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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, December 17, 1887, Image 1

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"t . V
C ATKI.'.'CON, Cc:T03 and Proprietor,
AVcoUly Journal Dovotod to tho Various Interests of Iron County.
CrvstaVvFai.i.s, Ikon County, Miuucan, Saturday, Dixkmukk 17, 1SS7.
The Finest Line of
Tin: (ii:ovi:i.Asn mini: visitkd
(Irenttir of the ilruetlttuttllrlef History
tf the l'rirrttf Itelnht I'ftajtrrl jut'
the future Itntittthle llejHtrt ( the
Mluem it mi -,'.r '( on the
Xrte HutfjeMure tire nt the
'nutttttn Sererul f'ol
utHH tif '- ami I it -teremtiuff
Tho writer visited the (iroveland, nn
Iron county mine, last week. Many of
li riiliw-w 1 if Till- I h 1 i 1 iv 11 I tun 1 . Ii.'ivo
no doubt heard of tin (iroveland group , pwer ImiiKt; the hooting capacity U
' dm ins the coming winter. Thin wil'
only furnish tlii mine withrxcclleut
ilation but prepare itHothatintb'
1 ore inn U mined from these "
! nt tin rate of JWW) or mor'
An exct llcnt stock dot.1
1 on which now rests over ,
, pretty blue ore an one
I The ainotint of on on th
I undoubtedly In inert nst
lO.noo ton from the ore .
''drifting and cross-rutting.,
! main shaft is located 'the en?
J which is inipiHH. with n full p
1 very lt mining machinery,
of a f)ur mid one-half font """ ""
ltoenrsTr.H iioistino imot
and engines oi the latent improve) pi
terns, 11 huge pump and n sixty-ho
i.f t. in. ' about four hundred tons oer dav. i
perlieHitnd the work now Jieing done by N'? tis the West (inn-eland' mi,
the (.iroveland Iron Muting ( o., will Ik:.!I' t"M,,.,-i,,K ,m num-easi quarter oi j
great interest to peiHoi?H ill wjdl a
qunintcd with mines or their workings.
This company' projierty as at present
constituted, is in fact a consolidation of
three distinct mining properties, known
as the Fast ( iroveland, ( iroveland and
West (iroveland, held under option from
the Lake Superior Ship Canal, Kaihvav
cv Iron Co., and embraces the oitth half
of the oath-west quarter of nvtion
thirty-two ; the tioith-east epiarter and
the south-east quarter of the north-Mi'st
quarter and the. northeast quai Urof the
Houth-west quarter of wet ion thifty-one,
all in township forty-two north, 'use
twenty-nine wct, thus making the total
length of the territtuy
onk milk and A qi?Am:n
running east i)iul west with the trend of
the vein of ore and from u quarter to n
half inil 'A A'tlth. A raitL'i of hills, some
thnvft'ir foiir.ftin'dml fvt in height , ryns J'e. fit t
thfmh the 'PlH'l ty fi tun east t( "'
rid it is midway pn the muU'
