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Itouaoa Revolutionary Eontimont
in Athona
Creek Iletrcat to rtmrealoo Turk
Are JablUnl-UsOIInleter Italll
Saya lletreot Wao In.
Athens, April 26. The Greek array
Isas fallen back to a scoond line of de
fense. A dispatch urns received from
l'rinc Constantino Saturday to the ef
ioct that the Greek army, after a ter
rific battlo at M&tl, was driven bick by
force of numbers and had retreated to
l'harsalos. Col. Mast rains' brigade,
which luul leen repulsing reieo ted at
tacks of the Turks at MatJ with pTeat
beroism, was not able to keep its posi
tion and withdrew toward Tyruavos. In
a war council presided over by Prince
ConsUintine it was decided to leave
Tyruavos and Larissa and withdraw to
vard rharsaJo, about 20 miles south
of Larissa, where a decisive battle will
probably take place. The Greek army
withdrew in perfect order, although
pursued by overwhelming numbers of
Turkish infantry find cavalry. The
brigades under Cols. Fmolentz and
Iimoioulos withdrew from the passes
of IJeveni and Iioughazi in pnort order.
Tho wounded remain at Larissa under
the protection of the lied Cros Hag.
Half a dozen or more? attacks were
made by the Turks before they finally
succeeded in driving the Greeks Lack
to Kazaklar. From I-"nzak!nr they re
treated to Larissa, which place they
evacuated without a Ftruggle simply
because- the Turkish troops were rap
idly inclosing them in u trap. With the
couth still open, the GrceUs took ad
vantage and withdrew to PharsaJos,
where it is cxjectcd thi next battJe
w ill take place. Upon reaching Pharya
los the troops began to intrench them
selves in anticipation of pursuit bv tho
I'crllnir nt Constantinople.
Constantinople, April 20. The tri
umrvh of the Turkish arms has caused
the liveliest satisfaction here. The fol
lowing telegram from J'dhein Pasha la
posted everywhere: "Lnrtas.i was oc
cupied to-day by the cavalry of the
imperial army. The Hellenic troops
fied in disorder, abandoning n large
quantity of nrms nnd ammunition."
Ainhcd llifsi, commander of tho
Turkish forces i n F.pirus, telegmphs
that the Turks have recaptured Pen
tepigadia fortress. The Greeks h:id TiOi)
killed and 21U wounded. The Turks
bad 51 killed and three wounded, and
they captured 02 Greeks. A large
quantity of -stores, ammunition and
(jHuj rifles was abandoned by the
Aiitfcr nt A then.
London, April 27. The most serious
feature, in the Greco-Turkish emer
gency is tho revolutionary feeling dis
played nt Athens. Ex-Minister Ualli,
leader of the principal opposition group
in the legislative assembly, threatened
that unless the military staff was
"changed he would issue a proclamation
to the jK'Ople. His statements acted
like oil ujon fire, nnd the popular cx
ciUnncnt has flared up. Crowds assem
bled in the streets to discuss them and
wanted to march to tho palace to read
them to King George. Fortunately,
heavy showers drove the people in
doors. Dclynnnla Farced to Act.
M. Delyannis, keenly alive to the ne
cessity of immediate octlon, had an
audience with the king, and after the
interview announced that the stuT o!
the crown prince would L? recalled and
that ex-Minister Ilalli, with three of
his nominees (Jen. Smolensk!, (Jen.
Mavromichali and Col. Dimopoulo
would Ik appointed to replace them.
Itnlll DrniMinrri the l'rlncc
In an Interview M. Palli unsparingly
denounced Constantine's stall, which
he holds responsible for nil that has
3inpjened. He denies that there vns
any rcnl Rattle at MatJ; says the Creek
troops were never defeated nt that
point, and attributed, the sudden de
cision to abandon Tymavos and Laris
sa to tho cowardice and incapacity of
tho general staff.
Whatever may le the value of M.
TJalli's strictures, they seem for tho
moment echoed by tho voice of the
multitude. Newspapers which only the
other day were eulogizing King (Jeorgo
and M. Delyannis for having placed
themselves nt the head of the national
crusade are now hounding on the peo
ple ngainst the constituted authorities.
Sn Itelrent Warn I'nnoceaenry.
M. Ilalli Rdicvcs the abandonment of
Tyrnavos nnd Iarissa to have been not
tudy unnecessary but most ill-advised,
tin it endangered the safety of Gen.
