl v thV inror porati. other bado Jkl... M- co i J,,, Watornuuvt VW
l 1. - T i,,1.ii,,J into iL'fatvwtl und ( umi KjMitl, wiinus xnuu . . . aeetMninodatlou
hUT4,Vf - J: wu'lao of Vl d Fa N i I t i m .U I mid wilo, Cnpt. J,h liick
in in tho township I uysiai i au, i uu,.,.,,.. wif,.
"W -I Iron. .,.! M,to.., MMjba.,..-! !: , t! .
Tho pniH-Hrt n owiiiuainai iu "T1 ; , ':r. r It S.hwartx CoHis nw
hurried alon' as fast us poKMhlo now .1. . m m ."' "J "j, I)r A.
tl.nf it.onu, alvlH'H n that a villas . d w fo. L. W o o lii. I T. a .1
- , ii..f,,.i.4ivin. Air anil um. iuu avu
and our prieoH will sell them.
i A. LUSTPIELD, Proprietor.
) IWNT V: Tar? VoV. .irf.v, Tho Domestic Srvmzltichmc, il't'Ut Stvimu
' ' . shin i: The Kml Huhber Mump Works. 7 hi
Mimunuilii ituihlinz. Loan nwl I'rolcctivc L'nion.
c. & n.w. n. n.
No. T )nwHiniO'r dt 'irt
No. H " ttrrlvrx
No. 1H iu roiiunxltlcti arrlven
No. ai " lf.iirt
v.. k ...,..i., t ultli No. a Ht Mnucr
..-I. -I. .....I iKhlitml llllil Ht Powit No
7 OO it in
7 r.o m
12 4. ) in
1 'J." t in
for Wit-
for i:4-nnf...i Hii.l north u"l No. 1 for MSUvau
kii' find rhlnu'o. No. 21 eonntrli with No. a
it Towi rH for Km aiml.! iiii'l nortbiuiaultn o.
i, for Milwaukee Hii'l t'M-;KO.
J. V, HKDKua.n, Auvnt.
I'ost kfick. Dailv mail for Mastodon,
rion-iiiv, fcitamlmutih m.l Iron Klvcr rlowmit
12T.O i in. iMily mail for north unt raiiiw
1 lowH Mt t l in Patlv mail for nontli anl raium
i '.oH, Mat l'i r.opm .Mail from nouth arrl vr at
' 12 Hi tun Mail from north iirrtvi-n at S: la !
in f( iitte hour from M n in to U i in Sun
ilay from 12.1U in to 1:1" ; .
A. A. Mktcai k, r. M.
CornT Ti:mh: Jude
(Jront ha O't the t
Clauilioiirt 11
flio !nuit rourt
of tho tfniy-mth Ju.iwl.il Unnit t-t Ml; !ui
for th' v...ir iHMsa a ollown.
I ln-lta iiunty--TI Firt TiH-n.Uy in Jan
1 iwry, .M o(l Tuetiy la May, l-'lrt I ! lt y
will depart for their new liotno to-il.iy,
Thev have Ions Ixti recent f Vrvsta
Falls and will lie sadly m; :u d by a larp
circle of hiends.
. r for thf Mnttth tlwlhm
ttrt tnln r Mt. IHK7.
Tho following i a report f tho enroll
ment and nt tendance of tho Crystal
Falls hclnaiU fortiaMtionthof NovcinUr:
oiuumui am uai m iioot..
:n '
iMivi rnio it is an alisoluto nreKMiy
For some yearn past heveiai 01 mo iuohi
inlluential busine men oi tlie tf)wn
havo tried all kinds of ways to laing mis
nd about, but in each ami every in-
htancothev weru luiiKeu oy iiam wm
were anparently bhml to their own in-i..-..vi-
hot mm- tha.t their eves have
Ihth oM-ned they havo Imtoiiio me very joif'
l.iOHl.nt nml most anient worker and
uro doing all ia their power to aid the j
oivanization to iM ifi-ction ; in fact all of
the business -men aiv now woikimk 101
the one eml which they are tletei nutaii ;
to aceoniph-li. M.o ininu yei n;mam unwWr
and that is, when the village organi.a- Avt.n,(t, ,u,iH.r wlonnitK.
tion is completed let all oi tfiosi? men ; Avt'raui l iiy nttua oi.v .
who aio now making with hucii niiiiAvwuri'-1""
mendablo spirit, luin tho same spirit to; ""mki-iitk
...., .i...t l.v nLiriiiL' ia nllleo a set id Total inunlir fiiroUo.l
IL1"H wn.l. . -v 1 - .... ...!. .....I,,.. ...111
men that will do ustiee, a,ai only jusia-e ; Aven. y.r
to tho trusts conferred upon them, men 'Avt.r,Mjaiy Kr trnt
who will not endeavor to piaeo 1. iieiu-, w-oni ritiMAitv.