that the principal ."vlopuier
projieity has invii nt
oiMMiing that the wiL C
I tirst d"sei iU-. In eon
1 Kichaid Iowry. a prat
: comjH'tent to liandle in
I vantageoiis manner ho lai
the editor mounted a hoi
; at tlie tapping of a Ih II wj
leet alstve the froiind an
, on a huge ilerrick to thee
shaft of the (iroveland mint
remained sus)H'ndel in mid-air nut
bell was again Htamdetl and the, h
with its human freight commenced
descent which wan iucit.ased and
end of 11 Ti'w seconds th news g
and his accommodating guide w
AT tiii: POTTO.M OK Till-: Ml
This shaft is the largest one
pertv ami is now down t
r.. .. f.. ,ni v ..ll i..itw
A. M .ISTFI1L1D, lJropriutOr.,u,ini:eii:htbv twelve feet inside.'
south-west ouarttr and the s.outh-et
quarter if the north-west quarter of h
tion thirty-one. Nearly one thousal
fi-et from the west line of the irovela
numerous t4st pits have Ui-n puttie
and bottomed in ore in character
same as that taken from the Orov'
( which of itself is coin Kob e evideitce'tlwt
' the v in of ore is continuous. The
taken from these projmties is a bin,
hematite, rather stft and remark a b
fr- from any deterioatiug Mib-btncV
and the present development shov'
least (Iil.OOO tons of this woiw''
rich ore in sijjht, iN sidi-x, there ti
reaHous for Ulievmg tliat this V
, runs through, the entireprojy
pitting donecocs n
at xvav
The vein a
has lieeii t
Ihm't Wtisto Your Money Itut pet 1ho
vi: of run rov is mown so'i:imx, tsn i:i-:mi:miu-:i: that with
i:vi:nv rcnaiAsi: of$i.o youhkta tk-kf.tisa iiafflk
FOli A WA'Il'H WOimi $IOJH. . HrnwitixJmi. .
Agent for Tjhx lint s Shirts, 7 lie uoincstic Sewing Machine, 'J he Ilvst Steamship
Line, The Tnty Stenm Lnnnriry, The Fugle linhlu-r Slump Works, The M i tinea j
olis Untitling, Lttan ntel I'roteetive Union.
C. iV N-W. II K.
No. " j.tiK--nni'r dojmrt ....'. 7 no a in
N"i. M nrriv 7 "o j in
No. 1 H aet'ni)iioiitloil arrlvfs '2 p m
No. 21 " IfpHit" I 2." j in
No. Ti eitmi ti wJtli No. 0 st StHiir Ut Wat
(rxiHi'ot aii'J Aslilaiul ami at PiiMcn wiHi No. 1
(or I.M jiiuitu nnl north aiul No. t for Milwau
kti ami I'hieauo. No. gl coiiiki'Ih uitlt No. il
at 1'owt-rK for r.M-umit.t ami nortliiui'lwttlt No.
2 for Milwaukee ami ( tileairo.
.1. F. I'KliKIKI.D, AlP'lit.
ltsT KFK i:. Paily mail for fastodon,
Flon-iuv. siatntmuVh a'nl lnm IMvit rlose4at
l'.'.'O ! iii. pally mall for north ami raiii;
cIo-m'h at 5 p in dally inal'.forsoitliamlr.uiif
eloHi'sat lg:.iinn .Mall from nout ti u rrivert at
l':li. m Mall from north arrive at M:lo p.
in fotHei lionrn from M n in to U p in hull
l.iy (nun l-.Mii in to l:ln nt.
A. A. MKrcAl.f, 1'. M.
Cot ur Ti.umh: .luile Clamliotis H.
1 1 rent t.i- el th terms tf I lit tlnuit eouit
of tlat tiiit y 11 rt It .liilicial Trriill of M leliiu m
, for the win isssti us (l.tiun;
pelt a county Tin Kirt Ttiei.lay in Jan
uary, mvomJ Tin -til.iy In May, Flr-t Tm-!.ty
lns.:le'.i)tM'r. Iron t'o, sii-on.l Wel.rl.iy In
Tann try. Ilrt Tne-1 ty In May, Hi oml Ve-ln-.,iy
In ..'ptemhir. Mm.mlmi county
I'onrtli Momlay in .Ian., gilTic-lny In April.
Hr-t Tn"'lav In Si-ptemlifr, 'J1 Tu"-lay la
Novfinlier. Slarniii-t t eoniity gl Tuelay
In 'i Inn try, Thinl Moii'lay In May, thinl
'e.ln.'H,lay In fi-pteui'T. hr-t Mon-lav In
Pim ihIh r. Pat. l l et. '.", 17.
The limit rsignal have oxjcr h. First
Class Pressmnking llstnhlishment mul
mv now jtnpand to' ao nil kinds ot
Lw fie'. sewing in gt neinl. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Wv iisr the Tailor System.
IU tains in I.J. Monnn'shuihling, Fourth
Iuov Cot nt y Offk i:i:s: .1 S Mcheau.
sheriff; 1 K Pnnn. eoniity t U-rk ami ivcixler of
iI.imIi; " T t ramlall. pro.teeut Inn attori.ey: II
.1 llnuhltt, tn-anrt'r; t'lias Oaliawlier, I rohati
Jii'Ui': II I. btt, t'irenit eoiirt t oiaml-slom r ;
F ti t'lark, surveyor; I. A Fr'i rti hn ami t'h.is
lui!i, coroner: I! a'ph Prime, nnl r ln rllf,
t'ryfal Falls; WU'iain Mleha.lx. il-pnty her
iif. Metropolitan; I, II Mrqnow u, iltputy slier
IK, Iron lilver ami st.iiuhamdi.
