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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, December 10, 1887, Image 1

Image and text provided by Central Michigan University, Clark Historical Library

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I - - -- -
C. : 1 ;."!; Ccirc:j.::3 tV.;: ,.::tcl
Vio i": I.
Crystal Falls Tko.v Count ..
i .
7 : -
v()Nni:nnLoi:ovTii and cnu
n u
x a - X "
X y - y. x v 4jX
X ' A 4 X
X .f s, o h V, . X
The fstft .ttnt'JnJ JJtH Utrtjt Ortr
lfAfr. f-e ytr irri r.;4rf
One ; I)' rC'.irs It m t.ttr lh .
Z:irr.L4t:. U:tt .. i'ititrj f ;,tlr.
t '.aaitr.'j Z'.t;:i,'ji t H mil ,
until 0 JllrS Ah litter- -
rating mf Instruc
tive Artlrle.
Tlx tnlt? o? the Ujumt IVninniP
f i . A f t f '
cvnt yt ;;rn thai Al.uMin'H lip'wjiH,,
IkxI over it ur.d it nmrvil.-jH i khe
VPIlU'tl. ;
It A 1L l2-)f-muttiT !i!irvl li'f
foyr. LfsU Superior : mmo k' v ami by
Iikp?.!u'h::vn on V? otar,1 dAI Hfi4ir-"
ntH)y tho MncUiuM? ntrait from t!ii
i)mi- part cI tlio lower peninsula of
Michigan, nnl y the Saiilt Stri Marw
tapi(!H-fnm the Jhltish provincoH.
Hot wry many yoarn npo Michia
mill Kf)
ii in the-laiv.
I vIt must .
;Jlc fjlaiKt'H
n drear ;
J.m tli.-
of th
v h Mil
where you can find
5,000 .
yoiican buy for a xml deal chh
.than anywhere else within
'Our stock Comprises over
5,000- Article
anl ram and cverv one in a Iwautv
v... a !UU(iAIN in itself.
Now this is an iniortant fpiention
and rejulrt what, oh, what, to put
in the htKlini.'.
Now don't U brcstUing your
bend, but fio rij;ht htraiht to
The Fair
whre the quest ion will b nolved
L without eoht.
mi:nomini:i: uan(;i: ijkanch
C. A N-W. H. U.
No. Ti fAHMi-TiKfr !..rtH 7 oo a m
.No. M .itrrivcs 7 T.O p m
So. 1H iK'comino.l.itlon nrrlvfu... 12 IT p in
No. 21 J).artM 1 '27 u m
No. T roiiruH'tn with No. H wt htaiT for Wat-rrtiHM-t
nnil Alihiiiil ittnl Ht Power with No. 1
for Km mi, W.ii nnd north unl No. I for Mtlwau
k.? and fhicapo. No. 'Jl cotuuH'tn with No. 'A
t Power for Kwuimbu mt north iiml with No.
U for Miiwaukc an.l Chicago.
J. F. Ki:iriK!.n, Apiit.
Post ffick. Daily mail for Mantodon,
l'ion-mv, Stumh:iunh ntul Iron Klver t lownat
l-'T.O p to Dully initll fur north ami runica
rlofM- at Up tn lal)y nuillforiomhiU't riOiK
eloMiif l r.optn MhII from ot)th arrive Ht
1 Ji: lo p in Xdvli froni north arrive at K;l() p.
nv fo'I hour from M a tn to l p m hun-
i iay Oum 12:H p in to 1:10 p m.
A. A. .MlMVAt-r, I M.
t'ocar Tkhms: .lude ChindioiiM II.
irii"it Ii.ih ii!t t lie term of th (limit court
of the ti tity iifth JinlK i.il Omilt of Mililfau
for Tlu vtMr 1SHSU follow:
i '!?it Tho 1'lrt.t Tu-ly In Jan
uary, .,, ml TUi'S4l;iy In Muy. Firt Tu'il.iy
tis,,pv(MiNT. Iron Co. .yMiin' WlinlHy in
Jwninry, fSr-t Tui'nt.iy In May, is-onl Will
.Ti'"iIiV In rptritiliir. . Meiioniliw nullity
, Fourtli MmxJ.iy In Jan.. 2ilTu'.il;iy In April,
llrt TuiM.liiy in SrptemtxT. V'l Tin-ilay In
Movi'ihUt. MwripietO lonnty 2l Tui'lny
hi FelrnAry, l)iirl Motnlay In May, thlnl
W'i!)i'"i.liiy In . heptemlT, tlrt Monday in
msvnlrr. Hiitil Oct. 2i", 1 Hh7.