8molcnr.lv I'd column, which, however,
fortunately succeeded in making it
v-ny to Pharsalos. One Greek battalion,
entering Tyrnavos after the Turkish
occupation, was compelled to surren
der. The army, as a whole, retreated in
t mall detachments to Pharsalos.
Ailinnrlnir on l'revcaa.
Athens, April 27. A dispatch from
Arta, filed nt 2:45 Monday afternoon
Fnyn the left wing of the Greek army
nt 1'pirus, under tho command of Col.
fJoliphinopulos, was ndvnncing vic
toriously on Prevesa. It w as garrisoned
by 2,500 Turks. For two days thero
liad Ix-en heard the continual loomlng
of cannon from the Greek war ships,
!but the garrison still held out.
Prominent 1'rrionnsri Wedded.
Ft. IxmU, Aprii7.I)r. John F. Hill,
of Augusta, Me., was married to Mr.
Laura Colman Liggett, daughter of
Hon. Norman J. Colman, fx-secrctnry
of agriculture, at the residence of hrr
father in this city. Dr. John Snyder,
pastor of the Church of the Messiah,
performed the ceremony.
I'nmoni Mmhcuintlclaii Drnd.
Syracuse, N. V., April 27. Dean John
Ilaymond French, vice chancellor of
Syracuse university, died nt hi horn
in this city Monday. He was 72 yeara
old. He w as rcgnrded as one of the best
mathematicians in the world.
Don A Co. Tell How It Influence
tbe Marktt.
New York, April 24. R. G. Dun &
Co. in their weekly review of trade say:
"If either Turkey or Greece had been
wholly burled In the sea. market mleM
have been affected lea than by the out
break of war tn Kurort. Like fire in the
heart of a crowded city. It raised the ques
tion If a general conflagration might Bjprln
out of It. To this possibility, and not to tho
direct influence of either Turkey or Greece
upon the world's money or produce mar
kets, wu due the excitement In grain and
stocks. Aa the unknown Is magnified.
American markets were much more flighty
than European, where the possibilities have
been discussed and partJy discounted for
month. Hut the uncertainty remains, and
will affect the movement of money and
staple until It disappears, creating a
larger demand for American produce at
higher prices, causing hasty speculative
selling of securities at times, but also more
continuous buying by foreign Investors,
and not Improbably Influencing the atti
tude of foreign powers on questions Im
portant to this country.
"Wheat rone bIx cents from Thursday to
Monday, and has retained most of the
rle. Since Russia and the Danublan states
will be likely to rhlp w.Vat scantily, es
poclal needs and higher prices being pos
sible there, a larger .haro of tho require
ment!! of western Europe may naturally
bo drawn from this country, and tho
chanre of a war between th great powers
has tho more Influence, because supplies
there are not largo.
"The past week, llko others of late, has
witnessed the starting of opr-ratlons by
several iron works, especially In black
sheets for tinning, and yet prices of pig
Iron and unfinished products ore lower,
demand not yet equaling the supply. East
ern works liave ordcru for 15,000 tons of
ateel rails.
"The end of stipulated curtailment has
been reached by some cotton mills, and
nearly by nil, and since the auction sales
some bleached goods havo been slightly
advanced, but actual buying does not In
crease, and print cloths do not Improve.
Manufacturers aro doing scarcely any
thing, and orders for goods Improve very
little, though for somewhat better grades
of goods.
"Failures for the week have been 213
In the United States, against 23.9 last year,
and 21 In Canada, against 41 last year."
Career of a Noted Indiana Cunsrcm
in n n Cloaca.
Washington, April 23. Representa
tive Holman, of Indiana, died at his
home here on Thursday, after an illness
of Konie weeks. Spinal meningitis wai
th cause.
Illtf Mills In Trouble.
New Bedford, Mass., April 21. The
embarrassment of the Ilowland, IJoteh
& lied ford company mills is announced.
The total liabilities are $1.521, C2H; total
assets, $o,09S,555. Tho mills are prac
tically under one management. Mor
gan Hotcli Ls president of them all, and
William 1). Ilowland treasurer. It is
said that the creditors will be paid in
full. The stockholders may lose 5 or
60 jht cent. President Ilotch said notes
had conic due for which thero was no
provision. This had led to nn examina
tion of the books, nnd a statement would
bo made to tho creditors of the actual
state of affairs.
olnnr to I'lalit for Circooo.