h Ivoh in altlueneo by the prolits of t he 1 . liuml(1.r rnroui
olllio, but .'men who will woik lor lue AVfrmp. numhir t'onuinn
smxlof the town, and. Its people. 1 ho Avrrune
liit set of oliieei for the village should Awriw
i. ....... r.aiv fiinolilo nf inanM''ini! the!
affair d their res, native onice in an ; y"" (lion::::::::::::::::
honest and conscientious manner and AjerjMj .Jli"";;,,.:.
hen niv nlentv of such men to be haul, s Avm,LM .lailv ncrctnt
A masK-iiHiting of the citizens ! ;am(.8 ,,f pupils who were neither tanly
f tho township of Crystal Falls, ,mr al,senC during the month of ovein
was la id on Monday pursuant to a call, r: rlrAt in imary departim nt.ettio
tor the purpose of considering the quos-; Villenauve, Tillie lt nUrg, llaehrl lain
tiou of turorporating Uiis village under Amy LaehnH-lle. Second primary
the general laws of the state of Michigan, department .Julius Meisler, Adolpli
mi..- . w.i in.r wiiM i idktl to order Mni-i.... Vtnii. KixMieka. Mamie eailng,
John II. Parks was chorea chairman ' (.'iiarlie'lJivn.Ioseph LachnieUef YN'illie
1.1 f.HM tlli hl KiH-rotai v. Coon i nh tiilUrt. lntermiHhate
O'lllllllllll "I . . .. kl 111" ' " ' . .
.viw.Mi. dot v it Mliiill Im to take a l lures- 1 inimmnf mid IIiafi.i'iaioi.Atia inoi,
.;ty tittriKlaiuu
Uiitiy lrr ival
raiTruotUY mcoaktwrnt.
Tho umlcrsi.VHil have opctial 11 Jlrst
ClnsH DtvssinnkinK Kstublishmrnt nml
Djintl to tlo nil kiwis ot
LiuUcs sowing in grnorul
pmmntootl, Weitsothv Tuihtr System.
:ooms in I.J. MoiirtH'sbuihlitig. Fourth
in it wiih nnanimously resolved department 'aron .Margison, Mm
this village Ihj ineorporateil anda -at Vf j.;dna Parks, Klsie Ilenberg, Oscar
niltee of - seven tax-payers chosen Kt.nlHTg, Vina Sudds, Oscar W uMraml.
... . . 1 .tl ......... 1 1.1.. 11 1....!. u
wiry steps towanls the consummation ; ; .ggio McCourt, ThomaH Miarison, haran
of tluMpiestion in issue, t'pon motion, t Mnnns, Daisy Un a, Andrew andiin
whieh wan unanimously, carried, the daiguo. Amkua 15i,ahii:i.!., principal.
r.,lliiuiiiL named tax-naver wen elected
as said committee: .1,11. Parks, .1. IJ.
Schwartz.; (has. S. Henry, A. Lust field, t
Thos. O'Connor, II. Metdinchy and U . j
II. Willerling. There lwiag no other
I busiiM'ss to , Ih transacted the meet nig;
Snf bif.u tion j adiourned sine die.
Kii ou't V'.lui.lav la
.Jann.iry. lht Tu.-H.lay In May. mvoikI isl
n,.Hlay In h.j.t.inlr. Mfiiomliw county--ro.ath
Moa.lay In Jan . 2.1Ta. lay In Apr 1.
V-lrst Tvi.-s.lay In Srf t'T. ,',7fr,'l1
.ov-mlH-r. Mar-in'tt.' rou.ity-'J-l 1 '7l,,.'
l..i.m...v 'M.lr.i Moii.lav In May, thin!
Ai'!nHilay In
j pivmU'r.
stwet west.
MliSVD. A77T0.
1 A fnlttr,! y, irttt of lUr Khttb'tll I'nmi'g
l'nMtn tt.tf (H'llrloit.
j l'oor old liennie is dead. After a life
1 f i.wi foliu MM lie civics his room to young-
' er ones, at the advanced age of twenty.
iiv vears. Old I sen was a now,
i.n.iVttv of Dr. II. C. Kimball and
J io.t, Trr nmH r-" Her l.rt .'"-V , , . .' f .u .I1H llU ..Kt daV Oil this
!,, I.f. .,f l W. l iinmdano s,iheiv. was of tt.e old
illness of hair weeks Mrs. i-toii Kapids and auhun stocK ana in
Tho lnrgft asfottua tit of
rat e nuaiiou uv .milv.
Sleighing splendid.
For line shawls go to Max.
New stock of corsets at Max.