Ikon Cor.NTY Ofkkkhs: .1 S Melan,
HfH-rlff; P V. Ixinn, county !it k and nvit rot
iliM'd ; I ' T ( Yatntall, profciitiii attorney; II
J MuKUtt, tna4iir'r; fha (iallucher. probate
JudM-"; V. P. I.ott. tln iilt imirt eoininlloner;
F H t'lark, surveyor; I A FrHl ri Ii and t Im
Jlu!'.. t-oronem; Italpli Prlm o, undiT sheriff,
I'ryital FalU; William Mli Iuu Ih. il-pvity hIkt
Iff, Metropolitan; h II Mrtniown, deputy sher
iff. Iron Kiver and amhaiiKh.
t'KV.TAl, Famx towtinhip olhceiH: Win.
Hoitirt, iiiptTitor; A. 1 m t flol.l, il.Tk: (l-o.
J. Nhwartx, ttvurT; Win. II. lloojxr,
ri lmo injwv t(r ; pioi l'r'uhart,lilliway i-om-fiililnner;
Win. MiS'iirty, Al. Austrian, John
Morrinon, juxtlif nf Hie penif; Jaioh Minder,
overmvr road dUtriit No 1; Halph Prlnii,
overnit-r road dint rl' t No 2: Orlando p t TMitt,
ovcrvr road district No. M; John lo!an, liw
id Priniv, llt-nry IeloniH. ( ha, t", NVarliiK.
ronst.ilile; ir. II. P, Klinhall, health othitr;
Ir. A. A. NMraJf, poor physle Ian.
.Mastoik.n township ollleei-M: V,. 'P.
KoN-rt. Hnfvcrvlfor ; Frank Seadden, eletk :
Phillip P. Huttf. tivaiirer.
I iiov KiVKU towrishi(t ollieern: An-hie
H. McKlnnon. miivrvUur ; 'J ho, II. Fhituan,
il rk; A lei Mi fniloui'li, treiiMirvr.
Hatps township oilier rs : ('hailey Oloxon,
sMpcrvixir ; IVnlin.md I,. Kli yt niteulx-r.t l rk ;
O'.if. Il. l-mo, tr';iMim r.
sirAMni iii township ollii th; Win. V,
Ncl'ltt, mijnt I -'.r ; II nry I.) in, r!, rk.
Fti.'H township ollicers: Henry M.
At kins'iu, Mi-crvUr.
Mnet. every firt Sunday In cmli month. In
' ixt nlfi-rniKin. at Wil!(rliiit:'i lub room. 'J'li
(nriu ill M''iklm.? iHor.l eordially lnilit'to
vttend. W II Wlilcrliur, pivilent; lle'inatt j
K.u. r i iry.
The urnlcrsiznvtl have oftcm n First
C'.j.s.v Dressmaking Kstublishmcnt awl
arc now prepared to do all kinds ot
Ladies' sewing in general. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Wv use the Tailor System,
liooms in I.J. Monroi'sbuilding, Fourth
street west.
MltS.D. h'JTTO.
t'J tt MISS OH'JCXS. ,
Youp patronage Solicited.
IJiVina and Iaud Thouin,
didn't want it Licked on to her territory
and tossed it over to Wisconsin. ,That
utato wouldn't have it either by coaxing i
ot threat h ; ho it was; ho to hpeak, hhut
tlecocked bark utid' forth, lik? a
txnnv. It was reirartled n
waste land: as a prtjVctAl
actic regions, damp v'th
lakes in Hummer, an
and mercury-fre
winter. And fc.th
dirty Chipewa Inifian
their 'eet jileasure,
white m.., rninj: tbe
venison and lollar-a-
summer, and w ith jerkc ,
winter. fc
At last Michigan coti.sented U
territory ns ti poor relation Ais.
into the familv. and the, le-if-l.-itu
" ,
to make the Itehbof a b .1 haipiin. ' -r-
Theie wen hotp ,mii;ht reeoiiifx-nHis.
is Hportmen lani t-toiiesoi the up
Vt thm? minutt
' Then ht? isj
man hau-J- t
ne t ai
peiifiiN .
The rspor,
found it"
iirtinit frr f inriiin? mxii tri tluit. wi-ii
. . . . ... . 1 1 1 if L i ii i v i i,u !h i f 1 1 iiMO rh in
I Vet were wb.Viity tlutt it
to htmt them. I'ars hunted
wild eate prowlnl about for
to Ik; fi)vtn in sv immense forests, ami ;
the most tfMnptui'j'taleHof trout Htrenms '
wen? waltiVl ti the earn of anglers of the
east. JtoieH were tthl of the jK'rilousi
and exciting hjtortH tiav- miht behad by
fc.hooting.thjp rafiids of the Hault tie. i
Marie, or tle Soo, ns the stretim is imi-1
versally known in Michigan. A party of i
In front of the Chippewa wig
' hot bin h cimlers smokod hui
of venison for thwiuti'r'H HU
Fables K'reauuHl on rvenpo
favoml theso ftavsts for tl
And what exj)eriencert hint
i x. ii . i t , k ri n i lit. v wins ii imn v
ventuivsome r' ntlemen went up . from t , . . . . ,
i.4 4 k w f it i ', 1 rout had no fears and Mia pi
Ietroit to try St. Nme of the..; paadei , ,
their wills, home prevatieab'd aliout;."' ,.,.. , ... .
ti ... t ii . u: , 'mm I hito the htkp teemed with the
the purpose of the exposition.' Ihey!. ., , .