New York, April 21. Five hundred
and sixty-two (J reck recruits tailed on
the French lino steamship La Cham
pagne for Havre. From this they
will be transported via Marseilles to tho
ncene of the conflict letvccn their coun
trymen nnd the Turks. The recruit
como from different cities, aa follows:
Chicago, 250; Ilinningham, Ala., 15;
Atlanta, fia., 8; Minneapolis, 20; Bos
ton, 25; Lowell, 8; Hartford, C; Trenton,,
N. J., C; Haiti more, 6; Indianapolis, 1?,
end about 200 from this city.
llnuk Folia.
Chicngo, April 27. Kcliaar, Koch Sr.
Co.'s bank, 2C03 Halstcd street, closed
its doors Monday morning upon ieti
tion of Franz Koch, a member of the
banking firm. Judge Horton appoint
ed Charles L. Boyd receiver of the con
cern. In tho bill for a receiver the as
sets nrc placed at $75,000. The liabil
ities are raid to be about the samo
amount. Koch charges his partner with
making investments jr. spite of his pro
tests. Cyclone In lotra.
Anamosn, la,, April 21. A cyclone
passed just a little west of this city
Thursday night nt nine o'clock. It was
preceded by a severe rain and hailstorm.
Hall ns large ns walnuts covered the
ground, and thero Ls not a skylight left
In tho city. A Rtrip ten feet wide was
mown through the heavy timber, nnd
great trees were twisted off. Houses
nnd Kirns were demolished. No lives
Lave lecn reported lot.
Department Store Cloaed.
Warsaw, Ind., April 27. The I'nter
prise department store has closed its
doors. Liabilities, from $50,000 to $70,-C00.
Murderer buleldee.
Detroit, Mich., April 27. The body of
nn unknown German who shot himself
dead in Windsor Sunday has been fully
identified ns that of John A. Dittman,
who Inst week killed Nellie Bergln in
Detroit nnd escaped before his crime
was discovered. Dittman had been
working in Windsor ns n gardener.
To Heat Dlnaley Tariff.
Havre, April 21. The atenmer La
Touroine sailed for Neve York Friday,
one day ahead of her schedule time.
She carries a lot of American imports
and desires to reach New York before.
May 1, in tlcw of the Dlngley tariff.
The Came of Greece! Conaldereil to
lie I. oat.
New York, April 29. A dispatch to
the World from London says:
"That the Oreek cause Is lost Is now sor
rowfully admitted by her wurmeat sup
porters here.
"The details dribbling In of the disor
dered flight from Iarlssa have effectually
killed any lingering hope of an effective
stand being made at l'harsalos. Greece
has not been vouchnafed a general of the
stamp needed to restore the morale of her
army after such a lapse Into panic.
"Whether the war will survive the dynas
ty or the dynasty the war Is now the ques
tion agitating men's minds here. ,
"News of the hemming In and capitula
tion of the Oreek army, followed by a
revolution at Athens, Is hourly expected."
l'aris, April 29. Tiie French news
papera urge the power to intervene be
tween Turkey and Greece, cecially as
the fate of Greek dynasty is now In
volved nnd ns Turkey Las every reason
to be satisfied with her victories, while
Greece must accept the inevitable.
Vienna, April 29. The newspapers of
tltiseity.St. Petersburg nnd l'.uda-l'csth
comment upon the meeting of the em
perors of Lussia and Austria as being
evidence of nn agreement of the powers
to speedily bring to un end the war be
tween Turkey and Gretce.
London, April 29. A dispatch to the
Daily Mail from l'aris ays that M.
Hnnotaux, the French foreign minister,
had a the hours' interview with the
Turkish ambassador. It is understood
thnt the subject under discussion was
the terms upon which the powers are to
Lase their intervention between Greece
nnd Turkey.
London, April 29. The Daily News
correspondent nt l'aris says that M.
Urnotaux in the course of the con
ference urged the Turkish ambassador
to advise the sultan to hold out the
olive branch to Greece, adding that if
the Turkish troops went further France
would be compelled to come forward
n.s the defender of the Christian cause.
In that event, said M. Hanotaux, Tur
key would hae the more reason to re
gret the intervention of the jKiwers,
which would tint serve as n prop for th
Ottoman empire. It Is understood t lint
M. Hanotuux expressed the earnest
1iojh that the Turkish government
would not make the serious mistake of
increasing the difliculties of the task
of Hurope.