Cuvstai, J'Al.f.s township otlitt is; Win,
Poneet, sii'.-ervl.sor; A, 1 .0- -r ft.-Jd. ilv-il.; lii-o.
J. svhuartx. trea.irer; Win. II. llotsr,
m lnNs tor; lan Frpihiirt.hlwhMay eone
tnUxliimr ; Win. Mi 'ai I j , A I. Aiixtllan. John
Morrison. J.iHtl.i s ( thf jM-.tee; Jai-oh Plmler,
o, rx-'er . roatl ll-lrlt No 1; Kalph 1'riiuf,
ovi-rni r mal ilitr" t No 'J, or'an2 l'i t ton,
oViT'.vr ro e tilt rl. t No. a ; John liolati. Ia
vl'l I'rime, Ih nrv I'elonm', t has. Nfnrinu,
eoi!al.ls: lr. II. t. Klmhall. health uniecr:
Pr. A. A. M.-tealf. poor phy-i' 1 in.
street west.
MliS. I). h'lTTO.
Voui1 patrontige Solicited,
ihautable me is eiiCountetHi at a depth
of about thirty feet from tliesiu face. At
: alsmt this cjith a drill b'' l' n driven
I a considerable distance ,to the east, the
jiesult of 'Which demcirsttnted to the
j opera torn that the ory in quantity was
J 1 low and ticcoidingl) the main shaft, or
j No. 1, was put down- to the depth above
mentioned. From the bottom of No. I
shaft a tlrirt was curried math of west,
and at a tlistume of sixty-two feet
breasted in a mixture of marble and
eranite. which triav eventually ptoveto
lie the north yhll; the cause as.-inetl for
: its apHin ane at this point is that a
I hwell or elboA-shapcd bunch of the ma
I terial inatle-out from its regular course,
as the ore is clean up to the point where
it joijis the supposed wall. The manage
nient will go to near the shaft and
and carry it directly west. In an oppos
ite diivctiou from tlx tdher side tf the
shaft another drift ha lai n driven tine
east a distance Jd sixty-fourfet t, showing
the length thus far leveloM tl to Ik 1'J-J
fvt all in 'clean re. At the end of the
east 1 x if t some sttpt ing has lieeii done
and a tram track is soon to le put in,
to li iu icadiness for such time as active
: miningisttilieconuiK neetl. Acr.-scut has
! Iieea carrieil north thirty-twofept, breast-
ing in a marbly material, the or. holding
! tip to its standard of exeellenry to the
1 1 nd. In this cross-cut, ten feet from the
jslutft.a winze foi ty feet deep and all in
I good oh has Imvii put down. A cross-cut
j'has Ih nt (jiii it 1 jstoith to a distance that
I shows the vein at this depth to be no lens
j than sixty-live feet in width. The main
I shaft w ill' lie, dm ing the winter. put down
i an additional sixty-live feet, live feet of
! w hich w ill In. used as a sump until huc h
. time as it, Urtanes necessary tolowcrtho
i shaft deeK r. The
MA Kill, Y MVTF.ItlAo.
T tltOV
, the south
irter of sirtion tl
A from the notth af
(In a raise of ground near
a pit was put down to;
t wo feet, but water m'
it drove the miners '
up to w it hiti twenty-It
face and di ifted ten hi
ing small seams of lie
was then t nrried west
feet iu which it wan
f seams of ore h'came t
of tlx drill was praetit
w Inch as regauls qualil
ct lied by any running .