Christmas three weeks from to-moirowv
Cahhemere at i-evtn cents per yard at
Look at Kskil's kIiow pictuivs at the
jto.st ollliv. 1 Ut-
Dr. Metcalf sold one of h hot-sew. to
D. Danntrnian.
Another mawtuerado is talked .0! foe
the near future.
It you want a bargain ia cloaks o to
Max, the clothier.
IiircnninL' nassi-nger trains aiv crowdinl
i' to their fullest capacity.
When people will actually tap ftu ei
'k woim! nile all signs fail.
Sheet music givetJ away with Ji.
Schilling's corsets at Max, thf clothier s. ,
. ....1 .Aio i -inm. at" etror
jdiu uy low prices nOlax, the violin. s.
Th't Chicago & North-Western pay o
Scattered ghnlnes and dollar' Itei C
This cold weather has kind o' cut hhc
the "nly as far as the gate, ilear ma.
pel forma net?.
In coneo,uetHv t the gtanl sleighie :
there aie numerous sleighing parties o.
late among the young jHMiple.
If voti would seek entertaining and in
structive muling, turn to the inwtfe
page ot TilK DtAMONU DlMI.h.
Twcntv degfws In-low rem on Monday
morning", followed by tlfteen Mow on
Tuesdav morning. Somewhat wmtery.
' . 1.. i .
Some changes are im-iuk umm.v. ........
inside arrangement I the i.anm:rma
hou.s.Welow stairs; the oince emargeo.
.The noon freight train was neai Sy u.j
hour late on Monthly. Unaccutouiyl
to tho new running time was probahly
the cause.
J. J. Fskil, ot Florence, will make lirst
class travon ljctures, liie sue, with an
elegant fram' for 512.K). Satisfaction
guaranti'etl. ' ,
Lakes and rS'cr frown over but no
skatinu', too much snow, and the naal.
Ixiv will content lymselt by staling down
hill on his sh igh. X
1 Maud Thouin bavt
Sii.t,-mlM r; lirt Monaay in
pat ot Oct. 2.. 1S7.
.! S Mclean
hliiTllf ; 1 K iMiiat. eoiiiuy ncr nnu r.
v-.nr 1
,i,U; t' T frau.lall. j.ro'( iain imiw . '
t II., ..(.(! I r..,iur.-r : ITia tllllllltliiT, iHMM..-
Ju ltf. ; i: T. l.tt, t.lreult court commlioia-r ;
V) ( lark, nur-vynr; I. A Kn-.l. ri. h- .! 1a"
ih. roroni-r: Italj-h lTlm. un.li-rhh.rin.
Mal Kails ; WUUam Ml.haiN. .l.-.nty her
tetroilitnir. I. 11 Mi Wuown.itn.iity h. r.
vr.a KIvithikI Staiiilianuh.
Vour1 patronage Solicited.
MAS township ollieefs: Vm.
MrvlHor: A. I.u-tru-i.i. ii.t;
-tz trvaMirvr; Win. 11. 1IoOht,
v. tor; Dan l rjuhart.l.U'hway com
Vm.Mcf.trty.Al. Au-trlaii, John
xjv of the H-nei.; .lai oh IUimht,
N M-t rl t No I; Kalfh ITIik.
trl t No 2: irlan.lo Vt-raii,
rl-t. No. :i : John liolan. lia
vlornn", !m. . N.-arlmr.
Kimball, health otlUvr;
7hVe7s: C. T.
uik SiiKl Un, ctvrk:
(leers: Archie
11. Klanaifttii,
Iijie Vina and Iijaud Thouin,
After an
M.it.'ur, t oilhi via nasscd to the' other
side at a few minutes after eight o'clock
on Thursday morning. The huly was a
victim of asthma and caught a severe
colli which aggrevated her disoase and
finally proved more than medical skill
and tender can could master and she
peacefully passed into the tranquil sleep
to awake ia tho land of eternal happi
ness lx-yond the river. Mrs. (iallavin
was Imuii ia the town and county of
Kilkenney, Ireland, and at the time 01
her dentil was liftv-.lvo years ot ago,
thirty-nine of which weiv sjient ia this
roiuitrv. Twentv-four year ago she
was married to Thomas (iallavin, who
is left to mourn the loss oT las 1
fiirnd and comforter. Mio has ivsn
his dav was a horse that was not oin.v
valuable but of good speed. At the ago
of three vears this horse Urnine the
property id Mr. Kimball, who shortly
after sofdliim to another physician who
was a staunch democrat ami mimed lain
in honor of lien Butler, who alsmt that
time was doing all he could to put dow n
the i-elrllion by conuseating all of the
silver spoons he could find in New Or
leans. A few months later Mr. Kimball
again purchased the horse und during
tl... w. i.nirtotMi veu rx old 1's tl Htm the
doctor ttavclod the roads of .lackson
r...h.iv 4,.....t lii-r" nlcht and day, and rtv
oiHMatl a dn-srtiuakiiighopnt thcir hona
on Superior avenue. 'iX'V are splendid
dnssmakers and deserve .Vooil patttm-
Advcrtta'mcnteWwI.ehJu this im
mainl the prosrtv t the doctor until
ietthe day he di.nl. 'lU tinie h"1,,11'
idnl ...wwvf ii... f .milv Kit id Dr. Kimball tt
hetv with her husband several years and 1 wrjur, "and we miss hun greatly
her dent a has brought sorrow to a large ; Ho was one ot the most gentle animals I
circle of friends and acquaintances who ; rvrr Haw ,u Was never sick a day in his
i.Ttend fxttroHsions of sympathy to the ; i;f until this last sih-11
lreavetl husliand. 1-uneral services
srrmiiou avkm
Crystal Irill, 'Midi.