Little or nothing seems to be known
nt Athens or is reported here as to
the movements of the Greek fleet. The
only news of actual lighting in prog
ress comes from Yelestino, which com
mands the ro:id to Yolo. l'osibly this
indicates an intention of the Turks to
march southward. It is said that Kd
hem l'asha has sent a white flag to Yolo
with the assurance that the Turkish
troops will inflict no damage upon the
city or citizens. There seems little
doubt, therefore, that he intends to oe
cup' Yolo. The Greek forces now ex
tend in a 14-mile line from l'harsalos
to Yelestino. l'harsalos commands the
Turkish pass and the road leading to
Athens by way of Larissa.
The Daily Mail's correspondent says
thnt King George, on receiving a dis
tinguished caller Wednesday, said to
him: "I am ready to accept all my
country's wishes. What I desire is that
not a drop of blood shall be shed on my
Athens, April 29. Public excitement
Is Increasing every hour. The for
eigners nre hoisting thdr national
flags over the buildings inhabited by
them. A popular outbreak is feared.
The opposition deputies have issued
the following nddress to the people:
"FpMow PltlJton: Tn the critical period
through which the country Is paHlncr,
summoning of tho chamber Is necessary.',
The opposition believes It to bo Its duly
to nddress to nil citizens n recomrnrnda
tlon nnd a request to do nil In their power
to contribute to the malntonnnon of orl r
which Is Indlspennnbbi not only for tho
safety of all. but because It constitutes nn
Indlxprr-xablo element for safeguarding
tho honor and rights of the nation.
"Iet us not forget that the enemy Is
tread In jc the soli of our country nnd that
our army Is confronting It. Such a mo
ment anyone attempting to disturb order
would bo nothing but an ally of the Turks."
Alliens, April 2. The Greek troops
In F.pirus have been losing ground and
have been obliged to retire to Luros.
Clinllenure lamieil liy nn Indlnnlna
AntlouM to IlueU Dr. Tanner.
Indiana Mineral Springs, lud., April
29. A fast to a llnlsh is the latest thing
picposed in the sporting line. II. L.
Krnmer has issued a challenge backing
the celebrated faster, Dr. H. S. Tanner,
i-ainst all comers, for $10,000 in a finish
ctuitest. On behalf of Dr. Tanner, Mr.
Krnmer challenges any person to n con
test for $10,000 a side, the condition be
ing that until one or the other acknowl
edges himself beaten both contestant
shall abstain from all food or drink,
each contestant, however, to be allowed
one gnllon jug of pure spring water per
day. Mr. Kramer Is one of the best
known capitalists in Indiana. He Is an
enthusiastic admirer of Dr. Tanner.
A l ittle lioy 1 Killed lr n Unite nt
Mrentor, III.
Streator, 111., April 29. Frank Du
h iunells killed Ihe-year-old John Lebo
here Wednesday morning, hitting him
with the sharp edge of a spade ami
splitting his skull open. Duhamells
was n tramp nnd was working in the
garden while the mother of the boy was
preKiring him a meal. The boy asked
him If he was a tramp. This angered
him and he struck the boy with the
spade. Only the action of Chief of l'o
lice Ou iif in getting Duhamells out of
the city prnentcd lynchii
There are now 74.000 members in the
L. A. W., nnd the division ofliciala ore
sanguine that tho figures will be in
creased to 150,000 by next fall.
The loy who Is always telling what
Jobs nro offered him, is not the one
who gets them.
It sounds funny to hear the most
shltfless man in tow n criticise another
man's shiftlessness.
Poultry may not give you a fortune,
but It w ill bring money into your pocket-book
If you will give it nttcntlon.
HovT'a ThlsT
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
lor any case of Catarrh that can cot be
cured by Hall' Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney &. Co., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the hint 15 years, and believe
liim perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
olit any obligations made by their firm.
Wist &, Truax, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan ft Marvin, Wholesale
Drufrstiat. Toledo, Ohio.
Halt's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
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Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Teach self-denial, and make its practice
pleasurable, and you create for the world
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The Ideal Line.