I lilllDK lllllll, llllll ' lirOIIIH
viii foki-n liv 1 1 n I nil in ni in t i tlio iifir-
. i " . . - , , i MXirt Urause they were so ei
row est and mot cranky oi canoes and ' . ; , .
toM to sit Hat on the lsttom, on man j m'
and one Indian in eaci b..at; the Indian i 0' iU Ut "o p ;eeinthel
took his place athetern with n J.d- w,;-tul",,tM,;n"
die. The white Ir.an sat down on the y nml l? tho t.ted,
ri, pork-ieti, iiaruy j:;:niK'i
Ixtttom with hi hands (irmly gripping
Uvnu tt tread these
' i cut it, Hound no aluml)erman'K
1 and without a knot in it.
Millions of millions of dollai
ist pine in wight in the despis
Peninsula was the story that ea
, to civilization. Then tlu stum
; appeared.. There wafj the Ixtss
them, Henry 0. Thurlvr, bir
big footed, and big-hearted,
tramp forty miles a day throii
ests anil site up the tumpage
section or tv tpiarter nection a
Htpiimon AVKNPK, I
CryKtnl Kails;, JVllcli.
We have th t idetl to ofbT our nerviees
to tiny tuie wanting plain r fancy Hew
ing tlone. Our work has heretofore pven
the highest ratisf.ietitm and it is tnir ctm-
stant aim to th the lnt work at the j
lowest living prices. Call on us first. 40 j
the hith'M of the cttnoe. Then the ciiiuh? . . . .
in i . . . , , it! thev canK out oi them, the 1
wtts pathlletl tint to the place where Lake ! , .' ,
. . . , .. . whist, but the imprutlent
hu s rior entis antl the Satilt b'gins, the - . ' , ., n ' A
4 i . i ... big as dollars, as they told,
prow turned southward, mid the current , J
untlertok the rest ot the. business. No ! tltC w 'nill'm
Mluctance was manifestetl on the part of H,t.,,Ul-' I""1'- Un,r' w . f
the current. It was smooth, but tvach;ha:,,;tor: t-n or twehv timw
K- ! ..u i;l ;li.wI .5.. i hi ight, with pino st softthata
most alluring, but iinp H'mg its victim on
to whirlpools and rapid, by and by
thero came little ripples around the h.J..
of the Ismt, antl little bits of white caps,"
like those of u summer sea in a Might
bret-re, bike h thing of granite, retl menj
with eye llxed far ahead, with paddles
fixed in an iron grip in the water, gave a
won! of caution, whose meaning was
made plain by the accent and hnerious
time rather than by the word itwelf, antl
rhareisl tlir whita mnri to Im wtivwlf irt
White man'8 grip just tightened on thtf , lt a va ue on u diamon
titles of the canoe, and he wished ho waus ha,, tl. blanko
ashore ami in the busy mart of Detroit. mu, Pnc miuB!h f.ir pill
Hut little time had white man for tl liu M (!'iw
it ti i i thana Isind. They ttilt
UltMlfilll, iir nuiuj Vll inilll IU Villi
antl hw-s antl foam, sunken rockn threw
off fountains vajstrwlth snapjiish en
ergy, billows hurled themselves against
wall of water ahcatl, antl cut led in upon
themselves with fringes of angry and
hoary bubhles. Some of the waves its-
curl(iltsifri;htenehlttIeirownpfetl,;,lrl,l wxwn hn wa
antl btirst like colossal noap bubh-s, M ith , 1"'ht would lw wort
ioHt gt)rgetiu8 prismntic irratliance. The 'rnt mwro 1,1 1,10 m irl
whole gamut of sound was echtted and noft pine fount! anyrla
re-echoed by these rr Hasting musician ,an, I'cnnsyivania
of nature, hut tip- dominant chord was nig!ity smart c!ihm( I
n minor key, antf the great forests on usectetl that Mr. Tl
either side ttssl it back and forth with ! -N'ot HO 11 brawny man'
awful and mournful energy. Sometimes 1 i nlmrt time b
a great billow would ri just In fore tin; : "! n,uI ('t ,u
canoe, as if to taunt th blanched face 'Swir.s jintl French Ctma
U hue it, iiml then seernil to spit upon ;tIK,, "! IVIM I'inlnn
the face, and in the effort was ilisipaNtl ; 'uouiul liue saw mills v.
and disappeared, while the foam fat? feu- l'pHspiaipioniing Hay.
etl i 1-m I f ujmhi the form and face antl en- J Last year this saw mil.
velojied it. . Jand day; put' out nearl
tnt's In the Interior, and
tho forest to loaite the'
Down he went to 1'etn
tho veteran lutnlierme
told t hem of tho giant
without a knot ling

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