and thougn we
did all inournower to prolong his life
.. at 1. 1.1.1,1 in tho f 'othcilio chnn h at ten I i...t nvnil Mmiv and many a
: o'clock to-morrow morning and all that
1 remains of a good, kind woman w ill U?
j laid to the last long sleep in the new
1 l
Mr. "M.f Mr: H. . J'trkaon .irtmv
Hurprlnrtl hjf n iMrff f Friett'li.
Oni i t tho most eniovable nnd pleas-
farewell parties thai nas r t daughter house and ' given a
IMIk i . . . .. .
In enoutiti thocountry
attending my patients 1 would tall asleep
1 tnvw lf In the carnage
11 mi i 1 lU n abvavs kept the middle otj
the road and took mo homo without a
mishap and I .tell you e w ill never own
another borne that will (ill Den s place in
our heart. Money could not have
bought tho old nag and ia his old ago . he
got the let that was to 1". had. J he
remains ot the old horse were taken out
Taken l'n. V-
The subscrllxT found a six monthr 1 ,
heifer last week and it now taking ca'ol
the same at Kirby Carpenter Co s Cnpj
No. 1". The nnimal is black und W';
and has one ear split. Tho wnerfb
claim proiH t ty at once or the same
lie void. IIknuv Di:ix:K.
CiiYHTAi, Falis, Ikr. 1. ;
. I I
Found. If
. At the Slnldeti & Sh.'dcr mine n
book containing two tickets of a'"'
siontothe Menominee Hlver llo.-jjti
No. 7,orl K ars the mi me of Lot:; 'M''
and is made out for six inonU
other one is a yeaily ticket, iu'- t
favor ot Henry OdU r and is nu .
7 or'J. 'Owners ran have them 1
in'gon Mr. W. II. Willerling ar.d
f,r this notice. Mr. Willerling al ,
' ir. .,.. t.fcii 01 a. into re kv whu
,,. ,-w. - - .
found in town unci wui oi- tn
the owner upon implication.
. Wonderful t'un -s.
W. I). Hovt iV ('., wb.l al ¬
io. d I't I
"We r
ant hurnriso
Wehaved.rideil to offer our service taken place in town in a long time was xvui i 'Uly,
11. ........ nivmi in luow.r of Mr. and Mrs..
to any one wanting plain or fancy sew-1 n. Jacloa at their residence 011 J
! Tuesday evening. Mr. .Tacksman an j
in ' done Our wtak hasheivtohire given ' engiiarf for the Chicago Sl North-Western ,
, Dailwiiy (o., and by the change made m
.1 . . v . ..it. f ..t,.l it U nor con-' tl... timiiin? of trains lie is to reinoeil '
,n- uiMi'ttr,. V ; from here and will probably take up a,wh
slant aim to do the Kt work at the residence at l.scanaba, his run o. mg ;
'MiUlt ,.,um fro,n Powers to Watersnvi t and return.
ov.-.-d living prices Call on us l'ut. Hi It was tucev-ary to take Mrs. Jackson
MfCaurt's (inllcry.
(VimI.iI TidU now boasts ot
a.,i.. .lt of oiiic. ia.. savs
lK-en selling Dr. Kings new d.-ro
r.leetric Hitters and liuikl. u s n
salve for four years. Have in v. 1; 1
1m1 remedies that m H as st 11, oym
j nnivetai nui ir.cie.n. . .
sonio wondciful can .1 air ( l d :
medicines in this city. S v. i.d
imiti ion f .1 i i
" 1 -
114 fin;
. . . . . 1 ii..., tirntuitiiii'ii nMi'
and well epiipMsi pinugrapu v.un j 1. " ., M . k j, n
caul., found on the rang. an.i in -iso, ... - , (
are in the habit of going to Norway, . 0 , . ... .
Iron Mounta in or ! lorepce lor piano-, v. v,
1. ...... b .., c, t the virv 1 A ' ai.t.- tie ni
results by patroniring our homo g illery 1
) f
a iwi r.

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