The members of the Haptist Young Peo
ple's Union who contemplate attending a
national meeting of that body in July, should
bear in mind that there is no better equipped
line from the Fast, North or Northwest,
than the popular big Four route via Cincin
nati or Louisville. All through passenger
trains on this line are vest ibuled, equipped
with buffet sleepers, with Hotel Dining
Cars on day trains. At Cincinnati direct
connection is mado In the Bnmc depot with
the tjuecn Sl Crescent Route, the Short Line
to Chattanooga, via the famous High bridge.
At Louisville, with the Southern Railway
and the Louisville & Nashville, via Mam
moth Cave, snd Nashville, allowing stop
over at both these points.
The fare from Chicago will be extremely
low. For rates, time card, etc., address
J. C. Tucker, O. N. A., or II. W. Sparks,
T. P. A., No. 234 Clark St., Chicago.
Some people enjoy saying mean things
alout others so well that they don't go to
the trouble to find out if they are true.
Washington Democrat.
Health Itcaorfa on the Monon.
The noted health resorts on the Monon
Route, French Lick, West Jiadcn nnd Paoli
Springs, arc growing more popular with
every season. Notable improvements have
been made at "The Lick, while the cov
ered bicycle track at West Itaden is the
Jreatest thing of the kind in the country,
'aoli'g clear, dry air and its wonderful
lithia spring are attracting many who perk
rest nnd health at moderate cost. The
Monon funs two trains from Chicago for
the Springs daily, with Pullman equipment.
Address Sidney R. Jones, City Passenger
Agent, 2.T2 Clark St., Chicago.
The 5'ounpr man who always tells what
high wages he gets, need never expect a
promotion. Washington Democrat.
Try Jrln-Ol Try Grnln-Ol
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package of GKAIN-O. the new food drink
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the world gets over it. Atchison Globe.
MinUe Into Your .Shoes
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one has its roots in the heart; the other, in
the intellect. Ram's Horn.
To Whom It May Concern.
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thing to lose by marriage until they are
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- "
Opportunity for llomeaeekers.
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AtchiHon Globe.
Star Tuliarro,"
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ments of many other makers of harvesting machinery
big1 blow and little show; but I'm ready to surren
der; go ahead, gentlemen, you're all right I bought
one of your binders last season and it is equal to any
claim you ever made for it."
This is the condensed essence of what Mr. Thomas
Carney, of Washington Court House, Ohio, has to
say about the McCormick Right Hand Open Elevator
The claims made for McCormick Machines nro
That's because
Machines are so constructed that strontr claims for them are Justified. The ma-
Wv. chine you want will cost you more than the other kind, for the simple reason that
it is worm more; that s all there s no other reason and in the end you 11 be
fw glad you paid the difference, because there's nothing cheaper than the best.
McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, Chicago
The I.lRht-Runnlnjf McCormick Open ICIevstor llarvrstrr,
Thr I.tKht-Rutiiiing; McCormli k New 4 Steel Mower, Yjf
Tbe Light-Running: McCormick Vertical Corn Hinder sad If A
The Ught-Kunuing McCormick Daisy Reajwjr, for sle everywhere.
Indlaaapolta, lad.
'9 greatly improved and as
good as most $100 wheels, sells
for. Tried and true a popular
wheel at a popular price.
. Catalogue Free.
Wo have also produced a new
rid expensively made wheel
thia year, equipped with tho 4
only perfect bear
perfect bearing
it price la
Walter Baker & Co.'s
Breakfast Cocoa.
Pecause it is absolutely pure.
Because it is not made by the so-called Dutch Process In ;
which chemicals are used. ;
Tcause beans of the finest quality are used.
Dccause it is made by a method which preserves unimpaired ;
the exquisite natural flavor and odor of the beans. ;
Because it is the most economical, costing less than one cent '
a cup. ;
He aura that you get the genuine article made by WALTER ;
BAKLR A CO. Ltd., l)orcheter, Mm. LetablUhed I7"0.
I :i 1 1
Grin and bear it.
That's what you'll have to do, if youf
housework tires you out and you won't
take away the hardest part of it with
Pcarlinc. That's what women have
had to do for lo, these thousands of years.
Pcarlinc has done, and is doing,
. . .
more to ligntcn anu ongnten
woman's work than any other
one thinrr. It saves her time.
her health and strength, in hundreds of ways.
Do every bit of your washing and cleaning with Pcarlinc. ta
qandy cathartic
23 50
In4 iMVtktrtrree. i4. KTT.RI.IVO KV!r DT to.. fhtrr. Hoatrrtl. t e.,erw tork. til

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