; )'V cent, in metallic I
cent, in phosphorus, T
be continued on u few f,
put tlow u, w hich, it is cm
till diplt the tre ImmIv. Tl
land gives great proini
into a mini that will no
anything anywhere. Th
qFAI.iry OF Ti
ls such that no. gteat at
quiie! to make it a big f
looks from the surrtami
quite an extensive vein t
i.d to U haid at n t!,it
ore from this property a.
otner Properties ait oi
this olliee and the editor
to show the i". i to nuyoue,
ially. Work was voinu
:(irovelaud property some
lNN.'t.by the rt lch.louuta
a corporation backed by a
, of capital. This conip my
Unible money in exjiloiing
, mid finally abaudonetl it
One year auo II. ( J. Fish, tl
tain and W. Ih High, of
ruled an option tn.tl eon
where the Felch Mountain
off in fact in the same j
company had started.. Ti
down a few feet farther nr
J the ore, and is ntiw.kmw
- ' ' tiii: M.M.N" Hit
li?tf$ Vina and lJaud Thouin, ;,;
MAsrolHN township oflieers: C. I.j
l!ohirtM, Mis'rvlor; Frank '-eaihlen, t h rk : :
Plil'iip F. hnlts, treani r. j
lito I'ivfu township olliceis; Anlue
It. l. Klnii'.ii. -ii r l-iir; Thos. . Flamican,
elork; Alex Met'nllotiKh. I rva-nrer.
I5ati:s towiishipollicers; Chai ley Oleson,
fiH-r i-i r ; 1-Vnliieiinl I,, Kle) i iisteul"T,t ler k ;
oii(. treasnivr.
Ni Ht.it t . up
township ollieers : Win.
rvls..r; Henry b lur. t let k.
F. i
l(,F!,e township odinrs;
At kliisn. np r Ur.
Henry M.
ht ii:itnm avi:ni i:,
Crytnl lnllw, Midi.
We have din idi t to offer, our services
to any one wanting plain or fancy sew
inn done. Our work has heretofore given
the highest satisf.u tion and if is our eon
slant aim to do the In st work at the
lowest living pi iccH. Call onus lirht. H!
ilr.-iMwn Mirrw. I'fnffit Sotnrrv,
Mh'I s i i-r l!rf Snn.lnv In .o h month, In
th. aftiTiiooii. at 111, rlim'i lull ronthn. The
i r!,i:in fi- ikiii i ip' enli illy to It t t i
attoml. W II Wl.ferllnif, j rrs.h nt ; IhTi.mn
I'.i.ii. vi t,i'iU .
on the north is supptisetl to I the foot ' of the (opviland inme.
wall, although there is a ctmsideialIe d ivenlnto the soulli si
nee of opinion as to it and in fact an angle: oi prooaniy w
is no real certainty about its Itemg i h:M nin e le strauiiteiu
the wall: it imiv move to In onlva ior.M" .Iessii. rk and lliih
i of rock that will woik out and idiow tlie a will and after seiilii
vt in to le much wider than is now sti of money iu tlevtlop
! p0Hsl Midi it thing is among tin' pioha- hnnied an otganizat u
bilities. ThehaiiLing wall has not vet woik,whicheon-intsb
Ut u found at all, but the work to the The organization is k
smith gives indication that would had laud Iron Mining C
; t the In lit f that the wall isnearathatid. president. Chicago;
! Test pitting has shown that this wall is president, Iron Mm
'composed of brown whist and slate. All ttva-un r, Chicago;
i alMivetheprest nt level will lestood out, taty, Chicago. Tht
making rooms a little over lilty feet high, comprised oMhit f
The next level will, of eouise, l? stoiMd men:- Win, H. I
' the same as the one alwive and thiftinlr Chas. K. Hunker,
and cross-i titling cariietlon iu the somt' Cn-pitt, ("has. I'. M
manner. The derrick now in use will U Allx i t F. iK'xter a
done awiiv with and n cage put iu No. I ' incuts will undof
shaft, w hit h w ill iM-nisit of it greater 4 this gnuip of mile'
amount f ore leing hoisted. Some two There is yet a que
hundred feet ii little to the
noiitii ano l: aht ;
; of themaiushaft, wot W is now in pvogirM
on u shaft, of similar size, which hasat,
tiiiued a depth of over forty' feet, somt
liltet ll of w hit h ledged in ore of splendid j
quality. It is the intention to niiirnvt'
this shaft, which is known as No. 2, with
No. 1 , by drifting on two different levels
' at tleptlirt of seventy-four and l.'tt feet,
road will fm ui-h
the Milwaukee iS:
take the ore to ( il
hoi th of Ij-canal
tiuililiug re th ks
the Chicago V Noli
aba. Th.- latter
several surveys t hr
it is more than pit
P. H. JOHNSON, The Jeweler. lm the
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